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Saturday, October 28th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement jokes and oh here's your host big time might may get it on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A walking the walking near home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 from the fans. I'm Mike we give alongside my cohost he's bingo Emmons from creative construction of Wisconsin are specially studio guest. He's representing gene. Brian's in the Brian event hey I'm doing in my freedom it's good to see you as its asset yeah husbands a year yeah well it's it's been here yes I was Sanyo. He had seen I saw you at the Mary show. Excellent they very short while ago where he goes there's a code could shows is the best ball driver and part of anyways. I I just. The girls at the new area office to let me do my job they'll bingo. House boasts being the office slate doing the PA announcements he kept throwing things at Meehan. Yelling stuff I'd put that. I put the young Mike unknown period M I'll I casino because entry listen. No they don't listen. Yet they don't listen at all Iowa. A lot of free line samples there. What does but that'll I'm not going anywhere I know that one of them was going to a twelve step program after. Now on this case they'd be you know what those those. Girls those women work their accent off the show they deserve and they tell me awesome show man oh man and I you know what was cool for me is Koehler 19. Between the time that I was doing the Diane chemo this idea come woods who's who teaches me you know walk around it people who haven't on the shell find out why. So we walked up and down the aisle and people end and the show I'd introduce myself they'd say what a listen to the show I know we are as sewage mud that. And I I don't think I'd be any could have that just at the Sicily he being looked into its well. Then the one guy said look up Kamal when doing those wife comes it. In essence while unseal later case you know what she said sometime in 2019. She might think about it so. But overall great show or an and we were gonna have a lot of new people into 2018. To be part of this show that that haven't been edit someone I think those guys that are common in because I think. I think they'll enjoy themselves and will will get some business form which is really important he Brian good timing Yury now for JJ contractors. This trigger an and still studying now are still out there. Cornell leads estimates looking for. It's men's bathrooms kitchens exterior work when news briefs easy before we get into what I wanna thank you about. If somebody is is hosting Christmas and all I wanna do is just just update their catch a little bit. You know new new wat you back splash in some cabinets. Were okay were greeted they call you like Monday were rated ago. And take a little time. And take a little time we're actually in the February urine of February and whenever that's for a full remodeled or if they want you some updates while they want some updates and really know if he wants. Right we got to act fast so we gotta go now yep they give us a call on Monday you know let's talk about it let's see we can squeeze it and we do have small openings for some of that stuff but but not a time we got a flat 4144. 239204239200. GG contractors LLC. Dot com. So Osaka and Jason enough maybe a month ago. And I started telling them what I read most but this time a year. In have been doing it for 2526. Years is I go the rise and pull out this latter. And get up on the side in my house and I clean out my cutters. And you don't normally held views is not really talk anybody it just will be like okay today's the day go log grab the latter. Put up in your cute of bang on the side knows my wife come run and out now yup third she relate to what do you do what. You know got to clean sinks to see where you tell somebody so maybe acted so if you're gonna hold the latter nicer follow would. Really you're gonna stop that and she's like you don't we we called Matthew to come over so why John Bonner to come over and I told Jason look good might son has moved out some oil was busy he's got his own gutters. And I'm tired of it. And Jason sir laughter he goes well you army take care of that for a that the LA you know somebody could come clean my gutters he goes kind of he said let me tell about a product that we have been out highly recommend and you might wanna take a look at a gutter covers. And I said I wanna know more bottom and so like I did that you guys came out and and put them up cleaned up the gutters absorbing. And then put a mutt really good product yeah. It is I mean people don't think about gunners in the reference system in on the got a system is equally important I mean if you have something that. Leaking united scheme weighted down by via the snow. And heavy rains things like that. Mean you have to get those things cleaned out and you know the task was to get up on a ladder. I know him in judo a couple of years ago we had I stamps and that in you've been in my house up to go see you know. Then and so I was up they're trying to get in house up there by myself. And at that time this is yours ago we didn't have the citing it was still paint it. In nose up and the latter went down three wrong three Boortz. Enemy up pretty good sound boom boom bone in my wave came running out and basically the latter was almost vertical at that point. And she said are you OK and I go yeah I'm fine she's what do you do have to sit over try to get off this thank you could see the marks on the house. And from that moment on she didn't want me do this anymore but it but it has to be done and I don't want to hire somebody to just coming clean my gutters. That's why I think undercover you know it's such a great products come. Mean that it's smooth it's rigid it's it's not it's mean on the same type materials as your gutters. So when you mount that he mounted in there with screws are not mailing and then. The college brackets again finish finish sides. It looks sharp when you buy the new housing looks good. I I think I I was surprised because I thought it was gonna look now look for good but what I didn't realize is is that you guys matchup to my. Toward what Mike shingles Cheryl my rough looks like. We have a lot of color options so when things like that come up you know their sales gavel come out. With you know the sample chips and take a look at it sushi yacht and try to match up with you shingles and make it look right. He guys were we're really lucky today in fact. Become a big fan Iraq Riley met off he started we started. Like together Qaeda used a producer might. High school basketball coaches show my first hosting gig was with Liu Wendy's RC with scoreboard show so and he's guy he's been kind enough to come in this morning. In a produce this show. Rob you bought a house a year ago about two years ago about T had given up on the guy you've been up clean the gutters yet now and I need to act can literally see stuff growing in my gutters. Karen there are planned sprouting in my gutters are seeing in that that would happen in my. And I'm the garage yet so that's easy to step ladder up and I can clean those out right but I would have neighbors go hey. What are you grown in the gutter there yeah. They're very sad that so I'd go up and clean it. I would Jason when Jason said look we let's let let me show you this this product TU. It's good it's going to make your life so much easier I'm terrified of letters so I'm all about this a while about this gutter listening intently how do you see these guys you know it's funny bribe because he Robby never want to commend emissary morning before. They're always so well as a whole is good friends of James and now so you really don't like Syria others who who who who carry dollars and hey let me talk to boys who JJ contractors how undercut GM yeah heck I'm up there with the air and you listen is this showed you so I don't know. Are not up about of the gutter cover to it was a lot morals Cuba I just don't want to do anything in my house ever since acquittals on. That's centered on you and me both hey if you got if you got leaves on your address you're gonna have many governors right now knowing what to go for the dentists and you're gonna go when they're fed check out the hole at seven there and it's not just believes it's what it's it's the debris from the shingle and everything I guess and I'll back their product up I live in -- woods and I just do not have a problem anymore it's our our test of which fantastic and a Nokia. Myself. Weather and the cool part about the gutter cover for me is not only did they held that the strength of that seat he kind of makes. It makes my got a little bit stronger because of the braces right. So actually it's it's above your daughter so doesn't weigh down so some of these things you'll see a slap the inserts in the gutter themselves not these these go right over. The top there mounting brackets so they're trying to lake om and convertible goes right over to top your Gunner. So when that snow comes down on you that ice damming than in those talk about yeah yeah that weight is an onion gutter anymore. At what about a nice a season startled those savings on edge. What does that. The bigs by players respond to Brennan got guys like this and his inner resource or more at top of it really makes cents but that leaves I'll stay on the top. At the Agassi and Arlene wasn't gonna cover how to handle this bonds. And you gutter cover a do do yourself a favor and Riley were we're gonna talk to. All these guys as does the gutter cover though does that it clogged up because I've seen them. And they have the little holes in them so believes can't go down certain holes and so that we are very continuous piece of metal. Yeah so there's no holes in the fall out and get in and how old do as you pick up the first layer singles and you screw that down under. And then it sits raped right in line with your with your refined so when it comes down the water rolls off of the knows it's curved. Right rolls off the nose and into the gutter. I just write it and you know what the curb appeal. It looks really cool but he's a guitar drugs once loose attic goofy there's some products out there yeah I don't know if they work or not but they don't. They don't make the house will better for short right he's actually make the house look better so it sounds like something needs of wait. Everything we talk about it hate it yeah yeah. Per cent change that's not exactly long ago Bulldog I mean that yes I need weave to retire flooring. Ani flaw in windows it's and you could see my house is like a 120 years old man and stuff gives Romney and salvage this is symington who handled. Yeah. Not figured that video itself and on and I think they're the original windows he's got an explosion this yeah. Here's prides him he used from JJ contractors. Kos is three bingo elements creative construction Wisconsin Robbie Matlock. Is it produce Tuesday and trust me he's an ally to this that. This show we want to know more bodies 120. Year old house and there's guys seem to be some creeks in that think Alia and I've no doubt. This is the walking near home improvement show on sports Radio One a 57 FM the fan. You are listening to an area home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. Oh welcome back to the walking area more improvement show on sports Radio One 057 up from an affair. I'm Mike we giver alongside my cohost bingo Emmons firm creative construction Wisconsin especially studio guest Prine Jimmie. Gigi contractors who GG contractors LLC. Dot com. Or him call 4144239200. They were talking about gutter covers the first segment I can't be happier I it's just it's been really calm. For me I don't know if you've heard about what the AM getting up there again now off. You can come up with something that can just get the leaves out in my backyard without any hassle if he had his son's home. You know Matthew I met my amount of weeks ago somewhere form has this absolutely. You can guess you call him clubhouse kid you this is out. Are driven growth doesn't slow productivity shot it right can you give us your background holly you Bennett JJ contractors. Yes so. So actually. JNJ is come on now my family. In my wave Jason member homogeneous. So merry intuit banner on the business for. Fifteen years. To start working with the family gone for years so I'll analyze it and yeah you know I hate it sucks. It's always different it's a really good company pride and it's well it is I mean. Let's face a lot of people say they're passionate about. You know their customers and doing what they do and that's what changes mean all know lot of us are friends of friends and we know people and connected you know M is working in the office and meet again we agree current. Well I. I can tell you and being on it we've had this conversation with Jason. Here in the community that you guys are all part of right he's got to just a great reputation adjacent he's. Faith is trade. And as Dan you know you know I know that part back when our cheers and our field is what now and his wife real slight shingles on to Cherry Hill that's offer back able. Mean they're Femi is great. Jason is I'm. Ease ease them. He's got to be great to work for me you guys can never be dull. They were before moment which is never go back guys get energy gets me is trees runner for board now is there for Greenhill president or Burnett last year's open with his ease into everything. Could for him he's big in the communities they got me an idea you know he's an owner and a lot assessments weighs about. You know we I talked to butter toy drive. 1057 FM the fan toy drive and he goes. One what is it now assume reason or raise money to buy toys for Children's Hospital he's like I meant. Lego would you want a no no amendment you let me know what you need for me and and I men its it in Oak Creek which is your base who your neighborhood. And the fact that he's got beautiful daughters I'm sure that children's house was important so it didn't it didn't surprise me that. That side changing contractor says look for an what do you need from me if background you don't they're gonna do. What do you do there did JJ countries do match every dollar donation during the 4 to 5 o'clock hour Monday through Friday all nice yeah that's awesome so he's in they're gonna sponsor that hour and and match. Dollar for dollar. Everything that comes in as outstanding. Didn't surprise me at all not at all no and if he brought what else you guys do what you wind JJ contractor started out as a roofing company. Yes are ever as roofing company. Migrated in the siding gutters windows dollars. Him butter with exterior. Up until the last time some news on Jason really took off the interior. Restoration. Underwater. Mold that kind of stuff I came on three years ago. So long. Well versed lot of different things skylights. Or. So it do you have you personally you have a favorite part of the house that you like to work on. I. Really I mean it's all good at it varies it is exciting in his. It obeys him and gave yeah yeah now you go out and here's reading kitchens and me we just we just finished higher ordinary. To her home for next year. And then. It sharp and it has got to be looked at today as a team meeting. And it's it's really quality pork it's good stuff Hubert analysts and there are going to be here is some pretty beware last year and we had this was Gailey got this one out deny them. You know down I think it's in short what area. It's it's gotten it's during its first for a model kitchen living room fireplace. It's gas and charm what is your dated they what's your title there Ira operations okay and I also oversee the sales team so. Latter reports like numbers too busy it's busy. Oversee the PMs in the cruised right in the jobs so roofing. Crew as well Sonya there's a lot of to busy week I mean there's a lot of eyes and things that touch shouldn't. And sat outside there's a lot of little things look at this is a hold an industry and I think Pringle you'll agree with me than it was four years ago when you started right. Well for the business for changing me in four years ago mostly. We're just trying to get it. You know things. Planned out loud. Marketing rights and reach the customer better you know make more presence in the community. And word of mouth you know I mean people on earth am sure you know all these relationships and in advance through cancer events that were hosting everything through Mary and the president and challenge office moment. I mean it's just grown extremely fast he does or interesting. That they're coping it with answered. Let's just it's unbelievable amount of money that he raised. Pain in I was Hayden really to prod to be part of that affect you guys are still doing. You hold windows special going on right now we do that your reasons some money for the and so party can't. Total clear on the monitor we're still run the promo Sophie have some windows sales I was looking for windows. In our office call we get these things in any appointments and we sent him a month we get this thing or not. And sold them through the month said Jesus ran through them to fall now. We're gonna get back percentage. All the proceeds. To a cancer. Nation and and you don't need to of the order full house flew windows you can order to now for now. Yeah I mean there's there's us there's a sweet spot or five. Delegates in most bang for your buck right but if you had to the couple windows or if you have one that's trends are really a problem window Narnia and enormously combat. Let's talk stated in the had revoked that a little bit and we can still do in this or did you guys to windows you're round. We do so injury it get it done now I had an actual history had some bodies couple years ago that right about this time a year. You're like man infected as more and more like closer labored. And people said they were you we need windows to call now your bigger goal and the one guys like relief the other guys they know and I'll be fine I understand that I I know that came. And I go no Saudi king. You know it the you need to get you don't think they Kamal and put windows in the same date nobly finally fight yet again next state called order and think he'd eat windows. The only guy needed for. And he waited. And all of a sudden you know come to think come Thanksgiving in error Wilfred prior. It's getting cold and he's like medical. It wasn't it was two months before got to put an hour for like four to six weeks are now so do the math on that he's a guy that had a three empty in the cell and the plastic over self and India escort yeah see the wind common radio whereas I was out there either because he had gas oh. Now now you listen this show a lot. And now when you win when we talk about this stuff he actually. Believes that we know we're talking about so you said an appointment now. Did get your order set for windows if you need 46 or eight. You know that's kinda where you wanna start with this is that your best your best guys first get your best price. Your best pricing and in the but if you or your windows not in only a country we chased an approach that cancer donation yeah absolutely they're going on over there's a no brainer. We'll see year after troll yeah I ordering someone else while I was going to some windows after a year and I'm in a 190 year old. 590 now. Yeah it's it's and that never let you know when they started building houses who really matter it's not that they start filling out yet we've and that's in bay view the first house and behavior right there and hit. It's a store Holloway windows on the house you know. Let's see 1234566. Window dressing dozens dead you know what's in the end and understand that. He if you needed three or four. You do threw for now Brian if you do you six you do get the best price going to do six now you'll lose and you been in there in the wintertime do you feel that yes. Especially on a couple of them for some reason the backside of the house those windows seemed to date they're probably older they pride in what you guys are talking about replaced a couple of left a couple. So the ones on the backs out of the house those are the ones that are in the worst shape and we're still living room in the bathroom that those are in the front of the house okay so lucky for us the kitchen though is in the back religions in the back out in my bedroom is in the back of the house. Cars and you love the cold on chip Alia. I would I'm actually I'm OK with the cold but the girlfriend isn't and you know it. That's she'd like prodigy and yet to separate badgers is she still you growth for its extra. Right yeah guys who take extra food to a great Internet listening other skies at the break. We are worm really talk about faith in the zone with Ron we met at clubs is Katie. We're talking Gary Coleman improve it show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You are listening to an airy home improvement show with dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was over your questions at 4147991250. Welcome back to the more. Near home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we here we're alongside bingo and Minsk creative construction Wisconsin. Brian zinni from JJ contractors. Probably Mac Clough just left when refused. The windows open this web host go back to school geeks yes. Got out euros only kid I mean they're the ones that you have we we Campbell we don't want to. JJ contractors LC dot com they're located Lewis wrote in green dale. 5213. West Lewis wrote 4144239200. He Brian on this time a year what will people start talking about spring. So are thinking about look okay we're getting get through the holidays. Get over the past the first of the year. And then as we get in the February march April. We you know we want to chew up cater Kitchener we want to do something with their master bat where do something in in in one of our bedrooms. Now would be appropriate time for them to call you yet. Yes you're talking about the winner months now people look and outline the scene things they wanna do you know they're gonna come out of and there are going to be and I read ago. Right now them process the way it works. Takes about a good month of planning to get where you wanna beef from signing a contract to picking your items on the design phase is very important. It's Reid's pick out a nice things he had to go look around the carpeting the flooring the tie will you know you get to pick all those finishes that. Really are gonna add something to your space so it's a good time to start planning thinking ahead. Because you know as soon as you turned a year in its community radio. You know you call that the fun stuff that for me was that really hard and frustrated. We re did some parts of her kitchen you guys came in and and redid her path. That part. I think could be a semi wife was with me because for her that was fun. For me when I got to two when we suited to my waist that was opened the hard work for the cabinet's. I thought I'd have four you know four choices would be in and out. There was role after role after roared toward tour I didn't know what I was getting into and it was really hard thing. JJ countries you help with those. Decisions yes so that's the most part I say it's fine 'cause tell us that's what we do every day. You wanna get paired up with somebody that you trust somebody that you know is on the go for your interest. And we have designers. And we have people on staff to help you with Brad so once you get through. The big things when I went what I what I want to space to look lake wood or my cabinets to look like. Will make Florida look like two and went this wall down two and one this year. Then you get this tired yeah he signed that contract you move into the next phase. And then we take your enemy and we take that the in my time needed to get it done for you so if you have problems with colors or maybe even some giants on tile. Or flooring that swing and our design a step and company. Yeah I guess she's the airway and invest my fear designer while I'm as John miners who works for a company and really he doesn't these weeds and he's been through other companies as well but. Ever since Shia is he does a great job. But I is my question is this what do you do any alien customers at that just says I want this nearly. Is no way to it's gonna work. Heidi Heidi what a Wacom well you kinda look down the road past that so they're looking and a to say pink cap and culture right so somebody wants a blue you have to be able to tie that with a color. Your tile in your back splashed. And then you think down the road you may not live in this house forever so the next person. What are they gonna what do you know you're investing on this money let's make sure we take the time. To get your race. And then we kind of talked them into a different you know different area or are we give them a better solution. And and look we in today's teenager three dean you can show them what it's gonna look like. I it's it's if that's what they're want invade their hardest set out at. It's it's it's worth they have to live and their pain fort. Look I want Kelly green somewhere on an Irish guy and that can really gotten and anymore young but I one day. I'm gonna get something in my house so that's Kelly green. But I. I think god that. You know in my wife will be leg or an academic Kelly green how close it snuck a look good in in Randy Miller did pretty good job with me and I'm that is wall. But it was. You know what what I want it wasn't correcting and I've been walked through that but if somebody really says look I this is what my my old house look like. And I want this back then you give them what they want. We have we have a customer announced that you know they want and this certain door to stay no matter what. All right so we we worked around it or and you know we found new hardware and we are able to keep it in place as much as we went to. Remodeled the whole rest of the house kept the door. The same way as it was and to them they they tie their decorum around their daughter. The color on it and that's how Italians in the carpet who's in the tile on the front where so. If we can make it we can find things to accept. We break it work. I'll have what have you on. We'd win four years ago I what are you better now than you were when he came meant. You know you lose. What is kind of been the sweet spot for you like while you know what I'm certainly detain this. You know I do I do a lot of a lot of numbers but I also appreciate getting out and meeting people sure come the clients. We're neighboring client business where customer service business of just happened to remodel yeah you know so. I think that's one of the nice things about Jane Jane is that everybody you meet. Is gonna be have that same value the same passion whether it's show and when you call now to start to Shannon. You know you talk to Marie. He's talked to John Maine. Whoever you come in contact with I mean you work with Ryan you know yes you you know we're gonna get and it's all it's nice because you don't have to worry about. Being sold something and then you're you follow with a salesperson you follow with the service idea. And then you use silent on the line. And you find out that. You're getting some links our. You know what I he I'd appreciate the most about Ryan is he kept my wife in in case you in the loop and everything. And she was she was so cultural she works out of her home. And so she was there are undefeated they when they were to re doing are bathroom and it took eight days and I know you guys hustled up because you knew there the issue is that. I was tired of showers may contain and then all the time on that don't what act. No matter what time he was there are you guys did he did a great job of keeping her in the loop. Undefeated day basis to. He see Terry this what's gonna happen today. Curses coming today here's what here's the news or any get done today. And you're gonna love this or does not can be much to look at Munich you'd think all male what's going on but we have to get everything out. Yep and that's you know that's key you are the company has got to look out for you and every week whether you sign with us today and researcher project in February. Every week and are meeting our customers come out. For exterior and interior so we there's nobody ever getting forgotten I mean I locked into that to them to the PM room. And we'll see we'll set a first name basis house and Colleen right now house by house saw some house mr. Jones I mean. We're always talking about they were always on the same page and every week we're reviewing it together and not just the in the guys spent the designers. Jason the owner. Tom Green in the office I mean. All of the people that have input army coming contact with your project. We're all the table so if you call and and you need to speak to somebody and maybe you're looking for questioning your European isn't there you know anybody in the office is going to. As self. That that's also. When you win Z. Even if you go on bingo this question for you with creative construction too if if you get in contact with you guys now. And books the the book to do a a new kitchen in March. If the prices go up after the first of the year which they probably will can you walk in 2017. Prices now. For work in 2000 and dance. Effort Jay Gabler for us yeah we we don't we don't ever ever do that never ever do that. In my street price increases come on that's arguing take. Yeah we don't we don't we don't nickel and I'm after the fact that nothing too Blase about it on the net Beijing ill is not. You it doesn't now so I'll pray about themselves. The reason why they're so busy as well it turns out of the do such could work to referrals are just other rough. Everybody that failed and all Lotta people dying sport from other competitors to churn and our very own dad worked for them to us and people. They're their customers are happy with you to be glad to refer them. And that's has a lot of accompanying when you get you were produced referrals. Yet huge hey I I'm not SCHIP probably asked everybody else has come in here. When you would you watch these in these reality on the mother listed. Home remodel flip it kind of shows I do yeah do you think that's good for your business or pat. Hey you know it's funny because my wife as much and the other day and not. She came up on the screen I'm going you know it's it's amazing how. They have praised its print people's minds and then when they call their local guy and if it's sticker shock. You know I don't I feel about it I mean it's good it's educational devoted to see the process they get to see a little bit of what it entails. But it also old. They'll show all their parents they don't they don't give you mean the guy is running the projects season there's things in in the air staff and their overhead and not every company is the same you know they'll carry different order had them all different requirements in different vendors and different products at different price. I think though shows that are a lot to do with why everybody wants to open concept because every one of those shows. It's I want an open concept I want to be able to cook and still be part of this party you'll Brian quite a bit older you back in the day the kitchen was the focal point. And then it kind of moved to little bit and move to kind of like the living rumored dining room area. And it's back to the kitchen is back to be the focal point of the house. And the people that are in the kitchen weather sent us through the white for whoever. Doesn't want to be stuck in the kitchen when everybody else is doing this party. And so they see that I'm these these home remodeling shows. And everything is all about can we take this ball down and take this ball down the make the space look bigger. And let me be part I'm active in the kitchen but can I still be part of this you guys you guys see the open concept over as about it. All I mean not I mean I wanna house recently 68 analysts and I know what that little. Eight by eight kitchen feels like and I think that's you know that was part of the respect that. Just like a lot of things now sockets you look at a lot of homes so often sets where they they took the plumbing and they went chemicals in the softness in purpose. Nowadays people are like while it's soft it's gonna take it up the sealing element the room filmmaker. So everything that serve this purpose veterans day. The only reversal of bad news ever changing and we wanna see the front windows and we wanna see young people when they're walking around and I wanna cook and watch TV. So we open it up and you know make you look it. And an app that I also think on those shows somebody said this if they ever went back six months or a year later. It said OK now it's to another segment thirty minutes and show you what kind of materials they use. What the house looks like now that's you know did it do to hold up because when you shorted too was it looked great. Oh what's it like you're later were you got four kids running around and is a house in the same condition it was. And that's a good point I mean materials mean costs. Asks how fast you can get in equality mean. Obviously going to two so I mean I'd let that stuff is low and pricing I've Tom. You know it's it's a good conversation or something that so we should look into him. Yeah I created he's Bryant's im knees from changing contractors. JJ contractors LOC dot com get 5213. West Loomis road in green dale. Give or call 4144239204239200. I coast this week he is bingo Emmons creative construction. Of Wisconsin have done business ball these guys. Both companies can now cannot recommend them higher in fact we're gonna. Another says the break I'll tell a quick story about the job that side JJ did. For me and and hope that's her thing was a nightmare which you guys made a nice knees seen them we want talk a little bit more about some of the things they do JJ contractors from windows. Two ropes to kitchens to skylights. And papers citing pretty much to it all and end. They're busy so you wanna call them to set something up to produce do supplement sprint. Seven major now do you agree time beginning with them talk to them a little bit about timing. If you do want something done before the end of the year something little because your hosting Christmas. You need to call Monday. His there's a pretty good chance he might now appeal help ya. But Q more call and find out for 239200. This is the walking area home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You're listening to an area home improvement show with big time might make giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to liar and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. Welcome back the walking near home improvement show on sports pretty 1057 after the and might we hear once said bingo and minutes from creative construction of Wisconsin are special in studio guest Ryan Sidney Jean Jacque contractors. Jake Jake contractors LOC dot com. So really quickly via. I had about fit under bathtub and in stepped in and. I the water on all the time so I thought I was stepping on a bubble. Like. Just a bubble thanked called Jason and he came over and I didn't turn the water on stepped into the hearse which squished and we both look these shows like. He city to seal broken a bath fitter getting water in the tub and movie we needed he can't he can't use this anymore or my wife my daughter who's across streets or she go over there are char negative sorely. That go to the whack and shower and. 7580 year old make it tanned man was in their every single time that I went in we started making up sawed shall I sing my son. Nicky tan man in your ears and why isn't just a regiment that I don't know once you actually look like in old baseball glove you know that kind of stuff and so thank goodness for Jason and the school at the construction of the boy who did Jason Riley is pretty good look at it as a matter does daylight that at this he had you kind of stepped over mice on their bingo that's our keys you don't want to think about anymore you know why you're hurting good visit JJ contractors got my bathroom done. When they did so you'd. I can Deco back in and I have to worry about that take showers and you guys and know what he those are those old days right they're not the good old days either. Hey. Brian wheat we talked earlier about the go undercover and in if you missed our first segment we had them put up on our house because I. I can't call by storm go open letter anymore. He had the money trees or under house the latter the big cutters get. Really really bad and and we gotta get up there yet again after two or three times a year and Mike Reilly I get stuff wrong week. In decries. Gutters you guys cleaned him out nice and got recovers and it saved me a ton a time and I don't have to grad that letter. That's where as far as for peace of mind low maintenance its its quality products it's kind of lifetime warranty you know it's it takes away. Trying to remember any candidate up there and it's not just it's such as leagues it's the debris the rails from shingles. You know it's also insects so you know you don't cleaned out it installed in just forget about it. And you guys I there's a lot of competition in that category but gutter coverage you're the only one southeast Wisconsin. Correct yeah so we have sort of licensing for this market on C you've. A lot of them have you know Romney mentioned earlier conversation they have holes and they're on the go over the top self can still get in them so there's all different variations by a bottom line and you know when you see this thing when he sits in style and it's installed my four food segments so I mean it's the boxes are heavy mrs. Very quality very heavy duty product he now you know I've only had it up a few days what do what is the maintenance tonight in and I know that. Com my wife was there when you guys who put it in what some maintenance that that can require from from mess. You know there really isn't that name because design if it's got that sort of and technology built into it where he works in conjunction with the water and oppression only comes around the lip of the of the gutter. It keeps everything out the waters and being given. So I mean their pain and they're heavy duty so that helps resist from talking feeding overtime. It's a real serve it's a real sharp products. If people are sending Garland scientists and pictures on it. You know the miners are nice and tight it's nothing that's bodily and lose some people think undercover and I think something majesty no pop scenes for a lightweight. No this is the real deal and it's it's good stuff. Editor likes of the Michigan hurt my business objectives in my springtime analyze standing up he's revitalized them mental he's a great. Well you and I did some business because of that for me. Not that long ago and it was it strictly because I didn't clean out the gutters. On that last time in the fall. Nobody nobody doesn't really get nice Emmy in the music and Emma. And eventually you just the other cracked open you'll but the director resigned and then you're done you just do not do anything well you know on his no more muck right no no my hand in there. One Malia and her question to get go I what about around. Proudest it is like to grudges but he does play a present yes so. Play US so actually we're just wrapping up projects. It was a 222 story house with two car garage. We just added to two more to sort of work harder to really but yeah we do the country into the concrete work. Throughout their do framing roofing siding. And gutters to better cover. Yeah it's it's a whole we do new construction so mean there's nothing that we haven't seen there's nothing we can do. Depending on what your budget isn't much you taste does it mean if you have all the options at your disposal and you were. And any room in the house as morehouse from the bath is a kitchen to the bedroom stood. The basement that the man Kia that that he's like he's that he went to Kelly green man killing him hey let me make us so. I've got just the stuff that the put down their two and the thanks tell me that. As a viewer my wife and you said you can have a Kelly green I would argue bingo I am an. He bled to let's talk recruit we've only got just a couple of minutes left there's still a window deal that you have. They're going to donate part of the proceeds back to events of party cancer foundation and think it's really important. They added JJ contractors to a lot of business in windows and so if you call them today before the end of the month set the appointment. It doesn't matter if the wind has come in in November December. The if you book it now set it up the that money's gonna go to Q Vince Lombardi cancer foundation. You get in their will write it up ran up this week you know when it's a sign it will kind of measure and ordered. If we have to put up installed because you schedule that's okay. And we but Nana and let's face it everybody knows somebody affected by cancer I mean you hear it all the time so. It's close to home as you know. Close to really call everybody everybody knows somebody. Am it's it's a passion you know and make a sudden we're in the restaurant business after a mile and business it just happens ever gonna. Let everybody. We wanna give back to a figure out some way we got to figure out how to fight this thing anything we can do from changing from a company standpoint you know we're gonna do. Just use soon good. She and stash to assume that you know my daughters would turn a cattle and as a quick story could generate less time hearing here she. Had a birthday coming up and she had sharpton's. And you're like what has a shaft and right so she she had me bring these Lewis Watkins. And and show in two years so nobody is innocent so. AdAware and I did I still look at that have kidney eggs in the cup together. I though this is radio people Casey and I didn't so look at the size of little small. And Lynn thank you so much for shown those to me how always analyst is going to be eight. That's awesome your numbers she remember the radio that I am the shaft incites. She passed me is that this morning and when I really appreciate that down thank you so much worse she go to school. Same policy she does now eight years old that's a great age would sound issued the issue sports girlish like. When you waited what are some of the things she Alan likes. She's been singing and dancing really yeah she's very creative solution next shoe and you know. So although Paramount arts and craftsmen in the all the things I can't do all things like hands Natalie and you can you hear me you heard that whole. Make it ten man Soledad I'm off key mad at when you keep up the good work thank you for sharing this with me and and now I understand what is this. So I really appreciate that. Big what's going on over an area Denny classes started therein the hours it's our guard duties CP yeah which is universal design class Kris thanks for speech is is she's nervous now. She's nervous was she'll do great. Hum from AB catered and she's going to be in that class. I and you've got to Chris this party coming up and are yours so I know there are awards which is being gay is now. They beat up they only won the million dollar top banana prize last year officials the only. Elliott is the and try to beat that emit enough going to be rumpus confident we got a couple got a couple and since season Hubble. We'll see Augusta yet that party last year was unbelievable house content that was a really good time and and that house was. Incredible. It really was he guys think he's so much free time again go to GG GG contractors LOC dot com. Gigi contractors LOC dot com if you got anything from the show three things that Robbie Mac lost house is a 197. Years old. If you had it cut if you need getter covers or you need windows now be great time to give Bryant calling the people it JJ contractors. At 414423. 9204239200. JG contractors LOC. Dot com guys have a great weekend I think you asked you this isn't that basically goes is the market near home improvement show. I'd sport tree 1057 after them the fans.