The Producers: McGregor Mayweather interest level

The Producers
Friday, August 18th

The Producers Dive Bar:  Do you have any intrest in McGregor, Mayweather? 


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Welcome back to the dive bar edition of the producers here around 1057 FM the fan Dak down. Jeff or allow ski Greg Jan eight follow Lou yet. Are right McGregor. Mayweather. Coming up August 26 were what. Nine days away. Nine days away from pretty much the most overhyped sporting event. Since the Super Bowl every year even those who will actually delivered last time with one hell of a game. Milwaukee what's your interest level. In this fight. And then obviously throw in who you think's gonna win. Hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers Eric Gregg crew 82 at Jeff underscore or allows king and preach what's yours is level brother. The level of war and its hand out price say about a six or seven. Okay I don't think you know I'm I'm not gonna buy the fight them and I have a friend that gives the fight. I might go over there and watch it but I'm not gonna go on my way in pay 400 dollars. To get it and know that. Organ in the sports bar industry. Or in the bar industry. For us to give we have to pay 5000 dollars yeah. So and you are you going to take cover oh era so. I will be following and none Twitter. Just to see magazine you'd get up to up to the second updates on Twitter what's going on. I'd they I don't think of the fight's going to be close. I think adds it. Having McGregor disease doesn't have the boxing skill Mayweather is. Love the diary of the guys one of the best boxes of all time. Any uses. He's gonna run that's what Mayweather does as well that's what his fights have been the last five mountaineers he runs. In. He's methodical when he when he goes in in and plug Zia and he's got a very good defense and McGregor. Is gonna try to come out from command Ahmadabad Donahoe in he's gonna get wind in. Does not used to have to it gore and you know what is it. Third the races should be 36 ministers as well it sounds as he's not used to doing that. So I it and they may Weathers is gonna win these who won handily on all of his and our McGregor out. The record got a pretty solid chin and hourly Mayweather has as the power. Now they are using an eight ounce gloves. Which is. A rule chains which. Makes the punch is a little more impact folk. This benefits Macgregor. Because he's used used to using in very thin gloves in the UFC. But having it is going to be it's going to be Mayweather. Yeah it it'd of these because it's going to be Mayweather. I negative prediction but Mayweather isn't ones fight. All right Greg takes Mayweather what say you Milwaukee. That is up on Twitter one to ten what's your interest level in this fight in Houdini thinks gonna win. At 1057 producers Ed Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or Lonsky. You know. I I think like you there is no way in hell come by in this fight. Mayweather stole a hundred dollars for me would know when he fought Pacquiao and that fight was his. Absolute. Dog crap. And you know I was angry after that fight. I was less angry after I paid back in the day. A ton of money to watch the Tyson fights in they would last 45 seconds then at least you saw so mountain UNC crap. In net Mayweather Pacquiao fight Mayweather for being as good of a Bob boxer and like you said you know he is one of the best ever. He's awful to watch. It's boring it's run and hide. It's you know a counterpunch here in there and his defense defense defense. That said I McGregor has no chance. You know they set their the big news is that the glove side is there's you know they're gonna wait. Are aware the other eight ounce gloves. Instead of V you know instead ten ounces. But the thing is. Is that. Mayweather. Head is worn eight ounce gloves. Are locked. In his fights and Mayweather. Was the one who tradition and to have the glove size changed from 108. So sure as hell doesn't seem to me like he's scared of put nine he's eight ounce glove you know. So you know that you love gloves I've also goes by. The weight of the one year of your way it would break glass you're in. Yeah you know but watching some elect the sparring is sessions that they've shown on TV. The record as an every shot in hell no you know now you wanna tell me. That a guy ate a US sees your dirt you know MMA fighter. And in granted the McGregor his skills on his feet you know thrown punches. And he is not gonna give in to the squared circle. And be able to hold his own against one of the best boxers. Of all time. Known and I think he knows that and this is the complete MoneyGram form. He knows that he can retire after this could he's gonna make it leaves a hundred million on this fight and he knows that and Mayweather. Bummer radon is a Smart businessman he might be able to read that well did what he's a Smart businessman mean he controls. All I mean all the production and all this hoopla yep is. I may weather's company. So all these paper real money is going to move Mayweather he owns the companies I was going to him he is a very Smart businessman. If you want to be in a smarter even smarter businessman. He loses the fight. I don't know what kind of legacy Mayweather wants to have. But it if you want to make break the break even more than your we have lose this fight because that rematch. Between Mayweather Macgregor of Macgregor Max Mayweather out that rematch would. Double. What's gonna happen now there are you say that there's gonna break all they re records Alia gave McGregor not to Mayweather out and they had a rematch. Double what it was the first time than now. The only way that happens I believe is that him Mayweather. Puts his legacy is size and wants the money and it's not done on purpose. Whether BA. For real knockout or fair to knock out. What have you had this this party just a spectacle it's like when rocky face Hulk Hogan in in rocky three whatever laws. It is just spectacle it's it's there for people who watched. And for these guys to get paid web McGregor knocked out Mayweather Mayweather allow that to happen. I'll rematch would just bring in whole loads of money yeah. And I I don't think there's any chance in hell of that happening I think Mayweather. He's so pride fault and he really loves the having that undefeated record I don't think there's a chance in hell that he lays down. The only way that I Sima McGregor won in this one is if is if while Mayweather is dancing. In the ring you know just running circles around around Connor. That either he breaks his ankle and you know he can't go anymore or or that he has a heart attack amid the fighting and just dies. So I need to get although the Macgregor levers or say in all takes one points and that is true of things one punch but Mayweather so good defensively. I don't think McGregor is ever gonna get that that punch and. Not I don't think I don't think he's gonna land anything of note and now for me because I love boxing. IA in joy. Violence. I love. I love it. This fight pisses me off. Because. Boxing has a fight. On September 16. That should totally bring this sport back to the front and center the way it should be. With triple AG taken on two and well. And you heard I'm hearing absolute squat about their fight because all the attention is being paid to this sideshow. So that that makes agreement because that by eight. And they can charge a hundred dollars they can charge a 150 dollars I'm buying Enron. And I am I kidding now wait that. And having a lot of boxing fans also share that sentiment that you have but like I said. Mayweather own is on promotion company any hope are out there as much as possible they had that reason for Sidi. A band to whatever was. Whether in the jet together these guys are stupid they don't hate each other. Late you'd think that these guys are like McGregor hated DS and you know they don't Haiti totally because they know that this is purely. Further deal. This case purely a money grab them for all of them I mean. Mayweather. Makes foreigner millionaire fights and doesn't matter but McGregor is the biggest. By far the biggest payroll he's ever gonna get. There is by far obese person's every guy always mercy ever got from your C was like five million yen and easily get are a hundred million this time and so. He knows tiger tattoo that's on a. It's and you're right Mayweather. He should go down in history is one of the best businessmen of all time. What he was able to do and what he was able to I'm. You know Mike Tyson is it is hit it this stuff off. Because you know Mayweather is done everything business lies the right way noon you know he's got praised Texas now. And I would wanna blame either but. You know bowyer may MM much but yet you know. Fantastic Milwaukee what's your interest level in this in this fight August torn six McGregor Mayweather. One through ten. Who's gonna win and hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers. Ed Greg grew 82 Ed Jeff underscore or a lot ski. Quick break and then we get bad we're gonna talk about her shared ends tweet that he sent out that said quote. An NBA source said today this will be the browns' final season in Cleveland he is 100%. Leaving. Relationship with owners be on repair. We'll talk about the big baby I'm I'm sorry LeBron James when we come back. Elicited to the dive bar addition of the producers here mortified 7UP on the playing. Jackass. BC sports it's like. You excessive.