The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Packers Draft

The Producers
Sunday, April 30th

04/30/17: Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid discuss the Packers draft.


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Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers 01057. Have been that thing and act Miami euros jump for a lot ski. Well logs that man mr. Greg Jennings Greg what's up brother items that are living the dream as always memories we bode dunes and doing. What I'd do it and ladies and gentlemen we are now joined by a very special guest and he has. Don't theme song. To listen to this. Now I've seen the Marines. I. Sounds like name decades ago. You know. And you lose your through in certain kind scene yeah. This is it just kinda elements as I know coming. Seeing unions and it's any fans and us and believe me. In the screen and we love this guy happens. Who have. Cats alone they know who. And no one the only baby tauzin is shared bills Schmidt what that meant well you know whenever you're a dive bar instantly the first thing I think it was karaoke. So I'm glad that we are able to start that off certain issue with that all those are some sweet sounds good and if there's anyone still listening thank you. Unreal unreal that's great that is classic well. Welcome back to the dive bar ladies and gentlemen NFL draft has wrapped up what. Is your take. Odd how Ted Thompson did what grade would you give the beloved Packers. Let's quick recap round two and obviously they trade up around one. Round two Kevin King cornerback out of Washington also in round two safety Josh Jones NC state. Round three market trading is Adam's great great name. Then they get running bed Jamal Williams out of BYU wide receiver De'Angelo Yancy Purdue. Erin Jones running back got a you teppco feet. Anybody wanna help me with that guy's last name is it a Marie do. I'll buy that for a dollar and he's offensive lineman out of USF. And they get Dovonte maze running gag Utah's state and finish it up with. Is that may Allah charismatic guy Malick had the only male attacker knows the children of the corn it's scary looking redhead dude. Guys Evers is gonna. That that's the only Malick I have ever heard of them al-Qaeda do pru re out of LSU. Wide receiver. Wraps up the Packers draft. Give us your thoughts what grade do you give good old Teddy boy Aaron is drafted is up on Twitter at went up by seven producers that Greg grew 82 at chip underscore Orlovsky. And that bill Schmidt radio. Drag we'll grade given good old Ted. I would prior. Police say a year. Hi below eight I think what he did in the first. In his first three picks was phenomenal mean you'd you've got exactly what you needed in this draft. You've got dominated by the Atlanta Falcons and Julio Jones and an NC James of game and you knew what you had to do you are there and you got some big. Physical defensive backs that can play a delays Julio Jones in. We've viewer much rabies Adams pick you got a guy that can play any spot. I would be visible line. The one thing what these first three picks is that they're all versatile versatile as. As any player there are there any dog Ted Thompson let his versatility as you get the only thing that worries me about these guys that are versatile. They do a lot of things well. But can they seed in doing one thing great. So Kevin King you're looking at a guy that's you know physically compares to a Richard Sherman type players did you get the British are production. You're way ahead of the game. Yeah absolutely Jones. He's a guy that is a physical Parikh council bumper can play in a box can do that mule. DL began in barbarian type CD that that select another linebacker. Only problem him is that. With that aggression can also come a lot of missed tackles because he wants to a knock somebody's head off Randy needs improved his covers a little bit. And but as the first or text does not know the ballpark after that you have done nothing and you Stewart got a at least a B grade economy. Greg Gibbs a debate baby to coach would say you I think it was a really good. Good breakdown of how they continually. Brought guys in that are gonna do something well to contribute to the system it. Is some that Dom Capers always wants to do Kevin King. He's gonna be able wrongly viewed on the field he's gonna get beat a little bit underneath. Avi and 632 are announced it's going to be hard for him necessarily to keep up with guys like that O'Dell Beckham and top notch quick wide receivers out of the slot there gonna continually go underneath and you're gonna give up those three to five yard receptions to keep yourself from you know the 2537. Games ball skills or is real and when you look at. Who he was continually going up against in the pac twelve. We've seen time and time again with top notch players your consistently. Playing better. When you're playing against better competition week in and week out inconsistency and Kevin kings game was something that. Is the reason why I think he fell down into the second round of where he didn't. The Packers trading back down and getting those first getting that first pick in the second round that first pick in the fourth round from the browns I think is. Is something that really can't be overlooked those are. Two of the most coveted picks. In every single draft when you have the opportunity to sit on it for eighteen hours. And feel offers and figure out exactly what kind of fit you can do your last home working and those are vital and I think what they did with Kevin King. Was eight addressing need and be continually go up against and what kind of fit they want they brought back to my house. Realizing dude you get bigger war. When your plane develop our Marius Randall and quick Rollins wasn't really really good slot quarters I think there cover skills are a lot better that I think they showed last year. But when you're going up against big physical wide receivers. In this league in mostly in this conference. You need somebody that can back in match up with them and press coverage I think that's what Kevin King brought but. My previous Adams is the one that I'm really really excited up first off. Anybody that's your rock. A single digit Cleveland's line yeah you gotta be you gotta be a bad ass there's no way about it yet you can't rock that number and not be able the ball. And that and can be able to go all three positions. You brought in Kenny Clarke last year who came on strong later on in the season taking a double teams much radius Adams. Was top. Read defense of linemen in the SEC so he was continually going up against double teams use the top five recruit coming out of high school matches at his position. Nationally in the thing is you can see and ask that you still hasn't he's got all the tools in the same thing. You continually test and you continually battle. There is going to be ups and downs and I think too when you look at the guy. How awesome is it when or stay in the delivery room. And you get a phone call you get your baby boy in one arm and get a call you're gonna go to the Green Bay Packers won so I think that much radius Adams there. Is is top notching her building up for re. Guys that I I know it's hard to look at right now because it was the defense wants open last year. But that that Brooke re. Could be one of the best run threes in a 43 system in the week coming up here next two or three years Mike Daniels is a dog you don't penny Clark. Is a good system ball player in monitoring these and the dog too we can get up against quarterback and he's gonna back let's not yet. In the backfield. The women would then worries some Bob munch rabies is that with all that talent. You under utilized did you under do you not push yourself room. Enough because he had a lot of physical tools and guys over 300 rounds to win a 48540. Mean that that's. Fantastic for guy would downsize but. With a all the tools that you have what did you have more production. And that's another reason he dropped some in the draft. What they moved Kevin King if you haven't checked it out Gordon YouTube and check out sports science on Kevin King that at all the album where. His defense of radius. Is one of the highest they've ever tested. Up anybody amber. And the drafts and they've been doing this for five years his vertical along with his legs. He can. Jump higher than quiet Leonard his height and it's good that that the super is. It's ridiculous when you look at the the drafting you you break down the NFL draft wreaked on the NBA draft you do all like. It's about finding stalkers. And alternately you're gonna have to take some shots could the Packers probably gotten a guy that. Systematically might be it will play a little bit more. In year one but has a little bit lower ceiling probably there are guys that could have been taken that pick I think Zach Cunningham is one that you can plug and play him. Anybody giving you some production but it wouldn't match. What Kevin King could be if he continues to get coached up so I think that was the one thing here you see the vision that the Packers are doing. But these guys or going to impact this team we want. When you let didn't frustrate and in my next question here do you guys see Kevin King being your number one corner week one against Seattle. I don't know what number one. I see him give him a lot of planes haven't seen starting regarding a number one party to be divine house. Dornin has got good and I hope not but he knows the packers' system he knows what's going nine. He he'd. Joseph and kings coming in new even though he is it's the Packers scheme. All we hear about with the rookies and young players coming in to Dom Capers defense that is Miree hard for them to learn. Right what exactly to do I think everything will come in and I'll start to play a lot of minutes civic would Jones I mean Jones the safety. And you got. Burnett and power but he can also and control bright and interference in the dry weather gonna give both these guys in there. Now and is in and baby are said my charges brought going to be start from day one. So favorite pick from the Packers this year how she say my previous demonstrate its Adam's number one for me who's your favorite Greg. I am I wanna say I know who it's not. It's but it. I really want is their running backs I think bay. I don't think day. You know really got the prototypical Barack further system. I think they got some pieces in place that Q and Beers quote unquote thunder and lightning you got Jamal Williams that can run downhill. And then you drafted. Don't give from you Depp in that. Is a good receiver out of the backfield and they need to set a flyer with the maize kid out Utah State. I so lots of baby touts his favorite pick is my previous Adams Greg gave me a list of about 37 pixie. That at his own president and it didn't they've. Well fit into what Bobo might might fare dribble drive be rather than just Jones OK I think you can be at number I think he's. This is spitting image of Kim chancellor and and I think he's once Burnett leaves for NC he's going to be the guy. My favorite is is king IE besides Richard Davies white. You know who got taken off the board believe it 27. So two picks before the Packers before they traded down. I'm happy as hell with king so what was your final letter grade to ouch. My letter beet red round beat once I mean like I said it's tilted to agree these right now we're just looking at it looking right. View of what you're now that these are all great college outbreak until five years down zero. When you look at these guys you see coach a bull cultural players and you see talents that contain continually grow. And I think can fit into the system what the guys wanna do really well okay CIA. It's tough for me because. I hate Mike McCarthy okay. I 8 AM sort of middle of the road on Ted counts you know this offseason I think he's been fantastic. But what I look at their draft. You know honestly I gotta give the seat now I love the king I loved god Josh Jones Adams. I I like the men's Beagle pick. OK she's been your four picks all on the defense side of the ball and then you don't go back to defense wants okay. And then with you know as we all know it was just a god awful defense last season. Then you only draft one offensive linemen and you wait until pick number 212 in the sixth round. To pick a guy like game pronounces the name co feet. I'm mark or two years something unless you are now Amaechi yeah I mean she you know it's just. They need more offensive line depth now they did sign they've got at least a minimum of three looking over the list of the undrafted free agents that that the Packers have signed. And hit you know OK so so are only given a seed of three running backs stupid too wide receivers stupid. They we have properties are quickly Ayman interrupt that you can ball. Can't see I also do on ball I think they'd specifically drab to these two guys method pre their last pick in the seventh round was the number one wide receiver recruit. Coming out of high school on us you know you don't know what you have because LSU's quarterback play is absolutely atrocious it's zero do you have coming up but. He is a spitting image of divide to atoms it would do my dad on his free agent market. They are run every new quarterback he's bright and garner a good amount of money there they might just let him walk so they might be looking for replacements. Part of our debt so I don't mind those fixed especially the draft you don't know what junior is taking wires on these guys and. Yeah but I would've rather seen them take flyers on another linebacker besides Beagle. You know more offensive line help another. Instead of three running indexed to meet to me is silly but I. What I did like about the the defense side of the ball what what the address was being made it known that they still believe in their eyes. They still leaving the area as they think they eat and still they still believe and I think they have probably top five top seven. The secondary in Clinton Nixon Burnett in the league right now. Are continually building with guys that in can move I think Josh Jones necessarily doesn't police EP but he might be that guy that that's the joked Imus. Elite level Joseph Thomas does when he does come as Albert and linebacker okay. But when you have a guy like John Jones who covered cover tight end covered it real field underneath. I think with the in port Runyan and support the run game there. It's not gonna go and get the bright green and find a date for hightower where you can look at. The but he got guys in that can I think compliment. The players are we have because. Prickly that you have a pretty good team they just need. More production from their treatments are still guys on defense for you look at and say. As the ball so you don't think that the judge Jones picks signals the end of the Morgan Burnett here. Considering he's going last year. Religious nuts. And council and the fact Morgan Burnett. Thing Morgan Burnett knows. We are his value really is right in the values relief in this is. What you. Added. I think every NFL player wants to give paid apps and I think that there's no way out there is no way of Burnett's gonna take. Hometown discount. So would his production if he has another team. IE the Jacksonville Jaguars or a team. Like that that's because if you play defense Jacksonville will throw stupid money Zagreb so but he's probably get overpaid and what does Ted Thompson not doom over the blue overplay. Any what does he want. Hometown discounts. Now so well real quick here's and so obviously we see who we all seem split on the Vince Beagle pick Greg why do you hate it. I think he's overdraft that I don't hate to break I hate where they picked him I think he's a good player. I think he he's he's aggressive. He's he's Smart. He gives his all every time he's on the field. I just think they could have got him with these. Second pick in the fourth round and even the fifth round in so the first pick in the fourth round. I just don't like where they judgment that you are good player I'd still under the terms of that high and I'm Sharma get blasted. On Twitter because Greg crew 82 I don't want any authority as a man did this busy though it's gutsy guy and of course every cracker Terry love's death there was of the guys we all are crazy were about. Ever there's all right yeah the next coming of Jesus Christ one of the greatest amateur of all time so I don't you let up on it but I think. They could've got a blade I don't mind the pick. As as as far as him being a player in him being in the system and him beat a Packard going forward ides deliberately picked out a pretty big Beagle. I agree the value might it might be a little bit high or low I think they did kind of taken me a little bit early but what I like about Beagle is. Once again that's kind of what you. You've listed in that in that line backing core which I think Blake Martinez is still going to be very very good linebacker I think he hasn't seminary your career for the Packers. He's one of those guys that cleans up. The other guys mask yeah and Beagle had to do that a lot in this in this badger defense he had to clean up. Getting a pass rush when TJ watt tried to go outside and overran the tackle and was shot back seven yards on the play right so Beagle was a consistent. In what he had to do you continue like you said great team that is all that dude is a hard worker and frankly I'm Eunice I've Poland for the guy it is. I grew up wherein good. Wal-Mart packer number four Jersey and I had. The helmet. That I signed that it was like my signature red line up on Sundays and I edit it I can assure you that red line up on each side and watch the Packers. And that's what Vince Beagle one's duties Acker and he's Acker kid who was captain Kidd. I think he's gonna be really good Perot he's did you stronger need to get stronger but you know what what you said that he's gonna work. Yeah yeah and and a lot of people said the same thing bug. JJ watt come those guns and then he you know. He's a hard worker has a high motor. But doesn't have the athletic skills needs you started to get that. And the what did did you watch and it how many different times have we seen that with with these edge rushers these defense events you know who else was a guy like that was Jared Allen and I'm not mistaken you're down mistake in 93 the draft. There are guys that continually put up. Big numbers in the NFL in that defense and and category and that edge rusher. We are because cal worked utes. There while I take alert I will say this I think Vince Beagle has the better overall NFL career and TJ one. So maybe I'm crazy. Do you or are gonna have to any argument I don't know of the miscarried prison we'll see what say you walk he. Grade at Ted Thompson's draft give us your favorite pick give us the picky don't like. What's your take on now the Vince Beagle Pickett is up on Twitter at 157 producers that Greg grew 82 that Jeff underscore or last he cats. Bill Schmid radio. Now when we come back we'll take a little overall glance. The NFL draft as a whole Iraq and with a dive bar addition the producers 0157 up on the fan. Jackass. BC sports it's like. You excessive.