The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Brewers 25 Games In

The Producers
Sunday, April 30th

04/30/17: Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid discuss the Brewers season so far.


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You know. Welcome back to the dad artists and the producers here at seven then the thing and act Roger Klein week. Greg is she'd like to know. This yeah sure who is that's Roger Klein in the peacemakers. Who is appease. As is totally opposite of what I normally do is to love this but. You know we're not sure about four songs into that I was certainly in my car and put on some of them Lyle H Ream in medal we're driving up to the packer game allows you went on to the the giants game. And I and use France's these cases all the CDs or had like under these things that he's like it. About one Nazis and you know wireless mice to re see it at that that. Yeah yeah that apple about four songs do anything around that bouts. All right well we're about well now after last night's game 26 gains in tuned we will be 26 games after game three days of 26 is going on right now this Sunday when a record and is there ladies engines. So 25. Dean report card on the brew crew Greg used the you're dressed like Bernie the group were today yeah Greenberg year ended 20 yeah brewer where. That that wouldn't. It's your 25 game report card wrote. Let's see and it was saying. Offensively I would give them aid. It seemed as I will give them an app hole. Oca diving beds pretty much if you look at the record. Offense is care numb in the business m.'s failure number and that's why they're sitting at most 500. Now is aims to continue to do what he's doing and who knows right now he is. Exceeding the winners from the guys that I think we'll get better are not doing as well you know we gotta be art out there and as wells and tenant and as well. I think that they will. Improve. As they aims comes. Closer down early as that glass slipper starts the background so as he called living these Oregon arise. And I had the head. Mears I think that there. I am very motivated to there are friends will be fine. Defensively. And it is what they there. It's it's a mishmash group that they are put together some and you you're looking at essentially we'd target Rosen produced by guest. You amid the Indians are Major League is his team that they're just. Dornin until you get. Your guys are now so here is yet could have been better bad. And fees so I think that offensively they're don't Phnom I didn't I don't think anybody saw this coming and mud is pitching wise EU Jimmy Nelson got. Ron last night and observed David counsel go more in an eco bogged down Bundy is. Postgame presser well it was a lot of fun and when here. There was little need it's art or gore got beat up Bible counseling and Jimmy notes is it called little dance and you know it was due I thought. You can say what you want about I think times are really really good reporter I think it was a really really ballot question answer I didn't think there's anything wrong with that. Excuse me he heaped phrased it in out in a way that was really really. An honest and just try to say anywhere unit. Are you gonna try to changer attacker unit and a meat may be a first exchange I don't know these people are squared up passed ball all the aged mean. So there's I think last I don't post game show. I gave them immediately solid beat him as still into the grade. Perspective it would 85. Which to me. Going to be doing all that so happy at all and you when you look at how this team continually grows. It's his back into the bullpen which we knew it was going to be an issue after you shipped out Tyler for bird you shipped out Gerri Jefferson last year. You gave up on Wilson you've got. Still expert for Will Smith so you decimated that back into the bullpen. And your count on guys like net tally police who has been a whole run launching pad for his entire career. Jake Barnes who I think could be closer you get the opportunity. And he is really really well all season long and then he gets shelled in one game when he really really neat so I think. It's all got to tie together and it's all this big you know marathon not a sprint thing we hear about the baseball season but. Halfway through her 25 games in you look at it and say. They're a little bit better than we thought. They probably should have a mark that's a lot better than what it looks like right now yep but you can at least see development you can see improvement when. Right now they probably about five of their eight guys in the starting lineup hitting. Like they should be. There upsides and use your salad B solid B what was yours Greg are you must see SC they're they're they're known. What I thought there exceeding my expectations a little bit on in the C plus. But it is their their pitching staff is is just it's not good and the reasons as Davids are said you should have to weigh all your tail on for prospects and now you have your starting pitchers though that you think. Might be there when this rebuild is complete. Now he's got to wake up via. Davies isn't doing well. Jameer Nelson is doing well proposition. Higher marks on the on the gun but he's getting rocked a little bit too. Gear out you don't know what you gotta know I don't JC Anderson is pitching very well. But AD you don't see I don't think anybody sees teams innocent in that rotation. When the Reba is complete so you're your your pitching right now is is failing you. And you really can't do anything to help debt and that she brings some of these guys up. And then at that words I'm exact person service time to do that when you know you're not going anywhere this year. See I give him a solid B plus and now so I'm your 85%. Out of it obviously gave 88 which if by European. Jobs were lost class room if you ever got an 88% and I you know that's an a plus plus admired academic rigor that they don't freaky for all you do my mama wrote via bat freaking objective I would again Canadian papers. So but you know the thing what the brewers pitching is that they never had changed its okay game wore on. You know Gary gets hurt he's done. So you're count Tommy Malone OK it's and I got Malone yet Davies who's struggling yet Jason Anderson has been greatly altered his pitch good. But you know there so many innings giving tick down of that bullpen. You know it's only. How long can these guys hold on. And you don't even really know exactly what you got now Garza comes back we all know what you know what garbage he has. So it's even more and more innings for the bullpen. So it's hard to say you know you got guys struggle like Feliz like leg Barnes you know called probable bad outings here and there. But is it just being soul you know being asked to do so much straight out of the gate that these guys you know and well most of them are young. Didn't even get a chance to get their feet wet before they got thrown in the fire and not even to the fire got thrown into the horror of the freak and by. I also think a lot of it goes armed council as well and how you manage your starting pitching because you'll get some of these guys are there on the starting pitchers they're Dorell Wright. Going into the fifth and then you Poland in their leaving with eighty pitches and nearly eighty pitches. Yeah that and I don't know why you're taking them out but is the entire coaching career he's had. A habit of doing that and take the pictures out early quick trigger you also have some relievers that you really important. Billy can address those because he doesn't post game show would would Tim Allen every day but how often has enabled in the game. Yeah I totally agree Tim and I talked about that the last couple days and we are in the we we got years ago numbers locker room yesterday and Craig Counsell talked about it with us. About a week ago during the during his media availability. Somebody asked him a core chip asked that question Eason and you know you've had leads. Now in. Now it is 23 of the first 25 games you had a lead and he said it's kind of his quote was it's fun with numbers. What what is fun with numbers when you look at you had a lead in these games so you're getting runs your scoring runs. And you're pitching staff knows that they can pitch with profits I talked. Two I chase Anderson. I yesterday on the on that show and he said dude you go out here in you know we're gonna score runs it allows you to be loose it allows you bro. The stuff that you know you can throw a you're not looking at my my spots coming up in this order you know I got to get through this inning to try to get here. So. As the consistently. Grow. As an offense. Their property right now there Slater probably finish in the top seven all of baseball which I don't know I'd release happening especially we said. They're really do a hot this. With Al a couple of guys in their line up late the hours release certain companies yeah multiple hit games I think I'm the last seven. And Kia Broxton is slowly but surely shown so easily Garcia's. Handling about a lot better he's his pitch selection has gotten a lot better and air arises released earned c'mon so I think. There're guys in this lineup that you know you're going to be able score runs. Sooner or later I things act eighties. Comes back to the norm yet I'm a much better outing last time out. And he's got past the pitch to count he's not going to be able over EU. He's not going to be able to that 85 mile an hour right and got an intimidating guy and I did not have a allows you lifetime amounting you're shaking your roots here to look at Adam in it's it's it's what it's. So. When he starts coming back to where he can be I think he's a good number re. You have the tools where. I hate to see it I don't see this team finishing under five on. From what I see right now it's hard for me to think that this team can't be in an 8384. Win ballclub. Now. I in the mirror and say I'm mean when regular season prediction in previous broadcast. I think Adam you know 75. And having him in at 75. Is close. To 500 I think that's northern end up I don't think there offense will continue to. Beyond fire the way they are now in old themes is. In like hotcakes Shaw started out with a Boston last year hitting fantastic and then and then he came in any event dearth nothing but the Ames's. Your first or this is your first point five games in the majors in four years and so teams don't know how to pitch you. The big thing with Dave's gonna be you're second time around how well you do against these pitchers are not and if you're Tora these same numbers that you're for real. But it. They're gonna be around 500 and in. They're not gonna have a top five draft pick and but they're not gonna make plans. And as a comic and it connects with a lot of these with these baseball teams a lot of times you finish you can be a 500 ballclub with. A six game winning streak. Or a 500 ball club within eight game losing streak so Qaeda that ladies and you know that 75. To 82 win marked it can count all. Clustered together and when do you even now and what what's the biggest run that you go on that you can't recover for a gift. Regardless did so far they've been an exciting team to watch imagine enjoying yourself every now exactly investigate all it's all you can ask for out of a team that has a payroll of sixty million. Mean as long as your goal of the games near have a good time. And you're seeded team let's try and begin their effort every game that's all you want out of a program that's rebuilding. Yeah I agree what's that you Milwaukee what grade would you give the brewers 25 games and it is up on Twitter at 1057 producers. At great crew 82 at bill Schmidt radio ad Jeff underscore or olasky. Gentlemen I used that term loosely. There's been. It was awesome next summer memories expecting. Okay rule what are we gonna do it to that site and it. Drunk now obviously maybe like a six pack of leader Matt good liter bottles of vodka guests expect handles may be good six bag these networks for me I just had a heck of a vendor that I'm coming off of you guys is keep right then let's go get drunk right now. Milwaukee. Raise your glass. Yes here's to life. BC sports forty. No fun. You excessive.