The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - NFL Draft

The Producers
Sunday, April 23rd

04/23/17: Jeff Orloski and Greg Janiuk discuss the upcoming NFL Draft and who they want the Packers to pick


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And there and you. There and it's. A. No me. And seeing soon. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen today Jeff Carlisle skis here no yeah. Backfired as an unfair and Mosley Jeffords IU fan. Yeah man I love this song the rising so you know everybody and their brother is covered this. You know the animals. You hear around and it just sounds seventies. So all I'm picturing in my mind is you know some some hippie chick dancing around with pared down her ass and a big huge bush. It's a laser light show that there. That's not getting asked the psychedelic going as some you know sobering floundered their uncles left over Ellis dear leader did wrong mushrooms peas. Go ahead in the die barges to the producers that voice. That you are here you that is not mine or Jeffries is our special guest appearance. From the one and only. Beta touts Bill Smith hey that's me and I had. A great Bill Smith the esteemed producer of the Milwaukee admirals baseball post games and yes that's exactly what it is in many other shows us. Probably this film commonly referred to. When you got a T send Zoellick in an interview show they're not who wants. Larry and I think I've played differently or different groups that the next night. And every single him at a different table. Alabama almost peed on myself during that same sort of make confining him where no where new years here or no kidding you know Marbury didn't. They've been so wears ear plugs and a three can books did you go. Don't know we're talking about you can go to 1057. And duck. From fair and Erica and go to the midsection. And you can hear it against the 4 o'clock hour yeah show where dozens all. Is made from a little bit by the guys in the big show. And his updates those little rise when talking about it is the lead. Milwaukee admirals bit the ovals you don't actually get in the area and it's it was a great partner on the radio heist. Fellas let's get more original well should let's get into the NFL draft. In what the Packers. Will do what you think we'll do what they won't do. Maybe they wanted addressed the first arbitrage down that wouldn't surprise me but organs are below NFL draft just bring them bring your first all right. What position. Do the attackers need. To look yet. Engaged in the zone from draft corner. Corner. And ate it made me so angry when there was about a stretch of three weeks and now these guys are pumping out their mock drafts and they all had the Packers taking a running back in the first round. And I I got upset I threw things I said words that I say all the time. Hot in anger is not on there yeah a real estate Basra here on the war well you're you're in the dive bar yeah a bit. Yeah and so resemblance words but we might have a bug put a little bit in there OK there's there's no affiliation with the you guys know I'm always down the gauntlet I've. How did you picture that we're hanging out the right you can say whatever you wanted you know were were were four minutes and in this segment and I've said gas in bush. So thank you gotta pop up up through to guess yeah yeah Barack to a great start so. You know they they have to go defense the defense is atrocious and hasn't gotten any better in the off season sorry Davone house. Tom Gordon you know you got benched in Jacksonville. That's all you need now Ethan now. So Javon house isn't the answer I think the Packers need to go defense and backfield. I've gat. I've got three names Korea. Two I would say yes sworn I would say no let's start would know Marlon Humphrey. And I don't want them because he went to Alabama. So I'm sorry Eddie lacy. But you know I don't like. I don't like drafting guys Alabama I think for the most part are overrated I think the love big problem a big reason for their successes scheme. And so I don't put a hole let assaulting them ha. Exception. Okay pat pat pat. Exception even though I still wanna smack them for that two point conversion against Seattle in the NFC championship season when he heads six hours. To defend their ball. And Seattle got written we our hearts from the moment thing and yet you think you Kevin King out of Washington. I'd take him I'd be happy with him I wouldn't be Ted up over. But the guy that while. Okay and this goes this is to be earned it like my jet being beaten you know greatest name ever does this guy might have the second greatest name ever. Shred DV is. White OK now he needs to change his last name because that's boring but Troy devious. Mine too yeah. Well lots he's gonna get one of those personalized years isn't just portrait atheists and your demonstrated. Yes I will yes I will I might even renamed my youngest son. Heard Davey is. Orlovsky. Looks more like Richard just kind of rolls into your heart really goes on doctor did you guys are allowed just mutual bold things crop. Morning. Just might tell me decade when it ladin in kindergarten. That you know are we do not promote underage. Sexual activities on the boards and I do. I got a lot of very and I bet I. You all kindergarten if my kids getting thrown in the timeout corner hopefully he's got a hard neared to it them you know what I mean. Culpepper Papa. But you don't cornerback got a LSU yes Louisiana great name should Davey is your mind kicks this for naming year then. Maybe jobs. You want it really argue with any three of those names I think you draft and the media Ellis you've entered your set yourself up for success that you map view. Patrick Peterson was it was not a good guys that come out of that program. I think what you're gonna solve this defense the issue you've got to work more on pass rush. As a former offensive linemen the worst part. Hello defend the defense. And the best secondaries union as a pastor didn't cut down time that he has back pocket. Necessarily always getting too much as disrupting their clock that he has. I mean huge name is going to be TJ watt I've seen a lot of mock drafts and he's going to be higher while Packers are taken a couple of guys are really really light elsewhere. It's not Redick from temple he moved inside the senior or really showed his versatility Atlantis is to be able plea sideline to sideline I think you could kind of move him around. Any kind of be that oath and Akron clay. Had built for so long for at least should see you happen to move back outside which. No one can understand why. So that's one spot I would go I'd really like taco Charlton Brahma. Michigan I think he has really really good race explosion mafia offbeat yet the could be a guy now as well as give him. Ellis that are UCLA. On McKinley integrity in the and now the interest and part of that would be. As any three hitless for first round picks Ted Thompson mistake for you CO. Minister of some that we probably haven't looked at UB Daytona Jones and Clark and acutely in. Frankly none of those guys have really show you first round potential right now I think Andy Clarke. Do you really good football player and that's at skiing really well. But he's got to take you got take strides in his second year you brought up the running back it's lasting or wanna touch on. I think you can address that leader on medium security for re. There's a couple of guys and the running back position that roll out there and Arctic warming. From Texas would be number one analyst at the bills whenever Eddie lacy was to you but he comes from a shotgun bassist. And you're gonna run the football out of the shot. You have to hand it's no Eddie lacy was. Single back I formation running back. Any transition into his footwork and his speed to try to go from its five yards in attack line of scrimmage when he seems to have eight. An apple steam there's a huge difference before and six warned you 48 can really punish really play inside tackles. He'd be great compliments Michael. Montgomery. Yeah you guys it on names that I've had in mind as well sega's pretty much took a lot of my thunder. One names out there that I wouldn't mind seeing the Packers draft is to grow preparers. If he can AB team falls to the Packers he fits that new. A new wave of defense of Baghdad's come in the in the NFL that you see. In Arizona would DO Giambi Caron and mark Baird in Saint Louis that seek to that plays. In the box also and sometimes every man that you can play inside and he plays at linebacker role because. He's got the speed he can cover the tight ends any can also MacKey in the mob and running back comes up the middle so much heed them. Talking and addressing the running backs. There's a lot of talk that delving go up from force that could fall and if he falls the Packers territory nine. I think you've got to snatch him up because that guy is just everything he fits exactly what your. Offense needs. Ungodly can be a three down back. That can run to the tackles interests above the backfield and you don't either as that'll leave the field at all. Any details that's falling because of some shoulder issues that he had. In high school and also some. He surrounds himself with bad characters. But we'll get into that in the next segment but I'm. Either way they go. I think it is the day I reviewed that you get Billy that they can get right back later on his running back class is he burst that very deep very stagnant you could probably get. A guy like you said in. 45 or six that you come in and NB stunned me look at David Johnson is doing their zone. Absolutely for their picking you know with this offense you don't need big idea stud for 25 series game exactly to touch the ball point five times. Kelvin Cooke can make an impact on this team in navy touched the ball fifteen times a game and that's a good name you brought up he sliding down and Mike McCarthy's very very high. Your bird like you said towers see this thing with drafting a running back in the first round. How many carries is he gonna get to begin with because it's not like the Packers want to run the ball. They do it just to you know can I give the decide that there are a balanced team. You know energy you bring in Martellus Bennett you still have Nelson. You know hopefully Cobb can come back and and and be productive kiss he's been dog poop. Lately. You know divide say Adams with the with the lead stated that he made last year and showed that he can actually be. A serviceable wide receiver. Why waste a first round pick and granted I know that cook's got a lot of talent and end. And then he can really help this team. But I I would think there would be a waste of a first round pick to bring in a guy in a position they'd you don't even really knew it was. Also note Thompson's mantra. And it's near the Manville is best player available I think too when you look at. How far this team really is a way on the opposite side of the football from the being dominant offense in the NFC. It's how much it's not much maybe one or two play makers Martellus Bennett is an upgrade overture yes I wouldn't I don't think many people were arguing that. But I think Lance Canucks also can fill that little bit more on the middle Brennaman Qaeda and you can. I don't know me I think you're so much closer to making an unstoppable offense. Then you are serviceable at best defense. I I I agree needs you look at. The NFC representative consumable which was a human falcons that they have to stop running backs to goal long. With great wide receivers Julio Jones possibly the best wide receiver and all the NFL. And and their running backs. Our good compliment to their passing game so you have that. You have that running back. It could be in the fourth fifth round but it could be in on his first but I think that's a position that needs to be addressed. Once you Milwaukee. What possession more opposition to the integrity to look at in the senate vote out. Defense offense. In his up on Twitter at went up 57 producers. Jeff underscore Lonsky Gregory 82. Bill Schmidt radio bill Schmidt radio now goes askew. Is there any one player that you really really want the package together. You go to Irish. On players really see it on me if I couldn't be super selfish if you leak Joker. From Ohio State. As wearing my privacy teachers I think that the ball skills and like you kind of said that nickel role. Your play inside. Bill that gap that the Packers. This Charles Woodson. And I think that's where you kind of touched on Gibril peppers being good fit in there somebody that can believe it's from that its debt position of in inside quarterback and we as a little bit better foot speed and Micah Hyde who ran like he was freaking cement so if you give somebody. To that secondary. Who can impact the impact the game within the first five yards as well as cover a tight and Lee Coker be number one peppers are being number two. And no Stewart you names and I've really it's. Yeah I agree with so with year pig not peppers. Peppers scares me and and the reason I am on the fence with him. Because he goes against everything that I stand for which is do not take tween years. For our old style you've won role yet you know and and I I mean they've been nail in the box hammer in the box about it you know with. With all the did tweeters that they've picked didn't you know Ted towns and all he played basketball here I'd like to have you played football not. You know all you Europe part time Bob Bork boom I confides I use for you on my football team in the attack. At the kid may be good stuff Dele here are led live zero so. Peppers goes against its I'm on the fence with him but. You know I I would take a chance I think if if we had the opportunity. The actresses when you look at. Just what you can do he can impact on special teams as well the worst thing he does his first year is coming plays on every single special team. And it is more than serviceable but he's gonna make a bunch tackles don't want it make it much Agilent kickoff team is eager return kicks for. One person that stressed on his farm besides dumb cook as well as. Ruben Foster on Alabama and have a great man and if he falls to its warning nine. Does that would be amazing this is the top five. Talent. That you can get that 29 and if he falls do you says Mobley instant. It's in the inane I mean jets leave united talked about this. And did separate editions of the dive bar there's no name out there that I really wanna see the Packers get. Any need to free agent in this might surprise some people what I still I want him to bring in Darrelle Revis. I think you begin to draw Revis for cheap he could come in and be that Charles Woodson type player that. People things go well he doesn't have the kind of athletic ability once though either medica well you need and we do years ago is I don't cover two corner you can play within twenty yards I don't know with many people anymore he's still young you two years goes into the corner. He's just got he needed for Jeff that's you don't for absolutely believe. Do you get for two million dollars a year. Go forward as art art art that. Aren't coming up on the next episode. Next segment I should say of the dart board is the producers. It's about character issues within a project a monopoly you'd talked about a lot of guys stocks following what do you look at him they'll look at maybe tell us I think he's. I worked character issues and I knew I was gonna say I think Ruben foster's draught stock is falling for problems of littering and littering and that then there's and we. Yeah this if that is the one that diluted sample that is bring it on John Edwards will talk about. Your series you've got a letter ladies and gentlemen I haven't gotten their dignity. The next segment of the dive bar it is and whether that you want to see. Somebody's character issue players on the Packers. I'm actually diverted the producers on 10577 the fan jackass. This sport so you won't find. Milwaukee. An ex SS.