The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Baseball Brawls

The Producers
Friday, June 2nd

Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk talk about whether it's good or bad for baseball for the players to police themselves.


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It's. Okay. It's. It. Welcome bag ladies and gentlemen to the dive bar this and other producers here on 1057. FM the FAA and dot com I am Greg genetic that is Jeff Orlovsky. Talk a little baseball. We have a brawl on Memorial Day between Bryce Harper and hunter Strickland. Hunter Strickland club to Bryce Harper in the hip Bryce Harper proceeded then to charge the mound. At one of the worst Thomas throws have ever seen in the history. Of anything yes the out and then. A little brawl ensued Strickland got a good project on harbor harbor got a good fortune on Strickland. Nationals glided together and they both went fallen out of the ground like can be done deed the but I ask you Jeffords this that are. This is off because Bryce Harper. Hit two home runs off of hunter Strickland. Not one year ago Nat. Two years ago but three years ago in the playoffs yeah. In a year where they want in the World Series. But under your rules man so he wanted to plug. Bryce Harper. Are you alright with pitchers. And baseball in general. Policing themselves. Absolutely I love it I am a fan of violence. And you know that's why I like boxing that's why I like the and man made it's why I like. You know I like fights are like people get now after I like rivalries. Like all they saw I am definitely OK and yes it sounds stupid that it was three years. After the fact. And he's still pissed off and and and wants harper but so be it. You know I think it's great for baseball you know you look at it this story. Of the bench clearing brawl you know and Harper's awful helmet tossed. That led off every news program. I was one of the first things talked about on all the talk radio shows. This is why all of the NHL and the NBA finals you know armed and will play offs. NBA finals are still taking their three month break before the final starts. Bush. You know while that's going on there's playoffs. And championships. On the line. And that put baseball first story front and senator you're damn right it's a good idea. And obviously the people like it I think baseball should be happy about it. So I don't have a problem with it at all I would I love it man I love. I have no problem with. Policing themselves. Pitchers batters will do whatever they want. To a certain extent. When it comes to this situation. I think it's a little ridiculous you wanna get revenge on the guy pretend hidden two home runs are few strike tomorrow. I'll put some meat ball over the plate for him to knock out of the park strike him out now I'm all for. Guys were on the bases he slides in the second when his cleats up. And the next time he's up he gets plopped. A ball for that a ball Ford got it it's a home run and takes. Thirty seconds around the bases next time up. He gets plopped a ball for all of that why you're hitting a guy just because he beat you. Not because it is on the wrong now because Limbaugh Bob do you because he beach and I know Bryce Harper. Can be a prima Donna Bryce Harper can be hot and bright server got hit his rookie season by Cole Hamels. And Cole Hamels said after the game. I want to my purpose solid minute and I'll be fine I might get spread to read it on purpose because as the cocky young kid. Any needs nobody's and get thrown at every once in the while. So bottom of that as well. But if you're just plug and a guy because he got the best of you need look inside yourself. Harbour was attacked he SOB. In those in the those playoffs three years ago. And I know I don't think he bad flipped but he definitely took his time around the bases and might have been dark contrasts as well. So you know it's harper is not without without blame here now doomed the reason why. I love this and I love this in the National League because the next time they play each other. Hunter Strickland has sustained in that box there's no way the I guarantee you there is no way San Francisco has to make a plate appearance. If you starting of course he's good he's not a starter. Hey guys hearing you say gives impede gave these ever in the batter's box. Against the nationals. He's getting plunked it ended June TV they're not going over his hip. My goal little higher without our CI that's that's the one caveat with me is as long as you're not throwing at his head I got no problem. You know and yes I know injuries can have been saved hit him on the reinstated him on the elbow. You know and and shatters a bald or whatever well you know two bit sociedad. But. But I love it now. When I was sick as I did I don't like it in the American League you know say it's a starter who's who throws that you know pools or whatever. And then he doesn't have to actually face to face the fire Stanton in the box and he gets one of his teammates hit then I think his week. But if you're in the National League especially as a starting pitcher and you know that you're gonna have to sit here and and and man up in the box. Then I'm all for our mall for and I love. General Rommel violence either the one thing that and then I always think about when he comes to these brawls. What would happen if you are star player. If Bryce Harper punched we did part of his or would they be called Koptev. And knocked him out and broke his jaw. How long and then is Bryce Harper gonna be out for how long Lee was BC spend four. When it's just a little fight no reassert its part but it's strictly would've got hurt. You have been on a lot longer then I don't even know that the suspension came down today it's got chased from their board of three U harper in six games for Strickland right. If he would. Not Strickland out broke his job harper driving gone for good thirty games. On the other hand you got your. Your star batter all Robin hidden a guy what happens if harper breaks his hand. Punch in a guy and now he's offered three months then inevitably Griffin. You know you can't tell you actively trainer he it was his hand in hand to ride the pine forever this is ridiculous and also it definitely happens you know it's a man's sport. Tiger and and I I had no problem W I like violence I think there's nothing wrong with this whatsoever if you want duke it out. You see Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura. Go at it we're all Ryan it would deter to have argued head of about thirty times before anybody came around is awesome. The one thing you you can't do don't. Bring the bat. Right now we have don't throw the ball brighten if he's the ball and Andrea the ball came back to you don't throw the ball man now. Do I meant square up. Also would even mind if when the bench is clear just let them do like anyone hockey until one of them goes down everybody this around them and then bowled over done. The winter and seeing I think gee you know bit these planned bench clearing brawls give a bad look for. Is baseball players. Because so very very rarely does a punch ever get thrown even more rare does apartments get landed. So this was great because you bad bowl the pitcher and harper. Sit there and Landon good shacks Aaron each other OK so that was great I wouldn't Batista. Gotten the IO door air it out Ross was fantastic. You know. And so but usually the only people that looks silly our baseball players. Because you know you got Bryce Harper you know throw in his helmet like you immediately fifty cent thrown at first pitch that let you know and you know you get these guys who obviously. You know baseball you'd probably have you know you can be the least athletic out any sport. You know and and have a good baseball career usually those guys make themselves look like ass clowns. So this was a good one day you know I loved it I loved it I'm not a Bryce Harper fan you know. To me you know he's khakis Eragon he's an SOB. And it doesn't play for a team I root for so scroll. You know but. I don't know I just I don't see any bad thing and like I said. For this to be a huge story in baseball when there's play offs and title implications going and and for baseball to upstage all of that. I think it's just it's good for the game. I was guns and what do you think. Is this bad for the game of baseball is as good for the game of baseball that these. Pitchers and batters please themselves let us know at Twitter at 1057 FM the fan producers. Greg crew 82 and Jeff underscore last year. Just a big piggyback on this topic it is when this all brawl was going down. There's one. Player in particular that didn't take part yeah I have and there are Buster Posey. The catcher the gap we usually in the first one in the mix a bit. Trying to break it up. What are your thoughts on Posey in his lack of enthusiasm to take part in the everything that was going on I don't think it's a good look for him. You know you're the catcher here one of the best players on your team. Spreading the best besides mad bomb via. Your. One of the most well known catchers in the entire league. And for you just to stand back and and watch this all unfold. You know. Mean you're going out to the bar as soon as the show is done okay. So we're sitting there were drinking and I don't care if you say something the most ridiculous thing in the world. Or you know earth sung some guy is just sit there and you just call often cold cocked and it goes down I got your back whether it's a 1000% your fault or 0% your fault. I got your react no matter what your mobile. And how in the hell. Do you gotta have your teammates Beckett should be the exact same thing. Right wrong in different. June could you throw their mast down did you get ready to throw some hay makers. Rather written and that's web pages do clear because your help but you've got whether they're right or wrong you got their bad the only thing that makes. Miss. Situation different. Is if Strickland told Posey. I'm clarkin harper. And it's strictly knew harper would probably charge the mound and he wanted to be shot and and that's only way that makes what he did acceptable. OK but if cozy new debt that you know Strickland was gonna plug them and you know whatever happens after could happen after. Posey should should have still open three feet behind harper let Strickland try to get a couple punches in. But then you get out there and you you come to his defense you see the benches clearing and you still stand right by the you know by the banks got. Just watch and it all happened. I aim for that man you gotta get down and dirty which are boys teased you see. Bomb garnered the video bomb garner and see what it all went down to leave it looks like you wanna get in there is so bad but he does want to right. Right into the club magazine new man I got a bum shoulder from follow my motorbike guy again anything goes wrong then that's another dozen evident me. I'll tell you that the funny is fight. You remember when Darren Zimmer. No went out to the mound Beck when he resigning yankees. And he was probably what 7580. Years old and whenever Pedro when he went that Pedro and pay you zero. It's he Abdullah all the way server is way down and several hours afterwards is Brian insane needed never said that done it. My favorite one is I only know it was a major leagues I might they might have been in over in Japan where the batter gets plunked. And he does. Takes the kicker that the catcher immediately and it goes her crime in bed of the Internet that's the way to go about it and you get most most of the judge the birds what does album yeah you just did the judge. I that is going to the frigid. It's. No argue what you value Buster Posey city of held city not a vote that he is the star player but. Is it bad the forum week let us know. Coming up next segment. NBA finals. You are predictions. It's cavs warriors surprise surprise move. Every and I will let you know what we think here on the dive bar addition of the producers on one of 57 of them the fans Jack man. BC sports when you won't find. You excessive.