The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Character Issues

The Producers
Sunday, April 23rd

04/23/17: Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk talk about players in the upcoming NFL Draft with character issues and whether or not you want them on your team


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So welcome and a lady and gentleman back to they dive bar addition of the producers 1057. FM the fan. Dot com. Last segment. Talk about some within about Giacomo some players and doesn't care to issues. And whether or not you have a problem without them being on your team. Jump on December review there's some some running backs up there. Some hiding guys from Alabama that we talk unless I move remove Foster that are that are slippery because the character issues and one out running back name is Joseph makes no Oklahoma who is all the towns in the world one scout. Said he's a bigger faster better catching Ezekiel Elliott. Yes please. What do you have any problem with the Packers drafting. A player character issues. Absolutely not. You know I'm obviously take a chance you know and and the draft is all about our chances anyway you have a good character guy. And everybody has him rated high does that mean that his tail and is gonna translate to the NFL level on the guy's going to be a for sure stud absolutely not. So you take a chance you know. Everybody. All the players that come out of college and that have character issues not all of them are going to be Aaron Hernandez. And not all of them are gonna sit there and end beat Pacman Jones. You know some of these guys bet wrong place wrong time bad situation. You know just made a stupid mistake so. You know obviously. I believe in second chances I got a hundred chances. So I've got no problem taken again I would character issues and outs they have. You know when we talked last segment that I would be very angry if the Packers drafted running back in the first round. If mix and is there in the second round for the Packers. You have to take. You have to because he's got all lake he set all the talent in the world. I've got no problem. The story and makes and his interest in because. He was suspended all of the 2015. Season at Oklahoma. Mean for the assault in which was. A misdemeanor misdemeanor assault wasn't aggravated felony and they like debt. And nobody really talked about it that much. Until the video came out right so it's all about perception once people saw. Him lay out the woman than ever resolved in arms about it. Oh nodes when it happened and it was just talked about oh wasn't that bad. Sending a boring race team Ray Rice is another one hathead. Was beloved in the community of Baltimore did so much stuff for the organization in in. The surrounding communities. And he made a mistake and he never quite end of our game again now. I don't think that's just solely the reason he is also the talent of his career he was slowing down he wasn't as good. And you you don't see your point you're not gonna have. Every guy. And his characters is field you you know with some big names Columbus Aaron Hernandez was one album I'll Lawrence Phillips. Renton was a guy with huge character issues that was drafted behind it and Morgan out cowboys couple years ago may be lesser job to Brady Gregory. Out of Nebraska. There hasn't turned out. Did you look at the landscape of college football in the NFL. There's a lot of guys that have. Come into league with character issues. And and there's some that succeed in this summit do well especially if you give them an organization. Then knows how to handle these type of players. And I feel that the Packers. Have honest strong organization they have strong leaders in the locker room. That can bring a guy in incident don't say hey look there's certain way we do things around here. In. You need to follow this way you gonna be out the door. And the majority of these players. They want to make a living they wanna make money they wanna make millions so they're gonna do whatever they can understand and have a because they've they know these corrupt. There's going to be no because they're not gonna get any more chances than they are now now so I have no problem with them to dig in and out of character issues. As you said it could be robbery is right wrong time. One mistake doesn't define an entire gripe I entire person's life. Now I agree everybody out there you know you didn't don't throw stones and glass house is everybody out there has made mistakes in their lives and they take for the ended. Might have been a detriment to their career or a hindrance in some part of their life the more important time. You don't. Made a mistake one of the second chance and you want and other people to not look at June a certain way so don't look at these guys certain way. Yes there are bad things other than our go to. Ever changed Greg Hardy is as cute he's just a jackass. And he's a bad human being he's a bad guy Aaron Hernandez say way. Bad guy bad human being. There's some that make one mistake and it defines the entire career and that's sad so you need to give a second chance. The only problem is that. Okay and take take Nixon. For example here. Now say Green Bay drafts Nixon now say I'll say the Packers are high enough fun on that they want to draft him in the first round. OK so now when he's isn't. Bucky Brooks and and thought that comet his latest month trip does have the Packers that you mix and that's when nine yeah it's definitely a possibility you know. So now. Say he'd taken in the first round now you got to sign into a four or five year deal okay. And with the way that the you know with the way that contracts are set up in now with the with a rookie scale it's not as bad as it used to be. But if I wanted to take a character issue guide. For the most part if you wanna play it safe you you know they're free agents. There're guys you know that were released from other teams or whatever his then you can just signed him to a completely teen friendly contract. Where if they mess up again if it blows up in your face. You can come and the campaign it is in grade and it's not a huge stain on your franchise. The problem would drafting these guys is that you have a longer term deal now that being said. You know he's still got to do you've still got to do it because. You look at Ray Rice you look at the mix in video. And then when you read about. About the incident that happened with the with that dude from the cowboys. Aegis and his Narnia yeah party okay. You read the transcripts. Of what happened with party and his old lady. That was. A hundred times worse the owner and a houseful of gods saying pick one that you want me to kill you live via you know just. Brutal yeah absolutely. Brutal but because there's no video. The outrage and everything like that isn't as big now you know this has stooped. Any got a huge contract from the cowboys yes he did the thing is with the NFL and would GMs is that. They have no problem signing these character issue guys have that helps them win games of course a problem they have with is the negative publicity that comes with it. If nobody know the character issues. And none of any of Joseph mix in a manager management and nothing Greg hardy's courier hurt in his past ever came to light. The public. Nobody would care. When they hear that the teams and the GMs are worry about the negative publicity. The PR censored at the pole for drugs these guys. In there if it wasn't known if it was a public knowledge what they've done in the past. There are no problem Japanese guys early first round. No problem. Why and that's a problem now with the all the social media the 24 hour media the you know couldn TOZ. Yeah the TMZ but you know it happens even with the Packers. You've get a rider that follows Green Bay that it seems like all he does is look at police reports and he's trying to dig up dirt. I'm not players of the team the results. You know also is just. There's so much information out there which is why you know like if you look at crime stats today a heat you go to the parking you talk to parents and one how come you know you one program and ice cream don't want my kids at the park. Well OK I scream shaft right here on a core yeah but I've got to watch my kids you know all the abductions and all of this canister but you look at the actual numbers. And crimes are down compared to what they were when I was kid. In eighty you know and and you and everything like death of percentages and all that stuff is down. But because it's sowing your face everybody things like that so terrible. You know so this is a total perception thing like you said with a whole PR and try to take a PR hit which. Give me the PR hit if it's gonna give us the Lombardi. I don't care. Which are meant a mile above w.s he learned years in the business to win. Now make friends to win rings baby rings what are you going Milwaukee would you draft the Garros with a character issues for the Packers. Let us know on Twitter at one of 57. Producers. And Greg Brady to Jeff underscore Orlovsky. There's been a flood zone sir yes it adds. That you are ready for listening to the dive bar addition of the producers. We will be a bad chip let's go over the birds. I had to go dude a yeah I'm that show with the baby cows Billy Schmidt. Milwaukee have a wonderful weekend. Here's good I'm Greg genetic that's everlasting. Bovine. BC sports forty. 105. Your ex SS.