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Friday, April 7th

04/06/17: The Producers Dive Bar Edition


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Welcome back to that dive bar addition of the producers here 01057. Have been that spanned debt camp. I am your host Jeff or last year alongside. The man mr. Gregg Janet Greg what's up brother how would you answer that off you know another day paired Eisner friend redeem. Value. Genesis. It. Isn't just compounds. That. I'd I don't know that it my kind of music but. I download a song before that you're giving me a stripper name or something about. And Genesis could bed that's pretty good one you know legitimate Genesis and and then you know this article this I'm. Milwaukee. We got a big show for rated period obviously talk about the brewers baseball is back. Awesome. Awesome love it so glad baseball bat we had a couple segments on the Burres yet. A segment and the floundering now box who come off just a fantastic month of margin and now lost three straight. And ever gonna hit you with a little miscellaneous high edge charge if you will segment a raft out this amazing show. But let's start with the crew. Four games in off to a whopping one in three start the year but. You know again against Colorado but you know it is what it is but there's a lot to talk about. You know yet junior Gere who got hurt. Who gonna sacrifice bunt. But whatever and then today Broxton gets hit in the helmet with a pitch. It obviously could have been a lot worse she says but you know maybe a broken nose so no small nasal fractures with a common. He will not go on the deal so yeah yeah and also could have been a hell of a lot worse but. And then today in the minors Brentson. New possibly broke his finger sliding into a bay. So I hit four games in does this feel like a curse season to you Greg. No candidates. This isn't anything that I didn't expect and expect them now jump by the gates and B seven and one. They're pitching staff. Isn't. The greatest in the world. Here still hasn't done for a whole year and then he had her seed in the NC would need an opening day. Davies struggled. Mightily in his. Debuted this year Peralta did well yes he did the that was good to see pro to do well. Jay Sanderson. Is Jason Anderson you and you never know Julia bunea. Some starts for the guy looks like a stunning and give some search for the guy looks a good done via and we had Jimmy nose and face in. You order. Cubs world champion cubs here at Miller Park. Was going to be in insane you go to any of those game no no no more. I had a ticket offers to go to yet Esther tomorrow's game but I will be here. Got to make two million GA idea that sources. And Saturday night. Going out for the lawyers spurred peso and add partaking in Sunday will be here. Again for the postings see out work booty time work correct. Not to add I think there are a hundred ways Versa if he hit have yeah yeah duke but as far as you know as far as. There's start at its. Is that it's shocking to me it really isn't BR. Is played a new position again. And big jolt. Understand. Why they moved him to second. Visit you have VR. And you think he's gonna be eased in your future plans when there's rebuild is complete in. Two to three years. You're not gonna have mets' second Katrina Emmys India's. Claim second so weary and have BR then in Eminem is short of them are still there. So I don't get why they put him in second hour kept him at third zone keyed by and learn in the curb while he's while he's out there. Solo the layers. I think. Oh come along. It is still of a new position form so you can't really fault the guy. Guerra they said what for six weeks. Four to six possibly more. So all had that's going to be that's going to be a long one which would remove their rotation and employee yet to Tommy Malone. Who's getting the start and Saturday's game the it. And hit and good for him you know Malone didn't start. What is going up against Kyle Hendrix on Saturday who was the National League ERA leader last season. Got black. A New Orleans stayed cubs. Lineup that is one of the most stacked lineups in all of baseball and now deem most excellent and all baseball. On other positions I mean. Ames's. Hit a home run noon today. Noon known. You don't OJ knew him you just you don't you don't already and would gonna get with a lot of these players because they're they're not established. We ire was great last year but you don't leave these repeat that and all right the only thing you really depend on his brawn and that's hopefully he gets. You know his. 300 average with 25 to thirty or rather close to honor RBIs. But he's Saturday for some reason they give you need to wrest the fourth game into the season. And I asked me if this is at. And it's not you Israel would you played a bowling game is spring training. No no you put it attendee does bring drain compared Ali though probably thirty games in your party sitting game. For. And this. From the big guy who said that they don't get paid by the hour. So they want spring training to go by quick so he can get to the regular season. He was so looking forward to the regular season that he had to sit is asked are the pie in game four. Game four it's ridiculous what off Rican joke. Our free can joke. Stealing money just stealing money sitting in. Aim for that that makes me sick. You know the good thing is there's you know you get hazy says you are he's bitten 714. Already. He's only got seven at bats but he's got five hits including a double and Arabia walk. So he's off to a nice start. You can you show off a man Charles rake in mid baton 357. 357. Already fourteen at bats. You know. A guy he is off to logos are fourteen at bats he's got Ford doubles. Or doubles and five RBIs already. Not Friedkin bad not bad at all what I'm kind of interested in is the they catching battle. You got yeah. Kenya. He's bedding 330 threes got two hits in six at bats. And then he had bandy. You know jet bandied degrade his name of all time. He's bitten 273. He's got three hits. In in in eleven at bats so that that's Kana GAAP media interest in there that they're catching battle and how that's canoe. You know how that that time is gonna get split between those guys until seasick it's gets back. But you know it's Shaq to me with the the injuries being piled up already in Iran especially guerra the hopes were high after. After his season last year Broxton the way he ended last year. The hopes were you know were obviously big on him and then Branson that's the biggest guy in the minors so. It seems like you know a black cat Matta walked across the brewers' dugout. But you know like you said it's you know we were only four games in three for broad you know if Rican princess. But four games in for the man on the team and soul. You know yes it is it's too early to freak out one way or the other however brewers Twitter. Was just destroying. Jonathan VR because of the mental mistakes. Errors he got kicked off in Wednesday's game. You know all and that he came back later and I gave it I called the garbage time because they were up I think four nothing there for one of the time. Ford and often they're up is a young men who got sent down double A today and thought oh my goodness. But what does rain wrecked out or he was free agent awful man. It was just straight up off of you didn't see Wednesday's game. You know our if you showed it off before the ninth inning. Whole poll. You know they head 86 nothing lead. And young men comes down. And the tying run was on the it was in the on deck circle. Unreal. Unreal. I saw one of the pitches he threw a curve ball up in behind. A guy here. The guy just literally just dumped down yet but it was it was it would went behind his head yeah he's he would've stood up straight now moved it would of 100 zed yeah. And this is guided the some people brewers organization thought was going to be. And jewel part OL the team. Beating last year first round draft choice yet but he had he also you'll. Pitched well in steered garbage time in 2000 in what year 2015. Yeah well and they've done come into those sixty news and be. In a big part of the brewers. Pitching staff and clearly then have an. Al. He looked like a pile of steaming pile of who you assume what it comes down to is where four games. You have no clue what's gonna happen with the season what's comforter and now they're two and one. Yeah you know and they were down and all those games in Munich got into the Gideon Levy. Only three or an absolutely absolutely nobody would bend iron to two. It's a 162 game season in your four games and. You have no idea. What the hell is gonna play yeah. So you know okay well since we're talking about the 162 game season. Well okay Milwaukee before we get into our official. Rock solid. Take it at a bank. Brewers predictions on the season. What are your early takes and injuries and B are on Ryan brawn. You know having to sit out is thrown on the bench because you know he's so tired after playing three games of baseball it's it's exhausting. I'll what are the good things that you've seen out of the brewers show off Kenya Perot all. You know just give us your early takes our on this year's brewers team hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers Eric Gregg crew 82 had Jeff underscore or allows gay. Greg you're the smartest man in the room by far. What is Europe's official. Prediction. Her brew crew this season. I am seen anywhere between. 65 to 75 wins. I'm gonna say. On the go Jews. Straight flat 77. New Orleans seven humans. Aren't so impose no one's 1792. Yet. Seventy amended to pressure be good for. Top five draft choice. Yeah probably won't consider that they down there expect to have the lowest payroll in all of baseball I mean they're looking at a payroll of 56 million. And considering that majority of the payroll goes through Bryan were armed. And Matt Garza. Who. It's so I mean obviously it is that accounts for 45 and a half million your payroll yeah. So hum. Basically have your payroll on a guy who can't play game four and again he got hurt right before the regular season. And still go. Yeah I mean so we gathered that would what can you expect from a team and as of 56 million dollar payroll. I hear if I hear you have seventeen players that are making the minimum. And then we might as well you know start saying sign in Willie Mays Hayes in the. Beth and while doing Bonnie energies. Brigade Joseph moved here at the heck I don't drink don't lose ground. Are also said. And in 92 for Greg I've got the brewers doing better net man. I'm you know me you know me I'm like a ray of sunshine and we see the positive and everything you know I don't wanna fire anybody ever you know I'm just positive. Positive. So I'm gonna say that the brewers are going to win. They wind up being. 76. Games deceased. Seven 63212. Down from last year on Sony last year I believe so. So yeah I got to crew at 76. Wins. You know I got to know farm. Taken with my header Reinhart idea I hope that I hope they keep it insisting that I'll tell you that I hope they keep but it just. We're comes down to is his last season. EU. You have a team that played above expectations. Ended. One of the reasons they want as many games they did last year was because of Davies in gear up. I'm in those two guys stood up and win your troops studs order what you thought we're going to be studs and froth and Willie Nelson crap the bed. Jimmy Nelson. And he said Willie. And. I bet if that happens. So. You read them pouring time. And got lucky would Gary Davies oh we have Jerry Davies don't perform they way they did last year. You need for all the Nelson the step up and they don't step up is going to be able long. Long year yeah I agree the only thing unit look forward to add to that is going to be. September call Sunnis are seen. Hopefully some of these guys they're arming impact news come. And by its on September call up separate and it's picker seasons. Milwaukee what say you what's your prediction on the brewers for this season hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers that Greg grew 82. At chip underscore or last Q when we come back after this quick break. We're gonna stick with the brewers. We're talk about how many games you plan on going to. Why it was game four of the season today blacked out was because right Bronson. Will get it in that can't the next segment here and the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057 of and the fans jackass. BC sports it's like so. You can access this.