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Saturday, November 25th
"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!

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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show. Are your heroes big time might may get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'll walk him into the walking near homer provincial watch sports pretty 1057 after the fans. Mike we your face for joining us my co host. Kind of special guests we got a lot of special guests that he's top made bill. Story know renovations Thomas Soria head or you might good how is your Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is good yeah yeah Thanksgiving is if you you know operate the you know the whole routine had a voice sort of dietary to a map and got up in Natick and asked a football games Ernie and anchored in our adding thank. They weren't that first who was pretty could go to and a half. So I had to take quick story at Thanksgiving. One of my favorite nieces. Lindsay action. She was in a beautiful Condo downtown and choose Harden about she's gonna remodel her bath tonight. Told it Brea talked about trends. 2018 transit sit I think Korea's. It she's like you're no Kris out if they said no I think it's what comes as you know me I don't know he had the stuff sometimes. And she's like no it's it's this is this test you seem to know will be about this and she says I do. And it's once you come and do the show it's me she said absolutely. Not. No chance and then I thought about it that called there yesterday morning nice of Lindsay actually. I've Tommy go common and who is just really fun and he's you'd really role of the list. I said one thing we've not talked about his remodeled in condos and can we actually have you comment. Then talk about it as a consumer some of the things that you what you do and she said yes and I was shocked when I get the Texas since she was in the parking lot and here she is Lindsay ashen than running Oreo. I'm at any happening based recombinant I really appreciate it. He let's talk if we TNN and time will get canary stuff later in the show Rossi can be joined later in the show by lady Alexi. Nice couple amigo girls are here. And they're excited one is very much rule follower one is like Anna maybe not so much and we'll talk to them later in the show and I look forward to that. He Lindsay. You bought the Condo went. About two years and when you bought a Condo did you know at that time that one day you would want to remodel the bath. Yes I knew I could live with that for a little that. Definitely wanted to remodel in the future and it would we talked on the phone yesterday I salute you watch these reality shows and you watching you should not step up. That's the channel that I watch nonstop. And I'm wondering if I ask Mary members all the time do you think that those shows are good for people who are modeling business or bad. Think good and bad just because it looks like it's done in about a day huh hit FCC coach. Consumers walk in goal why can I get this bad though for 4000 dollars and 24 hours like it did on the show. Alba but certainly you get a lot of ideas. Both good and bad from shows like that. Gee do you when you watch those shows say boy that would look great here. On and then and then put it aside did you taking notes and say OK now and I want to redo my kitchen and Orman a redo my bedroom. I can go back and look at some of the things that I saw. Yes so I'll watch the different shows and even you know look at pictures in to grammar contrast and take comes hiking come back later and get ideas. Italian aid facilities to win these young gal right got a beautiful Condo. It does this surprise you that this is like she is so in two wounded. With the with this. Com. Because she's going to do some of this in the future. Times have changed you can't quit his I would call you and ask you for your advice and ideas they come do you now with the idea. Right and you know it's kind of funny says his ten years ago we were doing this. I even though things were changing you know we'd have clients bring out like. Like actually three ring binders of all these pictures you know that gave them this is what we wanna deal. And now it's dollars in interest and HDTVs. This is so much since she can do even digitally you know where you get all these ideas he and now tuck them away and then when you're ready. I think that's the big greatest component of HGTV's the ideas. Again as dazzling views saying. You know from Ramallah is perspectives there are some unrealistic time lines unrealistic budgets. And it's it's different too because a lot of those com. Shows are are geared towards that market so. What's going on in California not my nappy going on here in Wisconsin guys same thing with pricing and everything else sell. And Lindsay. When you win you before you you word Libby nine year old does this stuff interest to. Yes I've been watching some TV for years now we're really so this kind of step if you could it. If you go back in time and changed careers you work at manpower. On would you would you is that something you wanna get into. I'm not but I like it as a hobby and I hope friends. You know designed their condos their apartments and you have now. He is it's it's too much information overwhelming. Is it an out chaser we re did her kitchen Tom knows this. And things are Roland is too we had to pick the hard work. I'm not kidding Lindsay I thought I was gonna end up in a home. There were so many options that it was too much for me. And it was overwhelming in and Terry was like let's just to try to pick five and assess how do you pick five there's four aisles of and it it was too much for me on the you can leave that doesn't happen with him. Not really I I can and Knoll my style. I lean more towards transitional or modern cell. I can and Noelle you know the direction I wanna go and but I can see how it can be very overwhelming. You we talked on the in our pre show meeting unite and one of the things I've learned from doing the show is. You're not thinking about resell at this point you're yeah I'd go this isn't going to be someplace you live the rest your wife. But I was to taught during the show that if you gonna stay where you're living for three years or more to it for you. Do it for your comfort to a how you want to seal look. You know all of that rather than the pre sale and then we got an aging in place for a minute. And dole wins he's quite chug doesn't think of that but if she's Tommy she's gonna redo her bath. Wouldn't it be Smart to at least have things in place so when she does reseller and if it's to an older couple she could say look this is already been done. Exactly yet no Emmy that's what we do any time we open walls up I mean we can't tell people even if you don't wanna do it now. Let's prepare for the future because you can't once halls are closed that there's no turning back then you're doing a full scale remodeling down so yes. You know we always prepare you don't even if that. Particular client isn't going to be aging in place any time soon like Lindsay you could still prepare for it. For the next person in Wednesday's first statement was that's I have an even that's not in my right train of thought on not forget about that at all but I think I don't think she realizes that nobody knows you can't see a teacher but it's is there. In different parts of the bastard of a person's bedroom. That once she's she decides to resell it. If it's an older couple she can say hey look this has already been done if you wanna take advantage of. Yeah and and as we were speaking before the show you know. With the aging in place fixtures now and there are a lot of cool things out there that don't look so you know I think when people think gauging in place they think institutionalized. And obviously cannot you know this is gonna look real bland and boring. And there's a lot of different plumbing fixtures. Accessories that you can pick out. That are aging in place fixtures but don't look anything like what you would consider aging in place. You know when I came I came in and do the prep for this warrant I was so hoping to see gray. Oh still hope to see when I have looked at trends 2018. Sort could let my little lease your know that. I am the home improvement guy and I was not right itself we are there words I was like may and I got to teller. We ate it in its funny because we read the same article and article that they're printed out. On for you there were gonna talk about it in the second and third segment but when you talk about some of the trends. And you're asked about transfer 2018. I'm Tom. It it gestured Wisconsin little bit later a lot of times who were looking at one from the Las Vegas show. That a woman went and walked in and or the Orlando showed she's Rick and they did she talked about. Look I love doing this and here are things that are you know Bjorn on. But she may be talking about how western rebate are mud down south correct. Up NN and that's an older talking embodies is I'd I'd seen some of these. Trends that might be for us now. But probably 23 years ago I shot some of the kitchen master it just takes awhile to get to the midwest it really does and is so Lindsay somebody like you that there's so much research. Would you be a trend setter you don't would you do when when you re doing your bath. Will you will you look at what's hot. Outlast her or different countries for that matter that that finally make their way here and not be afraid to go that's Rex and. And probably get one of the trends that was talked about is. A navy or darker colors coming back and it's not so much mutual's anymore cell. I would lean towards that may be bringing in. You know and navy or. Or even black. Vanity but an offside at west. You know white cords there are some of the white tiles. They're voting I'm getting fired right. Yeah once segment did Elvis and it lets get back to Lindsay has sued only resumed and so. It's how does that surprise you that. Again. For for me the neutral colors is it the it's always been that way and in the more I'm looking at some of the stuff narrowly with appliances. Armed but in past Eddie did there's so much to choose from now it's far is different colors. And how much she wanted to pop in and offset it was something a little bit wider maybe that seems to be. The way to go yet using multiple tones like she said it was a booze now we are seeing like who we've got two kitchens that we just had sound Wednesday ones actually doing like a cold still blue. Island which is kind of our it's just for me it's a color like while I team believe we're gonna do this but it's gonna look really cool. And then the tiles that she picked out she picked out some top. Cement tiles that have like a floral pattern and it really cool stuff so you know for me. At least it does song as you before it's like you know I. I usually get these projects wind weren't getting ready to stardom. So then I'll open up our project buying journal a look at her pictures and suffer on the like I don't know how this is gonna work but. That's what a designer does they pull these different trends and things together and then when we end had seen the finished product it's like while. This is really cool him Lindsay can you see that 81 of the things that I can't do if we're gonna just paint this wall and they put three colors and so which one do you want. I cannot envision what it's gonna look like until a stunt when Steve comes over paints a wall for us. Until that's literally completely done I can't see it can you visualize stuff. Pryor. A little bit and Steve did painting my aunt my entire Condo one of the colors we did end up changing now it's but. Most of the time that. You know I know the direction I wanna go and whether it's. More on the lighter colors using a different colored gray or maybe go lean a little bit darker in in my powder room bathroom. You do you take armed and Steve's really good if this were he takes colors from one room and moves it into the next room day you believe that as well. It Juneau senate so he would take like our our living room and then into the into the hall and into the bedroom. Everything kind of in fact in the paint it in the in the hallway is exact. Paint that he used on one wall in the bedroom and you couldn't see you you could not look at that say that's the same color because of what he has between it. And saw how it all just kind of flows she liked her too. I till I do I am in my my Condo I have the white in the main room and then different rate is but they're always in the same family. Don't there you go and hey let's so let's get to a break that's so bad right he did good. She was she did not want to come here I think you so much when TS in their for comment were gonna can see which is gives suspend the entire hour weather as. We're to talk more about trends in 2018. And out couple ideas that. Maybe I won't have maybe young lady Alexio have a pact at a couple of things that we will talk about this is the market near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You're listening to an airy home improvement show with the dynamite the giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. It was a good your questions at 4147991250. Oh welcome back to the market near home improvement show on sports pretty 1057 app from the fans I might be hero watch sacked Tom made bill. Order story you'll renovations go to story he'll renovations dot com. For more information you can give them a call 4148411694. And again I want to thank you for being a sponsor of our toward truck. Starts on Monday and looking at these these two young girls on the couch here. I don't support all of us you know reveres every everybody's been touch ritual response from the weekend. We can get kids toys when they have to stay there for a couple of days is the least we can do. So story oh renovations in typical fashion. Of the people over their give him back to the community they are sponsored this year's or drive. And don't think thump against time personally so I appreciate that you for thank you for extending the invite yet you bet are specially studio guest. Is Lindsay yesterday and she is my niece we talked on face giving about trends and she told me I was crazy she was right. And Maria talk more about try answer to minute but. A wanna read to a letter from. A woman that that responded to the article that we are going to going to hear a minute. And she says might in my home deathly needs an updated and searching the Internet for ideas your web series fill this greeted Diaz and info. While I want to update my ninth meet mid nineties home to mod and more modern design. I want something that will last more than a few years especially the big ticket items like floors cabinets. Can you give me some advice about which trends while color fall for faucets Finnish team. Flooring cabinets success do you think will last more than a few years trends aren't too trendy banks and the woman says look I. You know I appreciate this but you need to take into consideration remodeling to choose items that you love. For it's his. Mom loves mint green shell is has sometimes it's not. Not so much but it is so start here choose finishes. That are classic like chrome and never going to style I think the biggest whiners and that is choose items that you love. And you can't get caught up into. What's going to be hot in 20192020. Rather than what it's it's kind of trending now but I really like an animal like him through four years. Your your thought and then losing. I agree. You know some of the trends that we're going to be talking about it's brass is one of them with the hardware and fixed years. I would really like it and although it may be going now it's you know in a few years I probably would still like it in a few years sound. I think that's important did you pick what you want. You've almost like press writes yes yeah it is so it makes sense whether whether somebody out he says a look it's no longer hot. If you like hit stay with a look word. Steve came over again and and this is awhile ago when we still have these mere things in use like I hear rhythms. And he's right we do. It's you know I knew he we've lived in the same house and I've been with the same woman for thirty years or forty years or senators listen I know how many. It's been a wanna cut a half ahead here and we should probably get critic of the post but we have yet. Well you know what she didn't do lay you know like the items Edmonds he's talking about. There are certain items within the kitchen where you can swap those out in five years you know it's not sure. You know I think that things that you do need to look at maybe when you're doing up like a full scale pitcher mouth. You know the cabinet I would you know take careful consideration as goals are probably going to last season it is the time that the kitchens going to be there you know also. Picking out you know maybe a classic or simple bourse style. Picking out a color that you know might be. Especially on the perimeter we're doing a lot or on the perimeter people are kind of staying safe and then when we do an island into it almost becomes like a furniture piece where that's kind of like here awhile factor. On the you can also do you know the tiled there's different things you can do to put sure who spin on the kitchen. And angles things can be swapped out overtime vs you know some of the bigger ticket items where you win you you. Tweaked your kitchen a little bit with backs clash in smaller things. When it was. When it was done with zero while factor for you were were you happy with the. There was yes I I swapped out my axe slash am put in just send a nice. Wait subway tie gala with the dark. Broke ground in jail. And it it made. A huge difference it wet much better where am I deplore so you know the small things really do make an impact. You know we talked about this couple weeks to warn people were I said look if if people are gonna have either gonna host Christmas. Is there still time and we had on the netting over mother he said for full obviously for a full pitcher mound there isn't. But we do have time to do a couple of things. That won't make a different light dean. Which is huge. You know that's one part before asserted through the show was yeah I never took into consideration. It's a huge part of of of remodeling it did you you have good lighting in your kitchen. Ideal I am when I moved and I did a quick swap it's of these lights over the island and that made a difference even swapping out the light bulbs. Which is a really. Cost effective change that has made a big difference. In those are all things lakers are among those are things you can do you know you keep a fixture for five years if you don't like it in five years. And it's an easy thing to fix or swap out right in now. It the other part of a cavernous Lotta people are. And we get in near remembering that that is certain specialized color roping team on Todd with that and he said look I. You know I didn't know hole that we're gonna become the experts on this. But when people try to just paint them themselves. He precludes you shake your head Michael market this please don't. Really. You shouldn't do that you're every breed an expert to do that in and you know that would probably. You you'll be much happier. Dumb idea but that seems to be a trend that people are eighteen rather than re doing and taken out. Yeah you can do that in and it's really just comes down to costs and I think the only way I would paint cabinets is if the cabinets are actually a good happening you know you can always paint cabinets but it's the insides if you don't have the modern amenities you don't have the nice drawer slides. All that stuff has to be taken into consideration for Iran you know decide to paint his. The cabinets in your kitchen have all that did the slides and everything. Aid deal. You know if I was to redo the cabinets I would definitely go with a nicer quality these are more builder grade I can't. You know for the time being they they definitely more. He real quick before we get to break the first trend is granite is out. What do you think of that. To be honest with you we haven't done many crank kitchens in my last two years it seems like everything is courts we realize a lot of Camry a lot of different quite well you know and to be honest with you. It's kind of how grand it was you know and granite first came out you know at that time everyone was doing Korean. So grant was really expensive you know but then also never once they're doing granite wall that preys came down. I think quartz is kind of getting the same way where you know before it was thought at quartz is like. That's way too expensive but now there are so many people that are doing courts at that price has come down to where. People are just like outlets two quarts and you know courts as a man made product that you don't have to do a lot to you know crannies still have to Sealy is still have to be careful spills on it. With quartz that's a mean. I never tell anyone that there's something is indestructible as IDC if you take a hammer to a underground and out of her things are gonna happen. App and sure but in terms of that the Caron maintenance courts is is the best product out there. Jeff court I don't I grant you do and and so when you see crews out as the top trends for 2018. On some make you feel a. He well when I redid my bathroom I'll be going probably the courts route via. And you know. Quote granite still looks beautiful what I like about granite is is. You know and but now courts is starting to do it with grant that you get a lot of the natural waving an end in careening win it which is really nice the courts is certainly key embryo when they do they're quartz. I mean they really do some neat stuff with courts you know in for it being a man made product but. You know when you're when you're looking to you know when when you're looking to to swap Paula you know granite for courts. I tell people you really got to look at your candidates at that point you know because you don't wanna stick a really high and product and tenets that our were sickened and you know. What other than court sucre went what are some other options anything else hot right now well also there's there's a lot about recycled material that's very popular are also people are doing out concrete counter tops which is kind of in the raids have you done now to we have not thinning concrete cart paths so. We've actually started to do in the last couple kitchens. We've always on courts but now we're starting to like on the ends of violence or exceed and kitchen and we just sign on Wednesday the whole island is going to be out Wal-Mart butcher block which is really cool while on you need a little bit of maintenance there but at the end of the day it's. It's a really cool product how hard is it to find that. There's a couple different ever caters that we can get it through snow and actually and one of the guys what we did we did a walnut and cut butcher black and the end and an island. We had a candid chat here make and he actually took every piece along included together and it's just it's gorgeous. Gorgeous. We think that we do that be something that that would look good and in in your place. I like he'll look at that I'm probably not in my place because it is a little bit more modern young and industrial bank. No yeah. I'll let and you do it. It in their school applications is really what to put around it I guess right but to wait when you look at all this you envisioned an and in how long do you think you'll see in a Condo. Probably add another three to four year carries and then its sole. Can you imagine. You going for me it's a pretty large Condo pitcher end but then you go to a home. With an upstairs downstairs and all these jurors it see if you're gonna have a high profile and when you decide to do that. And and it might that maybe we'll get overwhelming kind of like the hardware did for me and that they're kitchens because you have so much to do. Rating on I always tell people especially new homeowners. You go one room at a time is you gonna do that Alison you know I do ten different things but it's it's really hard channel. Why I love that you know cheek she redid her bath her her kitchen a little bit now she's moving to the baton and it's been two years so she's she does take. Her time but. I I'm looking forward to see and appreciate take pictures of all that I thought well hey I'm so Lindsay Thanksgiving Day Earl snacks here. She's and she entertains very well you know what she I don't know. It if that many people but she entertains really well affect my brother John said. You should do a second show with turn talk about what a great entertainer that she is his first pre people into the home. Number two with three won't get to on the other side of road break brass has backed. In stone sinks he is in any of those yet. They went on to many in stones thanks now to tone cabinets and bleached have been shots. All trends that our knack hitting his three your home in 2002 PT I could tell maybe never five navy blue. I think does that say navy blue and gray I think that's what it says. He still trying to push. Craig. Like Craig but it's. Now is you know five years ago Jeff hall and the voters still do and some great things and like I said where where I think you were sorry to incorporate some of the bolder colors like I said in the island. You know even though appliances slate we hats we read someone by a bright red stole at some point you know it's kind of was just above the focal point it's it's their way to put it put some is. This article did you look at the pictures that we did because you read the same article. There was pictures of some some cabinets and then some appliances. That just the immediate US Telus of them Hopson. That really pops let's get to break it to celebrate hook into your conversation. It trust me in that last segment. We've got Laney Alexi sit there we're gonna talk to them about how their Thanksgiving wasn't talked to them about school make sure they're doing. Really well in school. The the girls the main pro girls are here we'll talk to come later in the show this is the market near home improvement show. Odds portrait of 1057 FM the fan. You're listening to an area home improvement show with big time might make giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. Welcome back to the more canary home improvement show once. Orchard you want a 57 FM the fan. I'm Mike leaguer Michael McGee purple pucks I'd buy co host he's given me archives and hand signals. He's Tom made golf story know renovations during your motivations that. Com. Here before give back to trans am in I've got a question to him for Lindsay accident who's our specialty in studio cat she is my niece. In days she's really well person the stuff don't think she is just really gets she's told aloha as for the bumper music. Cheers you know yeah I try to go all school and she's a little kids sit please don't play any say at least I'm Peggy and you did not play can sink. Hey what's going on over a more canary. Not much we just finish our elections so we had the elections last week Chris Wagner will be your new walking very present this coming year dresses exactly him now aren't you who comes in here a lot doesn't he used to okay the and you know I think down. That's so much he Borbon nice present you oh yeah here's treated with all kinds of respect which are going to be hard to commit to the yes we have that we have the WRA awards coming out January 12. And we'll just skip right or that you resign and that he Lindsay they asked me to look and see that one year. Biggest nightmare ever and we still guy still laugh at me about depends. And then now we have this spring home improvement show at state fair park that'll be February 15 through the eighteenth so. Rarity geared up for that not going to be an exciting show for a guy sturdy gear enough for that about a day after last chance they'll pretty much I love those shows. It used to be Lindsay people would come to those shows. And they were calm with meets a need this I needed new rough I need to get a furnace I need new windows. And now it's a gators might need less. Now let's talk about what I want and it's really exciting guys and in times business or really busy and I hope that we can continue to keep them busy. For a really long time quick question before you back to trance when you go choose somebody. A friend of yours or a queen says having an open house. Can you just walk and enjoy yourself for do you look run ago in your mind who I don't know if I would've done that in I don't know because guys in his business can't do it. Date The Hague Hulk and their like wild or where they think can I and that one does that happen to you. A little bets but that way I can offer in house suggestions that they want it. But usually I can just enjoy myself right. It's hard though. Is it could be that for me because I don't see any of that I dislike Kate. Jim little weak he's or what do you know what I asked her and I hobbies are and what you are we watching. But somebody who is into this and and watches the shows that you watch an asset to die for it. I think probably has a harder time and we kind of like me that the you know you can say boy I don't why would they have gone career I would they have gone with. With Sheikh carpeting isn't that kind of kind of old right you look at that little bet but. You know it's here point earlier you know if they alike yet and that's really all that matters. They're this you know pay let's get to afford five we can't to tone cabinets and bleached cabinets. On yet another huge trend were to tone cabinets and bleached what it. On the finally we're getting away from the all white transit. So if you're botch remodel the kitchen or bathroom avoid doing it in all white you'll immediately. Your house here's one of the shows that your ads that tie Terry watches. And she does everything in white. Is it did that they're from Waco Texas. And does everything every terror watch the show it everything isn't white. And so would you if she reads this and says look avoid. Doing everything you know all white she's Demeco no idea I do that and that's kind of the color right away. The two tone cabinets have you gotten a you've done some of that. I'm like I said. The order cabinets and on the island are different colors we've done stuff like that. I would say that we're seeing more. Trending towards some stain cabinetry mouse may be some Hickory some some more weight deet tails so to speak. And we're doing some smoke stains which is kind of like a real dark and espresso to espresso got more the browns impetus has more degrees and it. So where do mean and I know graze your favorites so I could. Yeah that's how this whole thing started and that's why chiefs are here as she points here admit that I was just. But I know I mean we're doing more stuff like that so on yeah. And seeing and explain bleached. Would to me. Well I think what a way they're kinda trying to get at is kind of like a weathered or washed looked in you can do that with some of the staining process so we've got some like weathered oaks that we do for our cabinetry that and it's just it it looks a little bit more. Distressed and not so much like off factory finished even though it is a factory finish right think that's what they're trying to dad. Yeah I these trends had to in this article are those that both poison I read. Colors are are are huge. And they talk about navy and he talked about pollute but that they say number six color blue blue was a top color of the show what color was indeed everywhere. Cabinets Fossett's appliances even six. Or anything but traditional and you're certainly see that now. Yeah we are like I said the appliances we've just started to do some different colored appliances. Which is I think is pretty cool to back splashes and it is really taken on a world of thereon and and we even talked at all not too much in the kitchen mandating more bathrooms as is the use a wallpaper. And some really really. This is not cheer cram as wallpaper it's not no now. So I'll mourn you reduce your bath do you have an already set in your mind which are going to do do you have an on paper yet. I did not have an on paper but I I give and take some pictures of designs that I do like. And what it says things we retired now earlier is is really the fixtures on the hardware. You know whether it's browser chrome I really like almost a black. Hardware. That seems to be one of the trans. Would you consider doing a colored sink or would you consider. Is is is your bathroom gonna be. More word or it pops her more is it could be more traditional colors. Probably more neutral colors that I would consider adding color. Maybe in some of the cabinetry. Or the vanity area does your bat have a bath tub and a shower. Right now it does have a combo shower eons. Top but there's there's a lot of unused space and that's why you know I would love to have someone command and home. Look at how I could break it up separately to have a Charlotte against. Here what's your feeling on that in in a Condo they condos are hard we talked about this in in during the pre show meeting because. He its he eased its not like you can gist. You'll bring twenty guys in and eight you're gonna be up and down the elevator Cordoba what four do you live on the on the fourth on the fourth floor fell damages you're still dealing. And as an elevator parking on depends how the the building was built to like so so with what Lindsey's talking Molly we did a similar. Bathroom at the landmark annaly well were on the nineteenth floor and then all the floors between the floors are obviously concrete. So you actually have to Boston's a concrete to do it's drainage for a shower. And which means you have to have a specialists come in and take X rays of the floor to see if there's any water pipes underneath the floors so that you don't hit him when you're during an analyst. It's it's a different animal there really is but on it did not say it can't be done it's just. It does cost more to do do work and kind of buildings especially around town. That doesn't surprise he knew that. Right kind of I figured it would be a little bit more passes at the time I am of bring me Allen and parking in logistics in 19 you know and she's in a relatively newer buildings so might not be as challenging you know sometimes. You know as as these buildings are put up there's a little more thought into okay what's the next act and I have to do here verses. In all building that's 3040 years old were they didn't you know this is it this is the four plan or put an end our involvement in off. The guy thirty years. On the road back in my day and that's that's exactly which it it would skid to outbreak at a separate will continue hopefully get a couple more turns to talk about. And then that money own league she guys today. To leave an element of relating Alexia from the last matters Jesus talked to the main vote girls and thanked him for common and they had a good time. Look at that the kiss studio in the Mitt studio in these are really nice. He would time Iowa say that I I wanna know what my kids relate when they couldn't smoke my Cologne. You know and I'm not around liked that the were on the building and indeed due to find two of these remain eyes and you bet this is the walk in your home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 app I'm a man. Train whom a big things. The book or music when he asked the meego girls lady Alexi. Says though the bad news but that's the name of the song is under registering threatening. You go I've I'm all about the music your leagues look at me and laugh and Tommy goes Mike Goss. Lindsay actually dent we targeted by trends she's having a bathroom done. Here the next in 2018 Jim a timeline by the way. And thinking on February march is now do you timed it's it talked to his people Gil why don't you considered investigating now. Enter and talking to guys like Q because that's. It is semi guys are 456. Months out and project oh yeah now on the later ones yet. Who would this be considered bigger one or small you don't really depends on what she wants to do you know when you're talking about taken. Shower over tub in converting into two separate spaces sometimes it and it takes a little more. So he's acceptable in the last two because I did the last minute or so renew its Arctic. Lady Alexi real quick. Of the last two and anger to worse. Or builder to graders are out if you want your home to stand out. With Tito start with amazing doors doors are very important. When when you talk about two hours in in somebody's house I think eight curb appeal and under doors first of all are huge but inside. On people are really going with with a lot of different doors at their seen on some of these shows that we've talked about. Gathers different there's there's a ton a different door styles out there there's different ways where you can actually install a door you know a lot of you can do the Byron door style doors that just slide inside pocket doors are really great for saving on space in small areas you know we do. Some of that stuff and I and a bathroom that might only be a five night bathroom where. You know once you swing the door into the bathroom you're taking half the bathroom now I can bring it to pockets or make in the match from seem a little later Jim many doors and your. Condo. I'd see you run specifically for the bathroom right now the vanity area is open to the vaginal. So with the re model I would want it and close at an I've been thinking about putting in more of a barn door sliding door. Chair her and I see. It I see that a lot. Mean an end I I loved the book comment by the way the other part on number eight subway tile is out we had that discussion because I know. You just did subway tile in your Condo. And and tell you jumped on that simple I'm a second piano so many different textures and colors and patterns and. Right exactly there's natural stone there's different sized house you know you don't have to do a three by six you can do for my sixteen. There's so many different ways to do it and and like Lindsay said two was with changing up to grow up making a little bolder and things like bad. Subway tile in my opinion is always going to be hand. These guys who I can't think you have Lindsay thank you I I really appreciate you come in and and and you did great and you and I know you were like while this went a lot quicker that tiger invited back any time because you have a really good guy. On this thing in and I appreciate. On the first public spending time with your. So thank you very much for common and well thank you for having me it was a great and you bet anytime that you have questions about this stuff now you know what to call right. Yeah. You've checked act out like that I heard about girls are gonna come out to the microphone Todd thanks a lot. Skewed to see you you've got to get to see you and I hope to see you next week at the at the toy drive again story know renovations one of the sponsors of this year's toy drive to benefit Children's Hospital. And I wanna think the guy's history million go to story you know renovations dot com. For more information or give them a call at 4148411694. So for the last 45 times that Tom has come on ice once featured here grows up wake them up. And three men and he said you know one of these times I'm gonna do it we're now joined by a weenie and Alexi. And they're big girls the main vote girls lady who picked that Saudi and Lex he liked the song lady take you for coming and a more crede UN. And where to go to school and out and Yahoo! are you good school good student. Yeah I'd be Alexi. And thank you for coming then what created UN and I'm married and would create what school you the same school I. Yet it's did you guys see each other than every day at school and I'm sure your hug and insane a low and that's so much nickel ladies like gasoline. A good do you exports. And really which would you like better. All. Of a bass while coaching past. Thank you very much cheaper IU sports you'll have yet would you play. That's it that. And the eight yeah act and. All kinds of stuff that's awesome you guys I had a good Thanksgiving you're excited for Christmas. I. Page you know what I eat your dad is is so good when he comes in here and and he's he's really good guy. He loves you guys nobody talks about July and how proud you just a few guys who thinks like it's so nice to meet Jim pace for prominent. Make sure that I remember to send those pictures. Our I don't send them to your dad and see you girls this is the walking area home improvement show hunt sports Radio One 057 FM the fan.