The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Bucks Season Ends

The Producers
Sunday, April 30th

04/30/17: Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid talk about what the Bucks need to do this offseason to become an elite team


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How well no it's. Yeah. And welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here I want seven then that thing and that's ultimately goes so what I've farmers. It's like. 145. Via chairs sit there aegis. Ministers seventeen makes drain in Atlanta got one hand down years. Others I don't fall in love it and I wouldn't want it easily pitch and a pick out which which directly gig and that nag. Seven Janet the end of. OK okay that's the we've the CEO of Rachel and that's exactly and here go to. Beer goggles Moya only agreed invention. And we had to about the Bucs. The box. The box the box overall. You gotta say this season's sees a success absolutely Baldwin the way it ended in game six against Toronto all a mind yet. Then it you know. Down. Ten million point six home dictate the lead by two in the fourth quarter and then the last thirty seconds in me. Between yon has not not fire not to share driving hole with you know oh. Pitches it was brutal it was freak and brutal. And I think that game also just continues to prove that one you need another consistent scorer a whole series kind of prove that they're they're just about one. Strong player away from being that like three or four and their bench viewed their bench is solid and ice still. He disappeared in game six I think probably one of the worst games I've seen him as a bloc. The U block of Greg Monroe because what that dude provides you an ability to score a different way in the playoffs. Laid down in the low post Greg Monroe Bruges got a whole series. I don't see it I don't see him in relieving because I don't think you'll get. The kind that that that character of the go get paid what he can play paid by the box he won't get. They'd done that the initial money like I think it's it's seventeen half for some ago option but I think Greg when you look at in your Greg Monroe right now. Yes obviously this the same low post game. At. You hit somebody offers you four years 62 million. That's pretty hard to turn down if you're. Again I can make seventeen I have here or I could lock myself thanks or immediate 615. And. Half the or would you also got to remember that. Next year after next year. The salary cap of Jumbo again loop so he can play on our year in Milwaukee and then get another reason deal after that. I think wouldn't be you'll gain six was a mean as you said Jeff you're down 25. In the third quarter you made this miraculous comeback you should've won that game beat but you missed. How I don't know how many free throw you missed on the stretch Yaris was. Atrocious. Than the given free throws Middleton missed some big free throws. And yeah does that that drive. Then the game out of plywood that if it happened with ten seconds left not three seconds left but as David's house. Said. This series proved that your pieces away. From being in the league team you need another score you need some. But he did take the pressure off of Uranus. And whether that be Parker I don't know I think you need another shooter. And snow had a great series he shot the ball very well. In this series against. Against Toronto but you also need. Up physical presence. In the middle. In May be darned can turn into that defense the president to be deeds another hundred pounds that's couple years of life you you need that physical presence in the middle because. Are roles in ages droll to the rule nonstop and if you just get a guy similar to. Charles Oakley in New York that when that guy's driving on the lane he's not put you in your ass CNET and kids in and you're gonna not wanna drive the lane anymore. And that's I thought Greg Monroe kindness. Looked like he was trying to deal leaves try to got to be that force or. And sparking talk about it with the months or he's talks sweeten the onetime easily as you gotta just adopted that rollers it's on the you've always got it done. You're right you need somebody that can initiate contact. At the hole. But Favre did prove that he could be like that Serge Ibaka tight. Rim protector that year which is. How do you translate into this new and that's all passed for a week. It's all a Yuba you've got to continually be it was stretch guys out. On the offensive and which Don can do and it will be interesting to see how Jabari comes back from this this next injury is. His jump shot proved a lot before he got hurt then it'll be interesting to see if that is more how he tries to attack from that 1518. Foot jump shot range and a big is this jar terrible for because he can't really do much no Italy have practiced totally diapers. And you're. Knee injuries happened. When you drive a little ball injuries happen so now do you take the Michael Jordan route when he came out of baseball he knew he wasn't that athletic guy anymore that is gonna drive the Roman dog so he developed a fadeaway that was. Virtually unstoppable. So that's what Jabari needs. To do. I think you just saw in this series a lack of musicality. From the box. And I think that Toronto try to get too big image heard a pop up they're just a little bit and you have somebody that can do that what they did that. The box backed away you need that nasty guy you need that guy. With a killer mentality I don't think you have that on this roster you need a guy who's gonna get in rose's face when DeRozan. Dead in Delhi's face in Delhi just old got up and walked away you need got to do is stand up to DeRozan and look at and say you wanna go let's go up. The bucks have a lot of pieces there's a lot of peace is that if they just. Work or just a couple little things can be dominant. Yeah honest he was just straight scared to shoot the ball late in the fourth quarter. Just scared he you know there was guys you know they're played 560 awful knowing that he wouldn't put it up. Group in human role if Munro would step missing the one foot shot. And if he actually could hit those Monroe would be an all star. Us now you know he played fantastic out of his mind if he if he continues to develop his three point game look out. You are generous and to focus he's a free agent Munro he's just not an Atlantic yet he is Spears' is a slow up the road back me. An ally in the biggest thing analysts now. You can only look at how you how you hit as I'd bring the lottery in this gambling addict but. You you can try to buy these tickets. Traded Michael Carter Williams for Tony Snow Tony Snow I don't think a lot of people understand. The selling his fourth year opinion on and so he continually chemical rule wit these dudes. And like Greg said you can resigning him. Here's necessarily have to start for you but. You don't need fifteen guys on your team they give you the roster spots yes sorry don't. And jury only plays 1520 minutes a night but there will be rights were Tony's now placed 33 snow's report. A vocal. Role player that you need and great role player great on defense can hit the open three when you need it. And is that. The epitome of a team player and if you you definitely need to resigning him. Amen you need another scored parched that was just evident because he puts so much pressure on the honest. When Middleton was in his shot your office was nowhere. Besides the boy oh wind and the removable when that and score them what's their defense does do that they did put many points up in the series. You have metals in Canada regressed a little bit in this series back to old Middleton where he was having good game in national actually Regis he disappears. And you don't feel like you're sitting there watching TV like where the hell is Chris Middleton. And all yeah that's right he had a good game two games ago it to be another game or two before he comes back and has another. But I'll tell you after the series ended was sit there Friday on ESPN on the show the jump. Scottie Pippen was talking about beyond his years with Scottie Pippen had to say. Well I think he has continue to work on his game what I look at him as a player a lot like my extra. I think he's a guy that can be a game changer on both ends of basketball or bark and right now he's really suffered a halt because I think he does have to put him a lot more work. In terms of shooting the basketball. Symbian a facilitator on the offensive in effect a lot of time to look for school when there's opportunities where he controls over things and encourage self we're streaming so. I think you just have to continue to do that but mostly. Given the GM hit some shots up. And continued his strong. Yeah get in the gym get some shots he definitely has to work on a shot and he said he looks scared their late in the fourth quarter against Toronto bleed the Bleacher Report. I had article saying what the box to do in the off season to get better. And one suggest Naimi it is if you don't have a shooting coach that specifically for you artists. Give one now all you need you needed changes technique as. His is his shot is isn't it just isn't fluid. It did slow developing you need to do something with it and if he ever gets. It becomes a three point true that's. Average 34%. Yet but you know gives a 1518. Foot jump shot the guy hasn't be unstoppable. Yeah I agree I agree he has continue to work on that fade away which I think is is really nice but. Q his his low post game continues to just. Well I'm when he gets the ball within five feet in back you down. He proved that he can score a lot of different allotted for defenders. On one last guy that I want to touch on as we continue to build. The team in the accounts at the like we are role players I thought that the bill would go look for as much of weird though in praise duties he was in. It wasn't all that happy when they brought me and I do think that he proof that he is a very very solid. Ninth or tenth man on your roster. And he does bring you something. And so the but he's getting paid held a lot better than an actor Ted man off the bench but that's really what the what the salary cap is gonna start. Showing as nine or ten guys in the country and again it is or ten million bucks and then the you definitely need to tutored metres of Mears and did nothing for your team the entire season and saw behind Bo that cute and these guys really meet -- 35 and I want. Go to the YMCA. I like run down the floor. I get the ball jumped in it might. They might get back defense that you have all that I'm chuck it is. So rusty you know you got Jason Terry jays entered was phenomenal this year. You can keep him around and get another veteran presence that has playoff experience. There's gonna help the development of the steam your. Harder than you look Greg because I agreed to me and Jason Terry I don't care becomes Beck as a player I don't care becomes Beck is a coach. You need him in that locker room he's fantastic. And he held Malcolm bribed and so watch this season it's unreal. And in you know Garnett work when maker I think you'd use in the box or pay Internet of Garnett to eleven's own accord. Whatever it is you have him continue to work with Garnett because he's the spitting image of Garnett. Yeah and I don't know you said was there's a mob Vince Carter a Vince Carter wants play one more year at least a playoff experience three point shooter. I don't know and these defied aids is well I don't know idea I I'd be interest in I'd take I'd I'd I'd sign him to a veteran's minimum lineup couldn't hardly. And are let's say you Bucs fans where you think this team needs to get better in the offseason it is up on Twitter. At one up by seven producers at Greg grew 82. Bill Schmidt radio ad Jeff underscore Orlovsky when we come back. We're gonna switch to the brewers are gonna give you are 25. Game. Report card on York Milwaukee Brewers Iraq with the producers the dive bar addition here 1057 up on the band jackass. BC sports it's like a. You excessive.