Shaw Smacks Homer #20 in 3-2 Win

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Saturday, July 15th

07/15/17: PHI 2, MIL 3 – The Milwaukee Admirals Baseball Post Game Show


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Worst fans get ready for a passion. Perspective and your chance to react it's time for. For the longest running post game show in Milwaukee this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blaze started fleet now is a great time to order your hat trick package include. A stylish limited edition hat plus tickets to three app. Girls games for only 69 dollars go to Milwaukee admirals dot com for more info now a baseball guy who tells it like it is your fan. And host Tim Allen. And it is a final from Miller Park in the results are good game 2832. Victory over the Philadelphia Phillies the luck of everybody. It is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blades farm inflate Tim Allen baby house it and Anthony man Dallas as the beats. Goes. I get equity victory to there we go again Billy. Fire up the six feet. Hey it's okay. I never feel logging Mandan. The studio he would be seen something. Very dangerous thing. And again that night. To go all over 511. Games over at 52. And 41 and man oh man that. So it's a little bit of a nail biter and how much Jimmie Nelson he continues a fine season. With us six and served two thirds of three hit two run baseball that walk a couple of men. And struck out nine in this performance is to a spot check on his ERA now. With the victory. They get radars as a sign it raises up to 327 at. After tonight's award it it lowered it was 330 come on and right yes so it goes 327. That was it. I these came in three to fall flat. Nose 330 yeah. Bomb and and they get the victory tonight celebrating the 82 American league championship brewers team. I thought that was cool I don't know what you guys thought 37000 plus at Miller Park. Another big gate tonight at Miller Park as the brewers skip the 32 victory. How and our into this are you. We are I am I have been Billy has been there isn't on a brewer fans that have been. I mean just that is sort of at that general questions tonight how into this thing are you. That's a pretty simple question. Is it every pitch every situation every inning is that can't wait to the first pitch here. Can't wait for the on deck showed he gets fired up for game three in the brewers going after a sweep tomorrow. Is that sort of the Bob keep an eye yeah that's kind of cool can't wait to go to the game on. August 17. Type of thing. The is that where your crap. You know you get you bought some tickets and yeah what are plotting what are these tickets we've bought these tickets oh that's for that. The thirteen okay that's coming up in a few weeks how would this argue let's check out the game recap here is the brewers get the victory a is scoreless game throughout the early portions of this thing. But Eric Thain CEO and did that nonsense in the got the brewers on the board in the bottom of the fifth inning. Seventeen stolen bases tonight. Each team's scoring a run in that fifth inning but it didn't take long for the brewers to take the lead. As aired on Perez led off the bottom of the sixth inning everything. Her right now that is getting burned on her right. My last. Nice my. Yeah that was bent old movie in the fox sports Wisconsin studios with crackers John and bill Schroeder as the brewers go up to one. But the pesky little Phillies here what they can be little nets too can't they Billy. Then they're giving themselves in games that Tutsi had a lot of people didn't expect to be as competitive as they event. A rare and Franco in these guys man they they battle perhaps certainly got my nerves he's certainly makes the list. I can't wait till he leaves tomorrow if you're now the brewers are gonna face these guys next week but. What they they can get it done you need need to buckle in when you play the Phillies a little bit but giving LC gives up the second of his two runs. In the seventh inning and end his day is done after six and two thirds. Council goes to get Oliver Drake and he gets the job done there but the F Phillies by that I had tied it up. After seven innings of play as the brewers don't score in the bottom half Jacob Barnes gets into some trouble in the eighth inning a couple of walks and he's gonna need the pitcher's best brands. The. And that ended that top half of the eighth inning in the bottom half. Being a little quiet lately here a ticking time bomb little tick tick tick in the back your mind. That's Travis Shaw with a baton sand. And big time for Travis shot twentieth on the season for the brewers third baseman we moved to the ninth inning and the answer is yachts. On two fronts number one. Corey can able gets a strike out 45 straight games with a strikeout for Corey can enable that is big league record. For the the reliever for the brewers city blocks down the save save number sixteen for the crew and there's your final. A 32 victory those that are scoreboard watching. The cubs did get the win rise they gave final yet that is ten not 103 the final there in Baltimore. 103 now at some point that game guys by the way the score was eight to two cubs. That did not sit well with me. Eight Justin. I would not I wanted to see the cubs win tonight eight it is you know why right. Notes in tell us why. That's the eight the 82 things that you know celebrate. We're celebrating all you've said you and your superstitions. That's gonna trip you up. Well no I just did well yeah I got out of that put them at that and itself. The cubs go on to win but the brewers maintain five and a half lead in the central with a 52 in 52 and 41 marker you can. 7991250. With this start here in 93 games in the books the beat goes on calendar turned the page another day another game another series ends tomorrow. And how into this are you. We are into it arm into a for a couple of reasons the raw obviously we we have to. And and half two is sort of air quo type thing we have to follow along because that's what we do that's that's our job right. Mean we just we just have to that is don't we give it four. But number two I would anyway. I would be way into the us anyway it would be sort of must watch brewers baseball must follow brewers baseball for me. Because you'd these types of seasons don't come around very often as a as a brewer fan will will tally. And as a brewer fan we know these types of seasons they don't come along very often. And it's just it's it's quite simple the the fact that there do what they're doing here on but to date here July 16. Yep it's July 16 couple weeks away from mop August here. And they're right there winning games I don't care who it is I don't care who their beatings at at this point does it matter. It really matter who you're winning against. It it kind of doesn't some will say that well who are you beating him to regularly scheduled strength has the strength of schedules for college football. That's enough for baseball at baseball's about getting wins winning Ceres. Playing consistent baseball. That's what baseball is all about these guys get it done. How into this are you 7991250. Is it changed the way you schedule your day at all yet. I mean. It probably should at some point. If not now I mean I don't know when it's going to maybe. Are there any going forward there's no way that there be any more hurdles for people glued to hold off on Jamar there. I remember whether you or benchmarks that people are still holding out hope for holding out yeah they're adding on and it's to finally buy into the team. I think so for certain there are you Europe for sir a lot of people don't believe and we went over this about 567 years ago. The huge debate on the station here. As the debate throughout the the day parts throughout the morning show in the mid day and everybody everybody was talking about this and they've got a little. Got a little chippy even at times as to win the pennant race starts and I think. More so than not. Most people believed that it was mid August. I'm not kidding you really that that's what everyone kind of settled into that that time frame was mid August. But it that and I obviously disagreed. I mean I I'm a big time believer in game one game one let's go by so. Are you guys followed every game I understand baseball as a three and a half hour game yes I said three and a half hour game. So it's it's about a three and a half hour events here and I get that we all have lives the list. I mean there's some there's some broadcasters both TV and radio that you could ask them details about the brewers game yesterday they would know. This they'd literally would not know and it's part of their job. Course I'm not gonna name names the first thing your sand will lose that. I can tell you there are people that his breeze through the articles. Check out Twitter a little bit scroll through their FaceBook page. Of scroll through the fan FaceBook paid to get all the details and boom they're done well lump caught up now following Bruce baseball that's OK if you wanna follow it that way. Think you're missing out on a lot of fun that's for sure. But how into this are you all cell. This is this is going to be fun there are certain teams. That gravitate toward your interest that gravitate toward your range age range. Gravitate toward mine they celebrates that 1982 brewers here over the weekend. And and that obviously achieve the most success in brewers history that's for sure it it. That simple they go to game seven of the World Series. No other brewers team any other year has done that. So. No other team is even. Made the World Series sorry to say. A source that really. Talk about didn't win the mood can tell that but there are certain years certain teams that gravitate toward your interest for example. A lot of people can relate to this team if he you have to be a little bit older they 82 team I'm talking about got a real little bit older dogs. You gotta be a little bit older to it to remember these counts in the oak levee. I don't know where Ogilvie. Came from but all I know is back then it was banned the oak levee. And it I think Ogilvy. I think it might come from bad news bears wasn't one of the players from the bad news bears Ogilvy. No it's been old levee. It's so I know those guys. That was my age bracket eighteen years old I graduated high school of the year they went to the World Series I mean I was just that was those were my guys. But not really. Let me give let me just help you out here. Let me let me run through when I got bitten by the bought my one of my favorite brewers team it's obviously a 2008 a lab that's gonna. Have a lot of you guys in just. 1976. If the won a gold guy radio bill was still at. Okay. 1976. Is where I really really got bit by the brewer broad edges to it. That that's that's when it happened. Because I was super into my baseball cards. And obviously my brewer cards worse sacred don't touch them. My brother and I would throw punches don't told to tell. I would mess with his beer can collection. And he would mess with my cards. And it would what was not a pretty sight. So it in 76. Alex Graham us was the manager but these guys Charlie Moore Don money George Scott Darrell border. And Caron says is six though less Connell Billy's show our number 26 out there in the outfield. Mean these are guys that that just got to meet Pedro Garcia. Obviously Robin you count on that team to. 2008 Billy what was it for you problematic gas. Eight. For me it was you know I look bag has brought about 2005. Is when the same thing it was is kind of the memorabilia had bog that didn't need sports cards and auto graphs. That was the first time that I met Prince Fielder that was when he was still big Brady Clark fan yet he was still on the on the way up I was a huge Carlos Lee fan as as the pear shaped youth that I was. When you were ever able to see a big guy out there playing baseball and at the highest level in home runs it was so much fun I love that guy. So right around energy on forged out of five were those teams. That really got me in view into the brewers you know every single might like you said it was. It was one of those things on the calendar you you planned the day around 11 pitch was. 7991250. A couple of things on the table here one is how into this brewer Ron are you this year you can fill in the blanks there. They get a 32 victory tonight to go eleven games over 500 and number two we're celebrating the 1982 achievements 35 anniversary. Of the World Series of brewers. But what year. Was your favorite year 8792. 20082011. 7991250. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate. It's a reaction out of brewers 32 victory a little bit of a nail biter but Jimmy Nelson. Along with the bullpen once again Drake Barnes can naval they get it done we'll be back on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Let's add this one out brewers fans time to go inside the box score proxy by Dave and buster's won't Sosa. Eat drink play and watch sports this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blaze farm. Slates. Welcome back brewers get a 32 victory in game two of this three game set over the Phillies you guys and holds that right there we'll get right to you a couple of things on the table how into this argue I know it's an open ended question. But as as the days go by adjusted. Periodically believers can do spots. We just we got to know because. Now here I bring up that 2017 championship season and made in people laugh that. As the as the weeks and months go by. Maybe that is changed maybe that the laugh goes to maybe just a little giggle. Maybe it goes to a little short and called the playoff pulse check. You go they go I won't go inside the box here and check out the numbers also what what is your favorite year for 82 isn't your thing and what year. Does your interest on ago too when you say your favor brewers team. We all know that we can't point to well let's the World Series victory team. We all don't have that comment okay. Because were brewer fan. But we can gravitate toward a specific year inside the box brought you by Dave and buster's in wallets OC each replay and watch sports and since they're celebrating. The 82. American League champion brewers will go to game one of the World Series that year it's been awhile since I've actually looked at the box score. For that particular game game one a brewers victory. Check these numbers out the brewers' victory in game one Paul Molitor goes five for six with a run scored. And to who who RPI's Billy. Robin yeah out follows that up on four for six with a run scored and two RBIs it's the Cecil Cooper in that three hole oops O for four but he did draw a walk and it scored a run Teddy Simmons two for five with a run scored and an RBI a solo homer. Ban old levee oh for four with a walk and a run scored. Storm and Gorman one for four with a walk and run knocked in. Roy Hall goes over to replace my Don money goes one for two with a run scored in an RB I Charlie Moore goes two for five with. Couple runs scored. Jimmie again or two for four when the a couple of runs scored in two knocked in for going to be. Pitching lines that that ball game game one of the World Series in 82 how about this line Mike Caldwell. Nine innings. Three hits no runs a walk in three strikeouts everything in play just about for Caldwell complete game shutout. In game one the brewers get ten runs on seventeen. Hits without an air group. The cardinals know runs on three hits and an air the win goes to Mike Caldwell. The loss goes to Bob force attendance 5300723. In the brewers' co op in the 82 World Series. One game to none. 7991250. Billy I outlet you choose. Where we're gonna go here first on the issue while somebody that's been believing in us for. Quite some time and right Weathers is just an in North Carolina. Home adjusted a lot of let's get a ball affiliated at that. A great day and I just level Billy laps to go to doom a conflict with the hey Tim I got one thing I wanna say I'm asking your question then okay sure. So I watched as we can assure you guys didn't you saw what Vince Scully what he meant to people right. Sure am I think all you guys at 105 point seven expected to a out of towners now that are from Milwaukee duties we can have a good day a bad act and sell a million things I could feel nothing. That in turn on 105 point seven I can hear you talk about the brewers I can hear the big short heel Billy Mike. I can hear even. Part with that other guy yet chuck. In the morning and at that point and Ottawa. But. The thing about level body you guys. Change date in you've gotten that one constant that we all have on account and I just can't express how appreciative I am of you guys. The only way it laughed like I can had a terrible day idealism ability lack not so great about life at the end of the day man this thing. Thank you just and that's that's pretty cool as they appreciate what makes that connection is is is technology these days it allows you. Down there are to just stay in touch. Absolutely so how am in my hand and I'll be real quick I'm yelling at every pitch my wife and my dogs are so upset because I'm. 32 pitch in the fourth inning and I screaming at the top my long I'm ready I was born in 1980 to talk much or paperwork outboard 82. Now I was in my mother's stomach is what the world through my grandfather why have a little bit partial listed 82 nice. My favorite team the first guy I remember willing to be my building number for Beckham's Stapleton baseball in Milwaukee number pork. Because apparently stashed your rookie of the vehicle I. And maybe a little bit impartial to that. But I feel like 35 years later removed. My grandfather rest in peace this year we do. Well we're we're all in and I know that you know Gary from a lot of guys have been balking at -- but it would think that you can be happy about every year. If you predicted in value right. Now appear to have to swallow his words and they say we can't be washed in by the way were two games behind them and I live in that mid Atlantic market. So we're just as good depth the boat and it tracts are open bill. Going to be who seek. And Justin thanks a lot meant stay in touch RI where we were having your premiere down the stretch here. Another one that's another one call and all the boys on the big joke I know I know 7992 ultimately that the let's go to let's go to Adam. Adam your next here on the fan. Yeah you darn. More along and say that. I'm doing RA itself. I am at a wanna say it might most brewer fans out here you don't it's in their mind you know. They might collapse they might blow it this same Albert team but he got to understand that none of that this team had been placed together. Whipped reject guys that they picked out waivers and it got through trades. Everybody they have not turning the big dollar except for a right broaden Mack Garza. Well the wind exactly that to me. That's to me Adam is what makes this thing even more special and and look at. It will will they will they choke it up or whatever I don't know man we do you don't know they don't that we all don't know but good god it 52 when 41. It's a higher expectation of special in my a lot of fans tembo expectations going into the year we're what we're looking at ports that place. Start out of spring training. Oh yeah Orton against the reds or ever yeah after last hey Alan let me ask you this they're celebrating the 82 team. If not the 82 team is your favorite what what year was they can you pin it down at all. My favorite all time. Yeah I'm actually not gonna go with a winning ballclub I actually get up and my favorite at 2002. At 2002. Okay. Because we couldn't have gotten any worse they're nothing to do but look that's for sure. It's true so that is true. We we've really got a lot better after that I think everything came together right when the young guys came up with Corey Hart Rickie Weeks Prince Fielder 20052006. And then of course you know the wild card run into doubt play. Awesome Adam thanks for the call man will will talk soon 7991250. How about the 87 team teams straight. I don't know that's not a fans. Lot of young lovers became brewers fans than a year. They sure did they suited guys like Molitor you ounce obviously but Blanton brags. Billy Joseph Rowe would go. Greg Brock. Was on that 87 team rob deer bill Schroeder. Dale swan named Jimmy again there. Teddy again air those are some of the names and 87 and I know a lot of people gravitate toward that year one of my favorite years obviously to his is in. Unlike some of the teams in the late seventies but again those of you just tuning in. Talking about. If not the 82 team what team might. Have been your favorite team. I go back to 76. Billy Travers and Billy champion. Eduardo Rodriguez. Obviously Hank Aaron was on the team Charlie Moore. That Bloomberg George Scott Darrell Porter. Sixth OSCON don't Billy sharp. Rob now Pedro Garcia was their second baseman that that's when I got hooked. As Robin announcing yet hoped gal act. So 7991250. Burst at the wind the night 32. And 82 celebration continues that was really cool what they did in and out of the TV Booth the radio Booth. Yet to hear from some of these guys again as I talked about last night folks. You get old. You just do you will I will known gets around it no one has found use. It is sort of what what would be the best word to describe it for me to bittersweet. I guess okay beat I was strongly figure I was wondered where you're gonna go with that. The way to describe it is to solve man it says socks it it really does it does. I mean I'm I'm not saying they got a foot in the grave branding and I'll be in that situation at some point to them but it's just kind of a sobering. Mortality philosophical kind of thought. When when you hear some of these guys and see some of these guys. All right let's go to a raid on the south side ray you're next on the fan it's avenue right. AEA and it's like to do that out Warner mark brought it for me it was. Our port eighty cute though I would send your dole anywhere when they're at they're waiting he'd been back in the and I need Q right ignored the results so Gardner. All 92 is an awesome year yup. But what do you know but things certainly about made was that my grandpa used to call the brewers to raise all the time and it is here in Hamburg that can't be repaired it he severed. So like it's awesome that they do with this thing what they did and I would feel like. They have actually every banner you know an upper 57. But there's nothing no connection directly. Which awards I wouldn't came in sports in general could we need to which gene did tootsie. Yardage there or tried. Yeah yeah yeah I gotcha I gotcha. I got to show it it's okay. He won't even though apart right now and I think what big it would offer you on it I would I would warn that year and I I think that's great what they do. And I'm a believer and not get them right now I thought we were bad human in it it's terrible division. But when you take two out of three against New York what you should have beat them. And swept them under leading. You are nice nice steal rate will toxin. Art art chuck Freeman chuck Freeman my friend OK here's the deal chart. This already 82. I mean you're at that time were young broadcaster. And I know you're so well but so. It doesn't have to be that's the team that achieve the highest success shock it's got to be the team that hits you in the heart. And as I've discussed I'd like 76. I like 92 was one of my favorite years and it's as was 82 obviously real celebrated what about you chuck. Raven. Well Elena when I heard you go around orbit 76. You struck recorder Villa what for little walk out Saturday night click go for a little walk and could turn you guys got after watched. And you start to rattle off facilities explorers and I got program on program to them execs were particularly. Aaron's Henry aaron's final year with the brewers and number he was. And 4142 years old who played two years you know just kind of a token. With the team but he'd look you know you look at sixty at the time you know what it's just it. It would probably 76 brewers I would say 7675. With the first gave away. Okay. And just before. It's it's it's it's not at. Certain years gets you whether it's you know your first game collecting baseball cards first game that she went to with your with your father or you. Caught a foul ball or something an autograph and some then. And it didn't have to be much I know the millennial seared shock and and you receive a lot of calls with you and Bart. On brewers baseball but I think the Moline deals will gravitate toward that. All 4567. Range that's nominee gas. Yeah I guess they'll. You know the ninety you can imagine that maybe tootsie. If bark cue from mark part of a morning it was only seven at the time and he can go back to the 92. Review of the gave up its arrival at skydome at the time and I think with late August when NATO wallop the blue jays I thought geez that this this routine could baker brought here ever recourse. Took everybody to as a Robin you know chemistry belt hit all that what. Characters are so many memories you know what that does this whole 82 celebration tonight and I noting when the World Series of labor free with the win the World Series what. Man apple all the old guys give us such great memories from you know from 77 you before that. The media when they have you know beverage or by the when the team a year. That is too bad that in breakthrough a little bit more back now and now I don't know what the wildcard I think we did that one night on the post game show few years ago what. Would've happened with today's wild card format at that time but it's tough to break that down notes shock there were only two divisions in each league. Yeah I mean I it doubles teams. It one year brewers except a few silly 9195 games. Into my. That you. That's as viscerally it's truly amazing. That 92 team Molitor ham bone serve off fawning yeah counts dobbs. Sites or can there Scotty by Fletcher. Oh I've got a lecture rather than everybody India the white. And it's at the old county Dave it was a big crowd on hand and Charlie the aging early up on the model what it's like the knuckleballer you're redemptive. And what's it like it could be on the Palmer summon that game yeah that would right now das lied yes it jumped over and local law and the crowd. That's what. I'm at the year that it was man it was great. You know I honestly I was at that game job I was at that game that is wild. That's wild to bring that up chuck looking forward to doing a show with Theo what next week the week after someone that. Yeah I think a couple of if you your. Awesome have a nice walked chuckles are and I are areas chuck Freeman chuck and and when it was noted chucked. A dead. 7991254. I apologize if you're on old man I just love doing this whole reminiscing thing you guys know that from long years of was seeing this shows beacon which I have to say that 06 was one in my favor years. Don't have Billy yeah yeah yeah absolutely have to and brewers baseball it for me at least. And for the market. Maybe now for you would just for me. 2006 was the first year we did the show. And it's been a constant ever since aren't we get a break here are 7991250. How into this thing aria. And number two your favorite brewers' year since this weekend they're celebrating 82. They've achieved the highest success and brewers history. That doesn't mean they have to be your favorite team. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm and fleet. Maybe tells Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen there's Anthony Mandela and a brewers three to. Victory. Rob Pollack says he only says that seems like anything we get any time we get that team together tonight. We got to do it because I think he deserves as they have so much fun together and that's that's awesome that's what's that's what's in the night and that's. You know when you play a team and you create memories and it's a good bunch of guys that you enjoy each other's company. You know you want to relive that and he won the lottery created I think that's they get to do on weekends like this. And they did just that there are celebrating the 82 AL champion brewers welcome back it's the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm and fleet. Words from Craig Counsell. After a brewers 32 victory thanks for listening to a fan here tonight with the win the brewers eleven games over how into this are you. And it. Again it's just there's sort of an open though open ended question you answered the way you want also since is celebrating the 82 AL champions. At doesn't mean they ate half their force feeding this to be your favorite all time brewer team. In fact. It ranks up there for me I'm torn on a few things I go back to the mid seventies as we've discussed. 76 range. I loved. The 982 team I thought that was a super super fund year to be brewers fans. The 2008 team obviously obviously the 2011 team which. Are really in recent years had. You know had the most talent on paper when you look at and on paper but. What about you which is there a specific year or team that you gravitate toward. As your favorite 7991250. Let's go to art are your next on the Faneuil savvy and are. A tremendous shock going to be OK walk in the street who will moderate the late at night. Yeah early 67 and oh fire chuckled walking down the street has become a little concerned about Internet email and don't call him back when he gets back yeah. You know what you know pops and you know pops into my mind when he said that Susie set on taking a walk in Elmira. And field of dreams. If you remember moonlight Graham the doctor opened Chisholm Minnesota. It just that man with the that all my point it at a Medicaid. That's a pop in the mine at what's on your mind are. I've I really like to win this team is playing at home right now because the whole record. Is not outstanding but they've now won nine of their last added almost like the confidence that. That she literally Qaeda. I gathered here at the feet and has progressed so they're good sign that they're playing and playing well at Miller Park. It really is an outside and watches as a precursor of things are gonna be heat up here as the as the pennant race gets a little more intense. And and I think the fans come on out guys it it does make a difference of talk to many ball players aren't you know this is a pro. That the fans do have a little bit of an impact some players have told me that weed out here we admits it's not a big deal. A lot of players coaches and managers have told me. Yes it is an energy type atmosphere and it does help. I was gonna say you feed off the crowd's energy and I thought there in the ninth today with courage and able when he was gone. I gave up a double but then to feed off the energy of the crowd get that third out put. You know all time favorite team certainly HM and even though the cardinals' longest period in 2011. On the 2011 team principal always ban in all and always was one of my favorite players to watch. I thought he can that he was on American alike but it had refugee. Not help troubled actor again. Daddy not started drinking in game five. And brought him back at all in game six where or the first seventeen straight with ranking on the mound in Miller Park. I'm part. That accurate I'll an eleven team may be. Many people's favorite teams that recchi I'm not made that move in game five to draw Greinke. You know with. I go back to that situation too and I I fully admit. Our thanks for the comment I fully admit the Sparky and I had. A lot of debate on on this rotation in 2000 levens panacea us. The problem I had at that point I don't have a lot of practice analyzing. Rotations. In the playoffs. I just don't. And I still don't. But you think about it how many have there been true since I started this shown no sex. I'd just I'd I'd better added now I think. But we just don't have a lot of wraps if you will. Thinking in those terms that is there's an art form to it there's there's no question about it Billy there's an art form of who you start when you start. How many days rest when is the off day when's the travel day is a game three is a game five is this an elimination game art is an all hands on deck. That's all coming into play. And teams that make the playoffs consistently. Their managerial decisions are obviously much much better added I gotta I gotta met. I didn't know I hide it in that particular year moment we had our gases and we looked at some numbers but we didn't. At least I didn't I'll fully admit I I didn't know which way it was up. 7991250. Let's go to at south of the border here in Chicago land we say loaded jam jam here on the fan. Good evening gentlemen how are we and I. Good vary and there were excellent you know I had a banana. That he met bill I love the revenues and I had a good as your quick story Allah that in mobile oil there. When you about the Robert you know and a motorcycle. He Aaron and now I have to tell you what it's all Palestinian in the order of hundreds of and young twenty something couple in the Bob. That looked at the back in the bottle had and the girl look in those don't know what that is and Michael. Well well well let me tell you are and it repeated about you know the word the World Series but it wouldn't. But it was a celebration because everybody was really. And and wrapped it around the motorcycle and likable moment in its history. And you're kind of like well thanks for sure that would me and it's a bill bill remote but I remembered and at the and it looked unit operation. On line before hand was just like him back all the memories yet. It and just what that what he meant to the city and now all the guys early part of Milwaukee. At the actual about the route baseball in general. And that's about it in this guys that are excited at the in Milwaukee and I think that that really really with the match ball. Well and and that's what they're doing on a weekend like this they're not force feeding and I'm getting a little tired of this whole. And now were were sick of celebrating a loser and that's just that can be further from the truth guys it's not. Just for of people that are forty bought mid forties and older that's not what this weekend was all about this weekend. Was somewhat about paying respect to some heritage here and some history that the brewers have had only been around. They didn't they're not an expansion team from eight years ago there's there's some history here. You don't have to look at history to respect that and and it has to have high success. You don't have to do that they're they're our fans here. That are just fans because they're fans they're not fans based on. There successor failure they're just simply fans and I think part of this weekend. Was two was the sort of educate a weird way it was that was that Connie introduce young the younger generation of when we do say that 82 hail champs that they sort of have a an idea who they are and what they are. Exactly one more quick when I was in Seattle last week my idol where we're sure we're exit Watson the brewers Mexico blackbird op. My eyes I edit I had a gentleman in my opinion he's like yeah you to cart team. Like bought them. Is it that you know people recognize there are beatable me. Seattle that still in Milwaukee. You because then you know most people were still remember that there that. Added that they do in there. Yet they do Jim but thanks for the call man thing thanks a lot appreciate that 7991250. You don't. I don't wanna get negative but that whole Seattle pilots thing that's that's it's confusing to me and it's. All right let's go to. Brian in Kenosha Brian you're next on the fan. They grandma. Or that the game and I thought it was awesome I'm a little bit younger. These guys. Like Robin you know or five years later in Malaysia and I think pointers Saturday. I mean it's awesome and I don't get me killed Iverson I think about stuff like that Nancy I have an Orlando ArQule warmer out and I'm just thinking man. Our 35 years later we have more arises when you know and. After that I mean that that would be awesome I don't know if you caught it while you're at the games eating ketchup and I I think it was robbed of the hour. In the Booth in the TV Booth and and I and I had never heard this story that. Gorman Thomas I Kara called the other player. Had told Robin on sort of one of those you've got no guts and he used the word guts but we all know what word was used there. And that's how he did it he wasn't bribes he was just it was sort of a guy saying I do area that you have no you know. Not stated view that bomb and eat that's why did the motorcycle thing and I have never heard that story see continue to learn about these guys Brian. Yes I mean I want it might for you I guess my Robin you know and on infielder and you know hopefully maybe someday it'll be Orlando Garcia but. You talk about what is my favorite team all I think get away and I actually some of the emperor's I mean before that I would. And Richie Sexson and Jerry Burnett an old guy but. Have all the guys Rickie Weeks Prince Fielder all come out together Corey Hart J. J. Hardy and away. He could go back that final we can always where he you or not he YouTube eleven or away but he secretive wrapped in the call for me to win. You write it and they'll fitter on the call an official there allegiance but it's ago bald that game it turns CO. Here are green in the back yeah. And it did did he killed every single time. And an adequate level on the night walk up the moment why don't African bases prince cry and I mean we get chills just thinking about it and it this year and slowly eating my art right where I was always a lap. And I can't wait even if they do break our am already or outlaw it it's old or I can't wait for this summer. It's about them a lot of. Awesome Brian thanks for the call and people wonder. Why the attendance is what it is. Yeah I said. That's it right there I've said there's a relationship between this fan base in the state of Wisconsin and that baseball team and some people. And I'll leave a nameless. War. Us. That's not true there is something here there is some than Bruin and something Coca here the justice. We adore that team. We do it's just fact there's no reason this team should be putting in the attendance that it does. There's really no there's no rhyme or reason to do it. People try to figured out we youth you tell me why that. Arguments and so wait I'm gonna put Billy on the clock here. Now we know that call. In 2008 bill. This is probably one of the better. One of the better calls. In terms of audio. And I agree with the crime it's what I call. And them with bills rotor going yes yes yes so we're looking for the double played and did not not right there and I'll catch an idiot not pro not a brawny sold on. Not the brawny home run were talking 2008 with a weeks and Gwynn junior. On. Bill Hall. Corey Hart J. J. Hardy. Kendall. Wright is out say yep that's the whole game. Obviously brought in Branson. And and that's a special year because that broke the drought. It's it's I he'd say get guys. But it had been 26 years before making the playoffs which is I gotta be honest and I said it before I'll stay consistent rather pathetic. It just is there's not one pro sports team in the Big Three or four sports hockey basketball baseball football. Not one teams should go to 26 years without making the playoffs ever ever ever. It was rather that. But you beat the door down you got it done in 2008 that's got to rank high up there when you talk about your favorite teams. They're not forced beat new 82 they're respecting the history of the Milwaukee Brewers that's what they're doing here. Just. Tired of it tired of people stand that they're celebrating the loser now they're not let's go to woods' show. Joseph your next on the fan here it's evident you know. Hey thanks for having me on. Sure very excited. We are streaming the game in Chicago my son and I last week when they won nine before the Grand Slam. Just in and watch and I'm newly area so I came here in 1999 it was a baseball banned from buffalo area. 2008. Mimi fans. With the trade. But. The obvious one for me it's 2011 was the best I was sitting in a hotel on the middle Nebraska when Niger watching the game and Niger Morgan's. Almost out of this fight single handedly. With the entire cardinals. He is oh yeah that's right that's right. We we brought my nine month old son took three games and they never lost were feeding them crushed peas and in this stadium there. I ran out I went through the NLCS game to. And they introduce the cardinals with those seen dramatic gas car they showed the guy and they said let's go meet the pansies. Let me write seated at destroy yes of course but ours. That was. Right. That lets see it then so you've you've gravitated gravitate toward eleven men right. He again I'm pretty new that as a fan I don't have the long history. I remember in buffalo I remember when they made that World Series in 82 but I was only lapin. OK so you're just just old enough to kind of comprehend. And and that was me that I mean now was back when I don't know what the ratings were at that time television ratings we certainly did have as much coverage has to do now. No that's the first World Series I remember is him. And I've very person. Very good Joey hey thanks for calling thanks Louis then do appreciate that first get a victory tonight three to the final also watch how into this are you will hear from Greg council. I got a couple other things up our sleeve here tonight as well. And what year do you gravitate toward heated toward if you don't like the 82 thing that's going on. OK fine I gotta do and that's your choice but what year is it that is you're 82 team. And we always hear about the 2008 team Billy has passed that test with skits and chills together as brewers fans. On the ground. At the amazing. Billy where where you. I was sitting in my living room actually I was watcher and that I sort of jump around once I saw the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers are popping champagne right after that. I was a little too young for the champagne celebration Powell where you are no way in 2008. I would have been all thirteen or fourteen. OK so that's in your wheel house yet that was that was right in the heart of it Manley has said the obsessions are about two years before that so. The fear of losing baseball for me has been. At a few and far between but the the great successes. They'd they do still feel very sweet when you only get a couple of them. Then and I think what's what a lot of. I I don't know people like guests on one single out you know broadcasters or writers or anything like that I think I think we. We need to understand. The simplicity sometimes of of how people are fans. And sometimes it's rather simple for example. Course I collected baseball cards still there. Any brewer card did not go in the regular. BN it went in a separate little stack are we all like that or my knuckle. Little bit of a knuckle but keep doing you do keep your brewers separate your favorite team separate. Well you know I told you how. The rest of my family is so somebody's walk ours were all organized by by team in logo and in the whole binder crystal ball through Sony maybe hoosiers. The OCD in the family that ran for me that separated at the root. Okay. I'm going one further. That even the cards. That pictured a brewer in the background. Wind. In my brewers that. There could be a picture of Bobby grits. Turning a double play. But if Pedro Garcia sliding into Bobby rich. It's a brewer cart. That's simple. We have different addictions to our sports teams on mark's mark crazy. Like many others are not. So again point being just and I know we're up against of ray's point being added it's a little tiresome. To hear this I'm I'm tired of celebrating the loser from Haiti to its it is it's that's I think it's disrespectful. I think it's disrespectful to those players. The organization as a whole you think what you want I'm just on you what what is I think. That it's disrespectful. Mean those guys are out their Boston their asses Saint Louis was no slouch that year and today they weren't there are good baseball team. Willie McGee and wizard of Pozen and Porter in these guys they're there were dynamite. I'm brewers have their hands for you know we can go ifs and buts but nonetheless. It is a pretty cool thing that the brewers have done here from Craig Counsell coming up you guys can jump in here at 7991250. You're listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blames farm inflate. Brewers win tonight three TO they got a shot at the sweep with a victory tomorrow will be back on sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. So what's the skipper got to say about this game. Let's find out the Scopes from the skipper brought to my bright this trend college athletics offering athletic scholarships is six junior college sports learn. I'm more at BSE bobcats dot com. This is the only station brewers fans. Before. After the game 1057 FM the fan. They will get to tribe counsel here insists the second I know a lot of guys that on hold for awhile let's get to a Jeremy Jeremy you're on the fan what's going on. How much it's good to start at night I'm from upper Michigan. And I was just taking in thirteen and fourteen. Yesterday and today Lou nice. This seems just says such supplied but I don't know it up on the terrorists I upgraded my speech about ballpark up. And those behind that duck oh yesterday analysts to its two rows behind first base today. Holy crap pop how they can I ask you this and in you don't have to let me know if you don't want to read. So use the that the app there'd have to upgrade your seats what additional charge to big did did they get four. It was so believes what nine dollars yesterday and 39 today and when you wrote an op. Site and at that figure out the team sometimes those that electrified door cultures so today it was 34 dollars. And so you he had your original ticket nannies is inaccurate 34 dollars and I was right now own I'd like it's sort of bought two rows behind first days. That is awesome and Helio and right there and coupled kitten and those are drop lately any kind of complex. At those seats are probably on a boxer so down there are yet just about. I would believe because you're right by the dugout and it was just so much fun because you can look in the air and then you'd just see him jumping or on and then going on Saltzman. It's just such a fight this season's well. All I can again not that you are watching this all its I was 34 when I want my first game and when he fourteen. And I was really on team U remotely collapsed and and you'll learn what Reid sold laws after the fact. And and I honestly up citizens and my favorite team but like a senate appointments one at fourteen. But there's just such abide you know like is at stake or that didn't have a position in this season. And you play it during spring training to where where they put him on the roster and there's just so many little stories. Oh law. RC is as started split off and sin and it was all the that the tiger by. You know there's just so many little story is supposed to such fund units here and so five and a half hour drive from me down eyes there it's gambling compulsion about. Our league it's a business thirteen and fourteen a few minorities so. Beckham told you what I just died I think they're for real. OK I very good man's drive careful pay thanks for coming in man I had to miss again and way and coupled won't. Who. He gets a VI PC you know what Jeremy GE journal Longley heat it's one of the lot seats on the bandwagon Tammy. He does yup it's all it's one of the comfy couches yes or the recliner the end it end of the Collison has the recliner on that yet. All right he doesn't also right there I gotta get Craig Counsell here is going to be pretty pleased we get to some axes and those here with council continue our conversation. About how into this are you at 52 and 41. And additionally there celebrating the 82 team which is your. If not the 82 team which year is your 82 team is Greg council after the brewers three to win it hurts us. That's a big spot for sure I mean we. You know zig and line got to get and and it was type game and nowadays they had there the back venerable times then. And pretty effective and Astros team and equitable funds effective and music and great ending. He was tough on them and laws of that has been doing really well for a long time with. Travis is. Noises like Kennedy's. Consistent is the right word Florida is the sheer. He's got every right away you know what engineers of the tool of those guys who can block. Yeah I mean. They're both they're both all starters pitched very well. You know we were in it we got since then things go on against Nolan often. That's two out rallies basically. And junior has done an outstanding and most of his breaking ball and I was then plus breaking ball very good breaking bomb. You know early and missed just knowing remain one mistake and heard is that the breaking ball just up enough. It's for an and it when he people it's very well. Overrated. Arms double plays its huge moment so she walks it. Speaking helping me search. Well let's. You know again. In the middle or on the now. Mountainous. Franco went and Joseph so. It's tough spot Jake has been thrown the ball very well I thought Mason quality pitches editing it. You know borderline pitches. But. You know sometimes you need to catch a break caught a break. Cloning question Clinton visited me more avenues Brody Jim bush. Well I mean I think quip what it. What was fun as it there's a good atmosphere in part starting game. That was that was cool ceremony for sure. Some hands react to great news I was. Just personally it was great to see those guys shake our hands. They just seemed that the splits until they were they've been telling stories. You know to each other this it's like there on the team bus Silva. One after I walk the line of them. It's Manchester town revolves story lotteries so. It was cool out there for sure. Yeah it's that this team and turn I mean this again that was a better team this all of the basic reminds them. Of themselves. As a home runs off. Yeah I think the home runs is. As is similar for sheer. I mean I think that's seamless. What they were good it felt like they were so close and then payroll of players but they were close they had a tough on planet candidate. They were great teammates together. This on this group has created for sure. So minutes of look it's it's an honor for us to be competitive scene that those that act of baseball team. Now here's the behind the scenes post game updates as we take you. Inside the clubhouse. Brought to my whether tech windows and doors received 50% off qualifying installations with no money down visit weathered dash TEK dot com for info this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blazed. Honestly it's. I welcome back little Rami Mac lost style. Yeah that was supposed to be turning point right there are so let's let's talk of we'll get behind the scenes in just a bit I got some Robin the count audio here. That you're gonna love to here. And the police were involved so stick around with. But that attitude survey and straight from Robin you out right now before we get to our turning point with edible arrangements might Clemens from the fans staff fewer at the ballgame tonight. It's gonna Michael. While at the end of act Craig Counsell presser you'll hear me asking Craig your question it is. Is that because the questions AM there at the end was about in a comparing mr. indeed these two numbers. And has you know it's great to be compared to them but I'm not so sure. And I said you know what rubbing on actually semblance. This team reminds him of the late seventies orders. Correct with more speed yes. A while a young group. And you know no baggage check in now we're just we're young guys right here to prove ourselves. Whoa you know there's no grudges building up within a team or favoritism and I think we're just here to have fun. And we're swinging freely where it baseball and this group. Is that all run in the last eight straight games 26 of the last 48 games this is not so much. Harvey's wall bangers as Bambi bombers of the late seventies. I think that's way and and console. And you'll hear at the end that press conference you play that later we hear me expand on that sought justice terms of how it compares those tattoos you know what's what's cool was being down field. They're great access before the game with all those 1982 brewers out there and you realize that Craig Counsell was like the little. Lol nephew in all the little cousin out there he came years after these guys and I think a lot of those guys. Also more managers allow those guys thought they could stay in baseball be managers. The Craig Counsell little brother who did make it as a manager and that's an interest in connection. Another thing is in all of those that that was made that 82 numbers came tinsel special and this is this thing name a team. Other than a franchise other than the 69 Chicago Cubs. That as a big green you know like this and brings back all these players and puts a mop and expenses and and all that. They didn't win a World Series. I don't think there is one might. And it's the brewers and it's partly because of Bud Selig and Islam that team. And mark and not till you know agreeing along with that but this thing is. Even though they didn't win the series against the top pitching lineup they had against these two cardinals and like yours autism manager that he was so dam on. I mean between. Harvick getting out their heart went out there and Ted Simmons in the dugout haven't cigarette pack and look at rich in Gorman Thomas make it no. No bones of the fact that yet they got in about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning what's the period up in all they were going on they were so would genuine. They represented. Brewers fans that were drinking beer after beer atomic stadium and having a blast in one quick thing that I posted on the FaceBook pages this. Well for the game. Bob McClure was part of an eight and pitching staff is now the pitching coach for the Phillies he's come under fire this spring because obviously the in the silly starting rotation is struggling. But he was or talked to Raleigh fingers. And people go page talking about the break in bowl and those guys are showing them the grip that they put on the baseball 35 years ago. And so McCourt gets his his cellphone and starts of videotape their demonstrations. To show his players on the Phillies. I've got that video and on the FaceBook page. On the fence pretty well interest rates. That's very cool that is that is super cool might drive safe under wire home. Thank you attempt by the areas like Clemens. From the fan here I would say this. These these reunion things. This I think the brewers should stay with it only because. They'd been doing it. He's done for now he's done it's so much now you kind of just have to continue to buy into it in life is finished through. You have 35 I mean I don't know forty. Years would be the right time to do it's I think and another fifteen had a fifty year of absolutely you do it again when he finally do 3550. It's a desert so. Very very solid progression. My police were involved might just mentioned that yeah how we get into 3 in the morning we had some Beers so a lot. That's hardly all sorts yet that's that's that was part of that these guys said they had cholera at some personality. And I think that's sort of what's going on here. With a Craig Counsell run 2017. Team. Puts in for a good thought turning point in this ball game is certain manager Craig Counsell talk about. The a Jacob Barnes double play I think that might have been it yet Travis on the bottom half gave the brewers the lead but. And I mean you don't get to that point possibly if Jacob Barnes does he get that double play. That happened in the top of the eight turning point brought to buy edible arrangements based shore. Something different and I know you're wondering what to get somebody as a gift and you struck when they got everything. It probably have not tried this yet. Edible arrangements at 4149889423. Bill. Yeah especially when you different gift idea maybe bring some do it. To a party that that person always has the party they always are having people over the got a big pool they got a nice new patio they wanna have everybody over. And you brought a bottle line for the last five trips. And I gonna do the same thing and right you're gonna bring. A 39 dollars. Call about edible arrangements beige or 4149889423. It's 4149889423. I look forward to getting to. It's audio from a Romany downed unknown fox sports Wisconsin talking about the police involved. And. It's just guys is it just makes you think that. It was fun and maybe maybe society and maybe baseball's different maybe they're scrutinized a little bit more I know we take a look at him we talk about. Now that some of the trouble that some of these guys get into and maybe they got into some of the same trouble we just didn't find out about it. That's so well. Get to Robin out in his comments under I didn't have a right Cameron their fault that's right and and word didn't fire around America. And beyond that. Overt to a little hand held device here maybe some of them did. Get more trouble than we ever knew about I would take a break you're gonna sports last from Anthony welcome back bill Schmidt Tim Allen a brewers 32 victory. Once again brewers fans who listening to the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by boys farm inflate. Hierro sports Radio One 057 FM the fan. Now here's the behind the scenes post game updates as we take you. Inside the clubhouse. Brought to my weather cycle windows and doors received 50% off qualifying installations with no money down visit weather desk teekay dot com. For info this is the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by blaze farm fleet. Welcome back K brewers 32 victory to take game two of this three game set they go for the sweep tomorrow. And you got a broom handy that's right you bought a new one Billy yeah I bought us a new one for the playoff stretch we had a clean up. And take out the mess. It's the US we do. All right so they get the victory tonight. Large part the arm of Jimmy Nelson having an outstanding season that continued tonight. Six and two thirds of two run ball three gets couple walks in nine strikeouts he had the strikeout going today especially early. In this so performance and it was up to the ball many of the take a look at the situation with a Oliver Drake. He's been outstanding against lefties last night Craig's bullpen management it was off the charts good I mean it was just. One of the best managed games of the season. By Craig Counsell last night. You thought it was going to be a runaway things tighten up and he managed like that was a one one run ball game. And probably it was a three run ball game because of his management of that bullpen. Don't look now but start taken a look at ability of these bullpen ER race. Their common down and their common weighed down now are they getting. A little bit overworked. I think that is have been held to a minimum. The last month or so. But as of late I think proportionate again a little bit too much and maybe that's why the acquisition of Tyler well. And we'll see about that but these CRA numbers are starting to look a little more respectable. Especially Jerry Hughes got a lot of heat early on in the season he's down to a 289. Through 37 and a third innings of work Albert straight you mentioned him. He's pitched 33 innings he's down down to a four all nine. I seas trying to become that right handed situational lefty has an interesting call for that Carlos Torres then worked a lot. In 46 innings of work at a 43 ERA in. Elsewhere in the bullpen Josh cater point 69. Corey can naval port 1620. Brent Souter and always been in the starting rotation as well when it's 296 or aren't well Jacob Barnes at 346. Rob scale. A 354 cent so rob stay deal. If you wanna rank and file probably the last guy you go to and in the mid threes. Does that then yeah. Well and Knoll and and it's coming down now and and I think we we saw some gaudy numbers on apple and at one point this year but it's good tranda. To see with these brewers secondly before we get to this Robin you know stuff. The wildcard is definitely in play and what an insurance policy for the brewers. Yeah it sure is just it just is it's an insurance policy that's gonna take hold. As we move along here. They're the brewers eleven games over 500 will they keep up what this pace I don't know but if they don't if the cubs start getting hot. And they've won a couple out of the break as well. And it is just sweet to kind of to kind of keep them down it really yes. But you know their very talented team and they could put things together. If the cubs or cardinals for that for that matter. Get hot here and now we take a look at the Rockies. At 52 wins right there with the brewers that's the second wild card at the brewers were not to win their divisional lead their division at this point in time. There would be eight high for the second wok cart and old their look at way up at the Diamondbacks. As the first wild card team. At 53. Victories. You're looking over at the Washington Nationals they lead their division. Wild card in play if somebody happens again not chasing down I doubted but. There at 54 victories so. In theory here the insurance policy comes in the place with the Rockies in the Diamondbacks. And if that is if the cubs overtake the brewers. In reality here. Here on July 16. That the day it's turning into the sixties it's a normal listening via okay into the sixteenth of July. The brewers are just two wins away from the two seed. In the National League I know the seed thing has more about. Football basketball thing but do it in theory here just so we we all get this in the entire National League. The brewers are two wins off the two seed. It kills off that narratives TV that this is just a team winning a doubt and division a team that's a place holder for a sleeping giant. The right there in the mix 54 wins for the nationals 53 for the Diamondbacks 52 for the Rockies 52 for the brewers. Obviously the Dodgers are. No really super super staying in hot and and we'll see if they can cooled down a little bit but their. What do they 62. The rain somewhere in there are so that's that's Columbia. You know a tough one to chase down but I just thought I'd throw the throw that out the wild card definitely in play in case the cubs to get super hot. And start chasing down the brewers. I was still maintain. The philosophy that. This is gonna get really insisting. I think that an Al central will tighten up I do I I think I think the cubs and in brewers and possibly the cardinals. The pirates still think I would imagine if you walked in their clubhouse and asked those guys. They are probably saying that we can get on a run here when ten or twelve be right back in this thing. In case that today in case that occurs. You know who knows this whole thing couldn't tighten up. Not just the vision but wild cards can be a fun ride here certainly in the next day and at least. At least Billy of the first don't want a little downhill slide a little bit to start angling down a little bit it's gonna take a month before this thing. You know starts this shuffle out and level off a little bit it's going to be very very interesting. And I'm looking forward to it hopefully brewers fans can. Can jump on board as well and I know ER if you with in the sun in my voice definitely. There whether it's all right they celebrate the 82 ale champ brewers over the weekend here are still another game on this weekend's celebration. And you're gonna grab me and AL championship ring I've got to do on the action on studio tomorrow bill Charles that you want. I'll visit her friends I'll make sure that we can you know get our are actually then get down by turnstile Mike OK we'll they'll they'll take care of us are. It's sorry hello Mike. Our solar Robert hung out talked about now I didn't hear. I stepped away from the TV follow both the radio and TV when when we go follow the games here in game. And I just kindness caught the tail end of this. Assuming there were police involved in some capacity here goal back with some story time with them Robin you out on fox sports Wisconsin. Good clean fun but still only. Right we all should have been. It's not always that would if a few times that and you know certainly that that that should have been the result that. You know that that was rare when we took it back yeah I was involved in most of those are yet you when you push the one that would keep this out of jail. 'cause that was a number of times police officers were involved in. In some of these stories. That day fortunately we had you on our side they chose to be on our side do without you guys I think there would have been a number of times that. Just a couple of days after you guys got back from the World Series. We thought maybe tonight we saw the left field gate opened down there were you guys are being introduced and didn't see you at first down there maybe give it another run. Your mind that we did do that and I. Always work we put that on the bed. Don't know about bad luck to you gonna do you have none none are you. I've made the mistake when I'm not. Mandalay a man. I was extremely challenge. I like your game. Lubavitch. And another brand name Ted Simmons one on each side of me telling me that I didn't have a let's put it any guts yeah it would loosen the away a little bit and if I didn't take them motorcycle right and onto the field them. I basically told him you're right that don't have any got them. The more they take me on. This Jupiter right now. Next thing I know I'm pulling through the center field fence or wherever that it wasn't right that anybody would. Most of us that he's no I mean. But sees one of like to have heard that answer you have to question. 7991250. It just a couple of minutes left here for if you wanted to jump in here. That is cool. Our right and I'm not condone in any idea I don't know what violations they may have done. Back then. But the fact that he said jail she probably should have been the result. Yep it sure is the interest stinging words and some little things they did there is there's a lot of probable cause that I was getting out of Robbins. Out of his tone. I don't know what it is I'm assuming a bunch of beer was involved. And you get a bunch of dudes around a bunch beer and things happen parade things happen. Got lots of America could and all of upgrade the but it's the that is good stuff right there and that is the that is awesome to hear stories like that really really cool. By the brewers go back added that tomorrow. As it's game three brewers and Phillies brewers high water mark continues to climb now eleven games over 500. At 52 and 41 they go after the sweep tomorrow. Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin on deck show built by hosing get together building batter that airs at that noon tomorrow. And after the last pitch you make the switch hopefully we're going to be sitting here talking about a brewers team which is. Twelve games over 500 in the third sweep of the season. That would be nice after the last pitch you make the switch the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by planes farm in fleet thanks to our crew at Miller Park. For Anthony Mandela baby house Bill Smith my name is Tim Allen. Once again the final tonight three to. We'll talk to tomorrow getting you on deck for game three and remembers smile Milwaukee the world will smile back.