Sheehan: Redskins are hoping for improvement defensively

Packers Coverage
Friday, August 18th

08/18/17: Kevin Sheehan of ESPN 980 in Washington D.C. takes a look at the Redskins as we head into Saturday night’s preseason game against the Pack. Does Kirk Cousins have a long-term future in D.C.?


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Lot of interest in the Green Bay Packers coming up tomorrow and I eight as they take on the Washington Redskins. Out its Allan DC and talk more about that. We've got Kevin Sheehan co host to Cooley Kevin on ESPN 980 in Washington DC now joining us shatter or trot line Kevin I don't man. I. Well I guess my question that you starting saudis with Aaron Rodgers was likely not playing in this ball game what specifically are you looking out of four out of that Washington Redskins team. Well that out to be darker hurt for hurt in the street not a way to harder and harder to elapsed well it. Doesn't he's gonna play now. That's your these are threats can be sent what does. With awful last year you know we're the worse spurt they don't eat at the lead duke was. The worst for a long deep sense third major longer. In modern NFL history and they've got players and I think there are a lot of people were. Anticipating. At least you know a student shelling. Against Aaron Rodgers and and the rappers you know all parents. In that precede maturity you're ready earlier he started that's gonna happen. About that but that's the mixture burgers for this team is that there starter Greg got a great chance. This should Ole you know if they made any progress from last week they quiet Allah we. Means that it Joseph Flacco mallet you know it is that a starter in this league him. And it's it's a bit stopper and he put it I think there's hope the courage that at least marginally improved it got at least five new starters. You also I got it when they drafted they drafted pretty heavy in the defensive side of the football right police showed the pitcher Ryan Anderson in the second round Jonathan Allen picked up the defensive end. In the first round are these guys gonna make immediate impacts or these guys going to be wool kind of mix them in slowly in their project. I think everybody would be shocked if Jonathan Allen eaten in immediate. Upgrade over what they've had you know if you do not read it. You know Earl wild bear in the shoulder and might just drop them. And Redskins were glad to pick them up at seventeen per round and they looked it up by a player. And so are yet to disappointed it happened. And I think when they get to the regular seat and Allen. Much any dirt that line it. Will place and person in the below sort of his ability against the run and are really he should antsy and starting again. It would go remedy you spent last year. They really struggled at times defensively that there were cuter opportunity for some first. Fit to step in and start. The dollar at about the carpets were quick Kirk cousins obviously as a base are about 2324. Million box. This season. What does this do to this team what does this do with his future with this team because after this season again we're talking about a guy it's an unrestricted free agent is this. Is this the year that he he he commands that kind of money and that gets the big contract Horry won't where they leaning with him right now. Well many feel already commander team has really been slow to react to new. You know a guy who I think he now that it there were worse. The police. Starting quarterback you know you know they're ten or twelve teams that don't have those. And it will that he seems to. While the Redskins and at one forever became reality you know Galactica description that missile that chants. Last year monologue or you'll. I'd years they wanted to see one more year of and by doing that they put themselves in position were he has Opel workers each. You're away from potential for its review agency. And it went forward this year we are 44 years. And he told guarantee that they were 930. Minimum picture. And that's the print edition tag in the franchise tag but no. Took him really desperate. 70 wait a day that there that they are now. When this seat over each year he didn't get the last two point where you were one. It's seen any sign that years of starting. They're apt to come up when a lot of money keep them a long term deal. Order tension when the first legitimate starting quarterback they've had in multiple. Does he have good weapons around him I know Terrelle Pryor and it comes from Cleveland I know that Josh docs is there. James in Crowder is there or do they have enough I know they also drafted always Robert Davis they think they picked up on this sixth round I'm not mistaken. To do they have enough for around him to give enough weaponry. Well they lost Jackson returned reactor analyst Kirk so Jackson would eat for a they you know and at the play making ability that few others have incurred so maybe at the top editor they had that he. They do well water so Arctic in order to answer. For Jackson got we're priests the paper. And they rude like not suited to help either a quarter of the year though. And crowd who really developed last year's they did it but it really depend on as a slot guy into the elite went helped. You know you guys seen at the game they use rights advocate for the last couple years or read. Is arguably set impressed ask that you might get in. Europe in China or else he. And he just got to stay LP I don't think it got wet bit. I think they're using pumped on the web are not. That we put him up but that could be competitive there they gain this year. Were you anymore when you that final game of the year in the playoffs upper deck in inspecting sea. And it's not your. Average this hear an appeal play out that there. I was gonna say what is the what the overall expectations you believe that that team is a team that's definitely gonna make it to the post season. Or are they one of those teams it's gonna trying to hang on we go to New York is getting a lot of publicity obviously what Dallas did last year. Is is Washington ready to make that next leap. You know they came off the division means seat last year got no real up preceded it low a year though. They want a games with a bad parents and no running game this murder that you're depicting that they're being run Purcell a little bit. If you believe patella operate on these parents will result so much better defensively. I think will be a very good look at it and you worked outside. Said the past opposite that it be beaten the last two years lot of people don't know that they were about her presence contract he. And that sort of dominate headlines debate that'll be peaceful pass up an op at last year's. And I don't see that it would step back significantly they're better eat it would. If they're not that much better and eat that they're gonna struggle already. Kevin appreciate that time thanks so much I'll read your stuff after the game. As a matter fact there was you're stuck after the game coming up on Monday because this should be an interest in one especially Aaron Rodgers which week. Are getting indications he's not gonna play in this ball games or witnessed would Brad on the will do against a pretty decent defense. As you said your defense is trying to bulls have a secondary so we'll see which one breaks come tomorrow night Kevin version okay. Yet thanks. Thank stock and assume they are Kevin Sheehan he's co host of Cooley Kevin on ESPN nine median Washington DC. Joining us for a couple of minutes on the Schneider or each allied Schneider hiring drivers right now you work are they treat you fair. Eighty plus years they've been doing it call 844 pride or go to Schneider jobs dot com 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs that got.