Pastor Chad Johnson Chaplin for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Faith in the Zone
Sunday, October 29th
10/29/17: Faith in the Zone with Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner joined by Pittsburgh Steelers Chaplin Chad Johnson.

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Welcome defeat in the zone show not sports and face and held it to come together and widescreen touch. Right now discover how people once boards walking face. But host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill you learn. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. And one of them defeat in the zone on sports for you wanna find seven happened and I might be given a Weiss and Michael sees that this week. I cut it for me it's pretty fast. I was so bad the week before someone as they go how has brought canceling ominous terrible I was terrible accidents never good when your own asleep during the break and a half a few newscaster can tell there. For Brooke's side Baptist Church he only got suspended for one week. Equipment that next time and it's a month I'm telling you can just them on injured reserve and that he's gonna do you know a lot to be back in my school days my chances and then did that kind. I got cut because that brought you back yeah. Maybe a move to do GB did podcasters. The first set that we got today and I'm glad to be back with you. Well I'm excited about today's guest. You know took it took me a little bit to get him but I've done a lot of research and this is a guy is doing great work he really years and and I don't think he sleeps much I can't tell you I really don't he's catcher Chad Johnson he's the team chaplain. For the Pittsburgh Steelers the Los Angeles Dodgers and he's the founder of elevate international dot org. And as we talk to pass to Chad Johnson a couple of ways to look at the information and look up by some of the stuff that he's doing. How one is a website Chad M Johnson dot com it's one more Chad M Johnson dot com or elevated international dot org. One word again elevate international dot org. I'll pass to Chad thank you so much perfume it's your time are you doing today. I'm doing great gentlemen thanks for every job. Eight and also he's a pastor to. Once he's ahead he's as he got a busy man color output yelled out yeah the only player Richard softball team and a by accident because that's the gun. I got her random numbers no. Oh you till we are too busy but look at this guy and he's in Los Angeles he's in Pittsburg he's important tip pastor Jim do you located in Phoenix. Yeah right now I'm here of course Orton. What a lot and that started during spring training which is this one of the most fun times of the year of course. But what we're not a delicate at peace there are out right now for the. Louise at thirteen inches of snow a instead you're about to get cut should not have to talk about it I'm Obama to put the match you're going to benefit. And I still still no pay and net that two mikes so Mike's been a coach for like 35 years I did so it was just an example his coaching witnesses coaching style coming he is Debra glad you are now I'd rather. I still have a vice no forward for two days I don't want to talk about cash it was it was bad debts of the economic slowdown there. It would hopefully you know bring NN hides is like Tennessee it's just kept snow and chatted up in media wouldn't stop I'd you know I'd look outside it's just slowed down Wilbon I'd go get a glass of milk look again it was like a blizzard. Man I'm telling you like it good for you got a good for a York. Good for sheer what a bush should be happy with the whether they win when you're down his spring training with the Dodgers to get a chance. Tick tick tock to these guys is it is it easier. On atmosphere for you to do which you which are looking to accomplish. Yeah I looked through training. It's it's such a great time because obviously you know for baseball players. They're all over throughout the throughout the year hundred machine near never in the city. More than you know for a cyber agency and so on you know per return they're here referrals. 67 straight weeks. And that is really good because they're interrupting me you know court reporter receive an out of my fifteenth and in the NFL Kuerten in the my nine urban. Major League Baseball and so. You know there's quite. You know big differences. It's pretty big contrast and do sports but. But simply a spring training no ripe for everybody really excited you know start and is seen in a new day. The guys that are you know are receptive and early rates. Do whatever they need to get to this dubious group making up thirty year so it's a great. So how are the Dodgers looking for this year. Well at every year the last probably 67 year court against carpet but. You know but let's go to World Series B yeah search we can't quit Butler. And I think is more the same this year you know. The great confidence. I think Robert is an awesome awesome its burden is to current. Either and so a lot of European Union court. Not to mention this sorry Ian but they're on the silent in the blue skies felt. Yeah house and know you're there. Yeah you know we've had AJ Ellis on before you know he cut off Dodgers for a for many years my Keno or not there yet yank him is he's the only Major League Baseball player that comes north for the winner Connecticut notre merited grow from here indecent act and look. I lover but I gotta I gotta come north for the winner doesn't make a whole lot of sense but I do and I have to do and he actually came its sentenced studio with us. For an hour just a really good man Walken were the other. I know that I wrote an article that when he got traded from the Dodgers she was sad that he. You know he's pretty good friends with though with the woods that's starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw on their pretty good friends and and he says he's gonna miss that whole organization. And he went on to see what a class act from the top to the bottom the Dodgers are. Yeah when Murray is specifically he was. It was such a cool thing as a chaplain at the current B you know that our watches is growth and process development. You know out with a straight years and so are the chances you know bureaucratic. Go through that apple I'm on the bubble you know or for the farm quote about that it ultimately. Backed down and back. Early in and get established over the last you know classic yours has been off so that it could happen to burger. Yeah Chad he has one of the greatest stories that I've I've recount of the several times a phases down that. They were planned non the giants and Buster Posey came up to the plate. And he said buster you know has a great love for the lord you said Clayton as tension and he said buster stepped in the box and he's that I just say what you think about that study today in Romans will announce some. And Russert said yeah down as that is great and he could inning as chase said that. He really went by and so he's tonight I just said what about what what what what are your thoughts there on Roman seventh. Annie said AJ stepped how to box. And like Jimmy say hi AJ out talk our talk Romans with in a little bit there right now mirrored face one of the best Major League pitchers and you know. Period amen and yeah she thinks that I I bundled then get ready. Yeah I send us your. Say what you are about moments that are the problem. Could hit exactly jet that's how Christians talk smack create a happy how I. I'm talking smack hit and let's talk room seven graduates on seven outs on seven hits you there that's awesome hey can we talk a little bit about about your upbringing where you were born and raised in and a little bit about cell where he went to school stuff like that. Yeah absolutely. A lot. I came up electricity. Knock him out. You know Leave It to Beaver type moment. This incredible all American family you know smaller open meltdown and how stopped with Colorado calls. Now named Dolores. And the lower Colorado River run and threw it into a lake that's right on the right on the late in the so beautiful beautiful place to be very you know we had bike trails yet. It'll I'm a woman. Removable there and it's debatable during. Ahmad stammering. I'm dead and Obama notes. Older brother you are sister and so. Growing up in Colorado who's. Really amazing when our relationship and the relationship and or anyplace. My. Grandparents both sets of representatives. Have been in my outlook of our house in. So we just shadow wonderful family are thirteen years old. I never referenced by ever. You know except my that was Mike coats and everything by. My mother who is incredible mob. It seem like rendering problems then went searching your coworkers and or yeah. The red China got pulled out from our life you know our hands out within six months. Like really good to acute stern throughout our debt. Didn't have any work turn. Wood or a family of faith are fairly low. But it would blow but it never really happening eight background you know. We would celebrate Christmas and Easter and out about it there was Ukraine in the house there in time though. The vote in preamble Bible now Gregory Craig the other was. Just you know a lot of low but it's. Well we're in life it's we didn't have anywhere Atlanta so. My mother. Ended up moving. Less than a year later down to southern New Mexico Metalico ordered an excellent mom works. And what she does help education. And prevention or. The native tribes. All are. Down there and try this court ordered that got trapped on the air so. Album mumble under a mile so I. It is some legal problems. Well. Tree turned to the bars she turned out all the intern. Who throughout life and development and months and so you can imagine. Are you royalties. And I had to beat me refer them Ringo it's turn into adults currently. Yeah. It's a joke about it now where when and when it was out it was. But. I just found myself. At that age. At a somewhat so certain sports. About sports I was like it was kind of like. Arc for me well what the art or for no it's sport torture me you know my. And that's floats. I can rhetoric to sports and are very much so there. Are players for a possibly if everything he ever met in my. Worked as hard record to be as good as I took out an announcement success there. I grew up with sort of article back and forth between my arm at all felt the pressure I think. Many young me and there are links CO workers are divorced I don't want to. The people's parents and you know important between and so I spent time or back and forth. But I ended up not graduating. In Colorado. I graduated with the on Arizona. Played basketball or a junior college. The community college to there was splintering wood. Make it to you're very to be a while. And while I was there. I. Ran through there guard there. Were epic care when I was a junior in high school. Or in. It back a little bit about your heart goes most important part of the story. I want a host of Christian athlete or basketball camp. And while I was there are the gospel for the very first time and that the sports context and so kind of sealed every. Yes understanding your also understanding that I had to battle. A preconceived ideas about religious people are urged people or whatever. You know the current collector. Respected but far from reality of our lives and our product. But both guys are lightning and dies where I wanted to be one day. You know aryan bibles. And preach the gospel and other people right or they word. Excited about this and excited about sports in the I was. In the midst of a situation where lives were on the part about current MacBook sleep at night nobody knew it out of our athletes with today's split. Dime on the inside of the gospel I was in the right school. It was a Christian athletes football that brought it up and our past and mr. lord in my life. You mean me and he could get in the dissertation so if you. And artists are my testimony that although the group there you regroup and start sharemarket model one of coordinators of boot camp part that says he's. Was. One of the leading our share my testimony will harassment come back. And be a leader. What leader tent camp counselor. And well I would. They're you know. Is you know the lord just let me to another school in critical plays at new Mexico state university. And then transfer and then about. I got power using old. And I got. Opportunity to go. Play air on Christian university yeah the coach was there at that camp and so he asked me to complain. Errors of aggression out so well you know. I'm excited I'm like you and I love the Bible all that stuff but I'm not ready for by. You know and the border and we think that conversation in the mood Phoenix. Packed up everything. Even their party and new. Well the Phoenix who go to air on Christian university are great for your that are very industry but backed out and the that. That's and that's awesome guys week we're gonna get too quick break but we're gonna follow what I've got to follow questions bag what a great testimony. Chad in in in icu a lot on on this this show you know we have we have a lot of guests at the worst thing ever happened to them. Their lives they stole a candy bar. And you've got guys that has some trials and tribulations. Like you did at the age of thirteen that. You know when you said hey you're accepted Jesus Christ he was serious about it that. Mend their there's a lot of people listen this show that. When they make that decision they're gonna understand the difference in their life like I have. At two at a later age and how pastor can do that early age will continue or conversation. With pastor Chad Johnson. He's the founder of elevate international. And the team chaplain for the Los Angeles Dodgers. And the Pittsburgh Steelers and again will continue with him on the other side of the break this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fans. More now of faith in this zone discovering people of sports in their walking me. Faith in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome Patrick fate in the zone I scored 31057. Up from man. I'm gonna call him my yeah I think the why are you man I let me buddy hey here's the I'm ready to trade. I'm gonna go on 1057 on the big show on Monday I've made a trade. I've trader pastor can tell her a pass to Chad Johnson he's out your hand yeah I welcome back. To create the zone I've sports Radio One of 57 have two fan I'm Mike we journal one side my soon to be let go well. Pastor check Felder and we sidelining you know who Brooke I'm Baptist Church our special guest if he's the founder of elevate international. Can go to elevate international dot org it's a great website make sure that you put at least fifteen minutes aside. When you go to elevated international dot org or you go to Chad M Johnson dot com and I you'd you'd actually be able to get away from these web sites is such good stuff. On it and then amount of work that that pastor Chan in his his team that they're doing is is incredible we're gonna get into some of that. But to welcome back to a pastor Chad Johnson he I think he's so what's your testimony that first segment was powerful and Anne and I really appreciated. And I wanted to talk a little this segment about how you got into it to work with Major League teams. And an NFL teams but I need to read. I do some research on pastor Chad. The first stop her grappled won the articles I read says this. I found out about shot past chair Johnson last week when asked. Steelers cornerback Kevin Faulk journey interview who would who made the biggest impression on him within the steeler organization. I was dreading transcribe it from there namely team spirits and Cameron Heyward even Mike Tomlin instead I found myself saying wait who. The person who's made to visit the biggest impact and fought so far is Chad Johnson's team chaplain. What a great first pure crap I've read that that shortly rhetoric the rest of the article because of that paragraph. And and I think that says a lot about the worked Richard do we wanna talk a little bit about. How you got involved with with the Steelers who Dodgers and with professional athletes. Yeah. But it's pretty accurate in I that the less they. Senator. They've been great news gazette or that all of that spot cancer he he would never got or got all there and search in my life. And I just go cart and the sport are 020. Everything that I knew better outcome for all. And. Eluded him because while I was playing sports we're or their workers university and while I was there ought to an inner city church. Irving. With the young people. And I continue to serve with us person out. In the interests of the art was what I call it metro representatives. Like a chaplain. At eight about 22 when he won and so about twelve high school teams. In the inner city of Phoenix and kind of learned how to do this. You know child by year art that type of crash course but when she had brought up in that and it resists it was an amazed me experience and so I'd love their. And there's a guy who got the job there on the cardinals. The name in a hurry on to a degree battery last year great. An armed man Herndon. Then he got Julia and her long. The. He's recovered or in this iteration. In the years and you're white or Minnesota Vikings what I remember most being a packer fan. We used to you know pack he's taken to twice a year at I think that's how app that I've got a court her boy what a heck of a man he was. Yet very. You heard the one. Or art or dirty in professional sports world. It's interesting because without hurting at a certain inner city aperture to eat. In the there. Kirk and computer circuit. A threat for us. Who worked there as gracefully I would. There are making money year like it might be. QB he'll and I expect to be a lie or a cap on choir of our. Guys are on the and went you know I was I was I was happy medium that door. All the he now. A guy who was. Or are on our team you know intercity cute. I was the drummer forest and these things called explodes in the robot while or are you up industry. He was also. A water meter in order for your feet. And in green and move it and it out on the U I hear all he voted. There are on the you don't need it water are turned on. This gentleman was turned at slaughter on. Mean you know struck a compass and that Intel that. You know they were in a conversation. Already done in the Cuban. And aptly that are on our effort he does it. You know it got my name in the bucket next thing you know it's going to call in my let's I think. You know this should it be number number. Number EU what upon the Ascot are hypocrites around corner. And and punch but. But I am not. Go. Like Alderman ergo you know I it is obvious must work inside you is or it. Pull back before back earlier you know. You know Andy says in these old school he. It I think at reverend. You know court to Kobe and offer tomorrow that caught ill be here. A note bit number that. Are in the Arctic and animal world that you want me. A conservative cardinal. He owed under which you know well maybe or work in the city ought. You play in the some of the players put in with what do it with athletes. In urban community. Well. Sort of a passport might it then this morning we are taught for twenty minutes early but brought your beat and Archie faster. And I can press the wrong kind of spotter I'm to only. Couple few months short of being what you or your soul. And it worse but but well you know me and yeah yeah I sure did it all. When he added that the tradition and or year or nine years is incredible. Credible. First my very first shot though the army. There are out on sale. At cork on the team that. I'm glad you're played urban car or belt. Our role in my 99 which we go. Go on and the only place vote part inspire people entire. Apart rather on the part into birdie was right next in the news boom. Kirk in apple. And I'll play. Or Maricopa Earl where the men and on both Saturday at midnight blue Hamburg you know look over rather. You know it's shining in her own most of their current oh. Let them do it you're you know. And I literally before far what are reverse. Dial the number there and rehearsed my resignation speech before I ever step on put out of the car. Yeah that 00 under qualified. You know to a litany. Of slots and a ran through my mind like like a trained. In spun out of control and murdered I felt so overwhelmed and under quote side. Right before you know I. Any picked up alone and this felt real militant from the strength elect locker room talk ran in the pregame speech that he gave me. And a you know he said. I didn't bring year. You know to give him work. You know that to be able to tablet they. Came out but you're so that you would give them which. What you have a memorable description that would. It even say it's so wrinkles I don't have mine but QB. Visas you know and so. I just I mean it was that that locker room that has kept me you know like. Proper. Apple and in SAL and fifteen seasons later here I am still so. I'm that's my question I'm OK yeah. That's my question to Chad what was your first challenge to. My personality so I think I think that I talk about eight. David having. Having in the going to when he was sixteen bit not raining until the third and I remember I remember speaking about is the process without got groove Gerson. You know kind of more votes and success in its let's ready early early PO to step into our game when it comes. No. Waiting brought in early oh absolutely. We're we're we have been on that on Sunday nights is we kind of want it and we want it now. And guess that I unit now on my given to you now so that a that would in any great challenge grant or. That's awesome we are Turkey and we're tartan which he had pastor Chad Johnson. Can now you go to Chad M Johnson dot com for more information or elevated international dot org. Chad isn't team chaplain for the Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Dodgers. He's the founder of elevate international. Really gets to break other side of the break we're gonna talk to pass to Chad about elevate international. You know this right up your Alley by the way pastor camp low key man he loves. Yeah I'll just read the mission statement for this transfer me to equip the urban community to impact culture once used one family one generation. At a time. They date as they do some great work and we wanna talk a little bit about elevated international. And when we do that and I'll talk about this and I'll give you this web said he can't but if you're feeling led to tell Chad. And the people elevate international. With with the work they're doing here is a place on the website if you wanna donate some money to fuel led to do that. Again please do that. And it's it's a good website puts some time aside elevate international. Dot org this is faith in the zone on sports pretty won a 57 FM. The fans. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports and Milwaukee famous face in. Is brought to mind accurate basement repair. Here's host Mike we get burned and pastor can Kellner. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Means. Welcome back to faith in Arizona on sports Radio One 057. And I'm like regular wants on my co host and each. And almost every week faster can tell there and Burke's side Baptist Church. Yeah our special guest pass to Chad Johnson man that I love the story and how we got indicted in two working professional athletes. That was great you can check out his work again Chad M Johnson dot com wanna talk this segment about elevated international. Dot org is is the website been elevated international. Is really doing some great work him. And the website gives you an idea some of the Celtic they're doing. And I just really impressed. Check it give me if you can't kind of background that how you started and in being the founder of elevated international how that thing kind of started. Yeah definitely. Recruitment during rare. You know I'm not quite. Oh Malta on Colorado. And I got started there. But that year and it's Phoenix and our work order review there is cool and I'll. Probable who you know take them. Maybe not so so. And think that people predict. You're in that way but but a bonfire and tyranny. Quote at heart of course her for young people on the court and I. You know with with my testimony now respect what apple about Stanley in my parents who think that nature are a lot of broken and we and so. That are. You know our compassion and sympathy empathy. For a lot of younger and currently there I would be you know cold that your we're. Seeing an element here. Go right into their lives and so on we started. So the international on the you'll early. Then from the X. Spirit that I got from camp that's CA camp as a seventeen year old. Student you know athlete who had. His life broken into pieces and you know and I'm looking at these kids with the same scenarios since they have handled it is to return life to it so Michael just to create. An experience certain place where they can also. At the same type of experience and life changing experience that I had as a as a teenager and so that would cut out. Talent out more than we would execute the awareness of the starters pitching out originally. We take inner city kids the way. You know what 34 days and get away from their distractions and religious. You know coupled with ending their in their problems minister to their hearts really relate to. And it was a natural interaction between my two worlds like sports world. And athletes work wouldn't and that is that I work with in the inner city so many of the guys in the locker room were also. You know that was kind of their profile or their breath background where their heart so. It was called for me Tbilisi athlete also tightening in opening. Reach these young people so that China has started. Yeah agenda so is that a I mean you have a facility there and didn't do the kids come into the so damning you have a Jim what's I mean. All fields without it you have silica. No but we do we've we run and so we we partner where it's it's organizations and and really the city of Phoenix. Four. We use city facilities and we do we have a young man's mentoring program. We have a young women mentoring program. We have in school of business and entrepreneurial support retreats to. These young kids from their urban community to learn you know the value of cash in the value of business and how to start a business. It's that spirit of fun journey and then we have a leadership program we also have at bats program called that zone. Are that the programs in the work in incursion. But they had to get involved in the its lies because what I've seen in the in such an urban community. You know the next biggest problem that's not knowing the lord. It's these these kids that have been bad. And assists for the debate issues that group still pro mattered to so fast and so. It's overwhelming but we say also no one by the time this started with our dental program the same day we wanna create a a space. And the time. On this can do censored stats to be able to really connect with their kids are and not just dads and uncles are. Nephews. Nieces or mentors and their panties you know just just so really. Encourage positive male interaction with these young people. And of course we do camps we do we boot camp and summer for our youth we just got back from our young adult. And I can't that we do as well so there's a somewhat different but at that can happen within over internationally yet so a couple of. Here we really do pest Chad pastor let me ask you this I've I've coached basketball different areas here and in this city Milwaukee. And I know you going to this some neighborhoods in some communities. As as as that white basketball coach it's hard to it's hard to keen trust. In that community. Until like you don't till I show that look I'm not going any work. And when I tell you that that we are practice at 7 o'clock we have practice at 7 o'clock it's not 715. It's not 7:18. We started 7 o'clock. And think consistency. Is is the key to this. And when you tell these young people something whether it's it's acute from the suburbs your kid from either from the inner city. You have to as an adult you have to follow up on that if I tell a player that number to call on the 715. Tonight to talk about playing time. I don't call him at seven tent and I surely don't call home at 735. I call him at 715. And I think that teens there trust Howard you were able to key in the trust of would be such a young guy in the beginning. In the in the city of Phoenix. Yeah I think you're content to think things are I was gonna say that very thing. I think it just entry. As you know Paul and the white kid from Colorado. And you know I'm single. Not married never indicated. On the but I have thousand. He would mainly. You know African American kid that called me pot you know you. It was because. They. Baseball consistency. You know and that was the main thinker first. I could tell him like I would let them call me there watching our local club record I'm not a fair and their partner can't. You know our kids people I don't wanna circular that that respects good. We're gonna compete here until liberal and call me either because. We'll look at nuclear arms committee a political thing they've got little. You know. That was just a really addicting thing in the very honoring king spoke. I've been able have to swallow for like it was so many young people. Laugh and now grow in that are for rent is normally 39. Saw. It shed one and one thing it just analysts think it's that. I try to verbalize. You know the folks is if you're gonna impact people yet to be able to connect with them. And distant visiting with you and CN. You know what what does been allowing you do he sake union as a connector I mean I can just LP in these his wanna be around especially zirconium pops. And god she's in yet today impact on you know for for the warden and for. His kingdom. And I was glad to hear you say that now finally get convicted that and say you you and calling them because we talked to Mike in many college coaches. Either football or basketball who said. There more than just a coach now. There they're they're actually almost like a father figure in many cases. And you you know you've been coached in high school ball for a long time like in and you you've probably been seen on high school level. And and so were really chant it it is easier you're the one guy has put their life that they're that they're gonna find stability. And they're gonna find guidance. And even discipline at times you know to do the right thing. Are yeah it's been I mean it's just been incredible for the first incredible honor. And it's an hour. HM let me ask you this is I know personally. It issue when windy and you're kind of like a coach for these kids I would I would think that. There are times when the kids that worry. On either coaching or your ministry to. They good on the wrong path. And it's all I'd for summer I take it really personal. And I don't know why take it is personal as I do are you able to edit. I'm not take it so personal when when when something like that happens. I don't outlook saying no I mean out saying yeah there are no better but it. I reaction that we don't know that the easiest and provide for these errors. In ladies and it's oh man you're so close you know and I think that's literacy goes sometimes you know are not any different at all thinker qualified to. They feel would say it's to be real ministry. Let you know aside you know there's been a lot of circumstances where. I got the rootkit what article sit down and stressed that you know the singular moment that I welcome back. As a youth pastor for about twenty years Chad you know kids are dying for you go lesser bowl games. And or are where where where I would allele watching game. And then I would see the you know they they they kind of quit on their team you know the more shake hands after the game you know. And and there are some there I just since they got to give me some opportunities ago. Don't try to help them through this that I harbor which are dug around my guess initially when I see it it is like my heart was saying I'm liking count in the tin it's an area so I'll I'm sure you know you you have those opportunities is going on watching their games and and get with a mentor specially as an athlete even though probably tell on Hank. In mr. crossover lower whatever but you that your your your aorta dad you're all and it was them. Now you wonder at any pets judges see you know that. That pastor Ken he doesn't talk to these kids about the cross over the easiest time in spite she jumps up. Just tell us what they voted out there Colin appreciate cute yet Haj you to stay yeah I hit it. We're getting yeah we're here to break again a couple of good follow questions. For press to catch Johnson on the other side of the break again he's the founder elevate international if you if you re in Latin. Go to elevated international dot org is a place you'd donate. On the help these guys out there too doing great work. You can also applied information on chatted Chad M Johnson dot com. He's the founder elevator national team chaplain for that Los Angeles Dodgers. And the Pittsburgh Steelers and will finish our show at a couple follow questions for pastor Chad Johnson. On the of this other side of the break this is faith in his own. On sports pretty 1057 FM the fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports squawking today. Faith in the zone is brought to my home windows and doors of Wisconsin. Here's host Mike wing giver and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. And welcome back to feed the zone exports were 157. Million mom might be your alongside pastor can tell there for Brooke's side Baptist Church. Our destinies are good when I'm telling you pass to Chad Johnson. Could elevate international dot org for more information on the great work that pass to Chad Johnson and his group. Are doing one of the questions that that south pastor Ken had for you during the bridge you guys to a lot of things. Natalie here in the United States and internationally correct. We. Mission to Puerto Rico every single summer. I take it seemed out mayor recently. Is that NASCAR hauler what is that. I don't yet know what we do all kinds of things at partners to circuits camp due to retreat is critical because. Retreat sad that we user also in the rain forced out too scary for. It's pretty optimal we have about 250 to 300. You're using young adults from the same on her urban area overtake that retreat and then. Every year during passion week leading up to Easter we take a group eighty. And the minister got there real early. Revival this for five nights that attract anywhere from in the 20000. Teenagers each year and so we've been to an app for almost the last. 78 years I think it's been eight years now and soak the chip also quit school revenue support. An orphanage that we've been supporting for the last eight. In years and watching these kids go out and other. You know many remember Tokyo were open and count in an integrated. Society so do we do you know abroad missions but we also have. Urban missions in the cities though one of the things that really excited about urban missionary program. All of us straight moral support of missionaries are we gonna missionary for the national sports world. Urban communities. You know and so we all result support but. We took our young lady with a left here Schuettler. Urban missionary chore urban. Used in the arts and the dance area and so she just started urban hip hop score you know school apart in the cycle here that could soak. She just herbal can distract from the city. We're excited about that too so. I look to a mansion question shell on you you said you're you'd taken teams over like to Haiti Puerto Rico. Are are those as some of your teenagers that you've been working unless there. OK and so and so they have to raise their own support. Yeah okay and so do. Do they do work for the American people. You know send money to try to donate yeah a couple of. People can donate to our missions. And the specify you know work. You know when they go to jail racetrack you can actually specify it was built torture and so. Other emissions cap Specter able to donate towards but yeah I would take. That's good school recruit this year particular and I have in the past two part taken. Eritrea 810. Of NFL players and their alliance with you on the and national defense as well that your crumpled in in a couple of but as firm on industrial my friends and a disciple and kind of walked with frequently. With a couple weeks. You how how many kids do you take on the true. Where are. This year we you know it's because Cuba perhaps they'll have to move out there in the future. Little early enough. Do they have to qualify I mean I mean do you do you have to say they I got to see some thin out of view you know and if you don't have to take you to warn taking you on this trip so you don't they're not taken problem kids over there to create more problems for yourself there. Are separated and a straight down we do the same. We do the same in suburban not Milwaukee we make the kids qualify. He had a check or Chad Johnson talked about they they they have didn't get thrown support and talked about this early in the show. And I think it's apparent that it if you're feeling wide. Elevated international Dodd or it going and help these guys out there they're doing great work not only going to Phoenix Syria but it's. You know throughout the world and and you can you can tell by the the time that we spent with passer Chad that. And he's a cute guy he's doing great work I I'm so happy that we've been able to spend this hour with them Chad did you say you're 39 years old. 39 and. Or court. OK so from. And so if we knew with three and three term at forty and all he can rebound he would you rebound and pass the ball the pastor candidate. That we keep finding out more worried and I were you or were you a garter forward what what were you. Our shooting guard point you have a big difference sorry guard report boat. Okay you get those should get the passing depth penetration depth penetration and I'll be on your right hand that's easier for you make them pass it and hit. Sort of effort under. At a poker tickled well you know. Oh hey didn't they don't have you can bet there's no closed totally opposed to and yeah if you're a good doesn't know order did they doubled to Amy brother UB didn't finish. Van yeah doctors could you pass him to me I. All are hitting my bag to I think I'm not gonna back or sit on top of the key people will be. Or thought it. Melhuse patsy Chad Johnson weekend Chad M Johnson dot com or elevate international dot org. He's is just a great place to find out more about him his vision statement the mission statement narrowly for some of the things that he does. Personally but through elevated international behave before we uncle. Pastor asked a lot of athletes his question and I'm wondering how you feel about it. Is it easier for for athletes to walk worthy in the locker room. Or outside a lot coral. About. You know. Out of this thing. Into the book and then having that could pressure on the entire. You know there's that are outside portrait of so many different impatient. Outside for them. But I think if they can you know they've got more on the two mile and the other you know aren't hurt but it bimbo throughout the year. Is because you've experienced so much harm in that locker room. You know next to one another next to their vote they truly become family in your. When you're playing a working together could and so much time together so. Might charge an athlete. On the player that I work where it you know you gotta burn it right here on your left. And you know so many people care I want to look you know Corky who interpret. Scale and and so what we skip over the people that got in the right there are right. It's snow and I yet circuit court of like going after. You know you don't have to eat is. Public it's amazing perfect you know creation delay your life science. You know that started a grass roots of your locker room and that's just learn how to serve your brother right blogger that angry protests he. It that there were like the rest of a witness in Nevada. Aspirin. You know the rest of your witness so be strong to the world. Yeah I dream mpeg guys we have got to go pastor Chad Johnson thank you so much again Chatham Johnson dot com elevate international dot org. Craig web sites keep up the good work and Manuel dot. Thank you sent ten they keep things for listened as his feet to zone on sports Radio One 057 FM. The fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give burn and pastor can help her. You can hear fee in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find pat show's exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Faith in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith and join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM so fans. Well yeah. You know saying soon. Hello my service. Noted.