The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Brewers

The Producers
Sunday, April 23rd

04/23/17: Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk talk about the Brewers and their recent struggles


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Yeah. I. And welcome. Bag ladies and gentlemen you are listening live to the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057. FM. The thin dot com. Good to go brewers. There are now sitting at nine and ten struggling and losing for the last five games after having an aids phenomenal. Nine game road trip. We saw them go six in three. Jeffrey. Well you know what are the causes of the amber struggles right now. Starting pitching. You know starting pitching and does that Davies Zach. Say heck maybe. Wake up brother regular season started. You know to me is Dick Davies may and you look at him knees before starts nineteen and two thirds innings pitched that sit in four starts he's not even go 15. In in those nineteen point two. 29. Hits. Eighteen. Earned runs. He's allowed to read dinners. Ten walks. You know. Ten walks that that's more than half full walks per inning there he's pitching. Eighteen earned. That's almost an earned run. Per inning pitched. That's not good. That is just not good. You know zig Davies use you know quote unquote a surprise last year with how well he threw the ball. And soul on this on the flip side of the coin this year's been just a colossal. Disappointment to start man. You know he won his last start. Okay which makes them one and two on the year. His last RD 15 in a third he gave up eight hits in four earned but he got the win. In those five and a third allowing four earned runs he dropped his ERA. For the season. Could you repeat because that's a good man he shouldn't at ease a hair. Shy. Of I've 2.0 whip. Adding good man that does not know and is dead is not yet that done. And you know see ads dead Davies he's he's a big reason for. For the problems and and Feliz your closer. He's another reason. Owing to on the season six and two thirds innings pitched. Five earned runs allowed to dinners allowed three walks 675. ERA. And manner. I was not a fan of Feliz attempting in the four outs against the cubs. I I am not a fan of any clothes are doing that especially close to that's not dominant. Les is the dominant closer and I hate the four out save because he came and got that out in the eighth. And any struggle mightily in the ninth in the into the blues and it on. Russell three run homer and Anderson Russell and she bingo long. Yes they they're pitching their kitchen is the the reason for all failures. Yesterday they lost 41. In the room and get much offense put their offense has been on fire Ames's billion. President a hundred present to those brewers whom nobody knew. That this is gonna happen in and he is. Blowing it away we'd talk about your demo box covers national coverage moon Baines is all over the place baseball tonight. Scott didn't tell you name it. He's all over the board. Travis off the dinner you at home. A freak in monster. Animals why it's into the mountain project yeah that's the third level. And it was a homer that no one saw. Except me because I had to cover the game but that was when the box were just discs all eating the raptors in game history via. Pitching is has been issued bullpen. As has been has not been good starting pigeon one bright spot is willing brought. Now he's gotten me don't run. In his last start. But he's showing. Some signs of why he was. The top pitching prospect in the brewers' organization for awhile because he's. Now hitting 99. On the radar gun yeah and his indeed germs and altered his new mechanics. And he's he's looking in cherub exit as last game was. Laws and bush. Jimmie is another one it looks like he's. Regaining some of his form and why he was also. It's not prospectors are browser boomers or boards on the he is also jumping his. Miles per hour of good 34. Notches so. That there. If you have Davies pitching poorly. At least for all to Aden. Jameer Nelson are pretty and because of the exact jobs and last year. That's when Gary Davies sabres season because for all the notes and this horrendous now if you didn't have them you're you wait maybe sixty games we didn't have geared Davies which way they do. No this year Davies is struggling gear is obviously on the DO. And Nelson brought to our are doing a little bit better mean proper it Isa net three in one's soul. ZR is a little bit higher cost less in out an ego rocked he is. As I said. You know they're an operator and Jason Anderson has also been paused for a. That's what I was gonna say man chase he's been he's been cy young and I inferred that. I'm the brewers for the starters man chasing Anderson is off to one L of the stark. Yet kid he you know he said there and I'd I don't have his numbers in front of me. But Alitalia after three starts chasing Anderson's rocking a 150. ERA. Right now after yesterday's game he has he's started four games as three quality starts and had to know. 24 innings pitched. Only two of three earned runs on the season and 24 innings yeah shard this is struck out 22 batters parallel. Whips in net 104 with a ERA 113. Headed though a bit of pleasant surprise yet you're surprised. Am straight man he's been he's been insists he's been on fire now the one thing that I do want to say is that. Yes parole it is you know. Re doing and it up on on on the speed gun better than he was. But baseball has changed the way that they can judge MPH. You know now it's whatever the highest MPH should the pitches what it what it was so basically they're gone and it out of her hand. Not Wear crosses the plate. So you know yes. You know I'm sure even had Davies. Might register how high your. Again you bro I didn't 85 now that Nadal. But so I don't put any any salt in to what the radar gun. Is is saying because. You know you ought to test the true MPH for me it's where crosses the plate. It's what the batter has to swing and it's not common straight out of the out of the guys hanging it blocked chasing Anderson. On real he's been fantastic. This season and fantastic. And and it's it's good to see. You know obviously. Gear and Davies word quote unquote surprises last year gear up. Curtains at. The first inning her second inning of the season running out by creating a bunt. So that's disappointing. Davies like is said it was is just been god awful so far this year but. But chase Sanderson. My boy jet bandy. You know there you know Thain show logged there's a lot. A bright spots now usually in Milwaukee I hope you're sitting down. You're at the dive bars so you should be in the she you know you're you're talking to some chicks it's bar. Their disappointment. For me. Is in myself and and it's because the brewers get off to a nice start. The brewers have a fair and had delist from road trip nine game road trip goes six and three children in 10 well yeah they should all they should've swept the cubs. But. I got my hopes up man. I got my hopes up and now they come home in their fallen on their face they dropped two out of the first three to Saint Louis. With Sunday's game pending. Which I will be at Milwaukee hopefully you lark to I don't wanna see Miller Park home bathed in red. You know. So hopefully you guys show up and show of strong is. DR Bobble head day. You better future is out there hopefully this gives BR groaned as he is and he's struggling mightily so far this season he is besides. Many comedian who's also been pleasant surprise. A and Eric page we talked about it bay Indian Shaw and problems I was there the rest of the conference's. Struggling VR Santa Ana Garcia there below the Mendoza line. Yeah it's it's not a bad RC is submit to what I call will give her. It is good for oh let's say you Milwaukee. Why were struggling and what do they need to do to improve. Music Twitter at went up by some producers. Great crew 82 and Jeff underscore Orlovsky. That segment we the NFL draft coming up Christmas it is by a besides the NCAA tournament. It's my favored three days of the year I love the drama love and of those drugs as well and we will get into the and of that it's ugly dive bar this and other producers 1057 FM the fan in Jack again. This sport so you won't find. Excessive.