The Producers: Dive Bar Edition - Packers Training Camp

The Producers
Saturday, July 29th

Jeff Orloski, Greg Janiuk, and special guest Bill Schmid talk about the Packers starting training camp, position battles, and any players that could be surprise cuts. 


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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the die barred this and other producers I am Greg gen X sitting in with a bill baby dust mid. And Jeff or Lonsky. We are not gonna talk about the beloved Green Bay Packers who are starting their championship 2017. Season when training camp started. Jeffrey. What are you looking for in this packers' training camp. Well now that Eddie lacy is on what I wanna see is who Mike McCarthy starts publicly attacking. Is he 061. Player. Yeah no that is got one guy you know I know was lazy and it will come out and talk smack of to reporters. Or dizziness. Is it you know it is going to be Janice again that but he's already kind of gone down that road so hopefully pick some new but that's almonds and you know training camp. You know they don't hate each other enough so it. Is it doesn't. It's exciting their footballs Beck but I'm not all tied in. All the you know all the training camp stories per say. None really jump by idea but I wanna see McCarthy's gonna go after. Bill. Rayonier you have senators. And on yeah. It's funny. That. I'll arrive in various does the I'm words and position battles. I wanna see what's gonna happen with the right back position. If any of these. Rookies can unseat Ty Montgomery and as these starting running back in the back to back field. But the big thing I'm looking at is the defensive back field. Bill I really wanna see. What they can do to improve because. Debt is your goal aryan weakness and you saw that that was their biggest issue and side in the ocean in a game in the NFC championship. And honestly in and if you can shore up their secondary. With this offense an air run as the court recchi real legitimate shot. Of gorgeous of. I think it's funny to a new look alike when you say Shura. Users have to not be poor. You just have to not give up 35 points again and you're gonna keep yourself in most games Ollie he said of Aaron Rodgers in that offense and offenses got. Great this off the sauce council they went from a very good offense to. Arguably the best offense and yet in the and it's. Arm I mean you can you can stack him up against just about anybody better than Seattle they are better offense I think than Dallas even though that offensive line is some nasty. They bow to the weapons yes. He kin and everyone was yelling about Jared Cook being gone in the U bring him Martellus Bennett who's arguably one of the best tight ends. The top five tight end football for the last five years I think it was a great move. When you look at the defense of secondary. You've brought in guys to try to bolster what you had I think you will seat. And maybe I'm hoping and maybe this region being a blind packer fan I think you're gonna see a little bit more of a step up. From the Mary's Randall and when Rollins I think. Healthy. They have an opportunity to play they're gonna they're gonna get there they're gonna get there wrestling is that after you. Have to play Josh Jones is gonna play somebody it's gonna be inching see how they use him. So the development of the younger players I think is going to be interest Ian. And Greg the one guy that I would sell you watch is unity now Qaeda pre. A lot received its or got a LSU. Got an opportunity here now with DN or De'Angelo yet he's also in the picture. More of a scout team guy from what I see but when you look at. As well with Geronimo allison's going to be gone for the first game so leading up for at least those those chewy sic can't boys. He's going to be Drew Brees gonna have opportunities to get wraps and Rogers. Put a bottom when he was coming out of camp the many Canty said. I looked good everybody said guy looks good guess what ball and he was the top high school recruit coming out his year. Struggle that LSU just because of the situation behind there are no quarter ads go or I mean it was absolute it was actually nonexistent. So for him to succeed the NFL I think is is a very. Good possibility. He could be huge for the Packers this season. Andy your point with -- got a pre if Aaron Rodgers takes you under his wing. You know you're gonna make this roster you want no enemy no not yet look at what air Rogers up dead wood jeered every dinners mean when he was a rookie. Rogers who loved ever bears and there's no editors is numbing and it team on foresee for Jared he got injured in winners can't stay on the field well and it. And it's wild suit that point to if if Rogers one of put Janice Sonnen talked about him a little bit he probably would be gone because you can find other specialties students. They guys learn the playbook in three years so Greg you're totally right whoever Aaron Rodgers likes. Is gonna get the football error that there is conversation. Of where the touchdowns gonna go and Jeff. Whoever Erin Rogers. Sees the best match of this that week. It's gonna get the football but Jordy Nelson is still gonna get eight touches on George is boy he's still gonna get eight touches there's still gonna try to target job. Is that's Roger's boy so you're exactly right if you Bree. Lynch's or links that situation with the Rogers and you know gets his head right under that wing like you said. It's got to rats easy to pick up and this roster. It's going to be a hell of a battle especially when you know that the fall ball's going to Martellus a bunch as well because. You know Rogers likes the tide and heal and so much done and all angles to absolutely is an aerobic that the good old days I think with his office and they're going to be lights out and I can't wait. Hopefully. You know we'll see you what his production in but does is put up or shut up time for him so. You know it it that that is going to be one album sales CO wide receivers and how many gay via open or break camp with. Because what they have last season's seven Brooks broke camp a seven year old camp was so I don't think they're going seven again we'll see. You know you never house and have all the wires here there's so many where receivers on this roster and a that are entering Jim mean you have ninety some players in training camp for now and and starting in I don't know woods this year. But you only have one cut dale you don't have the cut down from ninety some 75 to 53 announces one straight cut that's from. And nineties on the 53 which is absolutely insane. But I ask you fellows do you see any surprise cuts coming out of this camp. I can give you a couple of names. Randall Cobb might have an opportunity. Depending on how it all shapes up now wide receiver that's kind of an outside shot from the -- calm with what he's getting paid yet and everybody's getting paid there's a there's more letters are carpets that might have to come in tune in to play. Lay a set as a real outside shots. Com. Look on the defense aside the ball may be one of those. Third year corners but same thing somebody would really have to step up. And and get that spot but maybe if you look NS price cut I don't know if you think leader is under would be a surprise cut but. I think he has a lot of value on the team I think he was. Simply put no position to fail last year you go millions Julio Jones in your second year. You know undrafted corner sorry while here defended the dogs and that's that's all you can say it I boy it. Yeah I guess I guess I would be in name that I did come up with I guess I did CEO spit situation where he's the man where he would be demanding it. I I don't think there's any change as a county cuts gets cut because you know like you said Iraq loves them. He got an acting it out I think they're gonna give him one more shot you know especially he's what ten mil year. So I I think they're gonna give count every opportunity is specially. You know you can't break camp with three. Three year for me you know rookie receivers so the Packers just don't work on you know so I I think obviously. You know. And I Gunter I think it's safe I don't think players. I hope you would have I hope he goes so bad. Like just F minus in training camp acting for them. For them to make it tough choice but now if rental. Struggles in camp I cutesy Randall Josh Jonas. Plays well. Our Randall plays well Rollins is the wanna struggle in the army Rollins is the one he gets the boot. I don't know of Randall wool but. There. Greg oh what would Jews could you see anybody on the and the old line that might be a surprise cut. See I don't see Randall or Rollins can cards is because Thompson loves to hang on to his head around draft picks for sure does he does not like to admit he failed. And easily keep those players as long as possible just to try to prove to people that he made the right decision and trapped in them. They brought they I really like my and my and rabies Adams who together on Auburn is going to be real they brought in Ricky Jean-Francois from Washington. Tom team I don't see them I don't see any big names being cut on the defense of line. Office of Ryan I don't I really don't see it any offers on line cuts either because your ears so thin. After Lou mean laying in free agency and Schroeder and shredder and freed C settling any lines any. I could possibly see Richard Rodgers. Venus surprise cut OK there because these are we have got a surprise cut is somebody that. That played last year right and correct yeah you know made an in OK yeah I mean I don't side with Marcos also look at Joseph Thomas he might have an object to beating guys will Martellus Bennett coming in and will decide who Lance can Hendrix. Those are two athletic tight ends and Richard Rodgers. Isn't that the epitome of atlases. And some hole I mean whether what you're doing Martell has batted down the middle of the field he's opens up. Everything. For all the wide receivers and the running game. I don't. Clay needs have a big game big time gazillion paid way to much money to have. The past four seasons you've been having I think his best bet in my opinion is to move him back to. The middle. Move back a little I think he'll play a lot more more inside this year as well the only I know he'll be more hybrid. The only problem you have is that you don't have embryos of the house on American position Keillor federal showed you know I mean my god does he sound you guys showed nothing last year. Gerald Alley has shown flashes but that's few and far between us. You you. You have rookies can be a rookie coming in Bisbee ego but he's on a populist right. He has not taken anybody's job so zone. Allowed Dave Barr are hired him just because he is a Wisconsin kid. But because it will make their roster around here there's there's no way Italy all grant gas training camp he's making rounds but the big position battle that every civilian for. Is punter. Who will the Packers for two pondered the BetaNews some good lesson there are absolutely atrocious. What say you Milwaukee. Are you looking forward to this packers' season what do you wanna see in training camp will position battles and he surprised us let us know. At Twitter 1057 producers. Jeff underscore lastly Greg grew 82 in bills mid radio. 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