Sparky: Does Edens have more ownership power than the other two?

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Monday, June 19th

06/19/17: Steve ‘Sparky’ Fifer, Host of the Bucks Post Game Show on 105.7 FM The FAN, has some serious questions about the team’s ownership group. Plus, what does he think of the hiring of Jon Horst?


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It's not with a Steve Sparky Pfeiffer hosted via box post game show on our flagship stations portrait of one of much of an attempt. The Fey and on the shatter or chalice for even now Sparky I don't know what's going on. Well Jim Press governments ordinary replaying it and it did you hear it we did we we started out. The difference between when you first heard the David Stern's propped up on. And you heard of course. All the difference is that David Stern's side you kind of knew the direction from the very beginning it look like you're running or walking in lock step and in this particular wanted to everybody is not walking walks up. The other part of this. You know audit how do you hire a guy Alan Alan you'll hear but that's all right. But it can't you hire got a younger odd in this case very four track course. It can be super critical all what are not just got it right for the job then one need not comic from the distant. A general matter position of director of scouting or anything like that Akron political positions. You're reaching down grabbed the kebab tiger really gonna get to critical people are what do you sound like console port. We didn't start thought we got here you are thought he touted mature beyond his years. Composed. I was referring to they gave up even going to answer much but eat he gave answers and you do OK you're pretty pretty well put together. Like that like it will change our course I guess it. 34 year old. You know like there Richard leveled out of 34 year old guy that works wherever and that's kind of how became a crop vehicle caught me you know over the capture like Stearns what result what about. Have not necessarily a knock out yeah. First let bigger your art or everybody it's my experience that bowl they are. As a girl up obviously got a white audio out but it's just something that I think people are really you know look at. Gold or is art how he handled himself pressed trapped under the handled so interview situations. Odyssey apple himself. I you know around other people. What it's not behind closed doors and opposite Burt struck out for sure he was nervous. To a certain degree at that point they really did trot out of luck part media. But it pisses. A pretty big first about the good thing is like each other opera opera but we've all been together. We don't all the process we've all been through it sitting right there free agency. Another gander Dodd got back on Fort Pierce. And the other thing that concerns me about that press conference. Was the fact that that you know he is he gonna bring in his own people. Which is go to and you want your you. You know you're gonna bring all people but what does that mean for Billy McKinney and adapt our character as. That differ quite a lot that cracked and orientation for what twenty years or something like that obviously been a part of a process. And also been erupting follow this summer and moves are made. Going forward. Melt the eyes and the finger and I've been kind of stock on a few will really the only Timmy misstep in this whole process. He's been when we heard from AG and warn our own major inroads in our kids said the thing was contentious between ownership OK to mark a minority owner. Marc Landry in an obviously Jason Kidd and he didn't mention was seen so Wes scenes is the only one on the podium today the only one talking the only one bringing this up. And then he goes on and admit the process look sloppy when we got the right guy OK that's great. But if he says at the end ownership is very united my question is where's Mark Webber. Allegheny and Ellsbury hit the gridlock that what that would irritate me to a certain degree. Is that Michael had very good humor about it via. Had all told me that it is improper and look pre order about the collection. I'm it's not a lot of great. So there's kilometers to three in agreement worked well. Okay I'm well if that was the case that got that would be the journal actor right now. So my question is what you'd entered the final play Albert and you can help make all the calls. That's what ownership and the other charity get the best power to be able to do that. But obviously either didn't want that everybody based I'll report. That was as gutless are what made a start but that would have got it in admitted that he lobbies for I got to crop and this guy the organization that don't have any experience. And Medicare and public you know like you could have control over and you know pretty much the eye out of big guy let's respect. Act out what every other general madder at fort. And you look at Barbara Cole situation you look at the ownership group a business standpoint the ownership group like yours beyond what herb Cole I. Opera my age being at a community understanding that aspect of it like ears yeah we're purple. From operating the basketball side. The further we get a lot in that it appears there's much different heroic and you know my dream and I get it it's just a dream it'll never happen. But suddenly immersed I'm like it'd be like the Green Bay Packers why can't be in law. Here are your general manager here basketball. President of basketball operations. That you are you people you're gonna right. Want Medicare to better I think as owners and it reaching that it's not going in the right direction we're gonna make change hires somebody opera. What do you attribute their job. It works and we're not gonna get involved entry draft pick out mavrinac gonna be looking over your shoulder annual retreat from what we saw it span of we don't know Jack. No but instead they wanna be involved in the process which tiger are right it's your money could be involved and you want to beat Jerry couch. Right out they've let that go ahead are so the general manager I'll review and on the organization is that public is going to be. The most frustrating part I thought day. We're going to necessarily being like it but it appears that this is the other is going to be sport can now get the rebound I don't necessarily agree on everything. It's all pushed a shot at the very last moment like it they don't agree of course now. Just mainstream and a more screwed up organization. Are trying to get dot not to mention. How much data do you think about all there are what you want persons what did you pay why. Raw let's just say yeah I was wondering I mean everybody's wondering is this say yes man or is this a general manager. What exactly bass and a lot of debt commanders that we had this thing where. You're under the order and you can go to the Arctic air what you are in this regard are real electric cart like you we have. Okay great thanks. I don't. I don't know but yup the one that you actually get out outside of political until George Karl situation water. Did an album overpowering coach would yell. General managers eagle for the most part Herb Kohl a government. Cold War popular one called polonium. Which a coach or are we don't military stopped going up on Larry are trying to think that's not what happened. In this situation adult you question whether or not that it happened wire went out and Woodbury your question what about gonna happen going. Off how confident do you feel that this is the right pick. I have zero confidence. Not good I don't know we can meet complete ball and I mean. In the made a double in the or anything else and are trying to get analyst strive not from the organization cargo pocket for people on. From within the box organization. And I'd been shot down every opportunity I've been able to get her to like Babcock McCain needs. So what but. It is terrific coaches I would guess that the coaches and for the radio shall either of which it's kind of the actor wait well I guess not that's how they roll you're so. Far from our perspective I mean there's not really much know about the guy other than to see okay well what happens now and go from there. On another thing one thing before I let you go is you when it comes to the team itself I know we've got the draft you have your pressure coming up on Thursday night. Anybody in particular you're hoping for. Well I'd like Giles. Dog project are sort of take awhile to develop. That again goes back to what. Or agree on now. No it is jot or in the coming year which got an. Excellent but not every. And nocturnal victory warriors developer cards on alt rock trying to get a star. Or is this ticket could be summed it up immediately. Did it as much a project what was your freshman sophomore all distracted at the first round up box are. They're all going to be project to a certain degree some more than others. So you know you become an eagle give tech shooter that that it dug up cultured about while shooting our position. I'm and put it right in the rotation. That overshot on what direction are we gonna god. It's one big mystery in one big question mark it are is how they're going to our approaches. Going forward because John Hammond himself when he I last saw. I asked him about what needed it to be a point where it organization. You know you stocks like it but the fact is that you start looking chew. No joke that won't last all out whenever that was last year we had a conversation burn treatment. And he said yeah there. Were out there or not just one player away right. Toward the case in it they're all lockstep with John Hammond guys that are a lot. They knew that they would take that I would most upside regardless of how wanted to develop. Now if that doesn't happen then again I'm gonna start to question we make decisions all what you. Yep no a lot of stuff going on that's going to be interesting to see who actually is pulling the strings behind the scenes go it's I was always more to look for two thirds and I do about it. About speculated they OC Sparky five or those who expose him show.