Producers: Does the Bucks seeding matter for playoffs?

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Friday, April 7th

04/06/17: The Producers Dive Bar 


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They. It. Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here at 1057. Ad ban that Spain and dad and Jeff for a lot skiing Greg G and it kicked in your ears asked. Is that makes an actor. I love it the ball he blocks. The box the box the talks. Fourteen and four in March had just a freaking fantastic. Month. You know hard. Good the moon was was great to everybody was pong do was awesome and serve break your role and turn the calendar to April they are now oh win three. They have slipped from the five seed down to the six seed. These teams seem to be going in the wrong direction they get three games left. Three games left of the season and only one home game left Milwaukee Monday. April 10 get your ass out to the BC to see the mighty. Charlotte. Joel hornets. Yeah bring Kaminsky. Now need former badger frank Kaminsky. I love their battle yet we got into into what are we are aware and active. That is I'm surprised they let ESPN allows doctors do that. Yeah yeah. You know dockets Kaminsky owned is this. So that was that was awesome and I like deck I like Dan back it I think he's very knowledgeable. I think he was a 1000%. Wrong. Odd not for really going after freight but just what he Hussein. A tiger so I know is these universities do exploit their players 100% yet Fink. I remember watching the thirty for thirty about. The fab five. Oh and reporter. For Detroit Free Press or something and walking on the street with. Chris Webber on enters sophomore year. In the walking down the street. And he sees his Jersey. Personnel. In the window. Brady five dollars. And he looks at the guide says. There may 850 dollars up his Jersey. I can even buy a big mag mile McDonald's right there person I knew right then and there Chris reverend pro. Oh yeah. Well anything you know and as well they should and let me tell you something that's are completely off topic. And has absolutely nothing to do with what we're I think about it. Compare that. I'm showtime right now. There's a basically a movie documentary whatever how you wanna call called disgraced. About the Baylor basketball team. I think was like Becky no 2003. Where the casting. So weld done. You know obviously was a compelling story and all that but it was just a very. Well done piece do yourself a favor and watch. I've seen them a mind on my guide. My TV guy now now and it's in my DVR. I rigid at dodger to talk about the Showtime's series by the UConn women going for the title which. And goes in line and watched did you watch any NFL game. I want to into the game whether things are I'm sorry the game that they lost to Mississippi State did you watch any of that IE saw the overtime period. I'll pick his way I was sit there you know I had a I forgot that allows lodge and insurers though was a women's college basketball and I flipped through Twitter every trick I like he had tennis game they gagged. No. You don't care. It was. It was entertaining games because it was close and they all close games entertaining. But it wasn't an agreement blowing your socks off. I don't mean Mississippi State and woman those like seven foot three while so of them is injured or were. Well anyway. She UB seven foot three I I never mind I don't and you know the bucks a bigger news in the day there like blonde. Long lean and players. Yeah they get a lot of length and the team we'll see how it goes down the stretch okay Milwaukee god now that the Bucs have slipped to the six seed and will give back and trick here. Does it matter what the book CD is going into the playoffs this season let us know it is a bunt what are. At one apart several producers Eric Greg are you ready to add Jeff underscore or lastly Greg does it make one difference at all what seed they are Goldman. I do not believe so unless they could somehow jump. Into the top four I think the top four seeds. In the east all pose issues for. The box. I think Milwaukee and actually have a better chance against Boston. Being the seven seas and Gary and Boston to. Then they do against Toronto or Washington. I'm in Washington is going to be. Ali Washington's is coming around and there are going to be of a force in the east. And Toronto start in stern finally get healthy young Kyle Lowry that just came back. Couple days ago and I have Lowrie DeRozan they traded for Barca. I think at the deadline or on the deadline so. I think they've meant optimism horribly with the books that you because you don't have. You don't have defenders I can guard. Lowry and DeRozan. Yeah that Toronto's own the Bucs who have the Bucs did get a win over recently. But that was like the first time in in knows well and cynical washed in the mean I don't think you match up well Bradley in Bradley deal and John Wall. No for the Celtics. I think you'd be shut down Isiah Thomas. Some album put broad and I'm Thomas. And then. Put some men Horford went handsome Horford would anybody in Horford yen a big guys in you'd follow through good. Limited senators deployments can do anything if it changes them blinding them better shot and and Boston and they do. At Toronto or. Washington. Cleveland images Molly so. I don't think they're going to win the even regardless of what C they get I don't think they're gonna win a playoff series I think he'd be taken the series' longer with Boston that he would go three other teams. But. It did the top Ford to me in the eastern. Are our heads above. 567 and it. Yeah I agree with you I think I think Boston would be their best match up. Obviously Cleveland no one wants to phase Cleveland does you know you're gonna get knocked out. Cleveland's you know they've gone. Six and four I in their last ten they went through you know small little losing streak here. But they've won their last four LeBron just flips a switch and it's game over lights out. So they got no chance in hell against you and I agree would you on the Celtics and I think dig. They Gary Payton could make a difference. I can get in guarding guys Isiah Thomas. So you know between him and the president when the president gets back from from his injury. Which she's not on the road trip he's not gonna play at the 76ers are on Saturday. But there's a good chance supposedly. Then he'll return here at home against Charlotte on Monday. So keep your fingers crossed because you know it seems can it coincidental that when the president has gone out for his injuries. Now starts the Bucs losing streak. So. Keep your fingers crossed and our hopefully bribing comes back he can write to ship. And it just shows you how valuable he is to this team is a Franken rookie. He'd he's he should be the rookie of the year. Yet even be better be he'd deep pride won't because going to be MB because MB gives all the press in the ease the process and blah blah blah. But Brock didn't think LeBron has problems he isn't flashy Brett he doesn't doom. He didn't score 37 points a game he doesn't you don't do anything that lights up and the box score. He does everything you need to win. Absolutely. Defense to hustled to get after it you know he's great with Monroe they've got they've got they clicked together so well. You know he is ease wise beyond his years and granted he's an old ass rookie. You know disease stating college. What five years or whatever so he's all hell of a lot older then than the normal kids that come out but man. Like you said he's freaking invaluable today a team. Allah and ended him in Middleton. You know one Milton came back that's when they started. Hit their stride as well so it just shows you know you'd think Middleton as part of the Big Three. Well look what they're doing nurses again combat. On now it's Tuesday united it's rough now because Middleton a struggle and it's the same time and rose struggling. I saw a stat on Twitter today I think Munro is his plus minus in the last three losses last three games. Minus 85. That ain't good that name get an update as watching the bucks man. I don't think there is a team in the NBA. That misses more shots from zero to two feet away from the basket then the Milwaukee Bucks do. They've missed. Easy is ramming your phrase Schatz it's on Rican real. And that's Monroe. Finds misses some bunnies. Even Udonis is missed some easy easy easy buckets man. It is trust your own thing with me and rose Munro is he's a big body breeze not athletic. He's not in flooding and all his his vertical might be. Twenty inches on data I had because I held a lot lower it and I mean he just has great footwork good post moves in those on uses body well. When he's not mean. He gets a rebound he's not gone right back government dug in the ball like Eusebio hundred Jordan doing on don't know he's he's going for Lebanon do a lot of times he gets that box and. He but I tell you man and I notice a difference between Monroe from this year to Munro of last year last year. Harboring these games man when we're sitting right behind the visitor's bench urged a great view. Did look like every step Monroe took last season hurt. And I don't know if if there was injury or if you is just. Disinterested in playing that that hard or that well. It looked like every step hurt now this season he's got a little bit more pat he's run an up and down the court a lot better than he was. It just you know I don't know maybe it's just. Just me but it looks like. There's a big difference in him from an obviously. You know he's a chance that opt in or opt out so technically could be a contract year maybe that's why he's playing harder and hustling more. But Woolsey. I think he also accepted his role pain he realized that. Specially after Parker went down besides you're honest you look at the box score analysts say ever since yeah arms went down. Mean role arms rams is part went down. Yeah artists and Munro have been one and two in scoring. Champions. NB you sure you're coming off the bench. Yeah Imus is taking a break her taking a breather and you're than primary scorer on the team. So you're that second wind guy at this point against lesser competition most likely due to come on the bench so you can do your damage. Plus he's playing great defense. He was Bowling Green defense. Yeah. Yeah he's he's turned it around pretty good. Milwaukee do you think it matters what seed the box go into the playoffs this season hit us up on Twitter at 157 producers at Greg grew 82. And Jeff underscore or Los he. Yeah I I agree I mean Greg both agree and there we think that Boston presents the best matchup. For this year's box team in the playoffs. Let us know on Twitter to what team do you want to face in the first round who do you give the books the best chance against Cleveland Boston to Iran though. Or Washington. Now we come back here it is quick break here we're gonna give yet a little hatch tied to little summit this a little some of that. Any thing that comes to the top of our freak and heads are gonna talk about we'll be right back and and that our addition the producers here. One of seven F and the fame and act cat. This is it's. Like. You excessive.