Reiter: I'm so HIGH on the Bucks!

Bill Michaels
Thursday, April 20th

04/20/17: Bill Reiter, Host of "Reiter Than You" on CBS Sports Radio, believes the Bucks will end up being the best team in the East down the road. What else do they need in order for that happen?


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He's the host the a that you bill writer now joining us from CBS Sports Radio don't buy it. It's entrapment. Obvious go. The outside the national perspective what the box him going on because there's a lot of books theory in this area obviously we're not that far magical we knew which economy is doing blogs and beat him your perception of what the Milwaukee Bucks you don't. I actually I am so high on the blog Bob I actually think I had a conversation with a couple and the date low level executives last two days. I think the box that scene that are in the best position to take over for LeBron and cavs and LeBron window closes in two or three years. But what's going on right now but beyond that public bowl team the way they're fighting the way they're playing in this series. The only game up there while Abdul Jabbar went down. I think it's very reminiscent of when the thunder started to collapse and they rising power before they got really good when Katie was still there. I think it's very reminiscent of one step curry started quietly emerged as a god it was going to become a superstar and the guys around him. As a group they're gonna there's going to be Egypt Egypt. I actually think Milwaukee Bucks had a chance to be a legitimate power in the NB a few years. Because I think Jonathan any chance in a league stars lead he'd be good bets in the botched two or three years down there. So when you look at this team what else today needing your opinion. I'm in any real big need to win a championship video cute thing they need another score or two defensively they need to be better. And they need yards to these sort of what the promised I'd get all all hovers around. That young dude I mean they really. Really need him to be a guy. Who becomes a player that can win you a series or two in the playoffs and triggered a part about it upon. But the fact that he he's led his team in all five statistical category per game points rebounds assists. Locked steel. That'd absolutely astounding so people could do it I think you can be that's going to be critical. They talk about art a different level of defense is energy and efficiency hasn't begun to stoppers. Because as much water they aren't gonna Goddard says. You do not aware about what an NBA championship ever got to be a championship to advance to the danger suppose he'd been. If you don't play great defense and the box to not play very good defense are actually bad. Defense that keen. But I understand that the process cannot come up come around I think gave into to root really really good coach I think it'll I think sixty years I think they're going to have that direction. The rest of the MBA playoffs obviously Cleveland has her hands for and then they've been battling with Indianapolis you know what Golden State's gonna bring to the table you know it is going to be a mainstay of a San Antonio what I found amazing was watching that Houston game last night. I granted the line you overall we talk about her global for Westbrook against intention when you take over forty shots. And you're really not doing anything defensively to tire out your opponent. Man I is that's not going to be winning basketball in the post season and so are. No lawful Koppel watching it it's too bad I loved what Russ has been to the week specialist with Kevin Durant obviously haven't. Odd jets and the guys for the warriors and I love that thundered you actually like them to upset Houston. In that series let up their defense and Westbrook greatness might might care than to steal an early game. But he's definitely you can and not be that bad in the fourth quarter and it frankly and not think Michael Jordan and not under the John Paxson on that team. But my god would study the history of the game Russ would you how. After no matter how good you lark. You'd have guys around that are great war trust kite who are they hit shots you have to at least a little bit when you're getting double team to take bad shots. Give the ball up give the rock up. Let your guide attacked the rim get to the free throw line try to hit a popular to do when you don't you're going to have exactly happened last night you're gonna have a game in hand. On the road in the playoffs you should've won that you personally until about Russell Russell Westbrook he personally handed that he's. Com I want to put back over the Eastern Conference what the bulls or during the Celtics right now I know there's some euphoria in in in Chicago and even though they're making this little bit of a raw and it's it's it's kind of false optimism I guess maybe the best way to put it. Is if you're Chicago Bulls fan for any it's gonna happen down the road however. Is this more the bulls in the way they're playing or is this more the Celtics in what they're going through with a Isiah Thomas. Yes great question I think it's I think it's a combination candidate per extra warmth. For both of these peacekeepers on the Chicago side they are too old and they're not detailed enough and it cannot just what is your that'll it'll it'll. Rear its ugly head again when the delegates stuff. Did they once seated in the well that it continues which it seems like they're probably gonna win. This series. It's a one off you've gotten better and you're playing well. These guys are getting along Rondo is not being immediate at least for the moment right that things are going as well it's gonna go to Chicago. And you've got to get inside this being a Boston Celtics team that is probably statistically the worst one seed we've seen. Certainly in my lifetime they don't have a superstar in the 11 guy who comes called metadata Thomas. He's the only immaculate. He brutal tragedy in losing his sister I think it's clearly had an effect on game. Of course it would it would affect any of us you've got market Smart instead of rallying around a guy trying to create instability decided to give the bird to Boston. Public stance I mean look it's ugly all the way around and I think be answered the question is. It is the Celtics in this really dire spot in the cattle so that was certainly they're not as good as they're wanting to indicate in this awful thing that happened to the most important player. Going up against a bulls seem that the good matchup for them and that they're ever gonna do what Chicago can be a first round series there's just a real bad spot for positive. Real quick kind Elmer through a little bit of a curve ball but it was I know you talk about everything so wanted to real quick through the NFL and I don't wanna go through every team we just give me some your favorites coming in this season. You know I mean I'm on long time bears fan in the back now to be good but the fact that Jay Cutler finally got an FK did occur but it is a beautiful beautiful thing. I think I think the titans and back into the game again. I agree that I think the Packers are going to be phenomenal I am of the belief in the greatest error that we theirs in quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers might be. The best of the bunch not named Tom Brady I think the page it's obviously going to be remarkably remarkably good again. I'm really interested to see what Houston can be this year because bill O'Brien on the hot seat and ops while others go on and I don't know. If people really understood how much onslaught wasn't just a bad quarterback. But he wasn't doing well lot of that organization in the quarterback room I think that he could be really really insisting surprise. I think Atlanta going to be fascinating I don't like that kind of heartbreaking thought I covered that game that the worst thing I've ever seen eighteen due out cuts in that department game. And that was worse that choke job in the second half. But that still you really good football game and I think that bag of Matt Ryan like one Betty in the misery watched again and again and again. I think the falcons they're going to be eighteen month mission are going to be really dangerous. Good stuff yeah I'd I got to ask you about the show because obviously anybody listening to any CBS Sports Radio affiliate is gonna be getting your programs or give us give us the cliff notes version. Let those urgent former newspaper writer columnist midwest guy is going to be incredibly candid we're gonna go after people who deserve to be gone after like Chris ball is not. A great dignity maker not a winner went back and take ourselves too seriously we're gonna have. A lot of fun and we're gonna make sure we talk about things that people care about who live outside of beautiful New York City. They go good stuff is always in bill looked torn here and yeah many many times on the road okay. Actually felt to regulator they don't bill writer post a writer venue on CBS Sports Radio is going to be week nights. 5 design as central time that's by the 9 central time and you going to be hearing him on on many of those CBS radio Sports Radio affiliates. As well he joined us on the Schneider orange ally.