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The Producers
Friday, June 2nd

Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk talk about the Brewers, brawls in baseball, NBA Finals, and everything else in sports in the latest edition of the Dive Bar.


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Welcome in the ladies and gentlemen you are listening though I human. To the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057. FM the fan dot com. I am your host Greg Janet sitting next to the men the myth the legend Jeffrey or allow asking are you doing today is they're fantastic. Brother yourself I'm doing very well thanks for asking beautiful day outside. Beautiful week so far I was more of their. I was nice men is but I spent half of the year but. You know the other half was great good good glad to hear. Really good show for you guys today gonna talk about a little brewers action going on this week and how the season has gone on so far. I read darva baseball in general and the brawl the mainly by the babe if that happened on Memorial Day. Rossi and give you our finals NBA finals predictions in our Stanley Cup predictions also growing a little. Racine and tiger would talk. But we will start off with the Milwaukee Brewers. Who as of today which is may 31. They are still. In first place yesterday and still up a game and half. We're are almost. Statistically. Mathematically. 13. Into the season. Didn't. Have your expectations changed. On what the birds. I'm one on the season and to kind of they should start the rebuild quote unquote. Move along faster. My expectations. Yeah a little bit I forgot exactly what my win total was at the beginning of the season but it'd probably be around 74. Somewhere in that neighborhood. Now I do. Expect him to finishes season. Closer to 500 I still think it'll end up below 500 on the year. I don't think dead. Anything that's going on now should accelerate to rebuild I I understand how die hard brewer fans do. But when you when you look at it you know. The cubs are way down. There not playing well. I don't think that's gonna last the entire year. And when the cubs get a hot. Even if the brewers are red hot there crew won't be able to keep up. So I don't. I don't want them to make any drastic moves. You know if you if you get a it obviously goes the tube high price. You know big contract guys at the crew have put. You know I would so I would still want them to wheel and deal like Stearns has been doing since he got here. And still try a you know still do would you do with. That's you know that's my view on now. My extra days that changed a little bit as well I did believe I had them winning seventy games. Around there and I think there will be closer 500 now just because. You look at their offense they do have the offensive firepower you had your streaks where. They were flat but for the most part you have a good hitting team know the pitching. That's going to be the back breaker that's gonna be. Does determine whether or not this team stays in first and stays in the hunt. Or doesn't because it all depends on your starting rotation. The way council. Works his pigeons have their bullpen. If they keep bungle in the way they are now they're gonna get burned dull the records win season and they're getting worked because your starters. Aren't going longer than 56 cents. Yep so if you're starting pitchers can start to. Gold deeper into games I think that will definitely. Help the chances of this team. Continuing goods. Chase. Title or at a division title. As part yours and I believe I didn't I agree with the was pres cubs I do think the cubs will get hot there's too much terror on that team. To be play in the way they are now and offensively pitching wise they they they're a stud team and they will hit their stride men in a great coach to do something to get him in year whether be. July or August some of them have been in the gonna get to go on I don't think the cardinals. Are here to stay on that they have as much talent as the cubs do. But it's the cardinals cardinals are always there because they have a phenomenal organization. The reds on to your door by the reds and all in there and rebuild mode and the pirates are. Starting. To be in rebuild mode yeah so. Match occasions have changed. My question to you Milwaukee is what do you think. How Long Will this brewers team stay in first place units up on Twitter at. 1057 producers. To give me a great crew 82 we did Jeff edge up underscore or last game. So I oppose question your Jeff. How Long Will this burst he remain in first place. I would not be surprised if two crew is still in first place one month from today. So the at last day of June. Dad would not surprise me now I think once the hot hot summer months come July August. I fully expect to cubs to hit their stride by them. And so I I given at least another month that you know the deafening the bad thing for the brewers is that. You know they've sort of been struggling lately. And it seems like every time every time they are brewers win the cubs win every time the brewers lose the cubs lose. You know so they're not pulling away. With the division lead like they should head. And I bet I think is gonna come back to a vitamin he asked booked. You know is this season has been great it is were one days short of the first date June. This team is. Would beat dirt dirt freak and exciting to watch. And it seems like you know a lot of the times it's a different hero every day you had Danes you know. Kitten lights out the beginning of the season and he's been struggling mightily. But but it's always somebody new you know Kenya. Bandied. So guard Domingo has come up was just some monster clutch hits. Our CEO you know he's not hitting as well as he should but he's come up clutch and he's about ten or eleven game history now yeah and you know Shaw. You know so it's. Cattle you know it's a fun team because it's a different hero every night and is all of our abroad as well Alia yeah absolutely so. You know if the pitching can hang in there. You know and obviously they got to go a lot deeper in gains. But if if the pitching can hang in their man you know why I give them another another month. In first place I think they'll be in the hunt till the all star break. I think the be first or around first till the all star break after the all star break I think Stearns knows that. This team isn't going to win the World Series this team isn't going to. Go against the nationals. Or any other powerhouse team Dodgers the Dodgers or even. American League teams if you were even to make it to the rose is that this they're they're not gonna win a World Series in a big Stearns noses so I think after the all star break. Whether they're in contention or not. It's Stearns gets a deal for somebody he's gonna make dead deal so that means Garza is now on irritation guards has pitched pretty well. Since he came on the DOD so that's one pitcher out. We've replaced them with her all day gonna do it because for all is gone of the pad and been just as bad in the pen and he wasn't starting pitcher via. You get opera for brawn. I don't think that's gonna happen what his injury history so far this early in the season. But you do trade him off if you get knock your socks offer for. Names. Yeah why not yeah why not go go ahead and straight right so I think that they will stave. Round first place until the all star break and then that they also reagans is gonna. Complete region. I just hope did when he when Stearns and I fully expect him to the legacy and keep wheel and deal and like you know lake use it as well. I just hope that he starts making more moves. Four pitchers instead of position players because the brewers' minor league system is pricked T damn stay act. Will its position players. And with a few exceptions there's not a whole lot of young arms. Common through that system. You know odd Taylor young men just got promoted from double weighted AAA. Well will be free can do not been there done that seen him just. Be hot garbage. So you know I'd like deceit. Stearns wheel and deal for more more pitchers. Iger and incur the gathering pitching as well go way they need to go you have enough outfielders. You have enough middle in middle infield up the middle players right now. And I loading even. Be mad if they included a one of those top prospects. In a deal with a broad to bring in aides top notch to B and pitching prospect. Because you don't have. Down the road three years and has rebuilt this won't be complete in 2020s. In years we'll start competing for titles you don't have any pictures at all heater is might be your only one. But they're not projecting hater to be a number one starter number an ace of a squad right in wesun 2000. Eleven how far ace of the squad can take you when you had great. So I would definitely have no issuing them trading aid. Raid not a hundred brands into the brains of the the future faces organizations can rightly be traded. Brad Phillips. In addition to Ryan abroad for a top notch Phidget process Dhabi off for that. Yeah yeah I agree do they need more arms in in the system. And and that you know I wouldn't even be against if they took kinda led to Green Bay Packers. How they took. Who are running their quantity over quality in the in the draft this year. You know if you trade Ryan brawn and you trade him for like forward decent. Pitching prospects. Want to hold that Warner to a home and actually pan out and become something. And whether or like one of them becomes a two and one from becomes a for at least you know you have to pieces that you're starting five in the same deal. How would be heck are we over the moon would dead acting that would be a fantastic trade is well. Am woody thing Milwaukee. What do you think the brewers to do. It becomes to Wear their first place and they wheel and deal should they stay pat. Should they trade away some prospects for pitching talent of the council there's also rumors that they might go after geared coal from. The fire season. I don't know I want to trailers and prospects for referred aids and lets you can guarantee that is going to be here. I used on the road amp so low what do you think Milwaukee what do you think the burden will do what you think they should do. That is on Twitter at 1057 producers Greg through 82 and Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Coming up we're gonna talk about. The melee by the days including Bryce Harper in hunter Strickland. And baseball in general and policing themselves. You are listening to the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057 FM the fan Jack tan. This scored 410 flex. You excessive. It's it's. It's. The. Welcome bag ladies and gentlemen to the dive bar this and other producers here on 1057. FM the game dot com I am Greg genetic that is Jeff Orlovsky. Talk a little baseball. We had a brawl on Memorial Day between Bryce Harper and hunter Strickland. Hunter Strickland club to Bryce Harper in the hip Bryce Harper proceeded then to charge the mound. At one of the worst Thomas throws have ever seen in the history. Of anything yes the out and then. A little brawl ensued Strickland got a good project on harbor harbor got a good fortune on Strickland. Nationals glided together and they both went fallen out of the ground like can be done deed. But I ask you Jeffords this that are. This is off because Bryce Harper. Hit two home runs off of hunter Strickland. Not one year ago Nat. Two years ago but three years ago in the playoffs yeah. In a year where they want in the World Series. But undershirt was mad so he wanted to plug. Bryce Harper. Are you are right way with pitchers. And baseball in general. Policing themselves. Absolutely I love it I am a fan of violence. And you know that's why I like boxing that's why I like the and man made it's why I like. You know I like fights I like people get now after it I like rivalries. Like all it so I am definitely OK and yes it sounds stupid that it was three years. After the fact. And he's still pissed off and and and wants harper but so be it. You know I think it's great for baseball you know you looking edit their story. On the bench clearing brawl you know and Harper's awful helmet tossed. That led off every news program. That I it was one of the first things talked about on all the talk radio shows. This is why all of the NHL and the NBA finals you know armed and will play offs. NBA finals are still taking their three month break before the final starts. Books you know while that's going on there's playoffs. And championships. On the line. And that put baseball first story front and senator you're damn right it's a good idea. And obviously the people like it I think baseball should be happy about it. So I don't have a problem with it at all I would I love it man I love. I have no problem with. Policing themselves. Pitchers batters will do whatever they want. To a certain extent. When it comes to this situation. I think it's a little ridiculous you wanna get revenge on the guy efforts and hitting two home runs are few choice tomorrow. I'll put some meat balls over the plate for him to knock out of the park strike tomorrow now I'm all for. Guys were on the bases he slides in the second when his cleats up in the next time he's up he gets plunked. I'm all for that a ball Ford got it it's a home run and takes. Thirty seconds or on the bases next time up. He gets plopped a ball for all of that but you're hitting a guy just because he beat you. Not because he does on the wrong now because Limbaugh Bob do you because he beach and I know Bryce Harper. Can be a prima Donna Bryce Harper can be hot and bright server got hit his rookie season by Cole Hamels. And Cole Hamels said after the game. I want to my purpose I'll admit it and I'll be fine I might get spread to read it on purpose because as the cocky young kid. Any needs nobody's and get thrown at every once in the while. So bottom of that as well. But if you're just plug in a guy because he got the best of you need to look inside yourself. Harper was attack he SO will be in those in the those playoffs three years ago. And I know I don't think he bear flipped but he definitely took his time around the bases and might have been dark contrasts as well. So you know it's harper is not without without blame here now doomed the reason why. I love this and I love this in the National League because the next time they play each other. Hunter Strickland has sustained in that box there's no way the I guarantee you there is no way San Francisco has to make a plate appearance. If you starting of course he's good he's not a starter. Hey guys you're just against and beat David he's ever in the batter's box. Against the nationals. He's getting plunked it ended June DOE they're not going over his hip. They might go a little higher without our CI that's that's the one caveat with me is as long as you're not throwing at his head I got no problem. You know and yes I know injuries can have been saved hit him on the reinstated him money elbow. You know and and shatters a bald or whatever well you know two bit sociedad. But. But I love it now. When I was sick zagged I don't like it in the American League you know say it's a starter who's who throws that you know pools or whatever. And then he doesn't have to actually face to face the fire Stanton in the box and he gets one of his teammates hit then I think his week. But if you're in the National League especially as a starting pitcher and you know that you're gonna have to sit here and and and man up in the box. Then I'm all for our mall for and I love. General Rommel violence either the one thing that and then I always think about when he comes to these brawls. What would happen if you are star player. If Bryce Harper punched we did bartenders or would they be called Koptev. And knocked about and broke his jaw. How long then is Bryce Harper gonna be out for how long Lee was BC spend four when it's just a little fight no reassert its part but. It's strictly would've got hurt. You have been on a lot longer then I don't even know that the suspension came down today it's got chased from their board of three U harper in six games for Strickland right. If he would. Not Strickland out broke his job harper driving gone for good thirty games. On the other hand you got your. Your star batter all Robin hidden a guy what happens if harbor breaks his hand. Punch in a guy and now he's offered three months then inevitably Griffin. You know you can't tell you actively trainer he. It was his hand in hand to ride the pine forever it's as ridiculous and also it definitely happens you know it's a man's sport. I agree it meant I I had no problem W I like violence I think there's nothing wrong with this whatsoever if you want duke it out. You see Nolan Ryan and Robin venture out. Go at it we're all Bryant would. Did you and cannot give him about thirty times before anybody came around is awesome the one thing you you can't do don't. Bring the bat right now we have don't throw the ball brighten if he's the blogger Andrea ball came back to go pro ball man now. Do I meant square up. Also would even mind if when the bench is clear just let them do like anyone hockey until one of them goes down everybody this around them and then bowled over done. The winter and seeing I think gee you know bit these planned bench clearing brawls give a bad look for. Is baseball players. Because so very very rarely does a punch ever get thrown even more rare does apartments get landed. So this was great because you head ball the pitcher and harper sit there and Landon good shacks Aaron each other OK so that was great I wouldn't Batista. Gotten the IO door air it out Ross was fantastic. You know. And so but usually the only people that looks silly our baseball players. Because you know yeah Bryce Harper you don't role in his helmet like you immediately fifty cent thrown at first pitch but let you know and you know you get these guys who obviously. You know baseball you'd probably have you know you could be the least athletic out any sport. You know and and have a good baseball career usually those guys make themselves look like ass clowns. So this was a Google and you know I loved it loved it I'm not a Bryce Harper fan you know. To me you know he's khakis Eragon he's an SOB. And it doesn't play for a team I root for so scroll. You know but. I don't know I just I don't see any bad thing and like I said. For this to be a huge story in baseball when there's play offs and title implications going and and for baseball to upstage all of that. I think it's just it's good for the game. I was guns and what do you think. Is this bad for the game of baseball is as good for the game of baseball that these pitchers and batters please themselves. Let us know at Twitter at 1057 ever in the fan producers. Gregory 82 and Jeff underscore last year. Just a piggy piggybacked on this topic it is when this all brawl was going down. There's one. Player in particular that didn't take part yeah I have and there are Buster Posey. The catcher the gap we usually in the first one in the makes a bit. Trying to break it up. What are your thoughts on Posey in his. Lack of enthusiasm to take part in the everything that was going on I don't think it's a good look for him. You know you're the catcher here one of the best players on your team. Spreading the best besides mad bomb via. Your. One of the most well known catchers in the entire league. And for you just to stand back and and watch this all unfold. You know. Mean you're going out at a bar as soon as the show is done okay. So we're sitting there were drinking and I don't care if you say something the most ridiculous thing in the world. Or you know earth sung sung guy is just sit there and you just call often cold cocked and it goes down I got your back whether it's a 1000% your fault or 0% your fault. I got your back no matter what your mobile and how in the hell. You gotta have your teammates Beckett should be the exact same thing right wrong in different. You can you throw their mast down did you get ready to throw some hay makers. Rather written and that's web page is due clear because you're helping you got whether they're right or wrong you got their bet the only thing that makes. Immense. Situation different. Is if Strickland told Posey. I'm clarkin harper. And if Strickland knew harper would probably charge amount and he wanted to use out of them that's only way that makes what he did acceptable. OK but if Posey new debt that you know Strickland was gonna quantum and you know whatever happens after could happen after. Posey should should have still open three feet behind harper let Strickland try to get a couple punches in. But then you get out there and you you come to his defense you see the benches clearing and you still stand right by the you know by the banks got. Just watch and it all happened. I aim for that man you gotta get down and dirty which are boys teach you see. Bomb garnered the video bomb garner team put it all went down to leave it looks like you wanna get in there is so bad but he does want right. Right into the club magazine new man I got a bum shoulder from follow my motorbike guy again anything goes wrong and that's another dozen evidently. I'll tell you then the funny is fight. You remember when Darren Zimmer. New went out to the mound Beck when he resigning yankees. And he was probably what 7580. Years old and whenever Pedro when he went that Pedro and pay you zero. It's he Abdullah all the way server is way down and several hours afterwards is crying and insane needed never said and done it. My favorite one is I only know it was a major leagues I might they might have been in over in Japan where the batter gets plunked. And he just. Takes the kicker that the catcher or you can't have it goes her crime in. Ahead of the Internet that's the way to go about it and you get most most of the judges the birds what does album yeah you just did the judge don't. That is going to the frigid. It's. Milwaukee what do you think Buster Posey city of held city not a votes he is the star player but. Is it bad the forum week let us know. Coming up next segment. NBA finals. You are predictions. It's cavs warriors surprise surprise move. Every and I will let you know what we think here on the dive bar addition of the producers on one of 57 event the man Jack man. This is more important you won't find some. Milwaukee. You excessive. Welcome back to lead dive bar addition of the producers here on 1057. FM the band dot com. I am Greg Janet sitting and would Jeff or last game. Temporary little Bob Seger today what do you think of it man I love Seger right pinkie is so. Horribly. Under rated. As as a rocker I I love them. I'm a big fan seeger is well obviously that's why Brigham my favorite singers on the mall time will come over the next segment. But in this segment we are talking about the NBA finals it is finally upon us tomorrow. We will have game one and then finally. Is don't murder August Joan first we are finally having gave one of the NBA finals. Where she is the Cleveland jabs against the goals they warriors surprise surprise third straight years. Each team has won a title against each other. Jeff user. We got wide. I got to camp. And this and I've got the warriors. I think dead it's gonna goes six. Unless. Google Dray mind green gets in. The bronze fragile little mind. And insert swimming around in there and and get LeBron all frazzled you know mr. greatest player on the planet who flops like a little girl. So well IE I think it's gonna be warriors in six. I would not be surprised if it's warriors in five. IAM going to grow. Whip the warriors as well I don't think that this is going to be. Even a challenge I think I know Golden State didn't break their season record for wins this year and blob low blob what they are a great. Team that team. He just like way and LeBron went to the heat you thought it might take a year to bring them all to gel together and you. Would have been about thirty games in the season and they are. They look phenomenal. Yeah they then Golden State. They do they might not be the biggest team. They might not be a fasting of them also that a team. But the way they play together the team is on be believable yeah it didn't really is you have. You don't have a true center. You have dream on green plains senator right. But you to have everything all the dynamics that make this team work. And they play together is a cohesive unit they play defense they play offense and you know what they can't might even have more shooters. Then the warriors. The problem is that the war's got three best shooters on the planet right and curry in clay and Durant and I think. Derail the addition of Durant. Is what's gonna put them. Not only over the edge budgets and have them dominate the caps I think. The warriors should of won last year I don't think curry was 100% healthy. Last year's finals and that's the big reason one of the big reasons that process the one was. Dream Marguerite not plain rag and he's been suspended. But I think the one thing that the warriors did this year is that they wanted the cavs in the finals in Maine. Are pissed about last year because they're semi three wood season means nothing now abated when the title and they want to d.'s general way. Just absolutely destroy Cleveland in a mall for. Yeah I hope they do I hate Cleveland and I will tell you this OK and that you were you know talking about the dominance in Golden State and what a fantastic team they are. The only team in history. The warriors this year to entered the finals. Twelve or no in the playoffs it's they haven't lost a game in the playoffs this year swept every team. I have a problem. With the Bucs fans who are rooting for the cavaliers. OK you can say what you want about golden stayed in stats. Is khaki. And KED what is sellout because he joined a super team and whatever crap you want a makeup to get pissed off about. How could you root. For one of your rivals in your same division. To have to win the NBA finals. You know and granite IA I will admit straight out I hate LeBron James I think you know I think he's the greatest player implant. I think you know it if you denied that then you're not watch in the same basketball I watched. But he's a baby. He's a flop or he creates drama where there doesn't need to be drama. I don't think he's an overly fantastic teammate. I think the guy he pushes the blame off. On other teammates win a good strong leader would take the blame himself. So. I'm not a LeBron unfair and obviously. But even you know say he was somebody else. It you know how could I could not root for divisional opponent. Two to win the finals they'll be like cheering for the vikings. Say it was the vikings. And the raiders. Into super ball. For me cheering for Cleveland and LeBron James be the same thing is cheering for Minnesota Vikings. Never happened in in Jeff and. Now I'd say here you you have those people that say global I gotta root for my conference order my dad I know people that. In the Big Ten is in a bowl game boy did root for the Big Ten team because that represents my conference and how strong my conferences. MB it's a team that you plague is and you hate them. That via this leg when Brett Favre went to the vikings. And also an all these Golden Globe packer fans. We're aware of Brett Favre vikings jerseys yeah no we had a bet your band your Brett Favre then if you don't say you're Better Business Bureau chief rain or you're. He didn't rival yet do not do that you are not a dagger figure far band. Don't ever put on a dagger Jersey ever again because you. Are the sellout yes damn straight adds absolutely ridiculous not young young man what do you think it'll argue and win the NBA finals. It's gonna get a cab. It's going to be the warriors. Use said. Warriors in six top roughly five and one above that unseen warriors and pour the sweep on I don't think it's close. Adding Golden State is gonna win every game. In double digits every single one while I hope so I hope they in bears the Cleveland Cavaliers. I think you order for that to happen acting Klay Thompson needs to get out he has been shoot the ball that well in the playoffs this season. If Klay Thompson gets time. With the performance you know that we can have grown to expect from step in from Katie and from and dream on. Local baby you know if if clay 101000 years ago one man. It'll be over it for you caller ramping after three you know fit. If you will and it'll get ugly. And the way that the the ball movement. Pick the Golden State you know they pass the ball. It's a beautiful brand of basketball to watch. And it goes in the face of everything I grew up watching because. I grew up watch in the bulls against the bad boy pistons. You know where it was more beach you blow up instead of oh my god look at you know 48 passes in 24 seconds before the ball gets shot. It is. It is something to watch. Yeah their offer is very fluid and they'd they'd they move the ball around so well and they're very unselfish. It's just completely different style than Cleveland is Cleveland is so much one on one basketball it's boring. You've put LeBron on a wing cleared out let him see we did does put Kyra Rihanna wing. Cleared out let them see redux that's what it is an ad I think that gold say it makes polls. Cleveland for what they are in their gonna blow warm out and you know what's gonna happen LeBron is gonna cry and moan after this finals about how they had to go get Durant to beat him. And then he's gonna try and recruit somebody else. To come to Cleveland. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was either Blake Griffin or Chris Paul whoever the clippers decide to get rid of but yeah you made a good point I think it is going to be interesting to see. Once this finals is over and once Golden State beats Cleveland. It's going to be interesting to see who LeBron pins a loss on. And you can say what you will about KD. You know go 17 wood Golden State losing and then joining them. You know the match up dead I AM then I wanna see. In. The four or five or possibly six games it takes for for Golden State to knock out Cleveland. I want to see Kevin Durant. Guard LeBron James. 48 minutes in each one of those games. I think debt is gonna be must see TV and I really hope that it's KDR LeBron as much as possible. And and I wanna see how he does against. Queen James. And that. Most likely does not gonna haven't gives the bronze got a good seventy pounds I'm Katie needs is bad and on the entire time. And the way they go and save plays defense. Would their size limitations. They're switch in all the time is ready I'll pick and rolls or switch and all the time. You most likely target have drain my nine I and LeBron majority of the time. David West is bright and come off the bench and play a little little bit on the browned but. For the Broadway and he'd he'd he'd. Showed. In the first finals series that it played against the warriors. That. He is the guess he did I was on because carrier was hurt in the I was there that still went what 56 games there. Last year I re stepped it up. Can I reach up to one guy Reid was MVP of that finals series even last year. Kevin Love disappears. I don't see Kevin Love being honest cavs team if they lose this finals because they just did he he doesn't. Dual what is needed he doesn't do what's necessary to what he's getting paid they don't have a Big Three they have a big to end up. Pretty good guys. You know how love. Yeah you know he's. Love has a lot of Chris Middleton in them. Where love will have a great game. And then he disappears for the rest of the week and then you'll have a great game and then you don't hear and for 34 more games. So. He's wildly inconsistent. The thing we Kevin Love is that if LeBron is struggling entire Reid is struggling usually that's when love will give he has. And will sit there and put the team on his back and try to bail them out. Whether they're successful or not. You know I doubt it but you know world will wait and see. But yeah I don't I don't think Kevin Love is gonna make all that much of an impact in this year's finals especially you know whom. Especially you're going up against Golden State man and Leggett said the way they move without the ball the passing. Shooting. You know. Say staff and clay or cold you've got KV. And then you could sit there and his feet it's a dream. You know it's there's a whole lot of firepower on them warriors man and you know. Again. And I've been saying it all season long I think there's a fundamental problem in the NBA when. You start the beginning of the season and only three teams have a chance to win a freak and I don't. I think that's weak is hell. Now he says there were what 67 months since the beginning of the season yet the matchup that we knew we were gonna get on day one. I think that's weak is now. I hope these finals X I I don't hope they deliver because I hope. Golden State kicks there asked but I hope there's at least a couple entertaining games and that. And you know I hope they're not all forty point blowout. All the NBA needs this finals be entertaining because everything leading up to the finals has not. Been good to watch the playoffs so and viewership is down and they need these finals to. To read new viewership and renew the the enthusiasm for the NBA. In the product is more watered down and they need to. Do something about it whether be changed. Age limit for Gordon the drafts or did god knows what they're doing that's a whole other topic. Summoned and does need to change what if they're more logging. Onto the finals. Cavs warriors how many games let us know on Twitter 1057 producers Greg through 82 or Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Coming up in our final segment of the dive bar addition we have a smorgasbord. Of topics for you gonna talk a little Stanley Cup Playoffs. Little auto racing and in some Tiger Woods who yeah. The governor up in the next segment other dive artisan the producers. 1057 of them the fan can. BC sports yeah no fun stuff. He Milwaukee. You exist there. Overhaul. Can this all welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the dive bar addition of the producers. I am Greg Janet sitting here with the Jeff Orlovsky. Is Moe is Florida segments. Budget doubles to get there right now. First opera set up with the Stanley Cup finals. We have one game played at. Pittsburgh today game. Nashville. Completely outplayed. Pittsburgh in the game and we via the day and Pittsburgh somehow still one score road was funds rose five to three in favor of the pens. I'm only twelve cents. Back to three on twelve shots. Jeffrey Yasser. Blue ones in the cup finals. Nashville. I hope I hope you know it's great to see all the X and admirals. Up playing for the predators and not only playing but playing well. Citizens. You know he Bloomberg now yeah you know as I think citizens that I had tricked. Eight birds out there you know its neighbors grow the game winning goal against. Anaheim yeah and whatever the game clinching Western Conference finals. Yeah so you know I'm rooting hard for for Nashville. Like you said they skated circles around Pittsburgh in game one. There there's no reason they should've lost that game they did lose. Hopefully it's not. You know a soul crushing defeat for them and they're able to a to lace it backed up and get after it in game two and get a win. But even if they dropped and go down 02 which I don't expect anything nationals gonna win game two. But even if Nashville gets down 02 I think they still have a shot. They have one of the greatest home ice advantage is that African stadium is loud man. Freak in loud. And and hopefully the trends get it done some assay presence in seven. I am also gorgeous say present seven I'm going to predicate that with. The fact that I. Hates the Pittsburgh Penguins I'm with you I hate Sidney Crosby I'm with you I hate everything about the Pittsburgh Penguins with you I've hated them since they had to. Mario LeMieux in the armory younger wave back in the mid 90s I am way of Baghdad and and I've continued to hate him ever since I think Sidney Crosby is a crybaby. He's a good talent. But he's of girl he plays like a girl that he's either got it should be played out because he's a warts there and he's not a hockey player. I think president when in seven. IA. Do think that there as you said there there home ice is is stellar. Although the deal is stealing game so even if they do put on old do you go back to Nashville. Win two more in the just steal one in Pittsburgh. And he got it yeah they have the jobs doing their defense. Is unbelievable via their defense was the modeling game one all you need is. Veteran aide to play. The way he can play the way he's played pretty much. The whole entire playoffs leading up to game one of the Stanley Cup finals if he can play like he normally plays. With the net debt national defense. In their ability in their quickness to score. I think Nashville is going to win the series I think it's gonna go seven. But I do think they're gonna win and I hope it happens because I do know our season Crosby where it raised a couple of 100% agree with him rather. All right Jeffrey I'm leave up to you let's go some moderates and. All right Memorial Day weekend big greatest weekend for auto racing of the year. Starts out with the F one. Grand Prix of Monaco. I didn't watch a lamp of that so that it gets followed up by the Indy 500 and let me tell you at that race was absolutely. Spanned. Spastic I am not a huge IndyCar fan I watched about the Indy 500. Every year every lap no matter what you know that's just what I do off but I'll tell you this. It was so exciting the passing was phenomenal. The closing rates you can sit there and when it looked like you were anywhere between ten and fifteen car lengths behind the guy. You get a good run coming out of turn two coming out of turn four they were able to close they were able to pass. They are able to pass on the high side they were able to pass on the low side. It was so free agent exciting I hope you guys saw that race. And it was fantastic deceit sakuma Cerrato. Actually give old win these a racer he's been known. To not really close. In in the big moments he sure as hell closed. In the Indy 500 it was absolutely fantastic. And as little side note the pre U rays stuff. Who was just amazing they put on one hell of the show. In Indianapolis. So now that brings us to the last race. I'll bet night to Coca-Cola 600. And what in absolute. Does disaster that race was so ungodly boring. NASCAR held their all star race at Charlotte same trick the week before which was just a complete. Snooze fest. And the Coca-Cola 600. Stayed along those lines in the entire race. There was and that's 400 laps there might have been twenty laps that was actually. Compelling. Television. Twenty out of 400. NASCAR. Needs to get their stuff together because that race was god. Awful. Austin Dillon wins. Who you know yes he drives a three car made famous by the intimidator Dale Earnhardt. Austin Dillon is no intimidator the guy's a freak and weasel the only reason why he's driving is it 'cause his grandfather owns the car. What Friedkin joke and that race was horrible right. I digress. I'll I'll throw in a nutshell Indy 500 amazing. Coca-Cola 600. Awful. And there you go that's the we can recap of Racine. By Jeff Orlovsky. And also here Jibril ASCII art and final inspection was airs Saturday it's Saturdays noon to two final inspection showed don't miss it Steve's hockey. Mean Dennis Michaels and good stuff everything race in. Are you knows that Debra last is on the show an incident it's a must listen at the airport in time. We also have Tiger Woods who's in the news and four. Not to golfing again. Tiger Woods was he arrested for DUY early Monday morning and yeah good morning and he blew 000. When he dead we took a breath test it was not alcohol it was a mixture of prescribed medication. Not a good look forum the the mug shot came out if you could hit it and it he looked like Nick Nolte yeah it is they made his mark as he did not look good and a half. This is just another story in in. The starter that is falling in and is falling fast and it's. It's it's kind of sad it. I was never a big tiger fan IA appreciate what he did for the game of golf and how we brought. It to the masses I mean it was big but it was never as big as it was when tiger was making his run. That that ten year span that he had 1015 years Penry had where he was just. Slain everybody viewership was up. Golf courses were popping up all over the place it he was a great time for golf put he has fallen sole hard and it's sold said deceit. And it because it. You gotta feel for Guidant was riding so high know his hit was such a low. Mean you know whether could be. From man after his father died it was as a tailspin down or whether it wasn't his own doing. Because of the problems with the marriage is and with cheating and infidelity. Whatever may have you it is said to see guy go from such prominence. In such a low point and regardless of golf and whether you like him or not. You still have to feel form as a human being that what he's going through you don't wanna see people go through. And hopefully get eleven track I don't think he's ever going to. We win another major out of that he's every of one another turn amid media on the senior tour but I think his golf career is over I don't I don't really see him. Doing anything from here on out I hope now amendment. Oh god you know I feel bad for tiger NYQ I did not root for tiger. I'll win he had a meteoric rise and he when he was right high and dominating your return moment. I did not root for him but yeah I'm rooting for him now and I feel bad for him. Because you know what I don't like is like win you have a celebrity here you have you know pretty much anybody and they get pulled over. And all of a sudden. Dash cam footage is getting released and you see this guy taking his roadside sobriety test. Is nothing sacred anymore. You know there is no free agent reason at all why there should get played to the public debt should be private. And any you know anybody's taken joy in in this you know complete utter downfall by Tiger Woods all have you know for me. You know I it's it's very. Disturbing that dissolve happened because of his old lady. You know she goes Adam what a golf club and he is never been missing since ever sense any you know it is throw away that kind of career over. Over a check is his brutal. But. During you know anybody who's laughing at these dash cam coverages. And all this of the roadside sobriety says. Just think your viewing your worst moment and you want everybody to sit there and be able Zia. Tim mead that is just wrong man did it right it shouldn't be out there and I you know I just. It. Fuel dirty watch and. Tiger tiger and you know what you believe you should not judge. Because you know what year that could be you at any point in time. We've all made dumb decisions we've all the things we're not proud of Asian. No we don't want anybody to judge you so don't judge an embryo stand straight rather. Thank you brewers in Milwaukee this has been the dive bar addition of the producers. I am Greg genetic data is Jeff Orlovsky. Jeff for a motive led to get drug let's go do the bodies Sega president. I am Greg Jenner got several asking this is the dive bar you guys have a good night Salo mobilize. BC sport forty. No flights at. You exist this. Yeah.