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Saturday, November 11th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement jokes and oh here's your host big time might may get it on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Oh what committed the more canary home improvement show. I'm sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mike we get relaunch side of my co host. Bingo evidence from creative construction of Wisconsin big on a band of trying to find skewed to see you know. Until I got here early go Itar condone it but simply to small. He house in Chicago yesterday in leaving Chicago just like you mentioned they have snow. Our feeling of bodily to the only unit display at my back as fast on it that makes the try to tell people I've spoken to some accord that weather outside and his friend and owner you're an argument here it's the Palestinian. Our country Christmas of this comet. It is deathly coming our special guest today. And I'm glad he's here bell was getting a little nervous. Lives showed up about one minutes before that Kate more cal words he's general manager retail division whether tech windows. Endorse more curry band and in doing Rogan might see it's good to see you I'm I just. I got a call from my daughter Kendra who lives in Chicago couple blocks off of jobs in amber yeah. Yesterday and she was. Pursuit text abuses snow and then since he was he was back and more. Well tell you what we beat Terry and I'm away for I went there for Kobe's and I appreciate. Some of the the ideas that you are text me in the emailed me about going to and we went down there and the the idea always basketball season start sound on a Monday. And I don't see your first couple months Siri really get some will be crazy and so we just took the train down in. Read dual shop and Louis Vuitton and in hold hands for awhile and though. We did the new we did the hand holders and we shot system that there at the end but not too much so it worked out really well speaking of fiscal best longer know Martin Luther. Yeah other do the football they lost. Cinderella. Myth that slipper fell off load I've been in seventeen up of but guess avoid you see his shirt for central still plant. Approach central. I know given that shirt in fact I was standing next to coach it Mark Adams the other night at a game and that's a good man right there. I'm mark certain certainly is. I coach for many years in the Brookfield central junior Atlanta program. And or son Billy played and retired couple years ago laughter. 63 seasons of coaching football basketball and baseball are you kidding me now. It was it was along all this is my 36 and I'm I'm tired and we start Monday. Did and enacted to not talk about what we're here to tar ball which is workers' endorsement. Did you. I really dislike the first week. The first week his chest you know it's it's getting you know in making cuts and get your team satin. And trying to figure out OK who's get the practice jerseys and Friday's appearance. You greet and meet and greet and all that I just wanna get through that first week in a canister to give him the crime animal care. Died at age and here it shows the same thing same thing for us and you know in football the month of August was all as the twelfth month rises. We practiced practiced practiced every day of the week. All month long enough really enough thing you never hit anybody else that's the tough part with basketball it comes up a little bit quicker. Hey let's talk a little bit of bots out whether tech windows and doors you guys pretty busy I'm sure this time of year. Is a very busy time of the year everybody all the homeowners trying to do things in. Before those before the small flies or after the snow flies but we can certainly do things all winter long some of our best pricing. Is in the wintertime. Just keep everybody busy. So you guys go twelve months or twelve months there might be dear to. You know are we do that 1520 inches of snow that we media to take today off here or there but otherwise it's. Read the wall everyday that's cut and and I know that. Especially this time a year searched it will be cold and people that thought he look I. We're gonna get windows we kind of let it go because it was a nice summer and in the fall wasn't too bad but won't now we need to talk to somebody. Still price wise and and as far as how much time it tasted that it ordered the windows. And get a man what are you looking at a few Cole was attacked today off four to six weeks 46 weeks should do it now. Little bit pace early and by the end of the year. I guess she can get him in right. There's you'd be days off with Thanksgiving Christmas but there's a chance to get him in before January 1 Oreo was still have some openings. You know four weeks from now we've made them concentrated effort though. Making sure we have enough and scholars and staff and to get ready so there aren't install result they're looking looking for work that'll keep him busy twelve months of the year. I did was call. He you have a spokesperson. Gavin and immaturity Nelson and I love these did the commercials that he does. You Darius if if you sign up today you still have a chance to fit to win I mean I agree with that correct that's correct. So. Let me give me some of the details go to a weathered dash teekay dot com. Whether dash TET dot com and you'll. You kind of go through the website and it's pretty easy to find a chance to sign up to meet Jordy Nelson. But it ends today he grand prize in mean agree with him worn picked and I November 20. And today's the last day that she can do that you're also given away. What were given away today they regularly assigned Jordy Nelson football. And the with the with the customers have to do or anybody. Texting to my cell number right after gas how many yards Jordy will have receiving. This weekend. Only have to that's awesome. Well ID Greg just looked at me he's taken by twelve but I'm thinking the exact number I was thing you know why dosing in 1212. You're living here we this phone to protect the number text to number 262. 6132103. 26261321. Or three. And text the name I guess Jordy Nelson and how many yards you think he's gonna get against that their defense. This weekend air defense pretty get. If I'm. This game here bombing. As an Anderson it is a real scoring and you would think. It got down to Chicago every cab driver we got new cab with assuming you like this weekend. Well apparently the pools are beyond missiles is fat cat who'd do who. They they're like no other done filing numbers get a chance of one cab driver says look I above. The packer quarterbacks. I loved watching her except when they play the bears he said this week I might actually like him when he plays the prayers answered yet. No doubt so whether tech when we tell you 2626132103. And all you have to do is is figure out how many yards jury knows in the get this weekend against the bears text that number. Get a chance to win an autograph he autographed Jersey these Simpson autograph signed football I think autograph signed football. Why should write that down the attic you can enter twelve urged. You are right don't take you know you could take twelve you take twelve if you want. They were we talk about the process. Our market let's kind of get into to what you're doing here. We did is somebody calls you at 2628754300. That's the number for whether tech windows and doors. They give you call. And say look I I've got six windows that I wanna get replaced. Before the end of the year. What's the process they go through. The process might do is we would send out. One of our sales consultants and the sales consultant wouldn't go all out. And you know go through some information about the products that we offer we have. All of the name brand products in our stable we Marvin. We have Anderson whip alone we have weather shield. We have Thurman true goers. And we have bought twenty additional. You know window and door companies that we can. You know we can you know we have product for so we'll sit down will go on look at the windows or doors that they wanted to replace. And you know we will make the kind of decision or. What are you know best thing would be for them to decide I'm. And you know then we would turn around and give them a quote. And you know if they'd decided. Sign on the dotted line. You know we would place the orders you know we keep in touch with the homeowners throughout the process and four to six weeks later among our installation crew. Would show up and we've just windows and darn if it was a six Wendell job. There's a chance we'd be done and one day depending on the installation. Eight that they choose but it might take two days. When you when you talk about the installation process we've had this conversation you and I in the past that that sets you apart. Right in any game we talk a bowl whether tech windows and doors. You talk about options with him we also talked about the insulation in the people littered doing that work. We we've had a conversation two it doesn't matter how expensive the window is if it's not put in correctly it's not gonna work the way. It is designed to work. That's correct Mike. In my thirty plus years. Being in the window and door industry. The majority. The vast majority of situations that have come up where there's products. It's an installation issue when we go out and see other companies install the windows and not follow the manufacturer's. You know stab someone needs to be done. We make sure the dollar people are factory trained. And also trained beyond that we about Tex and and our location. That you know we can take windows and a note weakened you know have the manufactures come in Angeles new. And better ways to do that installation so it is really about installation. Yeah I was a set aside a seminar last Thursday about windows and are gonna win no matter fracture and he says that 90%. All we're no problems are actually installation failures. There and you guys are class IQ is linked to score he commercial ones if you just either he in my ears and inlets of. Out at nine needs he scored in in Waukesha. It's. He I would recommend that is while weather dash teekay dot com to go see in and set appoint negotiate the shore that's that's the best way. I think if if Europe a husband and wife for some that one is looking for windows. To be able to set the time aside to come see you guys out there explain which are looking for. You can pretty much take care of it right that. I mean as far as OK here are your options one what what's your budget he hear the your tour three windows that we recommend. Well I would agree. I malvo as the Mazen is being age a lot of people wanna shop on line and they actually we'll we'll spend twenty or 30000 dollars. Without test driving in the product and you know we have an 8000 square foot showroom each one of the manufacturers I mentioned before. We have a showroom size of that larger. Then most companies have. You know further in tiger products. We'll have a big display a Marvin a big display of Anderson big display up pal. They display of weather shield and people can command and test drive in sees a different options. Hey guys let's get to break before get to break. You know I just wanna thank you for getting involved with our toward drive this year you know if you needed Knoll. About whether tech T he market die emailed me. A last week and said hey can we still get in as a sponsor and in. It's important for us tell it to look for ways you've backed the community. And your toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital would be great fit with what we believe in your weather text so I really appreciate you doing that. They own your welcome Mike abused children are very much in our hearts in the bat I think everybody else's hard so we have to. Grandchildren Evelyn Landon. I got their name on the air hope they're listening and women lane and how older than the error. Almost three in almost one and that's awesome. Yeah our assert. A little bit older but they are key in a Logan and and and back it I can't Q wolpe that's an where you remember their names but they they do this in the show so boys old Europe and I mean your cereal. Guys are skewed to bring again it was just one that they mark in the people whether tech. A windows and doors for sponsoring this year's tour drive down the plains of farm fleet week after Thanksgiving in fact. We started this guy's like I think this is your thirteenth. Something like that and the first year we did this. I think we raise summarized 7000 dollars for. Two choice. And cash for children trust well we thought man this pretty. And you're 21 up your three lesser we were over a 100000 dollars. And so what happens is children's console soon look we have enough towards for the year. And so what we do then is she is by some gift cards to a families have to go in the got to spend you know more than a deer to a Children's Hospital the nurses will go up. And ceded the famine hey why does she go go have dinner down apple these three blocks on the road here's a hundred dollar gift card here's a fifty dollar gift card. And once she's not here for the cup are so all of that goes in the play and and this one I can think you guys for. For us understand the importance of of this. This event that we do for the big kids that chose hospital guys let's get to break our specialists few guest Marc Howard's. General manager retail division or whether tech windows and doors go to whether dashed TEK. Dot com and don't forget if you text this number 262. 61321036132103. Text the number of yards using Jordy Nelson's gonna have on Sunday and if you hit it on the button you a chance to win a signed. Football from Jordy Nelson this is them walking near home improvement show on sports Radio One 57 F found. The fans. You are listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and make 1057 FM the fan dot com. Paul welcome back to the market Neary always provincial wants portrait of 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we journalists have my co hosts this week. He's the owner of crede the creative construction of Wisconsin he's bingo Emmons are specially studio guest. General manager of the retail division whether tech windows and doors. He's mark cal works. He marked during the break we talked about. And will give back Tate Tate to replacement windows because I think that's really important I know that let people are. If you haven't thought about doing it they're thinking about tuning your last two days but your commercial division at how whether tech windows and doors doing really good work. I know we've got a lot of things going mad Matt McCabe and his crew. We've couple real two highway projects now no one was a halo he market loss. Which we recently completed the installation of over three in their windows. Nominates a historic building. Dark tone on fourth and McKinley. And that was one project the exciting and the exciting news now at this point is we recently signed a contract and are starting. Our job on first street and pleasant. And that's their historic fortress building. There will be installing over 1000 windows. Over the next six months holy cow our largest project today by far. It's huge that you like waiting wrenching pictures of that at a loss sure we've got things on FaceBook and our web site and all people have to do is you know gore weathered dash TK. Dot com or. You can tape in Jordy windows dot com and you can get right tore away outside. Well it's. That's a big project meant. Could for you guys. And and to have something that they and in that it's going to be made in again first and pleasant right downtown news in the in the area that's. Thrive in right now right. Oh it's yeah it's a lot of things being built a lot of opportunities things going on. In 1000 windows being installed over the next six months. Matt and his crew are going to be busy they're gonna be really busy which is good hourly employee wise years you're doing okay everybody's always would confer. Now we're always looking for installer is at this point and for support staff. Hum when I started or whether attacked. Little over a year gored about a year. Obama I was of the 32 employee. And were up close to seventy right now so we've more than doubled in size and last year while. It didn't surprise Udall bingo doesn't. Matter. All's well planned out two of his with the other tech to meet you hear about all the big a big BR pistol whose ultra. You know there's specialists at respond doesn't reveal some pandering here really big. I'm John Marshall is it's desperately hoping it is and you think man the you know they don't care moment one or two windows they do. They do it and that's important when you were out there hand whether text showroom. Get these guys holes that the skills you're seeing right. And you came in that that next Dane just raved about the people out there and you select values space phenomenal with they really helped us. They're like or not asleep like that button and well I don't know if there's certain than I guess I can't get a job there then is that how that battle urged hate the other thing we talked about during the break is. You're residential. Armed department in in that category if you guys his his. Really blown up is wall. Where with the new home construction. Kyra recouping coming back from the doldrums of the 2008. Recession. We've been really hop and in that area. Mark Edberg and the owner of our company. Headlines that division. And we have the three largest builders. In the southeastern Wisconsin area of lying or product. And we are installing all those windows and were the only company that I'm aware of insult the eastern Wisconsin. In the new construction. Building new homes. That besides selling product to the company's. We also do the installation and going back to. Than 90%. You know problems with installations. That's one of the reasons vols companies decided on whether attacked was because. We have the the will. To do the install. They do occur reckless and to a crackling definitely you know 121 time when you come and I'd love to have mark ever join us as we could we could spend. A lot of time talking about the other departments. On this wallowing in certainly like you said commercial congratulations on. On that deal and Roy what happens with the deal like that is then there's other companies that see that you can handle something that big. And then they start getting in line is while so I'm sure that. Once once that first one that six month Fries he gets stunning new in you install a thousand windows there's going to be other companies lined up to CO OK he did that for them. Come overdue for us. That's over being Q nine you know and sometimes were waiting for the competition. Start following what we're doing and that the problem is finding help. These days in the construction trade is really tough. The younger generation is not migrating towards. You know doing window installations are the carpentry aspect. Of things in. You know there is really good money I mean the money that we're paying now for skilled or even people led just one start holding in the you know in the window installation. Arena. Money that we're pain. These jobs are you know considerable. He before game to break market fight renounced your last name wrong for two years she probably tell me right yes that would bingo. You would probably tell a real and if I if I said imminent since Citic Emmons you would you reviewed correctly. Right so I was at a gathering last night in in in this category in in in and near remember. Right JJ contractors Cherie who started the company's officially retiring chases now the president I've had these guys in here. A ton of times and finally got LS side this party came up with Sid you know you pronounce her name completely wrong right then said one. They said yeah ice I walked over to Jason sit in my pronounce your name wrong and they all started laughing it's been like inside joke that everybody knew except me. And he goes yeah. That's why did you tell me goes I think again I should probably didn't I would not call teacher brows ski if that's about what I thought it was is likes it or do what is it. Well isn't this liberals to browse to some brows ski. Yes so a regular seats or browse to it and that's what I've kind of insane and is that Joe Brown no life no sure brows ski. And and that's wrong now what do you think it is it's liberals so brows ski but I've been I've been saying it wrong and the one guy said every time you would say it. I would say god bless she accuses sounds like you're sneezing and I said bad. So it was a great party great gather input. And I actually even asked Jason's wife why didn't you tell me she said well I thought my husband what I said no bias cherry said. Why did she tell me goes wide and he'd tell you reported that Jason I said I don't know. Two years have been doing that so if I do that you guys you'll tell me quickly right. Europe yup sure she had a short maybe all right in my mind Europe McGovern right yeah I said you called him a diver I would tell you it's McKay covered. And he says I thought it was more diverse health. Anyway congratulations to jury what a great. What a great career that he has had a great company. I did the math and windows is normal rate when wasn't there an opera. And that seven days a week. Right I've why Africa and under the old point point is a month okay is. Union stuff how many day. Eight or rate a point three windows today you guys can handle that are on these are historic windows two of these are ya mean. Big things that try to Marwan there. Yes yeah all we should putter more considered those other companies had told your body if you only one guy darn accurate real wide and up and wait and he is Marcello Ortiz general manager retail division. Whether tackled windows and doors go to weather and dash teekay dot com. For more information gender either giving out there and they're gonna try to giveaways side Jordy Nelson football this weekend. You pick how many yards that he's gonna get against the bears on Sunday. Texas number get a patent Texas number 2626132103. 61321. Or three have a chance to an assigned. Autographed football from Jordy Nelson. That's correct in it's it's an you don't have to be right on the number we will. Take a winner whoever is closest. To that number prices are rolls over or under just under a copycat. You can be it can be either way you know we love tie breakers. In zero was already taste in salt. And just one let's you know that zeros already taken. We did a contest like this. I think you know month month and a half gory. Or gave away a giant are assigned Jordy Nelson Jersey Jersey yeah. And Mary Higgins. Was the winner of that in she was you doing that to give to her husband as a surprise birthday. Perfect so all yeah I saw that picture she looked awfully happy with that. Again that phone number. Two to win that and just pick how many how many yards if there's more than one with the same number it's a cracked number than you'll pick you'll view and try to add or something got out on. We'll get we'll get one and then. There will be a consolation prize if there's more than one something else signed by majority. But not as. That is high levels assign for 2626132103. That's number you got a text comedy RG featuring doses can get. Against the bears to win that football skewed to break this is the market near home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 F found that. Vance yeah you're listening to an airy home improvement show with big time Mike may giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was over your questions at 4147991250. All welcome back the walking area home improvement show wants portrait you won a 57 FM the fan. I'm Mike we get burned once said bingo Emmons he's my co host today. He's the owner creative construction Wisconsin and more can your board member. Perhaps what are you on the board on the treasure now that we election coming to and a they want and run or put up a portable for the undercard. Yeah it's very their new poll on how high it could hear him make Mary Grady again as eloquent actually didn't have scored reduced our specialists who your guests mark cal works. General manager retail division whether tech. Windows and doors whether dash teekay dot com is their website phone number 2628754300. He you know we talked about giving away the Jordy Nelson signed ball that whole event is is coming today's the last state correct. In his last day for anybody does sign up for an appointment or to sign up for the contest and drawing will be this weekend and then we've got to get a hold of the winner and you know they'll be transported to two Green Bay for the taping of the show and a limo all. For me angry with majority on November 20. Yeah I'm big on I appreciate the invite of being in that limo and world thinks yeah will be the ones that are kind of driving these guys have up. I guess I'm not driving what more can you drive that thing. In its act although we did check back yeah we don't need to be there and eat minutes though he goes through fast rule. But it is so go to window I am just telling you there's so many cool things if you go to this website. You can find out some of the things that that you can win if you win the grand prize. You BI taken to the exclusive inside the huddle TV show taping of meet and greet with surety on Monday November 20. Soak in Cote who while weathered dash teekay dot com to sign up for that and certainly V. And what a great opportunity his chance to hang out and coach reveal Limbaugh on meet this guy's. He's one of the best. Maturity a couple times and he is as. Accommodating as you would think you would be that was one of the reasons that you know when you look at the spokesperson for our product. We looked at the Packers and we said who's the one guy that you can trust explicitly. And Jordy Nelson wasn't in that came up in we went after Jordy and we were fortunate enough talk. Sign an agreement with Jordy and to our web site majority says. There's a section in there were Jordan says why each holds whether attacked. While the eco canned go to whether dash TK dot com. He won those things that you guys talk about we've talked by returned to break his. You like to give people options options on. You know not only windows with doors and end what you guys offer people is is is different options and all different price ranges. Well that's correct Mike you know we start with the vinyl windows. And then we go up to the top into the wood windows spectrum. You know from a pricing standpoint we've got patio doors we've got entry doors and we have you know hundreds and hundreds of different. You know displays in our showroom. And you know ease that'll show you what your entry girl play with a glass colors and they class styles. There are. In infinite and annoy it can't be infinite because that's a possible but pretty darn close to infinite number of options that you have. When you buy a windows and doors. Yeah I think that's that's really important obviously in bingo you agree we should just go or shore on this for the school. We just go they're amazed physicals oral knuckled. You know when you look at her winner not to Skoda look at it and where he wants. To school and distrust meal like yeah I don't no doubt when how long you've been there. I've been with whether tech for one year but I have been in the window industry for over thirty years. So happy you actually coached longer than you've been in the window. Industry. I started coaching back in my college days at UW Stevens Point. Go pointers price and go foreigners. He guys are skewed to break. Other says the break we'll continue our conversation with mark how Ortiz and general manager retail division whether tech windows and doors go to their website weather desk teekay dot com and again. If you wanna Texas number guess how many yards ensuring else is gonna get on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. And you have a chance at twin autographed football from Jordy Nelson that phone number you need to text is 262. 613210361321. Or three this is a walking near home improvement show on sports Radio One 057 at found. The fans. You're listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. I'll welcome back to the mark Muriel we provincial wants portrait of 1057 F from the fans. I'm Mike we get relaxed said bingo immense creative construction Wisconsin. Our specs and studio guest worker cal works general manager retail division whether attacked the windows and doors. Good weather desk teekay dot com. For more information still wanna get in to try to win that tell autograph Jordy Nelson football. Here's that the the number you have to taxed. And guess how many yards she's gonna have on Sunday against the bears. If you guessed that never get close to get a chance to win this autographed football 2626132103. 6132103. Text to number that she thinks he's gonna have against the bears he really quickly. Wanna dig Tate to go through something that was right in US senate think it's really important for people there was that he beat up by windows. There's a ten step process and in I wanna go through these steps fairly quickly. You get your opinion that some of bump on number one his map out your Colson budget very important. Number two understand your options in key terms here's a word options again. When it comes to weather text I choose your windows style that's important for people who know prominent right yes it is. You know it's a double long window of up and down if it's a casement Wendell that you know crank solid if that's. Patio door you can do it either sliding patio door hinge patio door. And then your entry door. And that's one of the beauties over a thousand square foot showroom is as you can come in and you can get educated. If you're already not from the unit. You can get educated on. All the different styles products available. Step number force lecture materials and window brand step five consider energy savings and radiance. Step six so whacked or seep product samples firsthand. That's it you talked on their first a segment where he said look there are people are spending upwards of 20000 dollars and they're going online and order and windows. And they're in they're not give you see the product samples first name and we generally excel from right debt and invade your put himself in up to keep. The ice cold weather out a select features in excess trees that's the part that. Firfer guy like me there's too many options and I need guys like use here OK here's three what do you think and that's that we do I think. You know Mike is right down on that one you gotta kinda narrowed down on the you know talking to the customers you need to narrow down. To you know what will really work in their situation. We don't really have allegiances to anyone of the brands or the others it really comes down to what is best for the homeowner. You know for the style of their home and for 13 trying to. Attain. And everything else so we we definitely listened of the homeowner on the and then we kind of lead the way and show on the different options that work. Step number eight ask about warranty coverage and service. Step nine measuring an order in which is really important route marked about. You know installation. That that's part of that that's the key is that correct. That's correct we do have or Revere vacation team. That does promote. The sales consultants are. You know good enough that thing get close on the measurements but the order vacation prison and moan. You can look at the whole. You how old's the exterior. Do we need to cut Bush's back we need to. You know put. Latter all over a gold fence you know let's Alter we've had that situation clearly. Lot of different things that the order verification people there as a homeowner into not trying to measure when there's. Now he missed all. Where it's you heard the trust me there's two of us. Then have probably tried federal dollars order from Paris hits in his chest if our step number ten prepare for insulation. And in I think that that's really important. And eighty part of that is is how can you spot pour installation. And and Warners is pour operations the window or doors is poorly installed it's obvious effect. Is pour operation of water damage is to a area for duration is is three in appearances for. And in I think Ted wind windy. Again it's almost too late and you gotta then call somebody if you're trying to and so he's yourself for a few of some company that. That doesn't do a good job installing and bingo tarts on 90%. As for at a specialty and classrooms at these tournaments are you skip that little corner champ that the animals it's over. Yeah it's over so this is right on their website if you get a chance. A game code 20 weather desk teekay dot com take a look at its. And that in and find their direct replacement windows for your home is is really important. And again he's still got a chance is through today set up an appointment in get a chance said to possibly win that trip to Green Bay. He did it live Mariah to Green Bay get a chance it fitted to the exclusive inside the huddle TV show a taping with a mean agree with Jordy Nelson. The winner will go Monday November 20 Natalie really take you up through the bringing home or remarked that the Levy greenback if they wanna come home your 400 cup. If they wanna Kamal mode and I know bingo and our common hopes he can jump back in the limo with. With us he during the break we're talked a little bit about how important walking new areas and in you get some. Yeah and you certainly believe mark in in in the things that marquee near Dallas. Or definitely. I think with. The theory operations. And the people went along with the members you can always trust. You know that she's gonna get the good. Product you can get a good job they're gonna take care of things. And if they don't then they won't be a member of Mary for that long sought a result turned them over to bingo here we is being goes. On the board. You know Sunday view the president that'll organization we're. You still come and sit here threes right coast and you presenters that are available through this category yet we gotta we have to place some intro music played very pro. The ago. You guys have I know Mary's got some some. In election coming up and and and Tuesday and in this time of year. You and now we look at this spring show coming up in February. Budget leaders with the holidays itself there's not a ton of things. Through an area right now there's no fun reason I don't think co announced. Unleash under their Christmas Fund raisers coming up in first week in December okay the first thing. Ever fund raiser for that. And his entire marshals I like instruments and Ottawa text Allen who display as functional really only meet in real. Can be improved and better. Boy that that fall shows off because he you know why I had a good time mach I hung out their for three days and in the grows at the front office are always fun for me to hang out with a thing as memorable. And it did you don't want it kinda dead killed or shall I mean there is a buzz whoever is watching gave an ample people's salaries it. And well guess what it you if you're depressing Aaron Rodgers and dodges you can watch dirty Nelson still playing right and you can win an autographed ball. It's straighten how many yards you think he's getting this week and by the way of boys what's your number. I'm my mind's 54. That's an over to her right mind down fifteen my policies and is that is number eight because it is just like it could well what are the 5054. Is minorities Erica hill bussing up at. 2626132103. If you text that number how many RG three Jordy Nelson get this weekend. He chairs to and an autographed football. Strictly from Jordy Nelson in their samarra. Here's some other prizes if you guess the same number in your radon an innate pick somebody else's the grand prizes some most things that. That they're gonna do a Terri white weather desk he k.s worry got to go to sign up. To win neck cramp prizes while. Yet that that's correct we also have a weekly contests it's. Going on all season long and that will continue to the end of the year. We're giving away assigned mini helmets or footballs and jerseys. On a weekly basis just check of solid on our web site. Or on FaceBook. All the other social media things that I am that. You generally don't find there you go Wowwiki I'll figure it out and I'll let people know. McCain if you're looking to get sent a new windows wanna have maybe before the end of the year need to get it going right now. Call limit 2628754300. The last thing is we do have a promotion going on tool in. Since you're our kind of secondaries full I don't get mad at Mike doesn't commercials was dirty. We do have a promotion going on right now on its 50% off our installation. Costs on a project. Or. 48 months no interest financing. The ego camped that bigger is cute to see you so there so you're still a treasure and some icu you move up now. And again I'm within the first year and then what's. And we vice president true. He can be time force thanks remarks you'd see you. Could deceive might you bet this is the walking near more proof to show on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans.