The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - NBA Finals

The Producers
Friday, June 2nd

Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk give their predictions for the NBA Finals.


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Welcome back to lead dive bar addition of the producers here on 1057. FM the Fey and dad come. I am Greg Janet city and would Jeff or last game. Temporary little Bob Seger today what do you think of it. Man I love Seger right pinkie is so. Horribly. Under rated. As as a rocker I I love them. I'm a big fan seeger and well obviously that's why Brigham my favorite Sears on the mall time will come over the next segment. But in this segment we are talking about the NBA finals is finally upon us tomorrow. We will have game one and finally. Is don't murder August June 1 we are finally having gave one of the NBA finals. Where she is a Cleveland jabs against the goals they warriors surprise surprise third straight years. Each team has won a title against each other. Geoff Izzard. Leon why I got camp. And it and. I've got the warriors. I think dead it's gonna goes six. Unless. Google Dray mind green gets in. The bronze fragile little mind. And insert swimming around in there and and get LeBron all frazzled you know mr. greatest player on the planet who flops like the little girl. So IE I think it's gonna be warriors in six. I would not be surprised if it's warriors in five. IAM going to grow. Whip the warriors as well I don't think that this is going to be. Even a challenge I think I know Golden State didn't break their season record for wins this year and while low blob what they are a great. Team that team. He just like way and LeBron went to the heat you thought it might take a year to bring them all to gel together and you. Would have been about thirty games in the season and they are. They look phenomenal. Yeah they they're in the Golden State. They do they might not be the biggest team. They might not be a fast steal them also that a team. But the way they play together the team is on be believable yeah it it really is you have you don't have a true center. You have dream on green plains senator right. But you to have everything all the dynamics that make this team work. And they play together is a cohesive unit they play defense they play offense and you know what they can't might even have more shooters. Then the warriors. The problem is that the war's got three best shooters implant. Right and curry in clay and Durant and I think derail the addition of Durant. Is what's gonna put them. Not only over the edge budgets and have them dominate the caps I think. The warriors should of won last year I don't think curry was 100% healthy. Last year's finals and that's the big reason one of the big reasons that are similar one was. Dream on green not plane rag and he's been suspended. But I think the one thing that the warriors did this year is that they wanted the cavs in the finals in Maine. Are pissed about last year. Because they're 73 win season means nothing now abated when the title and they want to diss to destroy. Just absolutely destroy Cleveland in a mall for. Yeah I hope they do I hate Cleveland and I will tell you this OK and that you were you know talking about the dominance in Golden State and what a fantastic team they are. The only team in history. The warriors this year to enter the finals. Twelve or no in the playoffs it's they haven't lost a game in the playoffs this year swept every team. I have a problem. With the Bucs fans who are rooting for the cavaliers. OK you can say what you want about golden stayed in steps. Is khaki. And KED what do sellout because he joined a super team. And whatever crap you wanna make up to get pissed off about. How could you root. For one of your rivals in your same division. To have to win the NBA finals. You know and granite IA I will admit straight out I hate LeBron James I think you know I think he's the greatest player and plan. I think you know it if you denied that then you're not watch in the same basketball I watched. But he's a baby. He's a flop or he creates drama where there doesn't need to be drama. I don't think he's an overly fantastic teammate. I think the guy he pushes the blame off. On other teammates win a good strong leader would take the blame himself. So. I'm not a LeBron unfair and obviously. But even you know say he was somebody else. It you know how could I could not root for divisional opponent. Two to win the finals they'll be like cheering for the vikings. Say it was the vikings. And the raiders. It is suitable. For me cheering for Cleveland and LeBron James be the same thing is cheering for Minnesota Vikings never happened in in gently and. Now I'd say here you you have those people that say global I gotta root for my conference order my bad I know people that. In the Big Ten is in a bowl game boy did root for the Big Ten team because that represents my conference and how strong my conferences. MB it's a team that you've plague has and you hate them. That yep it's like when Brett Favre went to the vikings. And also an all these Golden Globe packer fans. We're aware of Brett Favre vikings jerseys yeah no we don't pick a bad year Brett Favre then if you don't say you're Better Business Bureau chief green or you're. He didn't rival yet do not do that you are not a dagger figure Favre fan. Don't ever put on a dagger Jersey ever again because you. Are the sellout yes damn straight that's absolutely ridiculous not young young man what do you think it'll argues and win the NBA finals. It's gonna get a cab. It's going to be the warriors. Use said. Warriors in six. Probably five and one above that unseen warriors and pour the Swede bump I don't think it's close. Having Golden State is gonna win every game. In double digits every single want meanwhile I also I hope they in Beers the Cleveland Cavaliers. I think you'd order for that to happen acting Klay Thompson needs to get out he has been shoot the ball that well in the playoffs this season. If Klay Thompson gets hot. With the performance you know that we can have grown to expect from stepped in from Katie and from Prague dream on. Local baby you know if if clay 101000 years ago one man. It'll be over it for you could call rapid after three you know pit is it will and it'll give ugly. And the way that the the ball movement. Pick the Golden State you know they pass the ball. It's a beautiful brand of basketball to watch. And it goes in the face of everything I grew up watching because I grew up watching the bulls against the bad boy pistons. You know where it was more beach you blow up instead of oh my god look at you know 48 passes in 24 seconds before the ball gets shot. It is. It is something to watch. Other offers very fluid and they'd they'd they move the ball around so well and they're very unselfish. It's just completely different style than Cleveland is Cleveland is so much one on one basketball it's boring you put LeBron on a wing. Cleared out let him see we did does. Put Kyra Rihanna wing. Cleared out let them see what he does that's what it is an ad I think that golds is gonna expose. Cleveland for what they are and they're gonna blow warm out and you know what's gonna happen LeBron is gonna cry and moan after this finals about how they had legal bid to rent to beat him. And then he's gonna try and recruit somebody else. To come to Cleveland. And I wouldn't be surprised if it was either Blake Griffin or Chris Paul whoever the clippers decide to get rid of but yeah you made a good point I think it is going to be interesting to see. Once this finals is over and once Golden State beats Cleveland. It's gonna be interesting to see who LeBron pins a loss on. And you can say what you will about KD. You know go 17 when Golden State losing and then joining them. You know the mayor shot dead I AM then I wanna see him in. The four or five or possibly six games it takes for for Golden State to knock out Cleveland. I want to see Kevin Durant. Guard LeBron James. 48 minutes in each one of those games. I think debt is gonna be must see TV and I really hope that it's KDR LeBron as much as possible. And and I wanna see how he does against. Queen James. And debt. Most likely does not gonna haven't gives the bronze got a good seventy pounds I'm Katie needs is bad and on the entire time. And the way they go and save plays defense. With their size limitations. They're switch in all the time is ready I'll pick and rolls or switch and all the time. You most likely target have drain my nine and LeBron majority of the time. David West is bright and among the bench and play a little little bit on the browned but. For the Broadway and he'd he'd he'd. Showed. In the first finals series that it played against the warriors. That he is the guess he did I was on because carrier was hurt in the I was there that still went what 56 games there. Last year I re stepped it up. Hi resettle one guy Reid was MVP of that finals series even last year. Kevin Love disappears. I don't see Kevin Love being honest caps team if they lose this finals because they just did he he doesn't. Do what's needed he doesn't do what's necessary for what he's getting paid they don't have a Big Three they have a big to the end. Pretty good guys. You know how I love. You you know he's. Love has a lot of Chris Middleton in them. Where love will have a great game. And then he disappears for the rest of the week and then you'll have a great game and then you don't hear and for 34 more games. So. He's wildly inconsistent. The thing we Kevin Love is that if LeBron is struggling entire re is struggling usually that's when love will give it is. And will sit there and put the team on his back and try to bail them wow. Whether they're successful or not. You know I doubt it but you know world will wait and see. But yeah I don't I don't think Kevin Love is gonna make all that much of an impact in this year's finals especially you know whom. Especially when you're going up against Golden State man and Leggett said the way they move without the ball the passing. Shooting. You know. Say staff and play or cold you've got KV. And then you can sit there and his feet it's a dream. You know it's there's a whole lot of firepower on them warriors man and you know. Again. And I've been saying it all season long I think there's a fundamental problem in the NBA win. You start the beginning of the season and only three teams have a chance to win a freak and I don't. I think that's weak is help. Now you sit there and were what 67 months since the beginning of the season yet the matchup that we knew we were gonna get on day one. I think that's weak is now. I hope these finals X I I don't hope they deliver because I hope. Golden State kicks there asked but I hope there's at least a couple entertaining games and that. And you know I hope they're not all twenty point blowout. All of NBA needs this finals be entertaining because everything leading up to the finals has not. Been good to watch the other player is and viewership is down and they need these finals to. To read new viewership and renew the the enthusiasm for the NBA. In the product is more watered down and they need to. Do something about a weather be changed the age limit for Gordon the draft board did. God knows what they're doing that's a whole another topic but. Some in the does need James what are they Malarkey. Who's gonna win the finals cavs warriors how many games let us know on Twitter 1057 producers Greg crew 82 or Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Coming up in our final segment of the dive bar addition we have a smorgasbord. Of topics for you gonna talk a little Stanley Cup Playoffs. Little RR Racine and some Tiger Woods tiger yeah. The government up in the next segment other dive artists of the producers. 1057 of them the fans. Can. This is it's. A. You excessive.