Woelfel: To me [Brodgon] is the glue guy

Bucks Coverage
Monday, November 20th
11/20/17: WAS 99, MIL 88 - Insider Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times and WoelfelsPressbox.com joins the Milwaukee Bucks Pick 'n Save Post Game Show presented by Palermo's King Cheese Frozen Pizza.

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For a first off I'd be your thoughts I'm this is going to be your number three of we if we hear this now on this year we're trying to talk about impulse game we've heard. I should say over and over. Not the year three now where low energy level and not playing hard line is what it's continuously side. And I I I said earlier. That at some point we got to figure out who's to blame for all this stuff and I know athletes don't like Jerry who's to blame and its team game all this other stuff. But at some point you've got to turn around and say OK either this this this this roster. Can't figure out how to play well enough to gather and it's on the coaching staff or yet look at the coaching stab and say this coaching staff can't get this team to play hard night in night out. But but if we go through this whole year again and again of the year were still saying the same thing and again like we were last year and like we were the year before. Something has to change. You know of course he worked out all the general manager and coach you know orders at bat. You don't end up with a program bearing a brilliant guy is what you want. Aren't they they lost to the mavericks who got embarrassed the night before the mavericks. But did play for the Bucs didn't they embarrass the boxed and federal the Bucs gonna Mather gonna come out angry at home you get out early. And we're gonna have a good showing the wizards play last night though boxes locked into their own bad. And ducks. Did in Britain and. Yeah I know we're come from impaired. And you know. That they were under heavy paper world record in the worker of mine one of the most L clusters. In the NBA. To me they got legitimate shot at it could yet beer bottles. In they get to knuckle heads out of my own standpoint but he won't work. In you looked up but trust you're looking yeah unless you look at Middleton. And me. Well maybe Bledsoe. Media and he's been struck. Out union so I mean you know it sort of some of the box and agents and. Daring him well okay that's fine he you can defend and in that that's your right you can do that. My this is my point you scored 88 points. According to an outside shot to save your life you say it's true LeBron wanted to bring you up from the geely you don't even activate employ the diet. Which I'm fired up they're the last two games instead you have Wilson activated you weren't gonna play him. Well it wasn't playing a semi file outer got hurt ten carries a bear to be an assistant coach essentially at this point. Ever shot bought it this far in the dog house back and a plight so you order activates drilling brawl. Yeah. You're right it means he must limit those both are. All point 72 some your guards went up around thirty more honorable mention all Sloan is quite prevalent than. In you know I mean you talk. And he died. That keeps that team together. So a lot of dirty work of current or concealed on the court while Gary Cain played well mute it yeah yeah. He did play well and quite tired. But when John Wall excited that they would take over if he developed yet. There about I mean he's not John Wall I mean I I understand the stakes for GB to actually get in the game and I thought he played really well Derek. Thanks so much for come and I'm now we're already way past source close to the end we'll talk to on Wednesday and the Wendy's big show. Then there's Gary wolf four of Racine journal times. Waffles press box aka. Criminalist banks they committed the personalized comment since landing since 1935 when you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance the great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local banking.