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Faith in the Zone
Sunday, October 8th
10/08/17: Faith in the Zone with "Big Time" Mike McGivern and Pastor Ken Keltner.  Joined this week by author and sports psychologist Ray Santiago. 

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Welcome defeat in the zone show about sports and faith and how that to come together inline speed. Right now discover help people in sports walking face the host Mike may give burned and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome defeat in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I might be you were once sang my columns. Calm cool collected testing can count that but Brooks ahead captains church. After I raise your rate year did in his lap belt bag effort you know. He knows right. Pastor you do it and Andre might you have a great day. It's get today we're announcing in a talent it's your birthday man I'm happy birthday but why would people my new path. When you're my age dispute that's his movement. That's just look happy birthday might mean yeah. Did you think you boys they are. I love about sports when I. Love with a quarterback that gets him to blood lines which he looks. Over the defense and one Y and Z calls an audible. You know what and we called a crippled today. And I'm so excited that rate Santiago was who was willing. You spent some time with us. He. He sent me a book called plain un high ground. And it it's a Christian approach to the mental game of sports to it's basically a baseball boy. But it it it community as a basketball coach them use the book I use it for some who's faced 36 years nuclear. ID ego. And they can motivate free throws down the stretch. I can't find that I expected you to free throw with under two minutes ago deer in my life effect. Including our boys and they'll go to one game. At least the deal that kept him in that she still yield an adult. Disagree yes to have the top about it the image you do your boy. And the chemo pass you off. Okay as we talk about race Tiago author. And he's yours football side Amazon.com. Is complete plea and on high ground excuse you plane on high ground. On the race on Tiago. He. Marie is just for Q Britain. Yes it is that the first book ever written and we're ready Mort. Now. Today. Which time it does he plan to book one. Really excited about it. Hey did you think you let's let's just take race Santiago fifteen years ago did you think there'd be that time that you come out that. Radio show and they would introduce you is author race down Tiago. You know. It actually doesn't hit me yet even introduce myself as an opt. I've reached the many good books and you know I don't see myself as an incredible writer but what I love about this book is that there's so much of God's word and matter that he's the best opera at all times so. One you know cutting down the word in manner. It's been good but because there's so much of Cutler in packed in there. Don't think. Guy he you know I just wanna get ray's background yeah we can't before we pitted and we are gonna talk a lot about playing on high ground. Yet it's a Christian approach to the mental game if your coach if you're here and if you're player. If you're around youth sports. This is a book you're gonna wanna pick up again it's available at Amazon.com. Break we talk a little bit about your background where you grow up. Sure absolutely so I wish I'm born and raised in Ventura California. And many smaller. Yeah he's well area yeah and played they're not in Southern California. And played their size eighteen got a brief. Time in Mississippi and get a scholarship to mrs. at Mississippi Valley State. Tore my late remand. And I can tell a little bit about my feet churning along the way so. You know I grew up Christian. And wonderful how cool wonderful fellowship. Parents taught me everything I know and but it didn't really. Make it my own until I got to Mississippi where I didn't have salmon didn't have my fellowship. And I tore my late room in my shoulder that's when I realized that baseball had become my god. You know I got had really taken a backseat. I'm in my life and when night court my leg room much older. I couldn't play baseball anymore in it was then that I realized wow well this is what a relationship with god is all about. Out by myself and have become sort of famine of the comfort. Baseball. And that's what it is that this relationship but got into real and I want to play at the next level this is going to be the thing that really gets in there. And so in the back home to Southern California went to hawks not college eighty years there after you and I achieved to grow up you Idaho. And played baseball college of Idaho and a high school in the based poker was running great to go to work out. But that okay. And but yeah after after in baseball there I went to Boise State and you know I finish my career and and I didn't get drafted and that was you know at every opportunity I know. A sports agent page although who you know knows everybody in the business and you know I was getting that I would have made it that I wasn't. So it would like do now. And in my relationship with the guy was something. Huge in my life and I didn't have baseball anymore so I went into sports psychology and slept personalized and steady got a word in total lack. Seven years that would let them. It's steady both of those in in this book is kind of a culmination of what I learned in the sports psychology world and what I've studied in God's word in the melding of the two. So do you do you work with individuals you worked with teams now our coaches. How how do you. Kind of flush flush this out I know you wrote the book but it do you are you one on one with people are or how do you work with all that right. Yes so currently I work I do work with eighteen and but I mean work on an individual basis. And I don't necessarily program. That I am Christian or I live in the Bay Area now with. I'm not throwing them under the bus but it is. Is the biggest technological place but it's the most and urged place in America from what I've been told I was actually at a conference this week in. Quote fate in the workplace he and that it was just a staggering thing so. I don't necessarily. Here and Christian but everything I do everything I say. Comes from my time spent because we're. You know I mean they prescription verse but the thing today and sharing with these athletes are all scriptural base. How to treat their came in how to go about their work. Now I I cushion the public school in the Colorado area Denver Colorado area and the principal there. Came to the lord later on in his life any sense. He said Kenya to be as wise is is certain harmless as it does when she's sent to do any sense. IA. He says a lot of the things I write are going to be right out of scripture and I might not necessarily identified as scripture. And I I know when he would write pair you know he had a paper that he was right now would mainly be to parents. I saw a lot of scriptural truth. You know in those writing send I think got used Houston and very weigh in used him and so they what question right so. I just fun make sure we. So when you your journey of faith that Jesus Christ began when you were young you made that decision. It when you were growing up in home and your home to parents that were believers and then. When you've got to Mississippi Valley. That's where the decision of hey Anita mean business with guys here is is don't have that don't have that kind of right. Yeah absolutely. No. You know some people kind of have at some point specific date. Premier had grown up in it and I and I had a great relationship with god create every single day. In the comfort of home in knowing that you know if something goes bad. That you'll have your parents who lean on when I was by myself then and that happened on Mississippi. That was really like oh okay in this is what a relationship with a god is all about because that can visit difference between going to church. And once while read the Bible and praying and really OK guy I'm gonna practice your credit. For it now. My walk and talk with you on a daily basis. I mean they checked in with you I'm gonna assignment comfort and go into your word America and ask questions like. Why me wide bit and and and that kind of what happens in the first chapter of the book actually use not a spoiler alert but the and it starts that there's this a school that but you know as major injury. And ask god why why this happened to me. And then what happens is he needs a sports psychology consultant. And he and consultant that some of them why why you have me a lot of egos got word he who god is. And who he's called himself to be I mean he is an autobiography and if you want to know something about I don't go to. Wars and that's what this character ended and that's what I did in my own life in. You know what I found that they've got at lightning in the dark at all. Okay it will injuries don't really lineup with light. And so you know he start to read about. That some of the scriptures about feeling in 1980 look at Jesus Christ then you know you always did and instead what the father Adam doing stay. And how often did you injure people never. He can heal people so. Like quite often now. So well. You know slitting so I can in my I've. From what she this year at their kind of meshing in backwards and believe that I just wanna clarify for our listeners because. If Jesus talked often about you must be born again that was John the bad this is message he must be born again. So it sounds like that born again or that time where you made that decision. Yourself. Not on something I was too old or that I was brought up in both the essentially you made that decision to trust to really trust Chrysler Mississippi Valley. Yeah yeah okay that makes sense yeah not sounds mass powerful. Idol and he would elude and just looking through the book and I haven't finished yet but I certainly well what I like. A lot about the book is it's it's. It's almost a workbook. You know there's it EE you know you read a chapter in the near the end of the chapters sometimes not obvious attention Milledge after. It it it makes you stop. And ask some questions. And then you basically write some notes down and and I just think I find this a really really could. Peace who work Brad have to tidy and and and again as a coach and that coach. And any private school so I'm able to talk about this I'm able to have kids who read this book. But you know I'm a just the page it's true but you know you talk about that promise is perfect piece as you stay your mind on him. And that you know there's there's number things and at the end it's just reverses he's a self talk strategies. Help you become god inside in mind it. And so it it makes you. Well it makes you read and then. Start to think for yourself and think logically correct. Absolutely. Yeah and to does that add to that you know there's so many Christian athlete who want to praise god want to get and the glory. But we don't go to that word and we don't learn it where somebody you know access page you know what is called safe thing you know. And that book is going to give you the answers of how to answer that it's gonna fully equip you to go around the world looked. You know what concert and confident. To release speak toward the people and now people are wrote it what are you in YouTube platform. Well when your well equipped I mean. Here you are literally cracked walking art that that which and that is his ability to share the guy who was summoned to the point where they can believe in become born again. That's what a privilege we have read it or Christian. That's why I want to do it the first look really laid a foundation. Early in the mental game because they're trying to get a lot of mental game but really what it means the encryption. Take it easy you know rates in trusting because. A wild going to have told this story on initial log probably too much but I I really like the story there was a division three basketball coach. Up from Indiana. And we had a mind and eight and I asked him how Koppel he was two to talk about his faith outside of the locker room. And he said look to be honest with you for years I was really comfortable in the locker room with my staff and my players. And then that walk outside the locker room and I struggled. And it took classes at night I read alive and nothing was coming easy. And I bought a book called I'm not a fan. And I spent the extra three dollars for the pre split that's it I'm not a fan it's a rubber brace is three bucks. And said I'm I'm in a grocery store and somebody sees that they ask speak more to a fan out. And he's him not a fan of Jesus Christ. And and the guy looked at Mike White. And send that affair and he's been incidents silence my follower I tell you about and he says all the conflict that's as I took. And all the books I read it came down to a three dollar rubber bracelet or that opened the door for me like crazy guys have soared to we have to get to break he is race on Tiago he has an author. I'm he's also sports psychologists that were gonna get into some of this. And you can go to Amazon.com. The name of the book is playing on high ground plane on high ground author ray Santiago. Will continue our conversation with him. On the other side of the break this is faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057000. The fans. Worn out of faith in the zone discovering people of sports in there walking me. Faith in the zone. Is brought to you buying brook side Baptist Church that the host Mike and give Vernon and pastor can kill her. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Mean. Welcome back to being in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. I'm Mike we your launch said they had pastor actually root site Baptist Church in pastor can tell there are special guest. He's author race Santiago. You can now find his book this is a really interest you look at your coach is your player if your parents. Tom of of a student athlete playing on high ground and. Would be really good book for you to read and Anton you pick it up. And is he Bihar if you put down to make sure you've got some time put aside. And then also grab a hand the keys get a challenge you'll bet he's get a challenge June's from parts of this book. Ted Ted to write down some of the things that you learned some things you're thinking about. At that time and again plane on on high ground he re what position did you play when you play it. I played shortstop. And after my surgery I moved to second base. And that was. Who love second base I didn't you know that he can turn yeah return to Manhattan as long as the guys rose slowed he gets out of the way ray. I did I you know I can't pick and throw it all in morbid. I guess back in there in your plane will be there at second base Natalie hardball didn't globally softball. The church softball league ray I was a man out is a killer Natalie. But he dominated Japanese company is. Dad you know you know how decreases talks Mac. You go to get the batter's box season wanna talk about Romans and nothing. Tell it by the book your B Fijians when you're trying to count street I hit a soft law so that's talking smack. He wind down when you win you decided to to write this book. On the Q you walk us through that that kind of the first. You know couple of months I guess through the first month of of writing the book it was that's something that was winning and you for awhile before you started. Yeah. So I actually wrote a paper we didn't even have a dissertation from my masses creed that I wrote anyway. And it was armed patent in sport that's so what might even do that this this is good about not get published in. And so in 2000. Fifteen went to New Zealand for a month Ephron had just got done reading the book she hit gotomeeting and that there are among the planet saw. Well I plan at all now and it was in it was infections format are written nonfiction ormat. So those all written and I got back master reading a book by John Gordon called the carpenter he has beat him. And and I saw what he did with group putting great nugget interest fiction format with characters and that if I'm an app actually read it. I need to keep their attention and keep it entertaining and interest. And that's what I did and and so it probably was about three years in the meeting in my mind and then a medic and it will then forms a wonderful Christian. Sports agent and and entertainment and down and. At the AB CA conference last year and I'm in and he said Reddy got hurt and here he's worked with guys like Mike York eaten up like come and eat. Christian athlete books out there so that inspired me to read this in the next 45 to sixty days the first copy. So like my room with me in V four. Or two months I just pounded this thing out and and yes so that was that was. You know working. On each chapter it was a challenge in that I didn't want a privately interpret in scripture. Anything you find in that book is is. Is going to be a re entry in re interpretation of exactly what I didn't want a quote scripture out of its context or anything goes through the patience of OK got. You were words speaks so much louder than I ever could in its there's so much better than I ever could so was this constant checking with god. Prior riding a pair of the story parts. Easy it's the it's incorporating the scriptures that is the art of the book that I the best of my ability. And I had you know four people were on each chapter with me as far as hey take a look at this is this you know privately interpreting. In my seeing something that it doesn't says dormant scene that is what it says and for. Poor people that amendment Taurus to say hey give media okay oh really competent as it is it is a solid read. Yes someone once said he's you're talking about the word there someone once said that that the Bible is the heart of god. In the words of god. And that is. Sounds like. Really what you were trying to do is convey hey this is this is what got this thing here which that then makes that's gonna make a powerful. But mansion unanswered question here right here I had a buddy. Who was with the Yankees. And he was the pitcher and he really could throw hard any said he says I'll never forget George George Steinbrenner said Timmy. You got him anybody you get a million dollar arm. But Gianna 55. Cent brain. And if you're in and the sports psychology side of life and again hire coach comes in any other get this guy he can flat throw but he has a five cent brain I mean what what is that thing. And the sport world that he didn't know what pitch to pitch when or he just can't throw a strike wings throw strike. However I mean how do you interpret some along that line. Absolutely so I would leave that Major League arm. And kindergarten brain and then. That's a nice that's a nicer way pros even George Steinbrenner says that. You know what I love about the brain is that you know you can beat acute. And you'll grow but if you never teaching kids how to read he's never gonna learn how to read naturally. And so the mental game is is basically lifting mental weight from time you've got to start with just body and add weight at which will go brain. Same thing in the wanna get mentally stronger. You have to start with number one and awareness and awareness of what I'm doing well what I'm not. And then you have to have a plan and implement that plan and so you know he's got a guy with the million dollar arm. Two cent brain eye and brain. It starts with okay. What are you doing well would you not doing well. And at him yet to really go to that. That player you'd pay eight. Let's do you want to grow in the mental game and net something that happened at every player that parents statements and work with that he wants to be worked with and then what you feel is probably is. And so. It's just lifting weights. But the mental game and some of those things are competent buildings so. You know he cut but it twosome brain well they need your cruised through any outlets that it won that call by umpire and among. Right that would be to. Have the ability to step behind the plate or step on the mound and taken nice deep breath who cares next pitch. That follows certain attempt to right and in a ball goes through summer replacement in the name double play in the newcomer rattled again. Or he stepped behind a major hit you keep your job that's outside your control. Get the ball back make another good quality pitch now we're top dollar. That makes sense. Man admit them like that progression so it's build confidence might. Build confidence is being able to be in the present moment forgetting the past. About the future and his folk song one quality pitch at a time because that's all we can do it doesn't impact in the impact of at present we can't do anything about the past except learn from it. The future hasn't happen yeah that's what that the president again. Well you you were speaking Bible they're forgetting sentence which are behind right there blossom I already know what she yelled your ideas like you see every Cisco where he's working these guys he didn't talk about his fate of up but he he puts that in there. You re and I do high school coach's show as well on the radio station hurts for attorney won a 57 FM the fan and we talk a lot about how difficult it is to change the mindset. Of a program that has continued to lose. And that we had a football coach on a couple years ago and and they had when he came in chew years maybe going and three. And there were up for it was fourteen to three. Win about six minutes to go in the game. And he and he and they ended up giving up two touchdown passes and lost and he said if I can bring the tape and show you. I can show you exactly what happened our safeties. Net and they don't trust her cornerbacks they trusted our quarterbacks for three quarters. And half a quarter. And all of a sudden. These guys are looking at the clock. Wishing there were zeros on the clock. And because they didn't trust the corners staples took two steps closer to the quarterback instead of the steam in their lane. Trusting those guys doing their job and trust in these guys do there and they got BN to seem Rockford for touchdowns. And lost. And he caught me off off the I don't know what else to Q where were were reporting guys in the cracked places we've got some good athletes. But this this program a sol used to lose seen. That even with six minutes to go more up by two scores. They still think we're going to lose. And you sit I don't know how to get around that and I'm wondering if you run that call with us what you've seen him. Yeah at the so I was starlet. Wouldn't you guys do well instead of like it can't play good luck that it would that we do well. And so you'd you'd get them kind of on our hired notably in we did decent. What Katrina quarters that interest you. You know. We get state present animals we did that the gains speed up on this warm where here about the out of the game. And and what you've done better what's one thing you could've done better. And okay we and I started to look at the clock too much so and I wasn't folks on and that could my only job right there I've got to live at work the all time. Meant once we have what we did well what we can have improved and it's okay. How going into next week. Can we improve that can be played better for. You know. Three quarters and before support to do this for four quarters and instead of cynic how do we. Make this huge huge huge improvement. And we just get better at one. Little thing. And if you ask each individual that if they got real with themselves they can come up with one thing whether it's. You own self talker you know what was going through your mind what was that negative stop singing and oh my gosh we got this because this is. I'm freaking out and then also the people here my own right there at beating up. How do like take and I regret three quarters and it they'd be present. Know your job trust the guy next to that he's gonna do is to say that he's in that all the well all the sudden. And so all different situations but in so many coaches just get frustrated and angry that we had at what happened. Well that's one approach but this approach that we choose addition with you with cock would you know accomplish so much more lenient the next week. Did you add did you have a coach they attended this with you at all I mean does that have any play with. Your. You know your mental capacity when you were planned or is this something that you saw that was lacking and that that's what spurred you on to cash head down mr. action. You know have one coach in the business they have to do what we did talk well I have one coach. That means a huge impact. We just called obscene Lynn and we got in trouble for not doing a fundraiser when base so he ran to debt. And then afterwards he hit the hardest ground ball over that somebody and Ali it was great don't need it. Don't any anybody and for some reason that quick to stay with me for the rest my career. And it was great don't when they buy it but what I would say now. It is because of that many negatives I would say it keep it in front get enough. He's been in front get a now you're gonna tell yourself what to do rather than what not to do I go to the plate saint. It's an 02 count don't get that or don't get a fastball. Well what the image in my brain. It's it is so well. You know hey you know I can get a that they don't think that the Inco but don't what are we don't think you want and what can operate. I'm you know pink elephants is that my hat to. It's all about war he view rather than what you don't want to. So yeah so I mean especially in this day and age I think coaches need to hear this because in my day. Drawn out thing when asked coach and I mean you can get on a kid hard. The boy today you watch him in you need to see you guys demeanor just go right down the toilet when. You know I'll I'll watch it on the college even level like you know I knew like man like Anchorage just destroy it again as confidence. And year that's a key part of what you're saying you're build and a mop. And and making good deposits I don't know if you. Marine every comment on that and the other side of break or targeted race on Tiago author sports psychologist. Playing on high ground is his book you can also go to renewed my performance one word renew wouldn't mind performance dot com. To get more information on the book. And and now more from mission and ray as well. Let's get to break this his feet in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Welcome back to faith in the zone in inside look at people in sports in Milwaukee faith faith in. He's brought to you by all American window and door. Here's host Mike may get burned and pastor can kill their. On sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Okay. Welcome back to being in the zone on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan I'm likely you're alongside my co host pastor can help their. From Brooke's side Baptist Church or special guest. Brace Santiago author. Race Santiago heave the book playing on high ground. Available. Anti Amazon.com. Or go to renewed my performance dot com to get more information. Despite the injury itself and on the fact that book which I think is. Is is phenomenal playing on high ground is a book for athletes. Desire integral role in their relationship with god. And improve their mental game in order to give. They are all for the one who give assault to us you know Jesus Christ now Wendy you know again if you're repairing her coach. I would highly recommend you pick up this book and you don't maybe by 1520 copies to give your players. I future parents and and have them go through. This book in an again told to put some time aside. And then tell them to free a pen with them so that they can work Natchez read the book but work through the book. And and learn some things about Natalie about yourself put him but and I you're your student athlete. Eat your coaching staff people that that are wrong when you as you're trying to teach these kids or if you're trying to play. On what a great way to not only help yourself in the mental aspect of the sport you're playing at. But to also you know help you walk and in trying to walk were these 32 and a daily basis pastor. Yeah pick array we we can end that last segment about. He you know Lou the psyche were well let's prevent and the the mental thinking. Of young players or even even on the college level that you see a whole different. Demeanor for the most Faris seems like as far as coaches that are really good. That are always yelling you know at their players and what they're able to build and I can't remember who we had on Mike and has said. What's important is I've idol analyst coach Bowden I learned to coach to the heart. And win the hearts first. Before I can really start to say hey you're gonna have to do this differently. You know as far as your technique is is that Simpson Q what what your seeing out there especially with calls a common Thea. Yes so continue kind of re frame the question could have an idea that is what elections in which that. Yeah but as far as I'm working with kids today. Eat you know you're talking more of well you can frame the question this way. Whereas in the old days you know you you could see coaches since the open openly guy's face you know throw a chair to throw a chair woody Woody Allen throwing opponents for some like yeah try -- night but embodying what I yelled Bobby and. Joining Woody Hayes Woody Hayes and what he Leo was an actor who supports small I don't translated for us at all. According to come are well I've always denied because like L would you please woody hey that thing UAL a I don't lie at times about. I've never seen on the sideline him the ball below the air she learned the news. I just there is up but the as far as courage is. This seems like if coaches really get further down the road today is more along the line of what you were just talking about. Framing things in a positive way not a negative way. Absolutely. I saw an interview with coach K duke. And you know I always think that everybody knows these things but this is a step further work on every day so it may not be well known. What he does with each player if you watch Norman who is gonna look cool fired up by what he said in an interview once let. You have to get to know your players. And then with Billy he needs to pat on the back. With Bobby he needs me to get up in his space and the somebody else he needs me to just kind of leave them alone for a little while so. It's just coach really desires to get the most out of their players. He you know how they hit. He had to know what they need to perform at their best. Because per billion that pat on the back it up and you think when he needs is a little bit of even your. And so the better you know your players and how they kicked the more you're going to be able to get out of and not only that but I talked to aptly too especially in the cold drinks that. They may not have talked with a coat or two or three weeks as in the and I go to practicing good games but have a real conversation with Mike coach like it. If you were coach that wants to get the most I clears you to. Talk to them. Have a conversation hey whoa who are you outside of sport you know. Especially these code that they don't get paid in the many college coaches regaining. Millions but to take you out to lunch hey I wanna get to know use the person what's going on your personal life what's happening at all. Well if he would that mean I was told that my mom and dad has got to the ports. I would at home and my brother just got you know diagnosed with does it eat and that's why you know they didn't show up or didn't have a good attitude today. But to just jump on it before you understand what's going on there are and we look at Jesus Christ in the gospels. He talked to people. How many times I've read a chapter my last chapter and out of each one win. Where in the he's described to have these conversations with guys like make it mean. Where and guys and women racquet the format the well when he just has these. Great conversations and you know he wasn't somebody that has. You know wouldn't talk to people each key at heartfelt conversations with incredible people throughout his is earthly ministry. The majority of his time he's spent with twelve apostles teaching them preparing them for taking over after you know you can get quiet and so. Like what are you doing with your time you're not spending it with these individuals and getting to know them. You're missing the boat Big Ten. He is race on Tiago author ray Santiago. I name of the book playing on high ground you connect you more information. On re one word renewed mine performance dot com. We go to Amazon.com. To pick the book up. You know or you were talking a little bit upon a player who needs. You know a year to put your arm around him and another player who can you know you can you can get aft terrible bit help perform. You know years ago I was coaching a team ray and and we had a number of players that came from single parent households. And they were with their mom and we another player that his dad was a police officers mom was a teacher. And invaded I realize these two really really good basketball players great athletes. If I if I said to the young man who who he learned how to deal with his emotions from his mom. If I said if I just yelled at them and I said look if Becky gets another rebound from new year ended over you're gonna sit down next to me. And your not gonna point till I get. I would lose him he would halt for two days. Of the other young man. Ike I'm telling yeah I can do every Bobby Knight thing that you ever RD I could get right up in his grill and you'd just look at me and he'd say. Is that death and I go yeah. You know point he go long ball play and he'll go out and play like crazy but I realized that the other young man. Had learned how to deal with his emotions strictly from his mom. And I don't know if you if you see a lot of that now. Knew but she do have to understand what the household dislike. From the players amid the high school level he got pretty much know all for the most part. You don't worry these kids are going to. After practice and they're going home are they going home to a good settled place where they get a meal and get their homework done. Or they take into buses to get home and they're gonna leave their books and you know in the locker queasy just don't have you know the energy to get through it. It. Yeah I mean mis hit it right on the head there it. There's this thing about it CNET its investment that it takes on all sides of the ball right isn't that their time and energy into human into this program. As a coach you have to return invest your time to plan and like to just get to an element you know. In you do know that that one out of them do know that that he would you know has. Grown up with his mom all the sudden you can change it he did Turkey you can change your approach in all the more that it might be eminent BP. You. Know the coach does have so much power has the power to do one of two things are hurt or helped. Right now they're downer to build yeah he's that would you know how many times in the the coastal Lucy in the renewed mind that we are to build each other up we are due investment. In the other is greater than ourselves. Great one thing in Vietnam when we moved tiered to Milwaukee when we put our boys and what Mike was assistant. Coach of the team and and we put the boys over their primarily because what I saw and Mike was he can connect as he gets to know month. And anytime you can connect you can impact. And you know one in my boys to bureau Sunday that would impact them and yet be able to connect with them first I think guess what Mike. Mike does so well as a coach and he knows if you when you're talking about know your players are what coach K was sent talk about know your players and that is it. That's something that that is seems to be obvious but it's not obvious today. It is not guys we've got to get too quick break in and thank you for that Pastor Wright I did I miss coaching your poison sura prepared poser could force you know oil produced Braswell polar stuff have a life goes like fast and it does. It was tough have a New Zealand in the pension Elena you know behind event. Don't cameo that's compliments our Yellowstone about don't you know you know what he'd yell. He yelled go to zone they don't tell us what you thought you rate I knew it was hey I. To you he can hide NCAA go to a zone. And I know you always have. I hate our biggest Q was 61 anyone who has to play as Syracuse zone. We've got to get to break I don't bring line we will continue our conversation. Here is great side Tiago. You know what were maybe there's a mental psyche for pastors there. That wreck will have a bond again and you know be. Prepared to be good for you on high ground yeah. Kuroda pre and courage preteen and I grow out again he's reside Tiago go to Amazon.com. Name of the book. Plane on high ground this is Satan zone on sports Radio One 057 at them. The fan. Back to faith in the zone the journey on how people in sports squawking today. Faith in the zone is brought to you by bundles of old fashioned meat market. Here's host Mike may give her. And pastor came cal learned on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Unnamed. Welcome back to feed in the zone on sports pretty wild fires seven. I am might be given on set Paris and pink color he will never. After all the memorabilia stuff I can tell you that he would show that we're excited to Baptist Church our special guest and good morning. He's the author of playing on high ground. Again this look. It's a book for athletes is larger role in a relationship with god and improve their mental game. In order to give their all for the one gives off for us switches Jesus Christ. Pick it up Amazon.com. Or go to renewed minded performance dot com one word renewed my performance. Dot com to find out more about the book. And about race Santiago he ray baseball playoffs going on. Do you what you have a team your route and four. Yet so I lose a lot of friends it is the Diana and my dad was in that book that some World Series that I grew up actually Aaron. And it would kick via persona that okay. Thanks for listening and feeds in the zone I was born and I'm just a good. Back. He and why. I read Derek Jeter's book but like you imagine and at some of a ten minute the shortstop. About that time who doesn't love Derek Jeter so. That all my mariners like Randy Johnson and an outfit you get started going to the Yankees and thirteen that I hated when they're winning another World Series I learned to love about 2002. And it took me eight years to win the World Series with them to go so. I wouldn't comment so bandwagon and better I've sent through the for the last while. And watching them and enjoyable in my mind. Employees did it was hey you've got an air judge story. Yet so I'm. I worked part time or date is that sports agency copious side and made that represented and judged and I had never met him in every. Every year in January meant father and I go decent sports sites that could do it did talk to them and he knew it was going to. Make a team or beyond that. Cusp of making the big league team usually guys like that don't show usually it's the low the Olympic double agricultural up for the eight week. Kris spring training work out and it's a brutal work out. Yeah I'd be like in New York he's worked with. Is for the best strength and conditioning coach to Paris in and I used to be in this work out so it was an enjoyable experience so. If I'm on the cusp of making the Major League I'm not going to that I'd go and in terms of the amount that errant showed up for eight weeks this year all eight weeks. Live with the guys. And in and so on giving this talk. I'm looking around the room it just got done with its work out and some guys retired. And you see and he's like on the edge of his seat. And just soaking in every single thing in yet here's a guy that our ticket PP two runs this year. And I look at that mistake that started a long long time ago humility. Is desire to grow and decide to work it is accurate even one little nugget. Out of anybody that can hope in. We saw at the privilege is sitting watching the national football game at him and just. This act in request just sitting there aren't talking you know sports site for awhile whose is really cool and I'm not one to get pictures or anything so when I'm working I'm working in. But it is just. To see him have that success. This year has been so cool because you see those seeds we planted long time ago that ability the desire to learn make adjustments. And yet he'd get a lot of you know there's this offseason with his mechanics. And you know it's just a credit to his hard work so to see that success and the Yankees and that the that the that the personal joy but also. It's it's great to see him has access. You know lot they were talking about their home run hit against the twins. That usually he has no emotion when he would hit a home run in the they they kept showing him rounding first days with this year huge smile line and light it's like huge really blah like. You know I'm on there and been through was saying man I mean he never has emotion like that. And it was that it's probably just like a huge relief here then maybe get past this. This wild card game. You know. It's then having fun. In what I love about baseball and the lack a safe fifteen years ten years I don't look at the and let. A Latin. Players but east. Even having so much more fun now whether that little interview in the dugout. The look like a kid yeah it looked like it is that there have been fun. And I think the Latin community and and it has brought so much more that joy of the game back to look for awhile ago very. Professional. Gain words you don't you don't shall emotion you know do a Clinton. But as and I mean I don't know Pete gets the justice either of them having. On each yeah yeah I think about what the actor Morgan while Coke should vote. With the beast mode and in the in Milwaukee. Yeah he did in Milwaukee get into a guy and you know what yeah it was yet they loved it here and and this team in Milwaukee they had. It's a lot of fun I am watching them right down to the end when it was great very quickly you've got shot a couple of poor players you're working with you don't keep work with them we'd love to see the Milwaukee soon I'd. I think that would be awesome. Yeah absolutely. Could Madeira has worked with in the past two fourteen more drastic in quick order. Strapped to deny that thirties in the thirtieth round or some of and he actually just got bumped up to double in quick story on and we were. You'd be okay let me share Innospec Heusen and Elaine with the timber regulars and he got. Pushed down to forget. What's below the army legal points low area. And and you know we have the conversation where is that you know upon it cut in goes serve hamburgers back in Hawaii. We just had to cut it a uses. As a learning experience what do you wanna get from this could you can get frustrated the pack into it that so we develop new mentality and and two weeks that he gets called up. And you know even though way. And you know this year is government debt to double in Wisconsin a year within a year he goes from I might be serving hamburgers to say. On the car. In his Major League in double AE so it really comes back to that mindset it is that by the way really is a part way. Rate take you so much we are running out of time again it's playing on high ground is the book. It's an available Amazon.com. Go to renewed my performance dot com to get more information race Santiago. Really appreciate your time good luck with the book. Please let us know when when the second book is ready to go. Absolutely thanks guys appreciate it cabinet. You are you are you definitely accurate passers could see you thank him his his faith in the zone on sports Radio One 057 halftime. The fan. You've been listening defeat in the zone with host Mike and give Ernie and pastor can help her. You can hear feet in the zone every Sunday at ADM. To find patch shows exclusive podcast sporting contribute with an inside tip for guest simply go defeat in the zone dot com. Kate in the zone is an inside look at people's sports and their walk in faith. Join us again next Sunday for faith in the zone right here on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Well yeah. The games. More service. Noted.