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Sunday, April 23rd

04/23/17: Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk come to the Dive Bar to converse about the Bucks, Brewers, and the upcoming NFL Draft


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Time now you can advance. No one. Don't come into ladies and gentlemen that you are listening to allow I have to these dive bar addition of the producers. I'm 1057. FM the fan dot com. I am your host Greg Janet sitting next to me is the man the myth the legend. Mr. Jeffrey. We are doing pretty good brother how're you doing well on this wonderful spring day. Odds gorgeous outside and and it's painful being in here but good he didn't show. Yeah man I love spring but my allergies don't love spring. But. I'm just happier news. Is they're happy news there is every news the Milwaukee Bucks. Are in the playoffs they are in the Milwaukee Bucks. Are four games in the playoffs and in and out. There are now tied. 222 with the Toronto Raptors. On backed or Toronto for a pivotal game five. Jennifer sir what is gone wrong and what has gone right so far in this books to round series. Well for me you know in. And it's disappointing because. Were four games in to the raptors series and the Bucs should be moving on to around two. Now they have thorough lead. Out played Toronto. And in all four games man it you know it was just brutal and the game yesterday game four was. Just painful to freak you watched. And you knew that once the Bucs got up to the one that Toronto was gonna come out in game four. And just you know. Basically play with their pants on fire and at the box could weather the early storm. Which they did they should've been in good shape to win their game as well now the problem man. The turnovers and in yesterday's game was as it was it was hard to watch. And they played just that is played like crap. And they had 23 can turn overs yesterday. She'll win a play off game would twenty turnovers. And it was just it was just a comedy of errors it was it was brutal. It was brutal and Brock didn't did not play well. But you know yeah harness it just every time he touched a ball either he was making a spectacular play any offence of vanity or he was thrown it away. And that's now would you use to see him with his team now. The box in the games that they won they won game one they won game three in those two games combined they had eighteen turnovers. In the two games they've lost. They've had 31 turnovers. So. If they can take care of the ball. You know it it seems like Dave gat. They've got it down how how to defend this team and it and everything like that and they can sit there and you know. Vick could push Toronto man Toronto is not the better team of from what I've seen eye test in these four games the box. Our the better team and a book should be moving on. But if you can't take care of the ball. It. It's gonna be rough dia yesterday's game. It was or was horrendous to watch it really was and as you stated bribing them play well bill the bill the bill would imply well the point guards in general. Did not play well. I'm not what Africans for conspiracy theories and I know a lot of people say the NBA is regs. But I thought the refereeing in yesterday's game was atrocious. Yeah I thought the balks were getting hammered. And nothing was being called a lot of those turnovers. We're way in so he was charmed the group and also on biggest slap on the arm ball comes loose. And there's no call and it was it was out of the reverend was atrocious. Yeah artists. He looks like he's putting too much pressure himself for an yeah it did yesterday's game heat as you said. Was either make this particular players turn the ball over and there's four times where you didn't. Want to borrow his hands which is odd to say is this whole box season. Is predicated on what yacht as did so for verb to think that and I haven't brought your mind is mind boggling. But they need other people step up or will they need other people step up you know. Yeah artists went when he. Miss nineteen shots he's attempted nineteen shots the 419619. Some McVeigh yesterday. You really have nobody else is picking up the score and if youngest doesn't put an end. Was he got Milton had a decent game. In a row but you don't have anybody else these days that's DeVon of the score in the he did earlier in the season when Parker went down. And that's something you really really need you need other guys have focused Yana schedule in his own. Now gore didn't. To game five the way to Syria is gone box or game one box or game three hopefully win game five and trend continues they'll win game seven hopefully knock on wood. What do the Bucs need to do. In game five to get the win. Well they need to take care of the ball first and foremost they also like you said they need other people step up. Besides yeah Alison Middleton they kin and Munro they can't just be the only three guys that that score on your team. Be easily wake up brother you know he's had a fantastic year big guy his fans he's a great teammate in the locker room I love. Michael Beasley but he needs to score some buckets Jason Terry. Wake up Graham pot. You know get recharged at a hover around man and figure out how to get did damn ball in the hoop. You know odds. Jason Terry has been such a fantastic story all season long. You know I I get that. He needs to sit there and start making some DM three pointers man. You know he was fantastic regular season playoff time jet let's go brother you know all. Those guys need to step up because. It seems like an end and this is gonna be weird for me to say. Did. Did you execute this kind of pulled his head out of his ass and I like his rotations satellite defective Mears as Nazi in the floor. Thank Garrett shot Vaughn isn't seeing the floor. You know so. I am on the same page with him with that. But now it's time for the for the guys the veterans. Hairy Beasley. The ball and damn whoo man now you know it's it's great as I look like the way that snell is play in the in this series and snows made some big time buckets. That's makes more. Now I think the one key to game five is you need. What's the key to lead their series. You need to shut down. One of their guards Yukio led bulb go off you are DeRozan go off for 33. Yesterday I think Lowry added eighteen. You can't let them get combined anything over fifty points you need. Two shots one of them down so that means you have to focus on DeRozan and now reduce thirty. I'll be fine with the Oregon thirty of DeRozan only gets ten. You need to shut one of them down because their role players really are doing them much either a pocket not doing much she's doing a little of the president but offensively he's not dormant. They have no Jonas coming up the bench now. Because they can't date they don't know how to handle the books starting rotation right in Norman Powell was inserted on Saturday and it didn't work for them. That lineup change did work so kudos to the raptors coach but they need to shut down. DeRozan. Or allowing one of the two he needs some down to win game five in the series period. Would say you Malarkey. What are your thoughts on the playoff series so far directors. You know it is on Twitter at 1057 producers. Give myself a great crew 82 did you give Jeffrey Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Right Jeff. What are your thoughts grocers hoses put out. Well. Thanks bucks you ruined I hid bucks and five go and then. I'm gonna say. Save bucks and six. So I think you obviously with with game one when Milwaukee just took. Walked right in and just roll them you know I think that. I don't think you know there's no fear him. That they have to win in Toronto. However I think whoever wins game five is gonna win the series. So if the bucks can take game five that I expect him to come back here to Milwaukee for six and close it out. If Toronto wins game four I don't think Milwaukee can go to Toronto and win the next two games. So you need to win five and you need to come home and win six. I just I do is no way I see them winning three out of four. At their place. So I'm hoping they pick up five minutes they win five to win six. Gimme books in six now. I am unfortunately gonna go ops of the view I think that the game did the series will go seven games. And I think the Bucs are gonna lose in seven. I think I don't think the bar you lose game five then come back home win game six. And then those in Toronto game seven unfortunately I I just don't think this bucks team. It is better enough. To pull out the series on. Yet DeRozan Mallory in in about in Toronto that have put up experience might be good web experience because they've been knocked out early but. They've been in your four consecutive years of bako with the Oklahoma City they know what to do. Down the stretch in. The Boston took a commanding 31 lead and it look like every single player on the floor was pressing him. I don't it Ito what's frustrating for me is that you sit there in game three were the box is completely steamrolled them and bloom bloom out and from the from the jump it was an even game. The box it look like they got into our blockers head and it looked like they got into. DeRozan said. And bolt moment you know we're just completely off their game. And then the books are getting the national pub they're getting talked about on first take on around form on PTI. I. Every show known to man and they come out and they commit Tony turnovers in the next freaking game. It's I'd you don't wanna say that the box blocked. But they candidate and so hopefully that doesn't happen for game five and they can sit there and and closeout game like I said they outplayed Toronto basically all four games. And. They're 22 now I think right now it will especially if they lose the series it just shows that. This team is up and coming. What he's still are one piece away. From making that jump from. A playoff team two in the league playoff team him and whether that be Parker or whether that be something that's on the roster right now. It's very evident that you need that extra points because you out as a Middleton can do it on their own and you can rely. That heavily on the bench players up and you know it's disappointing that it's 22 with as well as the moos has played there tiger and he was. He was the one bright spot yesterday. In yesterday's game he was adamant on those boards meant all yeah I think there's. I'll play in the. It's stretch plays in the third quarter we're. A late third early fourth. Where I think he Alex I consecutive offensive rebounds and him just as alien and you know it it's great to see it I. I hope he sticks her next year. I know we as there's an option for a I don't be six around I think he's a valuable part of the team. Even coming off the bench you look at the box scores and he's consistently. Number two or number three score. Yep solace. Yeah I am I'm a huge fan of the most I OP ups and I don't think he will. Because I think that. You know he's only paying the afternoon would. Salary cap job and I mean everybody's in our opinion. Importantly how much billion dollars a year he needs the extra look get a head of cities get a steady deal to end it you know he's Nazi in the floor thank you kid. Finally you do in some right. Mears pens and should never see another minute Rashad Vaughn should have been cut from this team along time ago I do Mears and. Ever plays the game for Barca be absolutely he's joke anyways. Coming next we'll talk about the brewers. I. See that there they denies them a road trip and now been struggling miserably. We're gonna burn your season so far you are listening to lead I bar addition of the producers on 1057 have been a friend Jack can. BC sport for the little fine. You excessive. Can. And. Welcome I'm bag ladies and gentlemen you are listening live to the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057. FM. The thin dot com. Good to go brewers. They're now sitting at nine and ten struggling and losing for the last five games after having an aids phenomenal. Nine game road trip. We saw them go six in three. Jeffrey. Well you know what really causes of the amber struggles right now. Starting pitching. You know starting pitching and does Jack Davies Zach. Say heck maybe. Wake up brother regular season started. You know to me zagged Davies me and you look at him knees before starts nineteen and two thirds innings pitched that sit in four starts he's not even go 15. In in those nineteen point two. 29. Hits. Eighteen. Earned runs. He's allowed to read dinners. Ten walks. You know. Ten walks that that's more than half full walks per inning there he's pitching. Eighteen earned. That's almost an earned run. Per inning pitched. That's not good. That is just not doing that you know zig Davies use you know quote unquote a surprise last year with how well he threw the ball. And soul on this on the flip side of the coin this year's been just a colossal. Disappointment to start man. You know he won his last start. Okay which makes them one and two on the year. His last RT 15 in the third he gave up eight hits in four earned but he got the win. In those five and a third allowing four earned runs he dropped his ERA. For the season. And could you repeat because that's a good man he's shouldn't add these aid. Hair. Shy. Of I've 2.0 whip. Getting good man that is that no is dead is not yet that done. And you know see dad's dead Davies he's he's a big reason her. For the problems and and fully easier closure. He's another reason. Owing to on the season six and two thirds innings pitched. Five earned runs allowed to dinners allowed three walks 675. ERA. Manner. I was not a fan of Feliz attempting in the four outs against cubs. I I am not a fan of any clothes are doing that especially call that's not dominant. Les is the dominant closer and I hate the four out save because he came and got that out in the eighth. In any struggle mightily in the ninth in the into the blues and it on on was Russell three run homer and Anderson Russell. She didn't go wrong. Yes they they're pitching their kitchen is the the reason for all failures. Mean yesterday they lost 41. In the room and get much offense but their offense has been on fire Ames has been president. Did present to those brewers whom nobody knew. That this is gonna happen in and he is. Blowing it away we'd talk about your demo books coverage national coverage moon Baines is all over the place baseball tonight. Scott didn't pay well you name it. He's all over the board. Travis off the dinner you at home. A freak in monster. It almost went into the mountain project yeah that's the third level. And it was a homer that no one saw. Except me because I had to cover the game but that was when the box were just discs all eating the raptors in game victory. Yeah. Pitching is has been issued bullpen. And the husband. Has not been good starting pigeon one bright spot is willing brought. Now ya Ni don't run and in his last start. But he's showing. Some signs of why he was. The top pitching prospect in the brewers' organization for awhile because he's. Now hitting 99. On the radar gun yeah and his deed germs and altered his new mechanics. And he's he's looking cherub exit as last game was. War wasn't good in bush. Jamie Elson is another one it looks like he's. Regaining some of his form on why he was also. A top prospect as a brother deliberate or boards on the he is also jumping his. Miles per hour of good 34. Matches so. That there. If you have Davies pitching poorly in at least for all to and Jamie Elson are pretty and because of the exact jobs and last year. That's when Gary Davies sabres season because for all the Nelson. It's horrendous now if you didn't have them you are you wait maybe sixty games are good and have geared Davies which way they do him no this year Davies is struggling gear is obviously on the DL. And Nelson brought to our are doing a little bit better mean drop it Isa and at three in ones so. ZR is a little bit higher because Leslie in out an ego rocked but he is. As I said. You know they're an operator and Jason Anderson has also been paused for a. That's what I was gonna say man chase he's been he's been cy young and I infer that. I'm the brewers for the starters man chasing Anderson is off to one L of the stark. Yet kid he you know he said there and I'd I don't have his numbers in front of me but Alitalia after three starts chasing Anderson's rocking. O 150. ERA. Right now after yesterday's game he has he's started four games as three quality starts and had to know. 24 innings pitched. Only given up three earned runs on the season and 24 innings yeah shard this is struck out 22 batters parallel. Whips in that 104 with a and ERE 113. Headed though very pleasant surprise you had a surprise. Damn straight man he's been he's been insists he's been on fire now the one thing that I do want to say is that. Yes for all those you know old. Re doing and it up on on on the speed gun better than he was. But baseball has changed the way that they can judge MPH. You know now it's whatever the highest MPH of the pitches what do what it was so basically they're gone and it out of her hand. Not where it crosses the plate. So you know yes. You know I'm sure even had Davies. Might register higher. Yeah BA's but I didn't 85 now and then Nadal. But so I don't put any any salt in to what the radar gun. Is is saying because. You know you want a tested the true MPH for me it's where crosses the plate. It's what the batter has to swing and it's not common straight out of the out of the guys had it blocked chasing Anderson. On real he's been fantastic. This season and fantastic. And and it's it's good to see. You know obviously. Gear and Davies words quote unquote surprises last year guerra. Heard that. The first inning her second inning of the season running out by creating a bunt. So that's disappointing. Davies like you said was is just been god awful so far this year but. But chase Sanderson. My boy jet bandied. You know there you know things sure are there's a lot. A bright spots now usually in Milwaukee I hope you're sitting down. You're at the dive bars so you should be monsieur you know you're your talking to some chicks it's bar. Their disappointment. For me. Is in myself and and it's because the brewers get off to a nice start. The brewers have a fan had delist from road trip nine game road trip goes six and three children in 10 well yeah they should all they should've swept the cubs. But. I got my hopes up man. I got my hopes up and now they come home in their fallen on their face they dropped two out of the first three to Saint Louis. With Sunday's game pending. Which I will be at Milwaukee hopefully you are too I don't wanna see Miller Park home bathed in red. You know. So hopefully you guys show up in show of strong aids. DR Bobble head day. You better future ass out there hopefully this gives BR groaned as he is and he's struggling mightily so far this season he is besides. Many comedian who's also been pleasant surprise. A and Eric page we talked about it bay Indian Shaw and problems I was there the rest of the conference's. Struggling VR Santa Ana Garcia there below the Mendoza line. Yet it's it's not a bad. RC is suited to what I call will be addressed. It is good for oh let's say you Milwaukee. Why were struggling and what do they need to do to improve. Because it's what are and one of bison producers. Great crew 82 and Jeff underscore Orlovsky. That segment we the NFL draft coming up Christmas in his body besides the NCAA tournament. It's my favored three days of the year I love the draft I love that of the drugs as well and we will get into the and of that it's ugly dive bar this and other producers 1057 at from the fans Jack can. This is more yeah oh fight. He Milwaukee. In excess. And there and. There and it's. A. The goal. And singson. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Jeff Carlisle skis here no yeah. Backfired as an up and Freddie and Mosley Jennifer are you fan. Yeah man I love this song the rising side you know everybody and their brother is covered this. You know the animals. You hear him and it just sounds seventies. So all I'm picturing in my mind is you know some some hippie chick dancing around with hair down or asked that a big huge bush. The laser light show that there. Getting some psychedelic Kona and it has some you know sobering floundered their uncles left over Ellis deal hindered did wrong mushrooms peas. Go ahead in the die barges to the producers that voice. That you are here you that is not mine or Jeffries is our special guest appearance. From the one and only. Beta two outs bills today that's me and I am. A great Bill Smith the esteemed producer of the Milwaukee admirals baseball post games and yes that's exactly what it is in many other shows just. Connolly is still commonly referred to. When you got a T and Zoellick in an interview show they're out there wants. Larry and I think I've played differently or different groups that the next night. And every single item in a different take. Oh man almost peed on myself Internet sailor and make him putting him where no where in that your your little kid you know Marbury didn't. They've been so wears earplugs and a three can books game. You don't know we're talking about you can go to 157. Then ducked and I have been fair and Erica I'm go to the midsection. And you can hear it against the 4 o'clock hour radio show where dozens all. Is made fun of a little bit by the guys in the big show. And his updates those little rise when talking about it is the lead. Generals but locals who else actually get in the area it's it was a great partner on the radio heist is. Fellas let's get more original well should let's get into the NFL draft. In what the Packers. Will do what you think it will do what they won't do maybe they wanted to address the first arbitrage down that wouldn't surprise me. Hundreds are below NFL draft. Just bring them bring your first all right. What position. Do the attackers need. To look yet. Engaged in this open draft corner. Corner and ate it made me so angry when there was about a stretch of three weeks and now these guys are pumping out their mock draft. And they all had the Packers taking a running back in the first round. And I I got upset I threw things I said words that I say all the time. Hot in anger is not an air yeah we see straight year. On the war. Well you're you're in the dive bar yeah a bit you know and save some of those words but I would buy it but put a little bit in there oh yeah there's no affiliation with. Guys know I'm always I he had pictures that we're hanging out the right you can say whatever you want to know were were were four minutes and in this segment and I've said gas in bush. So thank you gotta top pop up through to guess yeah yeah Barack to a great start so. You know they they have to go defense the defense is atrocious and hasn't gotten any better in the off season sorry divot on house. On the board you know you got benched in Jacksonville. That's all you need now they can now. So Javon house isn't the answer I think that pay actors need to go to defense and backfield. I've got. I've got three names Soria. Two I would say yes sworn I would say no let's start would know Marlon Humphrey. And I don't want them because he went to Alabama. So I'm sorry Eddie lacy. But you know I don't like. I don't like drafting guys at a bam I think for the most part are overrated I think the love big problem a big reason for their successes scheme. And so I don't put a whole lot of salt in them car. Exception. Okay pat pat pat. Exception even though I still wanna smack them for that two point conversion against Seattle in the NFC championship and when he had six hours. To defend their ball. And Seattle got bitten willow got her heart drug a moment thing and yet you think you Kevin King out of Washington. I'd take him I'd be happy with him I wouldn't be Ted up over. But the guy that while. Okay. And this goes this is to be earned it like my jet being beaten you know greatest name ever is this guy might have the second greatest name ever. Shred DV is. White okay now he needs to change his last name because that's bore toward Troy devious. Mine too yeah. Well lots he's gonna get one of those personalized years isn't just repaid. You're damn straight I yes I will yes I will I might even renamed my youngest son. Sarah Davey is. Orlovsky. Looks more like Richard it's just kind of roles and it's hard road goes on doctor gators are allowed just mutual bull didn't call. Morning. Just whom are only pick it wouldn't give ladin in kindergarten attack that you know. I'd be you know promote underage. Sexual activities and burdensome. I do I. I'm not a lot of and I bet ya I. You are not kindergarten if my kids getting thrown in the timeout corner hopefully he's got a hard neared to it them you know what I mean. But you don't cornerback got a LSU yes Louisiana great name to Davey is your mama kicks this for naming year then. Maybe tops. You want it really argue with any three of those names I think you draft and the media Ellis you've entered your set yourself up for success that you map view. Patrick Peterson was is not a good guys that come out of that program. I think what you're gonna solve this defense issues you've got to work more on pass rush. As the former offensive linemen the worst part. Hello defendant the defense. And the best secondaries can you as a pastor didn't cut down time that he has bag pocket. Necessarily always getting too much as disrupting their clock that he has. I mean huge name is going to be TJ watt I've seen a lot of mock drafts and he's gonna be there while Packers are taken a couple of guys are really really like elsewhere. As I Redick from temple. He moved inside the senior will really showed his versatility Atlantis is to be able plea sideline to sideline I think you could kind of move him around. Any kind of oh in Akron clay had that real for so long refer at least should see you happen to move back outside which. No one can understand why. So that's one spot I would go I'd really like taco Charlton from a Michigan I think he has really really good test explosion off via offbeat yet he could be a guy now as well as give him. Ellis that are UCLA. On McKinley integrity in the and now the interesting part of that would be. As any three of the last 41 round picks Ted Thompson mistake for you CO. Minister of some that we probably have looked Abby be Daytona Jones and Clark and Julian. Frankly none of those guys have really show you first round potential right now I think Andy Clarke. Do you really good football player and it's at ski really well. But he's got to take it you've got to strides in his second year. You brought up the running back it's lasting or wanna touch on I think he can address that leader our media teach you re. There's a couple of guys. And the running back position that roll out there and doctor if Orman from Texas would be number one analyst at the bills whatever Eddie lacy was too you. But he comes from a shotgun bassist. And here to run the football out of the shot. You have to hand it's no Eddie lacy was. Single back I formation running back. Any transition into his footwork and his speed to try to go from its five yards in attack line of scrimmage when he seems to have eight. An apple steam there's a huge difference before and six warned you forty can really punish really play inside tackles. He'd be great compliments Michael and. Yeah you guys it remains that I've had in mind as well sega's pretty much took Obama under. One names out there that I wouldn't mind seeing the Packers draft is to grow preparers. If he can if if he falls to the Packers he fits that new the new wave of defense of Baghdad's come and in the NFL that you see. In years auto DO Giambi Caron and mark Baird in Saint Louis that seek to that plays. In the box also and sometimes every man that you can play inside and he plays at linebacker role because. He's got the speed he can cover the tight ends any cannot smack you in the mob and running back comes up the middle so much in him. Targeted addressed in the running backs. There's a lot of talk that delving cup reports that could fall and if he follows the Packers territory nine. I think you've got to snatch him up because that guy is just everything he fits exactly what your. Offense needs. Ungodly can be a three down back. That can run to the tackles interests above the backfield and you don't either as that'll leave the field at all. Any details that's falling because of some shoulder issues that he had. In high school and also some. He surrounds himself with bad characters. But we'll get into that in the next segment but I'm. Either way they go. Think it is and digging I agree with the that they can get Billy that they can get right back later on his running back class is he burst that very deep very stagnant you could probably get. A guy like you said in. 45 or six that you come in and NB stunned me look at David Johnson is doing their zone. Absolutely for their picking you know with this offense you don't need to guide he has done for 25 series game exactly to touch the ball point five. Calvin cooking make an impact on this team in May be touched the ball fifteen times a game and that's a good name brought up he sliding out and my heart it's very very. Yeah bird like you said towers see this thing with drafting a running back in the first round. How we cure raises he can get to begin with because it's not like the Packers want to run the ball. They do it just to you know can I give the decide that there are a balanced team. You know energy you bring in Martellus Bennett you still have Nelson. You know hopefully Cobb can come back and and and be productive cues he's been dog poop. Lately. You know divide say Adams would deal with delete stated that he made last year and showed that he can actually beat. A serviceable wide receiver. Why waste a first round pick in granite I know they cook's got a lot of talent and and and then he could really help this team. But I I would think there would be a waste of a first round pick to bring in a guy in a position they'd you don't even really knew it was. Also note Thompson's mantra. And its near as Manville is best player available I think too when you look at. How far this team really is a way on the opposite side of the football from the being dominant offense in the NFC. It's how much it's not much maybe one or two playmakers Martellus Bennett is an upgrade overture yes I wouldn't I don't think many people were arguing that. But I think Lance can hurts also can fill that little bit more on the middle Brennaman tight end you can. I don't know me I think you're so much closer to making an unstoppable offense. Then you are serviceable at best defense. I I I agree needs you look at. The embassy representative consumable which was a human falcons that they have to stop running backs to goal long. With great wide receivers Julio Jones possibly the best wide receiver and all the and it fell. And and their running backs. Our good compliment to their passing game so you have that. You have that running back. It could be in the fourth fifth round but it could be in on his first but I think that's a position that needs to be addressed. What say you Milwaukee. What possession more opposition to the integrity to look at in the senate vote out. Defense offense. It is up on Twitter at went up 57 producers. Jeff underscore olasky Gregory 82. Yeah bill Schmidt radio bill Schmidt radio now goes askew. Is there any one player that you really really want the Packers again. You go tariffs. One player really see it on if I couldn't be super selfish if you leak Joker. From Ohio State. As I am wearing my state teachers I think that the ball skills and like you kind of said that nickel role. Your play inside. Bill that gap that the Packers. This Charles Woodson. And I think that's where you kind of touched on Gibril peppers being good fit in there somebody that can believe it's from nets debt position of an inside quarterback and who is a little bit better foot speed and Micah Hyde who ran like he was freaking cement so if you give somebody. To that secondary. Who can impact the impact the game within the first five yards as well as cover a tight and legal group number one peppers are being number two. And no Stewart you names and I've really tests. Yeah I agree with so with year pig not peppers. Peppers scares me and and the reason I am on the fence with him because he goes against everything that I stand for which is do not take tween years. For our old style you've won role yet you know and and I I mean they've been nail in the box hammer in the box about it you know with. With all the did tweeters that they've picked didn't you know Ted towns and all well he played basketball here I'd like to have you played football not you know all you Europe part time mob bull air. Boom I confides I use for you on my football team in the attack at. At the kid may be good stuff Dele you know lead lives you know so. Peppers goes against its I'm on the fence with him but. You know I I would take a chance I think if if we had the opportunity. Purses when you look at. Just what he can do he can impact on special teams as well the worst thing he does his first year is coming and it plays on every single special team. And it's more than serviceable but he's gonna make a bunch tackles on it make it much Agilent kickoff team he's gonna return kicks for. One person that stressed on his farm besides dumb cook as well as. Ruben Foster on Alabama and have a great man and if he falls to 29. Does that would be amazing this is the top five. Talent. That you can get that 29 and if he falls do you says Mobley instant. It's in the inane I mean Jeff we've united talked about this. And did separate editions of the dive bar there's no name out there that I really wanna see the Packers get. Any two free agent in this might surprise some people what I still I want him to bring in Darrelle Revis. I think you begin to draw Revis for chief he could come in and be that Charles Woodson type player that. People things go well he doesn't have the kind of athletic ability Woodson though either medica well you need and we do you're going to lock down cover two corner you can play within twenty yards I don't know with many people anymore he's still young you two years goes into this corner. He's just got to be good for Jeff that's you don't for absolutely believe these. Do you get for two million dollars a year. Go for us art art art that. Coming up on the next episode. Next segment I should say of the dart board is the producers. It's about character issues within a project a monopoly you'd talked about a lot of guys stocks following what are you looking at mail look at maybe tell us I think he's. I work character issues and I knew I was gonna say I think Ruben foster's draught stock is falling for problems of littering and littering and there's. And you hear this if that is the one minute. Do lunar sample that is bring it down Edwards. We'll talk about. Or series you've got a letter ladies and gentlemen I haven't gotten their dignity and and the next segment of the dive bar it is and whether that you want to see. Somebody's character issue players on the Packers. I'm actually diverted the producers on one of 57 of them plan jackass. This sport yeah. You can access this. So welcome and the ladies and gentlemen back to they dive bar addition other producers 1057. FM the fan. Dot com. Last segment. Talk about some within about Giacomo some players and doesn't care to issues. In whether or not you have a problem without them being on your team. Gentlemen several view there's some some running backs up there. Some hiding guys from Alabama that we talk on less than the room Foster that are that are slippery because the character issues and one now running back name is Joseph makes not Oklahoma who is all the town in the world was golf. Said he's a bigger faster better catching Ezekiel Elliott. Yes please. What do you have any problem with the Packers drafting. A player character issues. Absolutely not. You know I'm obviously take a chance you know and and the draft is all about our chances anyway you have a good character guy. And everybody has him rated how I does that mean that his tail and is gonna translate to the NFL level on the guy's going to be a for sure stud absolutely not. So you take a chance you know. Everybody. All the players that come out of college and that have character issues not all of them are going to be Aaron Hernandez. And not all of them are gonna sit there and end beat Pacman Jones. You know some of these guys bit wrong place wrong time bad situation. You know just made a stupid mistake so. You know obviously. I believe in second chances I got a hundred chances. So I've got no problem taken again I would character issues and outs they have. You know when we talked last segment that I would be very angry if the Packers drafted running back in the first round. If mix and is there in the second round for the Packers. You have to take. You have to because he's got all lake he set all the talent in the world. I've got no problem. The story of mix and his interest in because. He was suspended all of the 2015. Season at Oklahoma before the assault in which was. A misdemeanor misdemeanor assault wasn't aggravated felony and they might debt. And nobody really talked about it that much. Until the video came out right so it's all about perception once people saw. Him lay out the woman than ever resolved in arms about it. Boatloads when it happened and it was just talked about oh wasn't that bad sending apple Ray Rice Ray Rice is another one had had. Was beloved in the community of Baltimore did so much stuff for the organization in and the surrounding communities. In. He made a mistake and he never quite and a hug him again now. I don't think that's just solely the reason he is also the film of his career he was slowing down he wasn't as good. And yet you don't see your point you're not gonna have. Every guy. And has carriages his field you you know with some big names Columbus Aaron Hernandez was one album Lawrence Phillips. Renton was a guy with huge character issues that was strapped in behind it and Morgan out cowboys couple years ago may be lesser job to Brady Gregory. Out of Nebraska. Then as it turned out. If you look at the landscape of college football in the NFL. There's a lot of guys that have. Come into league with character issues. And. And there's some that succeed in this summit do well especially if you give them an organization. Then knows how to handle these type of players. And I feel that the Packers. Have honest strong organization they have strong leaders in the locker room. That can bring a guy in incident don't say hey look there's certain way we do things round here. In. You need to follow this way you gonna be out the door. In. The majority of these players. They want to make a living they wanna make money they wanna make millions so they're gonna do whatever they can understand and have a because they've they know these throughout. They're gonna be no because they're not gonna get any more chances than they are now now so I have no problem with them to dig in and out of character issues. As you said it could be robbery is right wrong time. One mistake doesn't define an entire gripe I entire person's life. Now I agree everybody out there you know you didn't don't throw stones in glass house is every idea out there has made mistakes in their lives and they take for the ended. Might have been a detriment to their career or a hindrance in some part of their life the more important time. You don't. Who made a mistake one of the second chance and you want and other people to not look at June a certain way so don't look at these guys certain way. Yes there are bad things other than our go to. Ever changed Greg Hardy is as cute he's just a jackass. And he's a bad human being he's a bad guy air Hernandez say way. Bad guy bad human being. But there's some that make one mistake and it defines an entire career and that's sad so you need to give a second chance. The only problem is that. Okay and take take Nixon. For example here. Now say Green Bay drafts Nixon now say I'll say the Packers are high enough font on that they want to draft him in the first round. OK so now when he's isn't. Bucky Brooks and and thought that comic his latest my trip does have the Packers that you mix and that's when nine yeah it's definitely a possibility you know so now. Say he'd taken in the first round now you got to sign into a four or five year deal okay. And with the way that the you know with the way that contracts are set up and now with a with a rookie scale it's not as bad as it used to be. But if I wanted to take a character issue guy. For the most part if you wanna play it safe you you know they're free agents. There guys you know that were released from other teams or whatever his then you can just sign into completely teen friendly contract. Where if they mess up again if it blows up in your face. You can come and the campaign it is in grade and it's not a huge stain on your franchise. The problem would drafting these guys is that you have a longer term deal now that being said. You know he's still got to do you've still got to do it because. You look at Ray Rice you look at the mix in video. And then when you read about. About the incident that happened with the with that dude from the cowboys. Aegis and his Narnia yeah party okay. You read the transcripts. Of what happened with party and his old lady. That was. A hundred times worse the owner and a houseful of God's sane and pick one that you want ridicule you live via you know just. Brutal yeah absolutely. Brutal but because there's no video. The outrage and everything like that isn't as big now you know this is stoop. Any got a huge contract from the cowboys yes he did the thing is with the NFL and would GMs is that. They have no problem signing these character issue guys of that helps them win games of course a problem they have with. Is the negative publicity that comes with that if nobody know the character issues. In none of any of Joseph mix in a manager management and nothing Greg hardy's courier hurt in his past ever came to light. The public. Nobody would care. But here that the teams and the GMs are worry about the negative publicity in the PR censored at the pole for drugs these guys. If there if it wasn't known if it was a public knowledge what they've done in the past. There are no problem Japanese guys early first round. No problem. Why and that's a problem now with the all the social media the 24 hour media the you know couldn TOZ. Yet the TMZ but you know it happens even with the Packers. You get a rider that follows Green Bay that it seems like all he does is look at police reports and he's trying to dig up dirt. I'm not players of the team the results. You also is just. There's so much information out there which is why you know like if you look at crime stats today a heat you go to the parking you talk to parents and why how come you know you are program and I screamed don't want my kids at the park. Well okay the ice cream shops right here on a core yeah but I've got to watch my kids you know all the abductions and all this testament you look at the actual numbers. And crimes are down compared to what they were when I was kid. Hot in eighty you know and and you and everything like death of percentages and all that stuff is down. But because it's sowing your face everybody things like that so terrible. You know so this is a total perception thing like you said with a whole PR and try to take a PR hit which. Give me the PR hit if it's gonna give us the Lombardi. I don't care. Which meant a mile above w.s he learned years in the business to win. Now make friends to win rings baby rings what are you going Milwaukee would you draft the Garros with a character issues for the Packers. Let us know on Twitter at 157. Producers. And Greg Brady to Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Is beautiful and so sir yes it adds. That you were ready for listening to the die by our edition of the producers. We will be a bad chip let's go on the brewers. I had to go dude a yeah I'm that show with the baby towels Billy Schmidt. Milwaukee have a wonderful weekend. Here's good congress genetic. That's everlasting. Bovine. BC sports forty. No fun. You excessive.