The Producers: Recap of the Packers so far

The Producers
Friday, August 18th

The Producers Dive Bar: What are you confident, concerned, and still need to see from the Packers so far? 


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Welcome in the dive bar addition of leopard users here on 1057. FM the fan Dak down. I am here host Jeff Orlovsky go along side. The man voted sexiest man in hails corners it was parents and Greg Janet what's up but it was going on men are its live in the dream rather yourself every day they same is you damn straight we got a great show for you guys. Ladies and gentlemen rent talk about the beloved. Lower confident. What our concern and what we still need to see. Out of the Packers. Only that it's still early early one pre season game in that we'll give you our thoughts so far. You mammals so talk a little brewers baseball. They face a nine game West Coast road trip three with Colorado San Francisco. And they Dodgers will tell you how we think they're gonna do on net. Get him out a little bit of the McGregor Mayweather fight. Give you our interest level and then now. We'll get into the that tweet that was sent out by Chris Sheridan. That said LeBron is 100%. Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers after this season. But let's dart with the beloved. They win pre season game number one against the Philadelphia Eagles. Kicked their ass in pretty good. Greg what are you confident. In after seeing that. Eagles pre season game. It's only one breezes in Yemen and I mean pre season to me. Doesn't matter one bit you're just seeing guys or any reps seeing what guys are gonna make the team seem more rookies can step Bob's seen what veterans that might have been online. Can can make some plays. Kyra what I'm confident about is that the offense is going to be click in that sense there's one thing ever since McCarthy in Roger's been togethers at their offense. Most likely except for the span of what fifteen games from. 2000. Early 2016. Late 2015. Where they were really clicking on all cylinders but for the most part. You know that that offense is gonna put up thirty some points a game you know that Aaron Rodgers who. Just carve defense is up in other receivers are gonna get their due. I I am I am hoping that the running game can can improve a little bit. You have to our Montgomery now in their full time knowing he's gonna be running back so let's applause for the offense going forward. You have Jamal Williams the rookie out of BYU who you know always gonna be able to. Do some would have been going care has put the ball. But the Iraq in the end zone when time Montgomery couldn't sometimes causes is stature so I'm confident that the offense. Will click it will be okay regardless of if Aaron Rodgers plays in the pre season or not. Yeah yeah that's that's a good point I'm I'm with you I think that. You know the offense. Hopefully. Will be a juggernaut and hopefully it doesn't take them the few weeks than it normally takes them. Did to kick it into gear I hope that they come out. A week one and are able to start producing. So I'm I'm confident in that as well I'll moss soul I'm one of the things I'm confident and Justin vocal. And the kid he's punted well all the you get the breakdown him kicking in training camp. His hang time looks good the yardage looks good. So I definitely don't think there's going to be a punter gave is pretty said that that that's what's actually kinda got me excited is is condemn punting game. Shows there's three out today ever got nutria it's one of the Packers beat writers didn't I don't think it was. And it wasn't the mosque he was as Newsome from Packers news. And they said he average sale and makes eat Pontes 44 point one yards and make. Four point two seconds there ain't time and that's impressive. It is it is it is a I think the yeah I figure is going to be I think it's gonna be good I think he's gonna be good and the one thing you have to worry about punters especially with the Packers offense that most are muted. You're gonna drive the ball. Close to enemy territory. And if you're stalled. At the you know 4045. Year old 44 of our government can you place a bald inside ten. That was the big thing for him because how often easier ride his gold. And the offense go three and out. Ed that's when he army you don't see that very often normally they get at least one or 21 downs in our close the enemy territory. It's one guardian put Barnes on time that's going to be the the big focus Bogle. Well and that's why the hang time is so important and that's why him sit there and and launch an M wall for you know four and a half seconds. That gives those gunners and everybody else a hell of a lot of time to get down their two to make a play. And you know idea I do think I we've seen. Many a time you know the Packers usually have two to three games a season where their office is doesn't click at all. And for him to be launch and some boomers you know 4550. Yards and stuff like dead the couldn't. Flip field position and save your ass if you're not clicking on offense I think that's gonna help out a lot. So now on the flip side what are you concerned about after watch and one pre season game and a couple of weeks camp. If billions of same conversation every year same commerce ace in every game. It's going to be the defense and then it's going to be you or secondary. Whether or not these young guys in Randall and rounds can step up and become the players we thought they were going to be their first year in the league. What is there not Kevin king and Josh Jones can step up in and make impacts as rookies. The other thing which needs which will help to secondary out as pass rush. In all eighty. I have no faith at all in counterfeit at coral. Matthews has shown the last couple years that he's he's losses suffered do so it was a vision Emeril past mr. mcdaniels. Era Bengie you need. He needs somebody set but yes again nick Perry but it clearly did one year and he has injury history so. Eight. Is the pastors and more that they don't have enough people now there's still some people out there that are available and Mario Williams is out there are still only a little bit older. Then who knows what kind of money he's wind maybe that's why is still out there because he wants I have to contract but what can it hurt to bring down a dead end. Because you don't have that men that much talent on the defense when is gonna put a lot of pressure on the Corbett. Yeah especially after you dumb guy hands so I'm with DN on the Mario Williams. Train I would I would love to see him. Where in the grieving goals for me it's missed tackles and you know we saw it. When their first team offense was out on the field against Philadelphia. That was the only time the entire game their Philadelphia's offense did anything then and it was methodical and they just march right down. And do you know they move the ball at will. Do you think that. With the new CBA or new word CBA. And the amount of practices that are limited it with full contact. And full pads using that as part of the reason that. This. Deadly and is an issue. Absolutely. Absolutely I think before the Philadelphia game they had eight days in pads. That's yet. Then that's it it's it's crazy. It's crazy these guys it's they need to hit. And the thing is eat you know you view they talk about word about concussions one. You'll probably tackle better and have a lasting Carson because these guys learn how to hit properly and Tampa probably with their head up insurgents from their bodies all over the place. Like launching missiles that somebody there. It's decent tackling drills on them they bright the last and the righted tackling drills in high school in. And you know and there are certain you know commitment because of the all the concussion crap. And they're coming up with a all these stupid robotics. Tackling dummies now. That they can sit there and move and all this stuff it's not the same as beating a man. They had need check it. Actual. People did that that tegra known as moving isn't gonna lower his shoulder and hit you with a as much forces you're trying to hit him no. You have this thing Ornette 12 mile an hour rule but it dude it's padded. And it's padded and don't there's not. Hard plastic helmet or shoulder pad in your right in the sternum right. You know the hole and we've weaved our senate before the whole concussion. You know freak in. Outcry in all this crap I don't buy it for a second. I don't by the whole CT thing call me crazy I think it's based and I'm bad science and is a bunch of crap. So. You know if you know what you get ourselves into and most of these most these players are getting comes in very well Purdue in the us and they can make that choice to not play eggs they're worried about any kind of brain injuries or what their I was emulating the futures. Don't play equipped don't play. That's simple quick. I'd so what he's still need to see out of the Packers were. It's Thursday night right now also were what two days away from them taken out there red tunes in Saturday. Oh what are you what are you still looking to see out of the Packers in this upcoming game. Receives some position battles. Receive. And then the you have Ty Montgomery slot and then as the starting running back he's not start button. I think that. Jamal Williams is going to. Is gonna take over the lead as our quarterback it's. Just because his pass protection. Mean the the big thing is you need to keep Iran is operative you want any chance of doing anything you need number twelve on the field and if you can't protect them you're gonna get. Taken out of the game and Montgomery struggling big time a pass protection and so that's why I think Williams. Could end up being the starter or is also and done. Other human and forward to it is is. The wide receivers word goes with you know they're your fourth to give what receiver who steps up Wetherbee Trevor Davis or Jeff Janice her. America at a pre every ever comes back from get knocked out. He's seen it destroyed our UNC would be all these guys who wasn't a step Bob and who's who's gonna. Scholl. Good ol' number twelve air in the head begin. They can have confidence and make the big plays when need be now I want to see offensive line. And you know Johnny Barclay. Had garbage. And got hurt. And I think the Packers are gonna absolutely regret that now bring in bag JC trenor. A guy who could play all five positions on the line and played them well. So don't have money adds but he didn't get a big contract. You know he for somebody is versatile as he is he had peanuts. And there's no reason why the Packers couldn't paid in the agree with the browns for three years that are. Sixteen point seven million there with ten million guaranteed and that comes out to one little over. Little five year five. There. Five and I finally have a change. For a guy that could like you said play all five positions. You know that. You know blog or bock TRE is gonna go down and miss at least a gamer to hear there. You know Lindsay Lee hasn't exactly had a good track record stay in healthy himself. So. You know he's gonna be needed and you let him walk. So I wanna see you know sprigs I want to see these guys see if they can step up and and fill that role. You know what say you walk you what are you confident. Concerned. And what he's still need to see out of the Packers in the pre season hit us up on Twitter at 1057 producers. At. Greg grew 82. And at Jeff underscore or allow ski are now we take a quick little break here will become bet. Get could their rulers. Nine game road trip coming up looks daunting and paper. Gergen a gig Greg's our opinion while throw your mind as well just for the hell of it. So you'll how we think they're gonna do we'll be right back Iraq and with the Dagmar edition of the producers here on 1057 FM the fan. Jack. BC sports it's likes. He Milwaukee. You excessive.