Wood: Who is going to play corner this week?

The Wendy's Big Show
Wednesday, December 6th
12/06/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW - Our Green Bay Football Insider Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press Gazette and Packersnews.com joins the boys to discuss the slew of injuries to the Packers secondary.

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This guy's on the inside. Now here's green Bay's football league insider million wooed almost man brought to you by PNC insurance and independent. Insurance agency for your home auto bore commercial business means that. It is that time to check in with that guy that covers the Packers for the Green Bay press gazette Packers news.com and us right here on the Wendy's big show and there is Ryan would. I'm a great midwest bank hotline or this afternoon what it. I'm doing great guest cast big college basketball scoreless by my Ball State cardinals beating Notre Dame knows. Little books out to be all the moderate there. Is that why you're all fired up today baby chastity sun and fired up and excited woody woody called yet to get your other life. Also by cardinals would that make one into and it would make it. Redefine her heart I didn't let. I won that sounds a different view a dodger fired a camera on Dodgers aren't down for you and jets play cornerback in Cleveland this leagues I would tell. Well. I'd I don't think. Here is in here and air dynamically yeah soon I did not see a vehicle class values that. Now seriously though who will play cornerback. Well you based on the injury report everybody's hurt. Yeah. Dmitry Gupta was asked today basically. If he's needed some more than just special teams he goes like Gavin and definitely he may have been. The Packers have odd corner right now with you won't five so. Kept you know Kevin King gore and I are. Unexpected. I guess my in my mind they go back to his very last play in Pittsburgh which. Was the out route that. And tell your brow iconic instant fourteen yards against the local position back and look way. It just wasn't competitive he was playing the outcome in the situation but he knew this when you're about and our students focal position so. You know I have to wonder it's our role there at the end it got worse inspect paperwork that was at. Most surprising is on the field you know again in the colossal. Seen in this our season he's done for the year. You won't be back until next year. What about Hawkins. An in his role in this and his defense along with Goodson and how those two we're gonna rotate and. Yeah just pockets but Cramer guy so he's going to be stars. Kept out on the court order you not have been slot. Our I think. Now especially you receive more to me like. Just like you do last week to me like they gave a first touchdown. Get camera great in some blocks that. The packers' coaching use them as a guy much like what probably used my side where he can be in the slot to be saint Pete. So and you receive and they want to sit there more Dmitry Goodson you know it it'll be interesting. Our guests fortune of the year so we're going to play in the passing the guy that has played a lot of the slot and that should help. Where he's got a play I think is again escorted into the skin. In a more dangerous legal bar. Wouldn't. No not not to get into our house and cracks there over Peru we don't know how. Significant that is to lose this weekend error rockers. All pro football and aren't. So well. Is. Yeah yeah he's. Suspense over and so Altria. At bats murdered it was ceasefire ordered on the left side by. It was at that same art cutter might have these. He's our scout team reps and individual does this do that. We only saw him throw on air and receivers in the potential hurdles so. I don't like is that it is seen as. Going back to last week when they first saw on Saturday. Not growing. With a poke. Shoulder he he thought it was some good piece sort Auburn and it is still not medically cleared. I won't be medically cleared this week but east. Peace on all what you would expect. All right that is our Green Bay put all insights Brian would our guest every Monday Wednesday Friday and you find his work inside the Green Bay press gazette. Packers news.com on Twitter at by Ryan would woody we'll talk on Friday get your prediction for Packers and Bradley tells how much the Packers will win by on Friday when you're gonna. I well do that appreciate for a Randall adjourns on a great midwest spit out had a great midwest bank has been committed to personalize common sense lending since 1935. When you're in the market to buy build or renovate or refinance the great midwest bank dot com to discover the benefits of simply local bank.