Who will win Big Brother 19?

Bart Winkler
Wednesday, July 12th

Bart Winkler and Jeff "Pipebomb" Orloski recap what has happened on Big Brother 19 up to this point and try to figure out who will end up winning this summer's competition.


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When things podcast nothing fancy no music no Maggie at Dunbar awake alert Geoff or last ski he known as the why not here on the fan. I Jeff did you see in my man always a matter to be with you ledge. Now thanks very much. This you know there's things that I like to talk about sometimes that you can kind of skirt and get away with on the air in his soccer. Wrestle lying he but but this on not only that two other guys on the showed today have no interest and I'm not sure how much of the audience has interest in either so that is why this medium is. So great together into Big Brother Jeff greatest show ever. Not wages are watching the brother about season three I wanna say OK I made the mistake of watching the first season. I tried but god that was brew there's nothing to it. Now they're slept three quarters of the seas because there were no games there were no stunts that are now head of households there was no vetoes. All the things you know I love about Big Brother. There was not that in the first season there were ten people I think in the house in America would vote who would leave. There was one guy called Chicken George adding that he wins. I know I don't think he won but he ended up common bench for all of us got to use any one and he had like one way he is a one legged guy that slept 95%. Of the season. And there are some some real hot heads but America voted them out right away because. They didn't like common in the show gets super boring and CBS and wolf for or keep the show we've got to mix it up. Big Brother playoff. Big Brother from I think Sweden. As many awards started in one goes Sweden UK's sunlight there at that. They got it right because this is what season nineteen now did you watch that over the top on. The Internet only en el camino either now. Meaning there I watched wine and then I don't think I got back into it tell maybe about season eight. Our current and dies remains there while rested and I said well I watched and you know watched the first in his eyes weight difference and we watched it and I've been watching. You know every every year for a long time my wife then a charity heard involved. In into the shell. And she goes who what is this in on she watched double with me. She is by far much more a Big Brother fan now than me. Yeah in my life is took Donovan as well an unbelievable shall watch after dark to three hour live look in every night which. You know 95%. Of the time is to so undoubtedly gore. It's brutal there's one season are the guys are just play pool all the time Arnold cash it was. It was a season of mad he get voted out. Yeah I was a four packet dudes in the turned on man. GM that was like the rocker guy wasn't that Hussein's season that Shimon was then it who threw the NAFTA might panic into the pool all leg ended up getting kicked out at a server their dudes that are. Play pool so I would just a watcher my remained these guys play pool every day yeah and it was weird but I. Yeah my wife loves it do we actually. Me and my wife and six other people. Nicole started this photo I started this thing I was like okay whatever and it's it's really cool we took all the house guests. After two of them were gone so after the second elimination. Man in the end Gillian yeah after Gillian was gone. And so. All houseguest as a people each person can be voted our tech twice so it's like a fantasy draft only can take Aaron Rodgers twice aka. And I the second overall pick. And you get points based on how they finished. If there had a household. If they went he'll be enter on the block to get points for them. Being a participant whether good or bad is good enough for owners so first round exit Paul. Good choice coming back. A lot of good names you know like guys you might think could win some of those dudes Matt and job massacring had a guy who's been big ground guy mark mark you're out there are downsides to Cody. And and then not any coming back at dig down in the so those are my theory. I examine any man is hard to remember this easy even on the show's season you know so far getting very very little camera time which might benefit her in the long run it could mean I could definitely we'll see. I think a lot of the story so far has been at this nut job in Big Brother in nineteen named Cody. And the return of Paul. And they've kind of been attitude that have been butting heads especially for the last week now we're taping this on Wednesday the twelfth. You do as we make this so you can still listen Wednesday Thursday. Prior after the eliminations. Well they'll be more so that we don't know yet Jeff but. I don't know all everything that's happened up to this point I only know what's happened up to Sunday night shell. You are one of the people that my wife it is I really try not to be I eventually become one of view that this that this. And like mid August. Right now I'm only trying to watch the live episodes in that's it but he's you can buy feeds you can go to Twitter joke presented back com. I'm new year very invested yet but we will not give out any spoilers we won't talk about anything is going on besides the the most recent show that his aired. So we're not gonna ruin it for you don't worry about that so the most recent show that stared at this taping as Paul put up to people. It was he put out Alex. Alex let's Josh Josh and then ramseys as like law and ought to because he had to. I'll which may screw over Paul's plan we'll find out but really this is venom about Paul and Cody. And as soon I think as soon as we were chimed. Figure out this Cody guy was you and I just sexy Jeddah like OK we've got to talk about this in some way shape or form does. There's been few if any players. As demand did in the years coding than ever seen. You know you must he must of gone into that house with just absolutely no game plan at all cracked had no idea how the game is played her. Because he wins HOH week one. And he's going to probably. Beat out to do or week to him because he's so lawful. He is so awful now right to top idol like this all of them hate them el located tired of Big Brother can you want a goal line if you don't want to win. But he makes the house interest thing he does. But in a weird way you know like it's just whenever he's on camera there a little awkward yet you know he's he has like Dick creepy. Weird guy you feeling about me you know. But I like indebted temptation. I think that's a great guy I don't do. You know but okay now with Cody so he wins HOH. He now I'm an hour week one he nominates to two people nominated sighed Julie and he nominates mag and okay. Then Megan quits the show. Which I don't really wanna touch and zoos did you read an article about what possibly like curry anxiety and all that kind of stuff so you know. Hopefully the best is for her so then he had to nominate somebody else. So that he puts up Alex then Alex wins a POV and as you like far falls for. Yeah you know any Alex you know I liked her eggs there. But she really did not do well because Cody offered to give her every shot there to save herself and offer deal and let's work together and she turned down it every single most every single danger to competition for yeah I know I am at Saratoga for her OK so then she takes her self off. And they tries put not Paul Paul has the a necklace whatever. Joys productions a way to make sure this guy stays in Michelle. Firm for long it's possible yup. And many at a nominate Christmas never has there been a safety like that note never there was the coup d'etat waged. You know save Jeff from Jesse right right because everybody loved jazz cell production is a Big Brother is interesting because if you may you have to not only have to win the game that's in front of you you have to win the game that they decide along the way that's best for TV what exactly. Now I'll tell you this IA. I am not a fan of Kodiak legacy and I think he's not just a stone cold weirdo. I do feel bad for him because week one he had to put five via people. On the block gets screwed five people he got screwed big time. But then his reaction after you know the house's reaction to you know Paul and Christmas you know. Being nominated and all that kind of stuff. You know and then all the sudden he just did not know how to do damage control and he just kept digging and and digging and digging himself a bigger role this guy is so weird it's demand data it's I give you work with this guy or. What if usual brother in law or even a family member I don't know how you would deal. With a guy like this I can't believe that Jessica. Has fallen for him I don't know what's wrong with her on now I mean this guy is a nut job he's. They're laying in bed together he's calling her names of other girls on and then she day mean I don't know what she's doing good. Sometimes the Big Brother you get. You get attached these evil so early on us like stuck with them and I was surprised that there or. Really three couples that impaired operate away yeah with mark and Elena. Although he's using the in the Christmas pretty. Businesses forget that Christmas is system. She's got so much muscle groups I can't do grow muscle trying to you know shoot it's it's very agency kick my ass up and on the block idiocy is nights. You look at my arms they are spaghetti. At at at this girl's. She's tough fitness and I don't I know we have with the three then you got raven with. I'm mark does Matt Silverman MM maven I can't stand her. I legacies that the nab them little yeah her here is stupid and her little tippy long stacking motif yeah Elaine looks faces yet to two man bonds on beside her and like she's a bug. I you know that. Now I want to let that damned thing the that a temptation second but. Let's say kodi gets eliminated let's say that threat is gone. On there's not really going to be an adversary. In the Hollis events true. I wonder at what point do they turn it on Paul. As the veteran. Although I tens of these veterans you've seen them and everybody for like three days or the target. But then they just immerse themselves right in there yeah it's like they've never been on the show I know and Paul with his per. Some reality in the way that he runs his social game you know he talks to everybody he says trees friendly eagle Craig jokes when the mood is heavy in the house. I think he's set to to make a deep run what I was shocked at is in the after Julian left in the next HOH competition. Not only. You know was Paul obviously he was blind sided him in Christmas by giving you know not fair. But how quickly mark. And Matt. And everybody was finding those tickets in just given them straight to Paulson you're no longer nine HOH. And they did it right in front of Cody not only how quickly they turned out. Cody but just how much they turned on Conan O I mean those guys were thick as thieves for awhile and now mart Mac Cody thought all right this is going to be a boring season. Because these six people are gonna run it. Yeah and there eight people nine and then they turned on a couple our Christmas and Paul obviously with Christmas when he when he put up Paul. Any other year. All right. Paul's going home but because of the debt of ten to Asian thing this year's twist and because he was a returning vets so. Obviously they wanna keep famine. Yet he was on the debut of candy crush on Sunday night itself if that CBS has stamp Monday Brothers of people watch his antichrist game which. I don't know housing game and frank use on I can't stand bank media lafrankie. On wit not with Paul then you know he's he's in the position that he's in. And I do thing that's gonna write a little bit but both Cody yeah. He had a decision there because he denouncing the Paul buying comment. And he could take himself off grand what are you throw up he should it drop like a Jason are ramseys. But he threw up or for. Thanks Josh well Josh was safe that week colonel. Jack is a says oh yeah again Josh who is the first heretic as he got the golden egg in the POV Canada. Which would you want to allow that to sit any put up Christmas kind of is like a screw you to Paul. And I think you'd be would have put our ramseys or whatever they could have gotten past the Paul thing. Yeah probably not everybody what do laughed but Denny because he threw Christmas too as discreet Apollo I got everybody really. Ebanks they're two members of his own team now. The thing that makes me the thing I do not want to see and that is because and you know I'll make the assumption that Cody leaves this week. But what what I get tired of seeing is all these battle back competitions every every season. Where somebody gets evicted in the and all the sudden or let you know they went a little competent and let back into the house. I can't say that he does anybody here they'd be like three other people are hungry Hungary to impose yeah you know it. It's silly and they've they've donated enough so hopefully that doesn't happen decides effect I don't want us have to look at Cody ever again. But I don't know how I I hope that doesn't happen. But that means more than likely you will. Com as far as who you gaming if you can there's going to be some neat twists and turns that happen along the way is their favorite that you have right now. Or Christmas I I like her a lot that is the problem is that obviously sheep herder leg messing around Brighton. The cowboy guy he slips and she rips tendencies go on for surgery. And I think that if she was healthy. Did she could given Janelle are wrong for her money. In the competition wins on the women's side there because she's she's cut she's bad ass. So all it kind of takes her off the you know our habit forming I think that Matt the gray haired guy. I like him I think that he can make a pretty deep run. But you know it is still kinda too early for for a favorite and a little dark horses Alex. Because yeah he is great it counts she's got a decent social game even though she didn't want a team up with Cody which worked out to in her favor this time. But she's got to be more open to to working with others. I think that you could throw mark in their two really any order from their groups those strong dudes. I mean mostly the Big Brother winner is on the same sort of category it's mostly. It's usually had guy I feel usually out under the age of thirty yup. That happens to be a white dude that I mean there's that's just got I don't know why. But that's that's Hannah Howell works. I know because Danielle 11 year. Moon. But it. Nicole won last I hear here. But I think those might be the only two female winners ever in my time zone might be a guy guy girl a final three gals think guy you know Hasbro Rhett and I don't think a person of color has ever won. And all I don't either her. I don't either. So you know you've you've you pick I'm young a young white guys chances are you might you might give the winner. Maybe but you know maybe it'll switch up this week which is you know one reason I I think Alex can do I things I think she's strong enough. In Thompson is she gets her social game together. She might have a good shot. So the denim temptation tourist is really do there's been different twist every year America's player or you basically controlling person and odds sometimes these Swiss work sometimes they don't there was a team twists or they were on a four pack and then you know all these other things. But the temptation one's interest thing because it does throw and more wrinkles. And helps you but it hurts other people. The problem that I might have a bad is that. How does America vote just like we talked about the first season. They voted against people that they want out there and vote for the people that they wanna keep fan so all the favorites are gonna get the good stuff now. And then once is on like 678 people leveled and you're stuck to vote for. Rave in her. Ramseys right I mean I don't know any bottom but on the game played another popular. Yeah I know that's that's going to be a tough to us because you know America's saved Paul's but in week one by a granted him the the temptation. But Monday also makes a mile an hour like the coup d'etat thing was basically. Jeff who is like the most popular Big Brother player ever you know was screwed. So CBS got together today. Actually we're gonna make this thing a thing now. America vote we Nyerere hope for Jeff. So we can you know keep our hands somewhat Klain. On a set an attempt to people off the block it put to other people line it was a mess. Is awesome I guess that's every injuring four byte. Best thing we're big Brothers and even if you go in with them planner and expectation. There are things that come up they say expect the expected because not even CBS knows. What they're gonna do to keep this thing interest in throughout the summer but I mean it works it's an interesting game it's. It's different we know that there's some BS behind it that's all part of the fun. On that's why wouldn't be surprised to see Cody back because there's no other I don't see any other person with the exception of possibly Josh. We've seen them flip out he did and I'm Maggie and there's definitely a chance and he'll flip out again but I don't see any person in the house currently. That has the ability to be as much of a you know bad guy. As much of you know. Then the villain via as Cody so I would definitely not be surprised if he gets evicted on Thursday that he weasels his laid back in the house. Sometimes there will be sides of that inning sides of the house get taken there's usually two unofficial teams that end of forming. And I remember the season where was Amanda and McCray. Yeah and that they were just rolling through there or and they hated I mean I never had dislike someone watching on TV more than a dislike that Amanda. Really I can't I can standard book. Even if there's a team that's in control that you hate at least there's. You know at least it's dark verse line at least as good receiver at least it's yen on game of checkers red numbers black at least there's something. To it this seems title wave go he's gone. The assault I mean yeah you get all may be weak people are strong people but it seems he's as Narnia lights each other. And so where does the drama comes out it'll come because of producers won't have a house. All the fifteen people that like each other so they'll be some fireworks you know down the line you battle we don't have to worry about debt. Josh as a guy you mentioned that has created some of the early drama. And the first stage of wage competition there or four teams. Josh. Was given the opportunity because the temptation to. Essentially. Quit on his team. And guarantee himself safety. And I like that move. I think in Big Brother you've always got to look forward and then and if there's ever a chance of safety you'd take it. Never be upon never get yourself on that block do not be upon wreck but also if there's ever a chance to safety don't worry what it's gonna do. TU in three days because in three days that's 72 hours where year to get three days in human life. Aim I talked to somebody might not run Nazi somebody you work went. Three days if they were kind of inside the building. In Big Brother you are tight in there for 72 hours. That casts that gets forgotten you or mad adjust right away. That is that's at Solana of the season just started the that is so long ago so you can't ever guarantee yourself safety. I say you do it you never worry about the repercussions you always look forward. Yeah I agree my problem would Josh is you know he he's a crybaby. He cried on Sunday you know I notice you and I'll victim noises are picked these out if his here's a huge young build. You know out guy and he's crying because Jessica yelled at him. Ergo whatever the girl's name this with Cody Jessica yeah you know like are you serious and they look at all. I miss my family. Here's thing going there is still better. Well I've got to meet top of that there's sequestered for awhile and they do this shot I would love to do this jiving and be a dream come true. My wife has given me that held now or never again and I'm now. Not that I would ever get pecked Amalia I'd you've got to look at certain way like you gotta be built yeah. I'm not a whole lot of effect guys were on a house but they do have. I don't know I'm fat really but I'm not bill I'm weak got a gut. Your sparkling personality. The you know there's not a whole lot of that people Chicken George is one that was on the show and one no but you know this this season is weird because the very first temptation was a 25 grand that the old guy from Boston took Canon no one's mentioned it since. See you know do what you can now worry about consequences never has every other season that would have been a witch hunt. Who all took the money who took the money you know Underwood and point fingers just. Why if my drummer and you have to take it that's half of what you get in. Second place I know you've got to take dad absolutely and especially at these seasonal bastard he's got what seven kids. Your title at someone that doesn't know what's going on in the show. Yes and probably only Nicole came in who I just think is the best this is to us I insist that. I like you know yes and I asked Susan as I except when she talks because he knows is get that. I am called Yang get over that you liked it too you know gamblers are like the most on women is that SP. It's a good point when was raspy voices. Always have Argo for the southern axis alumnus bill anyway before I turn and a check Freeman territory here on the yes tickets can Nicole came back and house he had no idea who she was right and maybe now or maybe that up on. And he came in and he said he was a huge fan of the show which is obviously hard to believe considering Nicole one. The year before and she was on the show and made a very deep run in her original season. The regular roller guy like that he was dressed up and as soon I think immediately think of evil Dick yeah. And he's nothing like evil day bright budgeting their anyway I try to tell my wife. She jumped in later obviously is anxious Newser the show but there was one would be the first year Dick was on. CE. Memories of the pots and pans need any like. Forced himself to be on the block as he did wanna go against his daughter right you wanna start or go home loses daughter there was like three relatives on the show. Which is on the tortoise. So then. Danielle laughed off the block and then they put someone else on the black people hated Dick Somali saved himself. There anyways the greatest man dude bad season was one of my favorites because he'd he'd did not lie. He'd told the year face you are the target you are going home. He would sit there and start fights with DH show wage. And you know get put on the block weasel his way out every single week. You know he was abrasive. Use great. But you can't come in and play. I don't think you can come if you coming at a hostility and say I'm gonna play like deck no I'm gonna play. Like. Derek. You have to come in and play your own sort of game if you try to copy someone's game. You're gonna do it wrong and you're gonna usually these people falling due to quit. There is there there's two things at playing Big Brother there's the short term and then there's the long term so you do with the dual long kind of conned here. Meanwhile speaking of your safety. Throughout the entire time it's. It's Allegheny and I love it I need to go issues I'm more than three days a week tells me he's eight to ninety days stretch is brutal. It just sucks that. Now there were talking about I wanna go lock. And get out there and let you know showdown in nights I can watch it and into and it's in the it's fresh for me but there will be appointed as it happens every season. Or I just cannot wait to find out. Give it isn't it also ruins it because you know I sit there I look at although although spoiler blogs and everything like Dan read what's the terrible odds jokers odd date here you know it's so tonight show for me is just a complete waste I know who won the POV. I know if somebody got pulled off I know if there's a replacement nominee. So basically today's show you know I've been dying since Sunday night to watch it again and I got to wait till tomorrow. Because you know the entire showed today I know what happen. And there's two interns another word for care sort of from their twins they can't win turns nice Cassie and Torrey OK and they have to live feeds. Gorilla in the in my tent my new nightmare why if we wanna like. If they're listening they should give us the past and we wanted to see lots. Full wasn't one of them though one that offered us the past where do we say we gonna do Big Brother I see air did get on top of that. Yeah I think yeah I think one of them off and I've done the free access early date far epithet at and I had a different credit cards see the thing is is like the only time that I would. You know I'm not a affinity technology I've got to roku so I got Netflix. But I have to grab a different remote so I never use it because it's for some reason I consider it a pain in the ass. So you know I'm anti technology so I wouldn't I wouldn't watch it but we may have those endurance competitions. You know that's who and you want to Wear mainly yeah yeah hanger on Sunday night and you know there's six more hours in this competition going on. And you don't hunt in this that that's a night. Just feeds would be all his everybody catches up on Thursday that's and they do the alive of Eaton. And than they do NHL age competition and night. You know you go all you don't wait till Saturday to sign UNH UH for some reason I can bargain with myself to finally join aged. And indeed brother after dark on that night so it's teen stands right sort of reaction and then. He dictate kind of slows down a little bit I'm with you on a technology thing. If I had I wanna watch a TV show. I have to DVR. Yeah 'cause some remote. I impressive DVR. I don't want to set up Hulu or Netflix has an answer. Turn on the PlayStation and or turn on the chrome O even though it's like one more stat I don't it feels like a hundred. I love house of cards I love it I haven't missed an episode yet. But I still have not started this last summer I got that these two months ago because I can't put my fair arm six more inches to grab a different remote. It it it takes for more buttons to press it drives me nuts I don't like to her path that's awesome we do share that Jeff for a lot due to pipe bomb. Who's went in the season of Big Brother if I had to say today give me Matt mr. ledge. I'm gonna right now my boy Paul I'm gonna go at that time. Jack we will do this again can't wait love it Big Brother Wednesdays Thursdays and Sundays on CBS and there are funny ways you can. Check them out it's going forward for now. Let's eavesdrop. On the house gas is at the Peabody later alleged.