Paul Allen: Vikings can win this game

Chuck & Winkler
Thursday, October 12th

Paul Allen, the voice of the Vikings, joined the show to breakdown Packers vs Vikings.


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Packers next chance to win. Is on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. And to help break down what exactly it is that they'll be facing especially at the quarterback position. We bring envoys of the vikings are old friend Paul Allen good morning Paul good to Todd dia a ball. You rom how old. ST I'm 33. Not that you want so La so for the that the Euro then you probably would be beat familiar. With a ban from the eighties called the pics yes one thing leads to another that they had that key word saw and read shreds guys that night. Shall read that night. Are all oh. About populate your all I have no idea what's on this with songs that grades whatever they're in this town. On air that's fantastic. Harbor that saw her enemies. Don't. And you are in others something on the Internet cult and if you are if you typed in to detect and charette light to neighboring something that's. Not sufficient or work but it you type in red red skies at night. I think you'll enjoy it says that AOL email address you I don't know why I do and prodigy. Well let's go to the sale of cut and an open air until there are so one of the idiot 39 dollars a month something which you definitely not out. What would you give them he ought he'll offer thirty bucks among its failure is everything I I can free. Anime not out of me I I don't. I rarely if ever look at the news or any of the doubt things that are available through AOL it's just not at the council long. Dapper summaries and I feel like I have an attachment to a stolen or go. Alone while I I 500 dollars a year something New York Paris and photo rosier for a lot of things I don't. I don't pay attention to so anyway this team went up all who believe is going to be the starting quarterback on Sunday. Pumping yard Aaron Rodgers rowly did you start that game you know what the minute change to grow at Dallas the way the weight and that first RT a bond Gerry Adams back left at the end zone when it out I don't know why you'd. I talked about your team. You know these guys have gone through thirty quarterbacks to our one quarterback for two quarterbacks have no doubt the bears OK so close. What let's be straight policies. We've got a quarterback uncertainty. That air night owls. I would bet he's Tino. You know we I'm sadly we're we're in the quarterback meat grinder here weekly basis because Brett or don't always. But is knee are clearly is problematic is left knee. And down and case kingdom has shown up pretty well when he had the opportunity. Specifically Allman. In the second half that bears game on Monday Night Football so I assume this will come right down to the wire. Wire being tomorrow because when we when we went to Pittsburgh we should do. You know be. That the team let it linger into the Sunday out again. And expert about three in after hours report it and what was running around on the field man they scratched him Justina. And down you know case I don't think was completely certainly play until about an hour. So bay they're not doing it that way anymore I'm pretty sure clarity to our. Paul Allen voice the vikings joining us here on the fan. Paula as far as the quarterback situation. Down the road Teddy Bridgewater a guy that that I think is a great talent and should. Be somebody that takes the vikings to places that they want to go. What are we gonna see him and how long do you think it will take for him to. To kind of be back from this injury. It's a good question I mean if you look at the microbes produce team with a quarterback situation it's complex in because of Bradford so mean. I've seen them is a hi Ian backup and caddies to the bar. If you look at the macro that the teams and good spot. You know because. The situation lingering would crack first the will it will fix itself. Kingdom still will be year and Bridgewater. Is eligible to come off the physically unable to perform list next lake. So what bout with us playing the Packers this weekend and we host the ravens and that would go to London and I. You know I think there's going to be a lot of clarity on all of all of the great to water at east situation. Somewhere within the next three games I'm it's your word like laid out quite spread whether he would play in game this year. I make the I would make the apps minus 175. Okay does a pretty good ads. Those scoring at home I I think what I say last ago Bridgewater I mean a big notable Bridgewater I think I said a year after the injury. To give me a year to get re acclimated. In and get up to speed he will be atop that I say five quarterback Todd tan. That I hotel I don't know. I don't know save your audience insults every insult to break. Bombastic prediction I am and you know Teddy when Tom went a couple of years ago when he replaced her seat but it went and he gets underway at Lambeau and win the division. You know which is very difficult for us and anybody to do no matter the circumstances. So bear it if it that the vikings from quarterback standpoint are not in a bad spot if you look at the big picture. They're they're just in a tricky spot now. Because when when Bradford is good to go in email exchange K I mean. Behind one of the worst offensive line is we've got here all know running game last year. He to a twenty touchdowns politics and he just rolled in to the facility we see. You know on many scorched New Orleans we want it was NFC up a player weak this year. So you know or Brad Bradford can make teams pay but they just can't get right physically. What about the defense so we talk about the the viking defense and being tough and they're pretty good third down defense as well. Bomb what have you seen with them this year we call a little bit of them Monday night against the rookie quarterback to dissed you about what if you see what their defense. Third down defense number one in the NFL are red zone defense early dark red zone defense. Being inside the twenty defense will really have a lot of stress are put on it this weekend. You know in and watching back all the Green Bay games and I generally watch I'd do a deep dive this week we. That to control the quarterback passed in the game hasn't let the audience as good as the last year right at tumble it all right now what he's doing inside declining. So there's going to be stressed put on the defense they're the heat and the wind is one of the best in the I'd ever seen written and is running workshop wept Jack all's game after game after. And that the pick your poison problem that the adversaries out. Is that the lefty coincidence Neal hunter as a couple of sacks twelve and app last year so you can't really pay. You can't overly compensate for a person and then we'd do Nils ankle because Beecher. And the nose tackle when ball chosen as the best in the NFL and he reeks African metal. The linebackers Kendrick some are both playing very well CE Parsons met in there well Xavier Rhodes is high in order. You know that the defense has the identity of the team and it's one of the better defense. Paul Allen voice of the vikings here on chuck in Waco this morning I'd never heard air Rodgers be so complimentary about anybody. Denny is about Mike Zimmer why is Mike Zimmer so good against Aaron Rodgers in your opinion. Well it's a Zimmer good server gonna get a lot of games I mean that the you know one of the keys in the now. Our. Quote from the battle is after patches and games 23 or four games she got to change because the tendencies are there. And Mike's really good at disguising things and changing things week to week basis so it means unity you may see the main mandate coming from website to open ready for it. And then all of a sudden you know the beat art comes from the other side you know where it shows just were really really good at setting things up. He's also very good at using players to write down our best player on genes not quarterback skill position guys. And and you know really really minimizing. Like. You know Xavier Rhodes on when he went when he like it'd Antonio ground back well we don't yet a lot of success now. You know and chatting with eight years frequently is like do. If you get named opener saying you'll say Jordy Nelson as the the top this or. Yeah and and quite honestly I don't really recalls a year going one on one which Jordy. In games like he does went without a receipt first it's because the quarterback is so high and he'll he'll take a ill ill. It'll take a week where it's like okay. And which are best I am draw party and now I'm gonna go to DuPont GA or rent a cop Martellus Bennett. Grumman won the ball you know so it's it's very difficult to do scheme. And Aaron Rodgers flat out pants. Yeah as Stephon digs a set of a practice got a groin injury wouldn't suspect. It was sent. Doubt it sucks it sucks because we might have been the border battle won fifteen what our backup quarterback no doubt been caught up on decks main. I'm opened up our practices today a big day. And B doesn't today LP practices tomorrow not step bond has rarely literally it's dry. In just four touchdowns into the week last week number one in the NFL seating arched. He and Bradford or seen them have really really sound good synergy and up. You know injured her groin in the Monday night game and you laughed at each packet eat it right now I missed practice yesterday so. Offensively this this could be a border battle without backup quarterback no doubt cook stepped on addicts are. With all that's said this the time the show we asked for you Paul L on the voice the vikings your prediction on Packers Minnesota. On the Sunday. All the vikings absolutely can land I mean it should be a tightly contested game I think it's going to be a lower or. When I say lower scoring I mean low twenties height genes. But the vikings what does defense at home absolutely can. The the defense does OK against. Our. Question has. You know what does digs injury running game that dumb. You know it is a work in progress without doubt equipment were really liked our goat sheep slowly getting up to speed. I'm at the vikings can win the game it's it's in Libya where a border battle and you all holes resist him. Well for sure I mean it's you know believe that debt situation cook right in certain spots okay we're deep at running back we're deeper pursuit. Our backup quarterbacks okay me we would prefer Bradford but backup quarterbacks that they had it's like with the Green Bay situation would blah. And GRE it. Will be playing Taylor left tackle and stuff like that it's not preferred but the depth is okay and schemes are good so you can get around it. Aren't waiting it out played by Cincinnati instilled stolen again. Got to Dallas and when shoot out despite Ezekiel Eliot corporate buck and change. You know work work work deep in spots were were hurt now so that done so I think that'll bode well for us. Paul Allen we'll get a little red skies the play out. Appreciated is always not vikings' week without talking you have fun of the game and we'll talk soon off my. I met your he worded shall read so rich reds got the knife. The and I tied. 00. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Appreciated volatile oh. You're an old healing. My job with the lyrics. And I and I. Get a regular file in giant don't remember the song at all. Every time. And mix them together. File in an agreement last thing how I'm here ready to get into our back into the housing market can't do we have the Paul Allen the super rich to look no further back and find an answer with farm called an all these days agreement as bankers agreed was going to act cab take the next step towards your new home let's shockingly where.