The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - NFL Draft Overview

The Producers
Sunday, April 30th

04/30/17: Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid give their thoughts on the NFL Draft.


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Upload or. Does Leon been. You know its own instead. Just well looming ahead. Oh come back to the guy Bart is an up the producers here want a 57 Arab men of Maine and act count. Jeff for a lot skiing Greg Janet again master bill Schmidt baby towers kicking your ears gas. Now let's take a look at another overall look at the NFL draft in general. Obviously the big news that a day one round one was seeing Shaq and Kobe Ayers. Given up two victories in a four to move up one spot would San Francisco. And grab a good old Mitch true biggest ski Mitchell you can call Mitchell like called Mitch I column garbage. I well Bob we know where you stand out better put a smile on everyone's face when that trade was made yeah I was at the Q club for the draft show and Romney. Bears fan resident bears fan here at the fan. All was he pissed. He was this and after. I don't know what coverage you guys were watching but I was I I think I was watching cable network at the time. Or nosy as being chapter came out and said you know who the players have really been looking at a Solomon Thomas Solomon Thomas relieved pressed them in their interview and and I was impressed by the dudes film by. One thing about it okay that's a year ago there and get another guy here with with Eddie Goldman make that front efforts haven't really formidable as he spent. A picket Leonard late last year who showed signs of being good ball player for the prayers and if you another tie up against them that and commanded double team. Your only help yourself out but it need. All the sense in the world especially since let him box and the 49ers take gene's solid so. Isolate what's happened that would indeed from really quickly. Network but it's going to be a little bit of order on the ball on the bears into the ball law and then. And then you'd go. Change the game is it cheers when he said the mayors are gonna choke one Mort. Didn't say Mitchell service though the one thing if you players' side if you look what they gave up. If you view using that to too risky is your cute quarterback of the future and you think he's going to be the guy. You know. And we get all. Have interface of in the Venus Dodd you could give up eating lunch getting all of our Olympics for two carries and before during the fourth you look at what. Washington. He had to get Robert RG three via. Big game what 81 round winners and it was anger but little LA gave up last year to Jared golf I know this huge viewing give up but odd number one pick which is good for the Bayer's. But. You you can the government. And I holes I also think there's there's a part of this where you you have to applaud the payers for saying if this is your guy. The NFL is like freaking lottery system with these quarterbacks and 'cause they come out. And good players can come didn't go in the fifth round I mean I think we've all noticed that in good good quarterbacks Kindle in the fifth round leader you know overlooked but. When you're digging a guy that high he has to play right away you got to applaud Brian pace in the bears for senior audit. We're gonna talk we're gonna tire notes that dispute so it's either we're gonna sink or swim with this guy. And we see is what works good enough he's played under center enough. Work qualified in and happy enough to say that we're gonna put our eggs in this huge baskets off. I at least applaud them for having the conviction say this is our guy we're gonna go get him in great you're totally right he didn't give up all. And he doesn't have to come and start right away that aren't as well I brought to lighten everybody England and yes Glenn and sign the three year deal weren't. Some upwards of sixty million but it's it's it's essentially the way the Contras laid out it's essentially a one year deal mostly guaranteed money is up front. So a lot of the talk about too risky that he should stay in school Leone at thirteen career starts. Now you can give him in your system get him learning Europe play get playbook and have images advance seemed. While learning everything you need him to learn king merger and here you give a redshirt years so. I think they he was overdraft that they all Koresh were returned to Beirut they came in this dressing that. No quarterback in this draft was worthy of a first round pick in the and you have three quarter restaurant in the first twelfth. And in the NFL in the new old. You see every year what would super ball. You always have demo. All pro quarterback that's what brings you to the Super Bowl oh when I first saw. The trade in the pick you know I sit there and I was I was like at first I was Laphen and then the you know it with the NFL draft is just. You know BS. You know information left to right and so you heard all the bears were only bidding against themselves and that's why they gave up so much and all this. And then you know a day later Ian Rapoport came out and said there were other offers for the second pick but the bears was was the best offer which is why San Fran took it. So. What you like you like you said if he ends up being their franchise quarterback to injuries and affords enough okay. But if he ends up being in a bust then obviously you know they continue to be one of the to memorize it I probably don't have a job exactly which and then I was sitting back and I said if I was right peso -- done the same Franken thing. Because. You know you haven't sit this season he learns behind Lenin you know the big draft gets her day and then year he gets Robiskie off off the bench and you plant. But. You know right pace only has three years and he doesn't start to insult than any kind of positive results he's out of a job and know what the hell does he care either. Actually I think when our air and when you when you go into it UConn gets stuck in this dislike purgatory stage work your images waiting. And you don't know exactly you're gonna tie yourself to. You know wells tied themselves with somebody. The guy over in Kansas City a lot of people thought was gonna book to come to Green Bay John Dorsey is tying his right leg. Took after malls and say and Andy Reid here aren't so I got this I got this this little this little bunny rabbit. Aren't I just bought it for five dollars of sidewall market not a hate this. And make sure it's ready for eastern next year when it's going to be the Easter Bunny so technically you have you have to mow these guys. And it. I do in Kansas City would have a quarterback who I think we can all agree is OK guys guys he's above average. Amber's what is your take your take a shot in the dark as you're trying to win the last. There and you mean you feel more homes that this guy east of announcement for. Notre two years tomorrow homes and another one can rest Robert -- here and you know EU wants to draft you let experts say and Andy Reid. Coach Brett Favre yet and there's a lot of Brett Favre in the homes. That the so tight UC by the way any yet you were ordered its enemies look at it. Needs are about. Tigers up to a guy Houston's GM is trying to do this is because you failed. What Brock asked Wyler and now you traded up to get disarm Watson won't. Quite possibly be your day one starter you have hoped he works outs you have the justice. I agree I think he's gonna be a really good player I think he was. Very undervalued. The big dude just wins Yahoo! the dude just wins a fourth quarter quarterback man yet though the crazy thing about GM's in this league. Is that. It's such a win now league that you don't have patience you look at some these guys. Like the browns like the bears like the niners they're gonna be bad their whole team is bad you should draft the best player available. To help your team and bill. From the outside. In you should do that because if you look at the bodies of the browns the bears the niners. Don't Bradley's garbage can next year's drop less of QB's. There's there's going to be the top of all time they're guarding compared to the Marino Elway. Draft while this this this next drive and Corbett coming up but you can't be patient as a GM. Because you're fans want you to win now if you don't win now. You're gonna be out of a job and he's got to get good jobs. And it's it's so easy to like you said great point accuse Sam Arnold out there USC executives readings to get on Washington everybody knows those two geyser curse odds but. This isn't he NBA where you can you can point to NC discount rate year he can put 25 and night and he can lift us from. A cellar dweller in Q you know top sixty there's a difference in the NFL where you have. Forty eyed guys in your roster but guess what that one dude. That's your point guard your senator in your three so you can so that is doing just about all of it or yet. And you can't like you said you can't say you know what we're gonna take this year. Just play it once old guys try to see how many games you lose to negotiate Wii and it's named Arnold the bears did journalists are the browns excuse me. Compiled themselves picks next year that guess what they're you know they're a third were team. And the upper third of work that they can we brought up and say we got your first for you war. Well and they know that you'll verdict or you know Kaiser Notre Dame who I think is just. God awful. And you never know so this guy could come in annual draft a top. Quarterback next year in the draft. He competes with Kaiser maybe it makes guys are better may be Kaiser then becomes trading break as he ever was pushed it Notre Dame he wasn't and you know he has a lot of talk operatives that you were going. Via Cam Newton with the robberies bad according to him. Oh you can also Jack Kaiser have him shoals of the and three season demonstrate a marked for something else if he does well. There's even a vote teams that do this so you know what happens. The bears are tied into risky Wear the browns are tied to Kaiser. Right which is one of the main reasons why I think the browns had a fantastic dragged even though I I hate Kaiser Natalia you know who didn't back to accord ex here. You know Drabinsky has a year behind Glen and the more he's gonna have to sit there and comment my Holmes has to. Did he can sit there and red shirt for two years behind Alex Smith. Where I think that I did Shawn Watson while he went to the best team out of the three he's in the best situation out of the three. He probably has the best our coaches to coach him up out of the three well except that I Andy Reid but the second best. You know he's gonna have to start because Tom savage sure. LET answer right in its you know that's. It Tom Watson's. We we know this new dominant player for us via and you'd hear win now mode and an offensive line is solid and anti fences is for real withdraw one of the better than we've seen last decade. Where do you think the show on Eisner has. An opportunity to grow even if he does he's probably gonna start one. I don't know Cody counselors. Are all we've forget. It he. Or is gone. We've forgive a moment ago bronchial. Exactly rock outs Weiler is gonna clean. And the third deck. So when you can call it when you get that's. The Shawn did you guys are probably gonna start week one. Bullet aboard the browns did was they said listen we're gonna put this kid who. Cities you know all world probably is closer all suburban and we're gonna have to figure out how this kid can play. And not die. Like seven other foods that we put in the backfield so AP bureau at the line and they'd given him eyes in Accra while on the side oracle and -- or command. Is it is still there and we will throw the ball to. I think Sharon Keyser has a decent situation that he's known to you Eddie gave David and oak group. Morning right who's it was a good athlete or at Walter read what I need in casual cardinal press because he wasn't for our injured not use that he was an after thought completely the pressure that he will have on him he puts himself because he's run in his upper register. Okay. What was your favorite pick one. For our team eating sells the most and I think the Arizona Cardinals LeapFrog themselves right back in Q Super Bowl contender summary goes it's ironic was it for what. Is the fastest linebacker corps and we've seen now inside. That will probably you've seen since Willis and Bowman that was out there in San Francisco those things are going to be it would clobber the entire middle. Feel and they're also game Daryl Washington back from his TDs through suspension and when he was in. Art he was a tad clean machine. You know athletic freak out at TCU pat look at him when he was from other draft. The guy's a star and he just can't get his mind right ponies on the field he's fantastic. Now what was your favorite pick Greg I would have to say. Old Jay Howard Gould the Tampa Bay gas that were ages ago I mean that there's a lot of divorcing and OJ Howard good possibly go as high as. Four to Jacksonville. And he'd drop all the way to nineteen dollars a crazy running quarterbacks are the crazy run defense backs. In some teams just had players although left the Redskins would Jonathan Allen who was projected to be number two hit it didn't. If you're do you stay pat in the late teens you got some great value to exude cool great value picks. I think it's every Cisco making the trade. To get back into the first round give Ruben Foster who that guy is gonna be phenomenal if he can stay. On the field and on and off through the. The play and I think who I know we're super late for brakes on enemy that's really quick but you stay with late week we've been talking about staying within your system and playing in your system and building and an identity. You know wells to that with the New York football giants via when they go in grant that that Ingram kid the tide and from Ole miss he's like 63 and a half is up to 37 kind of plays a little bit more like Jordan reed where they're gonna wind up mostly in the slot. And you figure out who you're gonna cover. You got owed Albert a junior got Brandon Marshall who is still I think we can all agree is probably top twelve wide receiver in football yes command respect. Sterling Shepperd had a great rookie year and you bring who who in the world what's the cover this cute. So I mean Eli Manning should have a lot of fun and now hopefully you don't by Rogers for Josh Jones wouldn't mind cover. One Baghdad that. Ours is cashing a lot of heat is letter Ford ads in the big tragedy into high. But if you look at Coughlin. And what he's doing there. He wants to take all the pressure off the board rules and the one way you do that as it's running as with the running game running game and build physical football game this important it is a physical Parikh. Danielle you say you don't reverend Jackson the first hurried or drug that I will look what Ezekiel he did last year. Well Coughlin is just trying to turn the jaguars into what he had digital giants of 2000 you know totally right and neck yeah I think that pick is great news you know the only thing you hit two running next taken in the top eight. In a league gets getting away from high drafted running backs. Because everybody's trying to catch Ezekiel Elliott in in a bottle every year now you know it's a little doubt Dallas cowboy cabby can't model now. But not everybody's got debt that cowboys offensive line where all three of us could run for three plus yards a carry behind him. Behind those ends at the gym for an ad though Cornett is going to be helped by. Bored holes two years ago had a good year. That receiving corps is decent and they drafted Westbrook out of Oklahoma was another burner so they did they're not gonna load the box because they still have do. Respect the pass now as far McCaffery 08. To Carolina. They drafted him because he can do so many different things you can have in fits that versatility and yet want versatility mean you when you got canned on the back to you have a running back to the backfield so you have McCaffrey went over the back of also and motion out of the slot Alia that that it was an alibi that he fits that system well I don't think they're expected him to give. 18100. Yards rusty bright but they expected to try to get 18100 yards total when you get. Maybe a thousand yards rushing and 800 receiving. It doesn't have to be performed that it doesn't have to be like when Adrian Peterson had to be. In those early 2000 with the vikings were they expected him to carry the load. Four that is going to you. Dough into a situation where there's a lot of pressure on the whole offense but he is gonna be a blue media that yeah. Yeah I agree my favorite pick was a number eleven. The saints got great value with lead or more from Ohio State following all weighed them and what other guys that are really really happy about is not curable secure from Utah that you scenes are really really good do you get a really tough story that was cool that he was able to bring his little boy out there absolutely absolutely what say you Milwaukee was your favorite pick out of round one. What team do you think helped themselves the most hit us up on Twitter won by seven produces a great crew 82 had Jeffords scorer last he vet bill Schmidt radio. Spent a couple days now but since the bucks just rip your freak you know hearts out. Solo talk about there we'll talk about some areas of need where the bucks need to improve going into next seizing Iraq and with producers. The dive bar addition here I want a 57 at them the fame and jackass. This is it's. Like. You excessive.