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Friday, April 7th

04/06/17: The Producers Dive Bar 


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I. I. I'll welcome back to the dive bar dish and the producers here on 1057 add them up bandaged after. Greg who whiskey Myers daylight hit it from didn't pay smoother than homegrown rather that sounds like gas. A bit of the true the all right ladies and gentlemen last segment before me and Greg have to get out of here to go get drunk. We're gonna talk a little everything here a little bit of everything. So the the man. Is golf's first major of the season started today a tradition on my get any other off thank you Jim Nantz and what they jaded from a traded there from. To a tradition unlike any other problem. A tradition like no other. I not share. That's a good question. If a fork is made of gold loses still silverware. Yes who aren't so. Obviously the big news coming out of the masters Dustin Johnson the masters favorite with drew. He. Reports are that he fell down the stairs of his rental place. In a gust hurting his back. He went out to the practiced. Practice area today hit some shots he said about every other shot hurt. And reports were that he was gonna try to tee and often given ago and then he withdrew so. That was a big news on the big show Monday to Friday two to six the leader of a spark you said that though the last time a a back injury at home happened. Is it hit a little bit it was a little back story besides that going on thinking Tiger Woods. And but his soon is it came out that he fell at home and a wasn't you know there was one rainy conditions. All throughout Augusta. The par three contest got canceled and all that on Wednesday. Cut LeRoy both Cutler packer hall of Famer nice is guy and the planets that. Yeah that sounds like domestic violence allegedly. Hit back at bat so that was off the so that's a huge news. But you know day one is in the books Charley Hoffman has a fund net and just a phenomenal round he shot 65. He's got a four shot lead. Over William mother dirt whoever that L lead is. Lee Westwood hang in and had to wonder. Got a whole slew of guys including Phil Mickelson. Justin Rose Jason Duff manner and that the the pilot whose suit Sergio Garcia are all at one under. So you know it is a masters something you get into Greg. I do get into golf I Dugan in the majors. I think Dustin Johnson was probably. In a dive bar to Illinois home and maybe men and that's why he lost his balance on the steps apparently he was. Shank economists out there reason. And that's why he withdrew because. They said he used you sprain and all over the place is that this is the use Linkedin cup really uses. All over the place they kept showing his swing because that was watch and I was watching live from the masters on the golf god channel before the network coverage began and at 2 o'clock and ESPN. And we are required before road. Before you get into that. ESPN. Have in the masters infuriates me because why would you start your coverage at 2 o'clock. That's 3 o'clock. Eastern time. And you only have what other four hours of daylight. Why do you not have appeared tired date dedicated. In showing the masters. Especially at a network Dan has so many different free can channels. You know also if you don't want it erupted at 38 hours a sports center. Then throw it on on the deuce. Are you know for the first 45 hours and then go to regular ESPN ESPN news and K here's use some did but yeah I agree should be wall to wall. But the the problem and the reason why they can't. Is because of the masters. Because the the masters themselves will not allow them to do wall to wall coverage. Because they want to keep good quote unquote special. And they wanna make you want more. Which obviously they succeeded in. I. Many in the union that this is old rich white folks that are cranky ornery. Don't want women to come into their clubhouse and blah blah blah blah. Yeah well I know I know but but the reason is is because of the masses themselves. Yeah via Boozer on but. You know Woolsey you know between today and tomorrow law obviously a four shot lead hit heading into ought to round two tomorrow. If if eight kids too you know as long as. The guys don't end up. As long as you know Charley Hoffman doesn't end up with. 8485. In eight shot lead at the end of tomorrow it should set up for an exciting weekend. Especially with the guys and illicit. Who are all at one under. You know and then you got to assure you got Ernie Els which you know I don't expect to move to stay there at even par. But he got Rory at even par you got Freddie couples and Rickie Fowler won over. So as long as Hoff. Many doesn't run away and hide. Or somebody else go in shoot a 6465. Tomorrow and run away and hide it should set up for a phenomenal week Saturday and Sunday at the masters. I don't think there's any way that happens there's no way that he's an issue as well as he did. Today he made it does tend to agree it needs you can lose a four stroke lead and one hole. Today eight Jordan speed whose goals what number two number three. Overall player right had a nine. On now so you could easily lose it that quickly. It's gonna. Right now it is our programs I don't think Hoffman's gonna run away with the you do it's it's gonna set up for. A good a good Sunday hopefully the weather. Doesn't play a part in it mean Houston. Sunny rounds in. But added. As far as who's. The favorite now time. Justin Rose. I'm you don't piece that right now after day one he's six shots off but. You know our Lee Westwood you know he's he's still five shots off he's got mine is to you know create and then you have Philip minus one so. You know hopefully. Hopefully the field it's bunched up together and there's drama and everything like that at the masters on Saturday and Sunday that's what I hope for I love. I love the masters and I I love watching golf so. I'll be tuned in but want to majors is phenomenal. Oh it is it is my favorite is the British. Just because you know my kids wake up between 630 and 7 in the morning. And so you know when though when the British open is going on I get does sit there and wake up at 7 AM I throw it out and there's championship golf. Major golf on lie of at 7 in the morning I love it. But I hear your your body low ball bar ball is in the news again. He's a moron. You can we just stop giving this guy a microphone and talking and you're just even. Stop making what he says relevant. To load the majority of what he spews. Is just a theocracy. It did it blows my mind that. The media just pay them attention. And if he wasn't the son. Of the the father column. Rondo won't. You notice guys read he was on ESPN's first take with Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman. Anyone though while the ball. Like he was Vince McMahon. I know. And end of the funny thing is is that the look on blogs those face. Dictating to actually you know play in the NBA. And maybe have a good career you know everybody's saying that he's the real deal Woolsey. He looked frightened lower in barest to be there let he looked like he would rather be anywhere else but I Mets are on the set for today. I'm sure that's what he felt. But yet he's in the news now talking about how the reason that UCLA lost is because. Of the way people. Yeah yeah. The white people that are on the UCLA team. Are slow but. He and net cars. The order UCLA Bruins stood to lose. Not the fact that. Lob the ball player leg joke against Kentucky and got owned by. Gearan fox think we're also going to be a top five pick in his NBA draft what fox scored again it was a 39. Don't know offhand but he he owned. Alonso ball yet and Alonso only put in ten points but it is it's a way blissful via and most likely you're talking about. Steve offered son who. Adding that the third leading scorer on the team. In. Another freshman TJ leaf. Ruled declared for the draft and is projected to be a first trumpet. Little Lavar is a freaking idiot even. Ease of arm and it makes me mad that he's even relevant and worst clock human and imaging mad that I'm talking about this bogus moron. It really does yeah and he's a buffoon he's an absolute proof and I wish we could say. Things we really wanted to say in terms we really wanted to say it is far is language and profanity. 'cause somebody needs his laces Kyle would adopt profanity and just. A tyrant full of swear words the F Narnia agree. You know what I hope. As much living loud the ball's good player. I would hold the box would never touched yelled ditto ditto because you know what they're gonna happen the pilot gonna talk crap. But how is sarge should be number one needs to be the number one option well you come of the box you're going to be hard for them. Yeah and leonidas Middleton Parker and roll in from the outdated and need year. You all don't full body and his father admitted his free agent contract Irv. Rinsing came up boom he's bounce and now his goal is for his sudden point the lakers on a. Yeah and I'll say this man and I feel bad saying it up because Lavar I am rooting against Alonso and I hope that he's a flop. And I like this that I apologize I know it's bad of me to root against this kid who has an even cashed one NBA check yet. But because of his father in the stupid things he says. You know all I can beat Jordan one on one and then there's video common out of him plain and bad old man's league just didn't oust. And he looks like and absolute garbage. He looks like the slow white guys yeah. Oh yeah. And not to mention you aren't you all the woman don't. Yeah I don't want to catch up white. Maybe it's your kid then. Yeah you know it. That did big guy is just a buffoon. Ease of freaking idiot. Well I wanna light up to St. Louis Cardinals because the cardinals today played against the world champion Chicago Cubs. And they were beaten cubs. And then it. In the seventh inning with a cubs started doing doing the damage that ended up winning in the game today. I Cesar Mets Caesar was a pinch hitter. He was up for the cubs he strikes out on a ball in the dirt Yadier Molina throws his mask he's looking all overeat can't find the ball. Where was the ball Greg. It's doom stuck. To his chest protector. So I'll pitch comes in bounces on the dirt. And velcro knows. To his chest protector. Not imagery the protector in the Jersey no no not in between. Not in between I'm not on the chest protector for all the world to see just hit and came to a complete Stapp. Asked after the game. If he put anything I'm his chest protector Molina says no that's a dumb question. How does a ball. In motion. Hits. Big chest protector and just stick dairy if there's nothing audit. I am not a professor of physics. You look like one but today. In Abington motion tends to stay in motion yeah. And they've been hits that an object it will usually bounce off. I am also the ground there's something called gravity I thought Duff so less than you had. But one minute it's bits I'm removes me and that's where you when you don't know what was on there won't win the thing is they got. Major League whose movies have been admitted it from the while Pena was known it and came down created over here is a little barred Barbara all over here. Expect. But it can't be anything like debt because you were talking about. A St. Louis Cardinals. Organization who goes out of their way. To try to uphold. The olds. Duffy unwritten. He's sick prayer rules of baseball. It couldn't beat them. It couldn't be. An organization that charge sick like Bob fastest. You know holier than now. We you wouldn't do anything. That would run off off final of the rules there Russa yeah. Just eight. Does it hypocrites. Absolute hypocrites man and you don't need them because they're 100 teams rivals. That's. Not a reason that you know him well I hate him because that is what is ingrained in my blood as a cub fan as a brewer fan. I hate the cardinals on principle. But then I hate them because they come off as stuffy. Protectors Judy Dean just you know. Armor years ago when. Brewers were good and content their cargo matchup brewers garments of word games to go see. And there was a a bean ball that. Cardinals where I got hit accidentally. And they threw brawn afterwards moves yes we do that yet. No remorse no not in an accident. First place and they come back we'll vengeance I know. But the Russo as the prime example of what you're spewing out because he is. God forbid somebody dozens of them but they can do to him than one. Well that's another thing it and I loved it I loved it because obviously the cardinal aid is alive and well. Idea I do not apologize I despise them. So in what game was that it was an opening days so would. It had to be yesterday Wednesday's game. This caddy who just signed that extension the comfort of cardinals he's up at the plate he gets hit by the pitch in his left elbow. Gets first base. Run in the second. Wilson contreras catcher from the cubs throws that it's him in the right elbow. Gary Cooper to. Many trying to score how do you buy is. Just rifles this the road home to try to get him at the plate and that's the bad. One trip around the bases in this ass clown got hit by the baseball. Three separate times. Can I do is make this Damon record I saw this. This whole. Event unfold. How's that work. Yeah hit in the helmet yeah it's heated anyway on the ground legacy Alley for about eight minutes. As he did. I don't want. To get him in the face. And it wasn't by a pitch this is the ball is coming all the way from second base. From beyond second base. And helmet yet. Off the field you Sally. Don't become a soccer player who. The field. CNN web see that and that might. You have broad street or dug into it by the SP play baseball players up. Beyond letting it be a baseball player no you don't you really don't if you didn't you have good hand eye coordination or you could throw a ball 95 miles an hour. They're gonna get paid twenty million dollars a year effort be enough bad out of shape. Prince Fielder. Exactly and that's while loan principal island prince and we did act yes he was nice guy whose immunity Damon in my other Dem news very very polite. What's up. Don't yes I'm all dumping ground uninsured stunned a little bit but don't cry about that. I know ridiculous breaching cardinals man once or three can ask clouds. You know unreal man unreal well you know what time it is Greg. Time to go to the bar yes there it's time for us to get out of here. Did dive bar is closing so me and Greg can go to day. Dive bar and get hammered you we have another. Hour and a half to go so. Plenty tell me about ten got doom and success death death. I don't brother we don't anchor German driving to get a camera Hoover or walk or. Boss or whatever it may may do not drink and drive we do not condone that here the dive bar. Absolutely. Ladies and gentlemen thank you. Kurt Joan and into the dive bar here wanna fight seven FM the fan deck down. Little by little teaser for you next week we are expected to be visited. By our books insider. Ministers Sith lord for the entire show next week one hour a big dive bar. And the lord. In our. Well I don't play end up being about an hour and I think that bunker. But yeah. That's going to be freaking awesome ladies Joseph we cannot wait for that so until we actually Milwaukee. Raise your glass. Here is still. Yeah yeah. BC sports forty. No fights. You exist this.