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Thursday, April 13th

04/13/17: The Producers Dive Bar with Sith Lord


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Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057. Have been bandaged hand. I am your host Jeff Orlovsky. Greg Janet who is usually here we're gonna have to do a little inventive. I showed today. Sent somebody didn't show up for the baseball post game show and so we're gonna have to trade off. Segments. However I do have a special in the studio guest now a quick story I was walking in the building here are doomed the practice. And I don't even get two feet and said door in the bay and legal department stops me. And hands either issued a paper that they say I have to read before even introduces yes. Now I have no idea what the hell down newspaper haven't seen it before so let's find out together okay. Our fan legal department this is a warning. To all producer dive bar listeners. Female listeners OK so if your guy you can sit down as does it concern you. Scientific studies have proven. With a 100% proof. That listening to this guest. Even through the airwaves. Could cause. Pregnancy ha ha ha ha okay. Ladies must not be careful. Be careful it says here the first time. Dated ever hairpin where your voice. Caused a pregnancy was nineteen years ago had hit it I'm not eighteen. All right you know who else is nineteen years saw. It's not a I'm. Manager denied to you ladies and gentlemen I'm not saying the pop pop pop I'm Jesus man. Let me bring an end. The man of the hour a special jazz big guy you all know and love. Ms. Dugard Twitter video and I sell its zip lure. An iron ore pellets pepper. I wanna be and living a dream and welcome men. It's not what's going on the job you don't. Playoff basketball. Star brother ways that's awesome that's awesome will now. Playoffs right around a corner first game Bob bucks Toronto is on Saturday afternoon 430 tip. So before or since you know basically all we're gonna talk about for the next hopefully. Two months or more tough is books playoff basketball. Let's put a fork in a regular season okay. What are your thoughts mr. lowered it on the bucks regular season as a whole. Mom is ho got it's tough to say I meanwhile at when you look at the record I mean they finished above 500. You know which aside op which is a positive 'cause. You know and I thought that I I I actually did predicts guide you to you can look at our odds of the stands. Favorite Dutch quarter person I guess besides myself you're gonna okay aspect. He he asked in the beginning of the season what people thought the box record was going to be and I said exactly 500. So looks like they finished 11 or two games above that took eight so that day there are they they ended up being what I thought they could be. But in the middle of the season and you know tour towards the middle of the season I thought they were not gonna finish above 500 so driven to do that I think is a wind. But I think I you know are they a 500 basketball team I think I think they are a 500 basketball team and they're no better no worse as it stands right now and and and and debt being sad that's why I think in this sob and in this playoffs this you know faith against the Toronto Raptors like de -- could either win it. Or they can lose and you know. Beautiful fashion yourself. Heck Erica yeah you know what the buck season. You know we go we went through the exact same thing that we did last year where for the first two months her two and a half months of the season the rotations from kid we're just. Off the wall like he was thrown blind darts and Abreu aboard. You know soul the they struggled on the at the outset. And then they kind of went on a run and then. You know Parker goes down the same game Middleton comes that yeah I know some you lose your second best player but Jerome G finally gain your third best player out. And then you know they had the fantastic march. And then they open up April losing three in a row so. You know I think overall I think this season Rosas and our success you know tradition you know over 500 and be in the six seed I would like to move to bend the five. But you know six seed obviously they didn't sneak in and back doors the eight. So you know that that's a positive and there were a lot of positive signs go and into it. It's you know it's it's tough because he you know hey you wanna know like. I'm watching the box and I don't Alter its because my horror or whatever but I think there's a lot more talent on this team and I think are better T know what they've showed. You know and so it it's hard when you sit there and you watch them lose games in the 76ers. Yes and you know just. You know garbage teams that like my. And guys while that's why I think you know again I go back us what you just said about talent you know I I completely agree I think you know if you if you look up and on the roster you know the box compared to save like the semi sixers. There and Tammy you assign a closers more talent on the box but that talents young and inexperienced still you know to this point and and like with harper going downed a day acts state they still haven't had any real time with like dark dark core pieces on the floor and it's just disappoint his CNN again that's why go back to them being asked 500 as 500 can beat they they they do have more talent and a lot of other teams which is good for the future. I think out of the teams that are trying to climb up towards the top like the box or sitting in the best position for that by its in in again until they get everybody on the floor for thirty games of saint. It it's tough to say how good they can be viewed Al solve. It fuels will see its to to be determined steal yeah I agree with you so if you get a put a letter grade I'm the bucks regular season yet. Regular season as a whole you know would you give the IS SC I mean to finish 500 you know I and again I think they had lulls in their way they looked like a bad basketball team they had teams and times are they looked like a really good basketball team by its. You know again when you quit you day finished 500 they had ups and downs that's like a young team that's yell fishing 500 for team that is this young. You know did they are sending and that's what you wanna see it's a seat it's a seeks to go any higher. It would just be me being a fan and I'm not. After did you guys don't edit at 100 to 100 late LeRoy Butler that's right while I'm gonna go a little bit higher and you look behind these. And I would give him a B minus and you know a lot of the problems is you know and it's tough because man. I of waffled on Jason Kidd so many freaking times who hasn't you know like you would Jason Kidd man it's like you know it's I guess my wife where she wants to go out to dinner but the notion you change your kinda like 800 times in a minute and a half. You know so it's Rauf. But I would give them a B minus just because. You know I like the effort most of the time you can tell the games at the box just don't Showalter for and that's completely unacceptable and I put data and Jason Kidd yeah even though that should be put on the players themselves you should be professional. But. You know I I put a lot of the losses on kid because of the crazy rotations because he'd never figured out a cohesive you know first and second unit. Where to give these guys and this only time you'll ever hear me say young Alou last time. But to give these young guys some you know some continuity. And he'd used to playing you know you you see the connection there Brockton has with Munro. Ed you know you you develop the connections by having the same guys on the floor at the same time consistently. Yeah I couldn't agree more you know I I don't I I I guess it you know it's it's tough with Jason Kidd I don't I don't I'm not one of these people there and it's funny that you bring that up too because that's another. If I mentioned Twitter a lot tonight that's the Somalis on Twitter if you don't follow me follow me gets a word they are okay on Twitter but. Anyway on a it's you that's a big debate Nicholas on a Twitter like whether you think Jason Q it is the coach for the job are these Nat. The coach for the job and and for me you know I don't really sign a one Saturday the other I think he's really good at C you know he's really good at developing the talent that's right in front of you you don't move but I think like a really good coach you know a coach that's a veteran tight coaching and you can adjacent hitters and you else finds that. The talent that's not right in front of you and I and and learns how to optimize that talent you know. Like Phil Jackson for example obviously he had some of the best players to ever play in the team in the last thirty years OK it's but he is really good it fine and you'll be getting a guy like Dennis Rodman and reeling him Munich and its. And optimizing him as much as possible does Jason can do that width Bucs players. And it's probably not at this point and then that may come with time but yes I feel like this it this far down what Mikey now that it's the playoffs like you better have a set rotation in their because you want in all those slight. That 7109 man rotation I mean that's what a lot of teams go with in the playoffs like that you know you you can't be playing guessing games when your life's on the line absolutely absolutely. Milwaukee what grade would you give the brewers for the regular season only. I hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers at Jeff underscore or last he at sits lord eight. And at great crew eighty. To. So how. OK now let's talk about the bad parts of the Red Sox game. There's of the little bump and yet you besides obviously the big one was Jabari Parker going down again. And I wanna touch on that suit. You know I get a chance here you know hopefully hopefully he comes Beck likes African Superman yeah but besides that you know what's. Give me oh big low point for you of the seas well I mean that would T you know not to steal your thunder here but that would be my lowest point seeing him to go through that injury get in because. And not because I think he's such a great player and you know what's happening and it's like you you know one of the pieces what are your eagle topped your pieces cheer puzzle goes down it's that. I knew people would be like all you know you gotta get rid of on time to time from the gulf. See you later it's like. I you know another debate times Jack Jack I'm sorry to bring that up but odd that I thought I got on Twitter is that you know it's like with yeah honestly Dave you know they did their research on down testifying yes there's no doubt about it like Jon Hamm is not final or to Greece. You know to watched I'd John as planned some small time gym if he wasn't interested in and you know I mean there but you know for Jabbar park her Jay had said you know they you know it date DT DT word you know they had to taint that season to get him like stay at a tape to even have the chance like. Taking that season have been a worse record didn't guarantee you got the first or second pick right so you know like work went into that end and you get the kid you know and out of a boxing knowing you want to wrap bombed and he's didn't you we scored twenty points and ID he was ever before it went down his legacy is its season average was twenty points per game did all yeses defenses and they're you know but if you eat let's say for the people out there that want the box to tree Jabari Parker like. You'd only be trading him for pennies on the dollar right OK you what you give your return form probably isn't as good as he's going to be when he comes back right okay. And I was I got and I was that we did Marcus Johnson once he said he talked to the medical staff and they thought that you notes he's gonna come back just like he was before bounce in his step there a 100% capita. And and you're not you're not winning the title this year you're probably not one unit next year you don't tell LeBron is like on the other you know and IBC's -- on the other side of thirty but he's super human error brought again and happy tell he's like 36. You know that he's really fallen off that the map that's like the box are you even really going to be it's striking to systemic challenge you know the cabs the caps but there's going to be other teams you know challenging for two sons saying all you have a time. Let him heal up like he you know his jumper was coming along does it look really nice scene any sort the only becomes a jump shooter. It's okay but he is in my ultimate point here is you can never have enough talent right you know and the kids are really talented guy it's whether youth you know another debate is like when you think Chris Middleton and or Jabari Parker's batter and the answer to that folks is. You can never have enough talent like one guy's not better than the other you need the ball the ball not. Honest they're out another yacht as they're just another piece of the puzzle you can never have an affable guys. Yeah I agree with you for me the low point of the season. Goes along with the what you just said you can never have enough to help us so why the hell is Rashad Vaughn on the roster still well gee you know when he shot 36 I don't want to short so okay so. I'm not gonna say he shot 36%. Because he shot 36 and a hit. Yeah yeah OK okay I'm there. Hey hey good job why is tense and still on the team trade him for a basket of wrap up balls man you know yeah. Troopers chewing tobacco and brought out the window you know who cares via you know it's unreal it's unreal the team doesn't mean what more talent. I think they're picking up Gary Payton I think that was a very good pick up gal I think the defense alone that he brings. Is just you know that's gonna help this teacher it's definitely gonna help this team. So you know. A for me you know there's a few guys I would like I would help peck their bid to get out not unlike you though I honestly think with the troubles Smart roster moves. I think that the Bucs could compete. With Cleveland next season I don't expect going to be out of seven game series. But I expected to go six or seven yeah just because you know the more thick that LeBron tries to play GM the worst dad and yes that's a good point and he can't get out of his own way gas you know he thinks his stuff don't stage and all that and he's a fantastic basketball player and get me wrong. But when he tries put his hand on a button and you know Wheeling and dealing the wheels come off and I love you have to like they give one and. One of these teams can knock them off now lead author if it ends that being. Boston and any Cleveland for a I think that actually brits held the box window of opportunity gets even in a last time because then you'll see like Cleveland star tree road I think I think if they don't get their this year that's very very bad for them and it's good for the other teams coming up but I I think. And again just watching basketball my entire life liked it you know and and the bronze you know since he came in a league like LeBron has a switch that he flips in the postseason and that he hasn't flip that switch at casinos. That you know he's in his mid thirties now and it's he's got to conserve that Dassault will see I hope you're right you know I hope you are right about that so what we'll see what happens by. Odds Alec mentioned in Rashad bonding guys that I'd I'd get out of here Thabeet. It took to Meeks and I hate to sound like such a hater Reinemund for the people do follow me on Twitter I go in on this dude pretty hard but Della dove on me and lights aegis like I don't want. Like I'm not saying he's not an NBA player. And you know he sees that he is a good player. But I just don't you know he's a good player in that he'd like to see she doesn't do anything to. Two terrible where he's a liability on the court he just does nothing to let you know so I just don't understand we spring and a table like my question every guy is like how are you contributing. To the team and like like what are you bring to the table how are you contributing and like if I can't come up with an answer for that like him John Henson then it's time at all there. I agree with you at Milwaukee what say you won't besides Jabari Parker going down with the injury what is your low point of the bucks regular season. Hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers act Greg crew 82 had Jeff underscore or olasky and aunt sit lower pay off. Yeah. That's that's yeah. We come back after this short break Greg Janet is gonna come in and take over and Iraq the next segment giving you up NBA playoff preview with. The lord will be right back dive bar edition of the producers here wanna buy seven FM the fan. Jackass. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the dive bar addition of the producers. I am Greg gen X sitting here with Sith lord and Jeff Orlovsky will be returning in a short minute he had to do some other things in the station. You just heard their boxes season recap and now we're gonna give you our playoff previews. Personally to start out with the beloved bucks taken on the Toronto Raptors. Jeff gave me his prediction I'll give that to you and a second set lord yes sir how do you see this series going for the Milwaukee Bucks. Manhattan it's it's real tough because of when I look at its Toronto I think it comes down to you know how healthy. Lowry as you know coming back from injury. He's a real good player. You know he I think he's one of the most underrated for how good he is he's one of the most underrated players in at least in the east. I think the box out like the for the box it's gonna come down to yeah I just is gonna bring it as he does always and I think he's gonna bring it Harry never casinos notes on line here. But Chris middle Chris Middleton and campy Chris Middleton he asked to be cash from Middleton OK and the last few games Milton has been out there he really hasn't done much and from the Bucs have any sort of chance he's got to come I I I think it goes through. Got to try to put in a grand I think it does go seven games but I think Toronto takes an unfortunately. Yeah I think the Bucs are going to be in trouble in the series this is a tough matchup for the books because. Toronto has just such athletic guards in DeRozan now and you have. Rob didn't. Okay and defend well but he's not the fastest foot right and he can guard ballroom right delegate don't look since then also not fast of foot. So you're gonna need to shut down one of those guys yes no matter what if you want any chance you gonna have to shut down one of those guys know they made some trades. In the middle of the season and brought in Serge Ibaka yep. And they also made a trade before the season and brought in PJ Tucker yes. So both good players on their phenomenal players and you have PJ Tucker who's those deemed three gotten any of Ibaka who can stretch the floor construction or he can put up. You know he can bang inside you can also step out and he's he might not did you twenty points a game buddies and play hard nosed defense gives you some boards. So this matchup is is is really tough for the box and I think the box or what to win thirteen in the last fifteen games. Toronto yet you smoked by two Ronald IA I want. To see the box be competitive I do think it'll be competitive series. I don't see the box taking the series I think it's gonna go. I think he's gonna go to six games. And I see Toronto taking that unfortunately. But you know what the more experience of this young team gets the better it is in the long run yes in. They they dealt with a little bit in the first round a couple of years ago. But you have more of a court now that you're gonna have in the future yes after this read them to this. All the future exe comes to fruition. So it is good to see you know Brandon. Did display of experience in maker the guys that you think you're gonna be here I'd be done rope from now when we're possibly when the bucks or possibly contend mean. For the east or even the NBA title hopefully. So. It's Jeff lusty. Give me his prediction and he's on the box Kool Aid man he's during and it he has the box in firearm and I don't know that I I indeed. More guarded Jack and your good. I'm I'm glad girl over the bucks but I think you might. Been smoking too much. The fund the fondness. But we're gonna go to be a what say you Milwaukee. How do you think the Bucs are gonna do in this series against Toronto. Let us know at 1057 producers. Greg crew 82 don't. Jeff underscore our last game and at Sith lord AR. And now we're gonna give you the rest of our predictions. For the NBA playoffs are gonna start over the east. Got the Celtics burst the ball's on the one aim matchup campers pacers into seven. Obviously raptors box and 36 and 45 is wizard the hawks start out with the selves and the bulls series. What is it they're gone. Celtics are gonna take it no doubt I'd I can't I really can't and scenic echo more than five games I think maybe the bulls get one at home by tell them that the set the self I mean the Celtics at there in first place for a reason they're really good team. But also I I you know like I don't I I don't know how far the Celtics are getting gets at you but but just in this series they're gonna smoke the bulls signing and me contest. Yeah I completely agree Jimmy bothers and have to be. Super women for them to even have a remote shot an act of doing anything in demean Dwyane Wade is a good player but he's not player he was even five years ago mere taste good too yeah I added I just don't they don't have the talent that Boston does yeah so I DIC Celtics. Sweeping down possibly jellies and maybe even one game I thought cast pacers. Can't turn it on when it comes to the playoffs which they flip the switch I think. Sooner might come back to buy don't. We've you keep on with the mentality the Celtics made the Big Three years ago get the same thing yet and they only got one title now LeBron. Brown to be part ending Cleveland for the rest of his life he could leave Cleveland under his contract is done. And go somewhere else and I'll degree was gonna care because they got it's I don't know yet but. If I won ten titles anywhere else K it does not matter to that one he won in cleat and exactly exactly. So gas pacers Unser we both agreed cavs are gonna walk away with a. I'm sorry I think is a sweep again I I look at everything like when he asked these questions I look at it like for me you know what I think mentally Powell would bet on it if I had a bad ankles tied games mentally I just see it being this week. Now we are did you read his box will go into wizards talks was nothing is gonna be a phenomenal series. Hawks have been very hot as of late yes and I think the wizards are even though they're of the four seed. Are an underrated team especially the way they played the last half of the season. And you have those two young guards in Biel in wall man who can just light up a stat sheet. I down the wizards taking this in six what you think. Ice wizards and six as well yes. I figured I'd go hawks are we are team to me because the you know that down the stretch here there were loose and all those games and and they beat Cleveland the other night you know like there's talent on that team. I like Paul Millsap so when you know he's he's a great player you know inch rotors really good too I I just. Another there we are team to figure out like their team that just never can get over the hump solved and they're the wizards the other very consistent in him. Got to darting to mention Underwood codes because you get to it aren't yet ready so. Although I'll look you see coming out of the east Cleveland app I think you know for the people to read it well you know again bought. I don't know how good Boston is I just I mean like the box smoked on the last time while not dead last last time to time but the time before that and in the time before that state I don't was like a Saturday night I was down a pizza man what can watch it. And Bucs took an overtime and probably should of 119 sock you make of the puck. Yeah unfortunately for the box. I hate to say it and but I'd rather play Boston and Toronto just because to Ronald killed us like the last twenty times he played on you know I know we've we've beat him what to repeat once or twice this the season. And it would be once at least but all the other times it just. Take missed out to the woodshed cell. Oh yeah mum with you when when we're having our. Predictions on who we want to play in the in the playoffs I was hoping hoping we get boss yeah I met subs are much better boss and then they do with. Nudges the raptors but also the cows in the wizards right it is if you said Donna as it Thomas. What we've all really goes away for them and yet who do you do you turn dude is Boston turned to be sediment as in times offensively. On the west. Yet gold state Portland in the war on eight match ups Antonio Memphis in the 27. Memphis just got news that Tony Allen is out indefinitely. Which is a huge loss for them because he's a great on ball to transform. And that's gonna definitely heard them. What I think is the match above the entire. First or in the playoffs Houston verso Casey and and then the clippers were suggests. Those are I would go to Portland. Juror on the same page bones is an and I process we've San Antonio. Added on. It's on the same note of that and things into autism and jagged edge is part of it is. The best ever and dia. Yeah I mean he has it in his eyes that he you know he he what he does with that team unbelievable is unbelievable and people might say oh Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson had a bull lol Moore tell all my problem this time capsule so we're I'm gonna start the Phil Jackson talked. Clippers jazz. I don't care. That is a weird one man but the jazz have you know there another team that's coming out but I still feel like their lot by app and a real the salad piece away from ever doing anything that's just another team that's gonna spend their heels on never beach never get over the hump and every and it is close is like Oklahoma City gallon they had there. Big Three sell. I see the jazz is Boston of last year yeah that doesn't come along they just don't have that one. They don't have that one superstar gap the united Gordon Hayward is great play very good but I don't see him here he team when team on his back to carry them. And clippers they're gonna find a way to choke it off always do there always do even it up there again Doc Rivers it doesn't matter he still choking away the clippers like folks. Blake Griffin is not that good I mean like he's of the he's well he's a very good player but he's not he does not you lead the country Jordan's body leap year the closest thing they have to a lead is a is a Chris Paul who you know he's never Gannett he's never gonna shut anybody down a defense is always there an offense but defensively you know in it as good as he has a gets other guards he's only ever gonna start another car. Men react Houston. Okay see a match above the tool. Pretty much front runners for MVP of the season yet. A tough one because I just don't like I don't know how good like for obviously Aaron paper you would think that. Houston's the better team that I don't really know if they are liked both teams are so driven by one guy. Which guy is better you know I don't know I don't think either one I'd like to. I don't think Howard and or power Westbrook make anybody else around them better and I think they're I think they're both. You know its top tier talent but you that both those teams adjust soul weird you know I would give it to Houston if I if you know tied again had to put a hundred dollars on give it to Houston I think there are slightly better by. I I guess like a CO PC taken into. I'll go views as well just because. I feel they have more. Second tier telecasts then Oklahoma City yes you zig Westbrook off the court yet and I nobody I mean Victor all the people. You're good you're good at Indiana but you don't really done much when he got to the pros and I mean you you meet with the Houston you have guys that have done before. And they're Gordon is key and take over games out in scored 25 if Harden gets in foul trouble ordered some that happens to him so I got Houston that. We come out of the west. It's tough man I wanna say it's you know I wanna I wanna say that it's Golden State game and I conceived San Antonio generic to a you know I. I don't know it just based on how much talent though that I I feel like. Golden State's gonna flip that switch to a you know they've they've been there done and I know San Antonio has but you know what don't Duncan it's a little bit different than it has been in the past but. Since Golden State's coming off you know. Opt out a finals Ron where they had the best record ever okay energy they got back to the finals I think they flip a switch I got tickled state. San Antonio men its it. We talked about problem its earlier and they just they just reload the end you guys you have guys that come out of nowhere to unreal that you know don't. Ned didn't do anything before they beacons and before the games Antonio to San Antonio. Our studs think they're gonna go somewhere else and be as good and they're not yet mean boards. I remember a couple years ago. Hayride. Seattle splitters and oh yeah I added that it insist. Yet so the simple model. You get the Simmons kid knows who's just dornin coli is. Now why is as a great player yeah you he doesn't get as much credit as he should because he's a very soft spoken guy yes and if you don't know choir Leonard is shame on you because. That that guy is probably top five talent in the league it's maybe even top three men up there are so you have a goal in state. Cavs. Re Pete final from last year I think so are gonna go the same thing as well. I AM going to go with the Golden State when the whole thing this year though I had I think with the with. The way Cleveland plays defense. It is absolutely atrocious yeah they were. All that second last in the league in defense is here yes and yes yes they can turn it done and they can scored the best of them. If you can't defend. Against Currie to rant and Thompson. You're gonna get role to death and I I think gave Golden State needs Cleveland in this NBA finals. I think gold state has a chip on their solar and their pissed off the ball last year because people said there's sevens or wins doesn't mean Jack yeah and they're gonna come out firing on all cylinders and I could Siegel state. Winning that whole series in five games. Yeah it's it's really weird to me because you know I I think that Golden State you know again and you know to stay if they tighten up their rotations down the stretch here all teams do you know so he it's like one through seven and one through eight. Who's got the better team and and it's I would actually fit like Cleveland's probably like after their five starters might may have a little more talent like the starting five compared to starting five I mean it's obviously Golden State you know they have. You don't do that to best shooters in the NBA it's a top five guy named Kevin Durant entry mind green it trailing green is like. Could you can he could be on any team any scan it like to make that team batteries he said he's agreed he select at teams better. But you know like classic you know but like LeBron is always the X-Factor to it you know like yet last year she showed that C. I almost guys that were there keep. Knowledge they have Durant you know to rants like that counterparts on the island Golden State's you know its intent to battle Bryant for what he's gonna do what they're so I don't know I'm again a fan applause I I hate the warriors man you know like I respect the lawyers but I hate them because they're like you know they're like the they're there they're like the team out there that they're like the age you rich kid team that knows how good they are they went to the best basketball schools out there you know and likes Cleveland's like that the team from down the street that has got all the kids who hustle you don't need a hands on look at itself I probably would give it to Golden State but I hope the caps Winnick and and you know I don't the box when it all man. Oh yeah I don't know we don't you are not I upped their gold Satan drama green is. What I like about three Ahman green is that he's on out on apologetic right they're talking about him hitting hard and in his injured wrist is that I did. Any needing care that and sometimes you need that guy especially. Out of the nest team like go state yeah you need that god is gonna say. I don't care number it. But do whatever it takes to win and if it means that I am divergent. Yes. You hate him if he's not on your team new album and exactly exactly in Durant to gradually stepped up his game defensively this year. For Golden State so more than ever. It it's no matter what. Tributes are about this three months from now because that's along the NBA playoffs last year so. What say you Milwaukee what are your predictions for these NBA playoffs you know his up on Twitter 1057 producers. Give me a great crew 82 Jeffrey Ed Jeff underscore Lonsky. That's at Florida AAR RA Milwaukee. This up but has no next segment we have some brewer's stock. Let you know would you think of the season so far and who is your favorite brewer right now on this young team. Ever lost you will be back in the next segment on the dive bar addition of the producers on 1057 FM the fan. This is what it's like stuff. You excessive. Welcome back to that dive bar edition of the producers here I want a 57 that's been the stand act Jeff Orlovsky bat Guillen. Whip the royalty bill lowered at half time you can follow us all odd letter at 1057 producers at Greg grew 82 add Jeff underscore last year that Smith lowered AER's. At. That sounds like you're nice theme song for Clinton. Little Daft Punk who we candidate is elbit today Barak never provided guidance I knew they were the robot guys yet. But I you know I didn't know anything about it is pretty cool man you know you see I've got the body of an Adonis. But I don't really did cancel now you know it takes a whole lot of wiggle to get this -- you know revenue through Daft Punk you began to Kandahar that are out there I don't have a couple of drinks and I was a studio yet again and say hey we can live with that look during steer around dive bar Aaron I've sort of flip the page you just Iraq your brains out with some blocks basketball some NBA playoff preview. Now we're gonna switch it to the brew crew and talk about. The baseball. Hand picked up down the number one team Cincinnati Reds tonight the brewers win 501. Over the stupid reds who are now seven and three they still sit alone in first place I have to game up. Over the cubs two games up over the now five and five Milwaukee Brewers not a bad start for the none at all. You know and I that's I am in the last few games for a for Milwaukee man they're pitching. Has just been fantastic. Jimmy Nelson seven innings tonight only gave up one run. Zero walks in seven innings while not freaking bad if any was nail in 9697. Consistently. On the radar and nice nice. There are absolutely and chasing Anderson pitched light lights out last night to oh we need only. They picked up the big. Two game sweep over Toronto. But as we've Sicily male will will freaking take it so with all the new faces on the out on the brewers this season Milwaukee who do you think. Is going to become your new favorite brewer hit us up aren't what are I want request ever producers at Sith lord ate all our. At Jeff underscore last he had great crew 82. You got. Well at this point I think you have to go with Orlando Garcia I mean he was Sikes says you know of the pieces of the big draft pick I guess for that merge power however they acquired in my time I don't remember at this point by. You know he's the guy that's probably got the most hype around ten. But it it it's tough to say it like when a less averse right now all I think about ever everytime I turn the game nine I watch every Burris gamer as inner and everyone I can't. And I just think like which one of these guys is still going to be easier when there are ready to make around and it you know so it's hard to really get attached anybody. At this point I don't know what pitchers are gonna be you know second in four years from now as Willie parole the going to be here yeah I. I don't know assault at this I I can almost Jarrett Stephen Garcia still going to be here I think they've got a lot invested in him so I would I would say him. Yeah it's tough when you gotta and team like this with all the new faces and everything. You know the way I always look at it is. Whose Jersey do I feel comfortable why you do it went you know because you don't wanna go out and run out and by assure our Jersey in the he's traded in three months and they knew we got this. 250 dollar Jersey yeah right dudes better on the team you know for a month and a half yeah you know it just sucks yes so but I will tell you and you know if you listen the producers you know you know this that this is your first time listening. Welcome. You can buy any drinks later. That's. Yet bandy man yeah history you know. That's my guy that's my guy okay jet bandied first of all the guys got the greatest name and history of the world. I wish my parents were cool enough to name needs yet that I thought I love Jason the jet Terry. I love me some jet freaky and bandy. Played in seven games got when he had pets. He's got six hits so he's back he's sitting right at 300. Now he isn't a barrel of loud would Pena behind the plate. Now being he's only played in five games fourteen at bats he's got the same amount six hits he's hitting 429. So I Kenneth sound like an. Idiot because I'm pick in bandy even though Pena is tough to a better start sticking my yeah jet. The up yet you know added to book the diverse act catchers are you know and that's let's that's like another thing like. Those guys Judy they both of them seem pretty good I mean so from what we've seen so far but I argue either of them again to be here for the future because that I was just talking about. A guy work with today he's he's talking about they got to but your pitchers they're trying to bring up yet you know in the minor leagues still so it's. It's it's difficult for me to latch on to any of these guys it is and you know rather the reports out today is that seasick. He is started his minor league rehab. Stent trying to come back from injury and you know either Kenya or be India and I want to say that peeing is out of options so I don't think the brewers can send him down. And obviously he's hitting 429 so why the hell yeah you want to act going anywhere you know so I I think he can is it is now looking too good from my boy band he wants seasick comes up. I think Bain deal get option down of the miners. Might just be. A small. Short time demotion you never know what the hell's gonna expression with the team being as young as it is right now on the building process you know these guys can be up here gone and any moment so we'll see bassoon happens you have more Q what say you everything's gonna be your favorite new brewer. On this team god knows you got a ton to pick from Hitler's thought aren't that letter that 1057 producers Ed Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or lousy at six Laura. They are. All right so you know like I said the the pitching staff man they have been pretty good this last this last handful of games. You know three game winning streak going for the crew they swept Toronto than you know obviously the 51 victory over Cincinnati tonight. You know that. I'm really happy to see Willie brawl the thrown the ball looks like he's back ran it does it does. And you know I all never forget when. When I was in the locker room after game last season and Peralta hit a homer in a game. He pitched OK but he was you know definitely struggle and and so you were in the locker room and you didn't get the guy would be on top of the world is his first Major League homer. All the guys were always talking about the bombs that he hits and batting practice and everything. So he finally hit his first Major League homer reporters also around them. And all the questions were they man what do you think about getting demoted to the minors to figure going down the minor yet you're gonna go down. You know like the guys that have five minutes to drink your beer now racked up a brilliant guy you know overall in his face and it's all gloom and free can do. And he handled it he said I don't care where they send me I use I wanna stay appear to big league club and if they do semi down I'm gonna bust my ass every day. And I don't care I'm just there to pitch from there to get better I just want to do my best yes and you compare that with what. Matt Garza did when I tried to send into the bullpen and he said. I'm taking my ball legally you have really when a girl man you know our panel again I just. This is the levels of professionalism and that's why I root. For parole and I'm I'm happy that he's off to a good start I speaking up Garth I couldn't be happier that the guys hurt man did pretty tricky treating him for a bag of balls dude on how terrible the been well I know he's rough man in Missouri and the problem is that nobody wants you know I know and I don't even think anyone would give he had bendable a ball slower network right I mean that's why you know speaking to you you know late. These debts that's like that is just such a it's two who served tour sold GM got Doug Melvin moved. You know lately you just signing guys like on a tale ends of their career really and and trying to get the most out of alexion all maybe we can get one more year and this guy when it's just it's just it's pointless think they got. I mean I mean the guy's done I mean he is he can't stay healthy he's been terrible since the Burris got and it yeah it's just time to move on get rid of them for whatever you can get foreign health let the young guys pitch you know again likes Zach Davies for example he's you know he's let's not so good so far and I think restarted twice so far got rocked both times but you know he's a young guy went on pit Stromile their man you know he's he's he's shown before that he can do it's on yank Willie Davies those are mom I am behind -- 100%. I agree with TIE. I'm a big David Stern's guy I told him to man he had good desire I think he's doing that ate the right way and I know that you know. Brewer nation has got to eat a total losses last season was rough you know this is and has probably gonna get rough. But most of the moves that he has made. You can see in immediate upgrade in talent there and not just because the the farm system went from the outhouse to the pen house and a couple of years in this case you know foot because these guys are actually coming up and and producing well Gloria you know things is hitting shark came up at Euro started the season. Up here and he's taken asked him you know copying a bandy you know to name a man. He's picked up tong is a good guys and I really think that it's starting to you know you're starting to actually see. The light. Yeah I I I agree you know affirm that I did for people that follow me on Twitter you know you might see me like corn after the people let's just talk about stats all the time a match I'm not anti stack I at all I just think that in the basketball world for example it its net. That the stats are not as important as people try to make them out too because there's so many other factors involved that that's a topic for another day but in the baseball world it's the complete opposite because there's so much you know you're depends when it when a guy gets up to bad it's him in the pitcher so everything's dependent upon what exact price doing so you know when you're talking about banning percentage OP assi all the all the stats out there you know. It's it's super important and David Stern has done nothing but follow guys you know adapt our that our top tier talent to know that he obviously still have to. Come to fruition by. He is going after it in in that sense he's looking at it from the money ball perspective and I and I feel like a team like the first it's the only way. There ever gonna find enough outside to become like your bully he's which you just weren't a cubs have right now we don't let that concept were ever gonna get like them. It has to happen that way. It does it does and I'll tell you you know besides just. That the talent alone yes. The brewers what they need to do in and I'm not saying yea your name and on council Kazaa that I'm still undecided. But if they decide for example. Say say they really wanna go after you know like Terry Francona he leaves Cleveland he's out there he they wanna go after him. If there's teams that are offering Francona eight million a year. The brewers have to come in at ten already and they had to do the same thing with the GM. You know if if Stearns ever left and they pick some guy and they go I know this is the man. And everybody's are from five they got to come in at eight yeah they got to pet overpay for these guys which can't do that forever though leader. You know and that that's kind of my issue to like put it upsets me about baseball though. Is that you know it it it depended upon the market touched you know your team plays and that's how much money it can spend you know and tell that changes it's like the field of play Italy the NFL for example you know it their there's so many teams that are 500 because the level talent to spread Alex and it makes all the games trusting a fund but you know it's like you going to this season for sample right now you know the broke with the brewers don't have a chance in hell you know -- it's -- make the World Series so it's it's just interesting that how hot at that it's still like that the stain age. Yeah I agree with 2000% to don't have a hard cap you know you get teams like the cubs the Dodgers you know spent an 200 sought million and it doesn't guarantee you a title by a course of course. But there you know I sure as hell makes it more likely than the brewers who were Signet below fifty so yes. It. You hang you know it the year they say that job baseball is the most individual team sport yes. That that there is in and obviously that's true and I agree with you stats are very important in baseball where the eye test. Is more important in the NBA and other quote unquote. Action sport yes you know again then in baseball also Torah but what you were saying about the management don't Q I mean. You like obviously the cubs have just drafted a you know a wealth of talent everybody on the team. Ten play defense here it's you know and everybody detached but either thing I think I feel that put him over the top student at. Man I mean a win win you know what he was doing with Tampa Bay eat you know I mean it's just who is on Tampa Bay back then and they're making the playoffs you know you know and it's. He took him over the top. Yeah I agree with DI. You know I think he had to roll the dice to keep Chapman and their last year man paid off farm manager I was shall I love me some Joseph Maddon I have a Joseph Maddon jurors I'm backup that I ordered Miller on so the Sunday game. But I won't say I wanna do it showed the hell out of him in game seven death yet no but you know perhaps it doesn't matter that rain delay came and did a 188 years of pain I I think that CD. That series than manic as Cleveland was Roland at that point hey you're a Cleveland Indians fan you have to be upset model that happened man I know you would have to be if I was an the umpire there. You would have to be like hurricane force winds and rain. For me to even say. Game seven were put an African tar I honestly could not believe that they call the rain delay. When they were coming back roll like I mean like again you know. Like we as we were talking before it started doing this like I'm not one of these guys like our heat the cubs because I'm from a locked I don't care like what the cubs did is amazing and you know let's talk from a dead the other day when we went to a baseball game you know they had to win a 109 years is it and when that title you waited long enough okay and have a title right down. Well yeah you die and I. What do you like Izzy you know if this your first timeless and I was born raised in Chicago I only moved appear about five years ago but the brewers have always been my second team meeting team I hate the most. Is Chicago White Sox. And so you know when I was growing up the brewers were hopefully put the hammer down on the White Sox and so I love them up Managua pockets that why is that really absolutely cruel absolutely I love Molitor love you down I love coming up your county stadium to see cubs games crude gains stuff. You know I'll I love that and you know and obviously I've I've been a packer fan my whole life to so you know that helps are you argue bears fan knows well I don't know I hate you really did not know that about the idea I hate them the vikings are my number one hated G node cancer and yours either number one team is like old Reynold how powerful leaders of and a season to get all their. And part we clear I well I won't touch purple band uh oh time for my wife had a nice way. Them they did and I'm happy that I I. But you know but yet now the vikings are the worst an innocent didn't it would it would baseball is the white sex or are the team I hate the most. And then it's you know the St. Louis Cardinals so it whether your cup fans were Fran were all united in cardinal mates Jeff how my dad's solved. Are we come back when he gave our baseball predictions for the season we were mean Greg were stupid and didn't do it last week. So what do we I think you're gonna win a World Series. You rocket with a dive bar edition of the producers you're wanna buy seven F and the man. Jackass. And an air power. And are current won't ask you thought yeah. Does. It. Are. Little yeah. It's almost. Welcome back to the jive Bard is another producer 01057. At then of Spain and act canned Jeff or last year. Greg Janet. The man ministers sit low earned. Yes. Yeah yeah. Rack in Daft Punk days again. Ed. You makes you wanna dance there sit good that I won't. I won't poison you with any of those you visuals are not human if you don't like debt box I mean you know. It is what it is here they're not even human error I'm technically an African robot I'll say. Sit down my bum idea and I PM game that is that electronic dance music meant Stan Miller and interviews funnyman house at 31 day for. First southern rock show and we were in the basement and smoking sections all the way and roof you know she lose half a long call for not walking up eighteen flights of stairs. But they had some kind of dance music showdown and I wanna the other stages and just the is the difference between the fan bases well and I'm sure tackle ahead hadn't quite different yes it was a little bit different but there was a ton I have brought there's so yeah I don't know is whether I acted I feel I could deal. Her addictions. Going I'm dragging. Who you gat in the World Series brother. The National League. Is it. News. It is to most offensively. Two months ago pitching wise. Nomination and I know that. That's music to your gears just for you know you're trying to jinx my boy's eyes outgrew everything from overdoing it at yes I see them come on the National League. Mean certainly I think it's wide open. Ozarks have agreed to in green preaches that. What another presidency how these one point advantage of that a couple years. Indians are gonna be there. They're going to be there and be Rangers but I don't predict one I would say both sides. Both Sox cubs World Series. And I will go way. Though both Sox. Winning in six. While there aren't. You know and I'll say yeah I would love to see that just because. You know I'm an old school kind of bit baseball park guys so Fenway Wrigley that would be one hell of a series you know what I mean. I don't want. Area awesome. Sits what does royalties say well I actually agree with an off everything he just said their butt to I I would say that I think. Chicago. The cubs just so right and clarify your kid is only one team from. Just rolls okay I I I haven't seen a team like the cut I don't even think. Like human symbol Saint Louis teams that were just you know dominant. That the cubs and I've never seen it seems as complete as the cubs like in my in my 33 years of being on the search by I don't know. I've never seen a team more complete that hits plays defense and it can pitch like Dan and is managed liked as well so. It doesn't matter who comes on the Yale the only team I would add to the list that you name decide much I I would say traveling to New York Mets to have a chance of being there. But it could be Indians again and cubs but it doesn't matter comes side of the AL because it becomes a general in my opinion I think the cubs and the best team. I do like the Mets also giants can also throw out there and Dodgers the yeah well he's got a day job dietary habits in front of the giants is they never have office. Ever right yeah they got Buster Posey and ozone layers they have two home runs winter season yes. There you're a 1000% right they always struggle to hit and it is that we it's weird is just weird that they can't get that together you would think that. You know especially a team that was winning every single year especially in the it always in the even numbered years you would think that they would be able to to figure that out. But okay well I will tell you that my prediction. Is the Dodgers coming out of the National League. And I I can't pick the cubs because I'm not gonna jinx. So you don't but they've got they've got pitching they've got hitting they you know and. Eight billion dollar payroll. So you know it's. It's hard to pick against them I will tell you that. When when the cubs rays via the decent the World Series banner it was awesome laughing at the Dodgers that they had to sit there and I thought there was abusive and also that the Dodgers and brewers are still in talks. But remember on trade. So it could be seen to either the dodgers' payroll Vieira and straight hitting well hopefully. If that does happen you know I I hope the brewers Luton. Just loot them. Because Ryan wrong with the year that he had last year how productive and how awesome he was last season. Vision they better get a big return I know the brewers just wanna dumped contract. But they better get some some real quality talent and return man it would have an awesome thing got this week for him and I mean. I I don't know I mean yep two weeks to kind of an apple had but one LC and get for Bryant at this point is damaged goods unfortunately he still a really great player but. Yet he is a rare great player but he did sit out the what third eager for war gave his fourth game of the season. North Haven T yeah but they don't injury actually is that is that is acted not well thank you my. I don't I don't see its contract. Really is it that bad anymore people look at some other popular character well that's true and it is really not that bad I don't be surprised the bird don't trade him because right now. You need to face reference you do it is silly you bring up a Lewis brings in her Josh cater you know another. Do you on the prospect that can take over. Though the media aspect of the team. And keep on because he's doing what he's gonna put on your media guide in the when he went on your schedules he'd go only when you can't put on there. And I mean it's ads that you're not gonna put VR or Garcia or any of those guys ask the priest your printed because. They're not American don't speak English. And I'm not say that to be. Mean are disrespectful or racist there or anything like that but it's just how did you see just holidays if your your face of the franchise most likely going to be. In American born Kate and if it's not an American born it. They better speak damn good English. Now well I'll tell you you know and not not only just with a bad but being at Sunday's game man. We were certain we were out not in left field and brawn made that diving catch. And you know he's still got the wheels and he's still hustles win you know when he feels like playing. So as long as he's not sitting game four and bitching about nagging. They had on our hot hot hot ass clown if you looked at me Antonio. The holds the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show. What these are sort of right brought his. He can play easily sporting goods you know what his swing isn't changing in any civility he hits to all directions and that's on the net. Good hitters in the career need to do is to hit to center and hit to right if you're right handed batter and these are you doing that. He thinks he's excelled in that so he can play for quite a long time. Well and doing that you know at an agent going back to kind of the the Royce thing with him like that that's not steroids folks you know and I mean that's just a pure hitter. They guy and I I like rap idol I don't and I agree with what you said to I don't think his his contract is relieved that I handcuffing the brewers you know organization I I would like claim brought it. Personally to for the record I don't care matrix series because there's probably suits so many other guys that have taken steroids that you know is your favorite baseball player and they just haven't caught the guy yet you know so if so who cares whatever I I'm I'm of that do you know flipping guys take steroids and who cares I'm a 1000% with you I go to games to be entertained. Right you need to take a shot enough but every day to entertain me I don't care I just don't care yeah I don't care enough. I'd say what's important about. The contract. It's not a detriment to the brewers and apparently sixty million dollar right now and also the ear and it's it's a joke it really is a company that is part of as far as spirit that is concerned. He wasn't taken steroids to get bigger stronger you think seriously how healthy. And that clearly was evident after he got popped. All the injuries user that rolls yeah well I don't care he took it to get bigger you know she didn't you know look Lego look like Garrett James you know although a pass or. He's got little guys envy you know could see this great coupe out standing there his man Eck freaking guy is bill Jack Paul hall. In European looks like a wrestler look at Barry Bonds when he vehemently he took steroids debater and he got. I figured you look at him now he's back that it almost is original size there. Rondo got bigger on just what is healthy then now he's had issues with them because. He got to the android's dominance in that I was happy you know when he got popped I'm not saying I was happy you know focus because you always want to believe that okay this guys just natural god gift. You know ability and it was enough to propel him forward but. Like when he did get Pappas is like a while you're not okay finish out my opinion but it's funny because I sit there and we were doing the show. Our houses but a year ago and I hit a couple of my friends from Chicago or listen and and and we're talking about Ryan brought like that what is she. As late as he sees it's you know really and they take him in a second floor that I know of anyway of course they would. I got one word. Actually two words. He's trying to do math on Arab guys have become so. Don't have any cubs and cards and wanted to dress yes and results that I guess Samuels crystal cloying yet. I don't know the media heights that didn't hire. Decade of baseball they hi Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa is that baseball bat. Eight the media departments and big loan officer yap you celebrated. These guys that you spirit you were taken steroids and you turned a blind not announce that you're later the united. For your your note don't think. Marketable looked real mean best joke it and it and what those writers didn't. The base where it's on the case. My being I guess that's exactly Jong did you celebrate it don't do it and you brought stories that you make money off right now and it's got me involved. Oh no. You should've done that. You're you're saying the money is dirty you know you can write you know demeaned at the players accountable but the money's not. 'cause you're exactly right and expects because they were coming off that that strike. You know and the steroid era not only ended bid got completely erased from memory. That day they elected Bud Selig now into the hall of fame if you're gonna let the commissioner in. Who unless he was just a complete. Complete idiot knew what was going on. He didn't care because the money was flowing there Dallack dollar bills. You know and they're gonna put him in a hall of fame you better put bonds and every other guy that deserves it in the hall thing. David vetted and he goes beyond bonds and Clemens in these guys some of these guys are just associated. With the era yet they never tested positive. The jet's associate with the air's a little get in the hall of fame. You're completely and automated whole career and economically but just because you play with some guys that but it took you an associate him. As a pill Popper or zero user and that's absolute joke these writers need to get their all the assets. In doing the right thing. Answering guy and I aide speaking of the hall of fame to an. On this topic I mean like I'd like like Ricky Ross put him in a hall of fame one hell lose him you know come I. And you know so why and it you know and they'll do it after he passes away here which which is off falls you don't do it you know we scored in the hall fame at a certain point to one guy still lives. There Pete Rose is best player in my life I've ever seen him in game. And who knows. A two. Flowing out of a little tangent there are so my my official prediction. Is that Cleveland Indians getting a little revenge they're going to be did Dodgers in the World Series. Young guy who can and therefore you that you think the cubs are gonna everything that's how tired yeah because there's no he doesn't think that. Maybe maybe and I it's a long season yeah anything can happen. Well ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining us at Florida is a freaking matter payment had a fun time thank you for having me on really appreciate it and in that they hit the dump button hey what the hell's going. I think I can't hide behind my camera phone with FF it. Drag it another phone or brother. Part yeah man let's get drunk on the block I'm no matter where I'm here at raise your glass spheres of life.