Tony DiZinno joins The Final Inspection Show

Final Inspection
Saturday, November 11th
Tony DiZinno from joins The Final Inspection Show

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Join in as an agreement was faint outline a course it is Tony Dziena from NBC sports dot com welcome to show tonic. Area. I'm doing better than a Mercedes pit crew guy who doesn't have his wallet in Brazil. Are welcomed a welcomed every program yeah we. It's not a Brazilian graph form 01 race weekend unless you pit crew is robbed. Now is is what he situations where they cannot. Wandered into in the area and what shift by you say is don't go into the lake it's a team did a couple of years ago Earl what's the macro and on this. They're they're so the question mark to senior on the Brazilian girl creole that somebody always it's. In the wrong place at the wrong time or held the upper. Robbery accusations. Gina Jenson Button our member had a really scary mellow or any gun uses. Taxicab few years ago. In the infuse some safety eSATA spewing Indiana. I. That's us dollars but. Apparently there's another thing their tail. End. It is one of those deals where in the team confirmed that. Noted that team members were on armed witch wished which has did that it cannot. I think we kind of mixed use the track kind of rustic legendary character or as a way to kind of supersede. You know being scared necessarily but that concerns over traveling down I don't dealer here too many people to go down to resign appreciate it. They this'll be the the C situation here so weren't comfortable with the challenge. Did you get some good money in enterprise tone. At a. Well I mean you know we do not confirm or deny. And you know it's safe and you know once the money on lose started back and yes. You know what is give me your money in Portuguese he'd be Noah about the country and a yeah and spotted out how to edit. And the weekend didn't get much better for the poor reporter Mercedes team has if if you have now let's do another thing here. Is the they're not showing in. Farm on qualifying until later this evening. And beat and NBC sports networks if you don't wanna know who got Paul. He can tool away and we'll talk to you next week. But that being said a Lewis Hamilton and incident in qualifying in the. Yes and the and as we. Inserted they're spoilers. Qualifying did airlock on on non-GAAP but that's OK he can still fire injured now under forty into the gritty character tweets to don't complain about things mom. So what actually happened was on the first lap qualifying in Q1 lose him and pretty rare force air where are back and that he would do well the only with the left side of his car and you start out back of the field so. In a good thing you wrap the championship last time much of its have its second consecutive fight back from the back of the field. Of course Mexico Nokia. Got demoted to the back is still after first lap contact that person out there and battle in only able recount to sign up. Not closing with equality with a bang but not not the kind of thing. This this is shoes so this leaves the door open to well he could be military bolt sassy could be vital horror are for our Ricardo or even men. Or stop and who is the latest winner. With distract it Mercedes trek those that with the course far. It's it's a really unique track the you've got to power stack we're in the third section won't sector Q on the track is really. Reeling you need to act how to stay on course you can go to our finest balancing act between trimming out along straightened. Having about it to the floor section in interest thing bashing that'll set after all following that. He'd missed out on polled by it not be kind of chickened out going eternally would deepen a farm breaks. Is the big weekend for both our arms he can still get second in the championship. He does that it would expand Mercedes run two more years in a row would it not only one driver a cheap cheap chips. But they you'll also had their drivers finished first and second in the point which I don't think it ever happened. One history were achievements has been. Dominant in a row even a year Hersh and mark on the cheap it ship Eric hello didn't always finish second in red ball never had a 12. Would battle on mark blogger yourself. In this case both talk that the shot that on the shock you want to get another one they have how. I'm outbreak or stop looks it unfortunately Ricardo has a engine panel feasible stark terms spot lower than where we qualified. Did you see in numb. Guess it would have been through practice to. Lance straw I think was they were in kit in car camera and or somebody ought to decide to kind of impede his progress a little bit. And use course he can begin on a radio started to bitch and moan about it. It is is this something that fits. Aids is. Science. I mean you out is is this something that I just. Is it's almost stimulate word word of the NBA's team came a couple of years ago and said you know cut down on the complaining. Com I think it is more nature of this track in particular it is one of the shortest track on the schedule only about two point. Sixty point seven models so. There's just the shorter line item on base at certain point there's not a Motrin to get out of the way. Omelet and it's nice about the Brazilian track is they're not the long run actually. You can't really move much further offline carruthers graphs. Read after the way lines it to aperture means it's a proper I think drivers adding driver all the finally complain about things. Claim they got held up but it lock bumping like really bleached. It's just it's just my owner being motors I guess. Talking to Tony Dziena on agreement with spank hotline. It's time for predictions stony course or get NASCAR. Is on Phoenix this weekend those who who really can your picks up there. But topped one. It's not. It's not attracting now. Do they think one of the toyotas. I will actually go to guy he's usually pretty it and feed it even with the court's balance Cheryl it and they've had in the past old goat close your. Kevin Harvick make two weeks in a row or he's on top. Lou that's a good pick. I'm I'm gonna go with to sell it. I don't know why who they because I'm wearing this hat today it is grabbed it out of the closet just. I just can't pick. And don't want a picket toilet two days ago. Of what you just. I go with a pole sitter. The Molitor Ryan bowling aisles looking at that pick to. And you know I I think Tony's pick as the best Harvick yeah I'm just paste happy hour and everything like daddy's start sixth. So he's gay he's got or are real fast race car this week and because of our apathy towards you cities series we're gonna boycott that one this week. And although right now wanna or were. Hey SA we're really women mentioned that are in the area. The entire life goes off one would two cement that to go on the show here Tony Leah. I don't at all that'll only depict the depict two. I'm gonna go with Ricardo. Just give Weaver staff and my gag for stock been OK too in a row for him according to Jeff. Tony we certainly appreciate you coming on the show and now we are one Marshall would go on hopefully. To be able to join us for that one.