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Saturday, August 12th

"Big Time" Mike McGivern is joined each week by a member of Milwaukee NARI to discuss new and innovate ways to improve your home the right way!


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From gutters to the landscape for replacement windows to a full basement remodel and everything individually it's time for the Milwaukee married home improvement show. Oh here's your host big time might get on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. A walk of the walking area hold provincial wants sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we govern alongside my special guest today near the owners of the name reconstruction. Here a couple that owns this company. Yeah he's a he'd so I don't wanna tell my wife I think and it meet guys story just in to see you good to see you through diets I was a pleasure and Loria. Yes come will close to that microphone report close or just play and makes it easier community there Rico you're doing good. Oh yeah. He guys were gonna talk about a lot of different things today. And got the first thing I want to talk about is the walking area of home improvement show coming up on Friday October 13 fourteenth and fifteenth. When we asserted targeted by the seem like it was a really long way away now it's two months. And tying flies high school football starts next I know I care Corey you have. Well there's little Marquette hopefully Griffith yes sir I can't say is did I intend as I did curator pre show reading. We're Tom what's up and Alison factory and congratulate you guys here a minute. But tents and all little Marquette won there they took fourth in nation little more one. Nobody figured I'd say that to me without me ridiculous comment guys jaws get involved in in other home. Remodeling shows correct. And as a forum the after with the Mary in this fall when music is a good show today it's. It you really is on a show that I think a lot of people come out we talked about this in the past but. Never yours goes people walking through that show with needs. I need to get new windows during need to I need to update my bathroom I need and now it's okay need depth but you know what I really want. Is this and what's in this big change boy have things have changed over the last. 68 months man it's just been going cores in a good way you know I have well we asked in a very good lord keeping you guys businessman John King Kim and any kind of throw he's tired with fifty. I just say hi honey I honing its holiday men that's good right yeah it is. Three years ago win. It was totally different do you judge you think it it made you think that. What happened when when the bottom dropped out and and a lot of people were laid off those employees. We would we would. Wish them back at this point because it's really hard to find good people. Oh absolutely absolutely we hear. Struggling right now because we are growing we do need more help and looking for the right people the right fit for our companies and to know years ago they people and then we're sitting near tears and say okay here's what she needed needed hi includes patient. You valid driver's license do you take a drug test. He did this this this now it's like if you have a pulse. And your will lead to work hard you what show up shores a work work right let. One of the biggest requirements it's unbelievable how many people wanna job what they don't want to show often don't wanna work. And you were were actively looking for employees. Your role in. We need good people. Can I ask you need is it is it in each thing is it that. They look I grew up in a family and a house where it is early as five years old my father said. The worst word in the English language is lazy. Don't ever let them call you lazy I was fine I think it easy don't live right in your gravestone here lies a lazy man ranked. And I I don't understand so I don't really understand that concept of accepted a job in that not wanting to work. I. Know all that's the greatest question of I think if we can answer that millionaires so let's work. That the biggest thing is showing up for work and then when they get to work and we're remodeling companies that you have to work and right and it puts them back into Whitman. And so a lot of heat he said that some base. China eat should you and I had this conversation last time you're a true and I remember like it was just. We when I talked about my dad driving me in the car to buildings that he built. And you start a laughter he said marriage you know that's behind him he was so proud. He was soap and symbolic act a bill that. My crew built that house up on top of that building and we did this and that and they try to do another building downtown and point eight say though that went to. And it was like so it was a proud moment for him to show his son but this is what I've accomplished. And I don't know of kids if young adults now. Can have that same feeling like I I just pointed I think what their thing is I just wanna get paid. I just want I just wanna be owe some money in my pocket but I'm not sure I want to do the work to get the money. I think that might be part of it I mean just. And their kids a lot of them are young kids they don't know what they wanna do you'll whole environment they're like styles have changed dramatically. The older are still. Kids out there or young -- bush and Colin kids right you know we found though one of are new employees came on the AME TC evo program. Outstanding program. And greatest program this is something that Milwaukee Marion Barry. National is being more involved in in the workforce development because. Know a lot of the high schools are not teaching trade programs anymore. All of these have mid band for so many years gearing everybody to going to college. Which is not a bad thing but not everybody is suited for college ignored goes everybody wanna go to Collin Mike Rowe who who don't you don't. I enjoyed enlisted his podcast. And he had heard him to speak Tennessee's have looked guidance counselor high schools are taking the top 80%. Tap 80% insane you need to go to a four year college. Then taken the next five to 10% saying you need to go to to your go to junior college voter to your college and see how that goes. The next 5% you should probably go in the military. Right and then that bottom five sane think about the trades would Wear back in the day it was completely opposites I want to attack is a fresh. His my dad want a one of the big hear her voice to follow his footsteps did work out so while form but. Back then BP two I still see guys I hang out with guys that went to attack in and they knew that they wanted to be the trades. And and their father was encouraging them to go to trades this school was very encouraging. You go through your shop class you know first year you use exploratory. And you get eight weeks every shot and then you decide for yourself for your which where you're gonna tell. Sure they don't. They don't do that anymore or they may need to start some of the high schools have. Brought back programs which is a fantastic thing that we need help were coached fast while my agreed Amare Luther Head would shut. A mr. Wynn what does a great job. And now they've they've moved a couple of things down by the wood shop so they consider a metal shop is wall. So it's there there's started the started to open the doors but it. When we talk about this is your senior in high school. And you're good with her hands and you like to do this kind of work. In four years when your buddies have you know a 100000 dollar college note they have to pay wouldn't be buying your first. I'm most read it rain oil right absolutely not bad not bad and you know he get out a game. With our business you learn a lot of different tree is Natalie you know it is going to be you know swinging a hammer. I really it's clicking that trigger a book. I'm still having errors yeah yeah. Oh yeah to loft and what they have and you know you learn to write wiling how to mud trapped in and keep the skin holds and an entire island me to the tile work is done properly. There's so much more attended just you know we motherly. We had accompanying your few weeks going and they day they tell their plays look if if you have interest in become an electrician or carpenter or plumber. Columbia labor with a us for six spots show up every day. Work. And after six months will start to train new into that field where it will give you ever yell wolf pay for the schooling you need will do this business. So we can pick I sustain for the six months. That's very is there it is orchestrating it is go to Naimi construction if your listeners you think man this be comforted like to work for. I Naimi constructions and EH MEY construction dot com or give them a call at 414761. 101. 7618101. So let's talk Marquette hired for a minute I had EI congratulations. Thank you so you know what what a great accomplish tree you now you coached the trade that trap shooting. I am one of the Cohen is on this trip and shooting team and we just don't shoot trapped there are three disciplines that we shoot we shoot trapped. We shoot sporting plays and we shoot skeet what's the difference between skeet and trap. On ski you mover around the field the birds come out at from the same high low high house in the low house. And they fly the same way every time wars trapped. You're standing in front of the trap policy in the machine inside to trap pals changes the direction. That the bird flies cells or you don't know warts come and every time. On where you shoot in trade market Cairo took fourth in the nation yes sir we weren't built Columbus little Marquez I bet you tracking actually. You're never gonna go. Whenever general Mark Warner I order for his little market I nothing but they took fourth in the country that is current and how many she how many shooters were there I don't remember the exact number it was around fourth files in high school shooters. All 34 states were represented. From all over the country I saw license cleats from Maine. Dog team that won the higher overall the national champions were from Texas. You all and I would have guessed that I would've I don't know why but out of gas that. That that's awesome force in the cut was there any was your other Wisconsin teams there are yes there was dog team that took second place those central falcons are arch nemesis we bring the fight with Dole's guy he's back the bracket they were our state champions were they fraud their from Wisconsin near Sullivan Wisconsin right on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois okay. A law like it was dose is central examines graduate you know an old soul I mean we've been going after Israel's guys back and forth and they have some fantastic shoot so Wisconsin team's attitude to the top four spots yes and that's talks. Well you what you enjoy coach and I like lover knew what you thought his career in coaching anything is just fantastic to watch these stories. Develop and comb all through the ranks in watched their. Whatever sport it is watched them improve. And mature and become lawyer. Seventy yet it. That part of it I love watching how a kid. Who either way he's a freshman and then how we matures to be a sophomore but then once she gets to his junior year. And senior and he searched taken ownership in the program. And he watches his kids a year older how they lead and and and there that you know captains and and this is the way we do things here at whatever school as. I enjoy watching that press that saint Marc and again and quite a F Martin Luther held by the or mass. It could all of us for our. He doesn't want anywhere you watched the captains in the teammates and how would you take control of that and they lead by example hate these kids all get along and that team or F yeah most part I mean there's. We took seventeen boys down there and and we there were some interactions but there were normally I'll rob. Your walls wanted to things that was so amazing. 4000. Students. Or shooters. At this complex and is complex is huge is is just phenomenal how largest sting is. There are hard golf carts in buggies sit around. Up and down the roles which shotguns under some of these shotguns or 568000. Dollars they're just sit on the carts. Nobody's messing with them and it's very left unattended. -- there were no problems there was no flights since so the problem. I'm not gonna go political idea put so all those guns. And nobody got shot there is no no no accidents no no problems so the gun never just jumped off the car answers she. We watched him for a short while Israel and doesn't do that all this there's you know that's awesome well congratulations thank you Jena coaching gets in your blood it's hard to get it out it is when I mean watching these guys develop and do. What they do indeed you don't quite frankly. There are elaborate issues that I have ever been or ever will be in Phnom we got to get through break you know how I talked about yet he never view lazy. All that grown up my first job when I was twelve was in that box. Or really low mom vote no on the first day went down at the Lakefront first they weren't really kind of wild you know it was a very slow pace. Try to cut the box open that'd put the clay pigeon on that arm that when like this. I'd go back to second gainers turn. It and it was bull pole pole. But halfway through there's a white flag and waved it I jumped down and ran home after the call by Teddy said your son leftists in the middle of its current event for got a hole leaders met. It was too hard from us twelve and you know I couldn't keep up these guys if who's just a normal these guys practice round right easy. But turning that they've ratcheted up the wolves that were. We had problems with some low score keepers because the Boris were going so fast. She couldn't keep up with them and got so Lewis scores wrong. Because they get in a rhythm right I mean they are doing this and their like machines. Or us on this unbelievable watching law. Congratulations. To you in the voice from a little market price quality health shoppers. Guys let's get your break I was set to break review we continue our conversation where you talk about dame retire but the process. Would somebody calls for 147618101. Naimi construction let's talk about the process and later robbery to talk Wilbon but kitchen. Were miles I've got two questions for you. On nights of people around here that ask me to ask you a cortex a cabinets you off for things like that will get to that on the other side. This is the market near home improvement show. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. You are listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and make 1057 FM the fan dot com. I'll welcome back to the more Kyrie went provincial once for tree 1057 F from the fan. I might figure wants cited John and Diane namely orders and maybe construction and ask Greg to open a perform like if we can't. Any questions regarding any home improvement. Job it's sure looking to do. Have done. John there really isn't you we can go inside outside whatever whatever I can talk about anything I 7991254147991250. If you wanna ask John name B or Diane. By any questions is the woman's perspective on remodeling. In fact my question nephew died somebody gives you call it tough for 14761. 81018101. Are you guys located the in Oak Creek somebody cause you says they have got some. One of redo my kitchen can we talk about that process that so once people call in what they're gonna go through. Shirt. Once they calls IE either if I'm talking memory we can't match these these are some message sometimes are now is an office. But I'll call you back in set up an appointment for Janet's mound talked to about what you want done. Well in a separate for says sir so the all you guys are the owner of knee reconstruction yes somebody calls and AC John. Yes awesome and I come out and talk to them about their project wants somebody signs of the student tickets and some numbers because we realized people. Have to work Internet necessarily. At home when you know and they have questions so they know they always have technical too I like that a lot in and eat you know the U that sets you apart a little bit from some other companies. Where if you call in they'll send it. You know the first line in two COK what's your budget now let me go back and get somebody shows who then goes and gets her man. Should they call you guys and you said appointment and Jack comes out to see. And Zhang consultant and talks to you in print so wait are you reliant. And then he'll come back in Qaeda proposal put together. And will then once he gets set to an annual call beckoned setup another appointment. I'm Holler proposals are. Our itemize so you know exactly line byline what you're paying for how much demo is how much you know. Plugging in the sink how much you know tile work. And saw a typical kitchen estimates probably four pages. Three or four pages long you just breaks everything down line by line by song so rather than insane a one line this is your kitchen. You're you can choose who crushed 20000 dollars right you say okay here's word starts. How do you how early guys to talk about the budget we've had this conversation. But because it changes from company to company I almost wanna keep bringing it up he's I think it's really important when it when I started doing the show. I was more of a consumer. Like as just the guy that would call you guys and I wanna know when that was. And not have done the show for one time I understand the importance of making sure that the reason on the same page with that so one point you guys ask for with a budget this. Well I didn't talk to customers. Right off the bat. Along to be honest you'll sometimes customers are very underrated as far as their budget. You know all a lot of people or lol like your -- 8000 dollars I mean depending on these sites in your kitchen might be low. My Cuba or there a line and we I want a full pitcher remodel I know that that's all right but if I want some tweaks done. Sure it really depends on what they want to. But John hold on I saw this on one of those reality TV shows that he's here my whole house done for 20000 are you here well I thought because you're don't have home teeple sponsored about the stuff. Paul and me we've reached side you have zero deny reality and Yahoo! reality show all we have to do skewed Johnson admitted his mid am middle they would be Home Depot ready John. A home deeply now we don't I don't do that well fiscal Clifford bumper there as you out LL. That's step we prefer to do that okay sewed so that John goes out. Talk show and gets kind of what what their idea on a budget that the thought process and what they want done. Comes back in and you fill out then. Well I haven't had DR itemized estimate that I come backwards and we sit down and we go line borderline borderline. Especially if after talking to them initially. There are a lot of lot of people know what this is going to cost a lot of people. Have an idea a lot of people won't tell you what their budget is great off the bat. You know in its. It's a whole goal a little dream but that's not really gained a little dance is it is you know hole and I'm not at all afraid of that are opposed to that you know my numbers are what my numbers are in their knock on the change a lot of that bottom line Amal is going to be based on what the homeowners slacks. And then once he once the co agreed to it say OK you don't want lets out. Ready to go with this how how far out are you now if somebody needed. If somebody needed some work done in their kitchen before Christmas. And be rough it'd be very is depending on what they need him again if they needed back splash and a new war may be right but not a full remodel yeah. Hopefully Matta where we're until January. But it's you know it's it depends sometimes we'd like village actually just have expressed so that. The customer and would Knoll. Upfront it. We may be able to we mean that we're neck and guarantee that the price in on who we can't we don't know how the other jobs or and in goal. We have a pretty good fulltime but sometimes things skits in your opening up how do you think you ever have a jobs it's you don't get surprised by something. But very early right now so I was. And I tell customers if you can tell me what's inside that wall I gave you really drew us to. Yeah how many people of answers that do not human tendency to always. I have a little camera and you'll that I bring out when we're going through the final stages of the design and well actually drill some holes in the softer it's to see what's open the softer it's in. School Opel mild and look and there are so that we aren't some priorities in. Every now and then soon after doing that you've poured down and you go why didn't see that area hole. It's just part of the business it's it's prescient because as we we talked to that first segment years ago. If you had if you're gonna host Thanksgiving. You can baby make the call non get this thing done and because of the lack of of being able find good quality employees. People are out longer and longer now it's creek it McCorkle word that a new middle of August if you're hosting Christmas. And you want a full kitchen remodel. Probably it's going to be very difficult to get it done now there's there's ways to get it done I'm sure but if you want equality Neary. Right. Well I I tell people kneel before balk and a little bit at that lead time. You know to go through the whole process is going to take several months before you do vote design dialed in. Before you have all your products selected and as a consumer. If you fly to contractors that sizzle lawyer I can start. No next month or six weeks from now or moral area you have to ask yourself why is he narrative swamped as everybody else. You all the quality real mom orders that I know you've been involved with Mary sitting around aborted directors I talked to a all my competition in world Joost jammed which is a great problem to have for our sport not a for consumer wants it done tomorrow. You find that a humvee you're you're in a position now which in turn work away. If it's not the right fit if you're asking for. You know the Taj Mahal but the only have a you know I'd have a budget the way I would have a budget easy you have to turn some some things are aware right. Rome yes and no I mean if you're willing to wait. I take small jobs you all come out to your house simple fraud or. Actually forgot what the guys did on note Tuesday they went out to all homeowner that's all we do is put to front door and change often you'll bring new front door. So that's who you talked about you Kelly those filler filler Gary you're going to firm firm point eight appoint. PN and in between there's something that you can stopping him a couple of guys spree. Pull him out there and get it done. And how many how many when you say guys. How many jobs you have going at one time. If you tell a stroller right. The fact that so we have a board and it's but. Sometimes it could be 2342 outs and a timing what did it. Rate now where we're at a whole house Matta with an addition so. Then his chest and that takes all our time you bet and we're words allocated. As. Right down the road and and in hails corners aren't injured too and ever and its hustle area but no I mean typically I mean we have to cruiser that we run. You also all ideally two jobs at one time although we may sneak him. Affront or job a little job you know freedom lol lol in the action in 04. If we're doing all of a bathroom remodel and we're waiting on the plumber and electrician to do its fair share. A pull guys off and let him go put a front door in the title Barack's. Last question for you to break when you book a job John you the project coordinator. Item you are I am I boy I'll tell you those. Yeah you have to be really on disciplined and organized I think had to do that job that I've seen it firsthand. I would not be you could project coordinator just you know he's you wonder. Horrible Patrick Toomey balls up in the learned you like. You know what actually sometimes shut down that went to what stuff was going on them like he yet so good for you VO do well. I mean after being in business for over forty years you you get pretty good at juggling all the balls in. You know coordinating everything and I'm not too lonely guy did those I mean might might project managers might guys out in the field there sure on the job site. Are just fantastic as far as coordinate meant in assisting me in coordination and everything in making these jobs drug really smooth really. Porn to communicate with the clients. That's communicate at OK word we're reassert his shop in ten days or search this job and in four days make sure you're ready fours. And and throughout the job it's up for an I'm gonna ask you couple questions regarding that that I have soup kitchen questions are promised. Ted to the people here are come that I will get to. On the other side of the break for TARP when John and Diane Naimi. Here's the owners of Naimi construction. There website gets really could. Tonight's new website looks great by the way name reconstruction dot com and get some good pictures for a gallery. If you wanna get in contact with him. Via their there was so you can do that or you can give them call at 7618101. This is the marking your home improvement show. I'd sports Radio One 057 at found the fans. You are listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I was what your question at 4147991250. Oh welcome back to more near home improvement show on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we herein having fun in studio Regina Diane Naimi. Talk in wildlife. If you get softer the wild Turkey let's say there was actually we were driving by coaches. Knowing we look here's what while this place is packed. You know we should come here for a fish trying and a thing was staying in Indian middle thirteenth avenue. It is still an employer is paying traffic stopped coming the other way or more like oh my god you all and it Jan eat you know really if you're coming from practice you probably had so that in your courage did I error that. Maybe construction dot com is their website. Give them call their located in Oak Creek 4147618101. You'll talk to Diane and only seven appointment John I'll come see. I love that in my keep saying that Stuart is right I like it hey aren't we talked a little bit about the communication part of this. Indeed no when you guys as well as I do that part of this whole process really important you. Absolutely. Absolutely where things we do teller customers. Are at the sole express east high. Talked to a bunch of act actors here. And keep tunnels neck and stricter and feel comfortable don't hire somebody that you don't know who you're gonna talk to in the next app. Right now it's down all the will be with us and you know and I'm there to play. It's the majority Tannen. You know get to know make sure you can tie to that person's say you know I really don't like this climate change. Do you see in this is going off to the rose Wilbert do you see. Your kids get involved in this. Are tighter yes ev do salute late. Her son that some missing out. It meant so much notes she put John it would you're right in in high school advice did you this is thirty years on the road this would you be doing. You would've said actually not. Probably. I mean my grand followers. Was a carpenter. You know or and I have always had missing four award in building things. I remembered gold's so long we're gonna grew up in Ohio. What my father and we weren't there and he had a bleacher cause loss as they were may consultant for somebody and I'm like. While look at debt big pile of wood bury guys run in this sauces like you. Help yourself you all might follow looked at me and he says. You know it. You can take as much as you can carry and one arm load and I loaded up Marv zoom you old through definite talker and a car when Norman built something. He still says that we pass a pile of net looks like it though Erica. Hate getting to kick you your daughter though lake says absolutely she set the tile in our bathroom sitting and adds seamlessly. I'd say four really. C loves it she's wants to be an engineer sold at or in the sense perfect yet up this year having an eye for design as well do you think yes. Yeah two sources yes very yards this year to stay. She likes her balance her which we teaser it's it's level and channels it did my answer I need to bail answer. But yes so she's. It's lit or her name is Liz I Lewis. Yeah that's awesome hey win now and let's talk a little bit about some to some questions that I got from people here. What what happens is. They start here in the promo and they heard you guys are coming then and it was what do they do you and it's what you need him to do. While I have this or have that so a couple of quick kitchen questions for you. Like Mike it before we get started while I need him to do is call 761810. Long. I don't know Yasser all of the core base income author Mickey out of that I'm an expert I don't who'd ask IZX. There are put the they use meeting gets few years ago. Are a couple of quick questions like which is an is out of Dayton way too small. But I'm convinced to remodel is is but I'm not convinced to remodel a four miles worth the money when I have so many things in my house defects. Do you have any suggestions. Of this force and I think he's gonna be it in her house probably another year in that think she's going to then move. Seoul. If if she's looking for the past. Think to do. Under resell I think Kitchener path is the way to go and that's what I told her but she says ask this guy in. Now Pena. You are current the two main things that people look at or male looking at. Purchasing or selling a home or in the kitchens and a bath. Those are the two rooms are you use every day you bet your roll off for her standpoint. New role. It's probably not a good idea of dog got a kitchen and started over you know she probably goes one missing thirty or 50000 dollars into a full. Long kitchen auriemma right now we can come in their depending on what she has you know we've done a lot of projects where we go were in. Paint the cab and it's put new hardware on there new countertop new tile back splash give a warm over. Major likens William ball makes it look like only kitchen exactly lighting really important well asks of you under cabinet lights a few recess cans phone. Nicole new kitchen another question. What type a kitchen counter tops do you guys were adamant. Recommend. Or won't use I mean. If it was a customer walks is ray we rectum really is courts still. Courses I mean all the stolen products or aren't in I mean right doctor that's probably the number one thing that we install. Sports is scorched or install granite and mean there's a lot of different. Products out there in the stolen lying courts is just one style of of stolen color so. Easiest what you what you think you work the most with the stone yes and in his style. It difficult for you to work with that it's it's not right I mean it's in all I call my forever cater and he Kamal Lehman measuring donuts. Remedies so all I just hope you'll forget I met my guys come to meet with these question asked. But I kind of that I thought I use so would salaries can you call your fabric yeah okay. We're getting the same guy John but it is here you go let's check to operate at a separate. One of the questions I have is how long does it kitchen renovation project in two complete. I think there's a lot of variables that depth that's one of the questions I was asked a little longer than what you see on TV will give into and then after the bridge kicking in 24 hours. Viera John and Diane Naimi owners of navy construction. Code name reconstruction that comets and EH ME wide construction dot com or is Johnson did you call him. 41476181017618101. This is the market near home improvement show. That's for treaty 1057 FM the fan. You are listening to an area home improvement show with dynamite they giver and only on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Your question to lie and made 1057 FM the fan dot com. A welcome back to the walking area homer provincial wants portrait of 1057 FM the fan. Mike we your alongside my two guess Jon and Diane Naimi. Owners of navy construction. Any HM EY name be construction dot com for more information. So we have talked. Some of these questions and and I knew that this was the question I didn't think he we cute actually answer but how long does it kitchen renovation project. Take to complete. There with a word renovation so it's not a full. Amir renovations more what she talked about right or a face. Well yes annoying me a face lift depending on what you wanna do lose mural may be your week. Oh you're all full blown Gupta kitchen down to those studs and started over. New cabinets new flooring new counter tops the whole nine yards I mean you look at their probably. Five to six weeks from start to finish and we were Dayton for a while we are and lets you know that goes back to what Diane said earlier. You have to be comfortable with whose common in your home. On because if you aren't comfortable or more talk and at first meeting. Or if you're audio calls celebration not comfortable than when there's a problem or questioning your home. You're not going to be comfortable about discussing that or if you wanna change something you're not gonna feel comfortable with. That's one of the reasons that that that home remodeling shows how important the nary a homer Rollins showed state fair park. October 13 fourteenth and fifteenth you can walk through that show and come to your Booth and spent fifteen minutes with you guys. And understand. Yet this is that this is a company our work with and you said look it's important to walk around. And salute walk around shake hands talked to some people. And you can have pretty good feel most people have a good gut about looking. In days if I this guy's going to be and his crews you know you mouse for five to six weeks and make sure that I'm comfortable with exactly and resolutely and. And in the five to six weeks as well were in the house and missile mites before that equity rates point you know just to pick out. You know your fixtures in your account it's happened what nick name and you know that is just doing the work so. Pete and I want people think it's only be five or six weeks now there's there's like make up by six week week tank. Just for cabinets to come again. You know speaking of that I had a question on this sheet now was in the Tate go to Oprah cute and it's heated up what types of cabinets. Do you recommend and kitchen remodeling project. The best one that the homeowner can afford. And it's not clear bush you know unless there are. A lot of different price points in their goals back to a new war we talked about earlier as far as budget you know if you have. 28000 dollars to spend on your kitchen will look at one liner cabinet if you have 80000 dollars will look at a different line or custom cabinet. It's chatty when somebody's trying to mom cut some of the cost if if let's say they have 40000. And what they way the overall project on what they wanted was 50000. Is cabinets a place that you recommend that you can come down to earth or where is your certain places. In the kitchen that you could say is somebody he looked. You're looking at the top of the line here let's step back with that Warner to notch isn't and we can save for 5000 dollars right there. Yes I mean there are different products. You know it's like everything else and I mean I talk to customers all the time and related to goal not buying a car. You know where's all the little you go. Rex doesn't even exist anymore in there's a Rolls Royce in in between their there's a lot of great products out there via your wits ought to point talked about counter tops before and there's a wide range of prices. For counter tops and that's one area that you couldn't cut several thousand dollars off your bottom line. This was the last question in this was kinda made me laugh. And in this girls who can you just test this. Should I select by appliances first and then call you guys or sugar high I. And I said wouldn't you want to Knoll I think you should wait and have that part of the whole project which is simply thirst. There's this a refrigerator stove combination that really want. And that's a ball than that should be the starting point and then you can move were there race so it's okay if she selects those first and then they go from there. Sure we can designed to kitchen around goals appliances. Morally we designed to kitchen around the lay out mobile home or what works best but. We can make it work either way. Kind of story touched off I don't know it is real quick Atlantic City. In the budget wise. Naimi constructs in our estimates are itemize so being a woman. I can pick and choose and say o.'s deal Latin and Smart nights are here but I want a better cabinet so I'll take you there. That's beautiful maybe construction dot com well well done get that in. I think Shirley Souza is a walking near home improvement show on sports pretty 1057 FM the fan.