Sedar: Still no pressure on this team, even after bad losses

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Tuesday, September 12th

09/12/17: Ed Sedar, Milwaukee Brewers Third Base Coach, is very optimistic, despite the team’s inconsistent play. What was his reaction to the loss of Jimmy Nelson? Plus, what is Matt Garza like as a leader in the clubhouse?


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We bring in the third base coach for your Milwaukee Brewers Ed cedar now joining us in. That lets doubly important things first and foremost how is the house down in Florida. Tricked up album or jury why as a as far as we go to lead your people check out. They're getting hit as hard as we thought. So why any thing any I mean as far is like our cars and things like that are air everything still gutter you. You now Sergey for new vehicle. Now and everything's gasped at first concerned about their late stage because in the end up on the floor on the car world won't say exactly where. We're probably most worried about 8 AM and up weathering the storm. That's that's fantastic. Appreciate the update from you know and now meanwhile the update regarding this team I got a tea everybody's geek coming out of Chicago yesterday I mean it was like and baseball what the hell happened last night. Gathered just to or brawl you know he just and also a lot of mishaps while looking at they have a lot cuter little Katy and we just never. Seemed to get. On board against some men. He's not Major League pitcher for a reason so either it's just last night and then. We get plucked even a series that even the series tonight against called. So. My question is and I know this is probably easier to ask you very difficult to answer put. Though the question on everybody's mind is what you go into Colorado you play well you go against San Francisco you don't you beat the Dodgers you've beaten a split with the cardinals beat. Three out of four from Washington Nationals need go to Cincinnati and there again you know a team that's supposedly lesser what is it about getting up for good teams. And kind of not playing well for Letterman eternal plan while against the teams that I guess she should be beating. You you know that that's unlike Saturday evening clutch and hard Monday ads are so. Somewhat but have the answer that would really. Really help I'll probably you know you look at Cincinnati and there and motivate you know playing spoiler is as you know a good hitting chi and yes that's that's a hard one answer that is played so well against Chicago on an open and I'll let. You know pretty bad seven not then you know note showing yesterday so we've just got to. Like this team has shown. You know the bounce back let's bounce back tonight and then go further series win tomorrow and hopefully will change things around. So right now I guess after a loss like last night nobody expects you to win now but that we talked about the mood this team all throughout the season home there really isn't this up and down but I do have that I have to ask about the mood after Jameer Nelson spoke to the team the other night finding out that. He had his season has come knowing that it. Yeah it was kind of like. Good and bad. The ads you median down it was just that time and city dominating performance. Throughout the year. Yeah he spoke to achieve heat in the article you note that he talked about now at least they connect this team. All right no matter even after tough losses to read and just go out news. Keep pounding away at it's natural world and I'm doing on the so he acts bad. These Jimmy's season and the world economic that hope someone can pick up form and the let's talk about taken care of business like we should veto. They are I want to ask you you just say if you've experienced due in your career or had much experience with guys that have come back from a torn lay Roman again night I the way I understand that it's not a deep terrorists not with on the inner portion it's more of an outer portion superficial type of thing so. Do you have any without that being the doctors sort of speak give any. Kind of insight into the prognosis on something like this. Now I actually don't get that would be. Up so our. Training that our medical staff team doctors and stuff. It and I wouldn't happen I know a lot of people come back on the money issue of people come back from Evan Berry you know which completely scared that Tommy John surgeries people come back from and it's anybody but Jimmy's work ethic and the way he. Takes about it straight during conditioning camps you were to pick someone that can come back. I keep worst day we are not a binding error major or whatever but if anybody would do it that they helped medical staffs Jimmy can do it just by his work ethic alone I think. How much does the numbers and on talk in more Saber metrics percentages. You know likelihood and things like oh how much does that play into decisions. For guy because we know its sole analytical now when it comes to the approach at the plate and it seems like at times when used face teams that you should be beating. Guys just start trying to grip and rip it and swing for the fences oppose us as some of the working the pitch counts in such. It is that I don't know what that is at an amateur and again I'm trying to figure this out but it seems like just it it there's a different mentality indoor approach. When you guys come off a big series win and you get back into a series against with a lesser team and usually it's the offense that's the first thing ago. Yeah it has and it just comes from to meet all written out Latin pitchers dictate you know which are gonna swing at that retaining him like. Or yesterday saying god brought usually would you know work on the outside and have a controlling both the inside and the outside. Portions of the play my that it happens you've really got to. Not mister kitchen is when you get up because that makes it extremely tough as some tips sometimes dominate the inside part of the play Merlino baton hasn't. Someone who dominate. Outer happened when he had both of them even dominating both have so. That's not you just got to try to grind out at bats and apply patent. Plus you know people always based on a couple times but he's just happy to be I mean just cannot get your actual mental toll. You know come up with better better approach to de Angola. Go to winter gets from Kia. Talk with a Souter brewers third base coach god does this team feel pressure when they have a law as they go another half game back in the standings knowing that the end of the season is so only a couple of weeks away. I would say now to that you believe that same what you better now locked room that you use the same mother. Like restated on this show even after devastating loss and obviously you know. Seems to compact in that place where are devastating series you know like the Cincinnati game and then. We've heard keep overtake him we were done and come back and sneak a cub that's just I don't think there's scheme really. Get in the apple and later another pedestal with the same approach in the same attitude in the locker room everyone's it's almost like a key you guys there are people trying to help each other routes so. I look for a come back complain a great game today and and win that one and then win tomorrow or the series went. Have you looked around at times and went holy crap the cubs lost again can you believe this. She's got I don't let let you do that so that users are meant the cubs lost yeah becomes law you have over your reaction to China where you've gone down on a couple hits here a couple of it's there in the who knows Bob well if you don't we show got games left and we're still grinding it out and I've policy in the world industries. I have I may well known I have a real issue with with Matt Garza right now he hasn't pitched well I understand that. He has spoken to the media so given a pass on that but how you. They keep talking about this leadership and we don't obviously get a chance to see if we can you give us a glimpse and insight into his leadership that is supposed to be so magnanimous Matt Garza brings of the table. Yeah you know even when we were struggling. For that one when they had a players only only meeting it was Garza who brought it up cars and brawny show on the he's translating and the Ares I always either in the dugout now he's out nuts and watching the starting pitchers trying to help out as much as possible. He's one of Q on our team that has actually been through the playoffs and who knows what it's all about saw. The series Sherri in his inside and there are continuing to work our which he argued is. Yeah I was kind of niceties or are you oh you were looking for a little leadership served a step up believable to a column that players only meeting so I don't know that's probably. One of the keys sitting right there about his leadership well. Are you have two more against Pittsburgh and three against Miami then you're on the road because you're taken on Pittsburg yet again how vital is it to get this series win against this team could you know you're gonna face meant PNC haven't been successful recently against them. How much do you absolutely need this. Are you add this is well. Almost all the teams are there now but this is actually a big one tonight you know after the showing at last eight accurate back. Our basics and score some run the runners in scoring while. Yet a home run post audience target and some homers. And good hearing about tonight's game and now when I'm sure I get into the locker room today it'll be like business as usual people it's and go to our hitters meeting ever game plan to get ready to go. That's always a pleasure buddy we'll talk it down the road hopefully you guys zero when it's more baseball or talk him out of first place division leading Milwaukee Brewers team next week okay. I'll like a credit you my body right there until about eight dodge dealers they go that's at C universe third base coach joining us in the shatter my online now right now.