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The Producers
Saturday, July 29th

Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid talk about the Brewers, Packers, and Kyrie Irving. 


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Welcome Mahan ladies and gentlemen you are listening live to the dive bar addition of the producers. I heroes Greg Janet sitting to my left is bill baby cow submitted to my right is Jeffrey or last year how we doing those. Awesome man I'm good leaders throw light of these people Greg. Listen to a life. That was in the I've. OK we're just not alive. When they listen don't listen to Lafayette I had to listen to a live there on the deck they got a beer home. You are like no I'm hoping it would appear to. At a. Really great show bring guys coming up got a little horizontal. Little packers' training camps are in good socks and MBA carrier wants to get traded from the camps because he no longer ones player LeBron James. Emirates are about your man card which you can have. Hi gonna take it away pretty much as well we're gonna talk about. But we're a start out with the Milwaukee Brewers who have since the author break have not been doing well they lost today to the Washington Nationals by a score of fifteen attuned to it was not pretty. The nationals had five home runs in winning which included four in a row and Michael was emit the start might be his last start ever for the birds. Gentlemen. And a baby tells us start with the you. Look at the brewers do to stop the skid. Winds baseball games obviously I think is the cookie cutter question answering your viewers score some more runs some. Also really just comes down to guys. It's it's kind of right now a history repeating itself. What in the beginning of the year was the story bullpen was blown games and the starting pitching went down. The bats for keeping them alive for so long and in a couple of weeks ago in this slide chemist started on Pittsburgh a bats kind of went silent especially the runners in scoring position. And you haven't seen that. Sense and you haven't seen them be able pick themselves up. And continually. Consistently get hits with runners in scoring position I think you're gonna kick out of this thing guys there I think they're too good ballclub right now. And what they've shown for over a hundred games but. Alternately it's clear in the hadn't it sounds good sounds bad Jeff but it's. It's the situation very got to look past and continue on and just keep pushing forward like Matt Garza would say just keep grinding and stick to the process. Yeah you know for me I think they're gonna bounce out of it to. You know this the season just goes in waves and the bullpen struggled in the bullpen got it together. The starting pitching struggles for a little while starting pitching is fantastic zig navy's mowed down the freaky nationals. And raving browse and had one hell of a start like drain now you know so. You know when they played in the national scored what their first run in the sixth inning. Of game two men so it for you to shut out what's considered the National League best lineup. For. What fifteen innings. That's pretty impressive it was and you know meet blame counsel for the facility bullpen management in game two and then you know that blazer can brawl over just a disaster day. But the bullpen will bounce back in the bats will wake up again and the problem for the brewers is that you play three at Washington look you know they. A ten. In its accidents not a good stretch. It's a test though when you're when you're young ballclub that everybody goes through and ultimately. It comes down to beaten good teams and once you once you see that Friday as. That that changes the approach a lot especially with these dudes. In the middle of a pennant race in the middle of their first you know second third seasons especially guitar Trevor Shaw. He he's only in his third year in the big leagues. And he's now owned Torrey six years old producing at the level that some people thought he could when he was you know nineteen won the Indy reined him in that situation. And now we are here so once your once you're really thrusts in that situation. You it was some adversity and it. Super cliche it's coach speak but they're cliches for a reason because ultimately they're somewhat true. And you're big time players make big time plays kind of the analogy that a lot of people do. Today on the big show Gary said there's the difference between bros and Joe's. And you kind of figure out who's a broad now and who's going to be able to step Bob won once you see these scenes once you see these teams they're gonna have to play in the playoffs is you're all familiar to get there. A review Billy having there in a snap out of the skid. They're bats are just too good to I have them. Continue this in enjoy the season too good all season long to continue this losing streak and the bullpen. Going into the Philadelphia series for a span of almost a month was one of the best boy opens in all of baseball in there ERA was. In though lol too cool news from some months straight and now you have some guys that it's it's that it's a combination in the bullpen you don't just have. One guy continues in blown it like Willie brought them you have a different guy every day that is now. Give it up a ball won't run. And it almost seems like it raises to an art form sometimes guys when you when you look at it. Look Leahy said Greg it's not just 11 guy blowing up one day. It's a movement it's baseball you're gonna give a bronze the other guys are pros I mean I think we all overlooked at an all pro sports but the other guys on our on the other side or play in the same game you are. But. You're gonna give up runs but in so many situations this year to sell many situations on this road trip. Jake barns on Saturday against the Phillies. You know Oliver Drake Saturday against the Phillies you don't blow a seven run lead just wondered. Got in another bowl of good bench you come out there you don't give up fifty went up shows what did not give this a granted it was only two Obama I don't think we ever sought at. Talent but. To an extent it. They've they've kept each other up been held each other up when they needed it there that are not grow. They're not a great group out there blood. They've done that they've done the job they catch you refer to an extent all yearlong. It the interesting thing is gonna come this weekend when they face the cubs. Sure the cubs are playing better baseball. You know there are rake in since he also armory. And the rumors confine themselves in a deficit now you know obviously they've held the division lead for most of this season. But. You know you have a bad week long stretch with the cubs didn't. You know they could find themselves in second place looking up pretty quick. But like you say you know I think they will bounce back and play better baseball and the good thing with a group. You know early in the season when the bats. Were just you know on fire it was a different guy every night. So eventually the bullpen is gonna give back to that. And hopefully council will leave leave the guy in if he's if he's got his good Saddam and that you know keep yanking guys after one batter and stuff. Well see here here we're gonna dominance cubs series on June 20 or July 28. Think Beck fourteen days ago two weeks it was the end of the all star break and what was the conversation guys. It was well at some point the cubs are gonna get hot and you've just got to see how the brewers are gonna withstand that situation. Could there be a worst case scenario. I mean your company you've lost that you lost four of eight since the all star break and they've won what 1010 of twelve via. On fire so so what you eagle lit out here and now your face are in year one and a half game back. Gave back so you're not out of it you can't be out of it there's fifty eight's black wreck so it's EE you're either gonna have to do who. Or you're gonna back it up and mail it and you know age you can't just take your ball and all you gotta finish out the year. And you finish out. In some one of the fashion you did for the first hundred games you're gonna be in this thing Julia. Numbers are gonna go down lately mean you look at July 6 when they play the cubs and their one game series for the the fake rain note. And they demolished the caucus there at the brewers aren't afraid. All of that team. They don't have young players that honestly they don't care they're going there and there having fun and they just wanna play in the gonna play hard in their mid. Give their asses out every single game and try to win so they're not they're not threatened by the cubs and yes they know they're down but they're not afraid of home. And you now have 83 game series against the cubs followed by three games here's against Saint Louis. Two rival teams near division and this is when you need to make cane give back in. In the rays can try to get back in the first place and put some distance at least. Between Saint Louis and yourself some extra limited to a two man race so Jeffrey let me ask you. Three game set against cubs pony games of the brewers stick. I'll give him one. I think you're gonna lose and Friday you know Quintana again suitor. With the way Canton outfits his first start for the cubs. That that's going to be tough Kyle Hendrix in game two of begins junior year of Hendrix you don't you know he's one and oh against the crew this year I think that's going to be our own I give them a human Sunday against Lackey and and the ways that Davies pitched against the Washington Nationals. If he can throw even have their good against Chicago Cubs cubs are in trouble. I. Penders come an office in reaction and is now this is going to be a second start off the DL correct yeah and win and when he came out first time. I was listening to that the flag ship bound Chicago and they were talking about talking to Madden. Is it do every Tuesday animated on the mid day show and his his take away from the whole game cat Hendrix wasn't great he went for two thirds gave of I think eight hits in bud captive to one run you know that. Keep your team in the ball game for as long user and and it was standing stay on top of the robber. That might be a winnable game guys and there's still this situation there's still this there's this belief with me that can tunnel all season long. In early so the first three months. The reason why he was struggling so much in the beginning of the year and White Sox fans were Sam our act immediately and any daily dollar and we will get this guy should trade him in the offseason. Well it was because he was given a home runs so there's anywhere that breeds home runs in National League central they're coming in play and air tomorrow night. There's a great opportunity in all three of these games for the crew come in and take these gains to get I think you measure remarked. Zach Davies is is the bat better pitching duel on Sunday and Saturday. You know Hendrix against guerra. Right now I didn't come on the GI I'd say it take your I haven't seen anything from Kyle Henderson 4017 that makes me think that he's unhittable. Is that he's John lesser ease the Kyle Hendricks from from last year read all three of these games are opportunities for you to get back into this thing and all three of these games. Barring you know. Back to back to back to back its sequence of home runs that you should be and every one of these game. Guns and calendars as last three starts is only one with a 675 ERA. Yeah as you said he is not the 2016 there isn't any as many public tech command his fastball even before you went on the DL. My guess that was that ozone man Husseini was he was struggling and Hendricks went up to a city out. I didn't have it's an act I couldn't and her best also now maybe this is the situation. Where he comes in and he's got it dialed handing your you know on the hook for the next seven innings and buckle up because. You're gonna have to go on to Sunday's game and hopefully be in trying to take two or three. So. The problem that the crew is gonna hand and yes they have a chance in all three of the games no problem IR you know swing it's it's no place against against scherzer. No yeah back button exactly but your face in the cubs who obviously like you said ten out of twelve their hot as can be. The cubs' bats are waking up now and somebody woke up Kyle's warmer tonight because he hit two doing ears and a triple. How short were ran his bad ass from the whole play at third base was triggering how many and out. So how somebody woke him up man. And you know it's gonna be it's going to be tough you know Rizzo has been launch in home runs Bryant's hit he's driven and a bunch lately Zobrist has certainly hit. So you know wall like he says that the crew have a chance in all three of those gains. Are catching the cubs at at you know. At a tough time. So if they can hang in with this with the three and against Chicago intrigue and Saint Louis and even just go 500. And go you know three and three. That ain't it. And aimed it. Save 500 you maintain pacer had you mean you're not in a lose many union are gaining any ground. So I guess setting out how many of those three losses he entered this exactly and that that all depends on that as well. I think they get when all three of these games in town has been studs is again the cubs but. Kyle Enders hasn't been same handers last year lackeys been horrible the entire year. I could see them take it. And oh. Sub three EI RAs and seals are equally at ease blow hard computers yeah I hate to I think I made it. I figured I see him I wanna watch and and debates you know like how Cutler you know had that jerk face that every time he saw a picture Jay Cutler you disarm once and they might do the exact same way about it. Okay with a because somebody they can be John Lackey and they come against Cardoza mean just. Take two I just take two or three when the series against both. Ball teams you're heading in the right direction. But do you think the brewers. Bill will make any moves before lost their brick. Every arms are before the tournament. Our I think it's good news is it's it's gonna come down to the price. We saw the errors not been an indication. Where David Stern is gonna break his plan he overspend. I wouldn't be surprised if it is around shall I know there's Dave the stories then. He wants a controllable young arm he wants the ability to keep you for at least two years. That price just might be too. And maybe you take the opportunity. And get somebody to keep you in this race guys they're gonna need pitching. If they're gonna be able to come down here down the stretch Thurgood need pitching to just. Wish them all the way through September. And he's always gonna have to start now is Michael blazed a church valley start again at the farm aid you know we've we've they've caught lightning in a bottle of brands Souter. It looks like you're gonna have to add at least water Jim marble and arms. Were starting pitcher so yeah I do think that make a move I think they do but I think it's bullpen because you got Jason Anderson is gonna get come off the DL. Shortly so you know he's still probably estimate 12. Minor league Reid is there's probably I would say so yeah you know but it won't be too long to chase comes back again you know the in the bullpen help. But this is what we were talking about earlier in the season about how does the starters were going deep enough. So you tech guy and innings that these guys have pitched already. You know this is I think that's probably either in this reps but it pitch with the bullpen and says pearl whose. Totally given up and now. But. We'll see you know obviously I like is that if they go three and three. Between the cubs and cardinals it's great I don't see them. I don't see him going four and two you're. Five longer and better. You know Zeta Evan but you never know mean to stick with those massing of history and -- baseball mean that is baseball yet you get on a streaky get hard he -- you know on the cold streak and you know you lose boards against and that's originated as a reason they play a 162 games and the brewers play up they play the better teams. Well they struggle against the Phillies which is the worst team in basic weather competition and they should have beat two out of three with the nationals if they would one you know than the game too but. You know they play up to their competition or say me what say you Milwaukee. What more birds make age raid before the deadline bring in some ball and how maybe starting pitcher. Where they need to do to get back in the first place and possibly win the NL central this have been Twitter have won a 57 producers. Jeff underscore Lonsky. Comic Greg crede to David's house bill Schmidt to radio. Those red radio just sounds good to sounds good. Coming up next sort of dug a little by little bit about the Green Bay. Hackers. The 2017. Championship season is now upon us also it's OK to say that for the Packers season and we just keep chastised. We do for the brewers. I'm just sick I visited with you and is cute. An incentive to of the burden on the championship. And that's the dog food and I felt that I. Alamo for the birth to an agenda to be more excited for the brewers to win the World Series that it will be for the Packers to an ineligible because it would be a gift from the radio gods we've already been given one year that there from its bridge the gap all the way to training camp. I was on what I'm statewide Joseph and Michaels said and I. Asked some kind of an appropriate question during by herself and I asked the brewers won a World Series. Before Joseph it's engaged and he said and my at my on over under for Joe's relationship is like the brewers. Give me a Packers season. That's an we have coming up next in Green Bay drag dog training camp starts. It will be better for the producers here I'm 1057 up on the sand dot com. These are sport it's. A. He Milwaukee. You excesses. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the die barred this and other producers I am Greg gen X sitting in with a bill baby dust mid. And Jeff or Lonsky. Where another talk about the beloved Green Bay Packers who are starting their championship 2017. Season when training camp started. Jeffrey. What are you looking for in this packers' training camp. Well now that Eddie lacy is on what I wanna see is who Mike McCarthy starts publicly attacking. Is he 061. Play. Yeah no that is out one guy you know I know was lazy and it will come out and talk smack of to reporters. Or dizziness. Is it you know it is going to be Janice again that but he's already kind of gone down that road so hopefully pick some new but that's almonds and you know training camp. You know they don't hate each other enough so it. Is it doesn't. It's exciting their footballs Beck but I'm not all tied in all the you know all the training camp stories per say. None really jump by idea but I wanna see McCarthy's gonna go after. Bill. Rayonier you have senators. I am on that yeah that aren't. That. I arrive in various does the I'm words and position battles. I wanna see was gonna happen with the right back position. If any of these. Rookies can unseat Ty Montgomery and as these starting running back in the back to back field. But the big thing Ahmadinejad is the defensive back field. Bill I really wanna see. What they can do to improve because. Debt is your goal aryan weakness and you saw that that was their biggest issue big time in the ocean in a game in the NFC championship. And honestly it in and if you can shore up their secondary. With this offense and Aaron Rodgers as the court -- real legitimate shot. Of gorgeous of. I think it's funny to a new look alike when you say Shura. Users have to not be poor. You just have to not give up 35 points again and you're gonna keep yourself in most games Ollie he said of Aaron Rodgers in that offense and offenses got. Great this off the sauce council they went from a very good offense to. Arguably the best offense and yet in the and it's. Arm I mean you can you can stack him up against just about anybody better than Seattle they are better offense I think than Dallas even though that offensive line is some nasty. They booed the weapons yes. He kin and everyone was yelling about Jared Cook being gone in the U bring him Martellus Bennett who's arguably one of the best tight ends. The top five tight end football for the last five years I think it was a great move. When you look at the defense of secondary. You've brought in guys to try to bolster what you had I think you will seat. And maybe I'm hoping and maybe this region being a blind packer fan I think you're gonna see a little bit more of a step up. From the Mary's Randall and when Rollins I think. Healthy. They have an opportunity to play they're gonna they're gonna get there they're gonna get there wrestling is that after you. Have to play Josh Jones is gonna play somebody it's gonna be inching see how they use him. So the development of the younger players I think is going to be interest Ian. And Greg the one guy that I would sell you watch is unity now Qaeda pre. However she dates are got a LSU. Got an opportunity here now with DN or De'Angelo yet he's also in the picture. More of a scout team guy from what I see but when you look at. As well with Geronimo allison's going to be gone for the first game so leading up for at least those those chewy sic can't boys. He's going to be Drew Brees gonna have opportunities to get wraps and Rogers. Put a bottom when he was coming out of camp the many Canty said. I look at what everybody said guy looks good guess what ball and he was the top high school recruit coming out his year. Struggle that LSU just because of the situation behind there are no quarter ads go or I mean it was absolute it was actually nonexistent. So for him to succeed the NFL I think is is a very. Good possibility. He could be huge for the Packers this season. Andy your point with Mel got a pre if Aaron Rodgers takes you under his wing. You know you're gonna make this roster you want no enemy no not yet look at what air Rogers up dead wood jeered every dinners mean when he was a rookie. Rogers who loved ever bears and there's no editors is numbing and it team on foresee for Jared he got injured in winners can't stay on the feel well and it. And it's wild suit that point to if if Rogers one of put Janice Sonnen talked about him a little bit he probably would be gone because you can find other specialties students. They guys that learn the playbook in three years so Greg you're totally right Weber or Rodgers likes. Is gonna get a football error that there is conversation. Of where the touchdowns gonna go and Jeff. Whoever Erin Rogers. Sees the best match of this that week. It's gonna hit the football. But Jordy Nelson is still gonna get eight touches. George is boy he's still gonna get eight touches there's still gonna try to target job. Is that's Roger's boy so you're exactly right if you Bree. Lynch's or links that situation with the Rogers and you know gets his head right under that wing like you said. It's got to Rex he's good at this roster. It's going to be a hell of a battle especially when you know that the fall ball's going to Martellus. You know Rogers likes the tight end you'll have so much on an all angles to absolutely is an aerobic that the good old days I think with this office and they're going to be lights out and I can't wait. Hopefully. You know we'll see. What his production in but does is put up or shut up time for him and so. You know it it that bad is going to be one album sales CO wide receivers and how many they ate the open or break camp with. Because what they have last season's seven Brooks broke camp a seven year old camp was so I don't think they're going seven again we'll see. You know you never house and have over the wires here there's so many where receivers on this roster and a that are entering Jim mean you have ninety some players in turning camper now and and starting in I don't know woods this year. But you only have one cut dale you don't have the cut down from ninety some 75 to 53 announces one straight cut that's from. And nineties on the 53 which is absolutely insane. But I ask you fellows do you see any surprise cuts coming out of this camp. I can give you a couple of names. Randall Cobb might have an opportunity. Depending on how it all shapes up now wide receiver that's kind of an outside shot from the -- calm with what he's getting paid yet they are brilliant pay there's a there's more letters are carpets that might have to come in tune in to play. Lay a set as a real outside shots arm. Look on the defense aside the ball may be one of those. Third year corners but same thing somebody would really have to step up. And and get that spot but maybe if you're looking at this price cut I don't know if you think leader is under would be a surprise cut but. I think he has a lot of value on the team I think he was. Simply put in a position to fail last year UW's Julio Jones in your second year. You know undrafted corner sorry while here defended the dogs and that's that's all you can say it I boy it. Yeah I guess I guess how would be a name that I did come up with I guess I did steal spit situation where he's the man where he would be demanding it. Yeah I I don't think there's any change as a county cuts gets cut because you know like you said Iraq loves them. He got an acting it out I think they're gonna give him one more shot you know especially he's what ten mil year. So I I think they're gonna give count every opportunity is specially. You know you can't break camp with three. Three year for me you know rookie receivers so the Packers just don't work on you know so I I think Odyssey. You know. And I Gunter I think it's safe I don't think players. I hope you would have I hope he is so bad. Like just F minus in training camp acting for them. For them to make it tough choice but now is if rental. Struggles in camp I cutesy Randall Josh Jonas. Plays well. Our Randall plays well Rollins is the wanna struggle in the army Rollins is the one he gets the boot. I don't know of Randall wall but their. Greg though what would use could you see anybody on the and the old line that might be a surprise cut. See I don't see Randall or Rollins can cards is because Thompson loves to hang onto his Tyrone draft picks for sure does he does not like to admit he failed. And easily keep those players as long as possible just to try to prove to people that he made the right decision and trapped in them. They brought they I really like my and my and rabies Adams who together on Auburn is Jimmy reed they brought in Ricky Jean-Francois from Washington. Tom team I don't see them I don't see any big names being cut on the defense of line. Office of Ryan I don't I really don't see it any offers on line cuts either because your ears so thin. After blue mean laying in free agency and Schroeder and shredder and freed C settling any lines any. I could possibly see Richard Rodgers. Venus surprise cut OK there figures so you have got a surprise cut is somebody that. That played last year right and correct yeah you know made an in OK yeah I mean I don't side with Marcos also look at Joseph Thomas he might have an object to beating guys will Martellus Bennett coming in and will decide who -- Hendrix. Those are two athletic tight ends and Richard Rodgers. Isn't that the epitome of atlases. And some hole I mean whether what you can do Amare does batted down the middle of the field he's opens up. Everything. For all the wide receivers and their running game. I don't. Clay needs have a big game big time gazillion paid way to much money to have. The past four seasons you've been having I think his best bet in my opinion is to move him back to. The middle. Move him back I don't know I think you'll play a lot more more inside this year as well the only I know he'll be more hybrid. The only problem you have is that you don't have embryos of the house on American position Keillor federal showed you know theme I got to see some you guys showed nothing last year. Gerald Alley has shown flashes but that's few and far between us. You you. You have a rookies can be a rookie coming in Bisbee ego but he's on a populist right. He has not taken anybody's job so soon. A lot of people are are hired him just because he is a Wisconsin kid. Because it will make their roster around here there's there's no way Italy all right now training camp he's making routes but the big position battle that every civilian for. Is punter. Who will the Packers for two pondered the baiting do some good lesson there are absolutely atrocious. What say you Milwaukee. Are you looking forward to this packers' season what do you wanna see in training camp will position battles and he surprised us let us know. At Twitter 1057 producers. Jeff underscore lastly Greg grew 82 in bills mid radio. Codecs are gonna do little NBA talks carry Irvin does not want to blame LeBron James says he wants to be the man of his own play. Where is best fit where we go we'll talk about the next on the dive bar does the producers here I'm 1057 member of the fan dad Stan. This is what it's like the. You excessive. Hot. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to lead dive bar edition of the producers I am Greg Janet sitting in with Jeff or last year and bill baby cows Schmid. Gary Irving who remember oh Cleveland Cavaliers no longer wants to be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers he no longer wants to play with the brawn James he was abuse are of his own show in a new town or city. We've got leaders have gone to three straight NBA titles when he and one against the goals and worst two years ago. Jeff. Two questions for you one. Do you want. Larry Irving on the Milwaukee Bucks and to what would you give up to have carrier arena on the box early analog carrier Erving he's a superstar. Why wouldn't you want. The only problem is. How much do you have to give up to give him. You know. Fur as long as I can remember the Bucs have problems corn ball and Harry Reid can put that ball in the freak and who. And he can sit there and and dish it out and and make guys better. So the only problem would be you know is he taking the ball too much away from yeah honestly absolutely I'll take him if I had to give up Middleton. Yes variety of Delhi of course. And then that one and I'm just you know thrown this out there has to make it realistic and would Cleveland might eight. I'd throw bribed and and there are two two and number Baghdad which Georgia bar in there no. Well net and I would have I would think about it I you know right through Jabari then I wouldn't throw in Brockton. A place I had to do Parker deli in Middleton yeah. See I would I would I would change one of those I would be okay. Giving up groggy and I'd be okay giving a Jabari I'm not okay giving a Middleton just because of the defensive help that he gives you. I think that's that's needed and you know he's one of the league's most underrated players shouldn't. Over 40% from three in the last two years and he's been on the floor obviously had a hamstring injury last year so smaller sample size. Middle that I think does a lot for this team and how they have to play and how they'd have to space the floor especially if they do you do bring in carrier ring first sub guys. Can we ask the question of is that stupid that carrier ring wants a leave Cleveland I'm gonna raise my hand first to say yes. The year you're gonna leave the best player in the world the news went to three NBA finals. Damian Miller came out and said. Yeah who wouldn't wanna go to the finals for three straight years. I just think it's it's kind of and a weird move it's kind of a dumb move. People rib time Kevin Durant for what his move was and yet you can say when this Nat about it but. This is just turning your back on your boys and Sam get out of here man I don't wanna play with you anymore. And this is a look this is almost more direct than what JD Ed. I think is absolutely ridiculous you as you said UN to three straight NBA finals you want a final. Book Irene thinks is his game is better then what. American things and he is a good player that he's stupid he is stupid stupid if you think she's on the same levels LeBron didn't you know what else is stupid. Look at what his. Stats were and what the cavs did the three years before the bride came back to Cleveland. In those three years when you worthy man in Cleveland granite you were young player you're here you're his first three years. You were winning percentage with the Cleveland Cavaliers was 380. Then around there somewhere that you you aren't the superstar you think your you are phenomenal player yes don't give me wrong you are a great point guard. But what point guard has transcended. The NBA in brought eight title just by himself to a team the new name one point brother's done. No no Westbrook. Was the only bar on the calendar that it actually was worth a damn this year and he was in the in the second don't camp. He averaged a triple double. And they were out on the second round. As a point guard your job is to facilitate for everybody else and yes you can be a phenomenal score but you still leave the facility so you are not. Going to go to other team in -- take them to championship level and you are dawn from one of the lead Cleveland because of that and you're gonna go somewhere else you gonna realize. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side because your web team gonna go to is going to be bad and yet you're gonna get your stats that he might keep your money. But you're not to get the w.s and all your short right knows that all you care about is money could be cared about w.s you. Would stay where you are at stake in New York Q let's go to the next while congratulations. Go play in front of MS GUN year you know 35. And forty and 47 and can't be yourself into the playoffs and have. Knicks fans have shown anything yeah with Carmelo Anthony turn right arrows. From New York not he was beloved they would he give me or he was that the don't. Aside and now that he Canadian beer audio and while people you know people it. Desk and haven't do you yeah the big stage. Dual format you hope you go somewhere else beat just so you've failed you as it just so you all now. And so all wrong but I do I'm on the Milwaukee Bucks out of Milwaukee Bucks a hearty because east and one thing that you need the Milwaukee Bucks need. Is another consistent shooter. That can score in carrier Rick is that meant now I would give up Parker to get him I would not give a Milton again I would dual package of probably Brock didn't. Parker in a future pick hopefully can throw in some another horrible contract but they'll dole. Just get out there. As I would give up and grow I would if if you're given a barker and Brock didn't. I would not give up Munro and probably be about Monroe Parker bribe in a conditional one you know ended what does conditional one notice. Will you this last condone this last seventeen to DJ Wilson no and that's I don't know. Our I wanna hear what you're saying oh here it's not brought us out as you gotta be crazy if you want Harry in the box but you're wrong for him not wanting to leave. His whole career was hijacked. By LeBron James Calgary did Jack. And I aging. I was not on pay goes to Cleveland's most to be the superstar. He sits there you know he makes his bone disease you know start to come into his own. Many he has you know a good season and also the bronze ones to come crawling home. OK and obviously no team in the mine is in the signals so. You know I'm sure carries like oh. Poo peer problems sure you know what yes you make three finals he's only got one ring and got lucky is he came back down 31. British it is that he won't be that guy you'd hear the ball. Yeah all the into the game when they gave anyone a fine. Eagles and also on top of that with the whole LeBron from a bag in his career gonna hijacked and he signed a contract extension. Chorus went LeBron mayor. Well you know so he made he made his bed now he sleeps and it looked a game I don't wanna turn this into LeBron thing because I hate him I think I think he's a little bitch. You know. He loved LeBron loves drama maybe carries tired of the anchor. You know LeBron is there and you know all the little childish crap the people's you know. On follow the Cannes on Twitter throw Kevin Love under the blahs. You know just. You know he he wants to be GM. And you know all reset interest in Thompson resigned JR Smith repeat on Shumpert for way more than you all should know kind of tricks. And in all it Sola. I'm sure Kerry if you're sitting initiatives like. This dude runs the entire show he's a drama Obama is not a good leader. No he's not on the leader he's an awful leader so then you know maybe he just wants to get away. And recruit. His own guys. You know because it feels to New York she's there with board Zynga is so he's got another another good to have that player. So you know he could start his own thing. But this LeBron and our objective. It would be funny. If you you've dot carrier ring and you never answer this question in an interview or anything but if your sanity was hijacked. Thing about this way. Who had. But he carry today who would you rather have on your team. Injure wigand's. LeBron James. And Kevin Love who is ultimately. Well all ultimately. When he he was. Good it finally get this other number one pick. When they drafted wigand's. Error dread if they drafted him number one. And now work we're gonna get Wiggins. So eager thing in your high re you're going in day your thirty year and now I'm getting another bona fide stud coming out news. Arguably smallest one of the best players in the last five NBA drafts yet to come alongside Lee and we CU would Andrew Wiggins can do offensively now. Defensively he struggles but still you you're growing into something now. But it's agers are important when you look at it in from a sense of he could have had a totally different situation. Any kind of had a totally different young core. If LeBron doesn't decide to come back. There. I still think you're wrong it's saying that it was bad form by but it's did you support because it's a total RB and half. Carries top. Or teams that he wants to go to according to other members of the media there is San Antonio. Minnesota. Miami. Or New York. Number ten he's OK you know I don't want Santonio. No they don't have that they don't have the talent to trade for they don't have the pieces and those are gonna go quiet Leonard. You do you're not gonna go on immunity to get off my letter of thanks Miami. Also does not have the players Joseph Lieberman Lester gonna give up justice Winslow and you give a gore robotic yet. You have to give up then and then at the airport it's outside and and boom at that point in time at your trade in the future in a way exactly what Carmelo did the knicks to get from Denver to New York. You're treated the way any good players you have around you just go somewhere else yeah vineyard. They're Edwards every team's gonna be bad again. New York doesn't have the talent the only way they're gonna get him into the give up towards Angus because there's no weekly was an administrative Carmelo per carry deal. That is not gonna happen so. Minnesota is probably your best bet. Now how crazy would it be that if Wiggins. Goes back over the Cleveland. For carrier. Now what was funny too is I saw this reporter earlier today was something that plays right into Jeff's goal for Evey runs the organization. That LeBron was wondering if Josh Jackson could come back. To Cleveland in the deal for Tyree. I he to Phoenix. And I don't really know how that whole situation works out they got a lot of good young bigs. But will also air ball would have to be piece of that trade is well never say and Eric Bledsoe or Devin Booker. There's no evil poker I wouldn't think so I when I earlier bush so it was a major piece that the suns don't want to get rid of especially now that. Brandon Knight went down for the year. Yeah EV carrier Erving how much are Bledsoe. Did. Com. And it's it's an argument that we can have till we're blue in the face but I think the original question. Of would you want him on the box yeah Yad like him on the books cause he fits exactly where you need a point garbage chute Britain. Even straight up shoot we Austin and if you trim on the box demean Parker if you get a if you had to put Parker and they deal women knows the partisan come back. This year and if he does not going to be to the second half so you don't know orchard and get with them right coming off his second ACL there. Seed put Parker out there you put Brock and ED trade park your trade Brock then. Cherry conditional first round pick for Irene OK who cares it was only for two years if you put Tyreke with yard miss in Middleton. You're now. The upper Echelon of the Eastern Conference you are now going to be pushing the Cleveland Cavaliers for that top spot in the eastern covers because of losses there. You have an open. Still need more help you know as long as you get help Chad Vaughn and roster. You need you need some better place you know you still have used Tony Snow I've garbage and there's guys that sparked uses and that that he's still not given up within him and radioed. That given a job on in Disney's because he's. He's the future is shooting very can't share look at him he's all see you sir have now. So I mean they have good power play but they think big and they don't have very good. Players on their roster is that Tony Snow. As an Tony's done a good player you soda Don coming up. Progressing well absolutely Michael Beasley is a good role player right might ideally get him back Jason Terry on the good role player. Beasley hasn't signed they were yet. Most likely is going to be on. He's Barcelona and monitoring and still get Henson he's still cause he's still Rashad freaking ball and he's still got Delgado and it was stupid counteract. You know. Look Joseph we didn't play that bad off his back did you expect him to be a backup point guard. Yeah I expect mir's wife beating you premieres its eleven this sure he led he looks like that's a daughter Kelly a lot of bed tail and amnesty. And David still good enough to be what six seed in the east and then you add carrier into the mix. Which in the top three at least error foresees this year absolute there but it before there is recede this year. Would say you Milwaukee would you like carrier and on the books and what would you give up to get carrier and and more books. Let us know on Twitter at 1057 FM producers Ed Greg through 82 Ed Jeff underscore last year and bill Schmidt of radio. Coming up in the final segment of the dive bar room we have we're gonna discuss. The man card writing you're taking away from you. Resolve be discussed because of one that Steve Sparky fight for Rio. Is now engaged rally that happened. Coming up. Amid last segment of the dive bar edition of the producers are one of 57 have been the fans Dagestan. BC sports yeah flex. You excessive. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the dive bar addition of the producers we are into the final segment. We are we will be discussing. The man card I'm Greg Janet sitting in with Jeff Orlovsky and bill baby DOS mid. So some of the habit the big show Wendy's big show which airs from yeah two to six here on one of 57 a from the phantom. I digress to you. It was it was in the middle of the post game meets the big show and people that listen this station know that that's been kind Avaya. Hotbed situation as we played that. That's bad back and forth busier so towards the end of the year heard in the beginning here I should say. We found this story time bad Tim did a bit for the whole show. And it's kind of been a running joke whenever we come on so and so Sparky goes before the break he says guys are I wanna tell story on its own story. So it cool sounds good arm. I got the story time bad ready I was on board and Sparky starts and Tim goes all right see Sparky Pfeiffer with a quick little story forest of these elements. I was it was Romney's girlfriends. Birthday this week and Stevie account at told me the story and after he told the whole story I realize that. He had just told me. Com two days before exactly how he had gotten propose to you. That's again when I was on. 2000. So he had told me exactly how we had gotten proposed to. Like two days ago. And I and I'd you know he's obviously left that little part out so he was on the beach are grant park beach I believe on Oak Creek with his girl. And they were she showed him some then and it was that appear that appeared to be really really cool birds they have some weddings there and she turned around and she was hernia and K as Stevie to marry marry her. A fall. In that cool nerd noises as these target Pfeiffer now father. Also gonna be was then. He's a friend of our colleagues and players I'm pretty happy forum but. Com Laura Butler. Just was the first one account has tea reasonably. She ST. It. Yeah in my the only one that was wondering if that's. A different. I mean it's it's what he seventeen. We've we've. Changed a lot of different ways. We've decided. Different things. Are. Better. Now than they were before. Armed and so. Guys are getting proposed to. Jeff. You're awfully quiet over there. Okay. This man is you know I think the demand for. You know she is QMR proposed. You know oh yeah. And all I think. For him and him horror and her knees. Crawl. They need me hearing me. You know he's got to give it. You know he's yet again as bad man literally you know he's easily Zealand yeah you would there is no you're trying to say Bush's economy. Yeah yeah he said he said she was down I need to boast. That's awesome. And I did you say that. Woman is coming to you she wants to be with you she's not play any games she knows what she wants she wants to be with you so that is. Kudos to her now I know what he wants and go on court could offer him to ever having a woman that. Wants and that belly where she's been proposed. I don't know I wanna get proposed to. I don't know how I would tape that I had to mean for me I just feel that it's something that. You know I hate when I ate propose to my Wi-Fi planted our own IA I knew what I wanted to say and it's this is almost a rite of passage percent. Where this is what you do is just traditional traditions have changed so winters of the changing. And maybe he'll take her last name. Ahead FF FF. Yeah I've got a whole things strange I think the whole thing is weird home. But you know why. And I'm really I guess at a Subaru have put that Jack is good he's good. What do the guys who have been so so helpful and I did all of our future if it. And he doesn't do is just dying over here on drug and keep this about it in the water yeah. There is saying that you didn't hear that you look at it if it's not like a man it's a domain gardening and US and I don't know. Exactly the way he went with what it was character is. It was just the first initial question and I was gonna ask the question but. You know I'm not I'm not necessarily a host that's why I'm new in the producers. I figured I would just sit back and wait for somebody else to say. Gary also wanted to go back you just make sure that we had an all right. Com. I kind of side would you grade I don't know if I would want necessarily to propose to you but. For all the reasons that Jeff laid out. Good com I mean now I ended Alec to think that a big man on campus here is I know stretched my back and I got a lot of women that might like him. Give me grow and to meet but then you know I would get up and they get pitched so there's. There's a different situation here in. These traditions change at all and any article or story is their story and and have some mega teller kids oh yeah their story is their story it's it's. Any amount FaceBook added these said. We did it unconditionally here we did it the unconditional way or something to that effect I don't know what the exact terminology that they use on there. But I mean good for them I mean it's it's. I'm Jack for that man there have been and Sparky had said you know he had some rings picked out and just things didn't on the place where he got. This is everything situated to propose to her and Jim went around anymore so she's good. All right I'll make it a move I'm Jagan and boom there you go. They don't run that element on the and is not a road permits that you are and most obvious woman we're gonna go for dinner. On the view I don't own half an hour later you're still some in the house neo abuse your hungry your boundaries now I needed that this. Our guards his picture here and sure it's golf ball yes hey where you're governor I don't hear one let's go here no I'm not going their way. Just didn't care makeup your freaking mind right. At prism buy houses read it. So you know that's on the you'd give it made hurtful for I think it's all manly Evers at their proposed new. You know there's a lot of things that people do now that you know I would pull me in cards for. Wear pink. Where demand bond childish. Shot a man on no show your mouth any any guy who listens to draw rate main card yanked. I came out just how there's like this personal attack and and if you don't drink whiskey you know he's just. Lever that real quick I had a guy at the bar today I was and going through all the beer specials we were gonna have been ours and yeah we have. This beer from four dollars as your report causes your four dollars a was. PBR highlight in the global ultra okay and the guy looks a mean man says how I'm Amanda is a look like a dream a global ultra. That he perceives look at the drink menu and orders a black jury Mo Hedo at the yeah yeah men Carter yeah angry but it's taken away. Update and wages ninety does behind the bar for now the area you you you go would you YouTube mailing to get a a bitter amid global Alter what. But yeah manly enough to drink a black cherry mow you over here you go there without your widget Jim muscles and your your neck that the I absolutely. And it. Absolutely ridiculous. It's so we go ladies and gentlemen for the die barges and let alone the bar we're gonna go to the bar now and have. No I do that very show gives it too late. The and it's gonna come on David six or hello welcome. You're listening to the dad barred this into the producers I am Greg Jennings that is Jeff Orlovsky. That was bill Schmidt who will be guest appearing on some other segments I'm sure. Well the bar have a Google Milwaukee bull by. These sports it's. You excessive.