Sparky, Dwight, and Phil recap what happened over the summer in bowling

Spare Time Bowling
Sunday, December 3rd
12/03/17: Castle Lanes Spare Time Bowling Show with Sparky and Dwight

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Spare time bowling show all here. I'm the fans. C Sparky Pfeiffer. Why Auburn this very time pro shop in new Berlin. Film trial over from PGA dot com. Was all the extra frame coverage you hear him pretty much on every single broadcast. That pretty much it it's pretty much literature every single broadcast now. So what's he might Jack about skew laughed. And then you brought in van McNeal for a few Shell's former host of on this show a friend help the subtle grocers have only recently so many who else hops in there with you besides and Jeff pitchers and Ingram he's been there for a lot of for awhile and then Korea it who helps us out I don't think I heard him before he's used before machine just recent news San Antonio Texas with his wife well and these. Station out of there now so Craig and a period bank covered a lot of the qualifying at the World Series of blowing down that's tough on guard today guess that's that's tough to agree on artery or you know. Well bay I'll sorry yes I meant about ya you're currently. And the guy forgetting Marshall Coleman. At least for US open with me while getting all of the sudden turn match for the PO bolsters a bowling is how else are heard the call. In the week he's probably more entertaining off the news. Don't allow all of these pretty entertain both ways I he's got some stories that yet I love martial home and I'm TV and so forth. I've also heard stories Marshall Allman off Mike too that are very very entertaining. I mean come into one of my customers always licences shall Greg and I said he's the thome Tony Romo a bowling. I'll know you and an agreement that no. I'm glad your argument I wanna hear what it is go ahead. Well they insights like what role on us and our argument and Corey as a career I was. Hack Null I mean everyone talks about great job Romo does and the air know why you're seeing TV you're crazy career vs Korea or you're not saying all the career vs all right I'm talking about all commentator yeah yeah that's why I lecture you get their careers you get anyone ever say that to you fell. -- like the Tony Romo no evidently say that's me and he'd be recognized those polls had a good laugh over with a Olerud again with all due respect. To your analysis of broadcasters. Tony Romo is a martial Holman a broadcasters Marshall Coleman who knew a lot longer than Tony Romo Tony Romo just started yelled anything Tony romo's rep and I'll Marshall Coleman's Gregg Marshall Allman. Troop and it's sarcastic but yeah anybody that's that's that's it is insight. That's the biggest in that lake went home and as I life Allman I I absolutely lawful and I would take common over Peterson any day of the week if an option. Guys but you think Peterson's funny. All I he has here here's a big giant that you like to set up 20 yeah I mean Phil what's it like working with its. It's a little different pace with extra frame most of the time because of recovering master of that everything. They both still more time talking gives some insight we're known for Ryan you know he has piano or CBS sports are no they have to stay very you know. On time in the what's swim between Francis no evil or death sometimes of the coverage as a group we're covering two or three different matches and it's it's pretty neat that we both of the unique insights of the game. NORAD he's very much still in with the modern game has kept up with things he is very competitive to a couple of years ago even on the BB 52 or eight or Marshall once he got down on his. Playing career in the in the late ninety's was kind of like yeah I'm Kevin Dunn with this but. He still keeps up with what's going and the sport and and he's even trying to you know you assessing as some questions up here with. And why these guys trying to do this and Inky probably criminal martian of the Kate makes sense and he'd just instantly relate that during the extra frame telecasts so. And then that also declared. Because people asked me at the shop and in this is the answer I give some armor on Tommy hammer on but every when asked. But during the US open where was Randy Peterson. And he's contract it would yes ESPN correct and that was on speak CBS sports network that also the US open is run by the US BC envoy for association Americus it's their personal they picked. To be in the CBS sports or telecast. And the chose Marshall Allman BV the color analyst I'm in particular show so they could have chose Randy victim of children if they OK too because ready when we had the main event PBA finals and CBS sports or this past spring and summer. Randy did the call that would Dave Bryant saw Caylee it's up to the and it would shiver and he's actually running that event. It's a different way that they do it but they both are great job edit for being a collar guy yet and it's it's been fun working with them extremely Jessica's it to you a little bit of a different insight from them. Well got stories yeah yeah in the middle of the eagle martz and talked about it that type of thing is while so. I didn't this year Randy at all World Series of bowing their past and pressed as we rather before the SP and taping recurring. So. But it's always from our corporate news well. You know it it's in Arizona we talk about the play by play team. On the PB 82 or insult fourth. We talk about the analyst role. And it it it's funny because I think about locally here in Milwaukee it was needless around the country I'm while Faisal and from the fan apt. Don't really know what I'm talking mud on the one of the things for sure. But if you talk about the Milwaukee Bucks for instance right united launch of expensive post in showed back there tomorrow night after buck Celtics. I'm we had job a block. On in our toy drive this week and by the way thanks to everybody that was involved or toy drive for Children's Hospital Wisconsin for the eleventh straight year we did better than the year previous. So thanks so much it was. It might have been. Mean outside of the early ones that this might have been like my favorite toy drive that that we've had it was just amazing on Friday. Usually on Friday you know you get that last push we always two thirds of pilots could last pushed. But everybody that was out there and you know all of us have pretty much been their for the entire run Gary's been the entire run Ronnie wasn't out there he was back your producing. Tuesday for some of that but he's been part of the station for for most the Ron. I you can never seen it where at about. Quarter after 4430 we've literally had a line of people waiting to make donations at a table. And that line was very like quarter to six it was just constant people getting allied. Whether it's slightly credit card dropping cash crop out bags of toys there was a line at the table. I've never seen a line at the table and any point during any toy drive in the eleven years it was amazing and end. You know the admiral gave started at 530 so we're on the like 540 or so talking when they are incensed. I'm and we still are people some guy pulled up at like six all three of the box of toys pulled out of his van. And drop off a box of toys it was incredible sight it was so we have John McLaughlin out in John McLaughlin as. The analysts on bucks basketball games we like a columnist Milwaukee buck was a great player a back in the day box and he is there when Jim passed you forever well. We asked John McLaughlin body and how much longer do you plan on doing this because he's cut back it's got a significantly and is ideal probably sooner rather than than later as far as getting out completely. But that hasn't really been decided yet by himself that the Bucs are getting tollway to do whatever he wants witches. Good job I appear flag in the box ownership to respect McLaughlin and what he's up for this organization and of course she runs the Mac fund for those who either don't know that he's a busy guy. So you take him. And the emotions that he is and I'm sure you guys watch McLaughlin over the years not the one time where he got so mad during the game he slant took off and slammed his headphones. I'm account or broken I during the game and they haven't calmed him a new pair of headphones during the game Griese broke has had I think that W Pratt and I don't know they fix it now put. That was like what my favorite moments ever. So you have him till lives dies with the team. Then you look at the Milwaukee Brewers and Bob you know we've been there forever. And I've always said that when Bob you curry is done all right what are we gonna think. We're going to think of all the great story she's sold on a year over the years how much fun it laws in whoever replaces him is going to be up against it. In a matter who it is now. I keep I keep blogging for Gorman Toms I think that's a big the closest one you have. Take two getting the funny stories and being able to relate and still have great analysis of the game all that. Arnold it and so those guys are linked to their teams. Prior to later be calm and the Packers it was who was Jim Irwin who actually date right. And they were the Packers on. Other channels could on every other team could understand why anybody would like down but they were sold about the Packers they lived they died with every play of the packers' nickel to bad teams. If it all yes but that's possible to the Super Bowl win Brighton. So for. That was them. Now look at the PGA tour tell me if I'm wrong Alia annoy your not just some of armor are. This is different my opinion in the National Football League. Major League Baseball. NBA. NHL. All that is different at all. Because all of those other. Games have their own home announcers. Right have there all in. On national announcers intercepts a ball back cobra because there's multiple national games a week whenever there's different guys across the board. Think about this. It'd be nice. To have some type of long one with the same play by play team. Like they had back in the day there for awhile I mean you can't get into a rhythm. If you're rainy Peterson and I think that's who time clock is hitching his wagon to me like uranium call on. Can't even get himself into running her because you have to keep switch play by play guys seemingly every what two years something like that. I mean it is a difficult. Position or rainy Peterson again now. I don't have an issue grainy Peterson personally I'd is not a fan of his style necessarily on the air but it's far and I don't I'm not an issue with that necessarily. But he is a very difficult for him. Personally to get into a rhythm on a hole when you keep switching his play by play guys the best guys talk today about as you curb because you Kurt gets a switch all the time too but year old law wrote pat used he's had some longer rods with different guys. The BBA to where they again to a degree it's kind of out of their control to reject to a degree as well what do you think one. I get this all. Time in the shops still even recently. Everyone still keeps what do you think of when you think of the PB Tur who with a two guys that come to mind right away. Shekel Burton Roethlisberger is ten years ago Nelson Burton right I mean there was a foundation but. I mean even before Shiancoe was in that. Billy we will. Billy will it was the color it was a killer guy and there's a while and he had it very closely generally we're changing your round. Ship overly wasn't an on stuff until those seventy you know the the right to early to mid seventies right. Let's see I had that long one run and unfortunately crisp. Passed away and Brett Nelson retired from a bundles UCL a that way Nelson still good Nelson we'll get a call last year I think per game or a matter of days and yet he's been out in the past couple years all he's still people still slice into the PBA and they think of Christian and Bill Nelson Burton junior only. Following obsolete and I think now it's got to the point where. Rob stone me people talk yet some people close some people out dummy some lemon and she was so it's all right blown out. Does he blown up here as mega ton of money. Who in soccer to college football IDs and raking in yet and it's started a lot of answer with what he may still he would like this defeated an ESPN back in the day and still last night and TO and I was watching them on one and it. Have him scream out so bad ham bone at some point or the couple just SA. That's just the same. But I'll tell you where diplomat working with Randy Peterson is really doing good this last season or so I've really enjoyed it. I've learned a lot to follow a nice about Perry's he lets you know Randy Kennedy was thingy doesn't dreaded to jump over the top or Indian and they were pretty while the other. And you know I had the chance to talk to David events on some island in the history in forgets or worse of an extra for him. He comes in the Booth lesson in you know he why he knows what's going and these events seized some his guy's juices come and my oh my McCarron. Comment I'm I'm Colin Malone and Gary Gary foreign column on get out here. LaMont US what happened earlier that it he'll tell you exactly is going on because he's been paying attention to his prep work but but still if you asked the bowling pin out there right now would they rather have a I have to think that wraps stone's name would come up the most yeah if you Mallon. Every day that we can be my one now. I'll say this. We all might have selective memory loss here but there were a lot people I couldn't stand. Rob stone and how has the right now they could sustain it because he was brig Oprah's old phrases and it's not a bully wasn't. His second user have been changing my sporting he's to a motion no he gets to excite it. Shut up that rate that dude I did help put you remember I did not let her I don't want somebody out but that dude got them. More ESPN time. Outside of blowing unlike sports center a big place because it's funny crazy calls Tuesday and eBay or enjoy them and I agree view. Whoever set it Hillard like we're really excited that that helped get him a little bit oh yeah because it showed the difference on his personality a little bit. That again if you personally knew he had. Did that really can't open it up to the comedic onside that he could provide being a studio host you'll have to talk. A lot more than you do we have. You're doing play by play or whatever else so you have to know the guy's personality I think that had to have helped I'll never forget this so that Pete Weber was our enemy have four or early turned back and looked at rob stone and said. They are you gonna call it. You'd see people or say imminent and rob songs says Campbell and any does the crotch chop yeah sodium and added tying and know what rob stone and a aged just as the Boeing for and you can't help but laugh at that well and it's just funny stuff. It's not just the bullet chances of people on the fringe to keep watching. It's really the thing right now for the TV is more break old signs out pray to. Yes you know get get these people are on the French. I mean marquee match at 300 the world is a bowling and within two days we at a 150000 people watched a clip of McKee ray look you from extra for it. A 150000 people is not that many bowling and there's 9000 rarity as drivers it's it's such. Big event it's a rare thing to see another athlete from another sport. Do what he did at a World Series of how legitimate news. Always good oh yeah. I'd I'd have no doubt that'd be took more time and a great work on his game he could he cast checks on the TV tour cousin in Newark until you. As you were out there are obviously watching him watching him the rest of us seeing clips and highlights a need to write whatever that you were out actually out there now. I read quotes from him without following obviously and he kept saying well the first first game on a pattern. I had to figure out what was going on and then after that you can see my scores I figured it out and I was fine. If he bowled more would he have been able to figured out sooner. You'd be worked in his game more yes. And it linkages it's that manners you know it's exceed the curve ball there's like me if right that's just set me free magazine like what I found my line I was far I could any good at just what's he got the initial line. But it seemed like it was an issue fining initial wind for its like that any pro that goes. Out on the tour of they're going out in their first year they have to figure it out to and Europe has the physical talent to do a dull when we moved give it 300 and an extra for him in the scorpion pattern that was his only game over to Canada blocked yeah he'll have to put all your other Al. And the people let's start the people let's start out that there. We're couple Hiram players. And all of a sudden Tommy just remind him hey these guys started here you may have to make a little bit and remove. And you know without the help Tami Jones smokey is that you 300 write him you know Tommy moved you were crossing all weekend up. You know Tommy's you know both of both work on eleven I EI meet others you know tips and help an amount that kind of thing and but he's got talent there's no doubt about it advocates and the work and has Boeing MR Anke is not a row owns murky this guy's got good ideas Thomas facetime pockets watching until the ball I mean and and that and he has a history. When he was younger. Well being really good bowler so it's not like he just figured out how to bowl now feel I don't think I was ever bowler. And any point prior to. Deciding to try doing if you get this kid was a legitimate ball or growing up yeah so I mean one day and high school moved you bets shut a 25. Bowling and then win when we went and played for Siskel and I basketball. Opponents point five points neither one of them being his first to sport Mike and Mike Fagan told me Ellen yeah and it was just amazing stat Korea. Here's smokey 25 points and high school basketball game it's when he families wanted to live in way more press and neither one of them neither one knows his primary sport. Era but he 25 when the process so I don't care right by says he couldn't score forty out of said he wanted to find a way more breast sows here's my question for you guys is that the biggest area of World Series of blowing so far. All because of the qualifying rounds it's asserts that baton how much of the international field is done well. I earlier type about a lack coming up next it is the castle it's very time bowling show here. I'm a fan say to me so growl from DBA dot com like all or from the start time pro shop and a broad. We'll find out how his summer lands and seas Sparky Pfeiffer. There's do wanna do that evidence. She. Well imagine flavors double and sells its marquee fight. The brow PDA got a job shared answered over there in the corner. Delight all wrecked spare time pro shop in new Berlet we'll hear from Dwight in how things are going or the start time pro shop. The new Merlin and just today because I've questions. It's been. Obama realizes them and we we kind of like communicate a little bit but really not much and 88 Ford to a certain degree especially when the bowling events are going god. I don't really wanna get into these guys to rise rather just bring it up on the air whatever else comes up once we get back whenever. OK so you brought up failed. The international aspect of things for the World Series of bull. All right so where we yet from that standpoint as far as how to do or bowling and if from you know other countries last year to this year and so forth. With a final total was 27 other countries in the US that were there. You'll get some of these teams others are some reason as supporters are coming in from. Japan which showed a towers noise and a couple of reporters from Malaysia nobody knows who that guy is by the way besides that's good though no I do you do is focus and good you know OK as did many make the Japan cup I was second to music all I don't know cottage last kind of a stock your guy deck terrace actor guy and he led the shark qualifying this year. I at the World Series opponent so he certainly get more more uses different condition he's gonna stay over here and try a more mature. Hughes is commit does Tony seventeen I don't know if he's gonna stay in the US and Toni T news Kennedys themselves by the LA area all your line news drive into events with his wife and I know anything yes so he was really making the commitment. It is the unit to the US in the TV to between seventy weather continues and when he eighteen. Will have to find not easy keep up the bolts as the Pacific Ross again. Rafik Ismail from Malaysia is a lefty if you watch him go use go while it's the second coming Iran and cement Alec. To speed in our left side and he bowled really well he'd be dollars and the younger anyone's when he two younger all these international players lot of them really really young I mean you've got yes for Svensson you know yes or make that impact. You know some other players from Europe that are certainly a big impact as well. Richie T Scott through the qualifying on one of the patterns and you'll see many years can. From England and so other counties among our guests doing Dahmer at the best or some England now. How and OK so that this is this is the thing now because now look dubbed. The PDA gets itself into. A newer territory here the last couple of years and I think now they've got to figure out what we're gonna do with it because I don't know the results ought to look at the results of World Series and Owen and I'm not going to I'm just gonna watch it on TV like I do every other year. I'm on the I want you see on Vegas watch it on TV take my notes coming here and react to it now Phil obviously knows concedes. You read all the right he recorded all so he knows all the results but. I think depending on the number of young guys are still popping up on TV. They have to figure out how they wanna do this in not. Again I am telling you eat if you market it correctly in my bag ritual extra pop and mean you call on the young guns you can call whatever you wanna call. But something to Wear you know maybe you have a commercial or two with the stars of tomorrow or whatever else right. Have a have a a shots of Roth and Holman. The stars of yesterday right. The stars of Prez and and then I'd know what ration your breast do anything as he gaming enemies TV shows. I use that community shows Hughes Canon just above little above average in all run. OK so forget him Belmont. Bellows you'll see a lot of dough oh so I mean OJ and nobody might point to Jason Belmont to throw a couple of the guys that are going to be entity shall write the stars of today. And then throw up a couple of these young guys that you'll see to the stars of tomorrow. The NBA's future. Brighter something like that and just kind of put all want to gather an Angel need to know you know in the future something like that pummeled with some into where you can. Interviews these young guys to the fans may meet before they see in my TV to a certain degree because. I asked about this. Court bowling Franzen. They're gonna go impeded our comments he was in the and they don't recognize a bunch of names more likely they're not gonna turn it off. And if they do own and then they all I I think that you disagree I can totally I agree. I think at some point doesn't the fan wanna see someone new or different meaning and there. But c'mon man and you just sorry that can do what I'm saying about burden and in which we'll call it an adult I guess but what I hear in the shop visits the same five guys that's low ones. Correct in all that's what I hear in the shops are those are customers corrected they wanna see different names in new people. I think that have them more horizon better use of them back in the day it was you'd see. Early anti Democrat by all of them aren't here right reads you guys and there's Webber Wright who would beat them who would not the mop. The name John a drab and it probably to bowling pins of this date is still large because of that what he went through when he beat rock and Allman and Earl on same shell. That committed the Quaker state. Of the the DC than did the guys in over the last season some new people as well right I mean Anthony Sampson when he busted honesty and all of a sudden Ayers is ninety okay in the just when the SEC master and super nice attempt to as just he's he's got to get the names are replacing all the players as a as a making their way out and it's kind of happening more now. That it did in the past and he's ESCO a lot of guys you know. White how how Parker Bohn and armed to compete universal into their fifties right that never happened. Right seventy's and eighty's and ninety's do you guys guys were a thirties and they were done very easy to block their wrists are they were just mentally fried. And has done so wasn't because the competition was because they were physically inspect physically spent and that you have it was a differ lease with the equipment hours of the equipment has lengthened a lot of these guys' careers are out when. You're in the differently you don't need big grip it and rip it back in the day exactly cripple or feel the burn your fingers and it's always all these guys return apart the wrists and they just say it limits and all that stuff. You don't need that nowadays the soft Yarwood come out the ball exactly the better it is impart rotation ball. Back in the seventies perky they had these they look they called stretched fingertips spans nearly see mark rock tenant dig his hand into my dad had an odd ball and but that was the era back then it exactly what Phil said about repent repent and these guys have. That is are just mincemeat and today it's just more. But it goal or be more free woman are you won't matter though. Right always economic and out you don't have to work as hard because the balls designed to move. The back pedals balls were designed to move as they were our plastic balls of today right. Pretty much and or you're at an obviously but that's that's pretty much what seventies was plastic or plastic or edit them until their early eighties have been giving your thing these guys the future releases my dad is out there no way part in a while now and allows your thing or that they stop that ensor we say and the game is easier today than it was. Physically it's easier on the body. It's visit easier Evan Bayh I think it's tougher nowadays because the way that these bullet balls change the oil has asked so much. It's more of a mental chess game or mental game and we were there as many oil patterns to deal with back then as there is today. It was a spray gun back in the day and the TV a try thought our guys only had a minor and it was a basic lean machine exactly so you didn't have like ten different patterns yet trying to figure out how to break down and play well you played the track. A lot of times it was it was a it was especially in the sixties and seventies and the softer. Has that Ullman as far as. You know how he thinks he might have done on the tour today with modern technology. But all the different playing conditions everything goes along with that seeing all these other kids are bowling and stuff like that we hold them lots and Celso I'm sure. He said he Ukraine but I just wonder. One interaction one all because when the reactor prison ball in most Cuba 9293. Deaths when he was kind of decline mr. And he said he said bases that he didn't learn how to use a new equipment. Right he'd just gaudy district that is and yet he won one title in 96 in the those I got lucky for a week. Number I'm lucky girl he ever the shuttle in 9293. Would it be Louis till. He lost a Marc McDowell throw in the Excalibur and home embassy is in a black you guys and TV. And and lost them McDowell has McDowell had such incredible barring whereas at. Take nothing away from market allies on a game right but it it was that next Monday we had forty calls at the shop at what what what he yet. What that same ball yoga that anymore of that now. No but that was one resident changed my game dole right for what we know for equipment wise. Correct also back then you had he only had six or seven different ball releases out of the company nearly Columbia tristar. You have six or seven tops the remain always six or seven every ninety days out exactly so Iraq that I think. That doesn't help the ball still sometimes is not you know with NASCAR was on his own on Sunday biennial site on my exactly. But I got a great story for you as and before Roth had his stroke. He was at a what Ameritrade usually goes to a Chicago at Vernon Hills and resonance out by then so this had to be late nineties early two thousands while. We had the same question if Roth had resident has a Ross turning game what did you write like with resident. And while I got a chance of my own eyes to see mark ross' throw even though marks at the end of his career at that point are ready before the stroke. Throw a resin bowling ball and I had a picnic jaw off the floor. If this guy had resident he would have been untouchable. And Miller. Are Micah. I know it's funny rolling it back we end event this past June on the TV to order if you saw on an extra frame it was a Billy Hart memorial. And you were limited to polyester. Bowling balls pinky wait box obviously. Anything that was eligible Columbia LO doubters and their manager Lisa Somalia and the person comes out on top. 24 real kid just out of college Russia's TV title then you know when these when these boards elected they can throw anything on anything at. Let's be honest Jeff Carter went you know Jakarta when's the plastic while challenged them against Pete Weber and so the big thing was Carter vs Laver. Now I know match apps you know I'll get stuff you miss those shows. Human social spill plastic ball challenge shelves. It's neat it's the when the team masters does that we cover that an extra frame as well that's always an inch internal does that differentiate though. That one way they did the plastic ball challenge I think if we had a lot of years that we can extra frame I think it's just something in word it's kind of a throwback. Known you know every is CBS and TV. I'm not PGA tour throwing in our back hitting percent and woods are going. But this Kenny decide this or they could says rolled back to watching Ellie Chris burns told you know here I gonna change are gonna change I had as a shooter been gripping it not that bad. You money. That if they ate and now a ton of money but even they sped up a ball load of money. To co author of all clubs the whole deal with old technology and all that stuff made special balls withheld used to mated really went. But you'd be the highest TV rated PGA tournament they've probably had in ten years tiger has meant good soul Maine eat it. It at least for sure because. Everybody thinks a lot of people think these guys when we nearly this good debate playback in the air would Jack in Gigi Lee Trevino and all that. That is a lot of common perception is right because of the ball bulb globe that other clubs and everything else. They can't do. Like you're saying what the PDA can do so these young kids can show you I'd be just as good back then too if you gave me their equipment and I'm doing it right now what their equipment. But and the other side PGA tour they can't do it again. Two spots. Month in that you're not bringing up stole from. I'd say the sixties and seventies to modern air is and again our friend Tiger Woods changed it caused my physical therapist and I always have the stock. Is tiger was the one that changed how. That golf athlete. Trains trains today correct or he brought his own trainers his own. Crew has his own weight guys hold on and obviously in his prime tiger was built like a man act rock. But it's the training today of an and and and other golf pros said well if he's doing and I have two is there better training and on the PBA tour trait. Try getting into a hotel exercise room when the peavy to present on a hotel because those guys have armor in those exercise rooms. You know workouts and you just find generous in their all the time. You guys like Ryan Moore on the senior tour the guys you know 61 regular guys I mean Ryan Marty does finance which of survivors of that today and you know it's one of the reasons why is on the peavy all payments on the team I'm level cups of self I'm one of those super father's stories of him yet you don't you don't see you load the revealed sirte from the movie kingpin wherever we've got the greatest athletes is courtesy pizza you don't get them and the PV tour. He you can't because it's you know even though it's easier. I knew you know that the release ever and is easier nearest an error is still cover the same amount of walking back and forth and hearing the mortem on all the other stuff. We are doing that sixty games qualifying in the world championship and then all the other. Match play rounds that were involved at the World Series this year if tonight and shape you're gonna mentally fall apart and mutiny at left behind. It's not a good 11 these people that's all anybody can do it no and anybody. Can do these guys do may not anybody can do it at the level in which they're doing out there and go back and we'll keep NS what is book you Bettis movie about a that's right. Baseball player and training and physical controller yeah for sure yeah no question about that but again do you sought TO try to. Could make it work. He goal trained in this and has still and that's obviously shot eight point five did you say in high school. Let me eat it if he shoots that well in high school you know sometimes it's like for you it's like riding a bike it comes back you eventually. And obviously I'm sure he he gap bag and your little they get right come out here the last time. And now comes artists are and you watch if you go back out here next next year he'll be even better next year. Mark my courts at a high level it is an athletic position. Athletic move at the finish you have Iger you have to have the strength in the right area until eager. Yeah I mean how many other sports you actually make you walking delivery of an object. Is that many don't do it in golf you don't do in baseball academy football is scrambling in the pocket your quarterback. In other LA you know quarterbacks are taught to play at the feet and throw the ball right so is that block and it's our run and throw the ball. Aren't coming up next here on a castle is very John Boehner showed the PBA sixtieth anniversary. And they've got a whole bunch of stuff planned for this upcoming season we'll talk about that next here on the time. I'm now now now now now now no no no that's the wrong that's wrong and there should. Now that's tomorrow. And they didn't lose the Buccaneers as of yet. I hit it close our borders god knows all night. Do we Dover voiced guy Dole's other that we don't know other room has the crystal ball these guys still not air let me make that called I got the civil legacy of real to hear about out there to the Packers lose this game because it sure they relied. All right so he's got Basil Bobby other fell war is out and that a fact that I hit the lottery numbers for next week's powerball drawing right that blood in the world is going to America. Oh okay that all right let's move on. OK so the sixtieth anniversary celebration for the PDA in the PBA. Our plan I do and a bunch of different stuff obviously the tip PDA sixty anniversary classic turn ministers anniversary celebration dinner. Highlights the 2018 seasonal began bailing out the sixty world's number bowl moments in PBA history. As part of the TVA's is intelligence got to be getting out February 4 including on May thirteenth now the list is formidable. Including such moments as being inaugural meeting when the PBA was born. I don't know that story you. 1958 Syracuse, New York. But she says Matt. Case Ruble aliens one mean some guys sign that the feature members of BBA. And mentally I don't have to be there and some others on a couple of still around them being parents of you know. Review was one of the original the original term. I'm big I'm. I would like I was gonna say I have to ask him about that you are right that sounds like a lot of fun I'd like that's our he's got to have some funny style bump at Hampshire does all that's Kennedy cut that we are turning our. Our PBA's first national telecast. All right well I'm sure he knows he's such a senate go to fill I think it was 1961 I think a left hander Roy Lana won that event. I hear and know that hey he works that he's got a point. Mistrust of useless knowledge yes all right Don Johnson's historic 299 and it turned a minute champions and Billy we'll call and Jackie. Miette Argyle alone is I'm not saying that and I got along first nationally televised 300. And that was fifty years ago now offer that the security for union rules 300 yeah. Presidency story too because he was so far behind none owing people sponsors any tenants or money that it if you didn't shoot it 300 and get the money forty was going to be Don. That while most precious Shia and if you wanna be a bowling pin on and watch a great clip is its past the B Johnson's two and 99. Game and in the call on that and I mean just gives you chills well and the neat part about that time of the sixtieth anniversary celebration this year is that we're back. So Revere lanes and Akron Ohio for the TV determined champions. We have them in their since the last Firestone and I believe it was ninety east 97 and it. Been quite a while since you've been Akron so looking forward as CNET historic polling centers while. Then they've done anything to that since I'm sure it's an am iPhone senate house I'm sure there have been some changes but I guess a lot of the trophies a lot of memorabilia dealer are still air from the days of of those players on German champions yet and it wasn't that the show that always ended the year for the PBA I ABC and has always have the final usually the final one and ABC aren't Nextel moment Mark Ross on match season when he won. Eight PGA tour titles. Let's SOB got a 70 sure I think records are made to be broken. That's a lot there was yet that was at a third the thirty some events you don't have air Manny. It's getting closer I mean we had. You know events in the extra frank good to sit there and again I could see what Thelma all or her another two hander when guys look twice and we all say if we all saying get on a role that these young guns are talented as we think they are I think that's going to be a tough deal. If they're all as good as we think it you have a new group coming Gergen we value each other every week. I think it's going to be tough to do was rock dominant in his air yes absolutely but certain I don't know maybe it's it's pretty tough and in other formats now it is it's Lyles formats of these extra for events its space between 22 years ago to a titles a little shorter format. Sony get hot for a few more games were back in the day with rock that was 42 games and it was it was Steffi to Baghdad that. Was was firing up all your line but times so. Back in the 270 soltys as these awarded two point mosier the show's Priscilla going from tournament determined. In ES Marshall Allman we SO about bowling balls and he goes on used for a year yeah he was a church for out of my truck for two years that's all used on tour nowadays is as he threw for a squad. And Boeing fans knew again being a kid and I remember. In all this like yesterday yeah you wanna talk about standing room only ample Irwin. As a kid at a crawl through Geisel legs to take a glimpse at mark Roth because it was just packed. When people yummy that is much anymore don't know I thought he was such an oddity for his Arum yeah for sure. The next what Earl Anthony breaking the million dollar barrier in career earnings obviously dials a serve that's yeah. I Walter ray Williams Jr. breaking Earl Anthony's career titles a record and look this up quake. For that line you're talking about right now Walter ray Williams junior 47 titles. General Anthony 43 titles still bowling norm duke 38 titles in a Pete Weber 37. Parker ball in the third 35. And an area is mark Roth at 34 so duke Webber and ball still bawling none of them will catch Walter ray 47 I don't. No no there's no way. Now there all of them there you know 5350 foreigners although it's night and it happened you might see one of them won a title now. I narrowed some of these guys that saw two workers Bard's eighteen back how Tommy Jones eighteen now gonna happen. Etsy so beyond that seven same count is coaching now Del Monte fifteen night and I happen to all. ME IG I don't know if that record's going to be touched. Now that's I don't watch that one but. I at that one of the greatest cause I ever saw was. Walter Williams pitching harsher it's always related well not only that he has exactly the same form pitching horseshoes that he does throw in Boeing ball so it's again that's muscle memory. Repetitive movement now. And made him so good. What about Kelly cooling becoming the first and only woman to win it and 88 tour title boys does that happen again in the next ten years. I'll lose chances a TV show. Passcode she's got a shot. She's on the chameleon she's really good. But are there though young and upcoming. Women that are rock and may be the women's to work. That have a chance I would really gives a factor design not a lot of that that crossover there there for at the worlds or is it going this year are attempting. I think some of their their teams are excellent though some of these girls that are coming out of college and how well they've been coached Al Warren. I mean that in the group that they do Donna K goal I think these these college girls are so well coached but. It's visit to cover the world and go against the men it's assisted different world with the rev rates and our intention to have an eye on some story with golf and trying to go against the boys in golf you know and Annika and her. Prime you know that same you can. Same scenario. That's a tough deal I next what Pete Weber winning the US open. Four who do you think do I am yup that now always go down in that area. And then how would you rank these at more than 100 additional moments over a span of sixty years. That's the task of many of the bowling sport's most experts observers have been asked answered fans will be invited to make their selections as well. That can be cool cause and obviously everybody will get to debate. Which belongs where are coming up next well obviously we all have our first ESPN telecast coming up next weekend. House when you talk more about the world searchable and next week or more about what happened last summer. Are this last summer but coming up next on like touch a little bit on high school ball in the film riled because. He text me always in this league right last Sunday about one specific high school bulletin that he thinks. As a line when the whole thing this year we'll talk about that coming up next Scott Slade spare time bowl show. Here on the show. Smart about castle ice very top Boeing should it go check out until Archos Claes Cassel lanes in raising event nor would steal kind of feels like you are NN. On small cap and maybe up north somewhere just done a great job within course five dollar a bowling on Friday night's capsule lanes in racing highway. 31 again thanks to him for being sponsor of the show four in another season. And responsibly shall not sit OK so do what before all we got to break I told Joseph what are coming out the last Prius I want to talk to about your approach. Well the first felt high school bowling. Tell me all about sun prairie who you like like like like. We had a kickoff classic last week emotion plus signs from the high school boys. Some prairie just. Dominated qualifying with him obligates 1254. For five man team it holds an exemption to fifty public no big deal. Follow up of eleven change roundup of some baker games or number one seed for. TV show Libyan Specter sports and a couple of weeks and they're going to be eighteen to be high school boys say this year there's absolutely no doubt about it or green beat him in the state finals last year but it's only two game. Open baker matched team catch a break of the team doesn't. But isn't they go to Nashville on when and in Nashville they have this yet they have the tournaments my nature and down in the Nash letter called the national high school championships if it wasn't the couple are going to see instead is out. Was all the top teams from all fifty US in all the reason was down there but Andrew also on the singles from some curry and then some curry I believe one the team chance I'm here and and in the shop about these guys they're the real deal. Lleyton I put him up against some of the local college teams like that good light back. Release over like no we click on this team they're just all that's known there it's there that seem to be in the state and I was also a lot of hours at all. I love the watchers are I don't think anybody gets it and a hundred pins and the state tournament and it's who had bowlers amongst them yeah Andrew Olson's two handed out team and he throws it really well and he's got normal speed recovery. He'll need to and daddy's they're sound they make their spares and only two of the open frames on the board. And I believe it's in mean the stimulus you'll do accepting for the first five starters are seniors this is they got they went haywire and state now after losing at last after losing last year and a tough match so tree. So they're on a mission yes there are good luck. What is or did Oak Creek return everybody this year or electric lost a bunch of players actually they have to have a couple of young ladies and a team this year because we have enough yet ladies and we are for girls team poker and we acute and studio last hearing she's she's on the voice you know from our. An electric reserve oak trees and number two seed behind some Korea an era too easy just torch on a couple of weeks ago. As Boston's they should look for that I'm in a while I don't aspect of sports I DirecTV. Did you dvd I can recorded here that if they. Delight and I shall I ask you one thing. How does bowling. Maintain popularity. In the summer. Hall. Has an amber got two minutes and twenty cents. Tucked up. It it's our offseason so would be like golf in the winter I mean. Now would you ask golf in the winter I can pull an all around this. I don't on that's pretty loaded question because it right as I waved to him for. On extra bonus from Iran and its Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah the bully senators have all went to volleyball. Offer the sub and battle they've decided that they're gonna make the money in the literally like every bullies and I modeled her any you don't Gordon said. Answers where seasonal sport. You know I'm no. It's you can bull here route could be like saying I give an example. It's is it a form of entertainment Bowa gets cornered him right is it a handling type deal yet has the talent ideal. And buster's that's a family type entertainment deal whatever morals that are the old near route. We offer instruction class period have a solid junior leagues over the summer for appearance in the constable and I don't know based allow that when I was born he said the Vegas summer league's. Yeah what a trip to Vegas so whatever view Bolden during the summer elk and different things. We need a proprietor and have an idea where how to we get people in during the summer that's the biggest Spain is how to we keep the drop your right. I mean when he got her thought process as well so nice outside nobody wants to be inside that that's the thought process of why it doesn't work right. My god that while it's dip a team to visit Seoul on winter season I mean it's 33 weeks it's a long ways to see that break. Right but some bowlers like it all year round 20. So that's another like things are thrown in their question right before we thought we have to buy it figured out Phil thanks so much what's coming up by GA dot com. A couple of weeks us fan excrement the true features I need PV YouTube channel but all the shows are coming up. These entry nestled deep feature that's about the bowlers making the shows and so it inferred that we'll talk more about the world's there's more coming up next week spare time pro shop in new burly Doherty busy. All. Definitely great year this here for ball releases sold the bowlers are stepping up and and really liken what they're seeing in command buy from people email me all the time how to get all the Glenn I just. Which no one has given mentioned young up now thank you been up and are now that it. Desolate suspect tabloid show here on a fat enjoy the Russert at gopac go.