The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Bucks Playoffs

The Producers
Sunday, April 23rd

04/23/17: Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk discuss the Bucks playoff series with the Toronto Raptors


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Time now you can demand. No one. Well come into ladies and gentlemen that you are listening to allow time. Too deep dive bar edition of the producers. I'm 1057. FM the fan dot com. I am your host Greg Janet sitting next to me. Is the man the myth the legend. Mr. Jeffrey. Odds gorgeous outside and it's painful B and in here but good he didn't show. Yeah man loves bring about my allergies don't love spring. But. I'm just happier news. Is they're happy news there is every news. The Milwaukee Bucks. Are in the playoffs they are in the Milwaukee Bucks. Are four games in the playoffs and they're not out. There are now tied. 222 with the Toronto Raptors. On back to Toronto for pivotal game five. Jennifer sir what is gone wrong and what has gone right so far in this books throughout a series. Well for me you know in half and it's disappointing because. Were four games in to the raptors series in the book should be moving on to around two. Now all they have thoroughly. Out played Toronto. And in all four games man it you know. It was just brutal and the game yesterday game four was. Just painful to freak you watched. And you knew that once the Bucs got up to the one that Toronto was gonna come out in game four. And just you know. Basically play with their pants on fire and at the box could weather the early storm. Which they did they should've been in good shape to win their game as well now the problem man. The turnovers and in yesterday's game was as it was it was hard to watch. And they played just that is played like crap. And they had 23 can turn overs yesterday. She'll win a playoff game with twenty turnovers. And it was just it was just a comedy of errors it was it was brutal. It was brutal and Brock didn't did not play well. But you know yeah highness it's just every time he touched the ball either he was making a spectacular play any offense amenity Ari was thrown it away. And that's now would you use to seeing with his team now. The box in the games that they won they won game one they won game three in those two games combined they had eighteen turnovers. In the two games they've lost. They've had 31 turnovers. So. If they can take care of the ball. You know it seems like Dave gat. They've got it down how how to defend this team and it and everything like that and they can sit there and you know. Vick could push Toronto man Toronto is not the better team of from what I've seen eye test in these four games the box. Our the better team and a book should be moving on. But if you can't take care of the ball. It. It's gonna be rough Nia. Yesterday's kill him. It was or was horrendous to watch it really was and as you stated bribe and then play well those of Dover dole wouldn't play well the point guards in general. Did not play well. I love what Africans for conspiracy theories and I know a lot of people say they MBAs regs. But I thought the refereeing in yesterday's game was atrocious. Yeah I thought the balks were getting hammered. And nothing was being called a lot of those turnovers. We're way in so he was charmed the group and all of a sudden biggest slap on the arm ball comes loose and there's no call game. It was it was the the reverend was atrocious. Yeah artists. He looks like he's putting too much pressure himself for an yes it did yesterday's game heat as you said. Was either make this particular players from ball over and there's four times where you didn't. Want to borrow his hands which is odd to say is this whole book season. Is predicated on what yacht as did mine so for Burton to think that and I haven't brought your mind is mind boggling. But they need other people step up or will they need to do was step up you know yeah artists went when he. Miss nineteen shots threes attempted ninety shots the 419619. Some McVeigh yesterday. You really have nobody else has taken a discordant note if Yahoo! doesn't put it in Woolsey got Milton had a decent game. And roll but you don't have anybody else these days that's DeVon of the score in the he did earlier in the season when Parker went down and that's something you really really need. You need other guys have focused Yana schedule in his own. Now gore didn't. To game five the way the series gone box or game one parks or game three hopefully win game five and trend continues they'll way to game seven hopefully knock on wood. What do the Bucs need to do. In game five to get the win. Well they need to take care of the ball first and foremost they also like you said they need other people step up. Besides yeah Alison Middleton they kin and Munro they can't just be the only three guys that that score on your team. Be easily wake up brother you know he's had a fantastic year big guy his fans he's a great teammate in the locker room I love. Michael Beasley but he needs to score some buckets Jason Terry. Wake up Graham pot. You know get recharged at a hover around man and figure out how to get did damn ball in the hoop. You know odds. Jason Terry has been such a fantastic story all season long. You know I I get that. He needs to sit there and start making some DM three pointers man. You know he was fantastic regular season play off time jet let's go brother. You know. Those guys need to step up because. It seems like and and in this is gonna be weird for me to say. Did. They're Jason Kidd is kind of pulled his head out of his ass and I like his rotations satellite defective Mears as Nazi in the floor. Think Garrett shot Vaughn isn't seeing the floor. You know so. I am on the same page with him with that. But now it's time for the for the guys the veterans. Hairy easily. Pollen damn whoo man now you know it it's great as I look like the way that snell is playing in the in this series and snows made some big time buckets. That's makes more. Now I think the one key to game five is you need. What's the key to the entire series you need to shut down. One of their guards Yukio led bulb go off you have DeRozan go off for 33. Yesterday I think Lowry added eighteen. You can't let them get combined anything over fifty points you need. Two shots one of them down so that means you have to focus on DeRozan and now reduce thirty. I'll be fine with the Oregon thirty if DeRozan only gets ten. You need to shut one of them down because their role players really are doing them much either a pocket not doing much she's doing a little of the president but offensively he's not dormant. They have no Jonas coming up the bench now. Because they can't date they don't know how to handle the box starting rotation right in Norman Powell was inserted on Saturday and it didn't work for them. That might have changed at work so kudos to the raptors coach but they need to shut down. Rosen. Or allowing one of the two he needs some down to win game five in the series period. What say you Milwaukee. What are your thoughts on the playoff series so far directors. You know it is on Twitter at 1057 producers. Give myself a great crew 82 and give Jeffrey Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Right Jeff. What are your thoughts grocers hoses play out. Well. Thanks bucks you ruined I hid bucks and five go and then. I'm gonna say. Save bucks and six. So I think you obviously was with game one when Milwaukee just took. Walked right in and just roll them you know I think that. I don't think you know there's no fear. That they have to win in Toronto. However I think whoever wins game five is gonna win the series. So if the bucks can take game five that I expect him to come back here to Milwaukee for six and close it out. If Toronto wins game four I don't think Milwaukee can go to Toronto and win the next two games. So you need to win five and you need to come home and win six. I just I do is no way I see them winning three out of four. At their place. So I'm hoping they pick up five minutes they win five to win six. Give me books in six now. IAM. Unforced league in the goal ops of view I think that the game did the series will go seven games. And I think the bugs are gonna lose in seven. I think I don't think the bar you lose game five then come back home win game six. And then lose in Toronto game seven unfortunately. I just don't think this box team. Is veteran enough. To book the series on. Yet DeRozan Lowry in in about in Toronto that have put up experience might be good web experience because they've been knocked out early but. They've been and you'll four consecutive years of bako would Oklahoma City they know what to do. On the stretch in. The Boston took a commanding 31 lead and it look like every single player on the floor was pressing him. I know it you know what's frustrating for me is did you sit there in game three were the box is completely steamrolled them and bloom bloom out and from the from the jump it was an even game. The box it look like they got into I bachus head and it looked like they got into. DeRozan said. And Bolton whom you know we're just completely off their game. And then the Bucs are getting the national pub are getting talked about on first take on around the horn on PTI. I. Every show known to man and they come out and they committed twenty turnovers in the next freaking game. It's I don't wanna say that the box blocked. They candidate now so hopefully that doesn't happen for game five and they can sit there and and closeout game like you said they outplayed Toronto basically all four games. And there to two. Now I think right now it will especially if they lose this series it just shows that. This team is up and coming. What he's still are one piece away. From making that jump from. A playoff team two in the league playoff team and mean and whether that be Parker or whether that be some of the sun on the roster right now. It's very evident that you need that extra points because you out as a Middleton can do it on their own and you can rely. That heavily on the bench players. And you know it's disappointing that it's 22 with as well as moos has played there tiger and he was. He was the one bright spot yesterday. In yesterday's game he was adamant on those boards meant all I think there's. I'll play in the. It's stretch plays in the third quarter we're. A late third early fourth. Where I think he got a five consecutive offensive rebounds and him just his annaly and you know it it's great to see. And I hope he sticks her next year. I know we as there's an option for a I don't be six around I think he's a valuable part of the team. Even coming off the bench you look at the box scores and he's consistently. Number two or number three score. Yep solace. Yeah I mommy huge fan of the moves that OP ups and I don't think he will. Because I think that. You know he's don't get me now with sour cab jumped and I mean everybody's in our opinion. Importantly how much you billion dollars a year he needs the extra look get a head of cities get a steady deal too and didn't you know he's not see in the floor thank you kid. Finally you do and some right. Mears pens and should never see another minute Rashad Vaughn should have been cut from this team along time ago I did Mears and. Ever plays the game for ball can be absolutely he's joke anyways. Coming next we'll talk about the brewers. I. See that there they denies the road trip and now been struggling miserably. We're gonna burn your season so far you are listening to lead dive bar edition of the producers on 1057 have been a friend Jack can. BC sports yeah oh fight. Ex SS.