The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Kyrie Irving

The Producers
Saturday, July 29th

Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid discuss Kyrie Irving demanding a trade from the Cavs and if the Bucks should pursue Irving.


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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to lead dive bar edition of the producers I am Greg Janet sitting in with Jeff Orlovsky and bill baby cows Schmid. Gary Irving who member of the Cleveland Cavaliers no longer wants to be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers he no longer wants to play with the brawn James. He wants to be disarm his own show in a new town or city. They've got leers of our 23 straight NBA titles when he and one against the goals and worst two years ago. Jeff. Two questions for you one. Do you want. Larry Irving on the Milwaukee Bucks and to what would you give up to have carrier mean on the box early analog carrier Erving he's a superstar. Why wouldn't you want. The only problem is. How much do you have to give up to give him. You know. Fur as long as I can remember the Bucs have problems corn ball and Harry Reid can put that ball in the African who. And he can sit there and and dish it out and and make guys better. So the only problem would be you know is he taking the ball too much away from the honest but absolutely I'll take him if I had to give up Middleton. Yes. I had to give up Delhi of course. And then the tough one and I'm just you know thrown this out there has to make it realistic and would Cleveland might pay. I'd throw bribed and and there are two two and number Baghdad which Georgia bar in there no. Well no and I would have I would think about it I you know right through Jabari then I wouldn't throw in Brockton. A place I had to do Parker deli in Middleton Nia. The I would I would I would change one of those I would be okay. Giving up Brock did and I'd be okay giving a Jabari I'm not okay giving a Middleton just because of the defensive help that he gives you. I think that's that's needed and you know he's one of the league's most underrated players shouldn't. Over 40% from three in the last two years and he's on the floor obviously had a hamstring injury last year so smaller sample size. Middles and I think does a lot for this team and how they have to play and how they'd have to space the floor especially if they do you do bring in carrier ring first sub guys. Can we ask the question of is it's stupid that carrier ring wants a leave Cleveland I'm gonna raise my hand first to say yes. The year you're gonna leave the best player in the world the news went to three NBA finals. Damian Miller came out and said. Yeah who wouldn't wanna go to the finals for three straight years. I just think it's it's kind of and a weird move it's kind of a dumb move. People rib time Kevin Durant for what his move was and yet you can say when this Nat about it but. This is just turning your back on your boys and Sam get out of here man and on play with you anymore. And this is a look this is almost more direct than what date. I think is absolutely ridiculous you as you said UN to three straight NBA finals you want a final. Book Irene thinks is his game is better then what. American things and he is a good player that he's stupid he is stupid stupid if you think she's on the same levels LeBron and you know what else is stupid. Look at what his stats were and what the cavs did the three years before LeBron came back to Cleveland. In those three years when you were the man in Cleveland granite you were young player your hair your in his first three years. You were winning percentage with the Cleveland Cavaliers was 380. Know are around there somewhere that you you aren't the superstar you think you are you are phenomenal player yes don't give me wrong you are a great point guard. But what point guard has transcended. The NBA and brought eight title just by himself to a team the new name one point brother's done. No Westbrook. Was the only bar on the under that it actually was worth a damn this year and he was in the on the second don't camp. He averaged a triple double. And they were out on the second round. As a point guard your job is to facilitate for everybody else and yes you can be a phenomenal score but you still lead to facilitate so you are not. Going to go to other team in -- take them to championship level and you are dawn from one of the lead Cleveland because of that and you're gonna go somewhere else you gonna realize. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side because your web team gonna go to is going to be bad and yet you're gonna get your stats that he might teacher money. But you're not to get the w.s and all your short right knows that. All you care about is money could be cared about the w.s you would stay we're Brooks. A New York Q let's go to the next while congratulations. Go play in front of MS GUN year you know 35. And forty and 47 and can't be yourself into the playoffs and him. Knicks fans have shown anything yeah with Carmelo Anthony turn right arrows from New York not he was beloved they when he came in New York. He was that the don't. The other side and now that he Canadian beer you know in the while people you know people it. Desk and Avant do you yeah what the big stage. Dual format you know what I hope you go somewhere else beat just so you've failed you as it just so you now. Is all wrong but I do I'm on the Milwaukee Bucks out of Milwaukee Bucks a hearty because east and one thing that you need that the more you boxed need. Is another consistent shooter. That can score and carrier read is that meant now I would give up Parker to get him I would not give a Milton again I would dual package of probably bribed in Parker. In a future pick hopefully can throw in some another horrible contract indelible dove. Just get out there. As I would give up and grow I would if if you're given a Parker and Brock didn't. I would not give up Munro and probably be about Monroe Parker bribe in a conditional one you know ended what does conditional one notice. Will you this last condemned this last seventeen to DJ Wilson. No. And it's I don't know. Our I wanna hear what you're sick of hearing it's not brought us out as you gotta be crazy if you want Hillary in the box but you're wrong for him not wanting to leave. His whole career was hijacked. By LeBron James Calgary did Jack. And I aging. I was not on pay goes to Cleveland exposed to be the superstar. He sits there you know he makes his bone disease you know start to come into his own. Many he has you know a good season and also the bronze wants to come crawling home. OK and obviously no team in the mine is in the signals so. You know I'm sure carries like oh. Poo peer problems sure you know what yes you make three finals he's only got one ring and got lucky is he came back down 31. Finish it that he wants with a guy do you hear the ball. The end of the game when the game anywhere in the finals and also on top of that with the whole LeBron from a bag in his career in hijacked and he signed a contract extension. How chorus went to the runner. Up you know so he made he made his bed now he sleeps and. Looked a game I don't wanna turn this into a LeBron thing because I hate him I think I think he's a little bitch. You know. He looked LeBron loves drama maybe carries tired of the anchor. You know LeBron caesarean you know all the little childish crap that people's you know. On follow the Cannes on Twitter. Rogue Kevin Love under the blahs. You know just. You know he he wants to be GM. And you know all reset interest in Thompson resigned JR Smith received on Shumpert for way more than you all should know kind of tricks. And and all that Sola. I'm sure Kerry if you're sitting initiatives like. This dude runs the entire show he's a drama llama he's not a good leader. No he's not on the leader he's an awful leader so you know maybe he just wants to get away. And recruit. His own guys. You know because if he goes to New York she's there with more Zynga is so he's got another another good good player. So you know he could start his own thing. But this LeBron and our objective. It would be funny. If you you've dot carrier ring and you never answer this question in an interview or anything but if your sanity was hijacked. Thing about it this way. Who had. But he carry today who would you rather have on your team. Injure wigand's. LeBron James. And Kevin Love who is ultimately. Well all ultimately. When he he was. Good it finally get this other number one pick. When they drafted wigand's. Error dread if they drafted him number one. And now work we're gonna get Wiggins so eager thing in your high re you're going to end your thirty year and now I'm getting another bona fide stud coming out news. Arguably smallest one of the best players in the last five NBA drafts yet to come alongside me and that we see what Andrew Wiggins can do offensively now. Defensively he struggles but still you your growing into something now. But it's agers are important when you look at it in from a sense of he could have had a totally different situation. Any kind of had a totally different young core. If LeBron doesn't decide to come back. There. I still linger wrong as saying that it was bad form spot but it's did you support because it's a total. Or teams that he wants to go to according to other members of the media there is San Antonio. Minnesota. Miami. Or New York. Number ten he's OK you know I don't want Santonio. No they don't have that they don't have the talent to trade form they don't have the pieces and those are gonna go quiet Leonard. You do you're not gonna get one of Unita to get a letter of thanks Miami. Also does not have the players Joseph Lieberman Lester gonna give up justice Winslow and are you give a gore robotic yet. You have to give up then and then at the airport it's outside and and boom at that point in time and your trade in future in a way exactly what Carmelo did the knicks to give from Denver to New York. You're treated the way any good players you have around you just go somewhere else yeah vineyard at Edwards every team gonna be bad again. New York doesn't have the talent the only way they're gonna get him into the give up towards Angus 'cause there's no weekly was an administrative Carmelo per carry deal. That is not gonna happen so. Minnesota is probably your best bet. Now how crazy would it be that if Wiggins. Goes back over the at a Cleveland. For carrier. Now what was funny too is I saw this reporter earlier today was something that plays right into Jeff's goal thing Evey runs the organization. That LeBron was wondering if Josh Jackson could come back. To Cleveland in the deal for Tyree. He is a Phoenix. And I don't really know how that whole situation works out they got a lot of good young bigs. But will also air ball would have to be piece of that trade is well never say and Eric Bledsoe or Devin Booker. There's no evil poker I wouldn't think so I when I earlier bush so it was a major piece that the suns don't wanna get rid of especially now that Brandon Knight went down for the year. Gabby gets high every Erving how much or Bledsoe. Did. Com. And it's it's an argument that we can have till we're blue in the face but I think the original question. Of would you want him on the box yeah Yad like him on the books cause he fits exactly where you need a point guard each shoot 30 yeah. He's straight up shoot we Austin energy Australia when she talks to mean Parker if you get a if you had to put Parker and they deal women knows the partisan come back. This year and if he does not going to be to the second half so even know orchard and get with them right coming off his second ACL there. Seed put Parker out there you put Brock in the EU trade argued trade Brock then. Cherry conditional first round pick for Irene OK who cares it was only for two years if you put Tyreke with yeah Imus and Middleton. You're now. The upper Echelon of the Eastern Conference you are now going to be pushing the Cleveland Cavaliers for that top spot in the eastern covers because of losses there. You have an open. Still need more help you know as long as you get help Chad Vaughn and roster. You need you need some better place you know you still have used Tony Snow I've garbage and there's guys that sparked uses and that that he's still not given up within him and radio on the had given up job on in Disney's because he's. He's the future is shooting very can't share look at him he's all see you sir have now. So I mean they have good core. But they think big and they do have good. Players on their roster is that Tony Snow. As an onus on the player you so that was done coming up. Progressing well absolutely Michael Beasley is a good role player right might ideally get him back Jason Terry on the good role player. Beasley hasn't signed they were yet. Most likely is going to be on. He's Barcelona monitoring and still get Henson he's still cause he's still Rashad freaking ball and he's still got Delgado and it was stupid counteract. You know. Look Joseph we didn't play bad and off his back did you expect him to be a backup point guard. Yeah I expect mirrors the way he greeted you premieres it's eleven minutes sure he let he looks like that's a daughter Kelly a lot of bad tail and amnesty. And David still good enough to be what six seed in the east and then you had carrier with a mix. Which in the top three at least error foresees this year absolutely there but it before there is recede this year. Would say you Milwaukee would you like carrier and on the books and what would you give up to get carrier and and more books. Let us know on Twitter at 1057 FM producers Ed Greg through 82 Ed Jeff underscore last year and bill Schmidt of radio. Coming up in the final segment of the dive bar room we have we're gonna discuss. The man card writing you're taking away from you. Resolving discussed because of one that Steve Sparky Pfeiffer Ryo. Is now engaged rally that happened. Coming up. Amid last segment of the dive bar edition of the producers are one of 57 about the fans Dagestan. BC sports yeah fine. You excessive.