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Friday, August 18th

The Producers Dive Bar: Packers, Brewers and a LOT more!!


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Welcome in the dive bar addition of leopard users here around 1057. FM the fan Dak down. I am here o.s Jeff Orlovsky go along side. The man voted sexiest man in hails corners it was parents and Greg Janet what's up but it was going on men are its live in the dream rather yourself every day they same is you damn straight we got a great show for you guys. Ladies and gentlemen rent talk about the beloved. Lower confidence. What were concerned and what we still need to see. Out of the packers'. Only that it's still early early one pre season game in that we'll give you our thoughts so far. You mammals so talk a little brewers baseball. They face a nine game West Coast road trip three with Colorado San Francisco. And the Dodgers will tell you how we think they're gonna do on net. Get him out a little bit of the McGregor Mayweather fight. Give you our interest level and then. We'll get into the that tweet that was sent out by Chris Sheridan. That said LeBron is 100%. Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after this season. But let's start with the beloved. They win pre season game number one against the Philadelphia Eagles. Kicked their ass in pretty good. Greg what are you confident. In after seeing their. Eagles pre season game. It's only one breezes in Yemen and mean pre season to me. Doesn't matter one bit you're just seeing guys or any reps seeing what guys are gonna make the team seem more rookies can step Bob's seen what veterans that might have been online. Can can make some plays. Kara what I'm confident about is that the offense is going to be click in that sense there's one thing ever since McCarthy in Roger's been togethers at their offense. Most likely except for the span of what fifteen games from. 2000. Early 2016. Lleyton doesn't fifteen. Where they were really clicking on all cylinders but for the most part. You know that that offense is gonna put up thirty some points a game you know that Aaron Rodgers who. Just carve defense is up you know the receivers are gonna get their due. I am I am hoping that the running game can can improve a little bit. You have time Montgomery now in their full time knowing he's gonna be running back so let's applause for the offense going forward. You have Jamal Williams the rookie out of BYU who you know always going to be able to. Do's some would you have him going cares put the ball. But the rock in the end zone when time Montgomery couldn't sometimes causes is stature so I'm confident that the offense. Will click it will be okay regardless of if Aaron Rodgers plays in the pre season or not. Yeah yeah that's that's a good point I'm I'm with you I think that. You know the offense. Hopefully. Will be a jargon and hopefully it doesn't take them the few weeks than it normally takes them. Did to kick it into gear I hope that they come out a week one and are able to start producing. Some I'm confident in that as well I'll moss soul I'm one of the things I'm confident then. Justin Vogel who. The kid his pardon well all the you get the breakdown in him kicking in training camp. His hang time looks good the yardage looks good. So I definitely don't think there's going to be a punter greatest pretty said that that that's what's actually kinda got me excited is is damn punting game. Of those there's three out today ever got nutria it's one of the Packers beat writers didn't I don't think it was. And it wasn't the mosque he was as Newsome from Packers news. And they said he average sale and makes eat Pontes 44 point one yards and make. Four point two seconds dame time and that's impressive. It is it is it is a I think the I I figure it's going to be I think it's gonna be be good I think he's gonna be good in the one thing at the worry about punters especially with the Packers offense that most of muted. You're gonna drive the ball. Close to enemy territory. And if you're stalled at the you know 4045. Year old 44 of our government can you place a bald inside ten. That was the big thing for him because how often do you see Aaron Rodgers gold. And the offense go three and out Ed that's when he army you'll see that very often normally they. Get at least one or 21 downs in our close the enemy territory so well and Audi and put the bonds have tech and that's going to be the the big focus Bogle. Well and that's why the hang time is so important and that's why him sit there and and launch an M wall for you know four and a half seconds. They accuse those gunners and everybody else a hell of a lot of time to get down their two to make a play. And you know idea I do think I we've seen. Many a time you know the Packers usually have two to three games a season where their offices doesn't click at all. And for him to be launch and some boomers you know 4550. Yards and stuff like dead the couldn't. Flip field position and save your ass if you're not clicking on offense I think that's gonna help out a lot. So now on the flip side what are you concerned about after watch and one pre season game and a couple of weeks camp. Affiliates the same conversation every year same commerce ace in every game. It's going to be the defense you it's going to be you or secondary. Whether in these young guys in Randall and rounds can step up and become the players we thought they were going to be their first here in the league. What are there nine Kevin king and Josh Jones can step up in and make impacts as rookies. The other thing which needs which will help to secondary out as pass rush. In all these. I have no faith at all in power for at coral. Matthews has shown last couple years that he's he's losses ever do so it was a vision Emeril past mr. mcdaniels. Era means you need. He needs somebody said but yes yeah nick Perry but it rarely did one year and he has injury history so eight. Is the passers and more that they don't have enough people know there's still some people out there that are available and Mario Williams is up there's so yeah below that all there. Then who knows what kind of money he's wind maybe that's why so are their because he wants I have to contract but what can it hurt to bring down a dead end. Because you don't have that men that much talent on the defense when is gonna put a lot of pressure on the Corbett. Yeah especially achieved you dumb guy hands so I'm with DN on the Mario Williams train I would I would love to see him. Where in the greening goals for me it's missed tackles and you know we saw it when their first team offense was out on the field against Philadelphia. That was the only time the entire game their Philadelphia's offense did anything then and it was methodical and they just march right down. And it you know they move the ball at will. Do you think that. With the new CBA or new word CBA. And the amount of practices that are limited it with full contact. And full pads using that's part of the reason that. This tackler and is an issue. Absolutely. Absolutely I think before the Philadelphia game they had eight days in pads. That's it. That's it it's it's crazy. It's crazy these guys it's they need to hit. And the thing is eat you know we view they talk about word about concussions one. You'll probably tackle better and have lasting Carson because these guys will learn how to hit properly and Tampa probably with their head up insurgents from their bodies all over the place. Like launching missiles that somebody there. It's decent tackling drills on them they bright the last and the righted tackling drills and Playskool name. And you know and then you know come in and because of the all the concussion crap. And they're coming up with the all these stupid robotics. Tackling dummies now. That they can sit there and move and all this stuff it's not the same as beating a man. They had need Ted hit. Actual. People yet that that tackling known as moving isn't gonna lower his shoulder and hit you with a as much forces you're trying to hit him no. You have this thing nor an N 12 mile an hour movie dude it's padded. And it's padded and don't there's not. Hard plastic helmet or shoulder pad in your right in the sternum right. You know the hole and we've weaved our senate before the whole concussion. You know freak in. Outcry in all this crap I don't buy for second. I don't by the whole CT thing call me crazy I think it's based and I'm bad science and is a bunch of crap. So. You know if you know what you get ourselves into and most of these most these players are getting comes in very well Purdue honest and they can make that choice to now play eggs they're worried about any kind of brain injury your whether I was really in the futures. Don't play equipped don't play. That's simple quick. I'd so what he's still need to see out of the Packers were. It's Thursday night right now also were what two days away from them taken out there red tunes in Saturday. Oh what do you what he's still looking to see out of the Packers in this upcoming game. Receives some position battles. Receive. I think that they have Ty Montgomery slab and then as the starting running back he's not start button. I think that. Jamal Williams is going to. Is gonna take over the lead as hardware back. Just because his pass protection. Mean the the big thing is you need to keep Iran is operative you want any chance of doing anything you need number twelve on the field and if you can't protect them. You're gonna get. Take an early game and Montgomery struggle and big time will pass protection and so that's arriving Williams. Could end up being the starter or is also and done. Other human and forward to it is is. The wide receivers where he goes with you know they're your fourth of of what receiver who steps some weather beat Trevor Davis or Jeff Janice her. America at a pre every ever comes back from get knocked out. He's just he really destroyed a year NC would be all these guys who wasn't a step Bob and who's who's gonna. Scholl. Good ol' number twelve air in the head Egan. They can have confidence and make the big plays when need be now I want to see offensive line. And you know Johnny Barclay. Had garbage. We got hurt and I think the Packers are gonna absolutely regret that now bring in bag JC trenor. A guy can play all five positions on the line and played them well. So there won't have money runs but he didn't get a big contract. You know he for somebody is versatile as he is he had peanuts. And there's no reason why the Packers couldn't paid in the degree of the browns for three years her. Sixteen point seven million there with ten million guaranteed. That comes out to one little over. Little over five year I have. It. Five and I finally have a change. For a guy that could like you said play all five positions. You know that. You know blog or Bakhtiar he is gonna go down and miss at least a gamer to hear there. You know Lindsay Lee hasn't exactly had a good track record stay in healthy himself. So. You know he's gonna be needed and you let him walk. So I wanna see you know sprigs or wanna see these guys see if they can step up and and fill that role. You know what say you walk you what are you confident. Concerned. And what he's still need to see out of the Packers in the pre season hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers. At Greg grew 82. And at Jeff underscore or allow ski. You're in the unit no muted. All right now we take a quick little break here will we come back give could have brewers. Nine game road trip coming up looks daunting and paper. Gergen a gig Greg's our opinion while throw your mind as well just for the hell of it. So you'll how we think they're gonna do we'll be right back Iraq and with the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057 FM the fan. Jack man. BC sports it's likes. You excessive. Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057 FM the fan back count. Jeff or allow asking Greg Jan Ake kicking your ears asked as we turn to other brewers. No big nine game road trip coming up for the crew. As we said today Thursday night they are just one game out of first place one. In an answering to a one game. Does you know. Tough road trip coming up starts three in Colorado. The Rockies they lead the National League wild card standings as we speak. They are also fifteen games. Over 500. At home. Actually I'm sorry they lost today so it's fourteen. Oh I'd. So out here now given your forgive you add the tomato to motto but that happens fourteen games over 500 at home that's going to be a tough series. From Colorado they then go to San Francisco who's. You know they've heard. The brewers are up fifteen games in the win column on the giants and they got him fifteen in the loss column as well. So. Severed Cisco's struggling mightily. Then that they face. Their free can badgers. The team alleges doesn't lose. I wanna say I saw a steady yesterday. That since. Is either since the all star break. But I I wanna say it was before that the Dodgers are RM like at 840. Winning percentage. I think you're their last 55. Games. Dave Warren. 47. Album yeah some might that. They only lost. Eaten the last 55 games just some crazy on real 51. Games old ver five on drilling they're they're. They're pacing towards like a 118 wins yet the pace and set the all time record I think the record 415. Or sixteen by Seattle. Who got swept out the first round play our studio where government zero while the regular season were self oriented. It is OK but yeah a run differential for those Dodgers a 214. Unreal just absolute plus a total fourteen plus. 214. Seeds it's it's absolutely. On believable but anyway. Let's stop focusing on the dodgers'. Greg. Well okay Milwaukee lay askew because your more important and Gregg for and mean. What do you think the brewers are gonna do on this nine game road trip three Colorado three in San Fran three in LA with the Dodgers. Let us know hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers Ed Greg crew 82 Ed Jeff underscore our last week Greg. Now I ask. I think they are going to go five in four on the road trip in and if you do that. That's plus oh yeah the navy you end up. Above 500 on that road trip. For the road trip that 500 for the season but for 500 for that road trip in your five on four. You're sit in years and pretty. I think they're gonna take two from Colorado I think the take two from San Fran and I think they'll take a game from from the Dodgers. Certain pages do a Gannett. Garza Woodruff and Anderson. Audience Colorado Anderson you don't know what you're gonna get he's come of the DL so that's a little worry some but in united phase and any. Knocked down Cy Young war war winners in in Colorado. In the one thing the brewers do well and they. It went away for Robin they've been doing well lately. Is it in the long ball polio and that works out pretty well in Colorado yeah yeah. So it is kind they're they're trending in the right direction on the various Carlson they that they joining Colorado. Sabres Cisco. They don't have strays bomb garner which is a plus. I think the best we the president the best of their face and is some marginal. It so is it usually take to you also have. I was Davies and Nelson go in this series those geared to more solid pitchers the last month. So take two from them nice thing about the Dodgers. Is. Even with Kershaw dollar still winning but not and a face Kershaw is upon us. You do have to face Yu Darvish who's been very good ever since his command areas. Made is doing well form what their whole pitch everybody's doing well for the doubt humanity insists it's. Crazy when their door and I was watching the game last I remain. Were down. They were down. To go in the ninth inning no problem no. Reruns. Of it all would know they they want with a one out slowly they had to. They're just you know trying to get by and they did it easily then I'll problem. So I had daily intake five before. Did this DB is prison well Nelson has been struggling last couple games were before that. Really had a goal and in and the month of July. Judy Anderson bag could be a plus if he is. In the same form he was before he got injured. Cars they don't know you also would typical times and a series what should look good in his in his first in his first out in. Now is that just because they don't know. Who we is in the known dawn the stuff he has and he's in a do well the first time around. Could be but who knows he as long as you got offers behind you. You bull pens are to cover as well. Enables stud. Swore Zacks look America. Haters. Look at phenomenal Kia so. In view engage your starting pitchers just. Get through six innings then your seventh hater aid swords out in the ninth enable new go to golden. Yeah IE I agree with TI think. On the go one better I think that the crew is gonna come back from the West Coast six and three. I think they're gonna sweep. San Fran. I think they're gonna sweep. The Iraqis. Patties and I think they're gonna get swept via the unstoppable machine. That is the Dodgers now. You know like you laid out what the pitching. You know Jimmy Nelson you don't know what you're gonna get because the last couple outings so that could be rough day could be fantastic earlier in the season. Jim Nelson I'll pitch Clayton Kershaw when they went head to head. So if peeking get you know obviously Beck today and it gave urine in fantastic shape you know Matt Garza is always a toss up. Woodruff you know he's gonna have I think a decent role because it always takes teams. You know at least once. Two times usually three times seen a pitcher before the guys start to hit you can have all the tape you want. But if you're not stand in the in the box and seen it lives you know we face a pitcher for the first time I think. You know I think that that her junior puts in extreme disadvantage. Even going up against somebody like. Kenton made Eric you know. Any of those guys. So I think that's gonna work out well for Woodruff. Are the bats you know just fantastic. You know I tell you it and you know my love for jet being the you know and that you know I've got his Jersey. I changed the name of both of my sons their balls now named jet bandied our allies and eat at that and I just kind of rolls off the Hong. I got a tip to love him I can't show it to you because it's in it's in a private area. You know so I loved I loved the guy but I tell if many free can Pena man. You know there is just here he is great. He is great. The way that he. Roland you don't keep in the runners at bay throwing behind guys picking them off. It. It's very impressive I'm I'm very impressed with banning. Any of these. Done phenomenal and everybody was soul worry last year when they turn to Lou Correa and what are they gonna do behind the play where they knew we on the plane and Maldonado look like to complete bomb last year he was in many Canadians come in and he is. Don fun nominal. Mean he's batting I think. Hi to eighty's to eighty. 8839. Ten homers he's Sony can be clutch bat oil Mary Claude van idea and defense leaving you can't get better in the league I don't. As though is he's his arm is unbelievable. And it's another good thing is it's Stephen Vogt is right around the corner from coming back and before he got hurt he was red freaking out as well. So you know it's just. It's it's fantastic like you said everybody you know thought the sky was falling when Luc Roy. Got traded and the crew were in better shape now than they were with Jonathan Luc Roy. So you know so that's great see so I think they're going to be fair test that Leggett said. I'll take six and three for the crew on this road trip now the only thing. Is wall the brewers are facing Colorado. San Francisco and LA. The cubs have the blue jays the reds and the Phillies. So they're not you know relief face in any world beaters there for for the cut. Blue jays can do some. Of blue jays Kunduz and damage they are offensively they have enough talent where they could. They could put some runs. On the cubs well especially at Wrigley if the winds blow one out like it was earlier today I mean Cincinnati's on thirteen annum. Oh I know I know Ryan and you know IA says that you know it's a fairly easy schedule of the the cubs just split. Two and two would Cincinnati and a four game series so you know IE I do think the brewers go six in three. But I will also take six in three for the cubs in the same nine game. Stretch so I I don't see a Macon up any ground but that's so win. You know for any team to sit there and go on an extended. You know nine or twelve game West Coast road trip. And if the brewers don't lose any ground to the cubs. You'll take that any day of the week man was saying those guys. Hopefully go one way tickets I don't. Merry men there though and I mean they're just as hot right now is as any team in the league in in there right now they are all I have for him and the birds. One full game in Amber's. Too full gains we and the cubs as of right now but there's still. And they they're still playing their leading the tires are not eight to twelve. So that'll be. One and a half and a half game behind them version comes respectively. I've yet to Saint Louis they've got. The pirates for four so timid today's game one of their four game set then they got the Padres and then Tampa. And those are at home so. Four on the road ad Pittsburgh and then three each and home I injuries and raise. You know I I think I think whom we come back in we when we revisit. This no obviously next week's show. But. We were you know pretty much smack dab in the middle of it. But I think in two weeks when we come back and we look at where everybody was. I think. I think the brewers are still gonna be right at the top. A game out maybe even tied. For first place. Non wrong I'm I'm you know and while obviously Mike cardinal hate is stronger than. You know ten million pounds of steel like you know and I'd be discussed me. I'm count them out. I don't think teams all they could. Yes there right there but. I and I think it's a two man race in the central between Chicago and Milwaukee and is crazy because. When the season started nobody. Would have said that the brewers. As of August 17 would be. One game behind the Chicago coast rent. I we'd both on on this podcast before the season started thought the cubs will walk away. When does have an hourly work with the divisible walkway with a leak in it. And they are not played up to their potential in the brewers are played well well above expectations. And it is gonna be a race to the finish and it's gonna be far no watched a bit easier on the watch. Odds say man you know the brewers had Monday off and now they've got Thursday off. What a boring. Rican weaknesses band. You know you get in to you at least I do I get into the routine where you know I put my kids to sleep. And then. I'm sitting there watching the crew. And for there to be interrupted because of two off days in the same week no this is a 25 days. You know a torn Fred games and torn by day's news and you broke two off days in the same week and that one of them was even because of a fake rain out. I think that this is enough. Yeah oh I miss I miss watching baseball of teams that I wanna see. And you know what it's it's it's good to hear that from from people in his ugly emotion that Simon as well and you did have a last year. Last year and is waiting for the CNN I think at this point last year they were fifteen games under 500. So somewhere around there yeah I loved baseball so much that you know. The brewers could it be you know and ten wins this season it's still possible that the nice thing about this team and we said this earlier. In the season is that. They play with such passion and they have such enjoyment when they're out there and it's just it's great to watch because. You can see that they're playing for the love of the game and are playing for well they are playing for money but. It's it's not does show anybody up as not to be the superstar. It's because they enjoy plane in the enjoyed playing with each other and and that's what this team is doing so well because they. Will go to war for any guy and was it Tuesday. It doesn't Trevor shot got beat up in the elbow. Very next batter. When the brewers will exact dazed on the mound want to note Davies went throws sixty miles an hour with it if so did hurt the guy but. The smallest guy on the team just or somebody because his guy got hit yep all dat is Dan tests. Yet there is great and I love it. I love oh let's say you Milwaukee other car the crew gonna do on this nine game road trip. Three Colorado three at San Francisco three with the Dodgers. It is up on Twitter at 1057 producers and Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or last gate. Another quick break I gotta go smoke and I I come and we'll talk about the McGregor. Mayweather fight. And what your interest level is in this fiasco. We'll be right back Iraqi with the producers led dive bar addition here I want applied seven FM the fan of jackass. BC sports it's like. You excessive. Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers Darren won all 57 FM the fan Dak down. Jeff or allow asking Greg Jan eight follow Lou yet. Are right McGregor. Mayweather. Coming up August 46 were what. Nine days away. Nine days away from pretty much the most overhyped sporting event. Since the Super Bowl every year even those who will actually delivered less time with one hell of a game. Milwaukee what's your interest level. In this fight. And then obviously throw in who you think's gonna win. Hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers Eric Gregg crew 82 at Jeff underscore or allows king. Preach what churches level brother. The level of war and its hand out price say about a six or seven. Okay I don't think you know I'm I'm not gonna buy the fight them and I have a friend that gives the fight. I might go over there and watch it but I'm not gonna go on my way in pay 400 dollars. To get it I know that. Organ in the sports bar industry. Or in the bar industry. For us to give we have to pay 5000 dollars yeah. So and you are you going to take cover Alina so. I will be following in none Twitter just deceit busy year and get up to up to the second. Updates on Twitter and what's going on. I'd they I don't think of the fight's going to be close. I think adds it. Having McGregor disease doesn't have the boxing skill Mayweather is. Love the diary of the guys one of the best boxes of all time. And eases. He's gonna run that's what Mayweather does as well that's what his fights have been the last five mountaineers he runs. In. He's methodical when he when he goes in in and plug Zia and he's got a very good defense and McGregor. Is gonna try to come out from command Ahmadabad Donahoe in he's gonna get wind in. Does not used to to go and you know what does it third the there races should be 36 ministers as well it sounds a he's not used to doing that. So I it and they may Weathers is gonna win these who won handily on all of his and our McGregor out. The record got a pretty solid chin and hourly Mayweather has as the power. Now they are using an eight ounce gloves. Which is. A rule chains woods. Makes the punch is a little more impact folk. There's benefits Macgregor. Because he's used used to using very thin gloves in the USC. But adding. It is going to be it's going to be Mayweather. Yeah it it'd of these because it's going to be Mayweather. I am not in your prediction but Mayweather is and when the split. All right Greg takes Mayweather what say you Milwaukee. It is up on Twitter won the ten what's your interest level in this fight in Houdini thinks gonna win. At 1057 producers Ed Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or Lonsky. You know. I I think like you there is no way in hell come by in this fight. Mayweather stole a hundred dollars for me would know when he fought Pacquiao and that flight was to his. Absolute. Dog crap. And you know I was angry after that fight. I was less angry after I paid back in the day. A ton of money to watch the Tyson fights in they would last 45 seconds then at least you saw something written UNC crap. In that Mayweather Pacquiao fight Mayweather for being as good of Bob boxer like you said you know he is one of the best ever. He's awful to watch. It's boring it's run and hide. It's you know a counterpunch here in there and his defense defense defense. That said I McGregor has no chance. You know they set their the big news is that the glove side is there's you know they're gonna wait are aware the other eight ounce gloves. Instead of V you know instead ten ounces. But the thing is. Is that. Mayweather. Is worn eight ounce gloves. Are locked. In his fights and Mayweather. Was the one who tradition and to have the glove size changed from 108. So sure as hell doesn't seem to me like he's scared of put now and he's eight ounce club you know. So you know and love gloves I've also goes by and the weight of. The one year your wait at what weight class you're in. Yes you know but watching some elect the sparring is sessions that they've shown on TV. The record as an every shot in hell no you know now you wanna tell mean. That a guy ate a US sees your dirt you know MMA fighter. And in granted the McGregor his skills on his feet you know thrown punches. And he is not gonna give in to the squared circle. And be able to hold his own against one of the best boxers. Of all time. No and I think he knows that and this is the complete MoneyGram form. He knows that he can retire after this because he's gonna make it leaves a hundred million on this fight and he knows that and may weathered. Bummer radon is a Smart businessman he might be able to read that well that what he's a Smart businessman mean he controls. All I mean all the production and all this hoopla yep is. I may weather's company so all these paper real money is going to move Mayweather he owns the companies I was going to him he is a very Smart businessman. If you want to be even smarter even smarter businessman. He loses the fight. I don't know what kind of legacy Mayweather wants to have. But if you want to make break the break even more than your we have lose this fight because that rematch. Between Mayweather Macgregor of Macgregor Max Mayweather out that rematch would. Double. What's gonna happen now there are you say that there's gonna break all they re records if McGregor not to Mayweather out and they had a rematch. Double what it was the first time than now. The only way that happens I believe is that him Mayweather. Puts his legacy is size and wants the money and it's not done on purpose. Whether BA. For real knockout or fair to knock out. What have you had this this party just a spectacle it's like when rocky face Hulk Hogan in in rocky three whatever Wallace. It is just spectacle it's it's there for people who watched. And for these guys to get paid when McGregor not dumb Mayweather Mayweather allow that to happen. I'll rematch would just bring in whole loads of money yeah. And I I don't think there's any chance in hell of that happening I think Mayweather. He's so pride fault and he really loves. Having that undefeated record I don't think there's a chance in hell that he lays down. The only way that I Sima McGregor won in this one is if is if while Mayweather is dancing. In the ring you know urges running circles around around Connor. That either he breaks his ankle and you know he can't go anymore or or that he has a heart attack committed to fighting and just dies. So I need to get although the Macgregor leverage their say in all takes one points and that is true things one punch but Mayweather so good defensively. I don't think McGregor is ever gonna get that that punch and. Not I don't think I don't think he's gonna land anything of note and now for me because I love boxing. IA in joy. Violence. I love. I love it. This fight pisses me off. Because. Boxing has a fight. On September 16. That should totally bring this sport back to fraud and senator the way it should be. With triple AG taken on two and well. And you heard I'm hearing absolute squat about their fight because all the attention is being paid to this sideshow. So that that makes agreement because that fight and they can charge a hundred dollars they can charge a 150 dollars. I'm buying and loan. And I am I kidding now wait that. And having a lot of boxing fans also share that sentiment that you have but like I said. Mayweather own zone promotion company and he's that there are out there as much as possible they had that reason for Sidi. A band to whatever was. Weather and the jet together these guys are stupid they don't hate each other. Late you'd think that these guys are like McGregor hated DS and you know they don't Haiti totally does they know that this is purely. Further dope. This case purely a money grab them for all of them I mean. Mayweather. Makes foreigner millionaire fights and doesn't matter but McGregor is the biggest. By far the biggest payroll he's ever gonna get. There is by far obese person's every guy always person ever got from your C was like five million yen and easily get are a hundred million this time and so. He knows tiger tattoo that's on a. It's and your right Mayweather. He should go down in history is one of the best businessmen of all time. What he was able to do and what he was able to I'm. You know Mike Tyson is it is it at this stuff off. Because you know Mayweather is done everything business was the right Lleyton and you know he's got praised Texas now. And I would wanna pay him either but. You know bowyer may get them much but yet you know. Fantastic Milwaukee what's your interest level in this in this fight August going six McGregor Mayweather. One through ten. Who's gonna win hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers. Ed Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or a lot ski. Quick break and then we get paired we're gonna talk about her shared ends tweet that he sent out that said quote. An NBA source said today this will be the bronze final season in Cleveland he is 100%. Leaving. Relationship with owners be on repair. We'll talk about the big baby I'm I'm sorry LeBron James. When we come back you listen into the dive bar addition of the producers here mortified seven app on the playing. Jackass. BC sports it's likes. Excess. Welcome back to the data bar addition of the producers 01057. FM that spanned out camp last segment it's flying by. Are right so Chris Sheridan. Tweet it out and his tween set NBA source said today quote. This will be the bronze final season in Cleveland he is 100%. Leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair on quote. Greg what a freaking shocker here we got more drama will LeBron James. What do well who would be mega this late is drama. It doesn't surprise min mean to Cleveland LeBron brought its chairmanship back to Cleveland he did what he wanted to do. So believes I don't care and I couldn't blame the relieved because Dan Gilbert's Morant. Mean he's rich he started Quicken Loans or whatever it is. But he's Amara under the sub that he says most of the he's he's done in the past I only one player from either now the prom with the Bryan. Leaving is that all these door and is tarnishing his legacy. Even more lives are tarnished and every RO. Are already says there's no way you can view compared Michael at all. So another compares in our between the Browning Coby. And Kobe has five rings. You don't have five rings you have three. So your legacy is organ tarnished more by you just hopping around and going all over the place yet. Nobody remembers Jordan one of the wizards no cold we say in one place the entire his entire career. We're gonna go where it really where you gonna go into Houston. Or vehicles the Golden State. That Libya and a nice state. They I'm sure they probably work out some kind of money that it would happen they would go 82 window. You're here they would go 820 but what we're gonna go all the speculation that he's gonna go to the lakers. Okay seasonal live even more in Kobe show I don't know when. Is that what you want things go lakers. Go to Houston and the mute Tebow Chris Bond James Harden. Spoke only thing a good thing go Bob only wary the only place he could go that could compete with gold state on that. Would what do you do and carrier or should be ecstatic about this news. There's no you don't believe you have to get traded you zigzag where you are remain more money make more money and they're gonna build the team are on you because. The bronze leaving but it's just stated it's weird Kenny go there's nowhere he can go. That will improve his legacy. Because you party got. Blasted for Crete in the super team in Miami and you go to Houston to get a super team there in any go anywhere else you're not gonna other players Roger. Also going to be years. You go somewhere else see gold tuned Sacramento. And they spend all the money they do every saying you bring our players and it's just gonna be Miami three point oh or Cleveland 2.0 because. All Cleveland then was signed players that don't LeBron in Miami. There anyway anywhere he goes all the you know signed players you played with the Cleveland and he likes a Serb people he likes his his his. I horizon in the teammates he has. OK go go in not go anymore chairmanships your best bet is in Cleveland or go to Houston and you go to use in the UN support James have. Our holder had to do so because you're not gonna improve real legacy and I'll look because nobody cares. You had to go join hard in Nepal to be gold statement. Milwaukee what do you make of this latest LeBron drama ahead this up on Twitter at 1057 produces and Greg grew 82. At Jeff underscore or allow ski. Now a few things here is that you know Dan Gilbert obviously. No matter what he did this second time with LeBron. LeBron was did GM LeBron goes in you know David Blair is is that is the coach. Brown gets him fired now it's tied Lou because LeBron improved to try Lou. LeBron wanted. JR Smith he wanted Tristan Thompson he wanted to all these con tricks to get signed. They turned out to be bad deals Cleveland signed them those are all the bronze fault. It's Tom O'Brien. Now as far as where he goes. I think there is a 0% chance he goes to Houston. I think there is 80%. Chance he goes to LA. I think there's a 0% chance he goes to Oklahoma City which is where he actually should. And the reason I say that is because I don't think LeBron has he doesn't have. The stones. Two goal and play in the Western Conference. Where he actually pass to give a damn during the regular season. And still. Might come up short. You know is long is a bronze in the east he walks his way into the Eastern Conference finals. Usually are well you know pretty much every time the NBA finals age traitors yeah. Because you know the Eastern Conference is 110 as strong as the west. There's no way in hell of rounds going out west. So then you know to me it opens up the knicks maybe even goes back to Miami. But you know there's no other place he's gonna go or he's gonna have a better chance that he does. Where he's at in Cleveland and so it's the Jews drama. Drama drama with this freaking guy and I'll tell you tell me. It completely. Justifies. What try to read did it by. You know asking for a trade to get out. Because. Like I said in legacy a couple weeks ago back when we were in here a baby to oust. You know LeBron is is hijacking. Carey's career. And LeBron. Are okay I'm sorry tire read. By him wanting a trade to get out at Cleveland and to not play with LeBron anymore. He LeBron LeBron. Before LeBron could LeBron camp with. You don't mean. He said there and said check pleased I'm getting the hell out of here before this freaking guy does it to me. It it just completely validates what can I re Irving did what he's trying to do by giving away from the big baby. More power to him. The problem is is that. LeBron is not gonna go anywhere where he doesn't have a shot. And going of the 1009 best mainly in the Eastern Conference. But any unit most teams that are contending Renault don't have the salary cap space to sign you or send the players that she wants. So. I don't know what he's going to do because he can't go. Anywhere else he's not gonna go to aid. Brooklyn nets team and say you know what I'm gonna start to take this franchise. In on the I'm and have me bring some players over. He's not he's not gonna just start from scratch and try to bring this team to prominence read these are gonna do that. Now he's gonna have to go to a somewhat winning Tino and knew who was gonna take you. The bulls have nobody knows you're not gonna go to Indiana. The only team more than dam in the east is Boston and Boston are gonna take them because they don't every seller ever read. So. Toronto. You're gonna go live in Canada now Washington. UBS UB quote unquote Big Three with. Rarely real John Wall. But John wall's alpha male there and it does John Wall one LeBron James or no could also on yours your start of the senators bright red. So where there's nowhere LeBron king goal. I don't know whether it will there's nowhere in the east I think the bags door in the east he could go. And but like is that I don't think he's got the bulls who play in a list apparently doesn't it. So because he was easy it. The pass of leased to the path with the least resistance on an S in the east but if you go anywhere in the east besides Boston. May be washed and maybe Toronto. You're not gonna get anywhere right. Honestly I want one of the box alma ye are you don't all you would do is take. All the progress that iams is made good yeah displays exact same way you do. All you do is take jas is spot. And has a lot younger menu. You know would they take LeBron on the box of course I audio and you know yet you know obviously you're not gonna turn it down but. But it says it it makes no sense I you know. That the guy. The stupid Twitter videos that he posts. You know in the G hand men you know vista's. What was the last orbit that squeal he had in the well whatever was all wrong with this guy he's going crazy. He's going to absolutely crazy you because I'm sure his life is so freaking tough the hardest thing about his life is that he's going on ball. You know he's been ball leaves his knees and stop doing the role changes to shame it is says you know it's as if it drives me it drives you crazy. The guy can not go more than ten seconds without a camera in his face. He always wants to be the center of attention and some people all you LeBron levers right all that's how all superstar athletes are no no it's not. No it's not. LeBron. Loves drama on LeBron loves attention. And LeBron won't go anywhere and take a pay cut because they greedy bastard wants to make as much money as he can't. You know so it's not like he's gonna sit there and go to Golden State you know and play for a league minimum. Just to go 82 and oh because this does not how he's wired you know what I mean beaten. Drives me crazy talking about does. It need the brown loves themselves from abroad well. Yeah see dozens of some room. Brutal. Or within an hour ago. Now there's no they should even Morse you know adjustments is stupid. And when he is there freeagent it's going to be all Loroupe what is where's he and ago edited since. Going to be the story the entire offseason and is going to be. Extremely annoying and he won't decide to the last minute because he's gonna sit there and enjoy every freaking second. Of the nine stab Brett Favre coverage you know is gonna Beck easy Canada act you know how does well. One thing is he's getting older in his career been in he'll never play second fiddle to anybody. You'll never play you'll never be. The Robin to somebody's Batman you'll never do that. And I don't know the only place he could go. Houston. San Antonio. Clippers and maybe Oklahoma City all analysts on the west there's only those only places you can go. In legitimately have a chance to win and begin to honor. Well let's end this segment man who talked to almost twelve minutes about this idiot. I'd feel dumber for having done so. Milwaukee what say you. If you know the big baby leaving Cleveland. Is it a blip on your radar as it does. You know him begging for attention and drama. Or you know sit there and defend him and bash mean Greg. It is up on Twitter either way at 1057 producers at great crew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or allows gay. Greg did you hear that. It's some of some cocktails been meant it ever Schatz baby. Milwaukee. No matter where air raise your glass here's to life. BC sports it's like stuff. He Milwaukee. You excesses.