Price: Foolish move from Bennett on Instagram, but….

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Tuesday, November 14th
Chris Price of the Boston Sports Journal discusses the bizarre Martellus Bennett situation. Does he think Bennett is credible based on his latest antics? What does this say about the Patriots organization taking him in?

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Even our body Christopher price from the Boston sports journal joining us. On the Schneider orange ally to video I give us a little insight into what does the hell's going on Martellus Bennett good to get abused by the disease said the unit playing football Chris or I don't body. Good good bill how we're humans for. I am doing well. Why this whole thing has been nothing more then eight just weird conundrum knowing the Packers the way we do knowing the medals medical staff the way we do the number of players who said do that it whether it's current or former players it's at knowledge this is completely erroneous this is so out of character for the Packers. What do you make of this whole Martellus Bennett thing in the way he kind of got in so about a Green Bay and back in the New England. And I think it if he had to do all over again. Probably wouldn't have handled but the way he gave the we had a chance to talk to for the first time after that the Broncos to. Q you played it it was separate snaps in that one wasn't wearing natural artists you know so you can kind of you know draw your own conclusions from that I do think. In the context of the conversation it's important to note that there is a comfort level when it comes to Mark Ellis editor of the patriots. Beat down what you went through last year we'd be injuries and yet cracked Bowman ankle he was banged up yet need if you image yet immediate shoulder issue into he is confident in the way you handled. You're going as opposed to media anywhere else to get a big ticket to a although we're gonna I don't know you would have. You know tried to shut but he did he integrate a bit that the Packers in the you know the medical staff. But I think at the same time when you when you consider his background here in the wake of when you consider the fact it you know he's not speaking what are they and all the guys who could have called through this before left and then come back to when that. Because he'd feel political or cultural work with public record clip featured for whatever reason I think that it kinda become politically or one of the things I think to deport remember. You sit there and we keep all that after the game the other night. That he was gonna retire he told his agent look. Don't have team but any claims and for me I've done and get the shoulder surgery on him but the patriots still cleaned him regardless. If he's dead you know what if what bit. A done deal with the patriots claimed I wouldn't you argue look like dropped at Bingham you'll go right back to think about or so I think you'll all of these things kind of figuring this situation that I do think there's still. Some unanswered questions here it did I think that'll totally out of. Yeah I was gonna say you know to to kind of make claims that he dead. Ended you know obviously everybody wants no wonder this whole thing really truly pop up could he kept saying that. Well the Packers have the end of the view and there are references as far as of POX rays and such. And kind of like okay if they had everything then basically what you're saying is why can prove it but I don't have the information pro. So I guess micro my question then becomes. In the times you've had a chance were Martellus Bennett which wasn't like an extended period of time but. Do you know. Do you I had a hard put without saying he's a liar but do you believe his credibility. You know what I do I think that there's some question collective simple portal I think it is that it's still need to be answered acting chief among them. In the says something apartment with a colleague the that they would he have reacted the week he did it. If they're Rodgers had gone out and he went to Green Bay with the idea you don't let them all in the I wanna beat this team better recognize the fact that the Packers are crucible contender. I wanted to go into that in then you would Rodgers goes Denny has you know maybe this isn't really working out or you're the shoulders a little bit in doubt. Umi did you audible and sales for the year so I I I think it you know one of the questions as well as in his look at. Tom Brady looked out here are are you you know could be quite the same things so. Of yet but they're they're like it did before ultimately there's some question but it might experience with a having covered him last. In ebbing and gotten the normal little bit over the course the 2016 season in going. Injuries that he played through bill going to help species that he had. I think that it's important remember it is not his first road you'll become the public that he builds his body pretty well you know how to react to certain things to get what could. Using your programs stop. That with a of of of foolish move I think that is part but ultimately. I do tend to agree with him when it comes to his injury history if help if you being at the plate situation. Via the other side of the corn and by the way we're talking with a richer price from via Boston sports journal joining us here in the Schneider worn chow line. I wanted to ask more just about this team that we we continually talk about the patriots and Romo which. War weren't creating conspiracy now comparing now. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady to Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr our rates that kind of legacies that kind of tradition it's that kind of dynasty. So that being said. What what when you're there and you see what makes that organization. So damn different. All four of the most important people in the organization on the security. Their bit which you have in in this case you know go makes most of the first elbows but because Syria with basically the defective you know. Bella check. Tom Brady and Robert Kraft all of the thing grade. All of the cards in in there's never a sense of you know some internal wandering off the reservation. You know that's saying something that picture you're doing something that they shouldn't. They all know exactly what he seeks to do. To be able to keep the whole thing moving forward that kind of upbeat picture version of it but look you in independence he hasn't really good. Way to kind of get a peek into how to organizational work is that everybody. Knows what they need to do and everybody knows exactly what you need to know what you need to be doing what you need to execute. It in that it is a really good example that they're not to be more than he's comfortable doing it kind of harking back to what I was talking about before. We put guys in situations. Where they can maximize their that would minimize their districts this is just from pure until perspective. In it all seems to work look I think he also deployed as a record. Example here when we talk about this you know you're you you have a guy that was senator David Andrews you know you have a couple of Kurtz lightly regarded guards. Illegally first round pick out that he does on a per carpet. Are that up with the wind is left tackle each holder but what variable to. Call them up until they get them to play together to a point where they can keep Tom Brady helped you up right keep the you'll keep all in move forward so it's according to the question. Everybody knows exactly what being. Due to keep the whole thing will report both on and off the field inning never seemed to lose focus particular rival the prize for. We talked here all the time is Syria about the acquisition of free agents and Ted Thompson and people want him to go out and get more and and being built around Aaron Rodgers and give him that opportunity. And yet I go through the roster of the New England patriot U three guys that are making double double digit millions of dollars that's it it's not like it's a roster that's loaded. With a bunch a highly paid guys I mean I Gradison dirt deferred money there. But what has made that so tolerable. I mean obviously when you win. Everything's great no big deal but what is made that's intolerable where they confine these guys that don't cost them ten million or fifteen million dollars you don't overpay him. What is made it so good is it just. There you again maybe I'm just komen Indy redundant here was it just the fact that they just spot talent and there's a system that if you fit that system you're just going to have success. Some of that that's true. A lot of that it's true also a lot of the economy quite frankly Indian. You'll bring a case of Malcolm Bob Stowe to restrict to create in Q would making noise about wanting new contract appear. In your there was talk at you'll see that they were going to treat him. Before that number team do we knew he could still walk ultimately put. You you still under virtual or you can bet quarterback beat you or do we want the best cornerbacks in the league nearly happened in the full of young guys on this roster. We're still on their first contracts and between time. Bill is also very cognizant of we have to get rid of ago it is I think you perfected the art of going you know a year tour early as opposed to you're too late in anything that figures into it well but they're like it could afford it forgot. They're excellent at the evil to identify guys port their system and what beat you to be able to do. I click Chris Hogan who was just you know an afterthought on the ball local cluster comes here. In your parents were integral part of what you wanna do offensively applicable to Wear that outfit to blunt the ripple flooding guys you know backup linebackers they're applying you know you have access. You all the way dale for her and not public but a step arguable went out for a couple weeks period but from wood Johnson about a bossi department's special team. You know Jonathan Jones or undrafted free agent variable the following you guys important debate and not put too much on their plate. But it does the re able to identify these guys know what you do well be maximized at the start. All would get a job my friend Howard things are there any coach Jerry snoring gallery did. Don't know but I heard before right it's glad he's here to go all too so you know if the Petrie to bear. In honor of the academic and the patriots make it if we knew we had to make it a bit. We finally got to connect an example of the first spotlight Sunday. Absolutely you know wide I'll tell you right now give up their weekend at a time we're doing many state cows are met Saturday night the week before and you will be my guest. On our our buddy Doug to sell NATO Christopher price W our agency W it's the Boston Martin journalists Abbas words you're gonna. Not what WEEI which he was but with the Boston sports he's moving up just in bigger and better I think in part due ended in prices is the show but. Nevertheless says crews were priced. Oh they're covering the and in the patriots are giving us the perspective on Martellus Bennett to thank him for joining us and Schneider orange hot like.