Producers: How many Brewers games will you go to

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Friday, April 7th

04/06/17: The Producers Dive Bar


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Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here on 1057 have them that man Jack I think you guys for tune and then. We're gonna keep to what the brew crew stale or baseball here but say it is great. Opening day obviously huge crowd everybody you know fast festive atmosphere. Amateur hour whatever you wanna call it. That is the 100% truth it is. Just like same badger state is just like New Year's Eve it is ridiculous. These people go to the games and they say the goal of the game to see the birds are not going against the brewers are gore in the game again hammered yet. And act like idiots out Ayman opened in about five to six years is because. It is that atmosphere I wrote all the second day in the NFC not have some drunk irony enemies spill is beer all over me and then yell at me for. Yeah and Vince Young girls puke and on their shoes and got up. Good times good times but you don't. Obviously huge crowd everybody's happy baseball's Beck everybody wants to get drawn because spring is right around the corner supposedly. It never stops raining around here but job but then obviously the crowd was a a lot later for game two. I was sitting there watching the game last night. On Wednesday night game three in Miller Park was free can empty. And 00 yeah that's right I I couldn't watch it on TV today because. Game four of the season was free can blacked out what the hell is a book that. Game four hour. Brian Anderson who was. Talking to. Some other radio. Shows have about. What they're contrary it is and fox sports Wisconsin has. A 150 game schedule that's for the concert to sport to cover a 150 games so that leaves twelve games up. Majority of those twelve gives you leave out our big games on Wednesday or Thursday I know that because there were both those days at a sports bar. Which I can't get a -- games on because they're blacked out in the areas so I have to turn on them MLB mixed and see the brewers in the little corner that's gone on a uniform. Let. Why did you pony up for twelve more games I can understand it if you were a good team. If you were the Yankees and you know why does he yankees have the yes network where OK you know singer in a big market or some like debt. And you've got a team and you wanna sit there and contrary to the local guys for 150. Because you know that MLB network. You know fox. Somebody's gonna pick up the other twelve. That's fine. Oh when you're just sit there and denying your fans twelve freaking games that that's brutal. It is and the main. Essentially they want to go to the game they don't want to watch on TV they want to go again and that's when it comes down to. Do you think this game was one of the ones blacked out because Ryan Braun was gonna sit around possibly expect that constantly at a so okay Milwaukee what we wanna know is how many games you plan on going to this. Season rebuild obviously still alive and well. They you know I was started out one in three so far but I've you know got it. Had a long long way to go. So how many games do you plan on going to this season hit us up on Twitter at 157 producers at Greg crew 82. At Jeff underscore or allow ski Greg. Besides the ones that your working. How many games do you plan going as a fan. The brewers promotional staff. Has. Really changed. Their avenues. This year. As compared to past years yes yes they had. You don't have many Bobble heads you there's only three this is you know VR Bobble. Which is the 23 this month. You have. Orlando RC a clear wrist bands. Which are unique kids at an Obama minutes does not Obama's is the picture guy in some respect and spaz like you were Robin Young Bobble. Which are in terms of unity that. Some new Yorker mater Baja and you have a zag Davies Bobble whose deputies. Know the reason they don't have. You could if you think a lot of Bobble heads because. Nobody don't Phillies players that are re nobody knows who data exists. I'm not those who shot on his motives a yard is Broxton. Does have a Bobble head on one of the theme nights. You know get into them a little bit in his his. Star Wars themed Bobble head. But the you have your typical T shirts ignore it briskly it's. They're gonna way I don't even know what the hell Lynn is its women weird it's like a little person he'd put on them. It's like a little purse okay the they Porter their little strap from a prison and they don't care the big old harmed in luggage on the back. And they just go back to. Old school stuff like yells they're given away. Rings. From 82 championship brokering. You know we Paul mater replica Jersey. Are many games you plan on going to. I do plan on going to move. And I know guy. Now from through the station I know guys from my other job that. He works in the bursting in division I home car they. Very nice Jenn nice young man that. Well normally give me tickets to move. Games every other week nice and noses come in Satan knew ago. Awesome and that there and they don't sell these tickets are phenomenal things are normally Brigham dugout so. Are you look golfers follow ball's coming your lawyer bats. But I know. One of the theme nights they'll be going to will be the game of drones the unit. I'm never seen he would. Never cancel warmest or will discuss that at the bar after you don't know this but. They're giving away and kind of Aaliyah on flag. Type thing where would the hell is is that vikings. Know David drones is HBO. It's kind of a mixture of how make sure you know old. He got to own you'd. You got countries barely knew each other kind of like landslide with swords and fight like word evil can come any of the stuff but the also got dragons and you also got. Our history yeah I don't get into a fairy trip men. And I'm gonna have you watched him drones because it's phenomenal. People talk about a legacy greatest show ever. But people also said that The Sopranos was great show and that shows sucked as students go at the you know all. You know I watched probably the first four episodes of The Sopranos it was I was bored to freak in tears I'd never never watched it again. So I had saved probably. Twenty games. Nice that they've dead man's toy games mean cornea out of 81 that's awesome that's the united singer going on that then that I have I think between. Points from theme nights this year so I don't care about about the giveaways. Eighteen theme nights. Say yeah I'm go on my first game on why I'm going Saturday to work. Against the world champion Chicago Cubs and that I'm going on Sunday is a fan and take in the whole family. And when I was looking for tickets for Sunday of I used a ticket. Company that used to. Advertise on the morning show and they don't anymore so I don't wanna say their name but if you know the one on talk about new use the. Offer code barked. It still works for twenty bucks off. But you know obviously would do with a three game set against the cubs this weekend you know tickets were were expenses. Every other game. Tickets from four dollars from seven dollars from six dollars. All single digits you know and obviously I know you know once you get there you still gotta pay to park and all that but if you're going to tailgate. And you walk in with a four dollar ticket. The fifteen dollars or twenty bucks it cost to get into a lot. That ain't bad for you know three hours detailed written in drinking and and then going to go see a baseball game. That is one hell of an investment so I'll tell you I plan on going to a lot more. That I have in previous years. As a fan that said. I might hit about. Seven. I think last year I went to two games as a fan. I always bring my daughter. To release one cub games here. And which you know who are not dead out of the way you re quick on Sunday in the past. So they'll be done. But you know off volume like maybe maybe seven maybe eight so yeah I just love guru ball park men and I'll I'll go to games by myself. You know I you. You know it paid babysitters and all that canning garbage you know lodges sit there and tell your lady airman of the baseball game and just take off you know. It's wouldn't you can't get out. A beautiful park to go to cancel and the nice thing about Miller Park is that. If you have tickets for game that's why you have a lot of people that come from. Other cities in Major League Baseball because you're guaranteed game you know whether it brain sharp and yet you're gonna get to see game yet. In Miller Park is a it is the state of the art it is a beautiful. Beautiful stadium. And that alone will bring people and and it's nice to walk out. Smell beer and peanuts and hot dogs look at the Greenfield and just relax and William and debated is a beautiful thing. But there's a lot of people don't like to do that and that's why the brewers have to do these you know. The night's marvel superheroes themed nights in one now by. Every stadiums got to me it seems like the brewers do more than most. But I I am surprised I don't care theme theme nights to Mir are are dom. Game at throne instead of the nightly cassette I've never seen it so that you know that's not gonna get my fed is off to. I have to do it now because you can't get behind players you don't have players to promote him to promote some of the immediate people I know I know I know but like you know. They've got Beatles night 70s80s. Now right now at least dead grateful that I might go to. You know put. I don't know I don't care what they're given away I just like to see baseball players or music and then. If it Malarkey how many games do you play and I go into this season. TCU. Our beloved brew crew it is up on Twitter at 1057 producers at Greg grew 82 Jeff underscore Orlovsky. Now what we come back when his turn the page. Talk about the Milwaukee Bucks they were went from mother penthouse. Now they're struggling man lost the last three. Might be dipping their toe in the out house we'll talk some bucks basketball we get back. That artist of the producers here mortified seven FM that fame and Jack man. This is it's. Like so. You exist this. Yeah.