Woelfel: Jabari’s contract should be structured like Embiids’s

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Wednesday, October 11th

10/11/17: Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times/WoelfelsPressBox.com discusses the Bucks expectations heading into the season. Can they have a Top 10 defense?


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We're now getting into I I Kimberly was here already usually get a couple more weeks for this thing but to a basketball he's here NBA basketball is here. And the Milwaukee box. Look into. Look at it do some damage I mean I think expectation is tough for this year I think he got to get past a first round series. This year and talk more about Gary wolf well Racine journal times on joining us on the Schneider orange hotline also from wall falls press box dot com Gary I bet man. And I am murder. Doing well thank you yourself. Doing okay are non kind of it's if it's boy we're just kind of getting the football season going and although some were seen talking basketball already but it. Yeah honest says his father passes he's had some time. You know to condom to gather himself. A gimme your thoughts on you on is coming back after the death of his trial. Well I think it's going to be a rocky road I think anybody that's lost a father who took still. You know. Straight away from your memory for some time. In days he did say that when he takes a court that Cheryl little peeved look them in the eighties trying to be pretty young people but let's face it wouldn't you lose somebody that calls Q now do you. Now I know I I completely understand I think basketball we we immediately think of what is going into this season but basketball and I furthest thing from your mind. Bomb now I've seen guys do this in two different ways one guy will say. You know that was my rock and instantly you lose your way. Or you say you know and a dedicate this season my dad and in this is what you were wanted wallow block. And I don't mean to animated but then they destroy everything they have into the season so. I don't know what we're gonna get out of Yana despite the expectation for this team I don't think. You know anxiety I think we look at it and say is this should be atop fourteen men they should at least win one playoff series your great. Yet you. You know that users have done I was morning. Going to Eastern Conference aliens a chemical itself in four years. In fortunately for the Oxley. There's sports teams that. She just start working on the lottery right now and oh yeah I mean. The pacers aren't going anywhere or aren't going to be where caught aren't going anywhere that there are creating what are so that'll eliminate fourteen right there. In the end you know you get to tap Ortiz got Boston Cleveland and Washington and try and so then after that I think it's Milwaukee Miami bit. Yet another group quote let Detroit Charlotte and it would actually. In and you know my expectations right now or were so spot but. You know people around the country I think in aviation beer before they're a force so falsely. I'm this team is they hit the floor it's gonna be brought in Middleton fond maker do what you do I mean there's been a lot of rumors about Henson to lurched. You know what are they gonna do that side ERS obviously in your starting five who's that says. And he much bribery. I did mention broadened. Now Middleton it's now OK okay yeah I would thank you don't let them be the case. I mean a lot of rumor. About incidental damage being floated out there about young them trying to trade away those contrasts in his hip joint is. The same reason I wanna trade him as the reason nobody wants to pick a deal up. Yeah they've they have been trying to trickled guys are sometimes a lot of Greg Monroe and without maybe they'll be a team that stepped forward you know are big guys and seeing a world. Now maybe early in the season he might be able local. You know also part of the community what. I was curious that immediately by we're there it's over he's. So that you know this will intentional that you shake up the roster and now nothing further from the train them and they were kind of tree. You you know guys who just mentioned Munro of incidents for rich and probably it was some other guys so. The blue team they have them. Everything's gonna probably be put on the opposite shoulder that you don't that he. 64000 dollar question for me and Chris Middleton can be that number should actually beauty and twenty point cooking scorer. That he would but you know what could be pretty good. That was going to be my next question you know Joseph and hours and you're talking last week I think we're doing a buyer cell and I he said you know where's Middleton is the 22 point scorer better and I. I tell you what if you give him 1718 points per game that's not bad I mean I would take that I if anything more than I think becomes gravy right. Yeah I mean Arkansas he has specialist Corey Parker and once RE thirty you should seriously question that the eighteen to 22 point gain. And now they've again and again they can do it. And last year they pay or what I think when he and scoring and it and you know and for our goal from Uga Uga. So you know they're they're talking to you. I'm increasingly you're Jason Kidd made it a priority you. So that one of the key goals via cop and the sense of scene. But it's I was Jason kid that they wanna Burkle fear of them are principally. In even more what threat you know from that standpoint. What do you do it Jabari I mean DeMaurice you know warning Max deal at least that's according to his people but. I found the box I'm really skeptical before I would dole out that kind of money to be honest with Jimmy wouldn't even. Yeah I wrote that slowly. What's it about three weeks or so and again from multiple sources. That you so I'm looking for the man Lexington you know I'd let you know maybe it was unrealistic in light of you ACL. In 100 so what happens and Philadelphia yesterday right. Right now I don't know but that I'd Jong BD he's got off a he's got a budget clauses in there about being injured now if if if that's case I don't have a problem doing that. Reagan I think where workers can connect and can be structured more. Enrichment Latin America line source sixty. Next week's so. That there. Why don't give on the map. You know without any clause and so right well but but it beat country is pretty interest thing quote very creative than. It was helpful for both sides. Philadelphia needs him in the worst way epic but each party are could sway and Yahoo! News and a tremendous quitter sleepless. The up you wanted to go places that he would he wanted to idol be better to have seen or be eaten three really good players. Yeah I the CIA would agree and I are. Where the box I guess in your opinion because this year is a year were expecting that top four boy I think the goal is to hit the ground running. Going ended bid the next season when they're going in that new building. So how much more when are we now going to see what is Steve because as much as we wanna say this is the team is go to the post season this is a team is gonna get a first round win. I also think there's the reality of they need to deal some guys and they need to find one other piece to come in and be along side. When Jabari comes back and sign maker and brought him in Middleton and you honestly I think they still need another piece to this thing. So our army how much drastically do you think this team looks by let's say April. But I dateline at and it's going to be put him at saint saint. The air Friday you know make deals and into haven't been able do it. In. I also exempt into the tribal always looks now it Jeremy Morse you know you dirty side year old Chia. With no real real experience I mean it is is one thing every the end. You know in the system but moving in that top shutter you know that old game. And you know it'll be very interest in these two duke you know by the trading deadline. Right. No doubt good shove is always Gary we'll chat again the next week men appreciate look at. Our Gupta artillery they go Gary wolf for the procedural times and wall pools press box dot com WOELFEL. As small pools press box. Dot com you can read his stuff there's.