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Saturday, October 21st
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement jokes and are your heroes big time Mike Williams on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A lot of into the market area home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I might the giver wants side by coast this week is Christmas and Caruso. Accurate basement repair Chris what's going out and Mike what's happening you can see you right up hey before I introduce or specialist do you guess as well I think Hugh. For becoming very a sponsor in a partner with me on faith in the zone. To show that airs Sundays at 80 emanate PM here and 1057 a from the fan and in dead defined companies and a partner with me and I and that show. To step out yes step out to be and that's show and I appreciate Eckerd peace and repair getting involved in that absolutely. This week we're talking and Christian rodeos Christian royals who don't. Various Tracy you know. I did know and I watch rodeo I cheerful for an animal or you're deal I'm my idea. Yeah he won a little she's Tracy gross PH uses an amazing news watcher rodeo it is the reason a week is my next career she's a design manager for Avian K. In our special guest. I used were for sports marketing company and we put on rodeos. And we put on a high school one and a professional one and really quickly there was a kid he's about seventeen years of bull rider and he did all the events. And he got so I hit pretty good. If the ball bucked him and hit him in the head news knocked out and rose came put him on import crude back and that's to be get to the stop sign to go out of state fair park. He came to cut itself off the board jumped out of here believes he ran back. In two state fair true story true story I've Hewitt it was made a stand right there it's what are you doing. He said I get a roping contest that he would do fifty met some fine. Assume you're knocked out he's almost a Santa for how they're looking forward anybody that was and it's lonely and like I can't ask Rosie brave and that is that. I was his clothes in my eyes Tracy you use a couple little's employees. Now an awesome AB UK he Tracey let's talk a little bit but the Mary showed it just got done it was fun for me to be there. I had a really good time and any time that I can spend a couple of days with the front office gross from the myriad office. Yeah. It's fun man it's closed I had I was supposed to be hired me to sit in that small office and him and UP announcements. Now face when you're in there though with Diane. And he'll Michelle and the guys command. It was really difficult to get my job done because there were goof. Rondell. Think I'll let the pressure obviously hits bush really big deal getting ready for that shell and I mean it is up. It's like a couple full time John lot of respect on top of a full time job and for all three and I tell you from a hard Michelle Braun. And DL in giant in incredibly hard all of them Horry. Morris the other one. Maurice kind of quiet. Everything's Laurie she's kind of she's a huckster. And she was stern confront our problems of there and confirmed her it was a good show we did great shell and I think all of a homeowners who came out to Michelle and and provided us with their information we've been out to a few homes already en I had Al our panel looks at. Well great projects so thank you Milwaukee area homeowners. We really appreciate that opportunity you know what I saw there because I walked around. A lot and when I did when I wasn't up on stage I introduce you guess speakers during the paced up. I would walk around it's kind of talked people and mostly take to see companies that haven't comment on the show. Now just introduced myself and save you heard the showing him like I've listened to show why it's coming. I don't think I do well and radio. As you know it's easy just you know what world are peace research we'll talk about your company history companies stuff like that. So what I what I listened when I heard consumers coming up to talk to people. I heard this a lot. Starting in March we are pointed Q this. Started in March starting in February since 2018. We're going to do this. Can borrow remodeling is that what yeah entry drafts. Ian ray we've had I have had people contact us some of the then new opportunities that we've seen in the last week are. I wanna start my project in June and I too early my answer is no. Not at all I hadn't won bigger projects are small were riding. Can you all did a couple of years ago rcn both. You know people are looking at delaying their smaller hall bathrooms now which we have. Created and who is selling opportunity where Michael we call a bathroom in a box over hearing aid being K where it is. You know all you government lacks nice. It's it's a you know everything that you want to go into a bathroom. Held VT Florida new cabinet courts countertop and numeric new Kohler fixtures tiles surrounding your tub. Area. Or you know for different price point weaken converted Atlanta church is a package in nice it's we have. Who we've been doing this since 2000 we see basically to. Clams over and over again of two different Maine I call that terms of the kids' bathroom and then ask that from whatever you wanna call it. There's two main plans that we see in this market and our homeowners are picking basically four different color. And immaterial options so we just put everything to act as of people that are looking into when that big. You can call you pray known simply final Russell locally that there isn't that complicated no it's not it's it's this is this is. The look has put together and that's what a lot of people get hung up on is very much so that tile gonna go at that floor. And plus and they know the pricing to and we exactly because it doesn't matter if you choose a cherry cabinet or reaches a painted gray cabinet. We're talking eggs at all. The same lines increase people have an idea that it be a better idea for budgeting and does it does the prices include you guys put it then absolutely it's gotta do that or. You can just buy out materials retail. That's fine too at all. Products that week and companies that clean islets Kohler it's meaning ten it's doll tile should do it or not places rates what's not like. Well Willits this plumbing Peggy trauma. Unknown company that imports from Asia or something like that. It's Kohler it's dull pilots meaning ten instant replay cabinet it's not this is nice golf. Can contract people should look into can do it gives you minimize the prosecutor here arena idea and a price point. Yeah so actually. Naturally let me get islet she she she's gonna cheat sheet until it about eighteen pages if it is not at the that was like such a trouble maker. It is 181499. Dollars for a typical sixty square foot area bathroom. And there's you know limitations. You know it's it's tub did Todd it's it's not converting a tub to the shower for that price point. Because once we convert that tub to a shower there's more problem that's involved. And plumbers cost money sure to do that activity it's. You know for taking out a 48 insanity we're putting in a 48 inch Hannity that kind of thing can ask you this if somebody says look. I just found out that I AM Holstein. Christmas. Room via. Two cents that's a nail biter pilots say. Come and talk to us today. Monday Tuesday and we'll see you week Indio. Lower really apps learn how you can see endurance or we're kind of up against the gun for the holidays because there's also hunting season starts. And a lot of our trades take off that's and that's you know we know member is a month where it's not for weeks and it as far as production out. They don't do that you want to know now for weeks everyone do you guys realize that in the state of Wisconsin that high school football has to be done. Before deer hunting starts to mandate to rule I think experience. Well. But now they're stir in three weeks for four schools and sessions so it's a little bit of it is IEE you know can you take one day off from here on the plane a state championship game meaning Nat Nat Wisconsin. Other states just giggle that is just kind of like Kelly can't start school until after Labor Day. Well in private schools some do all right but public school right yeah and that's where public school kids in my house aria with school. A kind of mark high school and know that colorectal and go rent who know raccoon they didn't make the playoffs this year but the maybe next year. There's always an act Ali here next year she is Tracy gross piece design manager EB NK. They're located 3636. Up underneath street in Greenfield. EB a NK dot com for more information. Phone numbers 4143291. Eat eat too. Odd is so when you guys were done with the show you sit back and say OK it was successful show. As far as new opportunity yes and then as far as how we gauge success. In a show it using takes about like six months to see a weak close. Bill and where. You know where business what the profit margin is on those jobs right but typically all of our nearing shows our winner winner chicken dinners you know I mean we don't walk away empty handed. I'll tell you I don't think anybody did I thought it was an in I don't know that's poll numbers but I know I've been their desist your three that I've I've been involved in it. And I thought this year they were there or sports were it was more crowded than it wasn't any other time there in the two previous shows now. And then later a look you're not gonna compete with tackle football and they had deviate TVs all over the place or given away stuff. That's hard when the Packers play at noon on Sunday it's going to be a difficult time. And there're some people that came in just because that's when it was going and then they were packer fans and care about football but knew they were can't stale lines are and. A prices went up that anything visually that under McCain campaign. I know doctor couple. Leads from. Our. Neighbors threat to the south Oakmont SO AN I mean if you didn't make it to the shall stop. Each talked a little bit about your your place and I we hope that little lethal place and you can work locate because if you drive them by your union animal. Right next start the next panel at we are next to their emergency and a hospital. I am 3636. South of underneath between polite and Oklahoma on the east center of the road so that means if you're headed North Shore. Then towards Oklahoma from Beloit it's a right turn into Stein's over there in rice's jump on CNBC would have our house exchange. Cabrera. Oh went all the all of it either way. Before we get to a break. On Greg who's producer has got a bone to pick out Avian care. And Greg colors. On that sigh oh the leaving club there gun at two M 2 in the morning. And driving down highway 100 and you have that nice. Bright LED sign that sometimes flash is blue overhead and who don't read as I've been down I don't know under has to guard him more now I. I think and I think that's a more of a personal statement about EO it is a little saga. Thank you bet has nothing to do with maybe you know I think that you might want to examine your activities we might talk twelve step programs on the other side of the Perino. Let me just part of a middle of the serenity prayer at a solar oh absolutely this is outlets are ideologues in other than that for you want to club. Retirement party at via. We went. We can get a ticket out him man she's Tracy gross peachy is designed manager AB Kate. 3636. Other underneath street 4143291882. EBK dot com. We're gonna talk and the other cent a breakthrough certain new class and teams that absolutely think it's really important which are doing and we're gonna talk cool wood about that with Tracy. Again on the other side of break this is the walking near home improvement show. On sports treaty 157 FM the fan. You are listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. That was that was your questions at 4147991250. Oh welcome back to the market here always provincial on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we give her wants our Christmas and coo so accurate basement repairs might coast today are specialists who your guests is Tracy gross peach. She is the design manager EB NK. Can EB Kate dot com for more information. The Mac one location on Port Washington road it's been it's been under construction is not an open for that can open next month. We're hoping to open in November we had ransoms. State compliance. Issues issues that we got we. We got to participate in here. That's good though. Is only here on the other end nagging right now Honeywell and it's not let cameras it was not permit any issue Lewis is more state issues okay of does. Legalese and things like that we overcame. The show or is going to be quarry Jess. Where user right import Washington in its in Mack and Matt wants let's south of map on road and on part lashing intend. Am I a B on party start. On up okay sure and one house party started everybody knows forever and they'll know or folks liberal opportunity here to touch and absolutely and friend Anne and Jane are gonna have a grand reopening. Could and we'll make sure that tell you let me know when that is an absolutely Bakken well will promoted her. Who knows we will do the show live from there it has been since they're fine yeah that would that would be good he lets talk a little bit about this class that you're gonna start on Tuesday night. We we talked a lot about aging in place. For one time here universal design in the importance of it. And we kind of got away from it so win when I catcher email about you taking this class. I got excited because we haven't talked about it and probably in that. You know maybe you're know that when Al Emmons who was in for creative construction doesn't think call. A love they neighbor it's really a good program here in this area. Here and knows corners Greenfield Greenville area. On so we talked about it a bit with him but we haven't talked about it. Tee especially is somebody's gonna be taken. A class on it what why didn't you decide to take that class. Well I still like a slacker cousin hadn't done anything it's funny seventeen like any credit any credit nation I mean it kept my CK ER op. Right on site in my continuing education classes with that but. Now come now certified kitchen and kitchen and bath turnaround model are exactly. When that's a nuanced and that's a longer program. They and and the universal design certified professional and that's what that stands at. Use CE UD CP that's when I'm sandal article so people what you know not like me and other people are getting old. They knew wanna stay in their pulses for longer periods of time absolutely. Well and it's really important because and it's funny when when Al was and it worked hard above my mom who now was that the Catholic home. He said you know. These things about some of the things that were available to her he's talking more about the availability. Of if you have to give the pharmacy yours but could this company country Kia and he got a dash formula come get your. He has to do this so we weren't talking so much about in the home. And we've done that in in the past. I know this that that category has just exploded huge. People are staying in their homes I mean they love their homes they love their neighbor Hud they might have a ranch style home which makes it really easy to keep living in. Entries is the news in the making an expert in helping people transition from that. He will night you know if you knew kitrey model you might wanna put its shell or in the doesn't have a step. Absolutely I wanna put something in that can accommodate hand rails at some point and doesn't look panicked and we actually are looking. Those issues are already coming up naturally. From any of our clients that are mildly it doesn't matter if you are in your thirties if fear Ing your seventies. People watch. More of a beer you're free shower people are putting grab bars into the next hour. Because you know much like to producers some people. Have to lean on the shower walls and apps. Arlen fans of the fan I have to well in the annals athletes on their right mind no doubt took a beating no doubt on the on the stand and opera like they used to them now and you know it's funny because the the comfort level of being able to talk to the consumer. A ball this is still a little bit touch and go we we had some work done and are in her bathroom the company began I was like and went. Want to hearty about. An idea that we that we really should take advantage of kids were taken this wall down let's put it grab bark because. Want you to steer by Jessica's I'm getting old and he said it will kind of yeah I put him and so did it just approached the conversation. And it's people get away from that's a little bit not been cut in you know let's be comfortable with that look are you you need is your chance not only used the eight year old for twenty years. But if we're gonna take this wall down. Let's get ready them for the next person absolutely and you guys and girls who played sports and we were beat up. Yeah there's these puppies well unless he's there you know he Tucker assailant and you talk to Tracy she can get to set up even if you now looking at. Right even if the network into the jab to near tomorrow they can reach shelter you and go hey what kind of should I be planning for to get ready for this. Absolutely and one other things that. And where we ran two issues with the state was our 88 restaurant. Up a map on because it has a chance for two American disabilities act is cool so that so there's colds for commercial buildings and commercial restaurants. Our restroom. Isn't 88 compliant so. Our as our state issues had to do went. What can we do to modify what we have without changing the actual footprint of the restroom. To incorporate on more grab bars. A barrier free sync things like that so an arm on shore and we're going to be we selected grab bars that are beautiful they. None of our fixtures look. Like stuff that you would see and I asked him. That's the huge benefit of coming into English normal around. And he being Kenya's people can come and see these things absolutely and they look pretty they look nice geno when you talked about that. Years ago it was everything was quite hospital room. And what's happened in that category with with different products is they made him look good. They've they've made them a game pretty and and you could walk into a home. That had just gotten to a remodeling done and they did it a black for universal designers urged Asian placed. And you inactive and hell. That could notice that they made a doorway now of little snow lighter and in case you have a wheelchair that's Italy he wouldn't notice that they've they've made that. You know that this still a little bit. They've brought so lower and and some of the cabinet said that roll all the way out because to me it's gonna make it he's here as we get old or laying the samples show our hands right. Absolutely it's all those things that none business you're supposed to work smarter not harder. It's incorporating design aspects and your home that makes her home work smarter for you now harder. Absolutely you know the other part of this universal design it's it's. It's more than just a new design trend this is something that I think he's going to be it's it's witness now. Absolutely and I don't it's definitely the way if we are aging population. And it's not just to design or trying to rather's more of an approach. On to designing that that we can utilize as we get older so the design part of that. Not just the the materials and more we're gonna put in there may fit the door wider but the design part of that. Is really important here and that's recombinant. Absolutely. The class itself how long is that so it's four weeks. To hours of Dane once a date once a week for four weeks. Is my class and then my exam is in December so I'll keep you posted. Yet keep there's a lot of people who have have that. Knowledge base soul coming to see Tracy's gonna be huge. Huge huge I mean I spend money in the design might spend on its gonna have some longevity. And might might struggle at that says it's a two hour class that's online and it never really paid attention and to a computer for two hours and arrow you know oh boy. Death so that's going to be we'll see how ideal yet he'll be OK I mean we all have struggles. Yeah I I would recommend that you get a room by yourself and not have the TV distraction I don't know I haven't figured out logistically where I'm gonna be sitting in a pregnant you might have to do a design for yourself I might have to design acquire up these are quietly and wait wait when you think about that. That part of that. It taken a class I'm sure you've done designed for this Sheredy without being certified possesses a little and we do. What you hold what kind of knowledge you hoped to keen from taken that. There's any I do the obvious. Right and then that's the easy those of the give mes it's what else because I know there's a lot of what else out there. And I I'm really excited and find out what those what else things are. He can bring some impact in their. Absolutely from the announced packed in there is a hole and then that backed the show. We'll post the host that show yes I think that's really bad or I always happy to share my thoughts that you know it's. Tasty and very much so do you think. And we talked a lot about the open concept. You bet fits right in with that have so yes it does. It's she'll orange red and that that hole because who we've had this zen stories and still the top it was a huge how has he Newton. Everybody wants wiles everybody wants Woolsey and downed that. I turned and left and I'm like listen when you are trampled I'm traded Dick you're you're keeping up the foundational and their products and I applaud you for that and if you look. Thank you but you're trying to take on the brows that don't really re an. We have we do that wanna take them all like we just can't do that it's gonna fallen. And that's my worry is that your second floor will be in your basement. I can fix them. And that's where you come see you go ahead and take the walls around them have in common resolve that just makes my stomach hurt in the and it fits in really well with with universal design because if you the last walls you have the less theories you have as you get older excellent and what about. You know we talk a lot of what the bats returned a lot about the kitchen we talk about universal design. Gee is there are some things in the badger him that that I am not thinking about is we don't talked. You maybe having a bad what were having cabinets lower have been. I don't know yet might have to learn why you're like no I haven't I'm teaching that class nova I'd have some time line. So maybe maybe not if let's get your break on the side the break first segment we talked a little bit about painting cabinets. Yes and I'm I do I've got some questions for you on that because that is get to be huge you used to be. That guys like we would just go ahead and do it themselves or we just like we can't do trial on. And then sit in a rust totally open and don't you draw solely a matter I I tell them self feel that I. Yeah that was just opens day and material that is it's okay captain obvious. And there it enters its fifth good date he's Chris McNulty exports license Chris red Crusoe accurate basement. Repair our special in studio guest Tracy gross speech designed manager Avian Kate are being Cade. Dot com this is the walking near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. You are listening to an area home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to live amid 1057 FM the fan dot com. Welcome welcome back to the marquee near home improvement show on sports tree 1057 from the fans. I'm Mike we bureau wants my coach Chris Mann who's so accurate appeasement repair. Are specially studio guest is Tracy gross each she's in design manager at EB NK. You go to YE being paid to act camera give them a call at 414. 32918822. During the break retire about something that. I wanted to ask we've my wife now we're gonna have our something done their kitchens awhile back. And we had some comment. And we sat at the kitchen table and told them what we're looking for gave them what our budget what. And my wife said look here's what I would idea once and this kind of cabinet and I wanted to disown a move this and wanna try this. And that person say great Libby put some together for. And they came back with. A proposal that was double the amount of money on the budget. And had only one of the about eat things that my wife was looking for. And we you know student kindly went through the proposal saying it lets you will get back John that we left violence that this is an anything. Do you think this is the correct proposal that the you think maybe this is for somebody else Fleming wasn't listening somebody was listening so my question TU. Is when when somebody says this is what I want and you may think is a designer with a great guy. And that's not right let's do this way how do you get over that hump. This is what happens every day Annie BK we tacked to people they have. They might not know what they want to spend but they definitely have a wishlists. And then one of my questions is what number wakes you up in the middle of the night with a stomach Kate. Rihanna prick out and slap at their budget like that because that's I because that's your budget like what is that like I'm gonna and really just. Not sleep about the whole entire project I need we need to know that number so what we do it being K is we we just solve problems I mean it's not. Racquet science we just solve problems we listen to you with a send you your wife. And basically you told me two things you told me your wish list I'm gonna give you your dream and your dream your dream is gonna have a price attached to it. But we're also gonna give you a solution where OK so this is what you wanna spend. And it was then that. Budget number of where you wanna beat Anke gave you acts like NC and then you know what we can look down the road 'cause so that's phase one. Maybe phase two is ABC right. But here's a eight and in the other side of that is. If if my wife and I decide this is what we want our space to look like your style and let's say it's eight. 1997. Special yeah that's what we want. Do you then say okay it's not exactly what I would choose but it's your house you're gonna live there let's go with your or do you say no no no. This would be better. So that no no no this should be better for you that's told TV designers that's night. Your typical certified kitchen and that's camera modular at all whatsoever. If you whine iffy if gray and white is not your saying. Great no problem if you're a warm neutral person where inning give you the best warm neutral color palate the you can possibly afford. King DO NN in today's teenage you can show them what it's doable clay before I absolutely we do 3-D renderings wracked our computer. I'm aided drying system. So you came really get a feel for what it's now look like in your space and that everybody is a big fan of green and white home. Nome on every one is knowing how mentally weak tree we have a lot of claims that. Still. Love the warm neutral and that's great because you know we all kind of kicked out on people my ancient. Older sure we came up with that. Work comfortable with that with the browns and agree and. All fine and told HGTV stuff muy Tracy and she's gonna hit it she's gonna help you feel good about your project and the real world is an HGTV. OISLU artists like Tracy she's in a run you right through this you bet when I like the is that you will then be able to show them you may not agree with what they want you may think boy this is that's not gonna look good. There are they gonna make the ultimate decision because they're going to be able to see it. You could kind of nudge them and guide them in in in directions though you can say look this is what is the look look like. With what you want it if fight if we tweak it here a little bit what do you think of the best. Still that's the one where a lot of diplomacy comes into a self person's job. I'm first of all. Any of the designers ABK we're not gonna show you something that is. Hideous because our name is on it right no we're not going to be like Italy you know here's stripes and plans together. About a guest kids where put together these days so maybe that's a bad example. Maybe out you know kind of market right out here in this city we caught coming into your show coming into your shoulder. With these up and having the ability to do that the computer these type of trying to stop and and haven't hands on feel stuff this is that the people can. Looks the feel it's huge. It's and it's all in one spot it's not where you have someone doing design over here and then you have to Dre aircraft sound a look at your tile many have to gold. On to the south side of the city to look at your grant or your countered amateur everything is together at first runner having 100 right so it's. Easy as we try to make it as easy as possible to make your selections and then you know we dude get. There are people who know I want this so we try to make that one thing the past one off thing that it can't be. And they Hewitt said look we're not please do we're gonna try that she creating hideous because it's got our name on it and let's just let people know that over the last ten years ABKs 185. Was faster Molly works cracked. An extraordinary veterinary. Medicine committee thirteen projects this year tracked. And these are thirteen of hundreds of price that your obviously very very happy right. So we we'd bill about aura around 200 out 200 dollars 200 projects a year back on any given week we have 32 projects and in the inner Q like in production. So we know we're not a small outfit at all. We have the volume to get your stuff done we have them procedures in place to gay beings adults. And they're gorgeous that's for people to value and rate and and we don't judge Moore walking Erie we don't. We're not judging each other here in Milwaukee we send all of our submissions over to Minnesota. And Minneapolis they judge asks what and it blind they don't know they don't know who did this project. And who how does this submission go what would you guys have to do some of the project so we have before and after photography. We have. Some floor plans has a lot of the times. Since I know that designers are judging me floor plans are great because we re floor plans every day and if I'm for change in walls and needs to be communicated. So it's easy. And then there's some written narration for you know how we change from the Ford after you know what the clients wishlists want list that kind of thing. There is in a photography releases from the photographer and homeowner releases and Nolan in the deadline is like a week it's on a Wednesday settle what I'm working on this weekend's sold bustier. Bust your behind everybody and then some and some aren't Barney the hardest part of the entire submission is rating 100 words. Summary of that project. That is the hardest part you know spell check that because we didn't regrets some interest in months how important I haven't done that what just. Limiting it to a hundred words difficult heard. 100 words. That is hard it's tired it's tired. Heidi and people can get really really great value by going Avian care I mean these these. These people are doing some really great stuff and it doesn't make him more expensive just makes makes them be able to give you more options. How do you get Heidi decide which which ones are worthy of submission. Is that just I buy your I is that. Some of the espy I hate trade they have a nice cross between all of main sells people so that everyone everyone is represented. And it's also what can we get good pictures up so the end this year particular. We're submitting more kitchens and bathrooms because that's what Denmark kitchens and bathrooms. In the last twelve months. Bathrooms are really hard to get pictures and they're tiny tiny spaces. Our in their very hard to to communicate all the changes it's no what you see with your I ate and what the camera sees is just the camera just so much more limited right for Arizona after. And rates so we're doing. A basement a wine cellar. Stanley earn a living around lots kitchens some bathroom with. For you guys can I 85 that was that story remodeling awards in the last ten years. I don't even half year. The people need to talk to you since it that's pretty good fantastic and I believe we have one more designed guild awards than any other design build company and southeast Wisconsin and congratulations on that EBK dot com. 4143291882. Give them call in and ask for Tracy. And she will luck help and directing guide viewing in. What you're looking you're doing she'd said earlier in the show that somebody came up with Sydney where intercept and in June in my too early. And you said no. No Hewitt you do substance spring summer of 2008 TB great time against us are planning process surplus early start the process now EB Kate. And dock and lock in those 2017 prices. We'll when he eighteen new year means. All of our vendors are. And it tweak up the price and after every absolutely that happens every year and it's you know you can lock it in now app slowly. Let's get to break this is the walking nearing more provincial on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You're listening to an area home improvement show with a dynamite McGovern only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was up what your question at 4147991250. Oh welcome back to the more you nearing home improvement show on sports treaty 157 FM the fan. I'm Mike we give her once I Chris make who's so he's my co hosts this week. Accurate basement repair. Our special guest Tracy gross peach she's design manager at EB NK. In Greenfield. 3636. Up underneath street 3291. Eats eat too we spent the last segment kitchens absolutely. Painting your kitchen cabinets. By yourself. Normal have done it for our Ab I don't know but nobody does it very well that's a difficult thing it. Is a very difficult thing to do. It just because this homeowners we don't have the tools we don't have. The equipment crusher we have. Really loan nap rollers. But we don't have the equipment and then we can take our door France half an hour drawer fronts opt we Ausprey growth. What is big with with PD Kevin says is still wide is still the way to go we're doing and wait wait we'd do creamy like eight we do I've done like that we'll be Toby great British point I have done a a chocolate brown. Really how strong the brawl. A stark contrast for an island yeah. Here we've talked tell during the break when people go wait wait. And there's there's ways that you then can do some things to kind of offset in fact he showed me a picture that it is beautiful. Whipped with some more tops or would hoods that that really kind of bring that white. Out rates so what the picture I'm showing you is at a kitchen remodel one of the land is that it's actually it's on our FaceBook page. It's a soft white cabinet with stacked cabinets so it's beautiful lay out. And then the to warm it up because as we are talking in the last segment there's some people we like white kitchens but we wanted to be warm. You know different age groups want different ending this this Stanley they wanted marvel warm look. Than a cooler looks so we did a beautiful cheery range hood would Hud. We did some cherry floating shelves where she can put out her plates her every day dishes and then. That piece desist bolts I guess well and I know Rick is I am a out a cheery. On countertop. I highland it's about 42 inches lagged by about six feet knocked out fight feet. It's gorgeous and end all of those nice warm wood tones. Just kind of tie everything together with the rest of her house. The lighting is perfect to. The writing this I'd add that the picture that. You that I have in my hand right now is absolutely core just the other thing that they really like is above the cabinets. Is there's there's at least 343. Or four. Kind of class yet those are the stacked cabinet site has that. I wanna see old fashioned but it's you know it's kept it to go to the ceiling. Little eighteen and I can't dance and glass fronts they have lights and I'm. And she displays her pitchers. Her pouring pitchers it's beautiful. Thank you it's it's really real and it and it's got a really nice warm backs flashed him. Things like the guy I am I like it so there's a ways to incorporate that weight kitchen that tainted kitchen. And then we can't tell it up so we take your existing cap cabinets why haven't painted out. Of course the the doors and cars go off site that's the frames can't take those and you're sweet paint those on site right through new counter tops and you next flash. Mean really paint the I lend me your place island was something that's bigger. On the pass and seeding come. So so and that's where we do the look. For alas the there will invest in an option for people yeah yeah I think a year ago siren talked or integrate I should not over design everything. Now and it's an option if you want to have a kitchen and just refresher. I mean I salute the Tampa relies a lot different like you said though. Understand fixtures and but understand that everything's got its not like you're doing a full remodel I mean you're gonna have the cabinets for the cabinets are. Tracked and you're still gonna have if you only have three jurors in your kitchen you're still calling and a half three jurors in your kitchen but it's gonna look different it's going to look different development that earns place. Absolutely and eat it is totally the look for last cute granite still bit. Granite quartz is huge right now that's our number one seller courts counter tops really well and wisely and quartz white. Going into wait wait in courts and more affordable price one lead to a white white NN natural stone. That's courts site and it gets into big dollars. Now what do we what are you talking big dollars on this curious. Something like 150 dollars plus the square. That is big dollars this year dollars ray. Does that come locally. You know. Monday the nominee is and that's normal almost convinced you know where they date Corey no not that I'm aware of until this thing you know. Over it you weren't a pragmatic midwestern us cook for Obama. Should be really you know you could do this instead and save a lot of money. I can't help ourselves but if you wanna spend that money will take care of right and if you if that's your dream and I had clients they're like I want that thing right. I will give you that. He and could look into an easy certain your class and now and I'm my clients. It's a huge fighter quite faced he you would talk to really quickly in and we didn't get a chance to spend much time on it but that's from a box something new that you guys are doing. Really good idea you can come in and everything's ready to go. All the materials are laid out on our back for counter if you want to come down to the start today's air act is there and she is happy to help Leo. 3636. Up underneath street. It's always gives you things like yet Chris thank you very much absent you encounter a direct result they're looking to become nearing members we have and after five. This coming Tuesday at PNC bank in tolls please call near your office there you go. Perfect. Nice to see guys have a degree and this is a Joaquin area home recruit and show on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans.