The Producers: Lebron leaving Cleveland again?

The Producers
Friday, August 18th

The Producers Dive Bar:  Is Lebron leaving Cleveland again?


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Welcome back to the data bar addition of the producers 01057. FM that spanned out count. Last segment it's flying by. Are right so Chris Sheridan. Tweet it out and his tween set NBA source said today quote. This will be the bronze final season in Cleveland he is 100%. Leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair on quote. Greg what a freaking shocker here we got more drama will LeBron James. What do well who would be mega this late is drama. It doesn't surprise me I mean to Cleveland LeBron brought its chairmanship back to Cleveland he did what he wanted to do. Sophie leaves I don't care and I can blame them relieved because Dan Gilbert's Morant. Mean he's rich he started Quicken Loans or whatever it is. But he's Amara under the sub that he says most of the he's he's done in the past I only one player from either now the prom with the Bryan. Leaving is that all these door and is tarnishing his legacy. Even more lives are tarnished and every RO. Already says there's no way you can be you compared Michael at all. So another compares in our between the Browning Coby. And Kobe has five rings. You don't have five rings you have three. So your legacy is organ tarnished more by you just hopping around and going all over the place yet. Nobody remembers Jordan one of the wizards no cold we say it one place the entire his entire career. We're gonna go where it really where you gonna go. To go to Houston. Or vehicles the Golden State. That Libya and that's states. They are shouldn't try to work out some kind of money that it would happen they would go 82 window. Can you hear they would go 820 but what we're gonna go all the speculation that he's gonna go to lakers. Okay seasonal live even more in Kobe show and I'll name. Is that what you want things to go lakers. Go to Houston and the mute Tebow Chris Bond James Harden. Spoke only thing I could think of smog only wary the only place he can go that could compete with gold state on that. Would what do you do and carrier or should be ecstatic about this news. There's no you don't believe you have to get traded you zigzag where you are made more money make more money and they're gonna build the team are on you because. The bronze leaving but it's just stated it's weird Kenny go there's nowhere he can go. That will improve his legacy. Because you party got blasted for Crete in the super team in Miami and you go to Houston neo super team there in any go anywhere else you're not gonna other players Roger. Also going to be years. You go somewhere else see gold tuned Sacramento. And they spend all the money they do every saying you bring our players and it's just gonna be Miami three point oh or Cleveland 2.0 because. All Cleveland then was signed players that put the brunt of Miami. There anyway anywhere he goes all the you know sign players you played with the Cleveland when he likes a Serb people he likes his his his. I horizon in the teammates he has. OK go go in not go anymore chairmanships your best bet is in Cleveland or go to Houston and you go to Houston UN support James have. Our holder had to do so because you're not gonna improve real legacy and on the Laguna Beach here's. You had a gold join hard in Nepal to be gold statement. Milwaukee what do you make of this latest LeBron drama ahead this up on Twitter at 1057 produces and Greg grew 82. At Jeff underscore or allow ski. Now a few things here is that you know Dan Gilbert obviously. No matter what he did this second time with LeBron. LeBron was due GM LeBron goes and you know David Blair is is that is the coach. Brown gets him fired now it's tied Lou because LeBron improved to try Lou. LeBron wanted. JR Smith he wanted Tristan Thompson he wanted to all these contracts to get signed. They turned out to be bad deals Cleveland signed them those are all the bronze fault. It's Tom O'Brien. Now as far as where he goes. I think there is a 0% chance he goes to Houston. I think there is 80%. Chance he goes to LA. I think there's a 0% chance he goes to Oklahoma City which is where he actually should. And the reason I say that is because I don't think LeBron has he doesn't have. The stones. To go and play in the Western Conference. Where he actually pass to give a damn during the regular season. And still. Might come up short. You know is long is a bronze in the east he walks his way into the Eastern Conference finals. Usually are well you know pretty much every time the NBA finals of aids traitors yeah. Because you know the Eastern Conference is 110 as strong as the west. There's no way in hell of rounds going out west. So then you know to me it opens up the knicks maybe even goes back to Miami. But you know there's no other place he's gonna go or he's gonna have a better chance and he does. Where he's at in Cleveland and so it's just drama. Drama drama with this freaking guy and I'll tell you tell me. It completely. Justifies. What tie Reid did it by. You know asking for a trade to get out. Because. Like I said and legacy a couple weeks ago back when we were in here a baby to oust. You know LeBron is is hijacking. Carey's career. And LeBron. OK I'm sorry Ty re buy him wanting a trade to get out at Cleveland and to not play with LeBron anymore. He LeBron LeBron. Before LeBron could LeBron camp with. You don't mean. He said there and said check pleased. I'm getting the hell out of here before this freaking guy does it to me. It it just completely validates what can I re Irving did what he's trying to do by giving away from the big baby. More power to. The problem is is that. LeBron is not gonna go anywhere where he doesn't have a shot. I had gone a 1009 best mainly in the Eastern Conference. But any unit most teams that are contending Renault don't have the salary cap space to sign you or send the players that she wants. So. I don't know what he's going to do because he can't go. Anywhere else he's not gonna go to aid. Brooklyn nets team and say you know what I'm gonna start imitate this franchise. In on the I'm have me bring some players over. He's not he's not gonna just start from scratch and try to bring this team to prominence wreck these are gonna do that. Now he's gonna have to go to a somewhat winning Tino and new laws that take you. The bulls have nobody know you're not gonna go to Indiana. The only team more than dame in the east is Boston and Boston are gonna take him to give their memories are kept room rent. So. Toronto. You're not gonna go live in Canada now Washington. UBS UB quote unquote Big Three with. Rarely real John Wall. But John wall's alpha male there and it does John Wall one LeBron James or no could also on your your start of the senators bright red. So where there's nowhere LeBron king goal. I don't know whether we know there's nowhere in the east I think the bags door in the east he could go. And but like is that I don't think he's got the bulls who play in a list apparently doesn't it. So because he was easy it. The pass of leased to the path with the least resistance on an S in the east but if you go anywhere in the east besides Boston. May be washed and maybe Toronto. You're not gonna get anywhere right. Honestly I want one of the box alma ye are you don't all you would do is take. All the progress that iams is made this guy displays exact same way you do. All you would do was take jas is spot. And has a lot younger menu. You know would they take LeBron in the box of course I audio and you know yet you know obviously you're not gonna turn it down but. But it says it it makes no sense I you know. That the guy. The stupid Twitter videos that he posts. You know in the jam and you know vista's. What was the last orbit that squeal he had in the well what do rue was a little or wrong with this guy he's going crazy. He's going to absolutely crazy you because I'm sure his life so freaking tough the hardest thing about his life is that his own ball. You know he's been ball leaves his knees and stop doing the role changes to shave it is says you know it's as if it drives me it drives you crazy. The guy can not go more than ten seconds without a camera in his face. He always wants to be the center of attention and some people all you LeBron levers right all that's how all superstar athletes are now no it's not. No it's not. LeBron. Loves drama on LeBron loves attention. And LeBron won't go anywhere and take a pay cut because they greedy bastard wants to make as much money as he can't. You know so it's not like he's gonna sit there and go to Golden State you know and play for a league minimum. Just to go 82 and oh because this does not how he's wired you know having certain. Drives me crazy talking about does. It need the brown loves themselves from abroad well. Yeah see dozens of some room. Brutal. Or a minority go. Now there's no they should even Morse you know adjustments is stupid. And when he is a free agent it's going to be all Loroupe what is where's he and ago edited since. Going to be the story the entire offseason and is going to be. Extremely annoying and he won't decide to the last minute because he's gonna sit there and enjoy every freaking second. Of the nine stab Brett Favre coverage you know is gonna Beck easy Canada act you know how does well. All of thing is he's getting older in his career been in he'll never play second fiddle to anybody. You'll never played you'll never be. The Robin to somebody's Batman Brett you'll never do that. And I don't know the only place he could go. Houston. San Antonio. Clippers and maybe Oklahoma City all analysts on the west there's only those only places you can go. In legitimately have a chance to win and be contenders. Well let's end this segment man who talked to almost twelve minutes about this idiot. I'd feel dumber for having done so. Milwaukee what say you. If you know the big baby leaving Cleveland. Is it a blip on your radar as it does. You know him begging for attention and drama. Or you know sit there and defend him and bash mean Greg. It is up on Twitter either way at 1057 producers at great crew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or allows gay. Greg did you hear that. It's some of some cocktails been meant it ever Schatz baby. Milwaukee. No matter where air raise your glass here's to life. BC sports it's like a you excessive.