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Thursday, May 18th

05/18/17: Pick-a-lane


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The way these big show a lot of the old Chevrolet studios to reset the big topics discussed that today we showed you view the final say out of and Great Lakes dragway pickle and I'm running back off along with Steve Sparky Pfeiffer. Former packer in badger running back Gary Ellis ended in the right about relieving these earlier. It. Some of the week of the go to the point where they don't even don't know. It is still out Visio all right so we're right there may that beer here. At cents a share a man is water. OK so he's probably coming. As he did was edit news of bouncing drone. I don't think you can't you talk yeah bound and you lose by owls broke open. I'd be as bad it's aired a bowel syndrome. But and he said you have the you have. 4 o'clock in the morning you know. That thing. Other incidents. It Jeff McDougal and let's let's give argue Richard baptism by prior to Google it. Adds its ideas. Now in the felt all right all I ordered to Googlers immunity to anybody that got loose bowel syndrome. But name later option would play meet the intern. Has no loose bowel syndrome and Oregon. Loose bowel. Geared bowel syndrome I am and here. Actually there was just an article but that's that's wired routers quick very. Because the it was giving him ideas about Eliot you know he had irritable bowels closers those that the good news I'll bet you were an analyst who's come loose. Don't know how about your problem. Well you know how hard they're out there who say about it really grows it is that it and there's loose stools. When it moved out there in the last bowels man. So it's. Similar to want to come. Is Luke. Yeah durable as numbers six and on the log on the big gain I'm a graduate. And approved drug Prada here's what you have to pick for urban area racetrack going to delay in this evening. Right laid what goes through your head when I say first place verse. Some word association game setter lane with a bigger problem for the NBA taking resting or flopping and the return mind you agree. With Eliot wolf that the Packers O line is a strength 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan. Dot com Sparky. What goes through your head when SA first whispers. Answered. Our Galen Campbell leave it may get an iPad if said Gary what does that Roy Iran would have said. Privacy and I'd be in first place on May eighteenth with a win baseball games start at the codes and today right. That stadium first Liza may eighteenth in our division of the cubs and cardinals. Medicines that work crazier to Weber come away worry outcry he worked on the flagship now sob. But that's exactly what this is and I I always make the reference the movie Major League I kind of feel like that's what desist. Yeah but god and his roster that most people don't you know who they all are outside of rhyme broad and they've been winning without lightly. Pitchers we think Dole's call on Brock go dark he does have the production line up. Sets alarm any just continues to carry the torch and so I don't know he's been talking about he comes up from triple and he can't he can't. As for a 43 RBIs and he gave him a leap convicted Barbara. They're doing it with garbage starting pitching for the most part. Got you under fire he's cabinet he's having a really good first have to this point Davies he started horribly he pays decent today. Did you closer. Look at your face and tell police he had to go to court to enable he's done a nice job so far in that role. Odds. And I don't again if this is a once situation. Which I always argued. Because Tim will say just enjoy each case it happens don't worry about big picture stuff just think tomorrow today. As it happens yeah I can't do that never been able to just live in the moment right now if you want to enjoy this were season as much as humanly possible. Live election. That's the way that you'll enjoy it and and fullest you can't buy just everyday enjoying every moment enjoying every day they're in first place. It is. It really special I know Holland's lastly everybody else it truly amazing to see this team the you know what five games over 500 here on doing what their new praise. What goes through your head when I say first place brewers 7991250. Or you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan dot com moving to the center lane yesterday Mark Cuban on The Dan Patrick Show. Said business the latest up outrage in the NBA. Once we were eliminated from the but the playoffs we did everything possible lose games. And so if we get it up front if we knew that this is the rebuild these and we just sit up front then you know you you know you'd kind of know what kind of team you have. You just admitted to tanking and there's a lot about cry over this win last week the outcry was all the flopping happening in the spurs rockets series and in the wizard Celtics series and the outcry as a regular season winded down. Was everybody resting LeBron and staff curry and really the whole warriors in and cans rosters and elsewhere in the league. So will royal what's the biggest problem for the NBA flopping resting or taking what you just heard. Our corner saying. He did everything in his power to lose. Game. That is our. The commissioner can't be happy about hearing that. Now a mixture of our. In Malaysia. Only thing I've heard the commissioner speak out none of the three things that were talking about is resting players and the only thing he said about that. Is he doesn't like it when a team breasts all there superstars. On the same day because that hurts their TV ratings that hurts tickets sales at saturates center. Tank into me you don't play. Them here to win. Humbled borderline illegal what are you doing I mean you send them to fail. To try to get a better draft pick on or two ago I I don't get it. It to mean that's the worst thing you can do if you tell your fans you know put to work product out there. And people are feeling they've been here and as it ever date is gonna turn around and ask. So there's no guarantee their words but to say it publicly all are. I mean I've coached mistakenly. Player. Don't know order says if you're a commission. Pocket and not disturb. Because it happens and every sport. But all I talked about it all I have about there were players and I don't know if his editors Bob you probably don't mind it probably does Ron. You don't modify that won't get out air register for our world player and as far worse player though knowing that. Reason Alyssa coming talks Rivera they do you going to be in nature or about completely junkies regard. Unless somebody told about you know if your plane airplane you'd know that and then now Cuban says it's sessions at the end. Would you be a little pissed off. Now not necessarily broker I get it I get the tactic I understand why they're trying to do it. To build for the future of the franchise and I'm playing for hopefully I'm around to see it they they are and I'm not certain trade me today that team has been more in the middle for longer than I can ever remember that team needs the blow that thing up have Dirk retire and start over eighty to bottom out and start over and I don't know you'll be able to do you more out of Cuba to be able to do it but he needs to figured out as you were injured motives are over the Dallas c'mon Andy the Greek. Thank you to edit for any other late aren't going anywhere but they're not in a lottery there so they just kind of hanging around the metal in purgatory. So that's a setter land. What's a bigger problem for the NBA tanking resting or flopping 7991250. Where you can email us live at 1057. FM the fan back common in the return lane. Eliot wolf talking to Ryan would our agreement football insider will join us tomorrow here in the big show. At 335 as he prepares a series. Of articles looking at the Packers key issues. And during OTA's the one that came out last night early this morning looks at the depth on the offensive line. And talk to director of football operations Kelly wolf we says we feel really good about our group. Adding Evans Jahri Evans the free agent signing from the saints was awesome. He played at a high level last year really durable tons of experience he played really well last year and a pass happy offense as we are sometimes. In your wallet wolf said he still believes offensive line. Is a strength. On the packers' roster Gary's offensive line a string on the packers' roster. I'm concerned the rodeo for salon actually this year room here think. When you look at they're going and Josh Suton. Here's your front replacement form which is cool the gatlin arguing Norton thank tailor our league wild things forfeit off. You know this time ardently enter this term obscene you don't know me. And reason why you don't know reasoning is because he played well. Therefore offers of Lima historic norm these guys' names but I mean they're not doing very good immune ms. Simon's. Block record holding well yeah I mean Q. Josh disease probable or are they came out on a positive note on. Now you Lou I don't want is your heart every as you if you look at him yes she's our social and abnormal yeah. What lord Jeffs when he came here's a jump ball alone anymore I don't wonders should be AGF share Eddie. Right incident worthing hugest thing that you got a very he comes in and it's all done this. This little Roy's wanted to forever when outline forever you sign of better infill hole that you. I work and I don't write what they don't want that inexperienced roar he ever happened like that everybody has attracted an emperor in the Jahri Evans. Let's say he finds Pro Bowl form again which is unlikely at the age of 34 let's say he is okay. What Ryan what is talking about that article and what is tested almost every year because offensive line is such a brutal position is depth. And you're one injury away from Don Barclay being a starter as the depth chart stands right now I don't madame bark at me on this team up but right at them. I think he's ballot for roster spot I don't I don't think he's guaranteed a roster spot and now the royal. You think you'd think he's guaranteed a roster spot Barkley probably from experience yet but I experienced now he caught the guard does drafted in order to keep Barclay. Yet it is experience Arnold displays. Me is gonna come down the experience they both those same. That I got Jerry under any good I don't need you what to get behind and if you can't beat him how that may not go there than here now is do you think he's guaranteed a spot or do you think he's fighting for a spot. He's guaranteed a spot to somatic you Moammar auto makers. You know I think if bulls got probably yes you both guys are bad don't keep our club he's your swing your tube so he's going to be. Don't is willing. You run embattled coach actually learn about your garden you mean it's a million users when you hit play sinner played their eyes were there any. X if both guys are bad ago picked event brought they'll make the team now the other that you haven't got our young guys. If he's exceptional and very good and pushed and starters. Did he won't make you change. This is simply is that. We've reset a big topics discussed on today's big show now you get the final say on him right lane it's a word association game what goes through your head when I say first place brewers. Senator Elaine bigger problem for the NBA tanking resting or flopping and the return land you agree that the Packers offensive line is a stirring 7991250. Where you can email us live at 1057 FM the fan back on the strength of my neighborhood sparking is that there's a Wendy's about a two block drive from my house yeah it's spring. Abby is one that that particular Wendy's threat and the line outs the street all the time and about me it always has a lineup has streak. This just did an ice is not just admit they're for want to rerun an address that in win outside the bars Wendy's. Has read it in a bar yeah. Painful times you know they have a Charlotte goes to Miller Park. And in a narrow as you can walk to argue on the shuttle go to the bar come back and stumble halt the bustle stinky men who care it is and things yeah I hairs man think. And yeah. And I said all right why these ethical or about double standard has had enough for report out of over a quarter on a beach fort nuggets. Spicy nugget you rise entering the deal so good it shouldn't exist yet it does. Averages many locations for a limited time and don't forget about the fresh tired so I'll let chicken salad sandwich game drive these two limits don't. You limited time items with freshly grilled chicken creamy nasal pastel and lots of ground up so tragically Jason no matter which one it sure there's no way to go wrong at Wendy's Jonathan BR groundout to score runs an insurance run for the Milwaukee Brewers they now lead fortitude. And I came in the is that the seventh the ninth ninth inning top of the ninth awhile if this. We may be joining to Mallon at Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show. I was like we can talk to Timmy right now first grade and they drag away pick a lane and we'll get to you next on the Wendy's big show my old Chevrolet studio. The show today and Saturday June. Great Lakes regularly presents the 2017 Memorial Day weekend classic Saturday may 27 and Sunday may 28. 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And master disease dot coms get out to the phones in Great Lakes dragway pick a lane and Shane on the south side here on the Wendy's big show exception. The voter are going to. Well on regular subtle way by its fuel our aggression needs a little cheap and quick two word answer. Right way and shocked and elated. And they didn't want. All. Well and brokers are a lot outshot the adult. All these topics all the news is that the address but I think the one that affect them the most. Is resting at a players. I think. You know as far as flopping goals that officiating issues we need to get better seeing. In real time. And calling it as it is taking on me. Intent and AM. Admit to take just ridiculous. All import. Resting players might have a unique perspective I think it. That nobody really talks about the difference between resting here's your star players. Hold vs away. And I personally think that you're gonna rest starters because you have a vision of the future for your hair and again what affect them the most. Now that's that it in the other cities the most that's what you're missing if they are sitting their star players in their home games nobody would care. But when you go on the road if you're LeBron James Harden this affects. The superstars of league you know roll guys you know teams that don't have superstars nobody cares of their players play or not. Boards are not superstar sold abroad Jane staff curry Kevin Durant Russell as for those guys. If Vick commander Neely play in your city once for an entire NBA season and they don't want to greats to ever play and you take your son and he's not playing because well it's Milwaukee analog Plame want imitate the night off double once shared your kid had -- you want to greatest basketball players are like. Does not play I said earlier in the show if you want to rest guys. Fine but ressam during your home games on your schedule not rest them on the road and score rover NBA fans around the country or what a farm. Katzman thanks for the culture change and I can only afford to go to one game. I wanna go see LeBron well no I don't get this LeBron you can talk to your base that you screwed over. But it's fair to the rescuing anybody over this happens in every sport would sure tell me in week three. That writers won't play because he's resting as I gonna how are we finally. We why doesn't happen in weeks five have brought resting the last week of the season he rested in the second half of the season we know when I. I had things locked up and it's yeah and again why this go back brigadier. This goes back to this goes back to the lack the rarity and competitive balance in the NBA LeBron know was that at worst they're going to be to recede. The first day of the season. LeBron knows that at worst sure they're going to be a two seats or he can do. Whenever you why he has no business not into and his sport what other guys have to wait till the end of the season. To do when their sport OK okay how real lack of because of the lack of parity and competitive balance in the NBA. Accept our writers it's not a game as you want plain regular season that he wants rested can't handle. I'm honest I'm not usually it happens and sixteen or seventeen in the NFL Tom sat out bronze Joshua at weeks 120 games into the season because he knows. Because he's LeBron need to give a damn about ever know because he know and so Ronnie can't asset and one times as playoff spots locked up in baseball they rest their players. Ronnie has fun you can affect on what we have different opinions it's okay. All I'm saying is. If you bring your kid and make a mere city wants like Michael Jordan comes into this your Jenner gets you Michael Jordan and he is playing which she never bid. Or Allen Iverson and he never did this crap either. If you or Mauricio. You're gonna give them more my favorite things about her from Allen Iverson was when he said. I gave my all every night because I knew that might be the only time somebody might get to see me play not wasn't gonna let them down. That's what I want from the start pleasant today instead idea if your hi all be healthy enough to play in April by play games 63. If your kid I've followed above jitters. And Michael didn't play any games over and he's golf pride and a base he what do bolts Jersey yeah it is him average going. It never too. Oh. Hours I mean galvanized Iran's point on who cares about the fans Gucci guy do to win a championship. I did it fully understand the we all out here is you shouldn't just I don't want to know what games do. And New York can't stand that little blister on one you chose not to blame let him down you tell him. Why wouldn't let my own fans down is somebody else's fans now right now you know why everybody's upset about this that's exactly right no I don't kill don't go to trial while other people are upset about just. No I rely. There is concern for the championship yes. What that rest and what does it matter if it's the jet Egypt but it sure where you rest them. Because our because I want arrest them and please my fans that's in that's my responsibility is to first and foremost right if I'm the commissioner of the NBA my responsibility to the entire fan base. And I'm going to stop. Yes and he will stop. When one that's in every sport needs to stop I don't know why people complain about this in the NBA not in any other sport because I don't remember guys resting week nine week ten and you know felt robbed again if he wants to he wants if he wants to stop it from happening early in the season if that's what bothers you the means to do something about the lack of parity and competitive balance in the NBA that will stop it. If LeBron doesn't know on day one of the NBA seasons at an MBA to recede at worst and he's definitely going to be because it was because it. Because there wasn't a foregone conclusion I want to know what you're one know doesn't stop. Your you know Michael was winning a title there for that secure conference. Like Mac are Seychelles stupid and he was back that every unit the bulls were gonna win it it was -- joke is what it once but you know what got you so when they're like you won a lot he's he knew what he meant to the fans of that league and since my attorney has played Gregg Popovich decided this we've gotten scientific data that'll tell you right how much how much. It's how much resting. Helps a team down the line due to years he's added that he said it can't eat. Adds years to people's careers Tim Duncan would have been retired three years ago where it's pitched and do what he did you want to play he was retired three years ago. If you wanna talk about resting like what rough and counselors rust. Isiah Thomas rusting in March is nothing for Isiah Thomas last night. Did rustic and know that doctor McBride wrapping up to him. Because they swept out. That's why they were fresh last couple brought to dale remarked I think it all I had not nor does it all adds up no way. Right you guys I'm gonna go with the scientific research I don't care what you think I'm Cara Garrett and accurate all the right things out and it goes I don't know how many are we can't. I'm gonna take you and I'm not gonna take your opinion over scientific researcher. Cigarettes are you respect your opinion obviously it does anybody in the sports world this. Greg Hopkins yeah scientific data that that it helped me years to guys' careers and not just pull that out of his backside dude. It shall. She'll prove where are what marched act three years off their career should. We're resting in February helped you wanna set into the street is in a plant in north of just the number you want you wonder what the proof is you separate the proof is that energy noble is still productive in the NBA and Tony Carter is still productive in the NBA Kobe or not to think and act immediately brought him and LeBron James has more miles on him at this age than anybody has ever had and he's still as productive as he is he per SE takes off. Exactly two games. Michael thank you coup ousting him for rusting screw over the face of the yeah I know it's a kudos to him for doing everything he can to be at his full strength and win championships. And if he played those games they would lose. I don't know if they would lose sort of not necessarily at Carson I don't know the unknown I do know that he looks really good right now we'll resting as much as he rests Spence and I know I can only go on the no not the unknown right. These two leaders told you what they think the thing is I don't know what they think there you ago. That's all you need to know yeah because not to Robby when he was no scientific evidence that pot. Quote. Virtually any avid Internet and mentioned sighted Steve Harris and I'll. Usual any evidence to anything they do it but no official website that if you take off and march you going to be better and seven game series here no. Show me anyway so he's taken it up. Okay this. But. Both these though if you think about it is that common sense. Thank you know. Not worth it did you take off in January that does not mean you're better talk show hosts in April and you've gone on Monday as did your thing maybe a little. Tuesday is just just ask your question though like Saul. If you're playing let's say you play fifty games and another guy play 45 games yeah which gasp argument refresher. We got a place fortified got at least if I don't there's much of a difference and I think he's got replaced Ford and I don't think there's much of a difference in five and what you mean I just come with I'm a basketball. Justin Jones on not a transports has more adult abuse and now after you you're right. So if you're basketball got to play fortified imported five years ago roughly fifteen I don't vendors my with the orange on BC that and then if you don't think it is it is promises we'll tell you as you may be right. On June comes. Conscience is a guy that plays more games. Would not be aggressors and god please let's. Should the bucket yeah I was a day off every return to seasons of the blame it on the box and know that they have the one or two seed locked up Bundy was a matter if you refresher in the playoffs in the rest of the league. Then the rest of the week so what you get your star players avail every. Because you want high seeding and you're got to be as rested as possible with that high seeding. What is it that's an equation rest medical equation if I box. I normally get to adopt foresee and it doesn't really matter anything else do we know we have to play his face LeBron them to doesn't matter what seeding we are ready go to LeBron. But we want home court first round whatever. OK fine so I know I went up games without yeah I was playing one game a week I can't sit on. One game we get your opinion that's not about. So I didn't get says you know what honest we're rescuing Jabbar to try it and then they wouldn't make the play out they're not good enough to do that you run in the cavs are off until let's say they give LeBron a day off every week every week they can do that right. Do you think that's typically. It's not my probably fumble brunt if it's good for the leader not I'm trying to win championships student right in I'm the commissioner and I'm telling you it's horrible for this league and that's why resting is the biggest promise weekends. Here's one thing I know we agree on spark don't agree I agree on that. But Dave and busters it's abdicating its political play as many iGoogle place regret I like we got grace who drink calls adding new menu items tons of flat screen just as far as the eye can see. Including in that DNB sports lounge. With 3COM three. 106 New Orleans are interviewed and 875 and screened and got the million dollar midway with the latest and greatest arcade games Dave and buster's is the place to button next company event her birthday party of any kind. Or party of any kind of should say. But I wanna talk to you guys about something that is truly life changing that Dave and buster's doing and that's helping them make a wish foundation. 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Well you got I don't do it throughout as you know I don't I don't want to first and third you know what to generalize give you the details but he can't figure out then.