Tanier: Ty Montgomery is a 3rd down back/slot guy

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Tuesday, September 26th

09/26/17: Mike Tanier, NFL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report, diagnoses some of the Packers issues heading into their matchup against the Bears. Do they need to branch out more offensively? 


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But we got Packers to talk and we are going to do that right now with my two near the NFL lead writer for Bleacher Report Mike. Welcome to the show what do you do to stay healthy this time a year. I tried at the plate or behind the NFL's offensive lines eased its way to helping it to not get anywhere near the pocket guys in that. I couldn't flush down that is greenback there. It's the truth and ended through this in Green Bay it's it's going to be an issue with that tackles are hurt all year I mean. If you have your two starting tackles that are going to be dealing with the with the injuries not just one to two. During this entire year do you think that's got a significant impact on what Aron Rodgers in the offense could do. Oprah have a particular police are really like the first three quarters. What was going on against let the angle they are you know call lawsuit not want skill he's out there destroy people could you don't have hockey or because you got the injuries right now. You know most. NFL teams coming in healthy don't have too good tackles some at a cooking cleaning help you people have zero hit Apple's. Left or right and then you that you've got a legitimate to equivalent committee in that got a good track record now you're struggling now you got to. The good you can be helping out which day. There's no answer walking through the door of the knowing apps are free agency got a gesture scheming. A director mindset. Account the fact that he's got out of that. And in the NFC north is the other big question I think it's on on Packers fans like this three weeks in and and you can't. Got a full gauge on what happened three weeks and but the bears just beat the Steelers. And the lions were what about four inches of golden Tate's Neil wait for the end zone away from beating the falcons' ring that was pretty close so. I mean is the NFC north we thought it might be OK but not great is it better than we thought. I think so you'll also see the Minnesota Vikings out there with their receiving corps clicking America our running game there are but clicking even with keep Cuban out there. Besides they can't they got a good infrastructure that means they can replace quarterbacks and awe and luckily in the tank there's a it's a very tricky division I think you know what a lot and are at this point that they'll be used the BQP yourself the very has you they had your rearview mirror our whole game and come out at the end. Sometimes it works out good sometimes different. It doesn't that's the balance he's not looking where if you're out there you've got a weakness they're gonna find they're gonna need it until you win you know the vikings at the defense you know they got the opposition count double figure out that they would at quarterback probably the patriotic. Andy muddle through the air can be talked out you know if you sleep on them and I think the US completely slack on this week. They're gonna come up and get it not a great team but they cannot let the line they've got a piece on defense two good running back. No easy on the schedule actors have to keep an aching going to stay on Appleton division. Yeah I gotta say that there's there's no better feeling than seeing your next opponent play it's great game great game right before they face who supposed to win they face here right. Yet if you get a little event that trap element there and yet again sometimes you get as a high right now but. Again he can't sleep on the bears right now and you can't expect them that the kind of like. Like sit on that win we have to do is look and say this that he with a really tech quarterback Mike lets you rushed a quarterback you Russian in the mistakes and you defend the right. It should be able to go out there and get a win any Nicaragua trouble you're pass protection should be up and get that win by playing Europe got a game. And that we're not really people's war or whether or not it's contract Ian. Might severely NFL lead writer for Bleacher Report in them Mike at all yearlong and even though in the end of last year. Have not been able to spend a 100% of my time convinced. That time Montgomery is a difference maker after running back position I see him at. And I see him do what he did against the bears last year it was fun and NIC moments where. You go easy. It's not a talent thing it's a positional thing for me MI a MI wrong about this. I don't address Libya I Montgomery is I don't know it is endorsement like that are at or Barry Sanders garlic. Not that he's not he's you know I age be your tour young guys do slot saying. And some of those tucked in I'd like the Washington Redskins game has all the secrets are and get a 150 receiving yards. On screen passes and he's like a terribly good aren't pleased to maximize the Pentagon and how they got the the big guys in there and want to run between the tackles and the the Packers don't do this and especially when pop is injured it seems like they expect Montgomery to do what Eddie at least he used to do an end to a cop with. It's supposed to do and then think about it appears that both duke and you get easily you know flat and it is fourteen to one because keen now what's coming so I think it's very much schematic I think the actual plot player they got to look at what they're doing it over the years I watched as packers' offense can promote our product a local banner in like that. If more more like themselves they do that means they wanna do and they don't really branch out try other things that they need to branch out a little bit I think part that is thanks. Eight I'd Montgomery is this back to the playmaker but aren't other playmakers in the backyard to do some other things to keep it that bill. We talk about the Packers is one of those NFC teams it has a chance to win the playoffs get here to go through and win the conference and go to the super ball. And obviously having seen Atlanta. Folks in Wisconsin feel like Atlantis at that level who else other than the Packers and falcons are at that web. Well it's hard to say right now it's hard to get out the NFC east. And get a real understanding of what's gone on tactic you watch the first quarter of the cavaliers game you thought this is looking great to go belly up and and you actually have three quarters it was a very strong team. It is and give very short list right now that's what's encouraging for the Packers who have that they have talent. Obviously quarterback position and and experience in the playoffs and you may start making that shortly get you put you. You put the falcons in the air you put Packers and I'm not I'm not keep account within that particular Bloomberg armor. Mark what happened degradation of their true colors. At sit out anybody else like that in the west. You talk Seattle Seahawks right now they're the middle of identity crisis if you talk out like all these other teams like alliance again we know what they are we don't have a key. And that's good news for the Packers to deepen in his disposition for years they know how to do this during the season. They overcome injuries have been the team with eleven wins and the amnesties and give them some shots and they're great position to do that again this year. It's my tin ear. NFL lead writer Bleacher Report we don't we talk teams might lead but at the spheres to an end. Look as as journalists we go in and we cover these things but we experienced these things the games plus the atmosphere. We know about Lambeau as one of those good team atmosphere what are your favorite other game atmosphere is in the NFL. I think Seattle's vastly amusing I think Kansas City it's absolutely amazing. And maybe doesn't get the credit for that don't pay potential goes out the cheesy looking their bodies butter out maybe a little bit to contribute to what they do year in year out that's a tough place to play on plays the plaque. I should put. Foxboro on the list because when they're in there and talk about you know when I'm at fox are probably Republicans are playoff team or yes and complete that like a championship is on the line which is amazing and and it's a great place for fair and it has the worst. Parking in the world the worst try getting there in a while but that's a great place opera one more into the Pittsburgh Steelers when you're out there that's different because again it's attitude is amazing but unlike New England when you go out there in electronic I got to drive for six hours in traffic really helped you out there and you're in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh which contrary to what people say is that it's a beautiful out of one place to get around and and I put that on the. All right Mike severe FL lead writer for the Bleacher Report thanks for joining us Mike loves to talk some football great insights from man who eats breeze and sleep football. Well. I think you might enjoy an asset on the Snyder or its hotline.