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Sunday, April 30th

04/30/17: Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid talk about the Packers and the NFL Draft, Bucks, and Brewers.


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Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057. Have been the fame and act my heroes jumped four last key. Along side that man mr. Greg Jennings Greg what's up brother items that are living the dream has always memories we bowed dunes and doing. What I'd do it and ladies and gentlemen we are now joined by a very special guest and he has his own theme song. Who listen to this. Now I've seen the Marines. I. Sounds like name decades ago I don't know. It was you through in certain kind seen. This is it just kinda elements is a high note coming. Seeing in suits. Need ins and us and believe me. In the screen renewing one it's the same. Uh oh move. Casts. On the hill for a couple of no one the only baby tauzin is shared bills Schmidt what that meant well you know whenever you're a dive bar instantly the first thing I think it was karaoke. So I'm glad that we are able to start them off and start the show that off those are some sweet sounds and and if there's anyone still listening thank you. Unreal unreal that's great that is classic well. Welcome back to the dive bar ladies and gentlemen NFL draft has wrapped up what. Is your take. I know how Ted Thompson did what grade would you give the beloved Packers. Let's quick recap round two and obviously they trade out around one. Round two Kevin King at cornerback out of Washington and also in round two safety Josh Jones NC state. Round three market trading is Adam's great great name. Then they get running bad Jamal Williams out of BYU wide receiver De'Angelo Yancy Purdue. Erin Jones running back got a you teppco feet. Anybody wanna help me with that guy's last name is it a Marie do. I'll buy that for a dollar if he's offensive lineman out of USF. Then they get Dovonte maze running gag Utah's state and finish it up with. Is that may Allah charismatic guy Malick had the only male attacker knows the children of the corn it's scary looking redhead dude. Guys every scenario I'm that that's the only Malick have ever heard of a Malick I do pre out of LSU. Wide receiver. Wraps up the Packers draft. Give us your thoughts what grade do you give good old Teddy boy Aaron is drafted is up on Twitter at went up by seven producers Greg grew 82 at different score Orlovsky. And that bill Schmidt radio. Greg will grade given good old Ted. I would prior. Police say a year. Hi below eight I think what he did in the first. His first three pace was phenomenal mean you'd you've. Got exactly what you needed in this draft. You guys dominated by the Atlanta Falcons and Julio Jones in the NFC teams have game and you knew what you had to do you are there and you got some big. Physical defensive backs that can play a delays Julio Jones and we've viewer much rabies Adams pick you got a guy that can play any spot. I'm divas of line. The one thing when these first three picks is that they're all versatile Bristol is. Is any players there are out there and you know our Ted Thompson let his versatility as you get only thing that worries me about these guys that are versatile. They do a lot of things well. But can they seed in doing one thing great. So Kevin King you're looking at a guy that's you know physically compares to a Richard Sherman type player did you get the British are production. You're way ahead of the game. Yeah absolutely Jones. He's a guy that is a physical Parikh council bumper can play in a box can do that mule. DL began in barbarian type CD that that select another linebacker. Only problem him is that. With that aggression can also come a lot of missed tackles that he wants to a knock somebody's head off rent any needs improvements covers a little bit. And but as those first three picks is not double ballpark after that you could have done nothing and you've still got a at least a B grade economy. Greg gives it to be baby to coach would say you I think it was a really good. Good break down how they continually. Brought guys in that are gonna do something well to contribute to the system it. Is some that Dom Capers always wants to do Kevin King. He's gonna be able wrongly viewed on the field he's gonna get beat a little bit underneath. Being 632 or bounced it's going to be hard for him necessarily to keep up with guys like. The O'Dell Beckham and top notch quick wide receivers out of the slot there gonna continually go underneath and you're gonna give up those three to five yard receptions to keep yourself from you know the 2537. Games ball skills urges the real and when you look at. Who he was continually going up against in the pac twelve. We've seen it time and time again with top notch players your consistently. Play better. When you're playing against better competition week in and week out inconsistency and Kevin kings game was something that. Is the reason why I think he fell down into the second round of where he didn't. The Packers trading back down and getting those first getting that first pick in the second round that first pick in the fourth round from the browns I think is. Is something that really can't be overlooked those are two with the most coveted picks in every single draft when you have the opportunity to sit on it for eighteen hours. And feel offers and figure out exactly what kind of thing you can do your last home working and those are vital and I think what they did with Kevin King. Was eight addressing need NB continually go up against and what kind of fit they want they brought back to my house. Realizing you'd you'd get bigger war. When your plane develop our various Randall and quick Rollins wasn't really really good slot quarters I think there cover skills are a lot better that I think they showed last year. But when you're going up against big physical wide receivers. In this league in mostly in this conference. You need somebody that can that can match up with them and press coverage I think that's what Kevin King Brock but. My previous adams' the one that I'm really really excited up first off. Anybody that's your rock. A single digit Cleveland's line yeah you gotta be you gotta be a bad ass there's no way about it yet you can't rock that number and not be able the ball. And that and can be illegal all three positions. You brought in Kenny Clarke last year who came on strong later on in the season taking a double teams much radius Adams. Was top won't read. Defense of linemen in the SEC so he was continually going up against double teams use the top five recruit coming out of high school matches at his position. Nationally in the thing is you can see and ask that you still hasn't he's got all the tools in the same thing. You continually get test and you continually battle. There is going to be ups and downs and I think too when you look at the guy. How Austin is when or stay in the delivery room and you get a phone call you get your baby boy in one arm and get a call you're gonna go to the Green Bay Packers won so I. I think that Monterey is atoms thick. Is is top notch in your building up a run for re. Guys that I I don't it's hard to look at right now because it was the defense wants open last year. But that that for a re. Could be one of the best run threes in a 43 system in the week coming up here next three years Mike Daniels is a dialogue the only penny Clark. Is a good system ball player in monitoring these and is a dog too we can get up against quarterback and he's gonna act that's not in the back. The women would then worries some Bob munch rabies is that with all that talent. You under utilized did you under did you not push yourself through. Enough because he has all the physical tools and guys over 300 pounds and went a 48540. Mean that that's. Fantastic for a guy would downsize by. Those tools that you have why did you have more production. And that's another reason he dropped some in the draft. What they moved Kevin King if you haven't checked it out go on YouTube and check out sports science on Kevin King they don't all think I'm where. His defense of radius. Is one of the highest they've ever tested. Up anybody amber. And the draft since they've been doing this for five years his vertical along with his legs. He can jump higher than quiet Leonard his height and I think though that the super is its. Ridiculous and when you look at the the drafting you you break down the NFL draft you breakdown the NBA draft you do all like. It's about findings to. An alternately you're gonna have to take some shots could the Packers probably gotten a guy that. Systematically might be it will play a little bit more. In year one but has a little bit lower ceiling probably there are guys that could have been taken that pick I think Zach Cunningham is one that you can plug and play him. Anybody giving you some production but it wouldn't match. What Kevin King could be if he continues to get coached up so I think that was the one thing here you see the vision that the Packers are doing. But these guys or going to impact this team week. Well you let didn't frustrate and in my next question here do you guys see Kevin King. Being your number one corner week one against Seattle. I don't know what number one. I see him give him a lot of planes haven't seen starting regarding a number one party to be divine house. Dornin has got data I hope not but he knows the packers' system he knows what's going nine. He he'd. Joseph and kings coming in new even though we've it's the Packers team. All we hear about. Would rookies and young players coming in to Dom Capers defense that is Miree hard for them to learn. Right what exactly to do I think Kevin King will come in it'll start to play a lot of minutes Cindy would Jones I mean Jones the safety. And you got. Burnett and power but he can also and can draw bright and hear authorized many strong but they're gonna get both these guys in there. Now and is in and David just said my charges brought going to be starter from day one. So favorite pick from the Packers this year how she say my previous yeah my previous Adam's number one from who's your favorite Greg. I am I wanna say I know who it's not. I really want this. They're running backs I think bay. I don't think day. Eagle really got the prototypical back further system. I think they got some pieces in place that Q and Beers quote unquote thunder and lightning you got Jamal Williams that can run downhill. And then you drafted. Don't give Bermuda and that. Is a good receiver out of the backfield in the news had a flyer with the May's gain on the Utah State. So lots of baby touts his favorite pick is much radius Adams Greg gave me a list of about 37 picks I'll bet it is a president that they had a big blow it into what the book might might fare dribble Barbie does the job Jones OK I think you can beat Barbara I think he's. This is spitting image of Kim chancellor and and I think he's once Burnett needed for NC he's going to be the guy. My favorite is is kidding he decides to devious white. You know who got taken off the board believe it 27. So two picks before the Packers before they traded down. I'm happy as hell with king so what was your final letter grade touts my letter beet red round beat once I mean like I said it's tough to agree these right now we're just looking at it looked rattled. You're you're now that the author Akron always do outbreak until five years down zero. When you look at these guys you see coach Schobel cultural players and you see talents that contain continually grow. And I think in fit into the system what the guys wanted to really well. Okay CIA. It's tough for me because. I hate Mike McCarthy okay. I 8 AM sort of middle of the road on Ted out you know this offseason I think he's been fantastic but what I look at their draft. You know honestly I gotta give the seat now I love the king I loved god Josh Jones Adams. I I like the men's Beagle pick. Okay she's been your four picks all on the defense side of the ball and then you don't go back to defense wants a okay. And then with you know as we all know it was just a god awful defense last season. Then you only draft one offensive linemen and you wait until pick number 212 in the sixth round. To pick a guy like game pronounces the name co feet. I'm mark guru year or something less you are now Amaechi yeah I'm you know she you know it's just. They need more offensive line depth now they did sign they've got at least a minimum of three looking over the list of the undrafted free agents that that the Packers have signed. And hit you don't okay so are only given a C three running backs stupid too wide receivers stupid. They we have property so quickly I'm an intra that you can ball. Can't see I also do quiet ball I think they'd specifically drab to these two guys method three their last Pickens have brown was the number one wide receiver recruit. Coming out of high school on us you are you don't know what you have because LSU quarterback play is absolutely atrocious says its general do you have coming up but. He is spitting image of divide to atoms it would amount to atoms it's free agent market. What Iran to renew quarterback he's bright and garner a good amount of money there they might just let him walk so they might be looking for replacements. Part of our debt so I don't mind those fixed especially the draft you don't know what junior just inquires on these guys and. Yeah but I would've rather seen them take flyers on another linebacker besides Beagle. You know. More offensive line help another. Instead of three running indexed to meet to me it's silly but I. What I did like about the the defense side of the ball what what the address was being made it known that they still believe in their eyes. They still believing Marius Randall they think they eat and still they still believe and I think they have probably top five top seven. The secondary in Clinton Nixon Burnett in the league right now. What are continually building with guys that in can move I think Josh Jones necessarily doesn't police EP but he might be that guy that that's the Joseph Thomas. Elite level Joseph Thomas does what he does come as Albert and linebacker okay. But when you have a guy like John Jones who covered covered tight ends and cover that they'll appeal underneath. I think we're in port Runyan and support the run game there. It's not gonna go into the bright green and find a date for hightower where you can look at. The but he got guys in that can I think compliment. The players are because. Prickly that you have a pretty good team they just need more production from thirty are still guys on defense for you look at and say. These guys can ball so you don't think that the judge Jones picks signals the end of the Morgan Burnett era. Considering he's dollars last year. Religious nuts. And council and the fact Morgan Burnett. Thing Morgan Burnett knows. We are his value release is right in the values relief in this system. What would say you Greg I'd. I think every NFL player wants to give paid apps and I think that there's a your way out there's no way of Burnett's gonna take. Hometown discount. So would his production if he has another team. IE the Jacksonville Jaguars or a team. I bet that's as if you play defense Jacksonville will throw stupid money Zagreb so but he's probably gonna get overpaid and what does Ted Thompson not doom over the blue overplay. Any what does he want. Hometown discounts. Now so well real quick here's and so obviously we see who we all seem split on the Vince Beagle pick Greg why do you hate it. I think he's overdraft that I don't hate the pick I hate where they picked him I think he's a good player. I think he easy he's aggressive. He's he's Smart. He gives his all every time he's on the field. I just think they could of got him with these. Second pick in the fourth round and even the fifth round in so the first pick in the fourth round. I just don't like where they judgment that you declare ides of under the terms of that high and I'm surely get blasted. On Twitter because Greg crew 82 I don't want any authority has man did this busy though it's gone it's a guy and of course every tracker trailer load there there was of the guys we are all crazy worry about. Ever there's auto the next coming of Jesus Christ one of the greatest amateur of all time so I don't you let up on it but I think. They could dig out of later I don't mind the pick. As as as far as him being a player in him being in the system and him beat a Packard going forward ides deliberately picked out Rudy digger Beagle. I agree the value might it might be a little bit high or low I think they did kind of taken me a little bit early but what I like about Beagle is. Once again that's kind of what you. You've listed in that in that line backing core which I think Blake Martinez is still going to be very very good linebacker I think he has seminary your career for the Packers. He's one of those guys that cleans up. The other guys mask yeah and Beagle had to do that a lot in this in this badger defense he had to clean up. Getting a pass rush when TJ watt tried to go outside and overran the tackle and was shot back seven yards on the play right so Beagle was consistent. In what he had to do you continue like you said great team that is all that dude is a hard worker and frankly I'm Dennis I've Poland for the guy it is. I grew up wherein good. Wal-Mart packer number four Jersey and I had the helmet. That I signed that it was like my signature Nightline up on Sundays and I edit it I can assure you that I wind up on each side and watch the Packers. And that's what Vince Beagle one's duties Acker and he's Acker kid who was captain Kidd. I think he's gonna be really good pro he's did you stronger need to get stronger but you know what what you said that he's gonna work. Yeah and and allowed people said the same thing bug. JJ watt come on Wisconsin then he you know he's a hard worker as a high motor but doesn't have the athletic skills needs is harmony is good that and the wood to JJ watt and. It how many different times have we seen that with with these edge rushers these defense events you know who else was a guy like that was Jared Allen if I'm not mistaken you're down a stake in 93 the draft. There are guys that continually put up. Big numbers in the NFL in that defense and and category and that edge rusher. We heard because cal worked utes yet. While I take alert I will say this I think Vince Beagle has the better overall NFL career and TJ one. So maybe I'm crazy little thing or are gonna have too many argument I don't know of the miscarried bricks and we'll see what say you walk keep. Grade at Ted Thompson's draft give us your favorite pick give us the picky don't like. What's your take down now the men's Beagle Pickett is up on Twitter at 157 producers that Greg grew 82 that Jeff underscore or last he adds. Bill Schmid radio. Now when we come back we'll take a little overall glance. Of the NFL draft as a whole Iraq and with the dive bar addition the producers 0157 up on the fan. Jack down. BC sports what it's like seven. You excessive. Oh. Blow. Learn. Does me love me. You know it's songs. Just won't regret. Yeah. Welcome back to the diet bar addition the producers here on 1057 Arab men that may and act count. Jeff for a lot ski Greg Janet again master bill Schmidt baby towers kicking your ears gas. Now let's take a look at another overall look at the NFL draft in general. Obviously the big news that a day one round one was the heat check back Kobe Ayers. Given up two victories in a four to move up one spot would San Francisco. And grab a good old Mitch true biggest ski Mitchell you can call Mitchell like called Mitch I column garbage. I well Bob we know where you stand out better put a smile and space when that trade was made yeah I was at the Q club for the draft show and Romney. Bears fan resident bears fan here at the fan. All was he pissed. He was yes and after. I don't know what coverage you guys were watching but I was I I think I was watching cable network at the time. Or no it was ESPN to show after came out and said you know who the players have really been looking at a Solomon Thomas Solomon Thomas relieved pressed them in their interview and and I was impressed by the dudes film by. One thing about it okay that's a year ago there and get another guy here with with Eddie Goldman make that from the efforts haven't really formidable as he spent. A picket Leonard late last year who showed signs of being good ball player for the prayers and if you another tie against them that didn't mean to double team. Your only help yourself out but it need. All the sense in the world especially since LaMont said the 49ers taking solid so. Isolate what's happened that would indeed from really quickly. Network but it's going to be a little bit of order on the ball on the bears into the Altman and and then you'd go. Changed the game is it cheers when he said the players were gonna show one more. Didn't say Mitchell Robiskie the one thing if you players' side if you look what they gave up. If you view using that to too risky is your cute quarterback of the future and you think he's going to be the guy. You know. And we get all. I have interface if he ends up being the start you could give up eating lunch getting all of our rob report to prison before during and before you look at what. Washington. He had to get RG three via. Big game what. 81 round earners and that was it accurately or LA gave up last year to Jared golf and well so you can you give up but odd number one pick which is good for the Bayer's. But. You you can the government. And I holes I also think there's there's a part of this where you you have to applaud the mayors for saying if this is your guy. The NFL is like freaking lottery system with these quarterbacks in 'cause they come out. And good players skin coat didn't go in the fifth round I mean I think we've all noticed that in good good quarterbacks Kindle in the fifth round leader you know overlooked but. When you're digging a guy that high he has to play right away you got to applaud Brian pace in the bears for senior audit. We're gonna talk we're gonna retire or not that is so it's either we're gonna sink or swim with this guy. And we see is what works good enough he's played under center enough. Work qualified in and happy enough to say that we're gonna put our eggs in this huge baskets off. I at least applaud them for having the conviction say this is our guy we're gonna go get him in great you're totally right he didn't give up all. And he doesn't have to come in star and aren't as well I brought to lighten everybody about it and yes Glenn and sign three year deal weren't. Some upwards of sixty million years but it's it's it's essentially the way the Contras laid out it's essentially a one year deal Morse the guaranteed money is up front. So a lot of the talk about to rescue that he's just in school Leone at thirteen career starts. Now you can give him in your system get him learning Europe play get playbook and have him just advance seemed. While learning everything you need him to learned he'd torture and here you give a redshirt years so. I think they he was overdraft that they all quarterbacks were overjoyed to Beirut they came in this dressing that. No quarterback in this draft was worthy of a first round pick and then you have three quarter restaurant in the first twelve. And in the NFL in the new hope. You see every year will would super ball. You always have demo. All pro quarterback that's what brings you to the Super Bowl oh when I first saw. The trade in the pick you know I sit here and I was I was like if first I was Laphen and then you you know is that the NFL draft is just. You know BS. You know information left to right and so you heard all the bears were only bidding against themselves and that's why they gave up so much and all this. And then you know a day later Ian Rapoport came out and said there were other offers for the second pick but the bears was was the best offer which is why San Fran took it. So. What you like you like you said if he ends up being their franchise quarterback two threes in a four is nothing okay. But if he ends up being in a bust then obviously you know they continue to be one of the to memorize it I probably don't have a job exactly which and then I was sitting back and I said if I was writing peso -- done the same Franken thing. Because. You know you haven't sit this season he learns behind Glen and you know up to big draft gets her day and then year he gets Robiskie off off the bench and you plan. But. You know right pace only has three years and he doesn't start to insult than any kind of positive results he's out of a job and know what the hell does he care either. Actually I think when our hair thing when you when you're going to what you Connie gets stuck in this dislike purgatory stage work your images waiting. And you don't know exactly you're gonna tie yourself to. You don't wells tied themselves with somebody. The guy over in Kansas City a lot of people thought was gonna book to come to Green Bay John Dorsey is tying his right leg. Took after malls and saying Andy Reid here aren't so I got this I got this this little this little bunny rabbit. Or I just bought it for five dollars and so while Merck and not pay this. And make sure it's ready for eastern next year when it's going to be the Easter Bunny so technically you have the mold these guys. And I do in Kansas City would have a quarterback who I think we can all agree is okay he's he's he's above average. Amber's what is your take you're taking a shot in the dark as you're trying to win the last. Yeah and you mean you feel more homes that this guy east of announcements for notre two years. Tomorrow homes and another elegant restaurant operators who are here and you know EU wants to draft you let experts say and Andy Reid. Coach Brett Favre yet and there's a lot of Brett Favre in the homes. The so I try juicy by the way any yet you reduce its enemies look at it. Needs are about. Tigers up to a guy Houston's GM is trying to do this as well because you failed. What Brock asked Wyler and now you've traded up to get disarm Watson won't. Quite possibly be your day was starter you have hoped he works outs you have the justice. I agree I think he's gonna be a really good player I think he was. Very undervalued. The big dude just wins Yahoo! the dude just wins a fourth quarter corder Beckman yet though the crazy thing about GM's in this league. Is that. It's such a win now league that you don't have patience you look at some these guys. Like the browns like the bears like the niners they're gonna be bad their whole team is bad you should draft the best player available. To help your team in bill. From the outside game and you should do that because if you look at things that the browns the bears the niners. Don't drag these garbage can next year's draft class of QBs. There's there's gonna be the top of all time they're guarding compared to the Marino Elway. Draft law this this this next draft and Corbett coming up but you can't be patient as a GM. Because you're fans want you to win now if you don't win now. You're gonna be out of a job and he's got to give their jobs. And it's it's so easy like you said great point accuse Sam Arnold out there USC is that two weeks to get on Washington everybody knows those two guys are worse odds but. This isn't the NBA where you can you can point QNC discount rate year he could put 25 and night and he can lift us from. A cellar dweller in Q you know top sixty there's a difference in the NFL where you have. Forty eyed guys in your roster but guess what that one dude. That's your point guard your senator in your three so you can still there is doing just about all of it or yet. And you can't like you said you can't say you know what we're gonna take this year. Just play it once old guys try to see how many games you lose to negotiate Wii and it's named Arnold the bears did too was earth brown excuse me. Compiled themselves picks next year that guess what there you know their murder or. Team in the upper third of work that they can be brought up and say we got your first four yeah we were. And they know their goal Arabic or you know Kaiser Notre Dame who I think is just. God awful. And you never know sold this guy could come in annual draft a top. Quarterback next year in the draft. He competes with Kaiser media makes guys are better may be Kaiser then becomes trade bait as he ever was pushed it Notre Dame he was and you know he has a lot of self confidence that you were going. Yeah him know in with robberies bad now according to him. You can also Jack Kaiser have him show also in the pre season than treatable offers of the house if he does well. There's plenty of the vote teams that do this so. What happens. The bears are tied into risky Wear the browns are tied to Kaiser. Right which is one of the main reasons why I think the browns had a fantastic dragged even though I I hate Kaiser now I'll tell you that you know who didn't back to the quarterbacks here. You know Drabinsky has a year behind Glen and the more he's gonna have to sit there and comment my Holmes has to. Did he can sit there and red shirt for two years behind Alex Smith. Where I think that I did Shawn Watson while he went to the best team out of the three he's in the best situation out of the three. He probably has the best our coaches to coach him up out of the three well except that I Andy Reid but the second best. You know he's gonna have to start because Tom savage sure. LET answer right in its you know that's a Tom. Watson's. We we know this dude come into play for us via. And you'd hear win now mode and offensive line is solid and defense is is for real one of the better than we've seen last decade. We are using the show on Eisner has. An opportunity to grow even if he does he's probably gonna start one. I don't know Cody counselors. Are all we've for Patrick Leahy argued he's gone we've forgotten moment for Erica bronchial. Exactly rock outs Weiler is gonna clean. Up in the third deck. So when you can't let it when you look at this it's. Sean as you guys are probably gonna start week one. But look what the browns did was they said listen we're gonna put this kid who. Cities you know all world probably is closer all suburban and we're gonna have to bring her out how this kid can play. And not die. Like seven other foods that we put in the backfield so AP bureau at the line and they'd given him eyes in Accra while on the side court call went her core command. Is it is still there and we will do. I think Sharon Keyser has a decent situation that he's known to you Eddie gave David and oak group. Morning right who's who's a good athlete or at Walter read what I need and casual national press because he wasn't what I did not use that he was an afterthought completely surprised. That he will have on him he puts on himself because he keeps run and is the paper Gerry Brewster so I'm okay I'll what was your favorite pick around one. Favor are what team do you dig ourselves the most in round I think the airs on the cardinals LeapFrog themselves right back in Q a Super Bowl contender summary goes to disarm Redick was ready Pickford and put. That is the fastest linebacker corps I think we've seen now inside. That will proud we have seen since Willis and Bowman that was out there in San Francisco those things are gonna be it would cover the entire middle. Feel and their awesome game Daryl Washington back from his TDs through suspension and when he was in. Earth he was a tap clean machine. Yup athletic free go to TCU practice who get him when he was from other draft. The guy's a star and he just can't get his mind right ponies on the field he's fantastic. Now what was your favorite pick Greg I would have to say. OJ Howard Gould the Tampa Bay gas that were ages ago I mean that there's a lot of divorcing and OJ Howard good possibly go as high as. Four to Jacksonville. And he'd drop all the way to nineteen dollars a crazy running quarterbacks are the crazy run defense backs. In some teams just had players follow left the Redskins would child and Ellen yeah it was pretend to be number two hit it didn't. If you're do you stay pat in the late teens you got some great value picks and great value picks. I think it's every Cisco making the trade. To get back into the first round give Ruben Foster who that guy is gonna be phenomenal if he can stay. On the field and on and off through the. The place and I think who I know we're super late for brakes on the make this really quick but you stay with late week we've been talking about staying within your system and playing in your system and building an entity. You know wells to that with the New York football giants via when they going grant that that Ingram kid the tide and from Ole miss he's like 63 and a half is up to 37 kind of plays a little bit more like Jordan reed where they're gonna wind up mostly in the slot. And you figure out who you're gonna covered. You got auto Beckham junior got Brandon Marshall who is still I think we can all agree is probably top twelve wide receiver in football yes command respect. Sterling Shepperd had a great rookie year and you bring who who in the world what's the cover this cute. So I mean Eli Manning should have a lot of fun and now hopefully you don't by Rogers for Josh Jones Woodman cover. Of one Baghdad that. Ours is catching a lot of heat is letter foreheads in the they drafted him to hide. But if you look at Coughlin. And what he's doing there. He wants to take all the pressure off the bore holes in the one way you do that has its running is with the running game running game and build physical football game this important it is a physical Parikh. Danielle you say you don't reverend Jackson the first hurried or drug that I will look what Ezekiel he did last year. Well Coughlin is just trying to turn the jaguars into what he had moved into giants of 2000 you know totally right and I guess I think that pic is great news you know the only thing. You hit two running backs taken in the top eight. In a league gets getting away from high drafted running backs. Because everybody's trying to catch Ezekiel Elliott in in a bottle every year now you know it's a little doubt Dallas cowboy cal began model now. But not everybody's got there at the cowboys' offensive line where all three of us could run for three plus yards a carry the kind of. Behind those ends at the gym for an ad though Cornett is going to be held by. Bored holes two years ago at a Goodyear debt receiving corps is decent and they drafted. Westbrook out of Oklahoma was another burner so they did they're not gonna load the box because they still have do. Respect the task now as far McCaffrey or eight to Carolina. They drafted him because he can do so many different things you can have in fits that versatility and yet want versatility mean you when you got canned on the back to you have a running back to the backfield so you have McCaffrey went over the back of also and motion out of the slot Alia that epic was phenomenal by and he fits that system well I don't think they're expected him to give. 18100. Yards rushing threat but they expected to try to get 18100 yards total when you get. Maybe a thousand yards rushing and 800 receiving. It doesn't have to be performed that it doesn't have to be like when Adrian Peterson had to be. In those early 2000 with the vikings were they expected him to carry the load. Four that is going to you. Dough into a situation where there's a lot of pressure on the whole offense but he is gonna be able to leave Eli via. Yeah I agree my favorite pick was number eleven. The saints got great value with lead or more from Ohio State following all weighed them in what other guys that are really really happy about is not curable secure from you talk that you scenes are really really did you get a really tough story that was cool that he was able to bring his little boy out their absolutely absolutely what say you Milwaukee was your favorite pick out of round one. What team do you think helped themselves the most hit us up on Twitter won by seven produces a great crew 82 had Jeffords scorer last vet bill Schmidt radio. Spent a couple days now but since the bucks just rip your freak you know hearts out. Solo won't talk about there we'll talk about some areas of need where the bucks need to improve going into next seizing Iraq and with producers. The dive bar addition here I want a 57 that's. Then the fame and jackass. BC sports when you won't find. You excessive. Well no it's. Okay. That job and. Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here went over seven then that Spain and ultimately does so what I've farmers. It's like. 145. Via chairs sit there aegis. Ministers seventeen mixed drink in Atlanta got one hand down years. Motors auto fall in love it and I wouldn't want it easily pitch and a pick out which which directly gig and that nag. I. Sides and at the end. Yeah OK okay that there. We've the CEO of Rachel and that's exactly. Here go to. Beer goggles or via only agreed invention. And we got to about the Bucs. The box. The box the box overall. You gotta say this season's sees a success absolutely Baldwin the way it ended in game six against Toronto all a mind yet. Then you know. Down. Ten million points take home dictate the lead by two in the fourth quarter and then the last thirty seconds in me. Between yon has not not fire not to share driving hole with you know oh. Pitches it was brutal it was freak and brutal. And I think that game also just continues to prove that one you need another consistent scorer a whole series kind of prove that they're they're just about one. Strong player away from being that like three or four and their bench viewed their bench is solid and ice still. He disappeared in game six I think probably one of the worst games I've seen him as a bloc. The U Lockett Greg Monroe because what that you provides you an ability to score a different way in the playoffs. Played down in the low post Greg Monroe proved his nationals series. I don't see it I don't see him in relieving because there I don't think you'll get. The time did that that that character of the go get paid what he can play paid by the box he won't get. Aid that both the initial money like I think it's it's seventeen half for some ago option but I think Greg when you look at in your Greg Monroe right now. Yes obviously this the same low post game. At. You get somebody offers you four years 62 million. That's pretty hard to turn down if you're. Again I can make seventeen I have here or I could lock myself thanks or immediate 615. And. Half DO would you also got to remember that. Next year after next year. The salary cap of Jumbo again loop so he can play on our year in Milwaukee and then get another reason deal after that. I think. You'll gain six was a mean as you said Jeff you're down 25. In the third quarter you made this miraculous comeback you should've won that game beat but you missed. How I don't know how many free throw you missed on the stretch Yaris was. Atrocious. Than the given free throws Middleton missed some big free throws. And yeah does that that drive. Then the game out of plywood that if it happened with ten seconds left not three seconds left but as David's house. Said. This series proved that your pieces away. From being in the league team you need another score you need some. But he did take the pressure off of youngest. And whether that be Parker I don't know I think you need another shooter. And snow had a great series he shot the ball very well. In this series against. Against Toronto. But you also need. Up physical presence. In the middle. And maybe Don can turn into that defense the president to be deeds another hundred pounds that's couple years of life you you need that physical presence in the middle because. Roles and is droll to the rule nonstop and if you just get a guy similar to. Charles Oakley in New York that when that guy's driving on the lane he's not put you in your ass CNET and kids in and you're gonna not wanna drive the lane anymore. And that's where I thought Greg Monroe kindness. Looked like he was trying to deal leaves try to got to be that force or. And Sparky talk about it with amongst parties talks sweeten the onetime easily as you gotta just adopted that rollers it's on the you've always got it done. You're right you need somebody that can initiate contact. At the hole. But Favre did prove that he could be like that Serge Ibaka tight. Rim protector that year which is. How do you translate into this new and that's all past week. It's all EU but you got to continually be it was stretch guys out. On the offensive and which Don can do and it will be interesting to see how Jabari comes back for Lewis this next injury is. His jump shot proved before he got hurt then it'll be interesting to see if that is more how he tries to attack from that 1518. Foot jump shot range and a big is this jar terrible for because he can't really do much no Italy have practiced totally diapers. And you're. Knee injuries happened. When you drive a little ball injuries happened so now do you take the Michael Jordan route when he came out of baseball he knew he wasn't that athletic guy anymore that is gonna drive the Roman dog so he developed a fadeaway that was. Virtually unstoppable. So that's what Jabari needs. To do. I think you just saw in this series a lack of musicality. From the box. And I think that Toronto try to get too big a major and a pop up they're just a little bit and you have somebody that can do that what they did that. The box backed away you need that nasty guy you need that guy. With a killer mentality I don't think you have that on this roster you need a guy who's gonna get in rose's face when DeRozan. Dead in Delhi's face and don't they just old got up and walked away you need to got to do is stand up to DeRozan and look at and say you wanna go let's go up. The Bucs have a lot of pieces there's a lot of pieces if they just. Work or just a couple little things can be dominant. Yeah honest he was just straight scared to shoot the ball late in the fourth quarter. Just scared he you know there was guys you know they're played 560 awful knowing that he wouldn't put it up. Group human role if Munro would step missing the one foot shot. And if he actually could hit those Monroe would be an all star. Us now you know he played fantastic out of his mind if he if he continues to develop his three point game look out. You are generous and to focus he's a free agent Munro he's just not an Atlantic. Yet he is Spears' is a slow up the road back to being an ally in the biggest thing analysts now. You can only look at how you how you hit as I'd bring the lottery in this gambling addict but. You you can try to buy these tickets. Traded Michael Carter Williams for Tony Snow Tony Snow I don't think a lot of people understand. The selling his fourth year opinion on and so he continually chemical rule Whitney's dudes. And like Greg said you can resigning him. Here's necessarily have to start for you but. You don't need fifteen guys on your team they give you the roster spots yes sorry don't. And jury only plays 1520 minutes a night but there will be rights were Tony's now placed 33 snows approach. Vocal. Role player that you need and great role player great on defense can hit the open three when you need it. And is that. The epitome of a team player and if you you definitely need to resigning him. Amen you need another scored parched that was just evident because he puts so much pressure on your honest. When Middleton was in his shot your office was nowhere. Besides the boy I'll wind and the miserable all women and score them what's their defense does do that they did put many points up in the series. You have medals in Canada regressed a little bit in this series back to old Middleton where he would have a good game in national actually Regis he disappears. And you don't feel like you're sitting there watching TV like where the hell is Chris Middleton. And all yeah that's right he had a good game two games ago it to be another game or two before he comes back and has another. But I'll tell you after the series ended was sit there Friday and ESPN on the show the jump. Scottie Pippen was talking about beyond his years with Scottie Pippen had to say. Well I think he has continue to work on his game what I look at him as a Porter a lot like my extra. I think he's a guy that can be a game changer on both ends of basketball or bark and right now he's really suffered no altars and I think he does have put him a lot more work. In terms of shooting the basketball. Symbian a facilitator on the offensive in effect a lot of time to look for school when there's opportunities where you control those things can encourage self we're streaming so. I think you just have to continue to do that but mostly. Given to him hit some shots up. And continued his strong. Yeah get in the gym get some shots he definitely has to work on a show and he said he looks scared their late in the fourth quarter against Toronto bleed the Bleacher Report. An article saying what the box do you do in the off season to get better. And one suggest Naimi it is if you have a shooting coach that specifically for you artists. Give one now all you need you needed changes technique as. His is his shot is isn't it just isn't fluid. It did slow developing you need to do something with it and if he ever gets. It becomes a three point true that's. Average 34%. Yet but you know gives a 1518. Foot jump shot the guy hasn't be unstoppable. Yeah I agree I agree he has continue to work on that fade away which I think is is really nice but. Q his his low post game continues to just. Wow I'm when he gets the ball within five feet in back you down. He proved that he can score a lot of different guys allotted for defenders. On one last guy that I want to touch on as we continue to build. The team in the accounts of the way we are role players I thought Matthew Delaware Dover offers much of weird though in praise duties he was and I wasn't all that happy when he brought him. I do think that he proof that he is a very very solid ninth or tenth man on your roster in this playoffs and he does bring you something. And so the but he's getting paid held a lot better than an actor Ted man off the bench but that's really what the what the salary cap is gonna start. Showing as nine or ten guys in the country and again it is or ten million bucks and then that you definitely need to tutored Mears of Mears and did nothing for your team the entire season and saw behind Bo that cute and his eyes feel like meat probably 35 and go to the YMCA. I like run down the floor. I get the ball jumped in it might. They might get back the heads of all that I'm chuck it. Towards the you know you got Jason Terry jays enter it was phenomenal this year. You can keep him around and get another veteran presence that has playoff experience. There's gonna help the development of the steam your. Harder than you look Greg because I agreed to me and Jason Terry I don't care becomes Beck as a player I don't care becomes Beck is a coach. You need him in that locker room he's fantastic. And he held Malcolm bribed and so watch this season it's unreal. And in you know Garnett work when maker I think you'd use in the box or pay Internet of gardez to eleven's own accord. Whatever it is you have him continue to work with Garnett because he's the spitting image of Garnett. Yeah and I don't know you said was there's a mob Vince Carter of its Carter wants play one more year at least a playoff experience three point shooter. I don't know and these defied aids is well I don't know idea I I'd be interest in I'd take I'd I'd I'd sign him to a veteran's minimum lineup couldn't hardly. Good nerve let's say you Bucs fans where you think this team needs to get better in the off season it is up on Twitter. At one up by seven producers at great crew 82. Bill Schmidt radio ad Jeff underscore Orlovsky when we come back. We're gonna switch to the brewers are gonna give you are 25. Game. Report card on your Milwaukee Brewers Iraq with the producers the dive bar addition here 1057 up on the stand. Jackass. This is more important you won't put up. You excessive. You know. Welcome back to the dive bar vision of the producer 057. Have been the fame and act have Roger Klein week. Greg how is she like theater now. There's yeah sure who is that's Roger Klein in the peacemakers. Though idol is about peace. As is totally opposite of Lodi normally listen to that I love this but. You know or another were about four songs into I it was a really in my car and put on something loud scream and middlemen we're driving up to the packer game or allows you and I went into the the giants game. And I and use. Grabs his these cases all these CDs your head like Hungary and these things that they like it. About what rap CDs I know and you know wireless mice who read see. Yeah yeah evidently about sports and do it in the ground that bounce back. And it happened at that it. All right well we're about well now after that. That's gamer 26 gains in two we will at least 46 games after I game three of the brits pockets of 26 is going on right now the Sunday when we're road record is their drug ladies and Jensen. So 25. Game report card on the brew crew Greg huge hit. You're dressed like Bernie the brewer today he would brewer gear ended tell you got brewer underwear. That and look at the question Tony five game report card brother. Let's see it was say a offensively I don't give them aid. It seemed as I will give them an app halt all. Oca diving beds and pretty much if you look at the record. Offense is care numb in the business Sam is failing them and that's why they're sitting at most 500. Now is aims to continue to do what he's doing and who knows right now he is. Exceeding the winners from the guys that I think we'll get better are not doing as well you know we got BR not in his wells and tenant in his well. I think that they will. Improve. As they aims comes. Closer down early is that glass slipper starts the background so as he called living these Oregon arise. And I had the head. Mears I think that there. I have big event there are friends will be fine. Defensively. And it is what it is they've there. It's it's a mishmash group that they'll put together some and you you're looking at essentially we'd tart Rosen produced our guest. You amid the Indians are Major League is his team that they're just. Dornin until you get. Your guys up now so I hear his. Could it have been better. I don't look. And where's it pays fees so I think that operatives alluded to open our mind I don't think anybody saw this coming and mud is pitching wise EU Jimmy Nelson. I'd run last night and observed David to counsel go more to beat though bog down Bundy is. Postgame presser well it was a lot of fun and when here. That was agents are to gore got beat up Bible council does it mean Els is it called little dance. And you know it was due I thought that you can say what you want about I think times are really really good reporter I think it was a really really valid question and I didn't think there's anything wrong with it. Excuse me he he phrased it in out in a way that was really relieved. An honest and just try to say anywhere unit a unit try to changer attacker unit. It may be a first exchange I don't know these people are swear I'll pass ball all the aged mean. So there's I think last night I'll post game show. I gave them immediately solid beat them as still into the grade. Perspective idea what you ED five. Which to me. Going to be doing all that so happy at all and you you when you look at how this team continually grows. It's his back into the bullpen which we knew it was going to be an issue after you shipped out Tyler for bird you shipped out Gerri Jefferson last year. You gave up on Wilson you've gotten. Still an expert for Will Smith so you decimated that back into the bullpen. And your count on guys like net tally police who has been a whole run launching pad for his entire career. Jake Barnes who I think could be closer you get the opportunity. Indeed it's really really well all season long and then he gets shelled in one game when he really really neat so I think. It's all got to tying together and it's all this big you know marathon not a sprint thing we hear about the baseball season but. Halfway through her 25 games in you look at it and say. They're a little bit better than we thought. They probably should have a mark that's a lot better than what it looks like right now yep but you can at least see development you can see improvement when. Right now they probably about five of their eight. Guys in the starting lineup hitting. Like they should be. There upsides and use your salad B solid B what was yours Greg are you must see SC they're they're they're known. What I thought there exceeding my expectations a little bit on in the C plus. But it is their their pitching staff is is just it's not good and reasons as baby to our said he should have to weigh all your tail on firm prospects and now you have your starting pitchers though that you think. Might be there when this rebuild is complete. Now he's got to wake up via. Davies isn't doing well. Jameer Nelson is doing well brought us then higher marks on the on the gun but he's getting rocked a little bit too. Gear you don't know what you gotta know I don't JC Anderson is pitching very well. But ADE you don't see I don't think anybody sees she's innocent in that rotation. When the Reba is complete so you're here. Your pitching right now is is failing you and you really can't do anything to help that LSU brings some of these guys up. And then at their torrid time you sex present service time to do that when you know you're not going anywhere this year. See I give them a solid B plus in out so I'm your 85%. 2000 tabbed him to give 88 which if by European. Jobs were lost class room if they ever got an 88% and I you know that's an a plus plus admired academic rigor that they don't freaky for all you do my mom or road via bat freaking objective I would again Canadian papers. Oh I do so but you know that's what the brewers pitching is that they never had changed its okay game one. You know Gary gets hurt he's done. So you're count Tommy Malone OK it's and I got Malone yet Davies who's struggling you get Jason Anderson has been great the upper opens its good. But you know there's so many innings giving tick down of that bullpen. You know it's only. How long can these guys hold on. And you don't even really know exactly what you got now Garza comes back we all know what you know what garbage he has. So it's even more or more innings for the bullpen. So it's hard to say you know you got guys struggle like Feliz like leg Barnes you know Cobb probable bad outings here and there. But is it just being soul you know being asked to do so much straight out of the gate that these guys you know and well most of them are young. Didn't even get a chance to get their feet wet before they got thrown in the fire and not even to look buyer got thrown into the horror of the freak and by. I also think a lot of it goes armed council as well and how you manage your starting pitching because you look at some of these guys they're there on the starting pitchers they're Dorell Wright. Going into the fifth and then you Poland in their leaving with eighty pitches and nearly eighty pitches. Yeah that and I don't know why you're taking them out but is the entire coaching career he's had. Our habit of doing that and take the pictures out early quick trigger you also have some relievers that you believe and put then. Billy can address those because he doesn't post game show would would Tim Allen every day but how often has enabled in the game. Yeah I totally agree Tim and I talked about that the last couple days and we are in the we we got years ago numbers locker room yesterday and Craig Counsell talked about it with us. About a week ago during the during his media availability. Somebody asked them a core chip asked that question Eason and you know. You've had leads now in. Now it is 23 of the first 25 games you had a lead and he said it's kind of his quote was it's fun with numbers. What what is fun with numbers when you look at you had a lead in these games so you're getting runs your scoring runs. And you're pitching staff knows that they can pitch with profits I talked. Two I chase Anderson. Yesterday on the on that show and he said dude you go out here in you know we're gonna score runs it allows you to be loose it allows you bro. The stuff that you know you can throw a you're not looking at my my spots coming up in this order you know I got to get through this inning to try to get here. So. As they consistently. Grow. As an offense. Their property right now there slate probably finished in the top seven all of baseball which I don't know I'd release happening especially we said. They're really do a hot this. With Al a couple of guys in their line up late the hour is really certain companies yeah multiple hit games I think I'm the last seven. And key Al Broxton is slowly but surely show once isolated horse he has. Handling about a lot better he's his pitch selection has gotten a lot better and aired on rats is released earned c'mon so I think. There're guys in this lineup that you know you're going to be able score runs. Sooner or later I things act eighties. Comes back to the norm he had a much better outing last time out. And he's got it past the pitch to count he's not going to be able over EU. He's not going to be able to that 85 mile an hour right and got an intimidating guy and I thought Jeff allows you walk around and amounting you're shaking your route here to look at Adam in it's it's it's what it's. So. When he starts coming back to where he can be I think he's a good number re. You have the tools where. I hate to see it I don't see this team finishing under five on. From what I see right now it's hard for me to think that this team can't be in an 8384. Win ballclub. Now. I Revere her and say we mean when we get our season prediction in previous broadcast. I think Adam you know 75. And having him in at 75. Is close. To 500 I think that's northern end up I don't think there offense will continue to. Beyond fire the way they are now in old themes is. In my tactics Shaw started out with Boston last year hitting fantastic and then and then he came in any event dearth nothing but the Ames's. Your first or this is your first point five games in the majors in four years and so teams don't know how to pitch you. The big thing with Dave's gonna be your second time around how well you do against these pitchers and not a major authorities say numbers that you're for real. But Ed. They're gonna be around 500 and in. They're not gonna have a top five draft pick and but they're not gonna make plans. And as a comic and it connects with a lot of these with these baseball teams a lot of times you finish you India 500 ballclub. With a six game winning streak. Or a 500 ball club within eight game losing streak so Qaeda that ladies and you know that 75. To 82 win marked it can count all. Clustered together and when do you even now and what what's the biggest run that you go on that you can't recover for a gift. Regardless did so far they've been an exciting team to watch imagine enjoying yourself every now exactly investigate all it's all you can ask for out of a team that has a payroll of sixty million. Mean as long as your goal of the games near have a good time. And you're seeded team that's trying Indian of their effort every game that's all you want out of a program that's rebuilding. Yeah I agree what's that you Milwaukee what grade would you give the brewers 25 games in this up on Twitter at 1057 producers. At great crew 82 at bill Schmidt radio edge underscore Orlovsky. Gentlemen I used that term loosely. There's been. It was awesome next summer memories expecting. Okay rule what are we gonna do it to that site and it. Drunk now allows you maybe like a six pack of leader Matt good liter bottles of vodka guests expect handles may be good six begged these networks for me I just had a heck of a vendor that I'm coming off of you guys is keep right then let's go get drunk right now. Milwaukee. Raise your glass. Yes here's to life. BC sports forty. No fun. You excessive. Oh.