The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Brewers in 1st Place

The Producers
Friday, June 2nd

Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk discuss if the expectations for the Brewers season has changed and how long the Crew will remain in 1st place.


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Welcome in the ladies and gentlemen you are listening though I human. To the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057. FM the fan dot com. I am your host Greg Janet sitting next to the men the myth the legend Jeffrey or allow asking are you doing today is they're fantastic. Brother yourself I'm doing very well thanks for asking beautiful day outside. Beautiful week so far I was more than. I was nice men is but I spent half of the year but. You know the other half was great good good glad to hear. Really good show for you guys today gonna talk about a little brewers action going on this week and how the season has gone on so far. I read darva baseball in general and the brawl the mainly by the babe if that happened on Memorial Day. Rossi and give you our finals NBA finals predictions in our Stanley Cup predictions also growing a little. Racine and tiger would talk. But we will start off with the Milwaukee Brewers. Who as of today which is may 31. They are still. In first place yesterday and still up a game and half. We're are almost. Statistically. Mathematically. 13. Into the season. Didn't. Have your expectations changed. On what the birds. I'm one on the season and to kind of they should start the rebuild quote unquote. Move along faster. My expectations. Yeah a little bit I forgot exactly what my win total was at the beginning of the season but it'd probably be around 74. Somewhere in that neighborhood. Now I do. Expect him to finishes season. Closer to 500 I still think it'll end up below 500 on the year. I don't think dead. Anything that's going on now should accelerate to rebuild I I understand how die hard brewer fans do. But when you when you look at it you know. The cubs are way down. There not playing well. I don't think that's gonna last the entire year. And when the cubs get a hot. Even if the brewers are red hot there crew won't be able to keep up. So I don't. I don't want them to make any drastic moves. You know if you if you get a it obviously goes the tube high price. You know big contract guys at the crew have put. You know I would so I would still want them to wheel and deal like Stearns has been doing since he got here. And still try a you know still do would you do with. That's you know that's my view on now. My extra days that changed a little bit as well I believe I had them winning seventy games. Around there and I think there will be closer 500 now just because. You look at their offense they do have the offensive firepower you had your streaks where. They were flat but for the most part you have a good hitting team know the pitching and that's going to be. The back breaker that's gonna be does determine whether or not this team stays in first and stays in the hunt. Or doesn't because it all depends on your. Starting rotation. The way council. Works his pigeons have their bullpen. If they keep bungle in the way they are now they're gonna get burned dull the records win season and they're getting worked because your starters. Aren't going longer than 56 cents. Yep so if you're starting pitchers can start to. Gold deeper into games I think that will definitely. Help the chances of this team. Continuing goods. Chase. Title or at a division title. As part yours and I believe I didn't I agree with the was pres cubs I do think the cubs will get hot there's too much terror on that team. To be play in the way they are now and offensively pitching wise they they they're a stud team and they will hit their stride men in a great coach to do something to get him in year whether be. July or August some of them have been in the gonna get to go on I don't think the cardinals. Are here to stay on the they have as much talent as the cubs do. But it's the cardinals cardinals are always there because they have a phenomenal organization. The reds on to your door by the reds and all in there and rebuild mode and the pirates are. Starting. To be in rebuild mode yeah so match occasions have changed. My question to you Milwaukee is what do you think. How Long Will this brewers team stay in first place units up on Twitter at. 1057 producers. To give me a great crew 82 we did Jeff edge up underscore or last game. So I oppose question your Jeff. How Long Will this burst he remain in first place. I would not be surprised if two crew is still in first place one month from today. So the at last day of June. Dad would not surprise me now I think once the hot hot summer months come July August. I fully expect to cubs to hit their stride by them. And so I I given at least another month that you know the deafening the bad thing for the brewers is that. You know they've sort of been struggling lately. And it seems like every time every time they are brewers win the cubs win every time the brewers lose the cubs lose. You know so they're not pulling away. With the division lead like they should head. And I bet I think is gonna come back to a vitamin he asked booked. You know is this season has been great it is were one days short of the first date June. This team is 88 in first place. Would beat dirt dirt freak and exciting to watch. And it seems like you know a lot of the times it's a different hero every day you had Danes you know. Kitten lights out the beginning of the season and he's been struggling mightily. But but it's always somebody new you know Kenya. Bandied. So guard Domingo has come up was just some monster clutch hits. Our CEO you know he's not hitting as well as he should but he's come up clutch and he's about ten or eleven game history now yeah and you know Shaw. You know so it's. Cattle you know it's a fun team because it's a different hero every night and is all of our abroad as well Alia yeah absolutely so. You know if the pitching can hang in there. You know and obviously they got to go a lot deeper in gains. But if if the pitching can hang in their man you know why I give them another another month. In first place I think they'll be in the hunt till the all star break. I think the be first or around first till the all star break after the all star break I think Stearns knows that. This team isn't going to win the World Series this team isn't going to. Go against the nationals. Or any other powerhouse team Dodgers the Dodgers or even. American League teams if you were even to make it to the rose is that this they're they're not gonna win a World Series in a big Stearns noses so I think after the all star break. Whether they're in contention or not. It's Stearns gets a deal for somebody he's gonna make dead deal so that means Garza is now on irritation guards has pitched pretty well. Since he came on the DOD so that's one pitcher out. We've replaced them with her all day gonna do it because for all is gone of the pad and been just as bad in the pen and he wasn't starting pitcher via. You get opera for brawn. I don't think that's gonna happen what his injury history so far this early in the season. But you do trade him off if you get knock your socks off firfer. Names. Yet why not yeah why not go go ahead and straighten right so I think that they will stave. Round first place until the all star break in it and they also breakage is gonna. Complete region. I just hope did when he when Stearns and I fully expect him to the legacy and keep wheel and deal and like you know lake use it as well. I just hope that he starts making more moves. Four pitchers instead of position players because the brewers' minor league system is pricked T damn stay act. With position players. And with a few exceptions there's not a whole lot of young arms. Common through that system. You know odd Taylor young men just got promoted from double weighted AAA. Well will be free can do not been there done that seen him just. Be hot garbage. So you know I'd like deceit. Stearns wheel and deal for more more pitchers. Iger and incur the gathering pitching as well go way they need to go you have enough outfielders. You have enough middle in middle infield up the middle players right now. And I loading even. Be mad if they included a one of those top prospects. In a deal with a broad to bring in aides top notch to B and pitching prospect. Because you don't have. Down the road three years and has rebuilt this won't be complete in 2020s. In years we'll start competing for titles you don't have any pictures at all heater is might be your only one. But they're not projecting hater to be a number one starter number an ace of a squad right in wesun 2000. Eleven how far ace of the squad can take you when you read great. So I would definitely have no issuing them trading aid. Raid not a hundred brands into the brains of the the future faces organizations can rightly be traded. Brad Phillips. In addition to Ryan abroad for a top notch Phidget prosper Dhabi off for that. Yeah yeah I agree do they need more arms in in the system. And and that you know I wouldn't even be against if they took kinda led to Green Bay Packers. How they took. Who are running their quantity over quality in in the draft this year. You know if you trade Ryan brawn and you trade him for like forward decent. Pitching prospects. What the whole day at Warner to a home and actually pan out and become something. And whether or like one of them becomes a two and one from becomes a for at least you know you have to pieces that you're starting five in the same deal. How would be heck are we over the moon would dead acting that would be a fantastic trade is well. Am woody thing Milwaukee. What do you think the brewers to do. It becomes to Wear their first place and they wheel and deal should they stay pat. Should they trade away some prospects for pitching talent of the council there's also rumors that they might go after geared coal from. The fire season. I don't know I want to trailers and prospects for referred aids and lets you can guarantee that is going to be here. I used on the road amp so low what do you think Milwaukee what do you think the burden will do what you think they should do. Those on Twitter at 1057 producers Greg through 82 and Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Coming up we're gonna talk about. They may have saved by the days including Bryce Harper in hunter Strickland. And baseball in general and policing themselves. You are listening to the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057 FM the fan Jack man. This scored 410 flex. You excessive.