Sogard, Perez, Aguilar - who NEEDS to play everyday?

Chuck & Winkler
Friday, May 19th

05-19-17: Chuck and Winkler 7am Hour - Too many hot bats for Craig Counsell to try and keep in the lineup.  Who do you think NEEDS to play everyday for the crew... Sogard, Perez, or Aguilar?


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It's. Know chuck can we blurred. Cool I have come from a brilliant didn't strike me colleague just letting studio. On sports Radio One 057 NFL much. Sports Radio One 057. FM the fan. They were on 1250 on me AM dial as well mr. Freeman I'm borrowing gore. Household names in Milwaukee. But I I mean Eric's old guard is a household name and watch much to us I think we are alive we should be. Player so guard. ME what do you do in this situation. What are you doing better to Florida Gator was the last well. You gotta use the EH the extra hitter a this is a great problem to have its us army some honesty or as an everyday lineup. Alexi egg you are in the everyday lineup if so guard jury out on him but. He got to ride the hot hand out. You gotta keep Eric so hard in their lineup as long as you can as long as he's performing this way. And we put on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash on 057 FM the fan. I assuming everybody's healthy who'd you wanna see in that everyday lineup because we had this discussion or Perot as this week. And hazy say you are and now you have Eric so there are three guys who are. Really bench players that are performing. Better than what you're getting at the starting role we put that question up there here's the answers we've gotten so far. Mick says pariahs. Sean says Perez. John says arrests Lloyd says. They're not for ads and he says per ads. A lot of answers say Perez and then Larry cubs there and says cell guard also get credit nick Franklin. While that's one guy and give him the evil whatever wanna see him sorry wanna. Maybe as a defensive replacement. Late game but was turned a bit the order comes up vote. I'll Robert says so guard is a pretty big MLB sample size to know you'll come back to life as a 240 inner. Prez is a super utility guy will get his four or fifty at bats is doing that. HER is the unknown. But he's been doing OK as a pinch. Hater. 7991250. You can chime in FaceBook Twitter as well Dave says an emperor has needs to be a line of every day. Plays everywhere swings a solid that plays solid defense strong asset. Right now with Torres he's an good position where. He can play like every position except pitching and catching Craig was even asked are you gonna have him where catchers. Protecting vast and he's in now he's he's not catching but he can play the seven other things so Prez you can find ways. To get in there and when you have a super utility like that. That's great but then you have eight you are who needs to be in there OK so where do you put any rehab department first there already put fame so when he got to go to left field. Or right field more than wares abroad and Santana hasn't done anything sir to ride the pine either so I guess you could put names and write and spend sand. And I don't know keep with themes he's better probably soon learn de Mayo what's. My dad is that from there things yes he says so don't ever talk at all he says player I can play right field with a idea Saul Kaye yes so no I yeah we want a guy who's got a little of Madonna out there right field and he's moralist oh I'm a left fielder we first baseman. Who could place of left field I don't know but one human rights field. And there was so dire what do you do with him Ryan and twitters says so guard in VR out. Bill Smith with us today who's on the post game show with Tim Allen and that's that you guys are tired about last night. Putting sole guardian right now over Janet then VIR. Was there a lot of people. Which you guys no matter what was the determination in others a lot of. Hesitation necessarily not. Just feeling that maybe you're moving on from Jonathan VR just a little too soon. Jonathan BRC 213 for the first six weeks of the season and has an on base percentage under 280 which is just in the lead us project is just not gonna not gonna cut it now and when you have a guy like Eric so art who's. Riding the hot hand right now. I Tim and I both kind of put it that you're necessarily benching Jonathan VR but your showing that if you're not gonna perform that we have guys on the bench guys on the forty man that will Perdue. So he gave VR the last two days off. Distinct isn't it that little mental regrouped to get his mind straight to Giambi as a neighbor is a reset button for Jonathan VR. That he may be needed to I stop the run of the army's been 200. Bob we all like to think that he's gonna turn around what he's only had one sample size of the year right and we don't know all. In the doesn't need to return on a sixty million dollar cut triggered a tourist. It was so I was I was good with it because as I am I am unsure whether or not he is I like to think he's part of the future and he's gonna be a really good player an all star player. We don't know that just yet and exit and that's exactly right two and once last year key kind of switched over from home he moved over at third base wants that brought Orlando Garcia up. I'm transition over to second base here. He finished the season slumping a little bit last year used a 300 hitter. Offered just about the entire year last three weeks of the year comes slumped down and finish the year 285. And has started this season. On that same trend so there can be a little bit of instilled maybe settling into the new position as he felt maybe he had the shortstop. Position ripped away from him Biden. There is there's no feelings here that are too fragile to be able to but you have to cushion the blow yeah I think if your if your Major League ballclub try to win games either way. Yeah yeah I mean I think this team. And mr. gore teams in the past that there who have had winning records certain guys have emerged on teams right. That you can count on every so far on this team themes as the merger we didn't think that he was at any he's been out for last week or so. But you know he's he's kind of emerged so ours is another one of those guys. Who's who of the mark Lester BR emerged salt. It's a good prop the books that for the brewers have I don't know I just I think the stuff disk celts always says that always plays a cellphone. Jake says on Twitter no matter what you do you can't take Garcia out of the lineup because he makes a play every game with his glove and makes you forget is heating. Kyle says pirates antennae can't take him out either he's one of the hottest hitters on this team no way does he go. To the bench you guys were asking that question again bell on FaceBook last night on the post game show. Do you go with just do you goal was sold are over VR hear the answers on that question. Right now hot bat says dashed I think you have to says Andrew absolutely says Aron white Al not says Justin. Yes says show on. Nerd power says mark without question yes says Steve bad question of course you do it says Michael K. It is pre auction well I ever had all these answers are so dart over ER which. On one hand yes you do ride the hot bat but on the other hand. I mean this guy's been up for all week. When I think it is though I think people are a little bit disenchanted with the are now only batting 200 but the base running yours to end. You know if this that last home stand him he's benched because of the week Silva. The two dead base running errors that one game at Miller Park so yep that's the next day. I think maybe fans just say okay let's set the scandalous bright out so guard because does he know so as a chemicals type mistakes the stupid base running mistakes. Vieira is probably more baseball town so guard I think I mean I don't know that but so guard Ozal you know he's not gonna maples mental errors that VRs enemy. And what Tim sale last night isn't eat I do agree with the right when he said it. So art seems to be the most fundamentally sound baseball player on this storage guys talk what that opposed him and not necessarily. Like you said not doesn't have necessarily the best talent on the fastest guy but he. Fundamentally he's back and virtue nursery gets picked off in the first inning comes back in the rest of the Gainey was clean mentally and are sharp the rest of the way out. You guys are talking about the most fundamentally sound guys and I think with a bronze got a world the talent that's really brought us the most fundamentally. A sound guy and the steam tolerant best yet you've got to have talent obviously but I mean you look at his swing. In nobody not too many guys baseball flood ability at the swing like him it is over swing. It's got a great follow through rate launch level Communist everything a lovable brawn swings on an island in the outfield. You know he's a degree assault field but fundamentally does some things right yet and. What another name that we brought up to was Travis shop again and that's another one too when you dark while the swing in the broached. He just looks real real smooth out their house and just consistently is playing good defense and right now armies into the nineties same thing. What guys David surge has brought in here. It's hard not to go with the hot and home because your team is in first place and it's hard not to get a little bit captured by the moment saved this guys didn't. You know for for for the last two games we can't take him out of line. When that might have is coming on every day get to Atlanta. Usually on com alert about three hours Williams looking tenancy and AOL mail. They don't. Ill dog up reserves the getting last Thursday's line on AOL and academics and so I'm just funny on movies played last week but dom no you've got mail drop has been your chin strap out of this Candace is. You've got mail you've got mail and you know AOL's used -- one for twenty years. Then that little drop there. But darkness somehow silence that movement by dom. Play that Tony yours to do so why start a journal of your Gmail account is that is that is that the is that comedian on college rivalry prior a couple of weeks ago he's he's not mail out and he's never changing years Hillary and it sailed well I wanted to do he's on Netscape Netscape now pays the nine dollars and mine and start mr. is that money well. I've never had a problem with that didn't. He straight set result of Gmail via a problem his Gmail last week. Our company email here we profitably in the email. All our email system is down there yeah as he is I have I didn't realize when I have might that you my revenues from last twenty years right people. What Knoll in in. These sports teams or work with the all email me out here are some pocket change midstream these guys. C news tip to fall back the curtain just a little bit out there and shock and going cooler. Chuck passed to be here before mean every morning because she's got to take the floppy disk put into us. Connects us through the Internet well. He knows what you don't make an excuse nor I diseased and normal taught my seventeen Internet and when you're at when you can access your email like often happens around here. I'll be like just browser ought to almighty we are here and everything I need a whole economic news we get everything I need to know although it out of the box seemed LB no problem today. CNF viewer to say Bard played. Play a clip of Craig Counsell talking about Eric's old guard due to do it right is unbelievable to me to four for four games so he's in one series. But if Chocolat the play he's got to get the real the real players got Adam and I'll turn. It that Tate measured just right. So you Chucky get the job done just with the equipment and Tony Allen play Mike currently generate your use open up bull Bobo eat as long as you're still connected to the Internet and a bosses and on the phone and the other. Leggett said never a problem AOL. And I didn't have as had people email me stuff of an email lists all over our. All the sports Roland not gonna inform everyone of those people hate now gear or email me MIT and don't count. You know Ellen and then though never changed or database anyway gonna tell him I think Bartz as steel and all hot and heavy here on after it's his birthday he's all jacked copies. Deal in themselves he which was to bring them and next thing I just been informed on a text. That is sports birthday today yeah happy fortieth birthday apart now yup that's my hairline looks like thank you. Today is your birthday yeah while now to somebody's birthday. We have done. That person's appreciation day but you're controls it today yeah sort you can play all the music and do whatever we want is sure day. I got what I wanna talk in first place brewers at my boys OK 715. Hour fifty Rea did amid all the July got a text. Most ironic that while and a that is your birth right I get you back and SH a birthday. Well you know I was expecting what almost something by Bart who sell promotes any better than you do on this and Patricia and yeah. Come Latin name a player and there's anybody is good out of baton if there's anybody in our radio station is gonna say it's number it's going to be you. Immediately the snap Chad hasn't of the old buddies and he had any gate it okay yeah some of a mode geez everywhere. I. Bought five minutes ago that this was your birthday what you know how I found out shocked. I don't look at the chalkboard. In the opera is a chalkboard and I but we're friends are right but I would have known when I say hi how did you know FaceBook. Little part maybe I just remembered when your birthday it was and he told me two years ago okay that's amazing and I didn't buy. I didn't iPhoto you wanna know something super millennial about me once on aug 33. So that would only 33 IMAP those whales are valid for me as a millennial okay. The select the first time I've worked on my birthday in seven years. That is a pretty high winds that millennial we take off on our birthday and thank you are now a gas in my dad. One way that their birthday it it was a big thing chuck when when I was going to school that kids would be out of school on their birthday now. Possessed so now luckily mine's in mines and August but I would always have football camp OK so for me working on the birthday was. Trying not to throw well and I sells you were days when coach August 10. Write that down. Used to you know make sure you would in the notes and to tell snot he's got a sophomore. Trying to ought to be widget linger like is model and nobody does a better that you. Mod. I don't know if you don't you don't wanna talk about what you may call off the shelf player. Bob made I don't know if that. Glories as read a arts it rots your peers that are going on any special today. At least I park could follow like a lot day the top indictments and it's finally best DJ and Tony very old. Not only golf player and I mentioned third place play by play in the state. Nobody self almost more used on other than a guy for ball thirty years was a reader named Larry the legend. Yet and he gave himself that nickname I'm guessing Larry the legend you know Larry the legend Jesse radio Joseph did mornings I want to wherever. Larry the legend to register economy alleged hit it if it. Chuck and allege he told Mitchell glad you called himself the ledge gallon regular commercial break you divert himself as. Now Larry Johnson recalled so the ledge okay. For my birthday then if so I should do something comic collectors say pushing up daisies music is what's up. Because no more birthdays for the last and all the legends on ice. Levs is on its upcoming and the rest of the day until and she. Now be McCarty alleges is that alleged hash tag barked alleged that alleged OK we relied. As much work is we're gonna put in I don't think it's gonna catch on both California foul line with the opening are scheduled to 9 AM hour Cecil Newton. Heavily pro 9 o'clock hour does the birthday. Not doing anything. Not at all I don't know that's fine Friday night while I was gonna go to Wrigley today OK I was going to be a birthday thing. You India on the white yet but we. We kind of had my birthday of the box game that was my birthday party for me all that's right so we decided do that as a Brit that. Okay yes we have a little and there isn't a game evening is 3000003. Well tomorrow I'm gonna bachelor party side I gotta get up at 5 o'clock second all Els by aids that's why you're not going to details tonight it's your birthday. Now all gonna steal away the spotlight. And and yes we all hold on so the rest of the bachelor party is not is in the Dell's tonight he says he's got to pass a partisan lines I don't answer I and there's a bachelor party that I was invited to in Jacksonville and I'm not going to figure Hillary don't gals that I'm not going to if you're going to borrow player for golf tomorrow looks like rain. I've got two bodies we have the same circle of friends and they scheduled their bachelor party in same weekend but to our site for either of and score under the Dell's tomorrow. Mean it's it's gonna rain tomorrow. Posted. In the morning all day. And I can have a 5 o'clock to drive the dells to be rain and no sorry no friends I figured van owners are important enough for Blige yeah. At pledge yet allegedly took a legend play that way it's. Chuck and Lechler sort trail by seven FM the fan art the. Memorial Day sales go one on right now speaking of legends. Men and from Texas firm when it was still going on a legendary sale. Everyone can save a dollar box storewide umbrellas like beauty rest Sirva hit the roads in war. We mattress sets starting as low as 17999. There's something for everyone plus. Don't miss the best financing offer ever 0% eight PR for six years col one point 66. Seven a 06220. For precaution terms subject credit approval matchup for makes it easy to love your mattress. They don't everyone's perfect night's sleep is unique so it only to mattress. 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Iguchi as the Google the legend during a break and don't. I did not Larry legend well last name just. Letter jets and Larry the legend Johnson and OK he was on. FM and AM radio here in town and yeah he was he's got a good newsmaker and a news shaker. And we can have in my jewelry says he's dead he's dead decides he's dead and yet a news guy who was great whose dad. A David heinous. You don't do the news is say it would be of the time they say per toast and coffee times 726. And he's dead 20 yeah. It is seven Tony said to sustain them obviously the timer here well who can hit or toast and coffee time. I like it. Yeah like I think I I'm FaceBook friends with the woman who used to do sports and their she's a former Marcy alive ya Jolie Bowman a good getter on Joey Bowman she. She's out of the business now what she was a really good I thought she was really she didn't that the sports. And she deducted afternoon news backward radio stations had morning news afternoon news evening news all the news everywhere. But in a radio is now dead and more now on you have a thing called your phone via. An assault sports all the time maybe. How he had as and we just heard Craig Counsell talk about zag Davies the up and I was going to allege that has plagued them backed that up way. My thoughts out of Collins acting he's looked yesterday. But I do not see the game for Nolan did. In Wisconsin. I did see the ninth inning MLB mix channel you know I was on an old man why you don't I have charter cable so we don't have that anyway. I did find out we just had an NB ATV you do another shopping channel yeah. Another savage every eight swap shops on our cable system. But dom ya know MLB mixed. I suppose it probably could get MLB and it makes what charters could charger point five box. He had a lot and I get this up for free I always think about adding the MLB extra innings I wish he would direct TV. Ellen really need to see the brewers. You know I wish I could get DirecTV serendipity in that the baseball packages and all that. May give it I get the package John. I'm them on regular Emma I hadn't adequately almost blacked out from watching the Padres. Last night. Electorate is Dubya and Iran and watched the Padres. Because of course they broadcast game by our own network here was brought to and they would let me give him. Well gains currency this weekend I've heard guys who've bought the MLB package. And somehow changed her the right futurists on the error. Computer to make it. Look in his. I don't this leaguer but make it look like the computer was in Saint Louis so the be able to get the brewer to see I've heard that Cuba the problem as you can do that on dial up so you're screwed. I don't have dial back a while while. Lamar which also shockingly we do have high speed Internet at at at the but dumb. But like with today with the fox sports camp. You can get all the bad you know although there were games on there I went to the rebroadcast that. Zen next time the brewers are not on TV. Is June 8 it's a day game against the giants it is it Miller Park okay. See at least that's home game this sort of the reasons why when I was a kid. When I was five years old. I rooted for three teams and three baseball teams what was the Red Sox. Because. I was on a team called the red sack sure side had a Jersey and at what was the brewers because. I learned very young that you like the teams in nearby but the problem the brewers was I only saw them on TV once a week. I didn't come down from funnel like Carey stadium alive. And they were only on TV like channel twelve or eighteen or something on Sundays soul when I watched TV and watch baseball. I watched a lot of cubs I mean so yes as they can I like the well. Com and they are in the Ellis league it was all day. When I was a kid draw a green dale you can get WGN. Out of Chicago in the broadcast every cup. Brought every cut a sixty games every game was I some soul Biehl bar didn't have white Specter NC double from school. And you could turn on the TV set do you deal there's baseball on TV now the brewers ran in the National League at the time. And and the brewers rush heavily team so they wouldn't be on. Any meat or restaurant channel four. But they would have every game didn't have a lot of the 162 games Knoll home games. And in May be a handful of weight interim TV. Even an 87. 1987 on the brewer television network and this is before fox sports Wisconsin came along. I was scorn ecology know Claire one B of this is pitching just no hitter yet the game was not on TV capital Claire on the TV network because. You know that the the local TV station there was all slow. And ABC affiliate and they were not commercial the brewers over ABC programming so we only time you were is a tunnel Claire. Would have been ounce on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Because they were gonna cut it there ABC programming. So I missed the so. Davis' campus no hitter going maybe seven and amateur college overall. Huddled around the radio. That's why it's sort of amazing to me howl. How much support the brewers to have statewide now. Does it mean you couldn't. You can't watch a lot is it just the fact they come down here with a boss and he'll write an OB but I think no here's what is. The brewers have statewide radio network true the bottles not as many stations. Not as many station's economy the brewers have stations every every small town. Every small town. Carries the brewers. In some smaller towns if they do carry a box sometimes they give popped off my high school sports in the wintertime. True and like the station and finally parked right you know they if Bob liked basketball was on a Friday night that we don't box game on that'd be fun elect basketball right there right now deride the brewers do at a better reach that way him so right and it's a daily thing to. You know people doing whatever they're doing on. Saturday or Sunday. Turning on the game on the radio. And and have a man on in the yard or whatever at 98 or around in off campfire have done that many times of north and north and the nineteen around the campfire yet brilliant. Thousand same with the Braves growing up turner had them on TBS of course yeah you could watch every braves game and every cubs game. Back down. It is the treatment Craig. Enjoy the winning in this team however history repeats itself brewers were first in May in 77. 8797. Only seven and now seventeen. And result no playoffs. I'm not getting to that point yet. I think this team should be at least a 500 team. And I'm just enjoying that there in first place. Ice I see when we post we pause a picture of the standings online. You see our line still way too many people are saying it will fade. It will not stay this way. All right now the first place going in the Wrigley there's huge stakes on the series of enjoy that. Enjoy that. I don't think chuck in the alleges gonna catch on the. Restarting and we're just starting Gabby I think with a seven. Except for 1977. A year's ending a seven. Boyden. Always been a little interesting brewer history. So we are steadily every ten years yeah eight weeks and 87 or 97. Don't 97 so Joseph Joseph was right this rebuild is gonna take ten years because they won't be goody until point 1% to 97 they weren't. It's just dumb you know there. The couple games over 597. Well there. So what are they six. Over right now. So six over right now. Brewers just announcing this is kind of cool. Eric favors I'll verge rake in Corey can Mabel are going decree eight A Miller Park. Brew. Couric enables a big home brewer so on Monday. Spain's Al verge rate and Corey can they've ordered enjoy their off day. By working with MillerCoors. To create a limited release of brew that will be exclusive to Miller Park. A beer's name will be announced at a later date fans will be able to. Think vote on it. So how about alleged brew. Chuck and alleged brutal and they wouldn't get that goal and chuck and the alleged row ya let's check in regular Sports Radio on a 57 of them the fan more on this went over the Padres. And just how important this series is. Will begin to meet Apollo as speaking L. The new pitcher today. His first Major League start its first Major League appearance. And big news for you out of that Kubel yesterday. As well let's check in when we're here on the fan all we are served up by Perkins restaurant and bakery stuff forget on Saturday's. Kids eat free. Tuesdays and Saturdays. Kids eat free. With the purchase of an adult meals so bring the family out Saturday. After four. Get a couple of meals for mom and dad maybe bring grandpa and grandma. Uncle and auntie. And robbing your families are many kids you money free but. You know an adult me on the get a free kids meal. At Perkins plenty to order off the spring fling menu they'll make the story of breakfast lunch or dinner. How about the buttermilk pancake platter. Three of those buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh glaze strawberries. And whipped topping. Serve with two eggs and a choice of two apple had smoked bacon strips or two who sausage links. That's a hard and they are right there that say it's everything you need. Breakfast lunch or dinner you can get their Perkins again Perkins or kids eat free Tuesdays and Saturdays. After four. The brewers got on well close on they come to Chicago today after four in San Diego. Big win yesterday wrapping it up from the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show Tim Allen's. And boy is the beat goes on another victory for the crew to run their mark to 24 and eighteen they take the series in San Diego three games to one and Eric so guard continues to shine. You talk about an old cliche of next man up and there's so there's proof of that right there. Four for four with a walk in three RBIs. Brewers were down two to one in the seventh inning. Well a couple of men on board he rocks a two run double to give the brewers a 32 lead. They attack on Iran in the ninth inning and they go on for the 42 victories act Davies a nice performance first quality start of the year for Zach. Is he runs as mark to five and 26. Innings five hits couple earned runs couple walks and three strikeouts. And the bullpen takes it from there Carlos Torres Jacob Barnes and Corey can navel was saved. Number three the beat goes on the road trip continues a three game set. In Chicago against the cubs today Apollo as speed no Major League debut for the brewers is heat. The next man up after the last bets this afternoon make the switch. To the Milwaukee admirals baseball post game show built by a boy his farm and fleet as the post game meets the big show later today here on the fan. Thank you Tim SP you know another one of these guys that may be doesn't look that intimidating. Listed at 510 a buck denying the. No but his numbers have been pretty activity this year he's been great down there and counsels like boycott hockey doctor this guy shot. The guy is pitching for the cubs today is only started a handful of Major League games as well. Soul. Google's or to get that maybe high scoring game the game could turn out to be in at this time in every start of the game gets rained out at Wrigley. People need them because the feeling is this guy's gonna talk to make one start that would be awful what do beaten he gets is one shot it. Because the feeling is he's gonna come up today and then the next art is going to be made by guerra has this would have been he. Walk the start but jurist gonna take parole to start the cure is not ready. So this guy is gonna come up to make a spot start go back to the minors but they get Reid out today. That the white on his big opportunity. Greatly. No all they have beaten all. Have any butler's Gordon going for the cubs are. Yeah info I have right now. There's rain all over the country and I don't enough looks like a 50%. Chance of rain now Seoul accent seems like Gary they have but you don't. Maybe it is best for the brewers that they do your radar today. Because we don't know what this guy's going to be I mean sure we'd like to see. What he's what he's all ball since he's pitched. At so what AAA. By against the cubs office then do we really want him to throw this guy out there against the cubs. Yeah right now the brewers are two games up on the cubs in the central shirt in which they could buy the into the weekend be back in first place over Milwaukee. So AM AB rating reining in its okay they are outside our doors are saying I think maybe we should cheer their radar today yeah and then move on tough. The rest of the starters the regular starters you know us in Wisconsin always fearing the worst. But they don't play the game they can't lose ground on the cubs don't solicit a rain out today at one all you heard all this lead to worse don't they agree now and he's scheduled to put a moral. You have they would I mean they're all afternoon games so that would probably make sense Howard Dean night doubleheader Y night somebody asked. A yen on a Twitter while three's games are big games and there's the local ordinance at Wrigley to talk about this before local organs when they purples lights of the 1988. That they made an agreement of the the the neighborhood there that they could not have Friday night teams unless. They got special permission for a post season games and Saturday nights to really trying to they have too many Saturday ninety has put Friday after all Friday games are Friday afternoon games. Trend number two. Here's a few names Fauria in the NBA. Rudy go bear. Stephen Curry. Kevin Durant Isiah Thomas. Those four guys along with yacht yes Milwaukee's own Greek freak. On the all NBA second team yeah honest the first box to be on a second team since being 1986. Season. With Sidney mockery of the first book to be out and all NBA first second or third team. Since Andrew Bogut. At the 0910 season the first team. Hard and LeBron Westbrook coli and Anthony Davis a young also see that first team in a matter of time. Yeah we'll talk about that just after 8 o'clock because. There's a chance it could happen even next season. Gets them. Tough guys he's got a leap over at all I mean. Miller bronze going to be first team and be all NBA as long as he wants playing. Pardon is going to be all right. Yeah Russ is going to be western RS burqa is gonna be so woozy to leap over. We'll get an of that at a road block there's an 8 o'clock this is a path. We'll get into that in about twelve. Minutes and the Celtics and cavs play tonight Brad Stevens. Knows his team in Boston needs to play better game to game one did not go well you know we've we missed some. Make a bowl opportunities. They did a great job of attacking the paint and you know. It was clear that those guys that are really emphasized that. Cavs Celtics tonight. Spurs are warriors tomorrow beyond. It was it was a double header tonight Saturday night. You know that this that's the worst I've watched TV. So why it was additional played death game tonight in Boston end. The Boston preemption event last rent a game to have that spurs warriors series has some of the lowest. Ratings for a Western Conference final gaming years. Rarely hear out while colliding with a much gonna help themselves by you have a young Saturday night either. Well I mean that first game on Tuesday the second game and go out because people are those going to be a blow sure plus smackdown was on all yeah. At the edits to take a few people and Aziz three trends graduate Adam deputy if you're looking to buy a home whether your first or last. Contact Adam deputy online and Adam deputy dad calmed gist of mortgage equal housing lender. I wanna do it Jack. It's my birthday. You gotta ledge I wanna do it you gotta what's up we're talking LeBron an and Jay would do it next Hillary want to affect hand. I. We ball. This go round. Within this day don't you. You guys trying to Carville. It's chuck Wrangler from the bright and Stratton college athletics studios that's chuck Freeman I'm the ledge. Seattle when I stated it's on any other day about the colonial that led know Larry alleged call themselves the lynch have it Larry the legend has a liberation bark the legend doesn't wanna do you recall self Larry legend. He Colmes is self bullet he just other people call Larry the legend or legend. And he was for himself as the ledge. So you can call yourself a wedge and I only myself my own nicknames village here Joseph additional edge weekday mornings and the fans and the ledge. As opposed. So you saw Jordan's prime. I watched Jordan growing up. My memories of Jordan are probably different than yours over his first champ which of the Chicago OKC may well 1991. I've seen a lot more of LeBron than have of Jordan. Jordan the thing was the thing with LeBron and jordin and this is such a hot debate as it going to be year after year and tell people. Come to my side where I finally come at the browns better. LeBron can do everything Jordan did. Jordan couldn't do everything LeBron can that's what I think. I don't think. LeBron can play every position. LeBron king he's gonna is gonna go to seven straight final. Now the jordin thing he was seen missed a couple of years so that's it makes it tougher to argue but when he was playing. I guess technically made six straight although he came back late right and that one run. So it's hard to compare in that way in different eras different errors of the game. But there's just nothing that LeBron. Can do and throughout these playoffs he's been as good. Beyond the at his peak LeBron is like Shaq plus staff. Curry but took the brunt is doing is different way of didn't MJ. I meet. I mean MG as bright man even when the bulls were winning NBA titles in the late eighties. Jordan could name how many points. He could score again he was routinely. And when your averaged like 3839 points a game. Which was just amazing Evelyn brown can do that too. While senate yeah. Are they both get it on in different ways I guess I just that's what comes out of enemy everything I've seen jardin du I've seen LeBron do and I haven't seemed jordin. Do everything that LeBron I think Jordan. I don't LeBron is not can't elevate the Jordan to go. That's one thing LeBron can't jumpers guy. Yeah now as George's well yup elevate get to correct he I mean during the reckless race LeBron a stronger there's no doubt. Jordan is strong but. His way of getting to Elaine is overpowering people and he's in his quickness. Jordan quickness and elevation. He has that I am. LeBron. I just I've seen everything has scenes are endorsing LeBron do them. Well I don't Saudia. Use and elevate it like. Jordan that's only to probably doesn't. I saw on argument that said the reason only thing jardin so good is because Nike. Put everything Gatorade and McDonald's they put everything I had into him which in some turned elevated his legend. His legend grew because he was all over the place. No all. Jordan made his own legend. And you know the common thread between both of those guys I think there will the wind. And it would. MJ never lost an NBA final. LeBron hand us. But through no fault of his own. But that MJ just was. In only your result from a symbol bronzed not. But MJ just they're they're both great players. I was still say MJ the better of the two. Seven and 91250. And Jackson yeah honest but wanna talk about this a will take calls and as for sure. We'll do it LeBron or MJ I'm the young hit millennial sly say LeBron. Chalks the sage and wise old man is that a good way to put it Milledge. Because they've jardin. 799 drove through the on the fast.