The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Brewers Skid

The Producers
Saturday, July 29th

Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid discuss the Brewers woes since the All Star Break and preview the upcoming series against the Cubs.


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Welcome Mahan ladies and gentlemen you are listening live to the dive bar addition of the producers. I heroes Greg Janet sitting to my left is bill baby cow submitted to my right is Jeffrey or last year how we doing those. Awesome man I'm good leaders throw light of these people Greg. Listen to a life. That was in the I've. OK we're just not alive. When they listen don't listen to Lafayette I had to listen to a live there on the deck they got a beer home. You are let's not have a good debate and at a. Really great show bring guys coming up got a little horizontal. Little packers' training camps are in good socks and NBA carrier wants to get traded from the camps because he no longer ones player LeBron James. Emirates are about your man card which you can have. Hi gonna take it away pretty much as well we're gonna talk about. But to start out with the Milwaukee Brewers who have since the author break have not been doing well they lost today to the Washington Nationals by a score of fifteen attuned to it was not pretty. The nationals had five home runs in winning which included four in a row and Michael was a mid to start might be his last start ever for the birds. Gentlemen. And a baby tells us start with the you. Look at the brewers do to stop the skid. Winds of baseball games obviously I think is the cookie cutter question answering your viewers score some more runs some. Also really just comes down to guys. It's it's kind of right now a history repeating itself. What in the beginning of the year what was the story bullpen was blown games and the starting pitching went down. The bats for keeping them alive for so long and in a couple of weeks ago in this slide chemist started on Pittsburgh a bats kind of went silent especially the runners in scoring position. And you haven't seen that. Sense and you haven't seen them be able pick themselves up. And continually. Consistently get hits with runners in scoring position I think you're gonna kick out of this thing guys there I think they're too good ballclub right now. And what they've shown for over a hundred games but. Also believe it's clear in the hadn't it sounds good sounds bad Jeff but it's. It's the situation very got to look past and continue on and just keep pushing forward like Matt Garza would say just keep grinding and stick to the process. Yeah you know for me I think they're gonna bounce out of it to. You know this the season just goes in waves and the bullpen struggled in the bullpen got it together. The starting pitching struggles for a little while starting pitching is fantastic zig navy's mowed down the freaky nationals. And raving browse and had one hell of a start like drain now you know so. You know when they played in the national scored what their first run in the sixth inning. Of game two men so it for you to shut out what's considered the National League best lineup. For. What fifteen innings. That's pretty impressive it was and you know meet blame counsel for the facility bullpen management in game two and then you know that blazer can brawl over just a disaster day. But the bullpen will bounce back in the bats will wake up again and the problem for the brewers is that you play three at Washington look you know they. A ten. You know it's accidents not a good stretch. It's a test though when you're when you're young ballclub that everybody goes through and ultimately. It comes down to beaten good teams and once you once you see that Friday as. That that changes the approach a lot especially with these dudes. In the middle of a pennant race in the middle of their first you know second third seasons especially guitar Trevor Shaw. He he's only in his third year in the big leagues. And he's now owned Torrey six years old producing at the level that some people thought he could when he was you know nineteen won the Indy reined him in that situation. And now we are here so once your once you're really thrusts in that situation. You it was some adversity and it super cliche it's coach speak but they're cliches for a reason because ultimately they're somewhat true. And you're big time players make big time plays kind of the analogy that a lot of people do. Today on the big show Gary said there's the difference between bros and Joe's. And you kind of figure out who's a broad now and who's going to be able to step Bob won once you see these scenes once you see these teams they're gonna have to play in the playoffs is you're all familiar to get there. A review Billy having there in a snap out of the skid. They're bats are just too good to I have them. Continue this in enjoy the season too good all season long to continue this losing streak and the bullpen. Going into the Philadelphia series for a span of almost a month was one of the best boy opens in all of baseball in there ERA was. In though lol too cool news from some months straight and now you have some guys that it's it's that it's a combination in the bullpen you don't just have. One guy continues in blown it like Willie brought them you have a different guy every day that is now. Give it up a ball won't run. And it almost seems it raises to an art form sometimes guys when you when you look at it. Look Leahy said gray it's not just 11 guy blowing up one day. It's a movement it's baseball you're gonna give up runs the other guys are pros I mean I think we all overlooked at an all pro sports but the other guys on our on the other side or play in the same game you are. But. You're gonna give up runs but in so many situations this year to sell many situations on this road trip. Jake barns on Saturday against the Phillies. You know Oliver Drake Saturday against the Phillies you don't blow a seven run lead just wondered. Got in another bowl of good bench you come out if you don't give up fifty well she knows what did not give this a granted it was only two Obama I don't think we ever sought at. Talent but. To an extent it. They've they've kept each other up been held each other up when they needed it there that are not grow. They're not a great group out there blood. They've done that they've done the job they catch you refer to an extent all yearlong. It the interesting thing is gonna come this weekend when they face the cubs. Sure the cubs are playing better baseball. You know there are racan since he also armory. And the rumors confine themselves in a deficit now you know obviously they've held the division lead for most of this season. But. You know you have a bad week long stretch with the cubs didn't. You know they could find themselves in second place looking up pretty quick. But like you say you know I think they will bounce back and play better baseball and the good thing with a group. You know early in the season when the bats. Were just you know on fire it was a different guy every night. So eventually the bullpen is gonna get back to that. And hopefully council will leave leave the guy in if he's if he's got his good Saddam and that you know keep yanking guys after one better and stuff. Well see here here we're gonna dominance cubs series on June 20 or July 28. Think Beck fourteen days ago two weeks it was the end the all star break and what was the conversation guys it was well at some point the cubs are gonna get hot. And you just got to see how the brewers are gonna withstand that situation. Could there be a worst case scenario. I mean your company you've lost that you lost four of eight since the all star break and they've won what 1010 of twelve yeah. On fire so so what you eagle lit out here and now your face are in year one and a half game back. Gave back so you're not out of it you can't be out of it there's fifty eight's black wreck so it's EE you're either gonna have to do who. Or you're gonna back it up and mail it and you know age you can't just take your ball and all you gotta finish out the year. And you finish out. In some one of the fashion you did for the first hundred games you're gonna beat this thing Julia. Numbers are gonna go down lately mean you look at July 6 when they play the cubs and their one game series for the the fake rain note. And they demolished. The cup so there at the brewers aren't afraid. All of that team. They don't have young players that honestly they don't care they're going there and there having fun and they just wanna play in the gonna play hard in their mid. Give their asses out every single game and try to win so they're not they're not threatened by the cubs and yes they know they're down but they're not afraid of him. And you now have 83 game series against the cubs followed by three games here's against Saint Louis. Two rival teams near division and this is when you need to make cane give back in. In the rays can try to get back in the first place and put some distance at least. Between Saint Louis and yourself Susan did try to limited to a two man race so Jeffrey let me ask you. Three game set against cubs how many games the brewers stick. I'll give him one. I think you're gonna lose and Friday you know Quintana again Souter. With the way Canton outfits his first start for the cubs. That that's going to be tough Kyle Hendrix in game two of begins junior year of Hendrix you don't you know he's one and oh against the crew this year I think that's going to be our own I give them a human Sunday against Lackey and and the ways dead Davies pitched against the Washington Nationals. If he can throw even have their good against Chicago Cubs cubs are in trouble. I. Penders come an office in reaction and is now this is going to be a second start off the DL correct yeah and win and when he came out first time. I was listening to that the flag ship bound Chicago and they were talking about talking to Madden. Is it do every Tuesday amid on the mid day show and it. His his take away from the whole game cat Hendrix wasn't great he went for two thirds gave of I think eight hits in bud captive to one run you know that the keep your team in the ball game for as long user and and it was standing stay on top of the robber. That might be a winnable game guys and there's still this situation there's still this there's this belief with me that Canton are all season long. In early so the first three months. The reason why he was struggling so much in the beginning of the year and White Sox fans were Sam our act immediately and any daily dollar and be able yet this guy should trade him in the offseason. Well it was because he was given a home runs so there's anywhere that breeds home runs in National League central they're coming in play and air tomorrow night. There's a great opportunity in all three of these games for the crew come in and take these gains to get I think you measure remarked. Zach Davies is is the bat better pitching duel on Sunday and Saturday. You know Hendrix against guerra. Right now I didn't come on the GI I'd say it take your I haven't seen anything from Kyle Henderson 4017 that makes me think that he's unhittable. Is that he's John lesser ease the Kyle Hendricks from from last year read all three of these games are opportunities for you to get back into this thing and all three of these games. Barring you know. Back to back to back to back its sequence of home runs that you should be and every one of these game. Guns and calendars is less threes ours is on one with a 675 ERA. Yeah as you said he is not the 2016 can answer any as many public tech command his fastball even before you went on the DL. My guess that was that ozone man Husseini was he was struggling and Hendricks went up to a city out. I didn't have it's an act I couldn't and her best also now maybe this is the situation. Where he comes in and he's got it dialed handing your you know on the hook for the next seven innings and buckle up because. You're gonna have to go on to Sunday's game and hopefully be in trying to take two or three. So. The problem that the crew is gonna hand and yes they have a chance in all three of the games no problem IR you know swings it's it's no place against against scherzer. No yeah back button exactly but your face in the cubs who obviously like you said ten out of twelve their hot as can be. The cubs' bats are waking up now and somebody woke up Kyle's warmer tonight because he hit two years in a triple. How short were ran his bad ass from the whole play at third base was outrigger hotel makes an out. So how somebody woke him up man. And you know it's gonna be it's going to be tough you know Rizzo has been launch in home runs Bryant's hit he's driven and a bunch lately Zobrist has certainly hit. So you know wall like he says that the crew have a chance in all three of those gains. Are catching the cubs at at you know. At a tough time. So if they can hang in with this with the three and against Chicago intrigue and Saint Louis and even just go 500. And go you know three and three. That ain't it. And aimed it. Save 500 you maintain pacer had you mean you're not in a loser and and union are gaining any ground. So I guess setting out how many of those three losses he entered this exactly and that that all depends on that as well. I think they get when all three of these games in town has been studs is again the cubs but. Kyle Enders hasn't been same handers last year lackeys been horrible the entire year. I could see them take it. And oh. Sub three EU IRAs and seals are equally at ease blow hard computers yeah I hate to I think I may. I figured I see him I wanna watch and and it made you know like how Kotler you know headed jerk face that every time he saw a picture Jay Cutler you disarm once and they might do the exact same way about it. Okay with a because somebody they can be John Lackey and they come against Cardoza mean just. Take two I just take two or three when the series against both. Ball teams you're heading in the right direction. But do you think the brewers. Bill will make any moves before lost their brick. Every arms are before the tournament. Our I think it's good news is it's it's gonna come down to the price. Always there's not been an indication. Where David serves gonna break his plan he overspend. I wouldn't be surprised if it is around shall I know there's Dave the stories then. He wants a controllable young arm he wants the ability to keep you for at least two years. That price just might be too. And maybe you take the opportunity. And get somebody to keep you in this race guys they're gonna need pitching. If they're gonna be able to come down here down the stretch Thurgood need pitching to just. Wish them all the way through September. And he's always gonna have to start now is Michael blazed a church valley start again it calm and you know we've we've they've caught lightning in a bottle of Brent suitor. It looks like you're gonna have to add at least water Jim marble and arms were starting pitcher so yeah I do think that make a move. I think they do but I think it's bullpen because you got Jason Anderson is gonna get come off the DL. Shortly so you know he's still probably estimate 12. Minor league Reid is there's probably I would say so yeah you know but it won't be too long to chase comes back again you know the in the bullpen help. But this is what we were talking about earlier in the season about how does the starters were going deep enough. So you tech guy and innings that these guys have pitched already. You know this is I think that's probably either in this rough spell it pitch with the bullpen and says pearl whose. And given him now. But. We'll see you know obviously I like is that if they go three and three. Between the cubs and cardinals it's great I don't see them. I don't see him going four and two you're. I've longer and better. You know Zeta Evan but you never know me and they stick with those massing of history and -- baseball mean that is baseball via you get on a streaky get hard he -- you on the cold streak and you know you lose boards against and that's originated as a reason they play a 162 games and the brewers play up they play the better teams. Well they struggle against the Phillies which is the worst team in basic weather competition and they should have beat two out of three with the nationals if they would one you know than the game too but. You know they play up to their competition or say me what say you Milwaukee. What more Burres and make age raid before the deadline bring in some ball and how maybe starting pitcher. Where they need to do to get back in the first place and possibly win the NL central this have been Twitter have won a 57 producers. Jeff underscore Lonsky. Comic Greg crede to David's house bill Schmidt to radio. Those red radio just sounds good to sounds good. Coming up next sort of dug a little by little bit about the Green Bay. Hackers. The 2017. Championship season is now upon us also it's OK to say that for the Packers season and we just keep chastised. We do for the brewers. I'm just sick I visited with you and is cute. An incentive to of the brewers were in loans and engine. And that's the dog food and I felt that I. I love for the birth to an agenda to be more excited for the brewers to win the World Series that it will be for the Packers to an ineligible because it would be a gift from the radio gods we've already been given one year that there from its bridge the gap all the way to training camp. I was on what I'm statewide Joseph and Michaels said and I asked some kind of an appropriate question during by herself and I asked the brewers won a World Series. Before Joseph it's engaged and he said and my at my on over under for Joe's relationship is like the brewers. Give me a Packers season. That's an we have coming up next in Green Bay drag dog training camp starts. It will be better for the producers here I'm 1057 up on the sand dot com. These are sport it's. A he Milwaukee. You excessive.